New Revelations through the Eucharist

Listen to Me. Come back to God.


August 24, 2013 – 10:25 a.m.

L.:  O God, God, please allow me to meet Mother, please allow me to meet Mother.

O Mother, every time I am allowed to receive a message from God, God also allowed me to write under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I would like to always have You come to me.

Please Mother, come to us.

Please, come to all the brothers and sisters in the world.

We need You very much in this world, we always need You.

You are the Person Who has sacrificed so much.

You are the Person Who has allowed us to have favors from God.

You are always by God’s side to pray for us, by God’s side to intercede with God the Father to give us more time for us to change our ways, for us to have more time to come back to God, for us to have more time to recognize our mistakes.

You always come to us with Your tears.

You come to us with Your tears of blood.

You come to us at many places.

You do not dwell in Heaven only as the Queen of Heaven.

There have been many witnesses to this.

You have shown us the deep love that You have for mankind.

Beside God, there is only You, Mother.

You understand us.

You teach us how to come closer to God.

You are the one to intercede for us, and if not for Your intervention, we would not have this day.*

O Mother, the sins of mankind are not easy to be forgiven.

Mankind is too cruel.

There are so many evils in this world, with the murder of countless innocent lives, killing each other, fighting for self-interest, from families to societies to nations, all evil. Evil abounds because of the egos of people, because of the greed in their hearts, to please the demands of their flesh. They want money, fame, and so many other things.

Mother, You have taught us from the beginning, to look at You, Who are the Queen of Heaven. You never used force to deal with people, although Your children have caused so many tears, grieving and bleeding to the Second Person of the Trinity.

You stand by His side, accepting the sufferings that Jesus had to endure for mankind, hoping for mankind to come back, hoping for mankind to see the Love from God, through the sufferings, to bring mankind back to Him.

Mankind still does not recognize that. It has been 2,000 years, and we still do not recognize that. The world is still divided.

God has only one teaching.

There is only one truth.

There is only one Father in heaven.

There is only one Mother in heaven.

We do not worship God, we do not praise our Mother, all we do is to fight. For what do we fight? For what in this world do we fight?

We are heading towards the perdition of our souls and bodies. We will end up in hell for our greed, for our evil ways. We have allowed the devil to use us, to manipulate us.

We have violated the commandments of God, we have not listened to Your messages, we have not listened to Your teachings.

Even Your tears have not touched us, even Your tears of blood from Your Heart have not touched us, and now it is the Blood of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, His bones, His flesh bleeding** for mankind to come back to Him, to remind the world to come back to God and to our Mother.

Stop your evil ways.

Stop killing each other.

Stop fighting.

The world is coming to an end.

You are acting without thinking. The world is dominated by the devil, trapped in the nets of the devil, and your souls are heading for hell.

Mother can see that.

God can see that.

God gave mankind the freedom to choose, and mankind is still the same, still killing each other, still fighting, still causing wars, still murdering the innocents, still murdering the unborn, and causing so many sufferings to each other in this hatred.

O how horrendous! O how horrendous!

If we do not listen to Your message, then where will our souls be heading to? And the wrath of God is coming.

God will not be able to wait any longer.

O Mother, I can feel this. You are crying loud in the same way I am crying loud for this world.

Blessed Mother: Children, do not continue in your evil ways.

Stop doing evil.

Stop doing evil.

Every day, countless unborn babies are murdered.

Every day, countless people are being killed by warfare.

There are so many people fighting, from families to societies.

How can God accept these evil ways from His creatures?

Why, children?

Have you not listened to My messages to the world?

Have you not listened to My messages to each of you?

I wish for all of you to come back to the truth, but how many are truly listening, how many are truly practicing?

I can only wait and cry.

L.:  O Mother, what can I do when I can hear this and recognize this? What can I do? Even if I send Your messages, people might not believe. Please give me the strength for me to keep spreading Your messages to the world. Allow Your children who are receiving and listening to Your messages, a devoted life, detached from the earthly temptations, so that we can spread Your messages. The messages come not from me, but from the Holy Spirit, and the messages are given from Mother to all Her children in the world.

