This message alternates between words inspired by the Holy Spirit and words from Blessed Mother.


March 30, 2018 – Good Friday


Lucia: Before the meditation, may God allow us to receive Mother Mary’s words for the Seven Sorrows (1).

We did the 14 Stations of the Cross in the past days and we just completed them now.

Let us meditate to receive Mother’s Seven Sorrows and Her words, for Mother to help us especially in this year to have a new perspective, to have a new perception, to have depth, for us to be worthy with Good Friday.

In particular, this year as God still allows us to exist, on behalf of our brothers and sisters, we sincerely apologize to God, in our determination to eliminate our thinking and inference, our ego and personality with the unexpected events that happen to us, because we still cannot welcome and accept, we still have the same attitude – still proud, still upset, still angry.

We still have many things that must totally be reformed.

Help us, for us to please God, for us to be the source of consolation by offering little sacrifices for God’s wounds to stop bleeding.

Let us not let Him look at us and be disappointed.

God, it is exactly 5 p.m. on Friday, March 30, 2018, at St. Theresa Church.

We are facing the sanctuary.

We thank You for granting us the words from the Holy Spirit, urging us to closely look at what we have known, at what we have done, unintentionally as well as deliberately.

The Holy Spirit knows, because certain situations happen for Him to teach us.

That is true – we do awaken in time with what happened for us to truly mature.

Today we need to know what belongs to us, what we will conquer, and what is done in sacrifice to become a small offering to console God on Good Friday since God died for us, died for all in humanity, died for the entire world.

God waits for our maturity. He waits for our return. He waits for us to choose Him, choose His doctrine, choose the loving Supreme Being full of mercy, for us to be restored, to become the children who deserve to be His.

Nonetheless, on the path we walk, we cannot walk by ourselves – we greatly need Mother.

Mother, please come to us through the meditation of the Seven Sorrows that we respectfully offer in this moment.

May we now lift up to God, praying for God to have mercy and allow us to receive and meditate on Mother’s words, Mother’s sorrows.

Mother, please come help us have a more in-depth experience, for us to be determined on our path, which is the path of witness and the path that Mother has granted to us in general as well as to each person personally.


The First Sorrow: The Prophecy of Simeon to Blessed Mother


When Blessed Mother offered the Lord Jesus in the Temple, St. Simeon took the Infant Lord Jesus into his arms and said to Blessed Mother: “Your Son will be a sign for many to contradict, as if a sword pierced Your Heart.” Blessed Mother heard and remembered those words throughout Her lifetime and was grieved and anguished, as if a sword pierced Her Heart.


Blessed Mother:


My beloved children,

Today is the day that 2,000 years ago, a great chasm surrounded My Heart.

My Heart felt the desire to be buried with the Lord Jesus and Your Savior.

Children, you are also mothers in this world.

Do you know the sensation and the feeling when you hold your child in your arms, a child a mother never wants to be separated from – the smile, the lovely face – when the child rejoices being held, the mother also rejoices; when the child is hurt, the mother is also hurt. When the child is sick, the mother is also sick.

Today when I brought Jesus into the Temple, I knew His life would be a great accomplishment for mankind’s salvation.

I treasure the moments when He was still young.

How I cherished, respected, loved Him so.

Indeed, the prophet’s words would not be wrong.

The Child I held in My arms, the life of the Child, the life of Jesus, had to endure extreme agonies.

Today is Good Friday.

I already knew at the time that He only had a few days left.

At that very moment – every second, every minute – I was deeply sorrowful; My Heart felt truly heavy.

I meditated on every word, every sentence, from the prophet Simeon.

I knew this was God the Father’s plan and the Child in My arms must eventually face that day.

I could not utter any words from My lips.

I meditated, I kept it all to Myself, I engraved it in My Heart, and because of those aspects, My Heart felt as if pierced with My Child.

His smile was so cute.

He was very meek, unlike other children who had tantrums or misbehaved.

He was very good.

That difference made Me respect even more, treasure even more, and love tremendously.

My beloved children, these were things planned by God the Father.

I knew the Lord Jesus would be the King to bring salvation to humanity, but He would be the King who had to endure grief, had to endure bitterness, had to endure physical torture, had to endure sorrow from the moment He was born.

You can see the priceless cost He had to pay for humanity, the priceless cost with which He redeemed every soul.

The price He had to pay was not just on the Way of the Cross as you witness on Good Friday, but His entire life had exacted a price.

There are countless stories recorded in history books, but there are also countless stories unknown to mankind as they were unrecorded.

So mankind continues to be indifferent, continues to act according to one’s heart, continues to take things for granted, continues to reject what is most precious, what is most valuable, which mankind has the right to choose.

Today, children, look at God.

Meditate very carefully.

Live sincerely with a heart that has conscience, that has love, that has the truth He granted by His own death.

Only then can you see the value, the meaning of sacrifice, the offering, the existence of the heavenly kingdom.

Remove the ordinary and mediocre earthly things and choose for yourselves what is fortitude, forgiveness, sacrifice, for you to practice what you have experienced in the truth.

Because when you endure a little, you will see the meaning; when you forgive a little, you will feel at peace; when you sacrifice a little for God, you will conquer yourselves; when you remove a little of what is demand between man and man in one’s personal wish, then you will see your own accomplishment.

The doctrine of God does not teach you to argue and fight.

His doctrine always desires and longs for you to keep peace in the soul.

You must let your heart feel the love God gives to you, so have love for each other.

In everything that happens be nobler.

Do not let yourselves be confused, lose peace, and be more stressed with the matters.

Indeed there are certain matters that require you to be honest, to be in the truth.

However, in honesty there are many things you must learn: when to speak, when to confront, when you must remain silent.

There are times when you must remain silent, because in a worldly life, in a worldly battle, do not rush.

If you rush and you lack prayer, you will fall into a stressful situation and you will fail in all aspects, as you have done and are doing.

Today I want you to focus on God, be with God, because when you look at Him in agony, with the scourges, with the nail marks, you still cannot fully understand what He accepted.

