New Revelations through the Eucharist

I Want You to Spread the Six Kowtows


 September 3, 2014

L.: O God, it is 12:05 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. I just received a message from the Holy Spirit. I also completed reporting the message that God gave me this morning. Every time I receive a message from the Holy Spirit and a message from God*, I also pray to God to allow me to meet Mother, for me to receive a message from Mother, with the words to remind, to guide. Mother has helped us in the past months and days, regarding the things that are important and the things that need to be done. I pray for God to allow me to meet Mother. I also pray to Mother for a message, personally to me. My responsibility is to receive the messages from God, together with the chosen brothers and sisters to serve in a program in which God gives His messages to humanity, and to all His children**. Everyone in the world is welcome to hear the messages that God sends and gives to us in this world.

I pray for God to always allow me to be able to receive the messages from Mother, for Mother to lead us, for us to be able to know the Holy Will of God; for Mother to teach us, for us to know how to work more zealously and how to better accomplish the works that God gives us. We need the guidance from Mother to help us be more perfect with the works that need to be done, and the works that should be done.

Blessed Mother:  My beloved L.,

Today, I start to see that you are becoming sharper, so the works of God can be realized on you earlier and earlier. L., yesterday, if you did not listen to the direction of God, you would have lost a big opportunity. You are in charge of the brothers and the sisters at that parish in particular, of the priest at that parish in particular, and of many people in general***, so the people who work for God, the people who receive the grace of revelation, with their roles as the messengers, the prophets, they must always be vigilant in a very energetic way, because things are not in the way that you think, with all the logical ways for you to be able to see and to hear. So every day, you should pray for you to be able to receive with aptitude, directly, and quickly.

These are the things that you need to pay attention to. If yesterday you did not stop at the holy statue of St. Theresa and pray to St. Theresa, you would have missed a huge opportunity that God wanted to manifest to you at that moment, at that hour. You need to remember this, the miracle that God works does not happen at the time that you expect, and it does not happen at the time when you are able to show up. The miracle happens according to His Holy Will, according to His time and His decision, at the place that He wants, not a place that you plan in advance. So, pay attention and be very vigilant in your lives in regard to the works that God sees with those who have the responsibility as messengers. When each person has been truly chosen by God, their spirit seems to belong to the world of the Heavenly Kingdom, and this is the reason for them to hear and to receive in such a smooth way as you do.

With the things that you are saying and the things that you are doing, if without the permission from God, and if your spirit does not belong to the divine world, you will not be able to continue with the messages in the way that you are receiving, but because you still live in a body, still breathing, there is still something that belongs to the human world, there are still distractions. However, those of you who have worked, who have been chosen to be in a life where you surrender your spirit, body, mind, you pray to God on a regular basis with heart, and God has accepted your prayers. So whenever you are able to feel and to recognize the things that the Holy Spirit reminds you, the Holy Spirit wants you to rise at once at that time, at that hour, regardless of whether you think the hour is unreasonable according to the ways of the world.

My beloved daughter, the human world during the day is way too crowded. At the places that you go to, you meet a lot of people. At the places where many people come to worship and to pray, if you actually receive at that hour, the other brothers and the other sisters will not be able to concentrate, and they will not be able to receive the teaching of God. So you will see that the time that God wants is either early in the morning or late at night, or at the convenient times when He wants you to receive and to see the miracles in a clear way.

Spend some time for you to be calm. God knows that you are still afraid of the places that you go to. You still do not believe that the Holy Spirit protects you and that St. Michael always protects you at the places that you go to. St. Michael has done that for you, and he is still doing it for you. He is always with you. This is why sometimes at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., there are certain crowded places where you go to, but you are not afraid, and you do not feel worried. That is the strength that God gives to you. He chooses you. He gives you the saints to protect you, so you already have that.

