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St. John of the Cross: The Meaning of the Cross


December 14, 2016

L.: O God, it is 9:14 p.m. on Wednesday December 14, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the holy statue of Divino Niño Jesus, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Juan Diego. Today, God allows me to be here, in the last hours of the day, preparing for a new day, for the third week of Advent; today is also a special memorial, and we ask God for us to receive a message from St. John of the Cross. We need to know and we must learn about the history of his life; each of the works that he did and his sacrifice that became a reform and improvement for all in the religious life, which was limited by the mediocre and banal works in human tendency of his time; that became a true story – his religious name is St. John of the Cross, from the great experience he had from the Cross of God. At this moment, I stop here to receive the message God allows me to receive from St. John of the Cross.

St. John of the Cross: Sisters L., M.N., M., good evening sisters, (1)

May God give you peace; one more time, I dearly greet all of you. It is an honor for me, and also a great joy that God reserved for me personally, to meet you to say these real words in your language. Thanks to the graces of God, when we completely returned to God and we were by God’s side, I, as well as many other saints, saw the needs and everything in the earthly world, things that our brothers and sisters desire; they really want but they do not dare, they do not expect and they do not believe this is the truth.

Dear sister L., once again, I thank God for giving me, for giving us this opportunity; with your desire – therefore God reserved this for me and for you through this encounter. Indeed, you have desired to meet me in recent years; both you and I wished for this, because nothing else could be better than this, because even though I have gone, I still have the opportunity to share my voice with the sisters in the world. That is also a happiness, in the power and the grace God reserved for me as well as for you; your persistence, your confidence, your courage, and your fearlessness so that today this has come true. Everything from trust and from God’s grace will have extraordinary, wonderful things, but people, with ordinary eyes do not have, do not accept, do not go into its reasoning, but for God, nothing is impossible; because in each good work, with yearning, as well as all that God readily allows, I can say and I can share what He wants me to share with you today.

Dear sister L., surely you know my story as well as the past days in my life, even though what you were told was summed up in the pages of history books; that was also the focal point reminded; I want to share all and you also want to know things in the past days in my life, by this real voice today. Sister L., each person has a space and a heart belonging to God; God reserves that experience for us; God reserves for me as well as for you, for the people who are gone, and also for those remaining on earth. What people practice in the days while still in the flesh, completely unknown initially, yet they realize what inherently does not happen naturally; that there is a Supreme Being who predestined and arranged. My life, right from the beginning, began in a family with the sacrifice of my father, and the cooperation of my mother as well, who had me in the middle of life; even though my life was not like many others, not living in sumptuous riches, but because of that I therefore had found – found the meaning of life and the meaning of the cross; the cross Jesus endured because of humanity, the cross Jesus endured because of me, the cross Jesus endured because of you.

Today, what I experienced, I would like to share with you; on the path each person takes, it is not up to us to find the reason ourselves, to find the circumstances to have the role that today we can have – at all costs – or finish with what we find, but it is God’s grace, it is God who chose us when we were still in our mothers’ wombs. That hard life – a life with the days living in abject circumstances myself, a life of a child without a father, a life with days of rejection, a life with days despised by the world; all things gave me something with a determination in my life. In the end, I experienced the cross that Jesus carried, perhaps partly in His life; but for myself, with the days of the cross, yet through the cross, I had the right to choose to have Him, I had the right to ask Him to accompany me to shoulder the cross, I had the right to meet Him when I encountered the cross in my life.

So, when you discover the cross, just like when I found the meaning of the cross, the result is happiness; not as humans regard it today – fearful of difficulties or misfortune that people always go against and always view in the earthly reasoning. The cross led me closer to God, the cross taught me the turning point in my life that I must fight, the cross helped me become fearless, the cross helped me eliminate the aspects of a future that I had the opportunity for advancement and achievement with what was inherent in the ability God reserved for me. The cross allowed me to have the evidence of my life and the evidence for me to be close to God, through a life fighting for the truth, with heart, with compassions, with all the circumstances of each era, in the liberty of humans, in the liberty of each role, not totally and truly consecrated to God, by a life of sacrifice, by a truly exemplary life, by a life of penance that is proper and suitable with a religious life, reserved in particular for all the brothers and sisters in the ranks of those who dedicated themselves to God.

