New Revelations through the Eucharist

A Gift from Heaven


November 10, 2019 – 1:13 p.m. – St. Theresa Church


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when practicing The Six Kowtows.


Lucia: We are kneeling in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.


We thank God for allowing us to attend Mass in unity. After Mass, we continue to pay homage to God with The Six Kowtows.


We thank God for giving us another day. Today the Gospel also teaches us about the law.


In the past as well as in this time, throughout the eras, there are faithful, loyal, earnest, and fearless people.


When they faced challenges and persecutions, they remained faithful to God, and even when they faced death, they considered death as light as a feather.


This is a shining example for our generations.


In particular the First Reading makes it very clear: a mother and seven children were arrested but they neither broke the law nor were afraid, and consistently affirmed the presence and remained faithful to God’s law.


At the same time, St. Paul the Apostle reminded us of a life with faith, a holy life, brought about by the Lord Jesus Christ.


This is repeated through the history book, through those who have written about the doctrine and the truth.


That Gospel spoke of a human life with the laws of the world, but God’s law consists of only one thing.


We live in the world and follow the rules of our ancestors, but indeed, God has planned and arranged for every human being in the midst of this world.


What is most needed and most important is to understand God’s law and live in God’s teaching, live a righteous life, believing in God.


Whether in this life or the next, we have very limited things to ask for according to our personal will, but God gives us things that are more wonderful, more joyful, more lasting.


And we live like angels with days that are no longer days of conflict, of jealousy and envy, no more evil things committed in the beginning, of envious and jealous people.


That was from the devil and he has completely gone to a place of his own.


But the people whom God wants today are the masterpieces He created.


God wants us to listen. God wants us to enjoy all the graces that He has granted in a special way through His teaching.


That doctrine will help us live in righteousness, in justice, and in the truth, for us to glorify God and honor God.


What God teaches depicts the King above all kings, the Lord over all lords.


His doctrine is simply love.


Love leads us into an eternal life for us to forever remain in God, and may we live for our God and also die for our God.


That is the profession of faith.


Everything summarized today is to remind the human world of the trouble regarding the life of faith in the freedom of a civilized age.


We seem to forget and we do not value the important meaning of our spiritual life, our faith life, and our inner life.


So today, God, this is an opportunity.


May we always hear and practice the teaching from the Word of God that was left through the apostles, through the messengers, through the prophets.


God’s law is written very clearly in the Gospel to protect us and for us to rely on to avoid violations and wrongdoings.


We rely on the shining examples of the saints and the departed who have lived through the course of history to help us along the way, to resolutely imitate them in order to live worthily and righteously in God’s law and doctrine.


We worship God, praise, and glorify God.


This morning we offer to God the First Kowtow.


We respectfully offer the First Kowtow to God the Father.


O God the Father, You pour down countless blessings on us.


Today this is a strange surprise for the world.


Regardless of how many years, up to this day mankind still lives with certain things in limitation.


They still do not feel and they still do not understand, but a process with new graces and new things granted by God in abundance must go through many stages.


It was not that far away, in the most recent time, which was less than a century ago – God’s Divine Mercy revelation was given to St. Faustina.


Besides, more than a century ago, there were the words Mother gave to the three cousins [Fatima].


The lives of the saints have brought something truly sublime and have given us the closeness to come to God through His priceless teaching.


However, because we seem to follow our habit, there still are many hesitations and many things we have not yet experienced.


Today it is the same regarding the gift of The Six Kowtows.


We remember the joy when God brought us out of a place that was most desperate, most wretched, most miserable, most stressful, most deplorable, and most sinful.


Today we are reminded of the reverence, the worship, the thanksgiving, and the honor that is due, because we have nothing worthy and we have nothing deserving.


God, please accept our thanksgiving, our gratitude, our reverence on behalf of all classes and all roles that are still indifferent and reluctant.


May our heart turn to God, strongly profess God – soul and body, mind and heart – to repent, to daily repent, and to respectfully worship with most ordinary and simple words.