He always accepts, to lessen all conflicts between man and man in their fist fight with one another, in jealousy and envy, in win or lose situations, and in the disagreements between those who always defend themselves as being truthful.

Mankind has no truth. Only God and His doctrine have the truth.

When mankind experiences, lives and practices the doctrine, then mankind has the truth.

Today I yearn, I desire for you to look at what is in history – especially today is a day in which the entire world gathers and commemorates.

There are people who still refuse, people who still keep their distance, people who still do not understand, people who still do not know.

Nonetheless, they have also received the redemption from God and received His love and His Divine Mercy as well.

It is because of the scourges, because of the nail marks that those who refuse still have the opportunity.

Whether they accept or deny depends on each person.

The work God accomplished was to bring mankind from the darkness back to the light, to free mankind from sin and death to enjoy the happiness and peace He grants through the doctrine and the truth and the commandment that He established and bestowed to mankind.

My beloved children, the mothers in this world, there are times when their children grieve them, treat them with absolutely no love, no respect.

These mothers are brokenhearted and greatly suffer as I used to hear, and hear daily.

There are mothers who cry, mothers who always hope though their children no longer have the opportunity to return: unruly, disobedient, treating their parents in a horrible way, enticed by the world.

The children who live according to the times, choosing a free life, cause their mothers’ hearts to be deeply anguished and grieved, but do mothers ever abandon their children?

The children may abandon their mothers, but mothers do not abandon their children.

You love your children and you are looking for ways to save your children.

You seek all kinds of means, all kinds of ways to save your children, even if they are imprisoned, even if they have done wrong.

That is the sentiment and the feeling of a human mother, let alone God who has done nothing sinful His entire life.

God did nothing to be rebuked yet, in the end, He had to bear for those disobedient children, for those sobbing mothers, for the mothers who lived in that state of pleading.

Today all things come from the salvation, come from the Lord Jesus Christ’s death.

Buried in the tomb and completely shrouded in death, He took with Him the sobbing of the mothers in those situations.

Today in the world generally, as well as particularly in each family, lift up to Me the mothers’ sufferings along with the endurance of those who are parents.

Walk with Me and be with Me, to clearly understand the meaning of the Seven Sorrows.

I accepted everything and sacrificed My Son for you to have a stronghold today.

Do not give up. Do not think you are alone. Do not think you suffer excessively.

Come to Me because I have experienced this state of mind.

I have seen all this from the beginning so I agree to care for all the mothers in the world.

Together with Me, continue to pray, continue to hope, continue to trust in God.

Continue to pray constantly – you will not be disappointed, because I will not let you down.

I will help you, for you to become exemplary mothers, mothers who endure, mothers who walk with Me into the salvation.

Today you contemplate the lifeless Body of Jesus. You contemplate the Savior.

He fully accepted because of love, because of forgiveness, because of the salvation.

To redeem all the sins of the world, He had to endure physical torture and, in the end, He was lifeless, a body no longer breathing, for you to understand the meaning of the days when you still have the opportunity to hear, still have the opportunity to receive, still have the opportunity to hope.

Help yourselves and your children to become the witnesses to the Good News, become the witnesses to righteousness and truth as God’s children, as Christians, as the faithful of the Church.


The Second Sorrow: Blessed Mother and St. Joseph escaped to Egypt with the Child.


When King Herod looked for the Lord Jesus to kill Him, Mother suffered for the newborn Child, was worried and sad, and grieved as if a sword pierced Her Heart.


Blessed Mother:


My beloved children, imagine a freezing cold winter night, the children sleeping peacefully, but He who is God had to flee from cruel men in the world.

All His works were accomplished for the sake of redeeming all the sins of the world.

There were so many people in affliction, who fled from wars, and so many other situations that God has seen in the century when He first came into the world.

When those who sought to kill the Supreme Being because they thought His existence could threaten their position, it was cruelty and greed, from the heart that in the beginning was in jealousy and envy, ignoring everything from their conscience, from their moral sense, to achieve their goal and plunder everything.

That was the evil of sin that existed and still exists.

Thus, in the middle of the night, I had to carry God in my arms to flee to a foreign land.

On the way countless things happened.

St. Joseph and I knew beforehand, but we still obeyed, because it was God’s holy will, so everything would be realized.

I carefully carried God in my arms – in the dark night, through the deserts with scorching winds, with heavy rains.

There was neither a place nor a tree in the desert to rest, to take shelter from the sun and from the rain.

This was planned because of the sins of the world.

There are countless situations that people have experienced.

The Lord Jesus came and, from the very beginning, He had to walk these paths on behalf of the world, on behalf of mankind.

He accompanies the people who are living in those same situations.

As in this present generation, there were and are so many things happening in the world: people being chased, being killed, and many things have happened and are happening today.

That was the story of King Herod seeking Jesus to kill Him.

Today there are countries and people who seek to kill the innocent, who are the unfortunate ones looking for places to seek refuge.

They totally do not know, but today God knew beforehand about what happened so He accompanies you.

He accompanies you in all circumstances, in all classes.

Children, think.

Today you suffer when you flee to this place, flee to that place, to seek what belongs to you, seek what is favorable for you, or because of war you seek places to take refuge.

However, there is no pain comparable to what the Lord Jesus experienced.

When He was in My arms, He already experienced these sufferings, He endured extreme ordeals.

Today it is impossible to describe everything that He accepted to endure for you, which is the entrustment I hold onto as the keepsake for My life, for what I must accept to walk with Him, because He must endure bitterness and anguish with all those extreme agonies.

As a few-days-old infant, you can see His sufferings, His endurance, His birth, because of the sins of mankind, because of the crimes of mankind, because of the killings.

Today mankind still seeks ways, mankind still has not awakened, mankind still has not recognized what the Lord Jesus has accomplished.

He has gone before mankind, and knowing what would happen, He wanted to embrace everything and He wanted to defend those who are victimized, so that on all paths of life, in all extreme sufferings, you have Him, you are with Him.

