New Revelations through the Eucharist

Your Future Is in Me


Your Future Is in Me

July 9, 2011

Adoration room


Lucia: Father, today is another day. What do you want me to write on this paper here? Father, just speak into my mind, I will write, without hesitation, without asking any questions. I will be good, every day, I will behave, and learn how to be mature, as You said. I have to obey, to please You.

Father: The work to be written down is now imminent. Do not hesitate anymore; things will happen, far away, close by; there is no more time to prepare; things are in chaos, there is no longer a government working with another government; everyone flees, and no one can help one another anymore; one needs to repent, repent for oneself; war between one nation and another nation, will eventually come to this place. We need to purify, there is not much time left; receive what you can accomplish, but also fulfill the work that you have received and will receive, and you will have to complete it quickly and rapidly, so that I can save any soul that can be saved, help any soul that can be helped, those who have ears should listen.

If you want to fulfill the duties for Me, do not be afraid to work for Me.  Up to this hour and you are still in doubt and reluctant? If I ask you to do something, you have to do it.

L.: What should I do Father? I am not clear on what needs to be done. I do not know where to start. Do, but do what, Father?

Father: So, what have you been doing all this time?

L.: I’m writing what you told me to write, Father.

Father: Then take the messages you wrote to the community leaders, when they are talking, or preaching; these messages have the power to attract many listeners, regardless of whether they are from the laity, or priests, or religious.

Do not be afraid, do not be shaken, do not be nervous, what has to happen will happen; sooner or later, it will have to come to an end.  So now, for every peaceful day, children, remember that day, do not think any further, or think of the future. Your future, My children, is also in Me. The Kingdom of God is your true future, children, depending on your determination and your attainment.

When you work for My Name (N.’s trip this time has also reaped many fruits for Me), those are the kind of works that I need you to do, My children, with united hearts, with united strength, help each other, working from small assignments to bigger ones, all united in brotherly love. Everything you do will be effective, more than you can imagine.

Do not back away when facing problems and challenges, I am by your side. I also support you, My children who are so tired. But it will not be long before justice and truth will have to come before My court of justice.

Please remove the distrust, the suspicion, put your hands together, do not differentiate between the rich, the poor, the less-educated, and together, go look for the people who are lost, to bring them back; comfort the people who are suffering; help the people who are going through hardship; support the people who are lonely; visit the people who are in prison; be patient and tolerant toward the people who are at fault with you, forgive the people who are your enemies. These are the things that I want you to do for Me.

Go, seek to do these things for your brothers and sisters. Come to Jesus Christ to receive forgiveness, and prepare for My coming to re-establish the world.  Especially for you, children, be at peace with your duties and your responsibilities.  You will be informed in a special way. Prepare your soul, stay awake and pray constantly, to be strong to the last minute. Now for every peaceful day, remember that day, do not think any further, or think of the future.  Your future, children, is also in Me.

I will come like a huge storm, with lightning from all directions, and in a short time, everything will be leveled to the ground. That will truly be the day of My coming. How much longer, or how soon, or how late, when the day is set, then you will understand thoroughly. Everything has been prepared, children, so be ready. For Me, and with Me, let us act, children, to harvest and reap the fruits for the last time, in order to start a new world, yes?

L., you are still very frightened… When you are writing these things, I know you are afraid, but you have to write and write clearly, so that your brothers and sisters can, together, share this and know what needs to be done, together, for the coming days.

Make an effort, do not fear or worry, I am always by your side.

Let us write next time.


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