New Revelations through the Eucharist

Who Can Ever Understand My Heart?


Who Can Ever Understand My Heart?

September 3, 2011

Adoration room


Lucia:  Beloved Father, I planned to go home but there is only one person in the Blessed Sacrament chapel, so I could not leave You here by Yourself.  It is too sad and too quiet. The silence and loneliness make it more sad and empty. I feel so sorry for You, Father.

With a huge kingdom, and a heavenly court with millions and billions of angels on their knees, worshipping You… But Father, why did You not stay up there? Why did You come down here to be with us to suffer like this? In that small tabernacle, making Yourself fit into the tiny Host, anxiously waiting all day for this person, and then another person…


If anyone comes and stays to talk for a while, then they also leave. Those with the sad stories of their lives coming to relieve themselves of their sorrows, and ask for Your blessings, also leave.  Those who come out of habit, sit through a few Rosaries, also leave. Those who come to confide things that they could not say to anyone else, also leave. Those who come to find a way to solve their personal problems, also leave. And those who are still sitting here, are snoring peacefully.

Very few people come here, with a heart that looks only for heavenly things, actually detached from all earthly pleasures, to seek You in a sincere way; to look for You; thinking about You, and loving You with all their hearts, with all their souls; to spend time with You, Father.


Father:  I think it is very hard to find such a person, maybe there are people like that, but it is such a small number that it is not worth mentioning, and that is why My perception is even deeper, and I can clearly see your loneliness filling your heart, restlessly tossing around in grief.  O who can ever understand My Heart?


Those who came to visit Me, talking and laughing, only a few feel My invisible presence in the Host. I feel so lonely always, but what can I say?  I can only wait for mankind to be charmed by My Presence, which is so very close to you.  I need you, My children, to speak to Me with your hearts.  My bursting and overflowing Love, you will see and sense it, with the eyes of faith.  Allow faith to lead you.  Boldly come to look for Me.  Happy is he who finds Me.  Finding true salvation is guided by faith.

Oh children, improve your faith with your own hearts, because your hearts already have the love I molded in you when I created you.  If you do everything, rooted in love, you will probably find the guiding light of love.  More or less, in whatever you do, if you start by first thinking with your hearts, leading from the start with your hearts, then there will be less sadness, less anger, less conflict, less envy, less lying, less hating each other, less competition, and much less evil in each and every one of you.


Gentle little heart, but how influential, even the foolish ones know the justice of a sincere heart, acting with love.  Not too long ago, I had you write about love and My Heart.  Speaking of today, it is still the same, from the beginning until this day, and until the world no longer exists, My Love does not change.  The Love I give to the world.  The Love that made Me become a human.  The Love that had Me abandoned and killed, hanging on the cross.  The Love that made Me accept humiliation and shame.  People ridiculing Me in all kinds of defamatory images through the Internet today.  Humans are too liberal in their blasphemy, contempt, they no longer recognize their Creator, let alone their God and Father.


This world has surpassed in sins, one of these days, soon, if mankind does not repent, which path are they going to be on?  That is why My Love is always here.  When the world no longer has the malicious, the extravagantly proud.  I am still here, waiting for you, children.  Loving you, I have made Myself tiny to fit in the Host, prisoner in the tabernacle, waiting every day for someone to come.  My eyes are worn out from waiting.  I am ever so lonely, waiting in the long hours.  At least there are some who frequently visit Me, a few console Me.  And to this day, I am still waiting.


My Love for you, through My bloody Heart, is breathing, and waiting for you to come back to Me.  My child, come back to Me, leave behind the sorrows surrounding your life, no one can help you in this unjust, tragic, and lonely life; only I, your Father, and with Me you will find comfort, hope, peace and balance for life in this world and in the next one.

Goodbye My children. I love you very much.


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