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Presentation of Mary

November 21, 2013 – Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary7:14 p.m.

Blessed Mother: My beloved L.,

Today is a day when I remember everything of My childhood, and I thank you for remembering this day.  I can see your anxious heart and your wish to ask God to allow you to receive the words that I want to say to you this afternoon, on this memorial day of My presentation to the Temple (1), in the days when I was on earth, and at a very young age.

My beloved L., I remember, I was about three-years-old, and Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, My parents, had already made the promise to consecrate Me to the Temple while I was still unborn.  So I was consecrated at an age that nowadays, is considered as way too young, an age that still needed the embrace of a father, an age that still needed the embrace of a mother, and an age that still needed to be cuddled daily.  But at that period of My time, it was a time of tradition, a time of discipline, where faith had to conform with the laws of society, so when you read the history about My consecration, I was at an age that was too young to be consecrated to the Temple. (2) These things were foretold to Saint Anne, by the grace of God, with the collaboration of Saint Joachim, who already knew when Saint Anne was pregnant with Me, that everything was arranged and planned by God – these miraculous signs that God had given to My family and to Myself. 

I was consecrated at an age that in this era, you consider as very young, and I was physically young and needed to be taken care of by My parents, but I had the protection from the Holy Spirit, and I also had the guidance from the Holy Spirit, so My parents offered Me to the Temple, under the care of this elder person, who was the person who taught Me to live a life of faith, who taught Me the commandments of God. The family of a consecrated person to the Temple had to have a clear understanding of the laws at that time, to be able to obey the laws of consecration to God, including in the case of a consecrated child. I was a chosen person, so I was consecrated to the Temple at a very young age.  A consecrated life in the Temple had to go through a training, similar to the training to become a nun, and the Temple, which I was consecrated into, was a Temple for the nobles, a Temple for the people who were rich at that time, to learn about virtues and righteousness, to learn how to live a life of practice, through actions, to learn how to live a life with the knowledge of the commandments of God.  

As for Me, God had taken care of Me, God had blessed Me with many blessings since infancy, and I truly had matured, not in the same way as the other people at the same age. I was very brave, I was perseverant, and it was as if in every situation that I faced, there was the Holy Spirit by My side to guide Me.  My decisions were very clear and firm for My age. I was trained for a life living in quietness, in meditation, in learning, and I accomplished My duties, though small ones, and though at a very young age, but My schedule and My program were followed as arranged, neatly planned.  It was demanding, and the practices were many, the physical practices, and the practices for the spiritual life.

My beloved children, there were so many details, I had lived for many years in the Temple, and I grew up as the others, but not everyone was the same, because a life of faith was blessed by God, to be able to recognize, with faith in the heart, and even the actions, the works, all have benevolence and holiness, through the divine guidance which I recognized.

My beloved children, at that time, in the age in which I grew up, coming into the age of reason at 7-years-old, and at 10-years-old I was mature enough to understand the life in the Temple, about what I needed to do, about My duties. I understood that I needed to be patient and understanding in a communal life, to have perseverance, and especially to have humility. I understood the things that I needed to do, the things that I needed to do to help the brothers and sisters. I always knew of ways to help, because God had chosen Me, God had taught Me, through the Holy Spirit, to have a heart looking out for the other brothers and sisters; in a spirit of humble service, to put into practice through actions rather than through words, and not in the way of today’s people, who always have a way to show off, always bragging, and always proud of themselves.

In My time, I was blessed by the Holy Spirit, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, whom God had given to Me, I was able to put into practice the teachings from God, but there were the brothers and sisters in the same age group, who were not able to study, to understand, to recognize.  My life on earth was not much different from yours. There were times when I was subjected to the jealousy of others, when I was falsely accused and insulted. I just kept My silence. God had given Me a spirit of resignation, and to always pray, especially to have a generous heart, to live for others and to serve with devotion, with My Heart.

At that time, everyone was looking for Jesus to come into the world or for God to come into the world, so for any female born at that time, then any of them could have received the blessings. Everything had been planned by God, but for the people at that time, people were thinking in their human limitations. In My Heart, I truly never thought that I would become the Mother of God, that I would be the chosen one. I only wished to be of service in the Temple. I wanted to consecrate My life to God, not thinking of having a family, not meeting any male in My life. I only wanted to serve, in silence, devoted to God. 