We need to lift up and we must speak, must pray, and must testify.


We only know that for another new day in life, we thank God.


We lift up all of our brothers and sisters, our parishes, the people we meet in life.


With the mission God grants us, may we bring hope and joy, and live a life in which we ​​aspire to become an example.


But we are still on a learning path.


May God accept, for us to have the courage to testify to faith by our deed – with reverence, with adoration, with thanksgiving, with gratitude – to lift up soul, body, mind, heart, words, and acts.


May we always live in righteousness, which is our longing and our dream.


May all of us feel God’s love and live to respond – even if only a little, yet we are overjoyed when we worship and honor with both soul and body in a spirit of repentance, as we respectfully lift up daily. Amen.


We respectfully offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus.


O Jesus, our Savior, we thank You.


How many years, how many thousands of years have You given us countless favors, just longing for each one of us to believe in You, to rise up to live and practice?


You have done everything for us. You have given us everything. You have sacrificed everything, even Your life, for us.


Today You do not want to lose us, You do not want us to be lost, You do not want us to live committing sin; still, You want us to live in maturity for us to receive Your love and sacrifice.


You want our souls to be lifted up to You.


You want our life to become a doctrine, for us to be protected, for us to rely on that doctrine, to collaborate, practice, and follow, for our life to be peaceful, relaxed, meaningful when we become God’s children, when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior who has saved us from the darkness of sin.


Today we reverently worship, revere, thank.


God, please look at our lowliness and weakness, our sinful flesh, and help many people to know and hear.


Together, we thank and bow down in worship – to honor, to apologize, to deserve to be the sinners God loved and for whom He came into the world to save and deliver.


We worship God, praise God, and glorify God – our Savior, our Redeemer, the Supreme Being who delivers humanity and grants eternal life.


May we continue to practice His teaching, understand righteousness, understand His love for us, His love for humanity, His love for sinners like us, for sinners to become penitents and witnesses like today. Amen.


We respectfully offer the Third Kowtow to God the Holy Spirit.


O Holy Spirit – the love, the light, the truth.


I thank You because You touched and motivated us to have enough courage to overcome public opinion (1), overcome our wretched flesh, overcome our hesitation.


May we be determined to do, even if only a small deed that may feel very unfamiliar to us, yet let our heart ask to return, let our heart show the reverence that is needed, let our heart be grateful and contrite.


Apart from this we have nothing more to remind ourselves in the flesh, in the beseeching, by depth in prayer.


Our knowledge is very limited, but we know that what we do today is urged by God.


God teaches and God grants to us, from the most desperate moments, from the most tragic moments, from the most painful moments, from the worried moments for matters in life.


Today let us truly remove the yoke for us to be happy by God’s side, for us to listen to God’s teaching, for us to choose what we need, which is righteousness, for us to differentiate between good and evil, between right and wrong, between true and false.


And so when we act, our soul begins to urge.


When there are things untrue, our hearts feel torn and perplexed.


That is what God grants, for us to start to seek the truth.


May all people in the world – all classes, all roles – have the opportunity to join us in unity, to respectfully worship God, to pray for God to come to the world to renew the face of the earth.


May God help all those who have gone astray to return.


May God teach us and help us to understand the mystery and love of the Divine Mercy, of the loving Supreme Being who still patiently waits for sinners like us.


May everyone fear sin, avoid sin, stay away from sin, for us to be worthy of what God has bestowed and given.


God, please sanctify and transform us, and transform the whole world – to submit, to surrender, to worship, to honor You in unity, to follow Your doctrine, for our life to be united in reverence, in adoration, for Your Name to spread all over the globe.


We worship God, praise God, and glorify God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.


We respectfully offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.


O Eucharistic Jesus, today You allow us to receive You into our hearts.


It is Your presence through the Eucharist, which You instituted and which was related to the first and the last Supper that became a covenant of love.


Today You continue to be present on the altar, for us to encounter a lofty spirituality filled with a divine and miraculous force, urging our soul and heart to be lifted toward the Lord whom we worship, revere, praise, and thank, with heart, with prayer, with devotion.