Today what I share with you is only partial, but in any state of mind, in any situation, you must remember that you have a Supreme Being who lived through the experience, a Supreme Being who accepted everything, a Supreme Being who suffered, a Supreme Being who sacrificed.

So today no matter what the circumstance, you must hope, you must pray, you must turn toward the Supreme Being whom you believe in, turn toward the Supreme Being who is ready to accompany you on all walks of life.

He will help you live with the days in which, no matter what the circumstances, no one can crush your faith, no one can crush your faculty of reasoning, no one can crush your decisions to keep your peace, keep your stability, keep everything that belongs in meditation.

Become the children who mature in God’s grace, the children who witness for God, the children who live in happiness and in peace.

Despite challenges, unite with all the spirituality as I want you to accept.

Your sacrifice will help many people.

Your sacrifice will help many people to know and recognize God.

Your sacrifice is the determination for people to recognize what happened, for them to one day return and recognize God on the paths where I also accepted for the second sword to pierce My Heart.

That extreme pain – I accepted everything to unite with Jesus in the salvation; to bring hope to the world; to bring companionship to the desperate children, the abandoned mothers, the broken families, those without a place of refuge, those in exile in search of life.

There are so many things that in any present situation, when you truly meditate, God is not far away from you.

I never refuse your prayers and there are countless ways for you to experience this.

You must not come to God to ask for things according to your wish, but you must come to Him in a state of mind, with the situation that He already knows.

He does not let you carry a cross that is too much for you.

Believe in that for you to go on. Believe in that for you to live. Believe in that for your life to become better and more complete, because life must have a cross.

Life must have trials. Life must have challenges. Life must experience days of sorrow for you to see the value of grace, the value of peace, the value of happiness, the value of the prosperity that God granted and bestowed.

The value of a righteous and just life must be bought at a price, must be paid at a price, from the moment God came into the world till the days in which you continue to understand fully the path that God took and is taking.


The Third Sorrow: The Lord Jesus remained in the Temple while Blessed Mother looked for Him for three days.


When Mother took Her Child to the Temple of Jerusalem and lost Him, Blessed Mother was sorrowful and grieved as if a sword pierced Her Heart.


Blessed Mother:


My beloved children, in life, at every age, when God was ten, twelve, He was very docile.

He lived in a family that had many things different than other children so He was very mature, and He was also a Child who always defended His peers during the days He lived with Me at home.

There were special celebrations that we had to go to the Temple for, because in the old days the villages did not have magnificent and splendid churches as in your time.

Each time has its own law, and people had to accept the law of that time.

Mankind cannot deny God. Though in every generation there are many things suitable in their own way, at that time faith was strong, very strong, and at the same time different.

However, there were also many things people still did not know, still did not recognize.

When the Savior had not yet come there were the words from the prophet, from the messenger.

The city people – those educated and learned – lived according to the Law.

There were many who understood and lived in the Law.

Most people lived in the city, and those in the countryside were simple people who lived in places where they were neither learned nor educated and they did not know much, so the life at each place and each situation were different.

I want to mention this for you to be clear that as God grew up, at every age, His life was also fitting and close to everyone, to those who were simple children in the poor places, in the villages.

Their lives were rustic, very simple.

The people in those places were people without social standing so they suffered great disadvantages and greatly lacked in every situation.

Today is a world in which you live in comfort and prosperity – you have churches, you have places of worship, you have known many places through everything in the course of history.

Today you do not lack anything – children of all ages can be active and have many conditions in life to learn, to believe, to understand God through His doctrine.

My beloved children, I want to let you know that I brought Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem.

He was a very special Person.

Even in His soul, He was already responsible. He had a mission and He knew what He needed to do.

Because of His passion for the Word of God, because of the interaction and things to be learned, all these lured Him to remain in the Temple.

He was eloquent in meeting all the teachers as well as all the learned men and those who had studied the Law of God.

It was something God allowed, for the world to understand that in a human life, parents raise the children and they grow within your reach, but there are times when they leave, times when they are lost, times when they seek what belongs to them, but God, the Lord Jesus – He remains.

Those are the moments that are signs of glorious things and things that carry the sign of the Supreme Being who bore the responsibility to come to the world of mankind.

The state of a mother who lost her child, of a mother who loves her child, of a family missing a child, is the anxiety in searching, the anxiety in wondering where the child is, and the anxiety with days far from the child.

In God’s program, if you look and meditate, My Heart grieved.

At each stage, I was always a mother who was nearby, who was never away from God.

I looked after God and took care of Him – I was always careful. I respected and cherished Him.

When He was lost for three days, My Heart was so anguished and sorrowful.

There were countless things when I found and saw God in the Temple.

History already recorded, but this is also a symbol for the mothers who have lost their children, the mothers who were separated from their children, the children who left their families, left their mothers, especially in today’s world, which is even more so.

The state of mind of a mother who lost her child, the state of mind of the children who left the parents, then that is the situation of the parents, of the grieving mother looking for her child.

However, God was the Supreme Being who had a program arranged.

When I found Him and heard His answers to the teachers, I meditated and understood that God still had many special things in His life, with each age.

Today in the world, you have lost your children or have very young children who became sick or were taken away from this world, who received God’s providence.

There are many people who love their children, there are many people who live in pain, there are many people who have agonized with this situation.

I know.

There are many people who, when they lose their children, no longer believe in God – they blame God.

They have become unbelievers and they refused God.

They have uttered offensive words to God.

They have abandoned and totally rejected God, because they had children who died at a very young age.

As you see, these are things that happen in this world.

You must meditate, because all things that happen in life have a meaning as God allowed to happen in the world.

Console the mothers, those who have lost their children, those who are still living in rebellion, living in situations in which their children reject the family, refuse the family, have been alienated and live in days of imprisonment, of arrest.

There are many more situations in which mothers and fathers are living in torment, living in resentment, looking for all kinds of ways to help bring the children back.

However, you must know that in life there are certain things you must accept.

Accept in obedience, accept in a life of entrustment, accept that in life each person faces a situation as in this present day.