In My life, I had met God several times, God had given Me certain visions in which I had received words from God the Father. God the Father had allowed Me to see these visions of heaven in My young age. Everything that God had given to Me had helped Me through the stages of life, through the challenges. I could recognize these blessings in My soul, in silence, and they were private, to be known only to Me. During all the time I was at the Temple, there were also others around the same age who were jealous of Me, seeing My devotion to My duties, and there were those who were jealous of Me, because I was different than the rest, for I simply wanted to serve in silence.

In every situation, in every era, in every class of society, as a human being, we all have to face challenges, we all have to face difficulties, but every person has a private life that we have to detect. The religious people have to face their problems, the consecrated people have to face their problems, every family has to deal with their problems, but every person has their own blessings from God. As for Me, God had arranged and planned everything for Me. I did not know of anything besides the things that God sent for Me. In every stage, in every situation, God guided Me through the Holy Spirit, to help Me through the challenges in My time of service to God. I was able to recognize all these things from God at a young age. I also recognized that God was in Me, that God was in all the brothers and sisters, that God was among mankind. I was able to feel the Love of God, the confidence of God in Me, and I treasured His Love. I always revered Him, with Love.  I always treasured everything in life that I felt coming from God, and the Holy Spirit, by My side, was guiding Me.  In those days on earth, though I was young, when I saw the others, I loved them, and I helped them with all My Heart. I wanted so much for them to recognize God, to learn for themselves how to deal with their problems, their sufferings, for them to face every situation, no matter how challenging.  

We need to conquer the challenges in life, with everything that God has given to us, the patience, the resignation, whether it be a small issue or a big issue, whether it be victory or failure, whether with the love or hate from others, we only need to believe that God always has a way to help us and will not give us something that is too heavy for us to bear.  So in everything, God had planned for everyone, but each person has a different way of understanding the Love that God has for each of His children in the world. I just want to share this with you, that God loves each of you. This Love from God does not exclude anyone. God gives you the ability to bear sufferings, to recognize them as a way for you to learn, in holiness, in perseverance, in humility, which we need to have in life, especially for the women, who need to have a deeper practice, to deal with every situation.

During the time in the Temple, I had experienced and had to overcome the problems brought upon by the others, the false accusations, the sufferings they caused Me.  At times, witnessing the way they acted towards Me, I shed tears, for they had not recognized God, for they had not understood the life of consecration in the Temple, a life of duty and responsibility as children of God. They only came to the Temple to be trained to become noble people, to learn of the ways of the world, and as for their spiritual lives, only a few were able to experience that. I only knew that I never wanted to think ill of anyone, even if they had hurt Me. I understood that everything that God sent to Me were the challenges that I had to conquer, that I had to overcome, that I had to face while I was in the Temple. God saw the problems I had to face in those days, so He protected Me.   

The things that I had revealed in The Mystical City of God, they were very clear and detailed, for God had allowed a nun to write that book.  If you want to know more about My life, from infancy to the time I grew into adulthood and said yes to God, for the plan of God to be clearly executed, through the birth of Jesus Christ, coming into the world, then read about it all in The Mystical City of God. In this world, there are many who have rejected The Mystical City of God as the truth, but that book described all My life, from a young age to adulthood. Jesus had lived on earth, had suffered His Passion and had died.  He had left so much of the history in the Gospel. (3)

Today, I want L., as well as all the brothers and sisters, to spend time to praise God every Thursday. You have to come every Thursday, along with the brothers and sisters, together, to praise and extol God.  And to also remember the day that I consecrated Myself to the Temple, to remember My revelations to you. I want to remind you that in the life of each person, there should always be patience, that whenever you worship God, you need to listen to His voice. You have to accept, and always accept with total trust, then you will be able to overcome the challenges in your lives, because when you are able to overcome the problems in life, it is by the grace of God, to teach you to be humble, to teach you to be calm, to teach you to be peaceful, to teach you things that are beneficial to your souls, for you to have a firm faith, that no one can take away – your faith in God, your love for God and the love of God for the children who know how to listen and to obey the Divine Will of God.

You have heard His statutes, you have heard His commandments, you have heard about His blessings in the life of each person, so in each of your callings, there are good things in your lives that you need to discover, for you to conquer all the problems in life.  There is nothing you cannot do. By yourselves, you will not be able to, but you will be able to when you act with trust in God, when you act with prayers to God, when you act with your hearts united in the Love that God has for you, that God has for mankind, that God has for all the brothers and sisters you have the opportunity to meet in this world. Love these brothers and sisters, be patient with them.