O Eucharistic Jesus, we have nothing to reciprocate, we have nothing to show. We are ordinary and simple people.


Nonetheless, today what is motivated is from God, from His presence, a great glory that we thank, prostrate to, and profess.


May we become the witnesses to the present life to help everyone revere, recognize, return, and lift up to God words of gratitude.


Every time we receive Him, may we be contrite and worthy. When we receive God into our heart, may we examine ourselves.


Let us not let God to enter our heart in an indifferent, lonely, desolate way, with the stench of sin that caused Him to suffer greatly.


What we have today, what we know is not from us but from the Holy Spirit’s prompting to help us understand the meaning of the presence, the love, the covenant, through the Body and Blood of Christ.


May everyone revere, worship, and have a deep sense of awareness to recognize His presence in our life, to give thanks to the nourishment of our soul that leads us on the path of righteousness.


May we respond to the immense and boundless love and Divine Mercy, with the sacred presence that is in our midst, protecting us and loving us immeasurably.


May we respond and come to God with our heart and our body, even though imperfect, even though sinful.


We need God.


May God cleanse and purify us so that by His grace we are more mature, we further grow, and are determined because there is only one God who loves us, remains with us, lives in us, and protects us. Amen.


We respectfully offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ.


O Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.


Thanks to this doctrine, thanks to an everlasting history deeply imprinted in the life of Christians, deeply imprinted in the life of the disciples for generations, for us to always have a proof through the Five Holy Signs that redeemed us from sin, leading us on the way of the Cross with joy and hope, because we have God and are with God.


O God, this is something very difficult to understand. If we do not deeply meditate, if we do not have the Holy Spirit’s teaching, we truly are bewildered and perplexed.


Let us have a simple and humble soul.


All that God wants today is for us to contemplate the Cross in its extreme suffering, but God is the Supreme Being who has triumphed over death to bring a glorious victory for us to have the doctrine of life.


Today we learn from the Gospel the stories of those who experienced death but in the end triumphed and ended up with God forever.


May we rely on this in faith to help us to overcome trials and challenges, to persevere, to be faithful, to profess God in front of everyone that God is the Lord of love, the victorious Supreme Being, the eternal Supreme Being who leads us to the eternal place.


In unity, may we adore, believe, and come back, to pray for God to save us, for us to have an eternal life with God, for us to reciprocate God the Father’s love, to reciprocate the Lord Jesus’ salvation, to reciprocate the Holy Spirit’s teaching, to reciprocate His staying with us, to reciprocate the holy and divine Body and Blood, to reciprocate and profess the Five Holy Signs, to reciprocate the love of a silent Mother who prays and meditates to guide us in the present battle in the remaining days for us to understand what we have.


That is the everlasting seal in forgiveness to teach us to return, to teach us in our soul to belong to God spiritually and physically, to fully submit for God to provide, for God to intervene, for God to sanctify us in His program, and for us to belong to God.


O Jesus Five Holy Signs, we profess You.


Please accept our apology.


We long to forever belong to You. We praise and glorify You.


Please accept our surrender, our prostration, as the lead, the repentance, to guide the present people to return with a sincere heart – in penance, in atonement, in contrition.



We respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and for Her triumph.


The Sixth Kowtow we respectfully offer to God the Father.


O God the Father, we thank You.


You understood that our weak and sinful condition was in great need of a Mother.


You granted us an exemplary Mother, a Mother who totally lived in Your holy will – a powerful Mother, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of our Savior, the Mother of the whole of humanity, and the Queen of heaven.


Today what we know and what we have is from Mother Mary who is the person guiding us, teaching us to pray, teaching us to come to each Person, teaching us to prostrate and worship, teaching us to lift up with soul and body, teaching us that the time has come because we are unable to win the battle against the evil that the majority of us fall into.


The devil is cunning, deceitful, devious, and today mankind is stumbling, falling into the traps that are ensnaring us in a life with argument and reasoning, with needs and necessities.


