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I Bestow upon the Hearts of Those Who Truly Repent


img_0125June 15, 2014 – Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Lucia.: O God, I just completed reporting the inspired words received from the Holy Spirit, the words we asked from God, on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. Today, I ask also to receive a message from God on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity; there are still so many things we are waiting to do, according to the Holy Will of God, through the arrangement of each message God gives to me and to the brothers and sisters who serve. It is even more significant for the brothers and sisters all over the world to be able to hear the messages and teachings given by the Holy Spirit through Jesus, through the Holy Eucharist (1), revealed to the children around the world. At this moment, I ask to receive a message from God, addressed to me as well as to the brothers and sisters, on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

God the Father: My beloved Lucia.,

Today, there are many things I allow, for you to open wide the eyes of faith, with what you see, with what you practice, and even with the words reported in the last hours. That is what I want all the children in the world today to recognize: what God already gave and decided to give to the children, when they bear the duty and responsibility to recognize what they must receive, what they must seek to understand, what they must bear witness to, which is present, which I am doing and giving to this generation.

My beloved Lucia., I know the longings in your heart; you want to meet to ask to receive the words today; you want to ask to understand the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Regarding the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, there is something I want to let the whole world know – that the works of God include certain things that are beyond the limitations of mankind; if there is no permission given then no one can understand and can explain. Even if I explain it and give it to you, with your limitations remaining within the realm of the earthly world, within the scope of the human understanding, you still cannot fully and clearly comprehend all the deeds I have done, am doing, and will continue to give to you. You can put an end to everything you seek to learn, to receive, because you clearly know with time, with everything I already manifested to the human world.

My beloved children,

Everything you know is something the Church already reminded about; as is normal, the stories, the explanations of the mysteries (2). I am God; I created everything in the human world, I created everything at the very first moment, at the beginning. You heard and you learned from the pages of history; I just want mankind to know that with each Person, everything can be realized, which I just want to manifest to the children when they really understand and recognize the signs.

My beloved children, you already know I am the Supreme Being of love; it is indeed because of that love that I created the human world and I gave it the vitality of life. In everything that I offered, though I did feel disappointed with mankind right from the first moment, that was not something for Me to destroy and punish mankind; I want mankind to truly have a heart, a heart I create, a heart that I desire knows how to love, how to be conscious, how to differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil, in the freedom that I want the heart of each person to have – to fully comprehend their works and their actions. The plans I make are entirely within a program you cannot comprehend. You do know the roles that when I give to the earthly world, I want to save the souls of those who are in the world; I want to bring all of you, from the earthly place of sins, and give you the opportunity to return to the eternal, heavenly kingdom where I am ruling, where I am reigning, bestowing upon you, giving you time, appointing the upcoming events that you will encounter.

Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity; you just need to know that what you are hearing and are receiving come from a God who bestows upon the earthly world the things you currently have and understand, through the love with which I offered My Only Son to the human world. His deeds, His practices, are to teach mankind, to change an entire, sinful world that manages you from the decisions you made in your freedom. You still have the right to boldly step out and to make the decision not to commit all the sins and deal with all the matters people are experiencing in the present. Every century that has gone by has its own history, each era has certain matters you need to know – through the kings, through the citizens, through the eras, they just live in the realities of the earthly world. I bestow upon you, I support you and I want to let you be free because I always look for the heart and the free will of the heart coming to Me, recognizing Me, listening to what I give through My Only Son to realize in the world.

I continue to let you see the roles, to be close, to receive countless things from the doctrine given by God, the truth of heaven, for you to practice, to open up and to be aware of the ways in life when you recognize God. The works that still remain in the world today are from the Holy Spirit, who continues in His role to give you knowledge, understanding, wisdom, decisions, and the ways in life when people follow the doctrine, when they understand the doctrine and know the truth of God. So today, regarding all things no one can understand yet, I still have not manifested everything that you want to know and need to know. I just want to let you know that I am God; in the matters that I decide, in the works that I do, I already gave in appropriate ways to the human world through the ages for you to receive an abundance of divine blessings, of things that you need to learn, that you need to look into, that you need to know, of the theology you learn to understand the boundless graces I bestowed, the creation I accomplished for mankind: I created earth, I created the universe. You live in this time period, in a civilized age, but indeed, you have not yet sought to understand what I bestowed and gave to the earthly world right from the first moment; this ended because of sins, because of haughtiness, because of arrogance, because you live in pride, relying on your own strength, on your own understanding and all the human limitations; this was shut close because of your refusal to believe in God, to open up to see the daily miracles – the closeness I pour down daily, the providence I arrange for you.