Dear sister L., and dear sisters, indeed, what stemmed from graces that God reserved and gave me, were enough days and also right on time for me to speak up and to enter into a life of silence, and a life to fight with matters which truly were not easy to human life; to step up on the ladder, and I became a priest for God. That, God Himself, awarded and gave me after the days of suffering in life, after the days of lacking in life, the days when I recognized that only God is the Person who loves, the Person who is with me, my Companion, my Friend, my Teacher, my Father, and a Person whom I forever seek – to recognize what He reserved for me personally, for humanity in general, for each role, for each one of you, for each era. In the final decision to reject all that I had the ability to reach, I was looking, looking, and finally, with boldness, I started speaking up, when I began to realize the truth, when I was able to speak from the truth, then my life was forestalled by my brothers; because of my brothers’ negations and all inherently in the human practice and custom, wanting to reform something was truly very difficult.

So, everything I share today has a meaning, which sister L., together with sisters, please join me to continue; because of your roles God allows me to share this, which has a very important reason. Please stand firm; do not fear difficulties, do not fear being stopped, because there are things from God coming to a human world – no one can easily accept, no one can understand, and no one can know; even if they are the people who found the truth in order to enter into the religious life, they are still bound by limitations as they do not allow belief, they do not allow faith and the activities of God in holiness, and find what is best in life to be compatible with religious life, with a devout life and to be compatible with a life that they entered in places to totally consecrate themselves to God, to dedicate their lives through sacrifices, through works, through determining to put aside habits, the inherent things without a human sacrifice that have still become a tendency and a practice that no one pays attention to and is concerned about. Every part of each work that came about, God always blesses; it was His grace that helped me be brave, that helped me accept, that helped me in the days when I found the truth, sacrificing my little rights to become a rule – from that lessening what my brothers inherently stumbled upon, and they completely did not know, they did not understand a life that God reserved for those who enter the religious life, the devout life, and those selected in the rank and the position to proclaim the Good News.

Dear sister L., everything I was able to realize was from the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment; and everything I was able to do, by my heart, by my own decision, by my own life, was to recognize what did not belong to me, what did not belong to the religious life, what did not belong to the life of a priest that Jesus desired and yearned for. This is the path that His words gave evidence of; meditate on those words and one will find – find a door that is wide open, with countless abundances reserved for each individual, in each of the graces God reserved for me as well as for you. Everything came to real life in my time; then I had to face – face my brothers, face the Church, face a period in which I was just a little person in the ranks of priesthood – too lowly – there is nothing for voices to be accepted, but this is the truth so I would try very hard to do my best, through the Holy Spirit who helped me to become a true story (2). From there, my brothers had a worthier religious life, had a life free of things in life that became habits and became what people absolutely do not know and do not realize with a life that we must renounce all to come to God, to carry the Cross, to embrace the Cross, to accept, to sacrifice for the Cross, so that our lives become the raised cross like the God we worship.

Dear sister L., that did not end there; the path with the days of struggle to attain the truth and a story recorded in history really was not a simple thing – it required sacrifice, sacrifice by one’s own heart, sacrificing things and never being discouraged or abandon in all matters. Whether persecuted, whether wrongly accused, whether tortured, or even by actions between people or between our brothers in particular (3), nevertheless, by heart I felt that this was very good and I must speak the truth and must have the courage to accept everything, whether people accepted or not; I must walk in the truth, find the truth, to glorify God through the essential works to help the brothers, to help the religious life – that was the voice of truth the Holy Spirit reserved for me, which I was able to realize. This was a new discovery; though people looked at me and saw the cross that I had to carry but this was happiness – happiness for me to receive His cross, happiness for me to carry the cross, happiness for me to endure in order to experience the cross Jesus bore 2,000 years ago. Indeed, what I endured was just a little portion of myself to replace a certain portion to console Him; as for the rest, that was simply for public opinion, for people to recognize what was inherent, but for myself, I needed to be assertive, I needed to try every way, not for myself but for my brothers and sisters. Though my life was at a dead end and I had nowhere else, yet God still opened the door; there were the brothers and sisters to welcome me, and God also opened the door for me to understand the path God wanted me to continue – a life of struggles, through the challenges that I experienced and was experiencing in life. So, everything needs patience and needs God’s grace to continue on the path, even though these are challenges, denials, rejections, we have to go through; that is the path on which we must fight – whether the body is rejected, beaten, tortured, we still persevere because that is the truth.

