New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

September 15, 2021


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Lucia: O Lord, it is 3:37 p.m., Wednesday, September 15, 2021. We are at Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. Today, the Church reminds us to attend Mass to commemorate the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. After the Divine Mercy Hour, this is the first time we meditate on the Seven Sorrows of Blessed Mother in front of the altar, the Cross, the tabernacle, and the icon of Our Lady of Sorrows. Today we have the opportunity to lift up everything, and say to God, thank God and thank Mother that the Holy Spirit has taught us.


Before we prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet, we offered the Six Kowtows. We offered up the Fourth Kowtow during the Divine Mercy Hour. At this moment, we continue with the offering of the Rosary in honor of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We meditate today on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. This morning was memorable; Mother guided us to come to this place and attend Mass with seven priests celebrating. The seven priests represent the seven swords piercing Mother’s heart and the seven graces from the Holy Spirit, reminding us to pray for priests and the Church. We meditate on Mother Mary, who was by God’s side Her entire life.


Yesterday, God let us meditate on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Today is the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. Every year there are certain occurrences in the world, and this is a year with numerous problems in society, unexpected events, deaths from the pandemic, and threats of war. We face days of lost morality and integrity in life. We see rebellion, riots, issues in the Church and society, and all problems sliding into a state of economic crisis. Everything is stagnating and entering into days of negativity in the world.


The meaning of today’s celebration allows us to understand the work of our Lord Jesus Christ thru yesterday’s Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. God allowed us to have a meditation in commemoration of His Passion, on the day which the Church gives us as a reminder. Today, we celebrate the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. In the accomplishment of Jesus’ salvation, Mother was by His side on the Way of the Cross.


Mother Mary continues to give Her children favors and blessings. Mother, today we spend this moment reflecting on Your life, meditating on the achievement of Your Son, Jesus, and His salvation. Today, this salvation is still ongoing and lively in our beloved Mother. She leads us back to God, guides us, and helps us understand the meaning of the salvation accomplished by the Lord Jesus, Her Lord, the Lord of humanity, and Her Son. Mother helps us find the path to return to God, through the course of the days of exile on earth, we cannot be without the history of our beloved Mother and Her “Fiat”.


Ultimately, the world received abundant graces from God and still receives graces through Mother’s intervention and teaching. May our faith life be more mature and may we have the conviction needed in today’s prayer life for us to profess, apologize, and return to God. We meditate on this significant celebration, on the day the Church gives as a reminder of the Seven Sorrows, which Mother endured for humanity, together with the Lord Jesus Christ, to bring hope to mankind.  Salvation, granted to us directly by Jesus and through Mother’s cooperation, was completed so we could be saved and forgiven through Mother’s life of sacrifice, which She gave to Her children.


Together, we reverently begin offering the meditation in honor of the Seven Sorrows of Mother Mary, on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows.


– 1 Our Father

– 7 Hail Mary’s




O sorrowful Mother Mary, I grieve for You, for the affliction in Your loving heart at the prophecy of Simeon. Beloved Mother, by Your afflicted heart, obtain for me the virtue of humility and the gift of the holy fear of God.


Lucia: O, Mother Mary, today is the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. The First Reading and the Gospel Reading are specifically about You. What was Simeon’s prophecy? Simeon prophesied the death of Jesus, when Jesus would grow up and accomplish the great work as God the Father revealed to Simeon, because he longed for the coming of the Messiah. Simeon was elated that he was still alive to meet and hold the Savior in his arms to proclaim this prophecy. Mother Mary presented Her Son in the Temple; She knew what would happen in God’s plan. With the word Simeon professed, we see the beginning of Mother Mary’s sacrifice; of a young mother who recently gave birth to her child and presents Him in the Temple. In Mother’s mind and heart, She knew Her Son would face the prophecy heard from Simeon.


Let us meditate on Mother’s life from the moment Jesus was born. Mother held Jesus as any earthly mother would. Hugging and adoring her child at His birth, taking care of her child to offer up to God, hoping for her child to continue to grow healthy and wise. That is the way of mothers in our world. Mother Mary held Jesus, Her Son, and knew He was God. She knew about His great mission. She also wished that everything would come to Her Son blissfully and peacefully, with serene and lovely days as the days She held Him. However, in God’s plan, everything was planned and arranged, and Simeon’s prophecy ultimately confirmed it. From that moment on, the Cross came into Mother’s life. She took care of God every day, every minute and second. She loved God and did everything for Him.


Would any mother not grieve, knowing that her child’s life will endure sufferings for humanity? Because of all the sufferings, Mother meditated Her entire life. Her life was a quiet life of meditation, a life in prayer, a life wholly dedicated to God. Moreover, She knew this great work must continue. With every step God made, He grew up in Mother’s caring arms. There was no other Mother as perfect and loving as Mother Mary. She cuddled God close, loved Him, and took care of Him. She specially protected Him in life in Her mission and duty as the Mother of the Second Person of God. After Jesus completed the work of salvation, She became the Mother of the world.


We saw Mother’s love in the days of being the person chosen to become the Mother of the Second Person of the Trinity, the future Queen of Heaven, the Mother of humanity. We saw Mother’s life in the earthly days; the people who rose to high positions in the lives of queens or those of royal lineage. What kind of people were they in life throughout generations on earth? Our Mother is the Queen, but in Her life, with Her “Fiat” to God the Father, She endured the most painful, agonizing, excruciating experiences in Her heart. This is the meaning behind the swords piercing Her heart.


Let us meditate on each step of Mother’s life. Every event that happened in Her life brought sorrow. She was the only person who welcomed and accepted sorrows for everything to become perfect. Through Her suffering, the swords piercing Her heart represent the graces bestowed upon Her by God. Through Her endurance, with the swords piercing Her heart, they became the seven great graces which the Holy Spirit granted to Her. When we speak of the depth of the graces, these have been recorded in books, but we do not have the opportunity to read about them. We know the Blessed Virgin Mary first received the gift of the Holy Spirit when the angel Gabriel spoke to Her.


When Blessed Mother gave Her “Fiat” to God’s holy will, the Holy Spirit enveloped Her, and She conceived the Second Person of God. Every work Mother did, everything She endured, became the graces God granted to Her, and She gave them to us. Thus, Her suffering became a great grace. Today, She teaches us to encounter the Holy Spirit and understand how to pray, how to be God’s children, and how to return to God.


Today, we have the opportunity to experience God’s plan granted to us as things foretold and bestowed in the beginning when Jesus took on human nature in Mother’s womb. In her life She experienced great trials, like many people in the world, for the work of salvation to be perfect through God the Father’s arrangement of humanity’s salvation. The salvation Jesus brought to humanity, included Mother’s significant contribution.


Today, we see Mother’s life with Her “Fiat”, we rejoice, but in the beginning, Mother was troubled. She was engaged to be married and experienced joys then sorrows and worries when She realized Saint Joseph wanted to leave Her. The angel then came to Saint Joseph in his sleep. He obeyed and finally accepted God’s plan. St. Joseph became a person who understood the significance of the fetus Mother was carrying – the Word Incarnate. When Saint Joseph agreed to accompany Mother on the path of life, it was a return to joy, and Mother formally received God’s grace on behalf of the world.


We see Mother’s life with happy and sad moments. We see the events, but Mother remained silent. She was quiet and pondered on Her life in Her heart. When we have a need, Mother will help us. Why did the Gospel say little about Mother? The reason is that Mother wanted to speak about Jesus – the Savior. She wished to focus on the glory of God. She remained silent and quiet so everyone could focus on the glory of God and the important things in the salvation, to be saved.


As time passes, history will reveal the sublime and completely perfect deeds in the holy will of God the Father. If God the Father, did not allow; no one would know and dare write a book about Mother Mary’s life. If God the Father did not reveal and allow, who could write a book about Mother, known as the Mystical City of God? There are things this world has the opportunity to receive, and whether the world believes or disbelieves, they still exist. Today we have similar traits and only at the right time, with Mother’s permission, can we understand the meaning of what we are practicing, the meaning of the prayers we are lifting up through the Kowtows we offer during these times of tribulations and present challenges.


So, we must firmly attest, as Mother silently helps us, just as She did in the beginning of Her life. There are many things that Mother kept hidden in Her heart. Her strength comes from the Holy Spirit’s protection, and that strength, which is our salvation, will help us when circumstances arise. Mother is the only Mediatrix to help us find God and receive His intervention.


Today, let us meditate together to commemorate Mother’s works. Despite Her sufferings and afflictions in Her heart to complete the mission, She knew She must accomplish all for God’s work of salvation to become perfect. She teaches us to learn the virtue of humility, to fear God, to believe in God, and for our lives to be steadfast in faith, with entrustment and devotion. We need to know that God granted us the gift of knowledge to live in His way and be worthy of the salvation that Jesus gave us, over 2,000 years ago. Over 2,000 years later, we still receive salvation, but do we merit it? Do we merit to continue receiving the love and intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior?