These are the paths of suffering.

When God left Me, I also suffered greatly.

I was completely restless and agonized with all matters.

When God was growing up, each day I already felt the distancing, because there will be a day when God will accomplish His mission and I will remain alone.

I lived in this state.

Today, O mothers in this world – you who are the mothers, prepare yourselves.

Because when you are the people who choose God and know God’s doctrine, then God is always ready.

God always walked ahead and always understood the feeling of those who are mothers, of the people in this world who have lost their children, who were separated from their children.

There are many more things in the life of the mothers who suffer so you have been comforted, consoled, and received the entrustment.

Today I look at whoever is in this state of mind, whoever is in this extreme suffering, and whoever today is in a situation in which you cannot find resolution in your life.

This is also the approach for God to comfort people, especially people who are in those situations.

Today you see the truth through the Third Sorrow.

You know that, though He is God, He came into the world and agreed to walk each phase of the path, to experience the situations, to remind and help.

People are consoled by Him, cared for by Him, received His mercy, and are comforted by Him.

Today I desire for you to never be disappointed, never suffer, never let those conditions cause you to leave what God has prepared and arranged for you.

You have Him, you are with Him, so live in entrustment.

Be firm in obedience, live in trust, because there is nothing that God does not do for you. Be patient, be still, and wait.

All that is of this day – He has given to the world in all situations, all roles, all sorrows, all challenges, and all things that come to mankind in a very close way, for Him to take away all the extreme suffering and give you entrustment in hope.

The Lord Jesus has granted to you and I am also the person by your side – to help you, to walk with you, to support you, and to comfort you on the paths, even with the situations that happened, are happening, as recently reported.

There are many things of which today you must also know the history.

You have seen the three days of searching for Him in the Temple; the three days of the glorious, triumphant resurrection; the three days for the human world to be empowered.

That is St. Peter receiving the words from the Lord Jesus, who personally entrusted St. Peter with the flock, the sheep, things that have a planned program with this number three.

Today the numbers all have a profound meaning in the history that God has granted specifically to your world.

There are many things heard and there are many things still retained, because that is a divine way to help human beings receive more and more each day, which are the divine wonders manifested, and the world is also granted the grace to further understand.

Everything is planned and arranged in God’s supreme way to lead you onto the paths, for you to understand and meditate in maturity.

Only God is the way.

You must always allow for the soul – with meditation, with understanding – for you to be able to encounter and overcome adversity in the life of reality that you have faced and are facing.

Strive in that unity to achieve an accomplishment to help the world, help with the situations, help the brothers and sisters, help the numerous situations in which fathers

and mothers are losing their children, for them to receive the source of comfort.

Today I give you the Third Sorrow in its extreme, with the third sword that I endured, for you to overcome those paths, to accept what God plans and arranges, so that He is the one and only to bring to mankind and the world love, Divine Mercy, and abundant hope.


The Fourth Sorrow: Blessed Mother met the Lord Jesus, carrying the Cross.


When Blessed Mother followed God on the Way of the Cross, tears flowed from Her eyes like streams of flowing water because of Her love for Him, and Her Heart was as if pierced by a sword.


Blessed Mother:

My beloved children, O what pain, what agony.

I wanted to be with God on the way He carried the Cross.

I saw His Body.

He no longer had the strength to be able to proceed on the way, with the Cross weighing heavily on His shoulder.

I did not know what to do.

My Heart was united with the Lord Jesus as He silently carried the Cross alone.

When He was together with the disciples daily, I saw many people. There were many people who gathered to hear Him preach.

He did countless miracles, which many people received, but in this very moment no one was with Him.

I wanted to be close to Him, but there were soldiers and many people on the side of the road, with insults and curses, with cruel, ironical words, and so many things with their betrayal.

They knew only to follow the times, follow everything that is in the human law, and follow everything in which they only see the appearance rather than notice the Person who was heavily burdened with the cross, who was in great agony with the wounds all over His Body, with Blood splattering at every stage.

He no longer had the strength to continue with the paths He will take and is taking.

The moments He limped, I also limped with Him.

The agonizing moments that I saw – I did not know what to do apart from shedding tears.

My Heart was wrought with pain.

I walked with Him on the paths and simply wished for a place to meet Him and embrace Him to help lessen all the weight that He carried on His shoulders and is carrying.

His state of mind was also the same, because the eyes were looking around, feeling desolate and lost, feeling lonely amid life, with the taunting, with the soldiers pressing, with the heavy cross, with no one to sympathize.

Many people watched and mourned and stood by the side of the road to cry – the majority of them were women.

As for those who truly had the courage to stand up, the courage to speak up, to defend, there was absolutely no one.

From the very beginning, God has accepted this way. He has seen this way.

That is also the ruthlessness with which mankind often treats each other.

God has endured and accepted beforehand.

He took upon Himself everything that is the life in which mankind has treated each other and still does.

That loneliness, that acceptance, was to bring you the doctrine today.

In all matters, just like the other women in the world, I wanted to scream, I wanted to defend, I wanted to run to help My Child, but I knew that this is a program God the Father had planned, a program predestined, a program in which a Mother wanted to do everything to protect Her Child, but if I truly did, then there would no longer be the meaning of collaboration, the meaning of obedience, the meaning of fortitude.

I had to cooperate with the Savior.

Do you know that every time God fell, I also fell, both soul and body?

I wanted to embrace God in My Heart, I just wanted to tell God that in this life and on the path that He walked, I was still there.

I could not leave Him – I never left Him, but I had to sacrifice out of obedience to God the Father, and I accepted that extremely painful bitterness in My Heart.

I had to accept all of it without a complaint – I endured everything to pray for God the Father to deliver mankind.

I accepted with God to save all of you, regardless of how horrendous your sins are.

Even if your sins have become the darkness of the abyss – the light of love, the light of acceptance, the light of unity, the love of the Savior, with Me to guide you back from the darkness, is the lofty example to illuminate everyone on earth: the children of God; the faithful; the laypeople; the people who do not know, for them to know; the people who do not believe, for them to believe.