We forget what is most noble, what is most important, which is the eternal life that the Lord Jesus has transacted for us.


Mother Mary has known that the world will have days that we cannot overcome by ourselves.


We must always rely on Mother who prays for us, teaches us, supports us, and counsels us.


Mother has taught us to come to the Holy Spirit. Thanks to this, today He teaches us to differentiate between good and evil, to lead us to the First Person.


We are human beings – how do we know and understand what is most intimate? Mother teaches us to come to God and teaches us to prostrate, to directly speak to God the Father, to boldly believe, to not be afraid, to profess with a grateful and thankful heart.


The Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, the Redeemer: whoever believes in Him will live.


Mother also leads us to the Holy Spirit.


He is all the spirituality, all the perfection, all the righteousness, justice, and truth.


Truly, our life in this world cannot find the truth if we do not have God, so we are stumbling in life, deceived, tricked, and we are sinners and victims – too many in the world.


Today, thanks to the Holy Spirit, we know where right is, where wrong is.


Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we are brave and strong – to profess, to be the first to return and, through earnest prayers, to represent all classes, all roles, to ask God the Father to intervene.


May Jesus help us to be firm in faith to see the deceit, the falsehood that has become the sorrowful and painful days of sin.


We see very clearly that what belongs to the base world lures us in wretchedness, and what belongs to the world above helps us in hope, in faith, and in peaceful and meaningful days.


Indeed, this is something so splendid.


Today Mother leads us to the Eucharistic Jesus, because He is the Supreme Being who stays, though not in the flesh, but His promise goes on, because of the love, because of the covenant, because of a desire for us to grow, to mature, to act in free-will, to seek what belongs to us that He brings.


So the richness with the nourishment of the soul helps us daily like a spiritual inspiration that protects us.


We truly do not understand and do not know that the Five Holy Signs will lead us into a doctrine that no one can separate us from by using ways and methods judgmentally.


In a world that lies in reasoning and argument, only the Five Holy Signs gave us the answer regarding everything that belongs to us that God grants.


It is solely the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus that we must we revere, worship, prostrate to, apologize to, for the imperfections, the weaknesses throughout centuries, the lack of understanding, the lack of awareness.


Let us bow before the Cross to acknowledge the Five Holy Signs that God has exchanged for us to receive the seal of forgiveness.


There is nothing more to explain, nothing more to divide, and nothing more to differentiate according to the truly narrow and shortsighted human view.


So the answers were clear.


Mother Mary is the most insightful person, the only person whom God chose in this world to help us understand a simple doctrine that clearly belongs to us, for us to respond by heart, by soul, by the spirituality that God awaits.


We receive graces from God in a spiritual, divine way, for us to believe with depth, height, and width.


Today we cannot refuse what God grants and gives, so we are not afraid of everything that surrounds us.


Let us not be afraid of public opinion and step forward.


All of us must bow, worship, praise, honor, and return to God.


May God accept us and grant us this.


We lift up to Mother Mary.


O Mother Mary – the Mother of the Divine Mercy; the Mother of the Heart of love; the Mother of the Eucharist; the Mother of the Incarnate Word; the Mother of the Savior; the Mother of sinners, saints, victims, penitents, patients, witnesses, souls in purgatory, and all disciples all over the world; the Mother of God’s people; and the Mother of humanity.


We will never reject Mother’s title, Mother’s honorable name.


What Mother teaches us is very clear, so today everything we have is from a silent Mother who through the years taught us, helped us, and waited for us to mature.


The time has come.


May we collaborate with Mother, listen to Mother, and practice what Mother teaches for our souls to be saved, for us to be rescued in the most urgent moments and to be saved from immorality.


Today mankind has lost belief, has lost faith.


Mankind is living in iniquity, depraved in the darkness.


Countless people are lured by the clever sophistication of a civilized era that is shrouded in modern science and technology, which caused us to lose the basis that was in spirituality, with the genuine perspective that God has given us through our faith.


No matter how the world is today, Mother is a person who will never leave us.