Jesus brings us God the Father’s infinite Divine Mercy, and Mother is the person who teaches us how to receive it worthily. To merit it, we cannot be without the Holy Spirit. There are many spiritual and divine things we know are only possible with faith, we experience only with faith, and we feel are close to us only with faith we need the Holy Spirit for us to directly receive what Mother obtained especially for us. To reverently commemorate this day, let us pray seven Hail Mary’s to offer to the Seven Sorrows that Mother Mary’s Heart endured for humanity through each era.


– 1 Our Father

– 7 Hail Mary’s




O sorrowful Mother Mary, I grieve for You, in the anguish of Your affectionate heart during the flight into Egypt and Your sojourn there. Beloved Mother, by Your heart so troubled, obtain for me the virtue of generosity, especially toward the poor, and the gift of piety.


Lucia: O, Mother Mary, this is the second sorrow in the meditation of Your Seven Sorrows. You endured extreme sorrow because Your Son was a baby and needed a quiet, warm, safe place. An infant, needs to be in an appropriate climate, and the environment must be airy for the newborn, but what about our Mother Mary? Who suffered like Mother? Her Son was a newborn yet was already subjected to the jealousy of those who wanted to kill Him. Jesus experienced a harsh life, starting from the time of His birth. He was not offered shelter by man and had to be born in a cold stable in winter. He had to sleep in a manger smelling of animal feed.


Mother gave birth to Jesus in a deserted field, with only Saint Joseph by Her side to take care of the Lord who came into the world to save humanity. Jesus was the Great Prince of Heaven, but why did God the Father not choose a magnificent castle for Him who merited it? Why did the Father not choose for Mother Mary, His beloved Daughter, a more fitting place, at least an ordinary place like many others had? God the Father did not do that. It makes sense. Because, when people are rich, they forget the poor and the little people who are oppressed and who never enjoy an equal life. Who see’s that? Who can give them justice? Who can help the world deal with this issue? Who can help with the inequality between the rich and the poor, for everyone to be equal, feel loved, and share the same right?


God chose the most impoverished, poor, and laborious life. Mother Mary was selected to be in God’s plan. She cooperated with God, obeyed, and followed God’s holy will in life. Her Son Jesus was with Her. Where Mother was, there Her Son was also. Her Son’s mission was not ordinary; it was a plan arranged by God the Father. In the middle of the night, in the biting cold, a woman who recently had a baby had to flee with Her child, riding on a donkey on a grueling journey of several hundred miles through the desert, through cold places with blizzards. Mother Mary held Her child with a shirt to cover Him. He lacked what the other children in the world had.


We see the life of Jesus, born only for a few days and already there was much hardship encountered. The most grievous was that Jesus came into the world to save people, but some sought to kill Him as soon as He was born. God the Father will not allow anyone to do anything when it is not yet the appointed time, so the Father quietly let the plan be. He sent the angel to warn Saint Joseph to take Mother Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt, a strange place, an unknown country, without any preparation, with only the simple things poor families would have.


On the long journey to Egypt, Mother dealt with many hardships along the way, with rains, storms, and winds, but in Her heart, Mother never complained. It was time as God gave Mother the power of the Mother of God to protect Her child. As the Queen of Heaven, Mother had an inexplicable spiritual majesty. Mother accepted all those challenging paths. Mother only knew to find ways to hold God in Her arms to shield Him from the rain because Jesus did not have any proper attire and warm clothes on the flight to Egypt.


In every step of God’s path each time we meditate, we see extreme suffering along with a spirit of poverty. It was a life of endurance for the holy family, a hard life for Mother Mary with Jesus and Saint Joseph. Jesus endured from childhood. Who can suffer as Mother did? Who can bear hardship as Mother did? Who can be as patient as Mother was, with all the good virtues practiced by this beloved Mother?


Today, God the Father does not want us to perform according to our own way without the advice and teaching of Mother. How can we encounter the Holy Spirit in our lives without Mother? Mother is the first person to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The work of the Holy Spirit in Her culminated in all the graces She received from the Trinity. Everything Mother teaches us is perfection. She chose a poor life from the day Jesus was born into the world. In those days when Jesus was still a toddler, the family had to flee to a strange place, an unknown country, but out of obedience, the Holy Family allowed things to be planned and arranged through the angels.


Mother lived in Egypt until the angel informed Her and Saint Joseph and Jesus to return to Israel. After Jesus fled to Egypt with His mother, King Herod sought to kill all the boys from newborns to two years old in Bethlehem and its vicinity. Two thousand children lost their lives because of the jealousy and envy of kings and those in authority who were fearful and jealous of the Supreme Lord they did not know. In their arrogance, they sought to kill the Supreme Lord. Two thousand innocent children were killed and became little angels beside Mother Mary and God; they were the first two thousand little angels when Jesus fled to Egypt because those killed at such a young age became angels in heaven.


In our meditation, we understand the extreme sorrows of Mother Mary and the meaning of the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. We hear about the sorrows of Mother, but if we do not meditate, we will not understand their meanings. Today, in the world, we endure and suffer because either those in power or even ourselves are oblivious to what comes from holiness, ignoring the good that God bestows, and the teaching Jesus gave us, which is essential to faith. We face and confront everything in reality, which eventually leads us on the wrong path that does not follow God’s way and leads us astray. It is living in this way that we have encountered miseries. Today, we face the devil’s attack; we have lost our direction from the map that Mother Mary and Jesus realized in His life.


Today, our lives are fraught with difficulties, pains, and challenges from the pandemic and terrible threats in the world. All these are reminders that Mother Mary first brought Jesus into the world; what Mother and Jesus achieved opened a path for us because those extreme sufferings granted us a life of peace, serenity, truth, and justice. Unfortunately, we are unaware, and we lack faith, so we chose to decide for ourselves in an easy realistic life, familiar with sin, power, greed, selfishness, jealousy, envy, and hardheartedness. The conclusion is disaster, defeat, full of pain, and tragic like today.


God’s plan did not stop there because He came to save us and chose Mother to be a shining example for us. Through Mother, we saw the work of the Holy Spirit. No matter how many things happened, Her heart remained steadfast, unwavering, enduring, and accepting all with obedience. Though Mother was confused and worried when holding Her child in Her arms fleeing on the grueling journey to Egypt, Mother welcomed all the afflictions encountered on Her way there.


In the days when we left what belonged to us in Vietnam, the land of our ancestors, and fled the country, we faced trial, suffering, and sacrifice, and many Vietnamese people died on the journey fleeing communism. Let us recognize that we had an option, but Jesus had no choice. There was only one choice, for Him to come into the world to save humanity and conquer the battle by suffering. Mother Mary and Jesus gave the world a shining example. We see the answer in life when we deeply reflect on the meaning of Mother Mary’s life. Mother Mary gave us a shining example through Her gentleness, fortitude, trust, and prayer, for God’s plan to be perfectly accomplished to save us.


We cannot be without Mother in our daily life. We cannot be without Her counsel granted to us in faith. Mother is not too far away. She is the person who endured everything for us to be redeemed, who taught us and longed for us to return to the place where Her Son walked with Her to accomplish the plan to save humanity. She does not want to lose anyone in life, so She grants us privileges to indirectly or directly receive God’s graces, Her teaching, and the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and closeness.


Let us learn more in our lives to be charitable and forgive each other, accept privations with no complaint, no blame, and welcome what happens in our earthy life in the days of earthly exile. Let us have a foundation with faith, perseverance, a loyalty to belong to God. Let us live charitably toward one another; learn from God the kindness He granted us. Let us be kind to each other, generous with each other, sympathetic toward each other, and forgive each other for us to still walk together in God’s plan.


Only with sacrifice can we have success and learn many experiences in life. Jesus and Mother Mary lived their lives for us to have the inheritance Mother left, which is the meditation of the Second Sorrow that we offer to the Almighty on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrow. Let us meditate, especially in 2021, and through the offering of The Six Kowtows that Mother taught, to further grow, understand more, and attain more depth in life with what we learn. Today, we have Mother and God, so let us not be afraid of trials.


– 1 Our Father

– 7 Hail Mary’s




O sorrowful Mother Mary, I grieve for You, in the anxieties that tried Your troubled heart at the loss of Your dear Jesus. Beloved Mother, by Your heart so full of anguish, obtain for me the virtue of chastity and the gift of knowledge.


Lucia: O Mother Mary, I thank You for allowing me to understand more, especially the mysteries of the Rosary. When we meditate on the mystery with the loss of Jesus in the Temple in the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady of Sorrows, we understand Mother was like many earthly mothers. Only God and Mother know about the spirituality that belongs to the mission specially conferred, but Mother was worried and very anxious when She lost Her child at that young age. However, Jesus was exceptional and knew what He needed to do for His Father, though He was not yet mature to go out into the world. Subsequently, things bestowed from the beginning have appeared from all the occurrences that Mother had to face in life.


When Mother lost Jesus, He was in the Temple with the scribes, answering their questions. At His young age, those scribes certainly did not recognize the source of His answers. Since He was the Son of God, He was different. Mother Mary and Saint Joseph were worried and anxious, and when She found Jesus, She was overjoyed. We see Mother’s life go through many stages: the birth of Jesus, the flight to Egypt, the endurance together with Her child, and the loss of Her child. As we contemplate the stages of Her life, She reminds us of our own lives as earthly mothers. Mother lost Jesus for three days and found Him in the Temple, this is a foreshadowing for the path Jesus would take. We need to ponder certain numbers from the days in His life.