God also knows you are alone, that sometimes there are things you need, so God allows the sisters to be with you, and together, you work at the responsibility that God wants from you, to bring His messages and the things that you are able to see, to hear, to those who need to know, for them to recognize the place that God has decided to be the place where the great miracle is going to happen. That place has to be remodeled and has to be fixed with all the things that need to be fixed for the upcoming events. People all over the world will definitely come to this place. It is time. I see you are waiting to pray for God to give you the things that you need to receive in a more powerful way, so these are the things that God allows you to receive in a more powerful way and to see with your own eyes, His appearance, the pictures that you have never seen before, directly at the altar, directly with the Cross. Today, you need to be more vigilant with these things. This is not a coincidence. You need to pay attention to the things that God wants you to have, for you to be assured.

You have taken pictures and you have recorded all the things that are true. These things will be the evidence. They are the evidence, not for the brothers and the sisters in the group to look at, or for the people on the Internet, but they are the things that you need to have, to confirm the works that God does. In His Church, there are many people who still need to cooperate in a plan where God wants His children to proclaim these things all over the world, to help and strengthen the faith of people today. The depravity has caused people to lose all the things that they need, for them to come to God, for them to return to God, for them to prostrate to embrace the graces of the remaining days.

Children, this time period will not last long. You think it is part of the daily normal things, but the works of the divine belong to a special program that God gives, and He allows them to be lively, such as His messages, such as His blessings. He has met many children, and I have also allowed you to recognize, because at times, your belief is affected by so many things that you end up being pulled toward the reality of this world. You have never seen these great miracles. You have never received and you have never had the confirmation with all these wonders so there are hearts that do not know and that also do not believe. This is not something unusual, but the people who serve have recognized and have known, from the words to the facts, the other unusual things that are happening every day.

You have to continue to be patient, for you to propagate all the things that are necessary, the things that God wants to send to the children in the entire world. The roles of the chosen people are to lend a hand, to continue with the messages that God sends in this world, to bring the brothers back, to bring the brothers to a place where God has manifested through the Holy Eucharist, for them to receive the grace; for the world to know the place where the miracle appears. Through the lively wonders that Jesus works through the Holy Eucharist, He meets hearts, the hearts that seek to return, and the hearts that believe in this truth.

The people who are stubborn, the people who are indifferent, the people who are obstinate, they will have to bow their heads to kowtow, with all the wondrous miracles that God manifests to the world today. Those are the things that eyes have seen, ears have heard, and as for the hearts, God is waiting for people to really return with a repentant heart, to return with a practice and with a confirmation in faith that they will choose the road of virtue, that they will reject all the wicked sins, the ego, the things that have lured them away from God. You have to definitely come back to righteousness, in a life that I remind you and bring to you. If you do not come back, if you do not recognize,
then with the things that you will encounter in the tribulations, where is the place for you to entrust yourselves, where is the place for you to pray?

Pray for the days when you face the truth, in the ways that mankind will experience: the tribulations, the disasters, the flood, the diseases, the abuse of power that certain people are using to oppress, to kill innocent people. You do not know the true faces of these people. The things that they are currently doing are full of evil, full of plots to find a way to kill you. If you do not prepare yourselves spiritually for your souls, then you will not have enough time, because you do not know what will happen tomorrow and what will come, all these things that were predicted in the Book of Revelation.

The works of God all belong to a plan that God has predestined for you. Which time period is a time period full of graces such as the present time? Which time period is the time period when you are able to see the Face of God so clearly, through the Holy Eucharist? Alive and not simply as a picture for you to take, but you can see God moving, with His Face, looking at humanity with concern, to give people the opportunity, for them to understand the Love of God, so that they can return to Him, with a true belief. He has manifested for the people today to recognize the signs that you consider as miracles.

These are the things to wake people up, to wake the soul up, to wake the conscience up, for you to return with the love that God reserves in His teachings. You have to reform your lives and return to righteousness. You need to renounce all evil sins. You need to renounce the trends of the civilized world, that are hiding in the current sophisticated ways, that have obscured your conscience, that have brought you turmoil with all the things in the present, that have caused normal things to become senseless, to become mechanical. You no longer feel the things that are reserved for your souls, and the things that are reserved for the quiet moments for you to meet God.

You need to recognize that what you need in life is to worship God, and that you have to prostrate in front of His Holy Face, because only God can bring peace to the world and peace for each individual. Peace is the most important thing that you need, but who can do that for you besides God? You have seen the division among the people by their idolatries, the idolatries that were wrong and that have caused people to live in chaos, to live in depravity, to live in violence; that have caused people to act contrary to the morals, contrary to the consciences, for sins to add to sins.