Dear sister L., indeed, such things can make me recall the time when I was still on earth, for me to express all the sentiments with the works I did; these works were not done in a way to be part of history, but were the happiest things God gave me with these struggles. The days of imprisonment, the days of solitude, the days of being alone in the dark, there was only me in a place that today people usually call a cell. A cell is a dark place, a small place, with just a little light through a window up high (4) – those were disheartening days but I felt happy, because it was becoming a segregated place where I met God, and I relied only on God, depended on God; I was happy, and was joyful to write the poems to experience all His love reserved for me – all of which proved that I departed from what is limited to human thought, limited to human endurance, and limited to human spirit, to move forward with the divine graces God reserved and gave.

Finally – finally, I found and received help, but in life there are many things that do not belong to what the human world accepts, once they become habits, once they become practices. These needed to be sacrificed, needed to die to oneself for that to be raised high to become the truth that today, there is a new rule, a reformation in the life of spiritual people, of devout people, of those entering a consecrated life – they are the priests as well as religious men and women, who brought good examples; that we will have a soul reserved for God. Whether any sufferings, whether any circumstances, whether any roles, I would still be happy when I had Him and experienced the cross; the cross would bring me joy, the cross would bring me perseverance, the cross would bring me victory, and the cross would help me become flawless as God intended for me and I, myself, aimed for Him.

Today, I feel that was something I wanted to share. You as well as the brothers and sisters were happy and honored to speak of what Mother Herself taught to the world (5) in general, and Mother taught in particular to you, brothers and sisters. Without any distinction, to every class, to every role, and specifically to you, brothers and sisters; the Church needs to know, the Church needs to hear. In your time, today we see all of you understand the meaning of each kowtow. The meaning that relates and is close to me is the cross that with the Fifth Kowtow you reserve for the Five Holy Wounds, marked not only in my time but today is full of riches with the meanings that the Holy Spirit bestows and gives more to the human world, for you to boldly move forward with things the cross will bring; the victory will remind people in their faith life; rise and let the heart become victorious when it realizes the meaning of the cross, as Jesus used the cross to come to the human world to bring us, to bring all humanity, from the darkness back to the light. The cross is meaningful and hidden with sublime mysteries revealed through it; today you are the conclusion of the last period and the conclusion to the sublime greatness God reserved – with the graces to be reminded – entering into the heart of people, entering in every class, for every role in today’s world.

Dear sister L., once again, thanks to you. There are many things I want to continue, because speaking of the cross, that was God’s choice for me – the days of happiness, the days of peace, the days of victory in life; it is because of the Cross and because of the cross that today I am present in heaven. Thanks to the cross, I was able to walk alone with God, thanks to the cross, I overcame the ordeals in life, the sufferings, the obstacles in life, and the circumstances God reserved for me to understand love, solidarity, sacrifice, penance, and patience; in the end, the cross brought victory as Jesus resurrected in triumphant glory. The cross is a victory, a symbol for the human world, triumphing over earthly life; thanks to the cross for the glory, thanks to the cross to step onto the path God reserved and awarded to the meaning of the cross, which I took, and that you have taken and will take. Never withdraw; you already found the truth, you already found the source of grace in the light, you already reached the ultimate purpose, which is the cross with the profound meanings God the Father gave to mankind, ending with the Five Holy Wounds that today is the conclusion for the last world; today, there are many sublime mysteries manifested to humanity in a century in which you presently live.