Every deed performed by God and carried out by Mother had meaning in history. We need to meditate for the Holy Spirit to enlighten us in understanding and knowing each stage of Mother’s life. Mother was so happy when She found Jesus and asked Him: “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for You.” Jesus answered Her: “Did you not know I had to be in My Father’s house?” Mother kept these things to Her heart and silently meditated on His answer. Mother found Jesus and talked to Him. At His young age, Jesus knew His duty and responsibility as the Second Person of God, born to accomplish His Father’s holy will. Mother meditated deeply about Jesus’ life. She was by His side and took great care of Him. Jesus listened to Her and was a good child just as other children; He helped the family with Saint Joseph, with the works in the life of carpenters.


We see the holy family’s life was the same as other families, with everyday work. Why did God not choose a better place? We see the rich people with high positions who lived a comfortable life, but God did not choose that; He chose a life of poverty and seclusion. We see the humility, the modesty, and the simplicity – the humility of Mother Mary, the modesty of God, and the simple life of the holy family. God chose a poor, humble life.


Mother Mary rejoiced when She found Jesus and continued to listen to the words Jesus said to Her regarding the great mission in His life. Today, She seeks us, though we do not respond to Her and we do not listen to Her teachings. When Mother finally finds us, She sheds tears, because She has found us. Her tears become tears of blood because we fail to obey, remain stubborn, and follow things of reality more. For everything that Mother does, She endures once again. She persisted from the start when She became the Mother of the Second Person of God. All of Her deeds became shining examples for the world.


After Jesus completed His mission, He ascended to heaven. Mother remained to conclude a remarkable program for humanity through the Church. Today, though Mother is officially the Queen of Heaven, full of authority and power, She still seeks us. Only an insignificant number of people responded, but the majority caused Mother to cry and shed tears of blood. Mother does not give up on us. Today, have we dried Her tears. Or, does Mother still shed tears because of our indifference? Directly and indirectly, we are using all kinds of ways to torture Her Son, offending Him, and rejecting Her message.


The official apparitions of Mother were not that far away. Today, we receive visits and reminders from Mother. Over many centuries, we know that Mother appeared in many places, including France. She has done many things for humanity. Today, do we believe absolutely and practice what Mother gave? Over a century ago, Mother appeared in Fatima to three shepherd children Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco. The Church recognized the Fatima miracle, but have we practiced what Mother asked? Have we prayed the Rosary, have we amended our lives, have we come to Her Heart? Have we practiced and believed? Today, only a small number of people do.


Today, the majority in the world do not collaborate, do not listen, and do not obey Mother Mary for us to be taught and helped on the way back to God. To this day, only a small number of people listen and practice in life; we are the people among that number, and it has been ten years for us. For over 2,000 years, God has been waiting, and over the centuries, Mother has continuously appeared in the world to remind and visit us, to teach and guide us back to God.


Today is an important day. After ten years, we have the opportunity to meditate in-depth to understand the meaning needed for our lives through the history of our Mother’s deeds. Today, Mother is not that distant from us. Let us not think that Mother is too far away, that She existed over 2,000 years ago, or is distant from us. She is not. Our faith teaches us that Mother is very close to us. She never gives up looking for us, saving us, seeking us, and bringing us home. Even though we are sinful and unworthy, She still seeks ways to help and guide us back out of love for us, though Her heart continues to be pierced by our treatment toward Her and Her Son – the third sword piercing Her heart.


Today, how can we understand this feeling if we do not meditate and have an in-depth experience in our faith? If we are not close to Mother, how could we know the matters that though simple, are inexplicable? Why are there seven swords piercing Her heart? What is the meaning? The answer is from our way of life, from being unruly children, unrighteous and rebellious leaders, with actions contrary to morality and ethics, and those who betrayed all the work accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ, Her Son, who died for us. Along with Her Son, Mother Mary also died in Her heart to save Her children.


We saw everything Jesus accomplished. Mother’s heart and soul died with Him so the salvation could be complete for us. Salvation is still awaiting us till this day, it is Mother’s desire and longing. Because Mother Mary experienced the pain, She sympathized with the mothers who lost their children in this world. Those mothers lose their children not because their children died but because they disobey and lead a life of debauchery, a life of personal will, in iniquity. The mothers in this world are suffering, praying, and looking for their children who ignore them.


Mother Mary’s example is a source of consolation for the mothers in this world. Mother Mary’s suffering was even more intense than of earthly mothers, so when we are facing suffering, trial, or famine, let us not get discouraged or give up because Mother Mary is our role model. Mother will support us when we come to Her. Mother will show us how to help our families become perfect in God’s holy will. Today, let us meditate on the Third Sorrow to know more. Let us strive for our lives to be chaste, for our spiritual life to be sinless. When we return to God, let us become pure in our deed, thought, and action and testify to the chastity of life.


Let us ask for Her help to become a new person in life. Let us live to seek understanding and faith. Let us seek a more profound knowledge of God’s salvation, seek more of Mother’s support and God the Father’s infinite love, with everything through the offering of The Six Kowtows which Mother teaches us. Our world has enough civilization and convenience, but what God needs the most, and what Mother yearns, is for us to understand whether we belong to God sincerely with our hearts or just superficially. Most of us live repeating the same pattern of nourishing sin and fostering sin. God wants us to return through our hearts, to conquer all challenges, and to come close to Mother as She is the example guiding us in this life.


Let us not say that it is impossible. Everything is possible because God and the Queen of Heaven lived through the trials of a meager life, with challenges in the days on earth. We also have the same experiences, more or less. The path we walk has the same challenges. At times, we are upset with our children, we lose our children, we see the sinful prodigal children, and we also look for the children who ignore us. We recognize that if we look at life negatively, we never have hope, but Mother wants us to have hope in Her, our role model. Mother obeyed, for Her Son the Supreme Being to be born into the world to be the Savior. He suffered injustice, was condemned unjustly, was tortured, was beaten, was tragically killed, and died in a humiliating way on the Cross.


That sorrowful Mother is a shining example for humanity. With patience, Mother does not give up, but seeks ways to help us, save us, and bring us back to God. May we understand better to meditate more for our lives to be worthy, as we meditate on the Seven Sorrows of Mother Mary to help us. With each position in life that God grants, let us not be discouraged and lose hope. Mother is the person who guides, for us to have a life of virtue, fortitude, and patience. We have Mother Mary who will support us as we walk in the way God granted with our human condition. Let us live worthily to receive these graces.


To God, nothing is impossible. With Mother Mary’s help, God will never refuse. Let us not be foolish and lose this great opportunity. Let us not indulge in iniquity and lose this great opportunity to meditate and come to Mother asking for Her help. Mother is always ready to help and always grants us favors to save us, help us, guide us back to God, so we may have eternal happiness with Him, and for our spiritual life to have meaningful days. May we understand that we must overcome challenges with the crosses in life, which are the copious experiences to bring us close to God, know Mother, and live with Mother. Mother will teach and help us on the path to becoming holy thereby, gaining the victory that She desires for us in our lives.


– 1 Our Father

– 7 Hail Mary’s




O sorrowful Mother Mary, I grieve for You in the consternation of Your heart at meeting Jesus as He carried His Cross. Beloved Mother, by Your heart so troubled, obtain for me the virtue of patience and the gift of fortitude.


Lucia: O Mother Mary, not too long ago, we meditated on the Fourteen Stations of the Cross, we especially meditated on the Fourth Station of the Cross, when Jesus met You. God is the Lord who experienced extreme trials, excruciating pain while carrying the heavy Cross, and desolation because of those who abandoned Him. No one cared about Him. Amid screams and shouts, only You followed Him closely with Your eyes, you were united with Him through Your heart, and You suffered in Your heart for what His Body suffered, while carrying the heavy Cross. Your heart suffered with Him. Jesus looked and saw You in that extreme suffering. He was lonely and abandoned by humanity, even by the chosen disciples. There were only Saint John and a few others who followed Him. Most people stayed away, horrified by the brutality the soldiers inflicted upon Him, like a criminal, even though He was the innocent One.


I heard Jesus call: “Mother! Mother! Where are You? Mother!” O Mother, how Your heart suffered. Your soul turned to God, each step He walked, each twisted path on which He carried the Cross, struggling with the weight. Your heart, united to His heart, each second, each minute, watching Your Son. Who can describe those moments? When Jesus called: “Mother! Mother!” You responded: “I am always by Your side. My heart belongs to You, My Son. I belong to You. Even if this world abandons You, man rejects You, I am always with You and forever by Your side. When You were born or suffering or beaten, I am also suffering with you in My heart. Son, though this world rejects You, I am always by Your side. I desire to die with You, accompany You, and always belong to You, Son!”


Mother screamed with the voice from Her soul, from Her heart that belonged to God. As a mother in the world, She assumed Her responsibility by uniting with Jesus in the great work of salvation. She fought tears, embraced those sufferings with the words She wanted to say to God, for God’s plan to be accomplished in Jesus with the Fourth Sorrow, with the fourth sword piercing Her heart through Her acceptance to achieve the perfect salvation from Jesus, Her Son.