There are so many threats, so many evil acts but you did not boldly stand up to tell the truth, you did not boldly stand up to testify to your faith. You worship God. This is something that you need to do and that you must do. You need to worship God. You need to return to God with your heart. You allow evil to spread because you are still weak, you are still frail, you do not testify by your lives, you do not testify by the truth that you have learned from His teachings.

You allow evil to continue, you allow your brothers to be killed; the brothers who have to suffer from the hands of the people who are in high position, who kill the children, who kill innocent people, who kill people by force. These are the things that you are able to see happening in other nations. In the nation that you live in, there are even more sickening and terrifying things. The evil people do not look evil from their outside appearances but they are working secretly and silently with a very large plan that will eliminate countless people. A number of people in the world will have to face losses, misery. The things that you are facing, you are completely unaware that the people whom you trust, who are in charge of the important matters in society, who are people in high positions, are the people who treat people in the same evil way. This is a situation that you have been able to experience, because you have allowed evil to come into your lives with the modern and sophisticated ways, you have allowed evil to become powerful, and evil has ruled in your lives.

The words of God, the invitations of God, and the faith are no longer the things that you believe in. You are weak; you are lazy in your seeking of the thing that you need for your souls, for your worship to have a real place for you to entrust. You reject God. You do not follow the laws of God. You live against the morals. You live only for the flesh, looking only for the things that satisfy the desires for lust, for greed, for self-interest, with selfishness, evil, falsehood, and pride. These things have made you act against the teachings of God, and by doing so, you have created an opening for evil, so you are the ones responsible for the evil acts committed upon the individual, upon the community, and in your lives. You continue with the passions, with the greed, you are not returning to God, a God who gives you a teaching for you to not live in wickedness, for you to not live with the things that offend and injure the other brothers, committing alarming, evil sins.

Mankind should learn to return to righteousness. All the deeds that Jesus accomplished had served a purpose right from the start. He had died. He had taken unto Himself all the sins of the world, hoping for mankind to change, hoping for mankind to return and to receive God’s salvation. Love, mercy, and salvation continue to be there for you and continue to wait for you, but you have rejected, you have refused, you have offended, and increasingly, you have reached a point that requires some intervention. So there will be days when you will encounter loss, misery, killing, with the plagues, with the depravity in today’s world, with the sin and the evil that surrounds you.

There are a number of people who are returning, but the number is very small. God cannot stand to see the world heading for the days when the children of God have been lured by this modern world, which has caused them to no longer have faith, and to no longer know who God is. So this time period is extremely grave, because God allows you to see His appearance. These miracles help people to rise, help people to believe that God came into the world to save them, to lead them out of the place of sin, to lead them out of the darkness, to lead them away from the errors that they are worshipping.

Return. God has come to meet you, to give you His Divine Mercy, for Him to purify you, to cleanse you, and to give you a new life of faith and the salvation of the remaining days. He meets you through Love and His Divine Mercy. The Holy Eucharist is a manifestation that Jesus left at the Last Supper. Through the centuries, this is linked to the remaining days as well, with the Presence of God****, for you to recognize the wondrous miracles that God has given to the world today, to remind you about belief, to remind you about repentance, for the life of your souls.

You need to return. You need to choose a path for yourselves to be the path for your souls, even with the tribulations, even with the challenges, even with all the things that will happen in this century. If you have not prepared yourselves, from the life of the soul, from the life of the body, you will be broken, you will be frightened, and ultimately you will be killed by the hands of the enemies and evil. Only God is the Supreme Being who can save you. You need to solidify your belief right now. You need to return to God to have enough trust to understand the works that God is doing, that God is arranging for the children who return; for the righteous people, for the people who deserve to be saved by God, for you to be able to come to this place which is a new world that God has planned for the future.

Do not look at all these things with a natural eye and not believe. Look into the book that Jesus had left through the Apostles. These are the times when evil is ruling, these are tormented times, times when the righteous works are being destroyed by the evil that is raging. You have seen the cruelty of mankind, killing innocent people, killing the children; even the fetuses that are about to be born are also killed by the hands of their own parents.