The people who truly follow the doctrine will see the marvelous wonder as I accepted everything with the Lord Jesus to bring deliverance to all of you and to everyone around the world.

I accepted the piercing of the fourth sword in exchange for you so that today I can continue to give you these intimate words.

In particular, the week of Good Friday is a suitable and appropriate week for you to contemplate the truth, for you to meditate on the truth.

Believe in the truth, for you to see that the path is not simple.

They are simply words spoken, but in a sentiment, with heart and unity, to describe the immense achievement that mankind cannot ignore, cannot reject, and cannot deny.

Do not continue to live in days of treachery, days of betrayal, days of rejection, days of stubbornness, days of hardheartedness, days of distance, days with a heart without a beat.

You are living in the midst of a world that no longer has certain aspects, for you to contemplate the actual horrifying and revolting ways through the tortures of the soldiers.

However, today, with the words spoken, the life with challenges, the life with clever things, the life with things suitable in the world – though without swords, you have treated each other in horrible ways, in ways that use certain techniques to kill, to slander, to do many things with what has happened and is happening, in mutual treachery, in mutual betrayal.

Today human beings have a heart but no longer have love, no longer have unity, and no longer recognize that a heart is to love and not to seek revenge, not to hate, not to do what is against morality, against what people need in the world.

Life must have appropriateness, must have compassion, must have solidarity, must have sacrifice, must have support, and must have nobleness.

If there is nobleness, if there are things you need to do, you must meditate for you to understand the salvation from God, His Divine Mercy, His doctrine, His commandment.

Then, with your practice, you become mature people to receive the love, to receive the sacrifice of God, to receive My sacrifice, and to receive the tears that are shed because of mankind, because of giving to mankind, because of saving mankind.


The Fifth Sorrow: Blessed Mother stood by the Cross of the Lord Jesus, Her beloved Son, when He breathed His last.


When Mother saw Her Son hanging on the Cross, who spoke the seven words to Her and breathed His last, then Her Heart was grieved as if pierced by a sword.


Blessed Mother:

My beloved children, how can you experience the moment when I stood at the foot of the Cross of Jesus, My beloved Son, waiting, every second, every minute?

God no longer had strength. He was exhausted.

Whenever He wanted to speak, He had to use all His strength, lifting Himself up to be able to speak.

He did not forget to say the last words, He did not forget to entrust Me to St. John. He did not forget to say all the words, for the world of mankind to go on in the days ahead.

In My remaining days, I also witnessed in the last hour His love, His clemency.

He is the Supreme Being whom you must worship.

There is only one Supreme Being who can forgive sins and only that Supreme Being can help you, for you to know what He accepted, what He bore for you.

He truly died for all things that today you must believe in.

In the end, the good thief also received forgiveness with His love and clemency, as He allowed that good thief to return.

Today you see all the sins of the world, you see what is in unworthiness, in unrighteousness, in disobedience, in transgression, but look at the good thief.

You must believe, you must speak from the bottom of your heart, you must recognize.

There must be repentance. There must be a recognition of good and evil. There must be an awareness in reformation. There must be an acknowledgement to recognize God and trust in God – only then can you understand the meaning of the Divine Mercy, of a magnanimous heart, of a benevolent heart.

In the end, Jesus still asked God the Father to forgive the ignorant, the soldiers who tortured Him, those who insulted Him, the cruel people in power who still looked for all kinds of ways.

The works God achieved ended atrociously and excruciatingly.

That final moment became a prodigious sign.

God died on the Cross.

You cannot comprehend that at the moment God breathed His last, I Myself also wanted to die with Him.

I simply knew that everything God did for the last three years, that those days have completely ended, that there will no longer be days of hearing, of knowing, and the intimacy with the love that I Myself had for God, and a Son for Me.

Today God has become the victorious Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who gloriously triumphed to bring all people from the darkness with wretchedness and weakness to turn toward the Cross.

He has truly triumphed, has conquered and restored, bringing life, bringing the light, bringing the Gospel, and bringing glory to mankind in the world of humanity.

Those sufferings were recorded in the Fifth Sorrow, which were described as I united with Him to be complete in the victory.

As you have seen, God ransomed at a priceless cost. He ransomed till the final moment.

In the final moment, God was still the advocate, the loving God, the merciful God, the benevolent God who forgave all sins.

If you can truly understand the meaning, turn to repentance to recognize things He accomplished.

Today, Good Friday, He truly died.

In these days, only if God allows can you know where He is, to whom He must go, and with whom He must meet.

Today I want you to meditate on these things for you to see everything the Lord Jesus accomplished, everything the Savior accomplished.

What continued were things that I continued to do silently with the remaining days to accomplish the mission with the seven words that God said on the Cross in the last moments of His life.

Those seven words were realized, manifested in the world today with what was and is.

You already have the Church.

You still have the Church and you still have the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You still have days with the grace granted and given for you to understand what you need to know, what you need to affirm – the present works, what you hear, what is given for the new Gospel (2), which you receive in experience and on Good Friday.

In particular this year and in this century, I desire and yearn for all of you to see how the mothers accept, when they see their child die painfully, when they see their child endure everything, when they see their child bear everything, and finally die.

It is the same in your life.

There are times when you must sacrifice for your own child, sacrifice for matters that in your role, you have known and recognized what is from the truth.

There must be sacrifice, there must be a free will offering, there must be fortitude, there must be acceptance of the cross, and at times, there must be acceptance of death.

All is in the goodness that God desires and bestows, to comfort, to guide mankind in all generations.

There were mothers who sacrificed, there were fathers who sacrificed.

Today the children rely on those parents to have the basis of understanding, the basis to recognize salvation, and the basis that today God has granted and realized through daily life, with the signs through each Way of the Cross, through the 14 Stations of the Cross that today you meditate on.

Today I come to you through the Seven Sorrows to give you the liveliness and the experience on Good Friday.

Meditate, for you to live and practice, for you to experience, for you to see that every sacrifice has a price, and in the end, that sacrifice will be rewarded.