Let us delve deeper to see the feelings of anxiety and worry She had as a mother. But Mother Mary’s worry was not the same ordinary worry as earthly mothers. In spirituality, Her heart had to always be with God. Mother wanted to be by God’s side, so that He would not feel lonely, and so She could unite Her strength with Him because no one else understood God as She did. That was the strength to help Him on the path in completing the mission at the end of His life on the Cross.


We should spend some time meditating about our Mother. When we meditate about Mother, we remember our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to us through Mother, the unique Mediatrix. We cannot be without Mother in our lives, we need Her for us to understand God, know God, and be close to God. Mother is the only person representing our world so we may receive the abundant great graces that God tenderly gives. Let us not forget this because these are the signs to show the challenging work to save all of humanity – by accepting to endure on the path and to suffer for our sins.


Today, we know Mother’s teaching and longing have become history in a plan to help us move forward with a life filled with faith. Let us always be zealous to listen to Her teaching and practice what She gave. The path Mother walks and guides us on is a path leading us to God, returning to God, and preparing us to become children ready to enter heaven. She comes to lead us to heaven’s door. Jesus will open that door and bring us in, to present us to God the Father, the Almighty, who gave us life and granted us the salvation for us to exist till this day.


In our meditation about Mother, we see that everything Mother did and practiced perfectly belonged to the Second Person of God in salvation. Today, in people’s reasoning, they question the meaning for us to prostrate ourselves to Mother, to trust Mother. Why do we not go directly to Jesus? Thus, we see some religions place Mother aside; people who belong to those religions believe in God, but do not believe in Mother Mary. It is our freedom to choose because we are ignorant, and we do not experience the love with which God chose Mother.


God came into the world and followed a plan in its order. We saw Mother Mary’s love for Jesus and His love for us through Her, which is practiced in a lively way by our Mother and Queen of Heaven. We saw the sufferings and endurances with firm faith and entrustment in the three virtues perfected in Mother Mary. We also read about things that caused Mother the moments of heartbreak and affliction, and those are things we meditate on to feel more strengthened in dealing with the realities in life.


Mother Mary was a human being but was chosen to become the Mother of the Second Person of God; She bore the Savior. Her power is a sublime and unexplainable mystery, given to Her when She was in the world. There are more heartfelt stories. If we meditate on the mystery of the Seven Sorrows, we will understand that the mystery does not end here. There are more riches which Mother received through the authority bestowed upon Her while She was still on earth.


Let us listen carefully to the reminders we hear. In life, we must have patience and courage to overcome the challenging paths that each person must face, especially for the mothers who lose their children on the battlefield, or under other circumstances, or because the children they most loved, left them. Let us think of Mother Mary, lift up to Mother, and ask Mother to accompany us. Let us not be discouraged and give up, because Mother Mary is our role model, a shining example for earthly mothers and everyone, when we understand and experience God’s blessings.


Human life has to deal with painful times. Days of extreme ordeals, days of victory, and days of completion were part of the plan in our beloved Mother’s life. Mother Mary achieved in life, but, not as a wealthy person served by others. In life, Mother endured the swords piercing Her Heart to become the Queen of Heaven to complete God’s plan. Though Mother was the person God chose, the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of humanity, and the Queen of Heaven, She endured extreme sufferings. In life, in our sinful condition, we cannot avoid those painful times, but as we understand this, we always have hope because, in all situations, we have Mother Mary preparing the path for us.


Let us continue to listen, to understand that what we do today leads us one more step closer to God. To be close to God, we must have Mother’s teaching to understand God’s holy will, because Mother alone is the person who is close to Him and understands Him. Those experiences in Mother’s life became a life complete in salvation. Mother Mary guided us and brought us back to encounter God, embrace God, and understand the life God granted to us all, through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Only with faith can we recognize the riches after Mother completed Her work and returned to heaven, body, and soul. Any trial must have a price in compensation from the Almighty, the only just One who grants. Mother was the first person to receive it. We thank God because we must believe for us to have and receive. Mother offered us the gift of The Six Kowtows, the first gift for the children who did not understand and did not know. It was a candy Mother gave us, and we began to suck on it, with its sweetness permeating our souls. We tasted the candy Mother gave us, and from that candy, our hearts became grateful hearts and a great offering that penetrated our souls by the way we practice today.


Let us not be afraid of public opinion, of people’s judgment, of being different from others. The most important is that Mother is with us. Mother teaches us, and Her life is re-lived through our practice today in the proclamation and return, for us to receive forgiveness. In the conclusion of the ending, we need to represent many people. We need to pray on behalf of our brothers and sisters for them to return to God as we did.


That is the love Mother gave us, choosing us, and interceding through us, for others to see and return to God. Through Her teaching, may everyone embrace and accept to learn about this truth and practice as She teaches, for their lives to be saved and forgiven while there is still time.


– 1 Our Father

– 7 Hail Mary’s




O sorrowful Mother Mary, I grieve for You in the martyrdom which Your generous heart endured in standing near Jesus in His agony. Beloved Mother, by Your afflicted heart, obtain for me the virtue of temperance and the gift of counsel.


Lucia: O Mother Mary, when You stood at the foot of the Cross, You knew the Lord’s hour was coming to an end; Your heart shattered, waiting for the remaining moments. Jesus tried to pull Himself up with His last dying breath on the Cross to give His Mother the final words of His life. Can any mother witness her child dying? Can any mother endure seeing her child about to die excruciatingly? Jesus endured torture, was beaten, dragged, pushed, kicked, humiliated, and insulted by people through the stages of His trial, from the moment He was brought before the judge, and to the end as He is sentenced to death.

Yet He was the innocent One. Mother understood and knew. Her heart seemed to skip beating, wrenched, broken, and in Her extreme sufferings, felt as if She died with Her Son. She was the chosen Mother, and though She experienced Her life events as in other people’s lives, Mother was different from the others, because She had the assurance of a person selected from the number of people on earth. Her heart grieved, but She always maintained what is essential in human life. She had to maintain a calm demeanor and embrace all the pain and suffering in Her heart, united with God. Mother Mary was in great pain and agony in the last hour while listening to the last words from Jesus. Mother knew death was near.


She felt every last beat of His heart in Hers, and with every last breath from Jesus, She longed to be with Her Son and die with Him.


Mother knew the plan from God the Father and what belonged to Her. She was to unite and complete with Jesus what was given to Her at that time. Jesus handed over to Mother and entrusted Her the great work not yet achieved, because He was to return to God the Father at the appointed time. So, all the deeds God the Father planned and arranged were a specific program. After exactly thirty-three years, Jesus had to leave the world to return to the position of the Second Person of God and of the Great Prince of Heaven, who achieved a glorious victory.


Before Jesus returned to heaven, God planned and arranged for Mother to be the next person to continue with everything that Jesus wanted to achieve in the world. Mother was to continue the tremendous work, while Jesus quietly and silently withdrew Himself to remain with humanity in the Eucharist, which is a mystery, a lofty spirituality. If we lack faith and meditation, according to our human interpretation from our own reasoning, we cannot comprehend this folly and absurdity. The Almighty set a program through Mother’s life to exchange each sword piercing Her heart, for a victory filled with graces, granted to humanity. Mother Mary, the Being who represented the world, perfectly achieved God’s plan.


We saw how Mother cried, suffered, agonized, and when She saw Her Son dying, in excruciating pain, She also wanted to die with Him. However, She did not scream, blame, shriek, or react in any other intense way, though the pain She experienced was overwhelming and heartrending. Earthly mothers who lost their children in the world may have such reactions, but Mother Mary remained calm, although She was even more heartbroken than we were, because She knew Jesus was innocent. Jesus did nothing that could have hurt Mother while on earth, and Mother knew that Jesus was God, the Savior, the Supreme Being who took upon Himself all the sins of the world and died for humanity. Jesus was unjustly sentenced and suffered excruciatingly, because of our betrayal. Man renounced Him, and even most of His disciples were afraid and left Him when He needed them the most.


In the end, Mother quietly stood beside Jesus, with a few faithful and humble disciples. Jesus did not reprimand anyone; instead, He asked God the Father to forgive everyone because they did not know what they were doing. Jesus also forgave the good thief who was beside Him. Mother witnessed what Jesus did in sanctity and mercy, with generosity and kindness in His life, which was realized with Jesus on the Cross. Mother kept this in Her heart. Her responsibility was to continue with the mission, to establish the Church, and complete everything still undone due to the lack of courage from people, even those chosen as disciples.


From the beginning, Jesus entrusted Mother to be the witness and complete the task for humanity, but up to this day, human cooperation has been lacking. Because of this lack of collaboration, our Church still has many shortcomings. So, Mother continues to stay with us, nurture us, and care for us. She continues to find ways to support the leaders who represent us, who represent God to lead us, to bring God’s Word to us, to bring us what Jesus did and accomplished through the institution of the Eucharist. That spiritual encounter is still there, but there must be belief and faith from us. For a lively faith, we must understand what we have. Mother is the only person who teaches and grants to us.