There are many things I would like to share regarding everything you are practicing, you are receiving. Indeed, that is something not easy for today’s world to accept, especially in a free world, a world in which people lead a civilized life; indeed, what absolutely has no evidence, absolutely is groundless, they will not accept easily. But in your time, be not afraid; you are not imprisoned, you are not tortured, you are not encountering the difficulties as with the past circumstances in the life of each prophet, each messenger who had to die for that to be proven. In your time, you must be patient, you must challenge yourself, you must have absolute trust, and you must unceasingly be at the place where you often encounter and confide, which is Jesus, through the Eucharist. It is a wonderful thing that you are selected in this century; what you are pioneering and are testifying to the entire world in general and not for any roles or any classes in particular, is a sublimity, is a greatness, is a gift given to humanity in general, with Mother Mary’s help, and with the Real Presence so today, do not be afraid, because you have God by your sides; that is the Eucharistic Jesus.

Indeed, in my time, in the time of the saints who already went through, we desired miracles but never received them, miracles we really wanted and yearned for but which remained within the limitations God allows with the graces that He reserves especially for each time, for each century, and in particular for each individual. Today, everything God reserves and gives to you in this generation – we can see, we can feel, and we can recognize the love He so favorably expresses for a generation in which you are present. There are many great mysteries He manifested to you in the life you served and are serving; do not stop with great and sublime graces but use all your competence, use everything you have from God. Spend the time; that is, the time to testify, the time to bear witness, the time to pioneer, the time to act on behalf of all people, of the people who still do not know – to come to serve God when He reserves and gives you the privileges that today you already had and already received.

Dear sister L. and all sisters, because it is related to the cross, I therefore cannot stop praising, glorying, thanking God for the cross that God reserved for me and gave to you. The cross today is the Five Holy Wounds, hidden deep in God’s love to bring humanity back; people just need to have a look and recognize the frail condition, the human condition in the flesh. There are still many things – if we do not understand the meaning of the return, the meaning of the cross, the meaning of the story of the cross that Jesus chose to redeem humanity. He came to save us by the cross; the cross brings us the hope, the closeness, the love for us to find out inner meanings of the steps, of the faith, and of all the sublime greatness God reserves and gives to each of us, in our roles, for us to use all kinds of ways to praise God, to glorify God, to reserve for God our heart, which belongs to Him. The cross constantly reminded me; the cross that today you have the opportunity to prostrate, to worship, to revere. The words given through the Holy Spirit’s guidance are indeed very rich and that will be a reminder for humanity today – for all classes, all roles; particularly for our priests and religious brothers and sisters who will have the opportunity to continue to deeply experience what God reserves and gives, through Mother Mary’s help, in the Spirit of God, enveloped for you, in the simple but most effective and profound acts, to lead people in every class, in every role, to come to God, by a life with a decision to amend everything people cannot do by themselves, but through the Spirit, to be purified, to be cleansed, for us to be truly worthy. That was the path on which I went out in front and the path on which you are going in the last days; you have to prostrate and worship God through the Five Holy Wounds that today I had the opportunity to share with all of you.

Today, I thank God for giving me this moment; along with the other saints, I repeat this once again: each day, for each saint, when our patron day comes that the Church reminds, we greatly yearn, because only God’s grace can give us the opportunity to speak up, to share what was in the truth passed on in the course of history – we desire and wish to be able to really speak up, to bear witness to God who reserved for me in particular, and reserved for your generation and for all humanity. If there is anything I can do, I desire to have the opportunity to speak through you; this is true in the human world – everything in life is limited when people remain within regulations, within reasonings, and their own arguments. There are certain good things people need to follow and cannot eliminate, but in a life with God’s grace then it is boundless, endless, and unlimited. (6) With everything that people do not accept, do not embrace, or reject, but to God, it is infinite and immense with the graces brought to remind people to rise and for them to encounter. That is love – to return to God; love to overcome everything, for each person in the experience to recognize the privilege that God reserves for every person to be happy in the days of having the cross – with the cross, along with the cross, and praising the cross.

