New Revelations through the Eucharist

It is Time


October 12, 2015

L.: O God, it is 2:10 p.m. on Monday, October 12, 2015, at Saint Lawrence Church, in front of the tabernacle. Today, I and sister M. did not plan but we are present here and we have offered to God the Six Kowtows after Holy Mass. We completed the Six Kowtows then we had the opportunity to listen (1) to more meanings regarding the Fourth Kowtow and the Fifth Kowtow. There were many things we did not understand in the past days but today they are clearer as they are reminded through the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit.

I thank God’s Love for continuing to use humble and little people like us, so that we receive the teachings from God the Holy Spirit, so that we are able to clearly report and write this down. O God, as in the reading of St. Paul today to the Romans, it is thanks to Jesus, with Jesus, that today we are able to proclaim His doctrine, to know Him, to embrace the grace of salvation, to embrace God the Father and Jesus His only Son. In the past the saints, the apostles were the ones who wholeheartedly testified to the Good News and the doctrine continues to resound through the little people in this human world. Thanks to all that was accomplished through the salvation of Jesus, we have eternal life in the heavenly kingdom and we go on living till this present day.

O God, this sublime thing, if God does not allow then no one has the right to know and to hear; even if it is just a word or a single good meaning, if it does not come from God the Holy Spirit, from holiness, and if without God’s permission, then no one can do it and no one can dare do it. (2) Everything that is from God was already revealed and given to people to write down; Jesus said to God the Father: “Father, You do not reveal to the learned but You reveal to the childlike” (3).

Today the world still exists so that we understand the graces from God through holiness, through the reminder of the wonderful blessings God bestowed and is bestowing in the midst of this world so that we clearly understand the presence of God. God touches the soul of every single person so that they return to the life in which we need to change, to repent, to show remorse, to look back at all the inherent imperfections we forgot. We did not believe and we removed the good things we needed to know and must know; today, everything we hear and know reminds us to return, reminds us to embrace the love we had and have and especially to embrace the grace of salvation. Our human race cannot be removed from and cannot deny the grace of salvation that Jesus brought to save every single one of our souls and bodies. O God, I would like to stop here to ask to receive God’s words; every Monday I always save time for God, spending time in silence to listen to God’s teachings, the messages God gives in general to the world and in particular to every single individual. Today, we are ready to receive God’s words, especially at this moment.

Father: L., M., My beloved children,

It is time. There is no longer a choice in thinking or feeling. Right at this moment you already know what I want; you cannot refuse what the Holy Spirit inspires, you cannot prevent the works for which I use you – to give the messages to today’s world through you. It is also the answer and the response with everything that you are longing for in your own mission, thinking of the other brothers and sisters with a sincere heart, with fortitude, making sacrifices so that My works may be accomplished in every single person I choose in the ranks of the apostles.

My beloved children, time has passed; today, you read in the First Reading St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans so that you understand that what I did was not only for the past periods; the coming periods and the days and the months are still there for you to continue to be the witnesses, to continue to testify for a Supreme Being of Love who brings transformation to your lives, hope to the world, and who recalls everything mankind received, from the death I completed to bring that victory and to offer that glory to every single soul in the world.

My beloved children, things cannot be accomplished at a certain point and cannot be accomplished in an era when mankind is still mired in sin, when mankind still refuses, when mankind is still stubborn, when mankind still does not believe and does not accept. The apostles still need to continue to work from one generation to the next and this is why the voice of the Church, the voice of the chosen apostles, the voice of the disciples continues to go on till today’s generation, still proclaiming My Good News to remind you, to generally remind humanity and every single individual. Since life is always close to reality, always have certain virtues; if you do not train yourself to have a steadfast life of faith, with practice and with a life of prayer, you will always succumb to the attacks by the evil spirits because evil is present in what comes from ambition, from greed, from desire, from immorality inherent in sin and death. From the beginning humanity had to experience certain phases in the world so that today in everything you may triumph and return, so that you believe and know that those are great accomplishments with the immense gifts of grace for you to use in order to enter into the eternal place, along with all the saints who had to face challenges throughout their lives too, so that in the end they could triumphantly step into the place that today you call heaven, the heavenly kingdom.