When Mother left the world, we saw the conflict with things perfectly established. From the beginning, there was division in the Church with all human traits. However, God is still the benevolent Lord who continues to grant for His disciples to return to heaven, after they completed the program, though they did not do it perfectly. However, when we have Mother, our deeds become perfect, because from Her presence, support, petition, and intercession, we know God’s holy will and fulfill it wholly in Her.


Let us go back to the moments when Mother watched Her Son, the moments of extreme pain, with the fifth sword piercing Her heart. Mother had to endure this pain. So, how can sinners like us, avoid the trials of life in the world, who for generations are accustomed to living in iniquity? Today, though we receive many blessings and abundant graces, we are still stubborn, obstinate, and hardened.


Mother does not give up on what She does, because God loves the world. God desired and longed for us, to the point that He humbled Himself to dwell in a little host, awaiting us and granting us great privileges that we must have in life to rediscover what comes from the truth. Though we have the Word of God through the Gospel, with things written over 2,000 years ago, the abundance of God’s grace is continuous and constant in each generation, especially with Mother Mary as the bearer of new gifts to the world.


Things we know, hear, and meditate on deeply today are not from us, but from Mother, who grants and wants us to practice. The Holy Spirit will be the Supreme Being who helps open our mind and intellect to make decisions and perform. Though what we practice is something different, it expresses a repentant, sincere, returning heart and the determination to learn and listen to Mother’s teaching. Let us sincerely return to God with our hearts, to become an offering even though we are unworthy and imperfect. Mother Mary accepts to fortify us and intercede for us on our behalf.


We have a wonderful Mother, a Mother whose focus is entirely on God. The knowledge of God’s grace in Mother Mary is such that, whoever listens to Her and practices what She teaches will please God. God will intercede for those who obey Mother our role model, Whom God the Father chose for His Son to dwell in, from the very beginning. Mother Mary is the unique role model to help us take a shortcut and return to God. Let us rely on the extreme suffering Mother endured. Today, our lives cannot avoid the path of suffering, the way of the cross, which we need to accept in order to have experiences. Let us ask Mother to accompany us and help us atone, for us to return to heaven through the narrow road, because Jesus once said that the narrow road is the road of suffering, but it will lead us to eternal happiness in heaven with Him and Mother.


As for the wide-open road of wealth, enjoyment, and pleasure, it is the current wasted road; a dead-end road that leads us to death, a hopeless and darkened road. We have fallen into the abyss of darkness; we are under the control of the devil that wants to kill us. But Jesus has triumphed, and Mother Mary still guards our souls, and no one dares to kill us when we obey Mother, return to Her, listen to Her, and practice what She asks.


How unfortunate for those who live in arrogance, do not trust, do not believe, and rely on worldly knowledge and learning. In the end, they will fail in their choices. However, Mother still patiently waits, so each sinner has an opportunity in Her heart. To help us mature, let us constantly meditate on the Seven Sorrows. The Holy Spirit will open our eyes, to see what Mother endured for humanity. That meditation is a treasure to help us mature in our faith and return to God through a shortcut Mother grants to us and to the world.


May everyone listen and return with their heart and soul, lift to God with the gift Mother granted to this world, which has become an offering. Today, we receive the teachings and messages from God and the words guided by the Holy Spirit. The love of Mother Mary lifts us up and helps us reach the next step up the ladder, to know what is critical to the world today in our mission.


May everyone unite and return to God, with soul and body, mind and heart, removing the pride and arrogance to become people who return with their heart, by reformation, by a longing soul, to receive protection when critical events occur unexpectedly. Mother must equip us and help us on this path, so let us continue to do what She teaches. Our brothers and sisters did not know, but we knew.


We knew, and we are aware. Let us delve deeper and make more sacrifices to become the disciples chosen by Mother to bear witness to the world, be the pioneers to save our fellow human beings, and help them return to God by the way we practice. Daily, we pray with the gift from Mother to help us repent, become humble, and recognize the need for patience and temperance, to understand that the only thing we need is to choose to save our souls.


If we thoroughly understand what Mother teaches, let us return quickly and take care of our daily life accordingly. Let us live in fairness, righteousness, and justice, and never stray from the way of the Lord. Let us remember that the truth is where there is justice, integrity, and righteousness. Mother Mary teaches us, Her entire life is an example to us. Mother guides us directly to the Holy Spirit’s teaching to learn the seven graces we need to practice in life. This teaching lifts us and helps us to change and belong to God. Mother is the person who is responsible for bringing us back as we listen to Her words and practice Her teaching.


– 1 Our Father

– 7 Hail Mary’s




O sorrowful Mother Mary, I grieve for You in the wounding of Your compassionate heart, when the side of Jesus was pierced by the lance before His body was removed from the Cross. Beloved Mother, by Your heart thus transfixed, as if pierced by the lance, obtain for me the virtue of fraternal charity and the gift of understanding.


Lucia: O Mother Mary, one sword at a time pierced Your heart to represent Your presence at every step on the Way of the Cross that Jesus walked, to atone for our sins. Jesus took our sins upon His body and walked with Mother’s heart together in one beat. For Jesus to complete the tremendous plan to save all of humanity, He had to endure scourings, tortures, and death. Mother did not suffer those excruciating tortures in the flesh as Jesus did, but She suffered in Her heart, which was wrenched and tortured. With Jesus, Mother Mary contributed to the great work of salvation, which God the Father dedicated to His only Son and His beloved Daughter to complete.


Our lives are confined to days of limited understanding, no matter how much we seek. With the given doctrine, we will know from the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, but we must seek and recognize to delve deeper. It is God’s choice for us to understand what we still cannot achieve and what revelation we will receive at the right time. We must be aware and remember that Mother Mary was present from the very first moment with Her “Fiat”. We rejoiced, were filled with hope in the world, but the devil shivered with fear of this woman. Jesus accomplished the work of salvation according to God’s plan to deliver us, and that salvation continues to this day.

We see God’s plan arranged in a specific way. Mother received from the Almighty as a perfectly chosen person. What do we see on Her path? We see suffering, excruciating and extreme pains, but She accepted everything, always quiet and reserved. Everything that belonged to God was revealed and recorded in the Gospel for generations, over more than 2,000 years ago. Years after Mother’s assumption, She returned to the world to spiritually help and support us for generations.


There were records and untold stories about Mother Mary, but everything Mother did will never remained hidden. The Almighty is the Father who granted man the understanding that He chose Mother. She was the only Daughter whom God the Father loved most, a woman who replaced the first woman in the perfection as God the Father created humanity. Mother Mary was this flawless woman who agreed to walk the path to replace and restore what was lost. She accepted a life of great suffering.


We know about the Sixth Sorrow. Mother bore Jesus. When He was born into the world, She held Him. She accompanied Him. When He grew up, He started His public life and chose His disciples. In the end, Mother received His motionless body, no longer breathing. Mother’s arms held Her Son, and everything in the past since His birth replayed in Her mind. She recalled the day He was born. She embraced Him and carried Him from place to place in the days of exile. Mother always cherished, respected, and revered things in spirituality. She was always by His side.


Mother held Jesus in Her arms but could no longer hear His voice, feel His breath and the beat of His heart. Mother longed for every day and hour with Jesus, Her beloved Son, but there were only echoes of His last words. Before He entered His Passion, He spent a day by Her side to talk to Her. He entrusted to Her a great mission that He must complete before returning to heaven. He will remain with the world only through the Eucharist. Who was the person who knew Jesus was truly present in the Eucharist? Who was the person who could testify to Jesus’ stay through the Eucharist?


Mother was the only person who had to accomplish this great work. Jesus believed in Mother because She was the person who fully understood His holy will. During His last days on earth, He was alone. His disciples were frightened and ran away when He needed them most. In the end, Mother was the only person who understood the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist over 2,000 years ago in the flesh. After 2,000 years, He is still the Lord who remains with man, present in a divine spirituality, among man and with man. He remains to protect, love, guide, and pour down graces to help man come to Him through faith. Mother was the only person who bore the responsibility to accomplish this.


Before Jesus entered His Passion, He stayed with Mother, then He was ready to face the battle. He had to endure suffering, torture, beating, and carrying the Cross till the last moment. Mother held His body completely motionless, no longer with a voice, no longer moving, bruised and broken, covered with beatings and scourges from head to toe. Jesus endured excruciating suffering upon His body for our sins. Mother Mary’s heart suffered the same agonizing pains, scourges, and wounds Her Son suffered.


Who could understand this in Mother’s heart? Who could understand this? We have the opportunity to know why the swords appeared in Her heart; there was a profound reason. When we experience heartache, it is already too painful for us, and we agonize because the heart is the breath of man, the center of human life. What was the significance of the swords piercing Mother’s heart when Jesus was lifeless? The lance that pierced Jesus’ heart when He was on the Cross pierced through His heart and His Mother’s.


Mother sacrificed and consented to all the extreme suffering. She witnessed the last hour when Jesus breathed His last. The lance that pierced His heart opened it, and He offered it to humanity and those who stood at the foot of the Cross. They witnessed what God gave to everyone. The proof came through His beloved Mother. The path Jesus endured was like something reaching out to us. Mother Mary also accepted that path with the sword that was suffering, endurance, and the agonies of Her heart because She loved Her Son and missed Him. Mother knew Jesus had to endure all those sufferings, and She accompanied Him.