Evil acts continue to rage, and all of the things that are recognized in the whole world are things that are against morals. Look at the wickedness of the nations; of the people who are supposed to stand up to defend the country but who are the ones who have killed the civilians, who have killed those who are frail, the women, the children; of those who are bloodthirsty, who are threatening other nations, and even worse, who have destroyed all the places of worship. God will not relent at the offenses that have gone too far. Mankind has reached the final measure.

In everything that is happening, you have seen the evil that is invading. You have believed and you have followed the worship of idols. The world today has reached a state of utmost danger. If you do not return for the life of the soul, if you do not recognize the things that God gives, if you do not listen and practice and return in a prostrated way, then how are you going to express your feelings in time for God to save you in these remaining days? God does not condemn you for your sins but you need to return with a repentant heart, you need to come to God with a heart that renounces all of your sins, that renounces all the things that do not belong to the invitation and the teaching of God.

Seek to meet Him in repentance, for you to be able to receive love through the Divine Mercy. God has given you the opportunity to be cleansed by His Blood. You are reborn in the divine when you believe and you embrace the messages through the new revelation of the Holy Eucharist that is meeting you today, meeting your souls, meeting your repentant hearts. The drops of Blood that God had shed were to give your spiritual life days of hope, the days for you to prepare for the upcoming events, and the water to cleanse your souls so that you are worthy to receive salvation through the Divine Mercy, so that you are worthy to receive the forgiveness that He gives to mankind today.

He wants the children to be able to choose. He wants His children to have to rise, to rise and to repent; to rise and to act, with words, with deeds; to testify to all that is seen, to all that is heard, and to propagate all the things that God will pour His grace upon. Through the miracles of the Holy Eucharist, He wants to meet hearts, and He seeks hearts that trust and repent. God will intervene and will help your lives. For the things that you face, pray to Him. Pray for Him to save you. Pray for Him to sanctify you and to transform you, for you to be worthy to receive the graces that He gives to the world, to help you, to strengthen your faith, for you to find shelter in grace and love through the Holy Eucharist. He meets you through the Holy Eucharist, and through Divine Mercy, He forgives the people who are left out when they recognize His invitation, when they recognize the things that they are able to see, to hear, and to feel; for the heart, in sincere faith, to return with respect, to prostrate, and to cooperate with the brothers and the sisters.

The things that you need to do now are for you to give thanks to God the Father with the First Kowtow*****.

You need to prostrate before the Holy Eucharist to give thanks to Jesus. He had patiently waited. He had died for you. He continues to live with you in these remaining days. He still speaks to the entire world to remind people, at the place where they can meet Him, to receive the teachings, the guidance. This is the Second Kowtow.

As for the Third Kowtow, you have to worship and give thanks to the Holy Spirit. He has come to the world from the beginning for you to receive good things. He has been patient with the world. He always protects, He helps those who are good and those who cooperate, for them to be able to walk on the path of righteousness. From those righteous people, there are things that God works through them for them to also be the ones to help the brothers recognize God, to help the brothers return to God, to help the brothers to receive from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is present in the world to teach people holy things, to teach them the good things that are in the world.

And the Fourth Kowtow. When people received the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Body and the Blood of Christ nourished their souls.****** They have received the sacraments in the Church that were given to the Christians. The children of God, the people in the Church, have to comply and know about the important sacraments in their lives. Jesus had instituted His Body and Blood for you to receive daily, through the celebration of the Holy Mass, every single time you come to God with your heart.

You have to be conscious of the purity to be worthy to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. There are so many people in the world who are not conscious of this. They came to God whenever they like, out of habit. They are not worthy, yet they still receive the Body and the Blood of God.******* You do not know the choking of God, the suffering of God, when He comes into the souls of the sinners, when He comes into their souls and their hearts. These people do not understand the meaning and the divinity that God gives through the Holy Eucharist, which is to nourish their souls, to nourish their bodies. You have to be the ones to come worship God, to thank God for the Love that He patiently gives, and He continues to forgive you when you receive Him, for He blesses you in the divine.

