New Revelations through the Eucharist

Receive the Seal from God

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November 1, 2013 – All Saints’ Day – 9:03 a.m.

Blessed Mother: My beloved L.,

I have heard all the pressing messages from God to everyone in the world, to all of His children.

My beloved L., I know that every time you receive a message from God, you also ask to receive a message from Me, for Me to guide you, to help you, and to testify to the messages that are to be sent to all the brothers in the world.

L., in the past days and months, you kept receiving the messages from God, directly through the Holy Eucharist. Those messages are the truth that you are able to receive daily, to listen to His teachings, to you in particular, and in general to the brothers and sisters who were chosen, and even to everyone in the whole world. You are able to listen to His innermost feelings. You are able to feel His anxiety to see His children accomplish the work and to have the messages available to all the children in the world for all of them to listen to.

L., your duty is to receive the messages. You are the person who is staying with God in the Blessed Sacrament. You are also the quiet prophet in these end times.  God had planned to have the brothers post the messages that you received from Him to the world. You do not have to go out and meet people, you only need to stay in your position. The works that God wants you to do: do them according to the Will of God. The things that you want to do come from the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to help you to accomplish the works that God had planned.

Do not be worried, though you are still living in your earthly body, though you still have your feelings, though you still have your choices, though you still have your thinking, though you still have your fears, or you still have other worries. This day, and for the things that you have prayed for all these past months, the unexpected events that happened, the things that came to you without you knowing about them, they are all part of the program that God had planned.

I want to teach you to be able to discern, as you have always asked for this from God and from Me.  I want to give you the ability to discern for you to be able to recognize.  You always think that it is your own thinking, but your mind cannot come up with things that are not related to your thinking within that time frame, and if there are certain things that come to your mind, they are the reminders from God who wants you to meet this person or another person, or to bring My messages to My children. That was the practice you had in the past days, and today, as well as for the coming days, the discernment will be stronger and clearer, because I want you to have that. You have to truly discern to do the works that I want you to do, and through you, for Me to meet all My children to let them know about the things that they need to do, and who need My help in guiding them.

My beloved L., in this period, you have received and you have understood the things that I have warned you about since the beginning. I have let you know about your position.  Do not be worried. Always stand in your position. Practice your spiritual life, practice to courageously receive the things that you encounter in the period of time of your service to God, and everything will come to pass, with the protection of the Holy Spirit in you.

Do not be afraid. Do not hesitate with the works that you are doing, with the works that you are facing. The works with which you are serving God are part of the plan that God has just for you, and He has chosen you, and all the children that He has blessed with a divine seal on each of you. This was related to the other warnings you had received in the past days. 

This program will continue to grow. God had said beforehand to all of you, for you to understand, that this work is related to other things in the world, and you are the people who are responsible. Continue to spread the messages that God wants to give to the world, His messages and His revelations in these end times. As for the tribulations, make them known to all the brothers, for them to be aware and for them to prepare themselves while they are still alive. 

Prepare for the tribulations that will happen, such as the disasters, the flooding and the earthquakes that will destroy, and kill a large number of people.  Those are the events that you have to be prepared for the coming days. 

I will give you a more detailed warning for you to know.  These are the events that you have already seen happening. This is happening so that you can believe, so that you will not remain in your stubbornness, so that you will not remain hardened in your hearts, so that you have to accept all the truth that God had already warned all of His children in the world of.

My beloved children,

Not only from L., but there are other prophets who have explained in detail the things that people need to prepare for, the things that people need to face in this generation, materially and mentally. You are the children of God. You have to be in a position to be ready for yourselves, just like the seals that God had reminded you about today*, the seals that have been placed upon the foreheads of His children. In the times of tribulations, in the times of danger, in the times when you will face the frightful disasters, such as hurricanes and other unexpected ones, you will automatically have the protection of God. The Holy Spirit will be with you, from the seals that were placed on each of His children.