Mother looks for ways to save us, to lead us to God, to guide us in the simplest yet most profound, most inspiring way.


That is the way to return and today we practice – by soul, by body, by mind, by heart, by repentance and contrition.


By our side, Mother Mary prays for us.


Mother Mary waits for us to collaborate by a fervent heart, by a repentant heart, by a truly contrite heart.


Mother will lead us to God and Mother will deal with the battle between good and evil in the days of the end.


Today we are happy because we know this is truly a gift from heaven.


We know Mother teaches us so that we are brave and strong.


With Mother by our side, the virgin mantle covers sinners when we rely on Mother and pray for Mother to help us return to God.


Indeed, it is such a sublime grace that many times we take it for granted so let us become ordinary, little, simple, humble, for us to belong to God.


As God said: Become little because heaven belongs to the little ones.


Mother is leading us back.


No matter who we are or how sinful, we are the children who desire to belong to God, to belong to Mother.


Let us listen and pray on behalf of the world, of all classes, of all roles, to unite to honor God, praise God, and glorify God. Let us not be afraid when we boldly profess God, boldly worship God, boldly prostrate to God.


We thank Mother.


Mother also guides us to St. Joseph.


He is a shining example for the world and the family, and also the intercessor for our Church.


He is a model of righteousness, purity, and responsibility as he lived his entire life in God’s way.


We also pray to the three archangels for their protection.


We pray daily. We ask daily. We beseech heaven daily. We pray to the guardian angels daily. We ask for the angels’ and saints’ help from heaven daily. We pray to learn from the saints’ example daily.


Certainly when we ask, we will receive; when we seek, we will find; when we knock, it will be opened to us.


We pray to God. We pray for Mother to intercede to God for us to receive heaven’s help. The angels, the saints, the archangels will never refuse our prayers.


Please help us boldly step forward on the path of witness, with the most ordinary works yet most inspiring to the soul, with the reverence needed.


We pray for heaven’s help. We pray for the saints to help us follow in their footsteps.


They are the examples for the world and for all of us to continue to boldly witness to what is known, heard, and allowed, for us to live with days full of meaning, just like the seven brothers and their mother whose story is written in the Bible, with God’s law explained very clearly.


Living in the world, we simply are weak human beings, but when we bravely and strongly profess faith then we belong to God.


God will grant to us that eternal life.


Life consists of challenging days but let us not give up because of challenges.


The more challenging the more we glorify God; the more challenging the more we live for God; the more challenging then let us live in faith, professing faith.


Moreover, we ought to be happy and not think that what we do is insignificant.


God knows all that we do. God will reward us, and will also grant us a radiant life when we return to God in heaven.


May all of us remain in hope, because that comes from God’s permission, God’s grace.


That is a special gift for everyone in the world today – to come to God alone to pray, to worship God, to profess.


To pray and repent in ways that, in goodwill, each one of us will be able to see the truth, to see His presence, to see peace, and to see the intervention that God grants to each one of us.


Believe to practice. Believe to listen to Mother’s words.


We will see our life being renewed in a life of faith and a life returning to God.


Let us be humble, little, and simple.


We will live each day in happiness, in peace, with the meaning that God grants in a special way to all of us.


Let us give ourselves the opportunity to come to the Eucharistic Jesus because that is a place where we encounter heaven, a place where The Six Kowtows originated, a quiet place so that we may receive the spirituality that God grants in this age.


In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, we thank God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We thank the Body and Blood of Christ. We thank the Five Holy Signs of God.


We thank the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, St. Joseph, the three archangels, the heavenly court, and all the saints. Please intercede to God for us. Amen.


Lucia, together with all the brothers and sisters, concludes The Six Kowtows offered respectfully this afternoon, at 1:44 p.m. on Sunday, November 10, 2019, at St. Theresa Church – at the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.


May all the parishioners here unite to worship God respectfully, to thank, praise, glorify, and honor. Amen. Amen. Amen.




  1. It is uncomfortable sometimes to practice The Six Kowtows in an adoration chapel or church.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a “Father” in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.


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