The victory in the triumphant glory and the resurrection is the cross that Jesus went through, and we follow on that path; it remains a fulcrum, it is a light for us to proceed forward, returning to the real home, which is the heavenly home where I am present with the saints, with happy days, to praise, to glorify and to honor; and to continue to pray for you, to pray for the human world, to pray for the people who still do not know, who still do not believe, for them to overcome the human view: to overcome the limited view because people do not see, do not know – for them to embrace and be happy when they discover the love and the cross, the salvation of Jesus, the love from God the Father, overflowing in the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds that today was given to you, who are the people who bear witness to the truth, the pioneers, and also those who testify to what God has given and is giving and brings to all the children in the world, in the mystery, but comes to people intimately. Whoever believes and experiences with the practice will attain the happy, meaningful days when they find out the truth in the divine grace in which God reserves the cross to be the proof of His love, and the cross leads people into the paths, to accept everything in a human life, whether hardships, challenges, illnesses, but still raised high; that is a spirit that nobody can prevent the love for God through the phases of the cross, and no one can refuse each part of the journey – if we can understand that meaning, then we unite with Him in any circumstances, roles, and spaces that belong to God.

Today, I thank God for giving me this time of sharing, and thanks to you, sister L., especially, because you know what God reserves and gives for you, so you try to overcome the challenges in you, inherent in every person who bears witness for God. Today, you come to receive a message; I, as well as the other saints, yearn for this; if God allows and you agree to ask God, then those saints also want to speak – they also want to share, they also want to say what it is to be able to encounter all of you today. Everything I shared – I hope that this story does not end but will be a historical story of the remaining days, and also is a story of a new generation that God is preparing for all of you, as well as preparing for us, the people who have gone into history, who have the opportunity today to bring our voices to share the most essential things, to help the life of faith of the brothers and sisters, to help them be determined to understand in the life of faith.

Personally, it was the cross that led me to God; it was the cross that helped me gain the heavenly kingdom; the cross made me happy with the days on earth, though being afflicted – the cross helped me become the conqueror and to be completely detached. Though my age was not yet advanced, I really wished to be reunited with God, to be forever with God; that happiness remains in me today. I, as well as all the saints, forever still consider those days as happy days; they were days in which we would continue to bear witness to the truth if there still was the opportunity; continue to guide the brothers back to know God; continue to sacrifice so that people recognize Him, know Him, serve Him, worship Him, a God who is hidden today in the Five Holy Wounds: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. His Eucharist and the Five Holy Wounds are a proof of love; with Mother Mary’s help and the Immaculate Heart, you are practicing with the heart, you are determined to return with the soul, with the surrender, with the prostration. That is the sublimity that God reserves and bestows upon you; that is a sign of love, a sign of salvation, a sign of the way of the doctrine and the truth, and a sign enveloped by your response.

Today, this is all I am saying and sharing with you, in the hope that, someday, L. as well as all of you will continue; I yearn and wish that each memorial or each year the Church reminds, you will come, or all of you will come, for us to have the opportunity to share everything because I want to continue with what can be done, with what can still be done with my voice, with my sharing, in order to conquer, to bear witness, to honor God, to glorify Him, every second, every minute, when He allows me to meet you in the world. May God bestow peace upon you, sisters L., M.N., M.. Goodbye.

L.: God – I thank God for giving me these moments. I did not think I would be able to have the sharing of St. John of the Cross. I yearned for so long, but today came – then my soul was dominated by many things, my mind did not concentrate either, but I know all of these, the words I say, the actions I do, all these things do not come from me but from the urges of Holy Spirit who allows and guides. So, even though this happens, even with challenges, I am still determined, because I want what God is realizing in me if God allows; as for what does not come from God then remove – do not let me become a lackey, a lackey but not God’s instrument. No matter what He bestows upon me, even if I am just a little, commonplace instrument, I still want to serve God, to serve the brothers, to do what God wants in me and with me; to bear witness to what is in inherent to bring to people a deeper faith, for them to experience what God reserves in the truth – especially through God’s power, for us to recognize the truth, to learn from the saints who have gone before in history, and to learn from the determinations that they had complete victory over everything on earth. In the end, they won over the heavenly kingdom, they won over a place where they are eternally happy and peaceful, with a meaningful smile that they were and are in the heavenly kingdom.