My beloved children, I do not want anyone to be excluded or not have the opportunity to enter into a place I prepared, up there – infinite, with everything considered and having all conditions to provide for every single soul and every single rank when you enter into a place God the Father predestined and prepared. You may not be clear so this is something I want you to understand more clearly, because with your shortsighted and inexperienced eyes, the world you look at is the current, modern life that lies in its narrow limitations – but the world you will enter is a real and eternal world, an immense world, a world full of love, a world full of happiness; a world with only praise, with no more days of sorrow, with no more days of aging, with no more days of trials, and with no more days of struggles as in the earthly world.

My beloved children, I came to the world to use My Blood to mark everything as the proof to teach you the path of truth, the path of righteousness – a path that is not as simple as the way humans see, as the way of life of the earthly world. It is a path that requires an inner life in the soul, that requires you to see in order to listen, to know; and to grasp everything you must believe in, because when you believe then you will see the deeds I did and am doing, when you believe then you will know about the history of what was given to save you through the days of exile in the earthly world. So all those things cannot be said in words or written down in any books if I did not allow or bestow upon the human world through the Holy Spirit. Indeed, they are not as complicated as people think but they are only the essential instructions for what is inherent and necessary in the foundation of a human being. I am not too strict to condemn the children in the world in their weaknesses, when they do not fully understand the truth, when they do not fully understand the doctrine, when they do not believe there is a God who existed and exists and do not fully believe in the salvation through the complete sacrifice of My death to save humanity.

In regard to the deeds I accomplished, all were from the decisions of a Mighty God; God the Father loved mankind and used all kinds of ways in supremacy to shower graces upon the earthly world. That was also a shining example in the rationality and the logic of the world so that people understand the meaning – to know Me, to recognize God, and to be able to enter into the ranks. For those people who join in and officially receive the grace of salvation and forgiveness, you must know the doctrine and you cannot refuse the truth then and now. You must listen through the testimonies of the apostles back then; you must listen through the history of the prophets, of the messengers; you must listen in order for you to return to the truth, to righteousness and justice because these things were established through the power of God bestowing upon mankind in the world.

Every generation has a story, every generation reminds people to agree to return, every generation rises and reminds people about the laws and everything belonging to God in truth and righteousness. Therefore, the good things that come from God cannot be compared to the normal and banal human things and cannot be compared to all the theories in the earthly world through human reasoning in order to rule as kings on earth; you know that even kings on earth are unable to fully live when they fail to recognize that they have a heart – love, truth, justice, righteousness – and they deny everything from God who hid Himself to bestow upon the human race. He gives to humans heart and intellect in order to differentiate, to believe, and from there to discover and understand that those lively realities do not just happen to be but there is a God who creates and gives to humanity. So all the beauties of the sky, all the stars, all that you have, that you see, do not just happen to be; this was written and clearly noted in the pages of history (4). Today I repeat this, because there are many people who still do not fully understand, who still do not fully believe, who rely completely on science and technology, on the little discoveries, the narrow findings from humans in order to deny all the great accomplishments. They influence many people, especially in today’s reality, the youth are deceived by the ingenious sophistication of the evil spirits who are looking for all kinds of ways to separate you, and due to your weakness, your immaturity, being unclear about all the matters that you need to believe and to know, you easily separate yourselves from Me, to end up with the disasters and with the huge calamity as today.

My beloved children, I give you everything because I want to leave you your freedom, the freedom to choose, the freedom for your hearts to experience free will. Free will is something essential and is accountable for itself; as for what is forced or from human impulses or from easygoing ways cannot last long and will be easily broken. So what I want from you is for your hearts to clearly understand so that you can express your free will in ways so that you really be the people to testify to the truth with the messages known, heard and believed. Then it will no longer be you who make the decisions by yourselves but the Holy Spirit, in every single heart I created and bestowed, and when you join the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism then that becomes stronger and is truly manifested in every single person and every single soul. The truth comes from the heart, from the true instinct inherent and given to each person (5), so if you have a better understanding then in all classes, in all ranks, every role must live a life knowing God, recognizing God, and believing in the matters of power – then and now – which conform to the truth of the earthly world. There are many extraordinary and incredible realities you cannot explain the reason of just by looking at them; to God, there is nothing that cannot be done, but according to God everything has its own decree, its own law; the things God bestowed upon humanity. All these reminders are given to you for you to better understand in every single era and in every single situation, with everything explained.