God does not let you be overwhelmed. God does not let the works that you do in goodness become meaningless.

He will have a way to reward and repay you with a price when you truly meditate and understand the first achievements of God, My cooperation, things I left for you and the reminders that are given to today’s generation.

Live to become witnesses, witnesses of the truth, witnesses of the Good News, witnesses of the grace granted abundantly in every era, which you have received.

Live to testify to what comes from the truth to help people strengthen their faith, broaden their understanding, deepen their experience, and promote life to truly return to God, to become people who can look into themselves to recognize what is needed – in the repentance, in the return, in the reformation, in the belief entrusting in God’s Divine Mercy.


The Sixth Sorrow: The two disciples lowered the Body of the Lord Jesus and gave it to Blessed Mother.


When Saints Nicodemus and Joseph removed the nails and lowered the Body of the Lord Jesus into the hands of Blessed Mother, She held the bloody corpse of Her beloved Son with tears overflowing.

Who can perceive the extreme pain of Mother Mary at this time?

Mother took a white linen to wrap His Body, and Her Heart grieved as if pierced by a sword.


Blessed Mother:


My beloved children, in this Sixth Sorrow you see Me waiting.

When Jesus stopped breathing on the Cross, I inscribed in My Heart the words He said.

I waited to hold His Body in My arms.

The two disciples lowered His Body in heartrending sadness.

When they lowered His Body into My arms, My Heart once again beat strongly, ardently loving God, earnest to see all the wounds.

I held Him into My Heart to look at My Son’s wounds.

I respectfully kissed those wounds on behalf of humanity, on behalf of mankind’s unfaithfulness, on behalf of mankind’s cruel heart, and on behalf of mankind’s stubbornness and hardheartedness.

I saw His Body was covered with wounds all over.

He was completely lifeless.

He no longer had any words to say to Me.

When I held His Body in My arms, when I embraced Him into My Heart, I remembered the day He was born – the angels sang and rejoiced, but today His Body was covered in Blood, with wounds all over, His face was deformed, His Body was lifeless, no longer breathing.

My Heart was in extreme agony. My tears were streaming down His face.

From that moment on, I knew for sure there will be no more days by His side.

For 30 years, this has been fulfilled with the accomplishment that was foretold from the very beginning.

I only looked at Him sadly – His lifeless Body – and did not want to leave Him anymore.

In the world, human beings, when still alive, can function and go wherever they want, but when the body no longer has breath, no longer functions, then it must return to a place that belongs to it.

Every minute, every second, the thought of the separation from God further increased the extreme agony in My Heart.

I yearn and desire for the world to always recognize these sufferings, look at these sufferings, meditate on these sufferings.

Look at these extremely painful scenes to stay away from sin, avoid sin, lessen sin, remove sin, so that the redemption with this excruciating agony will become a victory for the salvation of souls in humanity.

The suffering continued, as I had to accept the burial.

I had to accept the sight of the dust-filled wounds, the tortures that the Second Person of God had to accept, had to endure, and in the end, like many others, become an entombed body.

Eventually I had to leave because the burial must take place.

There were so many matters at that time.

There was so much anxiety.

There were many faces that recognized the truth of those around, of the faithful disciples.

There were those who belonged to God who totally perceived His death as a failure.

Many people fled, stayed away, but there were also those who remained till the last moment.

Anyway, one must accept that that is human life because people tend to change and change too quickly; today one is a friend, but tomorrow will be the enemy.

There are many things that have taken place in the context of life that God also had to accept, let alone you.

Today in life, God wants you to live a noble life, because God accepted everything.

Everything He did, He absolutely wanted to save and forgive.

He did not condemn.

He endured the abandonment of mankind, the betrayal of mankind, the disloyalty of mankind, the treachery of mankind, and countless things that mankind still does to each other.

He accepted this. He forgave this. He wanted you to see that acceptance, hoping for you to not betray each other, to not abandon each other, to not live with the days as you have seen in the people at that time.

They lacked courage due to their weakness, due to their fear and frailty, due to their wretchedness as they know to only protect themselves.

Their life was a life in selfishness, a life hardly thinking about others, a life knowing only to seek successful days, fun-filled days, and when facing danger, when facing trouble, they utterly fled and abandoned.

These are how things were.

I accepted everything to hope in you.

Today you can see what God endured, what I accepted, for God the Father to give you a doctrine to help avoid the stories that happened and are happening, and for you to have the right to decide to be faithful to your friends, to be faithful to your promise, to your duty, to your own function.

Do not let things happen such as you have seen: abandoned, neglected, sold, betrayed.

There are so many treacherous days between man and man, between wife and husband, in a consecrated life as well as that of people with functions who did not keep their

promises, who left God.

They have become the people who neglect God, or the people who break their vows, and they have completely let God end up lonely, desolate, to die alone.

Today He yearns for you to mature, to not harm one another, to not inflict on one another, to not let things end up in regret, in lamentation.

God completely bore everything that mankind, living in iniquity for generations, commits.

Today those who are abandoned, betrayed, deceived, do not rush, do not hasten to see yourselves in days totally hopeless, days of being abandoned, days of being neglected, days that you no longer have, days of utter despair.

You still have God. You still have Me.

God experienced this situation, God endured this situation, God accepted this situation, which today you have meditated on through the Sixth Sorrow.

Even if the world abandons you, even if the world leaves you, God does not leave you, I do not leave you.

You just need to hope, to trust, to entrust – then the presence is always there.

There is always comfort, there is always help.

Do not refuse what today is heard and known.

Do not rely on the world. Do not rely on mankind. Rely on God’s grace.

God knows, God hears, and God is truly perceptive with the inner life.

Whoever is truly faithful will be rewarded according to the way God grants and bestows.

Whoever lives in treachery will realize what they have done in treachery and must receive what is from their own decision-making.

God is a generous and forgiving God.

He wants you to resolve things, to not bind each other, to not judge each other, to not be strict with each other, but to live in love, in solidarity, in unity.