Mother still accompanies God because we rejected Him and still have not opened our eyes to recognize the great salvation. We continue to remain indifferent, offending God. Our indifference is the sword piercing Her heart and causing it to bleed daily. Mother sheds tears of blood with each of Her visits because of something the world did. Tears well up in Her eyes that are full of love for humanity. Mother always grants and seeks ways to help us, but in return, we treat Her Son in cruel ways.


Our sins caused Him pain, loneliness, and agony on the Cross. Today He is alone in the tabernacle and lonely in His Eucharist. He is offended by us in the betrayal, the rebellious life, the depraved life. We live a life in which we are rebelling against God’s law to satisfy the worldly life of iniquity. Mother sheds tears, reminds, and helps the children realize the importance of the soul that Jesus saved. He is still waiting to help us return to Him even though time has passed. It has been too long.


Today, let us meditate on these points to recognize that our world is experiencing days of great suffering during the pandemic. We face these situations but let us look to our beloved Mother Mary. Mother Mary suffered, endured patiently, and sacrificed everything for us to have this day. Mother Mary continues to be with us, to support and help us know that we still have what belongs to us from God’s infinite love. Salvation is still waiting for each of us who are sinners. Mother’s heart suffers and agonizes, but She still loves us, saves us, and helps us. Let each of us not let our hearts be too proud, haughty, or arrogant to look down on everything in life that we received from God and deny responding.


Today, our world is falling into a grim state, controlled in all areas. Jesus’ victory was complete, but we are in this state because of our hardheartedness, disobedience, and worldly things, in a life of reasoning and argument. Today, God is knocking on the door of our hearts, but we do not know who He is. Unintentionally or intentionally, we chase God away, deliberately reject Mother Mary, and refuse Her, causing Her grief with the sword that continues to pierce deeper.


Mother sheds tears, and in the longing, the waiting, the loneliness, Mother comes beside the Eucharistic Jesus to represent humanity. We must know that the waiting will come to an end. Today, we must understand that what we know, hear, and receive is not something coincidental but are things to be concluded in the ending to help us on the path.


Let us return because time will run out. All things will end up as days that never existed but have appeared. Everything is possible because evil is rampant everywhere; people live in disobedience and rebellion. We usurp God’s right, oppose Mother, reject Her, then how can there be a happy family? How can family life be protected? How can we be sheltered? Deliberately and unintentionally, we betray our Father, reject our beloved Brother who came into the world to save us and refuse the Mother who opened the door to lead us back. Today, only a few of us are returning.


We feel indifferent when we witness extraordinary things, but we must seek to understand what happens. There is concrete proof, but our hearts are closed shut. We have eyes but are blind; we have ears but are deaf, and our hearts beat, not out of love but out of jealousy, envy, resentment, and hatred, contrary to the doctrine God gave us, contrary to the heart Mother granted to humanity. Today, we see the result: goodness is gone, and evil is pervasive. We live in this state of mind, and the world attests to it. We are sinners, and from God’s mercy through salvation, may we become penitents, witnesses, and saints present in heaven. May we understand what God granted for saints to be present in heaven.


Back to the world of reality, we see our present state as a state of sinners, of transgressors. God saved us from sinners to become penitents, but our hearts remain indifferent. We are still blind, ignorant, and lacking faith, so we fall into temptations and follow a path of denial. We know God, yet we cannot practice according to Mother’s teaching. We cannot complete the mission Mother entrusts to us because we reject the teaching; we conform and follow what we seek in the real world.


We look down on matters we consider ordinary and trivial, but we do not look back at what we have today. That is something Mother wants from our hearts. Only a few people love God, come to God, accept, and trust in God. These people deserve Mother Mary’s intervention and guidance. As for the learned and knowledgeable who think that matters of the world are enough and conformity to the world is a must, we see the result. To conform to the world means heading toward death. In the pandemic of both soul and body and the terrible battle between good and evil, we have only one place of entrustment, which is Mother’s heart. Her heart granted us everything, and it is a history for us to meditate on with the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows.


Let us look at the extreme sorrow of Mother as She held the body of Her Son, but She continued with the mission and fulfilled the last words from Jesus to Her. Jesus loves humanity, and Mother loves God. She loves humanity as God does, so She fulfills the task of spiritually seeking us out. Mother Mary intercedes for us, gives us graces, and helps us practice to become children worthy to receive the last graces granted to help us when tribulations and surprising events are happening in our lives. Let us be with Mother and reflect on what She gave us with Her message. Let us transform the extreme sorrows into a source of consolation and listen to Her words to live with the virtue of love.


Let us love each other, listen to each other, and support each other with the required sincerity and sacrifice. Let us look to Mother’s example and rely on Her to be loving, forgiving, and generous. Today’s meditation reminds us to listen to Mother’s words and practice to help our brothers and sisters, help our fellow human beings return to God through a shortcut. As we meditate about our beloved Mother, we know Her Heart bled for humanity, and swords pierced Her heart because of our sins. Nonetheless, Mother longs to save and bring us back to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Her Son, Her God, and the Lord of the universe. He is the Savior, the only Supreme Being who intervenes for us. We have only one path left, which is the path of repentance and return.


Let us be humble, to continue on the path Mother grants, in our meditation on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. It is our first time in life to meditate, deeply and distinctly, to understand the Solemnity of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. Meditation helps us climb the steps that help us deepen and grow in God’s grace. May we be worthy disciples chosen to testify to the truth that we receive amid this world in a lively way, close to heaven, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Let us be humble to continue on the path Mother grants in our meditation on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. It is our first time in life to meditate, deeply and distinctly, to understand the Solemnity of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. Meditation helps us climb the steps that help us deepen and grow in God’s grace. May we be worthy disciples chosen to bear witness to the truth that we receive amid this world in a lively way, close to heaven, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance to help us complete this meditation on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows.


– 1 Our Father

– 7 Hail Mary’s




O sorrowful Mother Mary, I grieve for You, for the pangs that wrenched Your most loving heart at the burial of Your beloved Jesus. Beloved Mother, by Your heart sunk in the bitterness of desolation, obtain for me the virtue of diligence and the gift of wisdom.


Lucia: O, Mother Mary, there was no word to describe Your feeling when You saw Your only beloved Son completely motionless. His body was shrouded, separated from You. He was no longer breathing. How intense was Your pain? How broken was Your Heart, pierced by the sword? Your Heart seemed to stop beating with the excessiveness in that extreme pain, indescribable even in the meditation of the Seventh Sorrow. How to describe the feeling of a mother who had only one child who brought her joy with a sublime mission, and he died?


Mother desired to be with God every second because once His mission was over, She knew the days left with Him by Her side would be few. All these feelings rushed to Mother in the last moments. In the world, when human life ends, the living person buries the deceased person and must stay away because the world of the living and the dead need to be separate. When there is no more breathing, no voices, no smiles, there can no longer be days interacting with each other, no longer leading an ordinary life. The living person buries the deceased in the tomb and goes on with life.


It is the law and continues to be so in the world. To Mother Mary, God’s plan was a lofty spirituality. She knew Jesus achieved a great plan to save humanity, which She always experienced spiritually, and She waited for Jesus to accomplish this glorious work. In terms of reality, Mother was deeply afflicted and heartbroken. Mother was pregnant with God when Mother was barely fifteen years old and lived for thirty-three years by His side. Mother was not that advanced in age, and She was still a young person yet experienced bitter days with extreme suffering. Who could compare and describe what Mother experienced in Her entire life?


Saint Joseph died. Mother and Jesus remained, then Jesus died. What would have happened, if Mother did not strongly recognize God’s grace and did not know the favors God specially granted, on His behalf, to continue and help the Apostles with a remarkable and significant mission for the world? Though not recorded in the Gospel, as we know, all things belong to God. Mother lived a quiet life; it was up to God to fully realize what was in Mother, discreetly, to help all people know God and recognize God.


Mother endured bitterness and humbly continued in Her quiet life with Her silent sacrifices. Mother did not have demands like everyone else but chose a secluded life to be close to God, to be with God, to meet God through a prayer life, through a life of giving away, sacrificing everything for God’s plan to become perfect. It is from these points that we realize what Mother achieved and endured. When our loved ones die, when our children die, how do we cope with this situation, with this suffering? Do we not cry, scream, whine, or experience moments of despair and depression?


Mother endured all the extreme suffering. However, She did not have the same negative attitude as we do in the world. She always kept what belonged to Her in secret between Her and God, and She understood. The two hearts were as one. Who could love God like Mother, and who could love Mother like God? It was an aspect that revealed the love offered to humanity, a clear and distinct practice, and a shining example to our world.


God taught us to love, live according to His commandments, and follow His doctrine. From the beginning of creation until the time of Jesus, every act was recorded in the Gospel to help us understand realistically in life, with what we have seen in real life. Mother endured and lived through those painful stages, so let us not be afraid when our lives face days with painful trials. Nothing is more tragic than our loved ones passing away, the people we love most. The most painful loss is the death of our loved ones and our children.