Out of love I still wait, out of love I still give you a complete love and the grace of salvation for every single precious soul to receive. Do not let it be lost and do not lose this sublime opportunity because you do not save your bodies for the days remaining on earth but you save your souls to have eternal life later. That is the reason for every single person to be human in the midst of this world – to be in the flesh to triumph over evil, to triumph with everything you have in the present. You have the right to choose; you live to bring glory and to have a clear answer that in life there is God, with His dominion and His creation so that you become a human being with a soul within each of you (6). God bestowed all the sublime blessings and created you so that you know how to praise, how to glorify, how to worship, how to revere; God’s purpose in giving and manifesting to mankind is for you to recognize Him. You live to revere, you live a life to worship so that God’s glory is over you and spreads to the brothers and sisters, so that they look at and follow, so that they look at in order to return to a God – a merciful God, a generous and patient God, a God who always forgives, a God who is always patient and who is slow to anger with the human race. People have lived through so many eras and events and all of these gifts are not over yet because God’s Love still gives you the opportunity. He does not want everything to end because every single person has a soul and a mind to differentiate and to choose which path is to be the final path, the holy path, the path of truth, and the path that people need in order to have peace, happiness, and absolute faith.

My beloved children, for all the meticulous details with which I already let you look into the Church, look into all the days and months of testimony so that you to understand what comes from the truth; I still bestow and continue to pour down the graces so that you recognize the Real Presence, which was not clearly proclaimed in the present world. Through the Church, through the righteous people, I choose the children to bring the voice, to bring all the truths to testify to everything given, so that mankind rises up by the life of faith in order to strengthen the things that are not yet seen but are present and help you. Out of love I still continue to let you recognize what I bestow upon the world.

I pour down abundances upon the earthly world but you still do not recognize, you still do not believe, and you still rely on the realities in life, which are knowledge, self-interest, power, money; all of these are simply struggles in the human world that become unsolved problems and these struggles continue from this period to that period, from this nation to that nation, and keep continue on endlessly with evil deeds. When you do not walk in justice then you do not recognize righteousness and truth, so your path is opened wide for the evil spirits who look for all kinds of ways to attack the weak and fragile human condition, using all kinds of ways to lure you in the earthly world, all the principal arguments so that you are in complete denial so that you keep making choices from your individual rights; from your personal ego; from your self-interest; from the greed and selfishness inherent in the ego, in evil, in iniquity, in death and sins that are always present to make gradual inroads on you throughout so many generations and keep on going.

What could lead you and bring you back? If you continue to fight, there is no peace, no happiness, and no place for you to entrust; so that goes on from one generation to the next, with the matters that you face – but the holy things, the righteous things are still constant; they still remain through the Church and continue to be recalled through My words, the words that still continue to resound for every single soul. Everything that comes from God differs from human things, differs from things humans prefer; because people do not yet believe, they do not yet understand love, they do not yet understand the truth, and they are still in a state of being misguided. They continue to embrace realities they do not understand at all, so they end up with idol worship, immorality, greed, selfishness, envy, ambition and passions, which encroach on them and totally control them so that they no longer recognize anything from the truth and what brings them hope, happiness, peace.

It is time. Everything that belongs to truth and justice will forever and ever remain; no one can remove that truth and justice because Jesus still waits. Jesus still silently waits for mankind to return by a true heart because God desires what is from the heart, deep within the soul, from the real determination to rediscover the good and holy things – to walk in justice, in righteousness, in the truth, in order to understand love, to experience love, to reach a truly peaceful place that Jesus desires for every single person, every single family, every single community, every single role, and every single class in society. There is much that people still have not yet recognized; they still have not yet seen all of God’s accomplishments, so now is the moment to be reminded again with all the historical facts gathered since Jesus Christ first came into the world and all these facts will be remembered though His death, to remind mankind to have love for one another, to remind mankind about everything Jesus endured to remove sin and deliver mankind from the darkness.