Blessed Mother:  Children, I always allow you to recognize your mistakes and to repent.

All of your mistakes, no matter how grave, God will forgive, if you come back with a repentant heart, and you give up your evil ways, to live according to the commandments of God.

To love God, to worship God, to come back to God with your hearts.

Everyone needs to have peace, to have love, to have joy in their lives, whether in families, in societies, or at the workplaces.

Whenever you have the opportunity, treat others with justice.

When you are working, accept the salary paid for your labor.

Do not be greedy.

Do not be jealous.

Do not let your ego and personality lead you, along with the desires of the flesh.

Live in the truth that God gave you, which is the truth in your hearts, to recognize what is righteous and what is evil.

Give up your evil ways.

Stay away from sins.

Learn to become righteous people, to become worthy children whom the Blood of God had redeemed, had purified, from your souls to your bodies, so that you can go to the place that He has arranged for you, the eternal place, where you wish to be.

I have been there. I have seen and I have known. It is a wonderful place, and you can see the Love that God has for mankind. There is no word to describe this place.

I have seen and I wish for the soul of each of My children to be able to go there, to be with Me.

I do not want to see My children fall into the abyss of sins, and getting worse with each passing day.

You deny God.

You refuse God.

You do not acknowledge God.

For this reason, you live in evil, you live in misery, you are led by the devil, who has a grip on your souls, keeping you away from the intervention of God, and keeping you away from listening to My messages.

Everything that L. is able to recognize comes from Me.

It is Me coming to you, children.

It is Me speaking to you, to My children.

You are no longer under one Church.

When I left the world, I left the apostles, and there have been more apostles, up to this day.

I want you to be united in love, in justice, so that you can bring the truth of God to the world.

Because of your ego, you have divided the Church, the Church that God established for you. So, now, there are errors, and teachings that do not conform to the teachings that God gave to mankind.

Destruction comes from mankind.

Because of your freedom, you have done many wrongdoings, in all ranks of society, in every era, and you keep on making mistakes, not recognizing the truth. So today, you end up with these horrible consequences.

God sees everything.

If you do not put an end to your evil ways, then His wrath is at hand, and everything will happen as predestined.

You need to understand this truth.

In these end times there will be events that you cannot imagine, because this is the time of the battle between good and evil.

God leaves to mankind the right to choose, the freedom to do the things that are needed.

So you have seen in the past days, what is happening in each nation, the killings, the sufferings inflicted by mankind to each other that will result in famine, in wars. This is all caused by mankind.

Before God’s chastisement, you are already killing each other, of your own will, under the influence of the devil, blinding you to the truth, blinding you to the righteousness that God brought to redeem mankind. You have forgotten what happened. You have forgotten the fact that God came 2,000 years ago and was killed by mankind. For your sins, He had accepted death and redeemed the world with His Blood.

You still have not recognized this, after all these years, and you continue to commit sins, to follow the ways of the world, fighting for your own interests, and this even happens with the clergy.

What do you gain from all of this, when you are no longer alive, when you have to face God?

Where are your souls heading to, if you still live in such sinful ways?

My beloved children,

I grieve when I speak to you about the things that are going on.

I do not want to see the sufferings.

Mankind is still sinking into the traps of the devil.

I have interceded to God the Father to give you more time, to give you more graces to help you to listen to this message, to listen to the revelations of this era, the messages from Me and from God, for you to see these miracles.

You have to believe.

I have done so many miracles to strengthen your faith, to bring you back, to bring you salvation, to bring you to the Divine Mercy of God.

God promises to help you and to bring you to the eternal place, but you need to come to His Divine Mercy, to be purified, to be sanctified, to be transformed, to be worthy to receive the salvation that God gives to mankind.

My beloved children, in these end times, God has blessed everyone through a leader that He chose for you. Look at the ways this leader acts, the way this leader guides, in the spirit of God, in the spirit that God wants, for everyone to come back to the way they have forgotten. With his humble ways, which this world needs to have to bring you closer to God.