Mother Mary is the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother of God, the Mother of humanity, but She had to experience this painful situation, so as we live through the same plights, we must not give up. Let us not allow ourselves to be at a stalemate, to allow pain to take over our souls. When we encounter these situations, let us remember Mother Mary with Her regal position, who had to accept and walk this path to save us. She is the shining example to console us in life through each situation.


We see Mother’s extreme suffering, but She always obeyed God’s holy will. Today, in our lives, whenever we face trials, let us remember Her “Fiat”. She is ready to comfort us. With Mother, let us not give up, because if we do not seek Mother or listen to Her, we will endanger our lives with countless snares we encounter in our world. Today, we need to meditate to know Her sufferings through the Seventh Sorrow. We see Her extreme suffering for God’s plan to be completed at Jesus’ burial.


Mother’s heart and soul wanted to remain with Jesus in that tomb, but life with duty and mission had to go on with what Jesus entrusted to Her. She swallowed the bitterness and pain in Her heart and the sword piercing it. She overcame the pain by reminding Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint John the Apostle, and the brothers and sisters who were at the burial to go home and rest, because it was also close to the Sabbath day; they could not remain there.


With that pain in Her heart, Mother reminds us like She reminded the disciples to return home to rest. On Her way back, Her feet were heavy. It seemed She had no strength left, no interest in food. She had to support those around Her, strengthen them to go on, and be a fulcrum to them. She was in pain, afflicted in Her heart and soul from the loss of Jesus, but She had to stand up. Mother silently went on. She strove to lead and sustain those who went with Her, with the disciples by Her side.


God’s plan was sublime over Mother’s life as we meditate on Her sorrows. She turned sorrows into strength, into a mission accomplished with the next steps. Today, we constantly receive Her intervention. We see Her suffering as the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity. She was full of power, but Her path during the days of earthly exile was no different from ours; She even endured more. Thus, let us not fall into an extreme state though we face tense situations, sufferings, and deaths in the present society.


Let us look at the excruciating pain Jesus endured. Jesus walked the Way of the Cross in loneliness. He died alone in the tomb. He accomplished the mission. Only His mother and a few close disciples followed Him and were still with Him till the end. He was the Lord who came into the world to save us, but He had to accept our indifference and rejection from the beginning. Mother was the person who accompanied Him and also endured all of this. After Jesus ascended to heaven, Mother remained in the world for twenty more years to help us officially have the Church. We saw the separation in the beginning when people did not recognize God. Today it is the same. Though the number of faithful has grown, only about thirty percent recognize Jesus in the Eucharist.


It is an unfortunate shortcoming of humanity because we still do not seek to discover the treasure that Mother Mary continues to grant. After Jesus returned to heaven, He returned with revelations. We know of the Divine Mercy revealed to Saint Faustina. For generations, Mother Mary visited us. We received Her reminders and urgent messages. She supported the lives of Christians, Her children, and God’s children, whom He redeemed. For those who do not know God, Mother also grants. To all those who come to Mother, though very few, they still receive Mother’s intervention for each nation, country, and situation.


Today, we must believe in what Mother does. We must believe in Her lively presence, then and now, especially in such a critical time as today, with intense turmoil, in a world dominated by evil deeds and the devil. Mother does not leave us by ourselves and does not turn a blind eye in the most urgent and critical times when we are afflicted with sickness and death by the pandemic. We are controlled in every way by high-ranking people; we know about their deceit and wrongdoings contrary to God’s teaching. They let their positions direct them into a life of reality and lead us down a path that does not belong to His teaching. Is Mother remaining silent for God’s plan to be incomplete? Is Mother remaining silent for Her beloved children? For Her extreme suffering with the seven swords piercing Her heart, through the meditation of the Seven Sorrows, to be meaningless?


No, Mother will not let it be meaningless. She will find a way to continue, even with suffering, even with tears, even with blood tears once more. Mother continues to fulfill Jesus’ desires for humanity. Today, Jesus is quiet and silent in the tabernacle, but Mother goes out to look for Her children to bring them back to Him. She leads us back to the new graces given to the world because the tabernacle’s door has opened; graces are flowing. Mother guides the lost, stubborn, sinful, and disobedient children who still do not understand and still do not believe to lead them back to God and the Supreme Being present in this world.


We heard that only about thirty percent of Christians believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. After ten years of witnessing what God granted from the messages, with the words we received directly from God, we confirm that the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is one hundred percent. Mother Mary wants us to proclaim this truth to the world. She wants us to testify by deed and reverence, with a simple and humble heart and with an atonement evident in our lives, for Her to intercede and teach us in a gentle and absolute manner.


We cannot do it by ourselves. The Holy Spirit will help us give up our bad habits, vices, and evil thoughts of our sinful lives. He will give us a new faith to help us raise to encounter Mother’s teaching and attest that we are God’s children. For the price paid by the Blood of Jesus Christ, Mother cannot let it become meaningless, but it must be valuable for our souls. In the critical days at the end of history, God is the only Supreme Being who saves us in today’s generation, the only Mediator to lead us to understand this significant value. We must act, return to God, give up the old ways of iniquity and start with the heart, the soul, humility, a life of prayer, and eagerness, to encounter the Eucharistic Jesus.


All things will end, but God granted us the opportunity to be saved. Mother Mary seeks every suitable and appropriate way to save and help us. She is the Mediatrix who guides us. The shortcut from Mother is still there. It is up to each person to decide regarding union, cooperation, acceptance, and faith in God. In particular, those chosen to assume the mission Mother assigned to fulfill a pioneering mission, to achieve what Mother entrusts to us. If we are still hesitant, Mother does not force us. She wants a consecrated heart, a willing heart, a heart that feels, believes, practices through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and does not question, judge, doubt, or follow the order of life according to the way of the world’s logic.


Let us have strong faith, determined in heart and mind, soul and body. Let us seek to come to the Lord. Let us come directly to Him. He is the Lord who teaches us through Mother Mary’s training. We are not mistaken and wrong to continue with the practice under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All these things we practice and continue to practice with patience will help us become righteous. We will become people who testify to the truth whom Mother Mary chose to receive the gift of The Six Kowtows, which has become the offering of The Six Kowtows. Today, the Holy Spirit teaches us to offer Mother Mary – the Queen of Heaven – the Sixth Kowtow.


Let us come with surrender and thank Mother for Her love. She teaches and helps us complete Heaven’s plan in the ending days. We must complete everything according to God’s plan to prepare for the new world. Before preparing for the new world, God will surely destroy everything that does not belong to Him on earth. Mother Mary is the last person to appear, and as God the Father said, Mother is the woman who will crush the serpent’s head, and the serpent will strike at Her offspring’s heel. After Mother did what God the Father said, the plan will conclude to be ready for the new world. Jesus is waiting to return the Garden of Eden to the world of man through Mother Mary.


We will no longer have days of war and suffering, days of hatred and jealousy, and days with pandemics. Do we have enough patience until that day? Do we have enough faith to wait for that day? Let us practice now, be firm in our standpoint, with steadfast faith, absolute trust, and entrustment, and live a life of practice in the virtue of charity as Mother did Her entire life. With Mother as our Mediatrix, let us not be afraid. We are still afraid and weak, but with faith, let us practice by deed, determination, and conviction.


Today, let us adore and glorify God. We overcame challenges to become people with the mission to bring the gift from Mother to the world as an offering presented to God by our retribution, reparation, awareness of our sinful and imperfect condition, and ask for God’s forgiveness. It is also a daily apology to save ourselves, save people from all classes, and pray for those who still do not believe to believe, who still do not know to know, and for those who still have not returned to God to return to Him. Mother Mary opens the path for us by our deeds in conviction.


We are happy, especially this year, as we enter our eleventh year of this mission. The Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows follows the Solemnity of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross because Mother’s sorrows are related to the Cross. We recognize the salvation of the Lord Jesus as a reminder for us in a world where we experience many events. In our habits, we become indifferent, and our belief in the real presence in the Eucharist is only thirty percent. However, when we are aware of things and return, the vitality taught by the Holy Spirit awakens our faith life and helps us in the final days. With dramatic, tragic, critical, and unpredictable days, we must decide for our souls by cooperation and return in a spirit of repentance, giving up judgment, arrogance, pride, human laws, and habits throughout generations. Those habits become days with no progress in faith, with only thirty percent believing in the real presence in the Eucharist, living with the failure of a corrupted world like today.


Let us remove our old ways and take a new step in life, as taught by Mother Mary. She helps us decisively and humbly return to God, guided by the Spirit of God, with graces bestowed by the Holy Spirit, to overcome human laws, to find truth in Her loving heart painfully afflicted and pierced by swords, to give us the triumph as in this day.


Mother Mary is guarding our souls, snatching us back from the hands of the devil, and wants us to obey and listen. When we belong to Mother, we will win this final battle and return to the Garden of Eden. Mother will complete the plan given to Her by God. We will come to a new world that God desires to give back to us with the last and final battle. Persistent, loyal, humble, obedient people will become witnesses and triumph at the end of history.