The Fifth Kowtow is the kowtow for the Five Holy Wounds. Jesus had died on the Cross. He had died on the Cross to prove the Love that He has for humanity, to prove that mankind is too weak to be freed from all of the sins if not for the salvation from Jesus. Through the Five Holy Wounds, He had died for humanity, and forever since then, mankind has hope, mankind has belief, and mankind is able to go to the eternal place. Through the Five Holy Wounds, Jesus had brought the victory for the human race to have this day.

With the Sixth Kowtow, I wish to see you lifted toward a Heart, a Heart that I always unite to God, a Heart that I always direct toward the children who are lost all over the world, toward the children who do not yet know God, toward the children who have not yet recognized God, toward the children who have foolishly followed the things that belong to the world, toward the children who have done wrong. They have been called, but they have left God to follow the things that belong to the world. With the things that I lift up to the children around the world, with the days by the side of God the Father, I ask for more time for the human race to repent. I hope you will remember all the things I desire you to do for Me, as well as the things from the reminder that you receive from the Holy Spirit, for humanity. The Sixth Kowtow is the kowtow for you to be able to receive all the things for which I need your cooperation, for Me to intervene.

You need to cooperate, you need to prostrate and bow before the Holy Eucharist. This is a proof for all the evil that is in the world when it thinks it can win over the things of God coming to mankind. But it is not yet the last hour, and you are not able to know about the things that will come and will bring you hope. At this moment, those of you who have a heart and believe in My revelations to humanity, I want you to practice this before the Holy Eucharist, and for you to spread it everywhere. At the places where you worship God, in large numbers, with all the children, bow and kowtow with reverence to your God. You have seen that the religion that you worship is incredibly rich, through the miracles that could not be described, and neither books nor knowledge, no matter how cultivated, can explain these miracles of God.

He is the powerful One. You worship one God in three Persons, the Holy Trinity in one God. This is the worship that no other religion is able to have, to worship the way you worship Him. But in all the other religions people worship wholeheartedly, so why is it that with a God, you forget to prostrate in front of Him? You forget about the gratefulness that every person needs to have in the world today. There is no time left for you to have things in the civilized world, yet you forget about the reverence and the worship to the Creator of heaven and earth, to the Creator of all creation, to the Creator of each of you, let alone the more important things which will be shown for the world to know in this day. These are the Six Kowtows that I want the world today to prostrate before the Blessed Sacrament, to prostrate before the Cross of Christ. At the places where you worship, regardless of the circumstances, if you come to worship God, then prostrate and kowtow before God, to ask God to intervene and to bless you for the days that you will encounter. These things will be allowed. I will work with you to spread this around the world.

This is a new thing and only in this century that I want you to practice this for God, because God is the only One whom you need to truly worship by prostrating yourselves before Him. This is the most essential thing that mankind should do and must do before God. Ask Him to give you many things because apart from God there is no one who can save humanity. No one can intervene with the rebellions, with the revolts, because you chose them. So to transform it from evil to good, you need the healing power of the Divine and of heaven, you need the power of a Person who is really close to you, who agrees to help you, for you to overcome the woes in the remaining days of the century. The one thing that I want is for humanity to understand the deep meaning of the Six Kowtows. You need to prostrate before God, to ask Him to lessen the wrath and to ask for divine intervention. I will come to the world to intervene to ease away the sufferings and the disasters for this century.

You absolutely have to face all the things that people have sown in evil. If God does not intervene, nobody can escape from the things that you are experiencing in the present, things that will happen with the eliminations by the masses. So there are still many things in the inside that you have not understood, the things that are most needed in today’s world.

In the remaining days, stay calm for you to think and recognize carefully. The only path for you to take is to return to God, to repent wholeheartedly to His Divine Mercy, to have the time to train your souls and your bodies to entrust, to trust, to clearly distinguish the things that you are facing and experiencing; to give up the ego, the personality, the bad things from humanity that cause you to disobey the laws of God. Stay calm in the grace of the Holy Eucharist. You will receive the blessings and the graces that God promised to those who trust, who seek, who believe in the truth that He proclaims in a lively way, and which I remind you through this message today, plus the extraordinary miracles that you see with your eyes. These are the confirmations that God gives you, which are the strength to help you untie the ropes that are keeping you tied down in your flesh, forcing you to please it; for you to return back to God, for you to return back to His Love, for you to return back to the Supreme Being who brings you the rescue in the days of tribulations, which nobody can avoid.