Trust in the Love of God, pray unceasingly, pray for the grace of God to be in your hearts, to be with you in every situation, in every phase, and in every class that you encounter in life, for God to be the One to guide you, and for the Love of God to be the answer to help resolve all your problems and sufferings.  When you overcome those situations, those are your triumphs in this world, for you and the brothers and sisters to believe in love, for you to continue to deal with the new phases in life. God will lead you and His Holy Spirit will guide you to live in the truth, to live according to the truth that God had given to the world. 

My era was the same; we received the blessings from God, and it was up to our decisions, our perseverance and our faith to conquer all situations in life. With a heart loving God, worshipping God, trusting in God, everything will happen, but in calmness, and there will be a strength that will help us to triumph over all situations.  Remember to pray in silence and in humility, to accept everything that comes your way, whether joy or sadness, whether victory or failure, whether suffering or sickness, accept them all and they will turn out to be a triumph for your souls.  Recognize the graces from God, that will help you in all situations, that will help you overcome every challenge, and you will be able to recognize the love that you receive in the graces that God gives to all of His children in this world. I am by His side to pray for all of you.  I am teaching you in your lives of service. Listen and obey the Divine Will of God. In all situations, be calm, pray, and listen to the truth.  Offer up and trust in God for every deed that you do, for all the fears that you have, and you will be able to feel in your hearts the truth that God always has the Holy Spirit guiding you in every situation and at all times.

This is My message today.  I pray that the peace of God always protects you and I am sending you My peace, especially today. I always pray to God to give you abundant graces, for you to continue to be a messenger, that through you, God will send His messages to the world, and through you, I am sending My messages, sharing with My children, for them to find their way back to Me, for them to recognize the Presence of God, working through the Holy Eucharist.

I am also reminding all of you to come to the Divine Mercy of God, to visit Him through the Holy Eucharist.  Reconcile with God to be able to attend Mass worthily, in the purity that each of you need to have in life.  I also wish for all of you to pray the Rosary, because the Rosary is the divine protection in the life of each person, and is the armor for you to wear daily to avoid the infernal attacks. For all the encounters in this world, the Rosary is the weapon that I give to you in this world to protect you. Have faith, do not despair; for everything that happens to you, be devoted in your prayers, and pray the Rosary. I will not leave you alone to deal with your sufferings; I will support you, and I will guide you. You will have Me by your side to guide you; you will not have fear, with Me by your side, and you will not leave empty-handed when you pray and come to Me.

This is My message today. I wish for you, L., to continue to grow and to be more steadfast, in all of My teachings to you, for the past days, and today. I will continue to teach you, for you to learn, for you to become stronger each day, for you to mature, and to grow in the Love that God has for you, and in the work that God has chosen for you; that through you, God sends His messages to all the brothers and sisters. Have faith, have trust, and have love for God, in everything that you do. Love your brothers and sisters, help them with heart, from God loving you. With the Love that God has for you, share this love with the brothers, the brothers who are looking for you, to hear the messages from God.  If there is anything that you are still not sure of, do not be afraid; trust in God for everything.  The people who are chosen by God always have the Holy Spirit to guide them and to show them the works. Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, everything is in the plan that God has for His children, in the blessings that they have received, in the grace of being the prophets, in the grace of receiving the revelations, to be the messengers of the Good News and of the messages to the whole world. 

One more time, may My peace be with all of My children in the whole world.

I love you very much.

Goodbye children.



  1. Mary, from this time on, was a “Temple Virgin”; that is, a young girl admitted to live within the Temple in Jerusalem with other young maidens to advance in virtue and the things of the Lord until the time of marriage (Cf. Venerable Mary of Agreda’s The Mystical City of God, Book 2, Chapter 1; this is the only unique work recommended in this private revelation). This is an important point for Mariology, because, due to her extensive instruction in Judaism and especially Scripture, She understood, with great intellect (it was not “darkened” as ours was by original sin) and sublime understanding, exactly who Jesus was and Her role regarding Him when the Archangel Gabriel spoke at the Annunciation. Her “Fiat,” therefore, was not unlike that of her Son: She said yes, understanding the basics of all that this would entail.
  2. Apparently, through divine intervention, She was able to become a Temple Virgin even though this was not allowable under normal circumstances.
  3. The last two sentences refer to the parts of The Mystical City of God that refer to Jesus. As such this work is part of a fulfillment of John 20:30 and John 21:25 – “But there are also many other things which Jesus did; were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.”  

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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