I just want you to walk on the path of justice and embrace the truth, for you to understand more about everything I already gave in the world; otherwise, how can you understand the countless graces I already gave and poured down abundantly, not to mention the mystery and the miracle of God? I already gave you the greatest treasures in the earthly world but you have not yet sought to understand, you have not yet clearly understood with what was already given, let alone requesting to understand and to know a mystery of God. So with everything in life, if you can look at what was reasonable and created for mankind – bringing love, unity, affection, good things for the life of the soul, of the body – then continue to practice and to learn. As for what remains limited, then let it be, because the works of God – at the right moment, at the right time – will spontaneously happen, supernaturally. If I give the permission, then everything will be realized.

I already gave, I already bestowed, but mankind still has not yet fully utilized, still has not yet fully understood, and still has not yet fully recognized in the simplest works the blessings I poured upon this generation. Extraordinary and incredible works were realized through the little and humble people, but you do not recognize, you still do not fully understand, you still cannot find, so how can you have other reasons to learn about the sublime mysteries that you seek?

Today, I just want to manifest for you to seek and know that I am God, the God of mankind, the God of the whole universe, of the entire world, and God in Heaven. In everything that I realize, in all the works that I do, if I really look at the sins of mankind, at their offenses, at their imperfections, then the human world would not exist to this day. I want to let people learn of a doctrine, an everlasting doctrine in which I agree to bring all of you back to the heavenly kingdom, which is an immense place I already prepared, for all the souls, for all the people who really deserve to enter into that place.

Before that happens, I allowed you to see what I realize in the human world through Jesus, My Only Son, who worked in the world for 33 years. What was done and encountered in the world, with the children in the world, with all of you? What was brought was love, the things to teach you; being close to you, teaching you about the truth, for you to see the sacrifice, the patience – bestowing upon you the extraordinary and marvelous things through the miracles that cannot be explained. Those are things that still cannot be explained; those are things that still cannot be figured out, let alone demanding and seeking the mysteries of God. What you seek to understand and what you recognize remains under the guidance of the Holy Spirit; that love continues to be close to you when you are still mired in sin, when you still live a life not recognizing God, when you still remain in an unstable life, when you still live in the human world, belonging to things that come from the ego, from the personality, from the wickedness of sin, in a world where only the truth can bring reformation, can rescue the hearts that listen, with the words you agree to practice, with everything through which you can recognize the truth, in order to live for the truth, in order to persevere with everything that you can keep in a life bringing the truth to mankind.

All classes and all roles will be taught with what is given and left in the book of laws, in the Gospel, in everything you heard right from the first time period until the time period of the remaining days. I appeared and brought to the earthly world countless things that you heard, countless things that you saw; My Son, Jesus, continued to give in the days still on earth. This goes on today with the Holy Spirit who is still active and working; the existence of divine things remains and is present in the world, with the extraordinary and marvelous things in this time period which you are able to receive. Finish with the points you recognize in your human limitations in order for you to know that I am a God of Love; I am a God of justice, of truth, and of righteousness, and I am a God who wants all the children to recognize the salvation of Jesus who once came into the earthly world. I am also a Holy Spirit (3) who is active and working in every generation, in today’s generation, for you to continue to receive the guidance from the Holy Spirit Himself, with the things He is bestowing, and He continues to remain with you.

The things you receive, in holiness, on the path of righteousness, are the decrees I gave to the world so that in the ranks of the Church, all of My children continue to spread the Good News, continue to uphold everything you must know regarding the Supreme Being who is God, with the step by step process (4) to know the meaning of the Persons whom you need to seek to understand, the meaning of a religion, the meaning of God whom you need to return to, whom you need to worship, whom you need to embrace with heart, with soul – and not a religion that you look for in the human world to set up to worship. What you did grieved My Heart and caused My Son’s Heart to bleed every day because the human world did not recognize and did not know the things God bestowed upon the earth, the extremely sublime gifts that you still have not yet discovered, that you still have not yet sought to understand, let alone the extraordinary, marvelous works that are God’s mysteries.

Everything is still like a page not yet opened to, so live the life that I want to bring to you in the present. Return and repent. Children in all classes, in all social ranks: look into what is left in the Gospel – what are the laws, what are the commandments, what is the Good News to lead people into an eternal life after death; to live a meaningful life in the present, with joy and peace in the world, so that goodness continues to spread with the righteous people and for goodness to convert the people who are living in crimes, the people who are living in sins, the people who are denying God, the people who never knew and tasted what I bestowed and bestow.