You are not being kept away by knowledge, through empty words, through actions of greed that cause you to lose faith.

But people are distancing themselves from the Church, they are acting against the laws of the Church, they are not recognizing the things that God wants them to recognize, for you to get rid of your ego, of your interests, to truly come to God, with the blessings that God gives to you.

God is the Mighty One.

God can do anything, but He is still holding back His hand.

When mankind is still buried in the mire of sins, He still waits to bring love to conquer you, to bring love through His Cross to come closer to you, to bring the teaching from heaven to you.

I am by His side, to guide you, to be a model for you, to sacrifice in silence, in the hope that one day, you will see and you will recognize the truth. You do not have much time left, to keep making your mistakes.

You need to take a look at what is going on in the world today, to take a look at the invitation from God through His miracles.

I have appeared to you many times, given you many messages.

I want you to come back to God, with all of your hearts.

God will not refuse offers from the heart, when you are coming back with good will, and not because you are forced to do so out of fear, but when you are coming back to the truth, in repentance and believing that God is a tender Father.

If you do so, then you will be able to meet Him, and He will allow you to hear, to see, for you to know that He is intervening for you.

God is present in this world, through the Holy Eucharist, waiting each day for you, giving you the opportunity to come to Him, for Him to cure you, from your souls to your bodies, and to strengthen your faith.

This is the most important thing I want to remind you.

I have come to many places to help you recognize this.

I have cured many diseases in the world.

I am present to meet each of My children.

If you open up your hearts, and you pray the Rosary to ask for My help, I will help you.

God is giving you graces in these end times.

You have to believe.

I have warned you.

War is caused by mankind, but there will be other tribulations such as disasters and other frightful events to purify the good people and the bad people.

You have to face this.

So, I am reminding this world, there has been too much evil, too many sins committed, too many temptations.

I have warned you.

God has given you many graces, which were not mentioned in the Gospel, because these are the end times.

God has warned you of all the predictions as mentioned in the Gospel, and events that were not mentioned in the Gospel, for mankind to see and to recognize.

The invitation of God through His miracles, the miracles that you cannot use your eyes to see but can only be seen with your hearts, are for you to recognize His Will, in every era, to remind everyone to be united. If you are divided, you will be attacked, and you will lose, because you have given the devil the opportunity to lead you and to take hold of your souls. In these remaining days, God wants you to be able to come back to Him, to be able to stand in the truth, to come to righteousness and to see the evil ways that you have lived.

This is the truth.

You have to believe in this truth.

This has never happened in the world before: Jesus coming through the Holy Eucharist to choose a prophet, to give you His messages, to send you His messages. You know that a human cannot do these things, a human does not have the capability to do these things, if not with My help.

Do not be hardened in your hearts.

Open up your hearts to see, to recognize, to receive the graces from God, Who has chosen this place.

He is meeting His children, who have come from all over the world, to come to recognize that God is present through the Holy Eucharist, with messages to the world.

I have also given you revelations, through the messages, for My children to see My love which is always by your side, to always help you, to always teach you what you need to do.

At this moment, you need to come to the Divine Mercy of God.

You need to hold on to His Divine Mercy.

Detach yourselves from the allurements of the world, change your ways of living only to satisfy your own ego.

The clergy should look into the spiritual life of each soul, whom God has been inviting, to help them to come back to the truth, to come back to the good news that God gave to the world and to the Church.

Recognize the things that you need to change, so that you can come back, in unity, under one Church.

God always protects His Church.

I am always by the Church to give My support.

The Church is your Church, so you need to be united, to receive the protection from God, to receive My intercession, then you will be sustained through these end times, till the Second Coming of Christ, and you will not be attacked by the temptations of the world.

You are currently in a situation where you are being divided, because you do not have absolute trust in God.

You have been duped, deceived by the false prophets, deceived by the devil who is using alluring ways to conquer your souls, to chain your souls that are engrossed in the passions and in the pleasures of the world.