That glory, then and now, waits for people in the earthly world; today, this is repeated with the miracles manifested in the earthly world, the miracles I want you to encounter so that you can see and embrace. That is the inherent truth that now waits for each one of you – each class, each role – to understand the meaning of My invitation so that you return to receive what is good and holy through the given doctrine and through the death that took responsibility for all of you, from the body to the soul; so that the body lives in happiness, peace and joy, and goes to the eternal place in the heavenly kingdom. So today all these graces are clearer to you so that you can better understand the meaning of the doctrine, the meaning of the Gospel, the meaning of the Good News, though already written but today is lively through the messengers, through the prophets who continue to proclaim to help people return, who continue to teach the ways to prepare for the remaining days of the end of the century.

You need to know what needs to be known, what need to happen; you need to embrace and witness everything that needs to happen because the decision lies in mankind. I have always bestowed upon you and always given you the opportunity to encounter because what is needed is the human faith, the human belief; when you recognize and you seek then you will see the graces I always give – not just to certain individuals but to everyone in the world. Everyone has the right to choose those graces – the right to receive that grace of salvation – but to either receive those graces or not depends on every single individual. So today is a world with many realities that you see have happened and are happening; you can differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil, between what people choose for themselves and what comes from God. Things from God are different and superior to the things you are looking at with your eyes; I just want to love and forgive, I just want unity and patience, so that you are charitable in the personal life, in the family, in the community, and to continue to proclaim everywhere, through charity and sacrifice.

There are still many reminders you can listen to through the saints’ affirmations: faith, hope and charity. You can profoundly meditate with everything learned and known besides the presence I bestowed and manifested to today’s world through the blessings and the graces so that you come close to a God whom you have neglected, so that you come close to a Person whom you need to speak to and express what you need to say, so that you repent and return. There is a divine meaning I give but you have not yet met and sought to meet in order to understand this profound meaning in order to save yourselves in this generation and to save your souls in the last days of life.

There are so many things you cannot deny; today, with the messages heard and received, the day has come and all matters seem to be groaning; this generation seems to be collapsing by all the greed and selfishness, by the human stubbornness, by the injustices and by the external cloak of cruelties. People have acted completely against My doctrine; they continue to dispute, they continue to use all kinds of ways to kill one another; every single nation, every single role is focused in all things in the world, things inherent in humans. They do not allow the truth and the good things to come to those who need them; they lack in their duties, in their responsibilities. There is much happening today that is the consequences of the actions of people who, in their wickedness, look for all kinds of ways to kill; there is no way for them to save the situations despite their inquiring so this is the opportunity for you to recognize My power and to see My glory manifested to the earthly world. There is no one who cannot see with their eyes, cannot hear with their ears, and cannot understand the matters that happened and are happening. So everything that needs to happen will certainly happen; everything you need to see and need to know will certainly be manifested to the earthly world. These are the things I let all of My children experience – through the challenges, through the events that are really happening in the final time; you must endure miseries, with great sufferings and deaths.

My beloved children, it has been many months and years since the invitation (7); everything realized in the most recent days still reminds you, but there are still many, many people who live a life determined to walk the path of evil, who think of themselves as the Sovereign Being. They think they can achieve in their weak and sinful nature but that is a mistake for the world, a mistake for those in positions of authority, who separate themselves and do not recognize the grace of salvation from God. Since they decide not to take that one path, not to accept God and to be separated from the doctrine of love, they must bear the responsibility for what they have done and are doing; there is a price to pay.