This is the message that I want to send to you. From My intervention and the help of the Holy Ones whom God sends, there are people who will be able to come to this one place, especially the people who have the seals, which God has given to them through the return, through the prostration before the Blessed Sacrament, through the prostration before God, everywhere, when you worship Him. This is the most essential thing that you need to do and to practice now, and in the days ahead. This will be spread everywhere. You should definitely practice this before God, because this is the chance for Me to come to help you. This cooperation will become true. I will definitely intervene in the final moments if you practice this.

This is all I am saying today. L., the things that you have seen, that you have heard, spread everywhere for the brothers and the sisters to bring to the world, for people to recognize the intervention and the Presence of God, so that they will definitely listen to the things that they need to do, especially to return by the prostration. Spend some time to come to the Holy Eucharist. Spend some time to come to the Divine Mercy. Continuously pray the Rosary, which you should offer once a day, to help you overcome the difficult moments, to help you overcome the arduous challenges. You will definitely receive the divine support that God gives to you in your belief and in your choice in the remaining days of the century. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. I pray for God to open your hearts, to open your eyes for you to be able to see the miracles that He manifests to the world, for all to wake up, for all to rise to receive the graces, the blessings that God gives in a special way to this century. One more time, My peace be with all of you. Goodbye children.

L., these are the things that make Me very happy when you start to have sharp recognitions to be able to realize the things that you are serving for God. This is a blessing that not that many people in the world receive, so each time you receive the graces of God, you need to remember that your duty and your responsibility is to complete the things that God wants and to complete the things from the teachings of the Holy Spirit. Remember, every place you go to, you are protected by the Holy Spirit, so do not be afraid. Continue with the mission. Whenever He wants to meet you, whenever the miracle happens, you have to be the witness, you have to bring these things to the brothers and the sisters who have the responsibility by the command of God, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that for all the things that God wants, the children will rise, will be touched in their souls, will realize the Presence of God, for them to return, for them to quickly practice these things through My request.

I want you to spread the Six Kowtows for people to soon practice everywhere. There is not much time left for Me to see your cooperation, for Me to intervene so that you will encounter fewer disasters, less sufferings in the remaining days of this century. If you allow God to work, if you cooperate, if you trust, then definitely My Heart is the final promise and will triumph over all the things that you will encounter, but it is subject to the condition of whether you believe and follow My teachings or not. You need to prostrate and you must prostrate before God first, and from that prostration, God will allow Me to continue to help the world in the remaining moments of this century.

My beloved children,

If without help from the divine realm, through the grace of God, and if without My help, as well as the help of the saints in heaven, you will not be able to easily survive the terrifying stages in the remaining days of the end of the century, due to the raging, due to the control of evil, ready with the dishonesties, with the killings, with the terrors, with the horrors; these will happen by the masses in today’s century. This is the warning for the remaining days and months. This is the message that I want to send to My children. This is the truth. Things will happen in the remaining days as predicted in the Book of Revelation.

This has been proclaimed to children all over the world, but with a believing heart, with a return in repentance, with all the cooperation and your consensus, certainly, there will be a way. I will have the permission to help you with the remaining days, with the major changes, with the ending as predestined and proclaimed to all the children in the world. I repeat it one more time. Cooperate soon for Me to be able to help you, for Me to be able to do this in the remaining days of the end of the century. Without divine grace, without the assistance of divine grace, without the things that God the Father allows, nothing can prevent the terror, the fright of the tribulations that people will see in the remaining days of the end of the century.

Goodbye children. Goodbye L. You need to try harder to complete the works that God wants you to do. Do not be afraid of all the places that God wants you to go to, and at the places where you have encounters, embrace and be more vigilant, because starting from now to the days ahead, you will see, you will take more pictures, and you will witness many more extraordinary things. God wants to manifest, for mankind to know and to recognize the miracles that will happen, in a very powerful and clear way. Those who do not believe will have to believe, and those who do not return will be afraid, because only God can intervene and can help the soul and the body for all the children in the human race. Return to God. Come back and repent. You must cooperate with each other; you must be united in love, for Me to intervene for you, for Me to help you. Return.