God is forever a loving Father, a Father Who always uses loving words to speak to His children, by reminding everyone in all ranks of society, for them to understand.

God wants everyone to come back to the truth, to come back with humility, to come back to face each other, to no longer do evil, and to stop using machines that will lead you to errors if you do not know how to properly use them. These machines have led you away from God, they have caused you to be addicted to them, they have led you into the abyss of sins.

People are passionate about the pleasures of this world, with its modernization, its comfort, its convenience, and people are inclined to satisfy the preferences of others in the world.

I am saying these things, not with the intention for you to stop using what is available to you, but I want to talk about your spiritual life, for you to be able to clearly differentiate between the things that are right, the things that are wrong, the things that are needed for your lives, and the things that you should get rid of, because they tend to lead you astray, because they do not come from God.

Do not be confused.

There could be people working in the service of God, but they could be slaves to certain passions, to certain pleasures, which gradually lead them away from God, and eventually, they end up not being able to recognize right from wrong, and what comes from their ego and what comes from God. This is indeed a frightful thing to behold, because people need to always be able to reason, to be able to clearly see, and if you use your reasoning, then you know that you need to come to God, and you know what God wants, and you know whether you have practiced the teaching of God or not.

Have you denied yourselves?

Have you listened to God’s invitation?

Have you truly loved the brothers and the sisters, to bring them back to God?

To forgive the brothers and the sisters, to help them, to be generous with them, to bring them back to God, to be forgiving, to practice the love that you received from God, to act with love toward others, to act with love for your adversaries, to have charity to bring the brothers and the sisters back.

You need to have trust, always.

You need to pray, always. You need to pray, for everything. You need to pray to God, asking for God’s graces.

I am always by your side to guide you, to help you whenever you ask for help. I never refuse any of My children who come to Me, if what they are asking is reasonable.

You do not know the time.

You do not know the day.

God knows.

This is what I want to say to the world.

I am grieving over the nations that are killing the Christians, the nations that are killing the religious sisters, the priests.

The Church also has certain people who are harming their brothers because they do not believe in God, because they have been led astray, because they are committing sins and abolishing the truth.

God does not see? God does not want to intervene? Is God looking the other way? No, it is not that God does not see or does not want to intervene or is looking the other way, but God just wants to leave to mankind the freedom to choose and to see the extent of the evil that mankind can do.

You are able to see the reason for My messages and for God’s messages to the world.

The world will definitely have to suffer through tribulations before the end comes.

Only faith and trust in God will help people accept the situations.

God will give to each person, in a personal way, according to their faith.

God will have a way to save each person.

God wants people to take a look at their current lives, to see the evil that they do to each other, to understand where this kind of life will lead them.

If you keep on doing evil, where are you going to end up at the end of your lives?

I ask everyone in the world to put an end to doing evil.

These are the people who do not recognize God, who are doing evil, who are using their power to become the ruler of the world, who are using their power to crush innocent people, people who have the right to live a normal life.

You do not treat each other with love.

You continue to kill each other, and when will you stop this killing?

You forget that God is the Mighty One.

You forget that God has power over your lives.

Do you know the time and the day when you will leave this world?

You need to think this over, everyone in the world, whether you are the presidents or anyone in a high position, you cannot keep committing evil, but you need to come back to the truth, otherwise you will end up suffering the consequences of the same evildoing that is being done.

I want to say this to all of you, for you to see right from wrong, for you to stop killing innocent people.

For each of your actions you will have to pay a price, by the decision that you make as an individual, as a society, as a nation.

If you reap evil, then you will harvest evil, and even in more horrible ways. This is the law of nature. This is the result of not having faith in God. You will end up with evil for the evil that you do.

But if you stop doing evil, if you come back to God with a repentant heart, to ask for His forgiveness, then you will receive sanctification from God, you will receive forgiveness from God, because of His Divine Mercy, Who is present in the world, Who is working in the world to allow people to start a life.