Let us not rely on learning, money, ambition, talent, and knowledge in this world because we will be defeated and deceived by the devil. Let us not fail to walk in God’s way and focus on justice and righteousness; otherwise, we lose and end up misguided. Though God forgives our sins, we must repent, return to Him by our hearts, and have a daily prayer life. Let us understand that in life, with faith, we can move higher and climb up the steps to see the lofty spirituality with the depth, the height, and the breadth of faith God grants.


Through Mother’s teaching, we can be steadfast in the present life despite many changes. If we hold on to our old ways, earthly laws, and habits, we see those habits have become days of failure and disappointment, days with the pandemic that threatens us with death. Today, we have only one opportunity: we must return to God through the way urgently taught by Mother for us to have heaven’s protection and support. If we hold our ground, we will be further defeated, never reach our goal, and our faith will never mature because there is only so much from our old habits.


Whoever has ears ought to hear; whoever has eyes ought to see; whoever has a heart ought to feel. Please do not judge, doubt, or have erroneous decisions because of your positions. Though people are talented and walk in the right direction, they need to remember that God does not stop at a point but is abundantly rich and grants more to draw us closer to Him, know Him better, and love Him more. For the path we need to take, Mother will teach us the necessary virtues with a firm determination for our lives to be protected in the present crisis by God’s grace, bestowed through Mother to help us triumph on the path in this ending. With perseverance, we will surely win.


Let us persevere and be faithful. Surely we cannot lose this battle. We will win and have many brothers and sisters who will triumph with us as they accept, listen, believe, and practice. We must do what is most needed, and though the days are still silent, it is time for everyone to know, hear, and believe. We thank God for allowing us to conclude the meaningful meditation of the Seven Sorrows of Mother Mary, especially on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows in 2021.


At this moment, we conclude and ask Blessed Mother to grant our prayers through the offering of The Six Kowtows on this glorious day to deepen our understanding of Mother’s teaching, and we pray for everyone to recognize it. The laity still depends on the Church and the clergy, which is the right thing to do, but they should give themselves the chance to go deeper, be closer, and be more lively with the Eucharistic Jesus. He has opened the door with overflowing graces to strengthen our faith and to help us return with a sincere heart and be worthy of forgiveness through Mother’s teaching and prayer life with the Six Kowtows.


God, I thank You. Thank You for choosing us, sinners among sinners, from Your infinite Divine Mercy to become the witnesses of a remaining time with the current days of tribulations. We have done everything needed. As for the rest, Mother, please decide for us; please plan and arrange for us as You used to do. Everything we do is for the glory of God, to honor God, because everything comes from God, with God. Please have mercy on us, help us do Your holy will, and practice what Mother teaches, as guided by the Holy Spirit. God, please protect us, and help us live in faithfulness and honesty. May we complete the path till the very end of our lives to be the witnesses of the Six Kowtows, which is the answer to our lives.


God, please allow us to practice what belongs to You rather than ours. We constantly pray to not fall into the devil’s snare but continue to grow in our witness life, by deed, by proclamation, by The Six Kowtows. We reverently lift, thank, praise, and glorify God. May we achieve God’s holy will in what He wants in our world through Mother Mary’s teaching. We thank, honor, and glorify God in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


– 1 Our Father

– 7 Hail Mary’s


  1. O most sorrowful Blessed Virgin, please pray for us.
  2. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.




We beseech You, O Lord Jesus Christ, by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Thy Mother, whose most holy soul was pierced by a sword of sorrow in the hour of Thy bitter Passion, to intercede for us now and at the hour of our death, before the throne of Thy mercy, through Thee, the ever-living God, Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, world without end. Amen.


Lucia: I thank God for granting me these moments, which have never been as meaningful as this year, though we face much stress in life with the coronavirus variant Delta threatening our lives. We see events happening in an age of civilization with war threats, scientific weapons, all the falsehoods intruding into life. We face and see the lost justice sunk by ego and power with the domination of evil in the world. Chaos is raging in our lives. Faith and all matters end up in a negative state of mind, with days of reality taking over.


It is something threatening for us with the life of faith, especially as Christians. Our lives are no longer days of love, days of brotherhood in solidarity, but the start of conflicts, looking for ways to kill and harm each other, and evil is raging. Did we choose correctly or foolishly? Our standpoint from the beginning was to follow human reality, so today, we must bear the responsibility for everything that happens in the world. We were indifferent to God’s doctrine and rejected God to choose what belongs to reality, so today, it is ruling over our lives.


As we understand more and learn from these experiences, we see the past days with freedom, the happy days God granted. We lost everything because of our betrayal, our refusal, our transgression. We failed to listen and caused Mother’s heart to grieve, pierced by swords. Jesus is bleeding because humanity disbelieved and ignored the unfathomable magnitude of His sacrifice. Jesus died for us and saved all of us to have present days in hope.


The time has come. God wants us to see the truth, know the truth, and for the majority to recognize their foolish choice. Let us return with unity and listen to the teaching because we will see the conclusion these days. We do not have to guess anymore; the end will come. Evil will not be able to go on. How can those who live in evildoing go on? The Lord, our God, has suffered for too long, for over 2,000 years. God will intervene for those who belong to Him, those who repent, and He will defend those who are faithful and persevere, which is inherent in the law. Mother seeks ways to save humanity, save everyone. As for those called to return, we always have the right to choose God and listen to Mother Mary’s teaching or be satisfied with what is in a contemporary world prevailing in evil and death.


Let us choose now. Let us not regret it when everything is over in a day not far. Whoever has ears ought to hear; whoever has eyes ought to see; whoever has a heart ought to feel and decide. Let us not ignore what is coming because it does not happen naturally. Everything comes from the hand and intervention of God, who granted us everything to save us. Time will not last! Remember that Mother Mary helps us, all classes and roles, in the days of tribulations, of the pandemic, days with our last moments on our sickbed. In our ending moments on earth, the Six Kowtows will help and accompany us when we believe in that practice and lift to God under any circumstances.


These are things we practice, so we are even happier when we meditate on all the solemn Masses the Church reminds. On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, we meditated on the Way of the Cross that Jesus walked in the salvation, so when we honor the Five Holy Marks, we will turn toward the Cross with which meaning?


We knew about the seven swords that pierced Mother’s heart. For over 2,000 years, swords have pierced Her heart. Today, what grieves Mother most is when people turn away, do not believe in God, and offend Him. Mother suffers because She comes to us to help and intercede for us. She does not appear as She did in certain places with miracles, with Her face, and Her body, but She led us to the Eucharistic Jesus, and He allowed us to encounter Him in a divine and spiritual way. With Her voice, Mother trained us and gave us privileges with the gift of The Six Kowtows. With the Sixth Kowtow, God the Father chose Mother to complete a plan to help humanity at the end of history.


We cannot be without Mother in our Christian life. Mother Mary protects our souls. Whether we cooperate with Her, listen to Her, return to Her or not, that is our decision. The Holy Spirit teaches us, but whether we believe, practice, reform, repent, or not, that is our decision. God gave us the freedom to choose from the beginning. We cannot find peace apart from God. We cannot find serenity apart from God. Besides Mother, no one else can help us encounter God directly. Apart from Mother Mary, no one can be the Mediatrix to help us return to God by a shortcut.


Once again, let us repeat: whoever has ears then ought to hear; whoever has eyes then ought to see; whoever has a heart then ought to feel and decide while we are still breathing. Do not let it be too late and tardy. All present matters help us understand Mother’s sacrifice for us with Her painful path. Mother, please allow us to lift all the sufferings of our lives with the painful trials we must face on the narrow path to meet God and You. The wide path, the path of freedom, the path of our will, is the path toward death that awaits us.


Those are points neither too difficult nor too easy to consider. Let us decide with reason and not lose the opportunity. Let us not judge, doubt, and dismiss everything in the truth. We keep living according to our habits, which causes us to fail. These are facts, but people may feel angry or hurt when they hear this because of their pride. The Holy Spirit wants to save us; it is a clear affirmation through Mother Mary. If we understand the truth, let us humble ourselves to receive forgiveness. May we testify before everyone when we receive and understand Mother Mary’s teaching by living a humble life.


I thank God, praise God, and glorify God for giving us a special day to reflect on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, with Mother’s Seven Sorrows, the seven swords that pierced Her heart. Her Seven Sorrows have become a meaningful legacy to the lives of sinners like us. May we continue with faith and practice what She teaches to complete what She grants to our human world. We conclude our meditation of the Seven Sorrows on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. Mother, we do not have any offerings to lift to You other than our meditation. There are still imperfections and many things we still cannot do as You desire.


Mother, please forgive us and accept the humble offering on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows as we commemorate the sufferings and sacrifices You made for us to have our Savior. God gave us the privileges to help us be close to Him and You and for us to continue with what is needed to represent the world and all classes. We reverently lift this ordinary and humble offering to ask God to have mercy, accept, forgive our sins, and allow us to return through the support and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. May we distinguish right from wrong, truth from falsehood, good from evil, and return soon. Let it not be too late and tardy, through the grace that You granted us and the whole world with the gift of The Six Kowtows You offered to humanity.


We conclude at 6:08 p.m., Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, before the sanctuary, the tabernacle, and the Cross. We reverently bow before the icon of Our Lady of Sorrows, especially on the feast day the Church commemorates as the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. We thank God, praise God, and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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