For this reason, O righteous people, all of you will be rewarded and will enjoy happiness forever so endure while you live in today’s era, while you live in this time period, because I act through you, I use you, and I desire that you continue to make sacrifices till the last drop of blood. I want you to continue to testify and to practice what is known and heard from the doctrine, from the invitation – to testify for God through the grace of salvation, to testify for love, to testify for God through healing and friendship. You will be attacked by your enemies but when they attempt to harm you they will end up being decimated by the sword of Justice that I wield through you to come to the human world. Rest assured; for everything I have arranged in a program, whoever needs to make sacrifices must make sacrifices because those sacrifices are the last actions for you to gain the eternal place I prepared for the people who are deserving, who are just, who are the witnesses to the Good News, who really live for Jesus Christ till the last minute.

As for the wicked ones, you will help them change, help them return in the final hour, and help them rise up with the meanings of the Six Kowtows (8) – the rich meanings I give to every single rank, every single role, every single humble person. Though they do not yet know or understand but when they practice with all their hearts, they will be forgiven (9) and they will be saved in the remaining days of the tribulations, which are the days remaining in which you really must accomplish with everything given to the earthly world. You cannot avoid the day of purification, the day of the miserable ordeals; every single person cannot avoid the day in which everything will be destroyed and all wickedness and sins eliminated. The just people will be taken away, the people who live in sins will also be taken away, and those remaining will only be a very small number in the earthly world.

Remember that the works of God all have an arranged plan that will bring to the new world peace, happiness and all the graces that I longed for from the ages. My glory will be given to all; there will not be one who does not prostrate, who does not kneel and who does not bow before a God who came, who is coming and will come – to every single individual, to every single family, to every single community, and to the entire world. This is what I remind you of. I am grieving for the stubborn people, grieving for the immature souls, grieving for the people who just go on, the people who know but do not return because they hold onto power, greed, selfishness; they hold onto the path of lures by the evil spirits and they cannot return.

Everything I bestow – all has a reason. The opportunity to make the final decision is up to every single one of you, the right to make the final decision is up to every single soul – by the actions of your return to a life of faith, to good and holy things, to the goodness I bestowed and am bestowing so that you may return in the unity of love; united in order to be accepted into the heavenly light I prepared for the soul, just like the people who will enter into the new world that I prepared for all of you. The time has come; there is no longer time to hesitate and there is no longer time to choose to believe or not. Take a look at the daily matters that keep happening; you will see the fear and the chaos – if you are not steadfast in faith, you will be frightened, with no other place to entrust yourselves. I want you to be strong and to not be afraid because I have come. I am proclaiming so that you receive everything bestowed through the mystery of My appearance (10) so that you see from the eyes of faith and from the human eyes in order to recognize the truth I bestow upon you in this period of grace and blessing. The end will come very quickly so do not let it be too late; return soon.

Today I speak thus – I hope all those who have roles in the ranks of the leaders, I hope all those who have the heart to testify for faith, I hope all those who have duties and responsibilities will help the brothers return. I hope the righteous ones will continue on the same path in life in order to receive the great abundance I pour down for those children who are testifying to the truth and to the graces, testifying to the period of graces and blessings in which I lead you back, close to Me; and I also hope that the wicked, sinful world makes a decision regarding the wicked things present in life, because that wickedness will destroy you – spiritually and physically – depending on every single individual, according to all the deeds you choose for yourselves.

Today this is all I want to say. I hope that you can listen and understand. This is not something to threaten or frighten you. It is time for My word to come forcefully so that you make the decision to return to grace, so that you to unite together in one spirit and receive the intercession, the protection from Mother Mary along with the legion of saints and angels whose help you need. Today this is all I want to say. My peace be will all of you. I love you very much. Do not worry; always remain calm with a life of prayer and seek to come to the place where I am present, waiting to welcome you – the Holy Eucharist – the place where you can have quietness in order for you to calmly take notice of everything that happened, that is happening and you are encountering. Entrust and trust. Recognize the path that I am guiding you on. Listen to Mother’s words and guidance so that you to understand the meanings every single time you bow your heads in prostration, the given meanings that are the answers regarding the help you receive in the days of tribulations and in the remaining days of the end of the century. Goodbye children. I love you very much.