They have to come to the Divine Mercy, to have salvation and forgiveness, to be worthy of the gift that God gives to mankind, the eternal life that I always want everyone to recognize.

My children, listen to your Mother, and come back to God.

There is already a banquet waiting for you, waiting for you to come back.

Take a look at your lives, come to God, pray to His Divine Mercy, ask God to forgive you, to purify you, to make you worthy to receive the graces that God is giving to you, to receive salvation from God.

I am inviting the whole world to strengthen its faith.

God is coming to you, for you to recognize the signs that God is truly present, through the Blood that is constantly bleeding for the truth.

God brings you back through His love, with the Blood that He had shed to redeem mankind, to redeem each soul.

Listen to Me.

Come back to God.

Come to meet God through the Holy Eucharist.

With faith, you will receive the graces, the gifts that God is giving in these end times.

For those of you who are living in sins, reconcile with God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for you to see yourselves, for you to receive forgiveness from God, so that you can receive His Body and Blood, to nourish your souls, to nourish your bodies, to nourish your spirit, to receive the intervention and protection from God, to receive the miracle that God is working in these end times.

I want the priests to spend time for confessions, and to always give the opportunity to the people who are living in sins to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

I wish for the priests to use the knowledge learned from the Church, from the Gospel, with your hearts, with love, whenever you face a sinner, whenever you face a person, when they come with their hearts, to reconcile with God.

This is very important for this world, to help the people to have the strength to come back to God.

My priests, listen to My words:

Be diligent. Spend time to hear confessions, waiting for the children of God to come back. Use words from your hearts and from God, working in you, to absolve people who were lost, who are coming back to God, to help them reconcile with God, to help them have the confidence to come closer to God. This is My message to the world, to the priests, to the Church hierarchy.

Time is running out.

You have seen the possibilities of wars, you have seen the results of the kind of weapons used.

Think about the consequences, if you keep living in hatred, in you keep fighting, if you keep competing to be the ruler, if you do not believe in God, if you do not ask for His intervention, then who will be able to survive the wars, with nuclear weapons, and will you be able to avoid the diseases from these wars?

My beloved children, this world needs prayers.

The righteous people need to pray for those living in sins, and need to do the things that God wants on behalf of those living in sins.

I wish for you to pray the Rosary constantly, to pray for the world on the outbreak of wars that will spread to many nations.

The killings of countless people and the plans to kill more are indeed horrendous and hideous.

They kill each other, before God’s coming.

If you do not rely on the intervention of God, if you do not pray, then how are you going to be able to receive the blessings from God?

Only God has the power to intervene in the events that are happening to you.

This is My message to the world, the message that L. is receiving today. I want you to send this message as soon as possible to the brothers and the sisters in the world, for them to listen to, for the truth to spread, for My message to reach My children.

I hope that your ears will hear, that your eyes will read and see, that your hearts will feel and recognize the events that are happening.

My message is to help teach you regarding your ego, your personality, and for you to spread this message to others, to give them the good news, that God has chosen you, to dedicate yourselves to the mission, to bring this message to the world, to help bring the souls of the brothers and the sisters back to God, with the invitation from God and from Myself.

This is the mission that I wish for L. to accomplish, in these end times, to bring this message to My children. L., do not be afraid. There is more to come, after all the accomplishments in the past months. Be strong in the work for which God has chosen you, and in the work that I want you to do for the world.

May My peace be with all of you.

I love you very much.

Goodbye My children.


* The Catholic doctrine of Our Lady as Mediatrix of All Graces teaches us that all graces that God gives come through Her to us. This most profound union between Her and God make this sentence in this message understandable. Another element that may be present is that the days in which we are now living would not be as they are were it not for the extraordinary mitigation of God’s Justice that Our Lady has obtained for humanity. These things must be said because in these messages, when L. speaks it is under the influence of the Holy Spirit; L.’s words are inspired.

** This refers to the Eucharistic miracles L. has witnessed (see, for example, some that L. has taken photos or videos of on this Web site) as well as others, especially perhaps the recent documented one in Mexico.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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