This is My message to all of you, in every role, in every class of society. It is time. Take a good look in all things in the love that God wants, for all of you to be at peace, to help each other return, to love each other, to be united, to share with each other in the moments you need each other in the days of tribulations. Do not let the enemy destroy you. Do not let the enemy encroach upon you. Do not sell your souls to evil in this present time.

This is an opportunity God has brought, to remind and to show you all the love. He had humbled Himself for you to receive all the graces in the remaining days. Do not miss the opportunity for you to receive from His Divine Mercy. There is no other opportunity for you to be saved in the remaining days, for you to have the opportunity to come into a new world. Listen to Me. Return to God by prostrating yourselves and with absolute faith. Repent. Ask for God’s Mercy and for God to give you the opportunity so that in the divine, I will be able to help you, through the cooperation that you can express in your lives, by the worship, by the prostration in front of God.

This is all I want to say today. I hope you understand and that this will be practiced soon, for Me to help and to intervene for you. Remember, your return is not just for the appearances, not just doing things by imitating the brothers, but you need to ask yourselves to return with the heart, to return with the truth, to return with a repentant heart, to return with a desire to change. This will be accepted by God, and you will be saved in the days of tribulations. Through the seals, He will protect and guide you in a special way, with the assistance of the holy angels who will come to help you.

This has never happened before but it is manifested and reminded to humanity today. Be prepared from your spirits to your bodies in this present life. Return, unite, love, take the time to pray, to worship. If you believe then God will manifest for you to know the things that are necessary in life, the most essential things in life. There is nothing that goes against the laws of nature when people use the reasoning of the world in regards to the things that you are experiencing, but if you have faith, your eyes will be opened to see the greatness that God gives to today’s world with the miracles that you are able to receive in this century. Goodbye children.

L.: O Mother, I thank the grace of Mother. I did not know that I would be able to stay home this morning. In the quietness, with no one around, I knelt before the holy statues of God the Father, of Jesus, of Blessed Mother, of St. Joseph and of all the saints, at the small altar at home, along with the picture of the Face of Jesus taken through the Holy Eucharist, and the picture of the Blood of Jesus taken through the Holy Eucharist. I was kneeling here to pray for a message from the Holy Spirit, a message from God, and a message from Mother. Everything was completed at exactly 1 p.m. God has allowed me to receive a message from Him, a message from the Holy Spirit, and a message from Mother. These are also the messages for all the brothers and sisters around the world. Please guide me in the Spirit of God for me to know how to continue with the next steps, and how to accomplish the holy Will of God. In regard to the program, God wants me, as well as the brothers and the sisters who are serving, to have a zealous spirit, to take the time to let God guide us, in the things that we need to do and to serve, in the things that we need to say, and in the things that we need to bring to the other brothers and the other sisters to remind their souls in the remaining days of the end of the century. In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen. I thank the grace of Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.

* In her simplicity, L. sometimes, as here, refers to Jesus as “God.”

** That is, to humanity in general and to the brothers and sisters in Christ in particular

*** This is a God-given spiritual responsibility as a messenger, not a priestly, hierarchical, or administrative responsibility.

**** Before ascending into heaven, Jesus promised, “I am with you always, to the close of the age” (Matthew 28:20). The Eucharistic Jesus will be with mankind until the end of the world.

***** See “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014. It is on

****** After people go to confession, they receive the Eucharist; this is strictly necessary in the case of someone in the state of mortal sin. It is also true for those in the state of grace; that is, they should go to confession frequently because many venial sins will likely lead to a mortal sin if they do not sincerely repent of them on a regular basis.

******* This can refer to those who are not in the state of grace when they receive Holy Communion (which is, objectively speaking, another mortal sin), or perhaps also to those who do not recognize or acknowledge Jesus in the Eucharist when they receive Him. St. Paul teaches: “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of the Lord. Let a man examine himself, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For any one who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment upon himself” (1 Corinthians 11:27-29).

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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