So starting from this moment, you have to remember that if you are not on your way to come back, then you need to trust in God, you need to come to God, so that you become true children of God, so that God gives you His seal. You have to come back to the Church, to join the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism. The power of Baptism will teach you and will free you from those months that you lived in sins, not knowing God. This is the beginning for you to know that for the days ahead, you have to live a life of faith, serving in the way of the Church, that was established from the beginning, to be on the right path that God had taught, to follow the right teaching that God had given to you, and with all the revelations that God is giving to this era through the Holy Eucharist, reminding mankind and clearly showing to mankind the way for them to come to God, through His Divine Mercy. 

Pray constantly to The Divine Mercy [Jesus] for God to transform you. He will sanctify you. He will change you, for you to be worthy to receive the forgiveness that you most need in the present days and in the coming days. 

If you truly believe in God, then you will be able to be peaceful, you will be able to be trustful, so that you can have a strong life of faith in this world. The difficulties in life may not be resolved with what you have in this world, but with firm faith in your hearts, you will definitely be saved by the power and the miracles that God gives to His children who trust in Him, who believe in God’s Love, who believe in His sanctification for them, who believe in the miracles that God will give to His children in this generation. There are certain things that you do not believe but you have to. The things that you worry about for your bodies while you starve your souls, all these worries count for nothing, because when you have your bodies but you do not have your souls, and when your souls are starving, then that is the biggest mistake.

Listen to My counsels for this period of time.

Come back to God. Take care of your spiritual life first, know how to recognize from your hearts, for you to have peace in your minds, for you to take the next step. The steps that you will take in this life, with the situations, with the worries in the present for your physical needs, and the needs that everyone is worried about in their present lives, when you accept God as the most important priority in life, then you will be able to recognize the things that God gives to you. 

Everything in this world is determined by the decisions you make. Whether things are to be a success or a failure, whether things are to be happy or sad, is up to you, for you to understand everything that God had given through His miracles, with the teachings that He left to all of you, with the miracles that you have recognized in life, in the past, in the present, and in the future. You cannot be sure, but God knows you, from the moment you were born, at every phase of your journeys, and He knows that your life or your death lie in His hands.

Have faith in His providence for each person, for each family, for each nation and for all classes in societies. God is the Father. Everything that you have comes from God. You are alive, you can make decisions, you have reasoning, and you have the needs regarding the necessities and the things that you are lacking in the present. Everything has flexibility and lies in the decisions in life, the decisions of the mind, the decisions of the conscience, combined with the way you think, considering faith and trust to be the most important aspects of your life, for you to be able to know God in this life. Anything in regards to your bodies and your souls were planned and given to you by God.

Whether things are planned or unexpected, they are all in the program that God wants to teach to you, about the events that are happening and that are true, about the situations that you are facing, so that you can conquer them, so that you can be the master of your situations, so that you can be the master of the challenges that are coming to you. If you truly have faith in God, and you are able to receive and to recognize the love that is given to each of you, then you have attained the success that is given to you from God, and from there, you will be able to meet other different things, with you facing all the brothers and other people that you meet in life. This has been a truth since the beginning of time, and a miracle that God gives to mankind, so that faith and the things that you accomplished in the way that God had taught to you, will enable you to never be lonely, or to suffer by yourselves, as you have to in the present. 

Whether you have to face difficulties, or diseases or sufferings, if you have faith, then that is the salvation that will help you to overcome things that are negative, that will help you to overcome the comments of people, that will help you to free yourselves from the problems that tend to keep people going in circles. As for God, believe in the miracles that God gives to each person, with each of you receiving and recognizing it in your own way. You need to have absolute faith in the things that you pray to Him for. Remember that when you pray, you have to understand that you truly are the people who are able to recognize the love that God has for you.  This recognition will help you not to falter, will help you not to succumb to your ego.

When you are able to recognize the love of God and you are aware of His Presence, then you definitely need to avoid and reject sins. This will bring change in your lives, and even through sufferings, you will still have something to look for, to pray for, and to entrust. This is the opportunity for you to practice for a spiritual life that you have forgotten through the years, with things that have become habits, with things that, as a Christian, as the children of God, you have become completely devoid of feelings for, with hardened hearts, without any feeling whatsoever for God, or for a life with feelings in your hearts for prayers, to meet God, or to do the things that you need to do. 

