New Revelations through the Eucharist

When Will Mankind Wake Up?

June 20, 2011 – 12:00 p.m.

Adoration room


Lucia:  Father, as with every Monday, I come to visit You, and I wait for the words that You want to speak to me through the thoughts that come to my mind, the words for me to write down on this paper. I am waiting for You, Father.


Father: The way humans think… Death is near, but people are calmly enjoying the comfort of what they have. The lure of happiness… the shallowness… nothing has changed. The stupidity… the foolishness… the lethargy. When will they wake up? Dreams vanish. There is no escape from misfortune. The road, wide open for them, they do not want, and instead, they choose to be with the crowd that walks the little road.


I am so weary. What more is there to say? I have been waiting and waiting. Where are you, children? Some come … and then leave. I keep waiting and waiting… How can I stop those who allow pride to lead them; their interests following behind? Wandering around… Going back and forth… Heading on as usual. Not knowing that they are falling back.


Lucia, My child, I am so sad, so lonely; without anyone in whom to confide. I am glad to have you, My child, sitting here with Me, to listen to My lonely Heart. All that I wanted to say … I have said, and all that I wanted to do … I have clearly shown. But there are so few people believing and responding. Everything stays the same. Very few responded with love. Such tepidness! What kind of world is this? Indifferent to everything!


The world continues on. The hearts of men are filled with selfishness … greediness. They are slaves of this world; prisoners to wealth … fame … earthly pleasures. They can hardly change! Waiting for judgment day. I have waited for so long! I have seen only a few returning!


I am anxiously waiting every second for you, children, to come back to Me. I will forget the offenses … the days of longing. My child, the earth is depraved. Darkness abounds. Return to the Source. The clear spring water is calling for your soul.  Refresh yourself by My side. The happiness from Me … in this life … never leaving you!


From My Heart … sublime and wonderful. Only My Love is forever. My children, My Heart has suffered for so long. The offenses tormenting My Heart thousands of times. The sorrows and indignations nagging at Me every day. The rebellious who torture Me, through My Host. Every day, I painfully and bitterly endured the hypocrites, the deceivers, and the false ones in the rank of My pastors, My priests.  It is not that I do not have the ability to expose the truth, but what does not belong to the truth will never sustain, and since this is the last century in history, I give mankind the freedom to choose. And this is also My last blessing to mankind – to express this Love in My Heart!


For you, children, I have had to sacrifice … and persevere … and wait patiently – until you voluntarily return to Me… That is what I wish for you, children, in this last century. Things will eventually be clear! Children, I want you to always live in peace and trust. Treat each other with love. Love will help you on every issue. I come to you with love. I hope you unite together in My Love. Unity is strength. With strength and trust, you will achieve much in your spiritual life – now, and in the future.


Goodbye My children; I love you very much!



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