That is the source of comfort that God yearns for, that God desires, and I also wait for you with this maturity.

That is what I desire from you today.

There is no other ultimate suffering than when you see how everything started with My embrace and ended in My embrace.

God has died. God has departed from Me.

By those ultimate sufferings, today hope is given to you, salvation is granted to you, to bring you life, to bring you a doctrine to be practiced in life.

When you understand the meaning and you meditate, you will be more mature in life, for you to avoid conflict in the days between man and man, between duty and responsibility, between functions, and much more in the family life, the social life, as well as the collective life.

Do not let unfortunate and regretful things happen as in the past.

Provide for each other, get together, support each other, help each other in loyalty, for your life to have joy, meaning, entrustment.

That is the doctrine, the truth of the truth.

God bore everything for you to have a new hope, a new life, a doctrine.

You have been restored through His death, through His Blood, through His sacrifice, and through the final hour, when He was buried in the new sepulcher.


The Seventh Sorrow: The disciples buried the Lord Jesus in the new sepulcher.


When Jesus was buried in the sepulcher, when the large stone covered the sepulcher, Mother’s Heart grieved as if dead and buried in the tomb with Her Son.

Because Mother could no longer see Her Son anymore, She was utterly desolate, as if Her Heart was pierced by a sword.


Blessed Mother:


My beloved children, everything was completed.

From that moment on, the stone ended the encounter.

Though a lifeless body, I still did not want to leave God, I still wanted to hold Him in My arms, I still wanted to respect and honor the Supreme Being who is God, who remained with Me.

He became a Person in the flesh, who today was tortured by mankind till death, killed by mankind, though He was innocent.

He truly agreed to obey God the Father and accepted the sacrifice on the Cross to save the whole of humanity.

These were the moments that could be replayed from the very beginning of My life.

It was a separation in which I had to be decisive in recognizing what no longer belonged to Me with the days of exile in the world.

However, spiritually, My soul was united and My Heart forever belonged to God on the paths when He was still alive, and on the paths of the days of extreme agony with the Cross.

Even when His Body was lifeless, I was united with Him and never was far away.

However, in the flesh, with things of reality, I no longer had days by His side, to see the smile, to hear His voice, to hear the tender words that He was teaching the holy apostles.

I took care of every garment and everything was in the embrace of a mother who cared for her child.

From then on, I would be alone and lonely, but I accepted and welcomed the Son and the new mission for the remaining path of My life.

There were countless more things.

Those moments of saying goodbye, those moments of separation, those moments that were prevented by that stone – I no longer could see the days in which I completed a program together with God, spiritually, through the salvation.

Nonetheless, there were the days ahead that were days of tears, days of extreme suffering, days of waiting, days of longing, days of looking at those who were close to God and the whereabouts of the trustworthy ones with the paths ahead.

So I forgot everything that was in My heavy Heart for Me to regain composure.

I also sought to take care of those around who were the trusted disciples: John, My son; Mary Magdalene, who was afflicted and sobbing the past few days, her body as well as her entire appearance desolate, and no longer had normal days with smile and joy.

Everyone seemed to have been starving for many days because they were so grieved.

There were many more people I must also take care of.

I forgot everything in life and simply cried.

I cried alone, cried in the soul, cried with the heart, to be fully united with God in the new sepulcher.

I waited for what will come very soon.

My beloved children, the ending of this day, in affliction and sorrow, between man and man, consists of so many things: those are the separations, the departures of the loved ones in the family – children, parents, brothers, or spouses.

There are countless people in life who face the days when they are no longer together and must depart as called.

God has called each person, one by one. God also calls all of His children, in every situation, in every class, in the providence and arrangement as planned.

I know the pain of the departure of a loved one. I know the sorrow of those who lose a loved one. I know all the mothers who lose their children, children who lose their fathers, wives who lose their husbands, husbands who lose their wives, the departures of loved ones.

But look back, look at the Seventh Sorrow – I endured all these on your behalf.

My prayer is to comfort and help you.

Please accept things that have been arranged and planned, for you to obey and continue with the remaining paths, to live with meaningful days, for you to decide for yourselves, decide for your lives, and decide for things that you must also accept.

Whether you accept it or not, certain things already happened.

Do not be perplexed, do not be disheartened, do not give up, do not live in despair or in hatred, like a number of people in the world.

Today God uses all means – to endure for you, to bear for you, to accept all things for you, to bring you a new doctrine, a new truth.

All of you, when you experience and meditate, you can certainly achieve, you can certainly understand, and you can live with acceptance of the paths.

You are the people who suffer somewhat when certain events happen, but God endured a hundred thousand times more.

He suffered a hundred thousand times more.

I accompanied Him, to accept those sufferings.

It was God the Father’s holy will, who truly wants to give to the world, to deliver all of you, to save you spiritually and physically, for you to have a life with the doctrine that was ransomed – by love, by forgiveness, by patience, by sacrifice, and by countless things in the truth, holiness, and perfection, which today the Holy Spirit is teaching to all classes, all roles, all functions.

There are many things for you to meditate on today to understand that that lively voice is still present after 2,000 years.

From here on out, these things become the truth in your daily testimony of every person selected to become a disciple, for you to do what, to practice what, how must you accept, and how are you treating each other in life?

Remember the extreme agonies that God endured for you to have a travel companion and have a person who sympathizes with you, who understands you.

Accept these paths and consider them as an experience.

Do not fall, do not stumble, do not let the heart sink, do not allow despair in life, and do not forget.

Never forget to entrust, to trust, to believe, because God is the Person who always brings you deliverance, hope, peace in the soul, and what is suitable and fitting.

If there are challenges, afflictions, He will compensate you in justice, in all classes, all roles.

Return to God.

Accept what you originally had and still have in your own decision.

Become true penitents, truly contrite, who offer Him everything that is most humble and greatest.

Recognize the wretched condition, and the condition of the people who only lift up to God what He most hopes for, what is most worthy, which is the heart, the soul, the body, the absolute trust, the return in the surrender, in the prostration, with the words offered reverently.