You open your mouths to claim that you are Christians, that you are Catholics, that you are people who listen to the teachings, but you do not have any spiritual life.  You only have words on your lips, you only do things out of habit, from your ancestors or from family tradition. You meet God in a way that is indifferent, without depth in your souls to show love, to pray with a sincere heart, and without respect and reverence, let alone worship and absolute trust. 

The majority of humanity is in this present situation and it is getting worse in this world, because in the present environment, you have been influenced by your passions, in the knowledge, in the understanding of this world, causing you to forget about your spiritual life, about the teachings that help you to understand, to learn, and to be strong in life.  Besides, you also conduct yourselves with the modern ways of this world, which cause you to neglect the things that are most important for you. You spend the time for movies, for games, for computers, for things that are not good, and you continue to live with your own deceptions, deceiving your loved ones, deceiving the people that you meet, because of the greed in your hearts, because of the cravings for lustful passions.

There are many more things that cause people to fall into the abyss of sins in today’s societies. People have no faith, they do not know anything about righteousness, they only know about their ego and their desires. They put their own interests first, they do not respect others, they do not use love to treat the brothers, they have hardened hearts, they become obstinate in their own limitations.  They do not look any further, they do not have true love, they do not have love for their own families, for their children, for their spouses, for their relatives, let alone for their neighbors. 

I have seen all the shortcomings in this era, in all the classes of today’s societies. There is a need to change everything that was damaged due to the depravation of this world, in the mistakes and the sins committed.  People are being manipulated in sophisticated ways, by the devil who is poisoning this generation in sensible and logical ways.  You have fallen into the traps.  In My messages I have reminded you, and I have clearly revealed for My children to reject their mistakes and to come back, to know the sins that you do not recognize because of your human eyes, because you do not look at them with eyes of faith.

You do not know who God is. You reject God, and from that rejection, you no longer have the foundation for you to hold on to the life that each of you needs, which is your spiritual life, the basis of your consciences.  There are many more things that befall this world, and for this reason, God is inviting and is helping the world by showering these end times with His abundant graces, for you who are living in this world.

The tribulations, the miracles** are happening in this world, and the frightful disasters in today’s societies are also happening in this period, which are also the remaining days. If God does not intervene and help you, then who is the person who can give you the warnings beforehand about the tribulations that will continue to happen, for you to recognize and for you to prepare yourselves to come back, to come back in time for the graces? 

Through this period and through the phases that you will have to face with the truth, in the clarification between good and evil, between right and wrong, in the middle of frightful situations that mankind has to face, the people who are listening and who are coming back will receive the seals from God, and these people will be saved from these situations. You have to truly come back to God to receive the seal from God who gives it to the children who leave the darkness of sins to come back to the light.

God wants to meet you and to give you the graces through the Holy Eucharist. He reminds everyone in the world. God also wants you to meet Him through the Holy Eucharist to strengthen your life of faith. He heals those who believe in the wondrous miracles in today’s world, which are happening in a way for you to see with your eyes, to hear with your ears, and to feel with your hearts, to recognize the things from God, to recognize the things that you need to get away from, from the chains that bind you up by things in today’s societies.  Those things were decisions made under the influence of evil, from sins, from the pleasures in your youth, or in any age group in this generation, without any thought for your own souls, without any thought to practice for yourselves to have a life of perseverance, of patience, in sacrifice, in righteousness, in holiness.

There are many more things that will happen for you to recognize the truth and the reason to come back to the truth of God, to come back to the invitation that God gives to you in this period, so that no one will lose the opportunity, so that no one will lose the gift of graces from heaven. In this life in which you are facing challenges, come back to the truth from errors made, come to complete trust from sufferings endured, if you have absolute trust, then God will definitely have a way to help His children. Through these challenges, this is a period for you to practice for your souls so that from these experiences, you will have a firm faith life, a life that you need to have while you are still alive, for you to be saved. 

Believe in the works that God is doing, that God will do, and God will bring you to the places for you to decide to choose Him. Walk on the path of righteousness. Live according to the teachings, to walk away from sins, to be freed of the chains that are keeping you prisoners by the traps in today’s societies, with the passions, with the pleasures of lust, with the cravings for passions, the things that you always fight for, the demands of the flesh. 