That voice (7) is the evidence for us to follow in their steps, to learn from them, to move forward boldly in the role God reserves and gives us in today’s world – not just for us but for many people to have the opportunity to hear, to know, to practice this, for the glory of God. The secrets from the Five Holy Wounds conclude the sublime self-sacrifices reserved for mankind and the immense love enveloping humanity; enter into the Divine Mercy and the renewed water in grace – to be sanctified, to be transformed, to be filled with graces when they recognize their faults, their shortcomings, and are determined to prostrate and surrender and return to the God of love, the God of salvation, the God rich in mercy, the God of the universe, and the only God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

O God – I thank God, what we received today from St. John of the Cross made us stronger, helped our faith to be firm and to recognize the great gift God reserves for me – like the past months together with the brothers and sisters, traveling everywhere to bear witness and to pioneer; though these are silent days, this is the first step for each of us to choose and understand the meaning of the cross, understand each of the meanings Mother teaches us. That gift is too great, given to mankind from Mother’s hands and with God’s acceptance for us, so that today the saints also share about these important meanings. Help us move forward and recognize what is so important for us, for this generation, and for all classes; help us continue to propagate, to bear witness, to pioneer, to endure, to embrace the cross. Our cross is the victory, the fortitude, the glory, for us to belong to God from now till the final moment in the faithful perseverance of each person selected in the ranks of witnesses and pioneers.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank God, praise and glorify God. L. concludes at 9:55 p.m. on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, in St. Theresa Church, in front of the Divino Niño Jesus, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Juan Diego. Today is also the Memorial of St. John of the Cross; today I received his sharing, with God’s permission for me to meet the saints. His words are very direct, his sharings help to increase our spirit, to increase our faith life, and to realize the mission and our role in the life of witnessing and of pioneering. I, with countless words, thank God, praise God, and glorify God; in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I thank God (8), thank God the Holy Spirit, and thank Blessed Mother and I thank St. John of the Cross; today, we celebrated his memorial and received his words. Only two more hours and we will step into a new day; in a sentiment of thanksgiving, we ask God to continue to help us with the strength, and grant us the courage to continue on the path with the graces God reserves and with what God bestows in divine graces for us to continue with our duties in our daily lives. May God continue to sanctify us, to transform us, for our faith to become steadfast, for us to learn from the example of the saints, for us to live meaningful, happy, peaceful days, with the life in which we can bear witness and spread the Good News, and practice with the signs, silently, in the hope for the world to embrace and for everyone to recognize, because this is the time in which we must return, we must prostrate, we must honor and surrender to God – to prepare everything in life, to face the Just Judge; to the truth in today’s humanity, between man and man.

Help us to trust and entrust, to submit completely to God through every kowtow we offer, especially today in the sharing about the Five Holy Wounds, in which we have a deep, wide understanding; that enveloping is the proof of the eternal love, never abandoning and never refusing when we beseech – that is the soul, the heart sealed with God’s love from many generations and from eternity. Help us to improve our lives, to conquer ourselves, to overcome the ego and personality, to overcome the things dominating in life to return with a sincere heart, a contrite heart, in prostration, in surrender and to embrace the cross of our life, to choose the cross to bring glorious victory, to understand the meaning of God choosing the Cross to save all of humanity – the Cross triumphed to lead us into the heavenly kingdom, and into the light; for us to have days of happiness, waiting to be worthy for us to come to the holy banquet table where Jesus awaits us. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, may the sign of the Cross keep us from all evil: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture visions of Eucharistic miracles on her cell phone. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 

(1)  L. nor any of her companions in these messages are religious sisters.

(2)  “me to become a true story” is a strange mode of expression; they seem to point to his deeply contemplative nature. He did many great works in his life, but in the end, it seems he does not define himself by what he does (doing) but by who he is (being), like Mary of Bethany rather than her sister, Martha (see Luke 10:38-42).

(3)  He experienced all these in abundance from his own brothers in the Carmelite Order before he reformed it with St. Teresa of Avila.

(4)  For nine months he suffered a brutal imprisonment by his Carmelite brothers.

(5)  The Six Kowtows

(6)  A very relevant example of this is with Sister Lucia of Fatima. It is well documented that before she received her final apparition on June 13, 1929, in her convent’s chapel, she was kowtowing, as the angel had taught the three children in his first and third apparitions. It was necessary that she ask her superior for permission to pray that late at night, but it was not necessary to ask permission to kowtow. In her case, it was a practice consistent with her life as a religious, even if it was practiced alone.

(7)  The voice of the saints

(8)  This refers to God the Father.


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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