L.: O God, I thank God’s grace; I praise and glorify God. I did not know that today I could come to this place and receive so much that we did not think of and did not know of. Today I can clearly recognize the message Father reserves in particular for the sinners and in general for the righteous people and for the brothers and sisters who are serving in their missions, including the people whose functions are to proclaim Father’s word to the world.

It is time to rise up, it is time for us to no longer deny, because with our normal and commonplace eyes, we are able to witness and contemplate the Holy Eucharist of Father and we are able to see the great lights that appear at the places where Father pours down the graces through the revelations. So this is something every single one of us needs to pay attention to and be aware of, in choosing the path we take and will take. May Father’s holy Will lead us; may we return in unity, together – may we never take for granted all that we are doing and serving for, and may we never take for granted the revelations known. We certainly must revere the revelations in the remaining days of the end of the century – to help our souls, to help our bodies, to help the life of faith so that we may unite through Mother’s intercession, and through the revelations of the meanings of the Six Kowtows from Mother to the world, that we received and practiced in the past days. May everyone accept and continue to help one another to prostrate, to return, to prepare for the blessings God planned for our human race through Mother’s help and intercession.

One more time, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God; L. completes this message at exactly 2:51 p.m. on Monday, October 12, 2015, at Saint Lawrence Church, where L. and M. just received a message from God. It is now time for the Divine Mercy so we would like to offer the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at this place on behalf of the world, on behalf of the people who live in sin, on behalf of our families, on behalf of the brothers and sisters who are working, especially for those of us who are silently serving over the past days and months. With a fervent heart, allow me to offer on their behalf the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to God and after that we will come to Mother to ask to receive Mother’s words this afternoon. Every Monday we usually come here to receive a message from God and from Mother, in general for the world and in particular for every single individual who is serving in our roles. One more time, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, I thank God’s grace, God the Holy Spirit’s grace, Mother’s grace. I complete this message at exactly 2:52 p.m. at Saint Lawrence Church, in front of the tabernacle where we are kneeling to receive God’s words and revelations to today’s world, on behalf of all our brothers and sisters, the people who are listening – in a spirit of thankfulness, of gratefulness, of praise to God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  1. When L. receives a locution, she is impelled by the Holy Spirit to vocalize it instantaneously. While others hear or are present, it is L. alone who receives the message.
  2. This seems to refer to receiving extraordinary revelations.
  3. See Matthew 11:25-26 and Luke 10:21.
  4. From various religions to Aristotle to elementary physics, it is clear that all realities and actions have a source, a cause. Modern man, though, in so-called philosophy, has claimed that realities simply are – with no cause necessary. This comes from the writings of atheists or agnostics: “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1).
  5. God’s law is written on the heart of every man. See Romans 2:14-16, Hebrews 10:16 and Jeremiah 31:33-34.
  6. Everyone has an immortal soul; what is meant here is a soul alive and intact. When the soul is in the state of grace it is alive. When a person commits a mortal sin, it causes the supernatural death of the soul.
  7. has been receiving messages for years now. This private revelation is the invitation and testifying for it is referred to several sentences later.
  8. See these messages: “The Meaning of the Six Kowtows” (August 8, 2015) and “The Meaning of the Prostration” (September 12, 2015).
  9. The Six Kowtows are most definitely never a substitute for sacramental confession. However, with all the unrest, weather-related disasters, etc. that are to come, as revealed in the Book of Revelation, there may not be adequate access to priests. Under such circumstances (or for those who are not Catholic or Orthodox and therefore cannot go to Confession), the Church teaches that God “is not bound by his sacraments” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1257). St. Thomas Aquinas taught that God’s “power is not tied to visible sacraments” (Summa, III. 68.2.c). The Six Kowtows are, in deed and word, intrinsically an expression of contrition, and therefore are an avenue for forgiveness by God. But, again, the Six Kowtows are never to be viewed or practiced as a substitute for individual Confession (or even a “General Confession and Absolution” service administered by a priest if it comes to that someday). (10)      The seeing of Jesus in the Eucharist associated with this private revelation.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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