People do not think of their souls, they do not think of love, they do not think of forgiveness, they do not think of their neighbors, and they do not think that the life that they live should have joy, peace and true happiness.  

If you do not accept God, then you will not recognize the truth and the teachings of God, you will not practice the things that God wants, then in this life, others see you as rich, as talented, but your souls and your hearts will be completely withered and the things that motivate you are the things that you pursue and desire, things that do not belong to you. Your lives will still be empty, you will still crave, you will still pursue, forever lacking peace and joy in this world. 

For this reason, only God can bring you peace. Only God can give you hope. Only God can bring you true joy for your present lives, for your future, for your souls, for your bodies, for your consciences.  

This is what I want to emphasize for you to recognize and to see.  Understand the things that God has given to you, through the new revelations, in this short period, with the counsels for you to come back. 

I also continue to remind you about the things that I see are needed. You need to come back to God in His way, and in His Will, for your lives to be free of challenges, free of sufferings.  The sufferings, hardships, diseases or tribulations, with the right recognition, will become the gift of graces to lead you back on the path of truth, on the path of justice, and back to having days of happiness, from your own sufferings.  

As in the reading in the Gospel for the feast day of the saints today, God had said, God had taught you. O those who are living in sufferings, those sufferings will bring you solace, and God said to them:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.
Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you falsely because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.

These are the words that God said to you. He Himself taught you. 

This is the foundation for you to deal with the situations that you encounter in the present world. There are similarities in the situations, just as God said, and by overcoming those things, you will have your reward in heaven, which God had prepared for you, through the things that you practice, in the way that God gives to each of you, and in the way that God sees in each of you, the things that you encounter, to bring you from the sufferings to the glory of coming back to God who is waiting for you, at the banquet that God has prepared for each soul. 

I am also by your side to greet the children who have truly overcome the painful challenges in life. All those challenges have taught you to be trained in your bodies, to be trained in your souls, for you to be the people who accept and who look for a spiritual life, to have meditation, to have recognition, to have perseverance, to have patience, especially to have a life of humility, accepting everything that you encounter in life. 

After the sufferings and the difficulties that you encounter in this life will be the rewards, as God had said in the Gospel today, which is the feast day to commemorate all the saints, which also means that God is inviting you, and I also wish that My children will become saints in life, through the phases that you have to go through in life, with the words that God had said, those phases will help you to become saints in this life, and to become saints in heaven, where God is waiting for you, and where I also wish to meet My children.

This is My message today, a reminder of all the things that L. always prays for, praying for My guidance and for My help for each of the paths that you are taking, as well as for the children who are serving, through the calling from God. 

There are some of My children in this world who need to hear and who need to understand, for them to know the path that they are choosing, for them to know the path that they need to take to overcome their sufferings, for that path to lead them closer to God, for that path to bring them to meet God, for that path to help lead them to become saints on this earth, and to become future saints in heaven. 

I give My peace to you L., in a special way, and I give My peace to all of My children in the whole world, when you receive and when you listen to My message to you.

Goodbye My children.

I love you very much.

My peace is always with you, with the hearts that listen to and practice the counsels that I give. 




Completed receiving 9:52 a.m.       



* That is, in the other message given this day by Jesus (“The Decision is Up to Each Individual”). These seals are mentioned in the Book of Revelation (7:2-3): “Then I saw another angel ascend from the rising of the sun, with the seal of the living God, and he called with a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm earth and sea, saying, ‘Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God upon their foreheads.’” This seal can be received by practicing the Six Kowtows. (Please see the “St. Michael the Archangel: In My Mission to Protect” message of September 29, 2014, and the “Spread Everything that Will Happen to the World” message of December 6, 2014, on


** This seemingly strange juxtaposition of words is explained further along in the message, when Blessed Mother says, “The sufferings, hardships, diseases, or tribulations, with the right recognition, will become the gift of graces to lead you back on the path of truth, on the path of justice, and back to having days of happiness, from your own sufferings.”


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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