Through the Holy Spirit’s teaching, you will see things unified, united.

Society and the world will have a wonderful renewal that God has granted especially for this generation, in your time, in the time the world lies in deadly sins, abounding with betrayal, abounding with disobedient and unrighteous people who have offended God.

However, this is a time of grace and blessing, granted to people when they open their hearts, when they come with a listening heart, when they come with a heart in contrition and repentance, when they come with hearts in unity, when they are determined to return to God.

Prostrate and honor Him, run to Him, respectfully and wholeheartedly lift up to Him, place Him above all things, live with days professing Him, praising Him, and glorifying Him.

You are the first people to receive, and these are also the days you must endure afflictions and challenges, days of trials, days of the cross.

In the end, you will understand that the cross will bring glory for you to resurrect with the Lord Jesus Christ.

On Good Friday meditate and reflect.

I hope that in these days you learn a lot, draw a lot of experience, meditate a lot, and contemplate.

You will see the challenge from God.

His desire is that you must become mature, you must become brave, you must become the bold and brave soldiers to deal with a world that today needs courage, needs patience, needs perseverance, needs a fierce belief.

Only then can you realize and complete the mission in a time in which you have received and are receiving favors and blessings in abundant graces.

Do not be afraid of others’ rejection. Do not be afraid of others’ judgment and suspicion.

Do not be afraid of all the circumstances of the world in wretchedness and weakness.

Always be courageous and always be ready.

Never forget to pray and never forget to entrust, for you to be persistent and faithful till the end, for you to be brave and bold to advance in a mission that is just starting but will spread all over, to save many people, for many to awaken, for many to be stirred, for many to be convinced with all the works you have done and are doing.


Today I end here.

Thank you for representing the parish, for representing the place God chooses.

Countless wonders have appeared and miracles have also happened at this place.

Thank you for representing all the people who want but do not have the opportunity. Thank you for representing all classes, all roles, to come here in eagerness to accept, to receive, and to pray, for you to have these words of truth.

Meditate and someday, when appropriate, then you will bring to everyone in the world, for them to know what was and is in the days when you still have the opportunity.

Be bold, be brave.

Step forward with things that, though they are the beginning, will bring a great result and help many people to experience and receive the great graces that you are practicing and have practiced in the life of witnessing and pioneering.

I bless you to be perfect in these days.

Continue your sacrifices – then you will see many successes in the days ahead.

Many people will know, will hear, and through your prayers, there will be many souls waiting and preparing to return with God.

My peace be with all of you.

Please continue to pray for the world, continue to pray for all classes, all roles, and continue to pray for the souls.

You will receive wonderful things in the coming days, with the divine graces that are bestowed and granted.


Do not be afraid. Do not doubt. Do not compare your situation with another person’s situation.

Know what comes from the truth – then you will be bolder, no matter what happens.

What needs to happen must happen.

What comes from the truth will be retained.

As for what does not come from the truth, it will be removed.

This is a time God allows for all things that do not come from the truth to have a result for you to see.

As for what comes from the truth, trials are a must, challenges are a must, but in the end the truth will be preserved and will last.

There will be perseverance and loyalty with those who truly live in the truth, practice in the truth, know the truth, and testify to the truth.

One more time, My peace be with all of you.

Complete on this evening, and tomorrow prepare for all things in joyful exultation to welcome the glorious and triumphant resurrection.

You will see many wonders and be able to experience specially in this year as God has granted to you and to everyone when they open the eyes of faith.

Goodbye children. I love you very much.


Lucia: O God – I thank God for the myriad of blessings poured down.

We are happy to receive the precious words that Mother grants us, in particular today, Good Friday.

Indeed, for many years we have received, but we longed for the messages of the Seven Sorrows and though we did, they were very few.

Today Mother had many things to teach us, to teach everyone, when they perceive and meditate.

Mother, please help us be perfect with Good Friday, please forgive our weaknesses and stumbles. Mother, please have mercy and help everyone open their eyes and souls, open their hearts of faith, which is needed, for us to meditate and live righteously, responsibly.

Let us learn to truly repent, to return to the truth, to meditate, to experience, to pray, to be determined on the path of repentance, to be worthy with love, the Divine Mercy.

May we be worthy with the meditation that today God grants us on Good Friday, for us to be more mature and live happily with the days.

God alone is the Supreme Being who defends, the Supreme Being who understands, the Supreme Being who preserves and protects.

May we live and walk in the truth with the protection, to become the witnesses and the little soldiers in love and the Divine Mercy, with the flag of truth, the flag

of love, the flag of salvation.

With Mother Mary’s protection, with the voice that Mother has granted and is granting to the whole of humanity, let us learn the way to live, the way to practice, the way to protect ourselves, the way to avoid sin, lessen sin, and stay away from all current and past traps and snares, in the daily life of each person, the life in the family, in the society, in the community as well as in all places.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God, Lucia concludes at 6:37 on Friday, March 30, 2018, at St. Theresa Church.

We are facing the sanctuary, the Cross, the tabernacle, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the icon of the Divine Mercy, with the red veil covering the Cross and the purple veil covering Mother’s holy statue.

We just received a message from Mother with the words urged by the Holy Spirit, for us to complete the Seven Sorrows of Mother Mary.

Today we receive Mother’s teachings, revelations and words on the path of meditation, for us to be bolder, more sincere, more determined in our decision to belong to God and to Mother, on Good Friday and on the other days in life, when we meditate and experience what Mother has granted and taught us and the entire world.

Lucia., A., M.N., M.L., conclude on this afternoon, to prepare for the Veneration of the Cross. We conclude at exactly 6:38 p.m., on Friday, March 30, 2018. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. These are meditations for the Seven Sorrows devotion, an ancient but popular Marian devotion.
  2. This seems to refer to this private revelation (the messages) centered on the Eucharist and The Six Kowtows. In any case, this “new Gospel” does not constitute a departure from orthodoxy or Mother Church, but will be at the very heart of the Church and wholly consistent with what has been up until now.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a “Father” in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.

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