So those are things that are the most needed through the people who have the duties and the responsibilities, and are most essential through the laity and the children who, as the children of God, must know everything that I desire in this generation in order to bring mankind back to be prepared for the remaining days of the end of the century. I cannot heartlessly cause certain things to happen, but if you do not return, if you do not make it within the time period I allow, then all things must come to a resolution. If there was a beginning with the creation of the first days then there will also be a conclusion of the remaining days, in order to have a new world, a new world where I want to meet mankind, a new world where I want to interact with My sons and My daughters; a world that only brings love, a world in peace, a world in unity, a world that worships only one God – forever and ever – unlike today’s generation that already lasted many thousands of years.

That wait and that anguish continue in the Holy Eucharist; Jesus endures and continues to give countless things so that mankind may receive and recognize the God of Love. God gives them the opportunity, God looks for sinners to return, God gives mankind hope and continues to give, but mankind is still engrossed and absorbed in the darkness of sin, still gives the darkness the opportunity to work, and still leaves openings for evil to rage in today’s world. There were and there are righteous people as well as sinners; the righteous will enjoy heaven; they are the ones whom I do not want to let fall into the same state as the sinners who are raging in the world today. Everything will come to a time when you definitely must return, must stand up, must recognize between good and evil, must recognize the light, must reject all the darkness that covers and surrounds you so that your lives end up with the place assigned.

Everything happens in fairness so what is realized in the earthly world is also a sign of the days in which you receive from an eternal heavenly world; in this way, all things are heard and received in today’s century – all the new revelations are given to the entire world. Each one of you, each individual, each soul, can spend moments to meditate, moments to learn to recognize what you need, what your souls mostly need for you to look into rectifying everything that must be known. Allow your souls moments of rest, moments to look back, moments to stand up and rise up – to recognize the light, to recognize the Good News, to recognize the love in the remaining days, which I remind the entire world, on this Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, for – you to understand and recognize that what I bestow upon you in this generation continues with the invitation from Jesus through the Divine Mercy.

It is the invitation and the offer for you to rectify the life of faith, to rectify the mistakes in life, to rectify what you differentiate between good and evil in order for you to take the right path that I give to you in the remaining days, to prepare for everything that will come. What is happening is the start of the remaining days of the end of the century, which, if you do not believe in God, with your human strength, you will not be able to do anything and you will not be able to cope with all the things that will happen to you. I want you to reinforce your faith right now – to recognize that God is truly alive, that God is reigning, that God is giving you the opportunity to meet Him and to rectify your life of faith. Live in justice and truth so that with anything that happens you are also ready to contend with all the challenges you must face, the ordeals you must face; to overcome the battles of the last days that every person must face. Remember the things I give you to receive on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity today. My peace be with all of you.

Continue with the messengers and the prophets I send to help you recognize the love, the salvation, and the invitation to return to justice, to the truth, and to righteousness. Remember, what causes ponderings and misunderstandings, and causes you to end up with the ways of human thinking, are things that cause so much confusion in this generation, especially in regard to worship, especially in regard to what I care to give through the Holy Eucharist today. Remember, return to the holy blessings I already bestowed and continued to pour down upon you; I use the little, simple people to speak the truths which you must pay attention to, which you must seek to understand, which you must proclaim to the children in the world, especially to the Christians who are the children of God but have forgotten in their lives; either they know their duties and responsibilities or they have followed the ways of the world.

Return, repent; come to the Divine Mercy to recognize the conversion I bestow upon all the children in the world today, for you to be transformed and to be sanctified through the grace I bestow upon the hearts of those who truly repent, who are really looking to return, who really long for and who really want to change and become righteous people. I bring countless things to this generation through the miracles, through the healings, for you to retain so that at the moments of encounters, you will never again commit in your lives those sins controlled by the darkness that you must endure in these days. These are all the matters I want to bring and remind to this generation. My peace be with all of you.

Lucia.: O God – I thank God’s grace, the things that God gives to us, the words He continues to remind, the words received on the Feast of the Trinity, because in all things only God is the Supreme Being who knows; only God is the Supreme Being who decides; only God is the Supreme Being who gives, the Supreme Being who allows us to have a profound understanding and to know the meaning of the mysteries, of the miracles. God allows us to recognize the greatest treasures on earth, but mankind – because of arrogance, because of complacency, because people are not walking in the right ways of God – is thus not able to recognize them yet. There still are countless things God gives to the world for us to avoid being controlled by the evil that rages, in sins, in crimes, which makes us blind, which makes us commit sins, which makes us offend God.

We live in a world without trust, without entrustment, and without recognizing a Supreme Being of love, without recognizing a Savior, without recognizing a Holy Spirit who always supports and helps us, for us to not live in a world of indulgence and without belief, because that will cause us to continue to live in indifference, in stubbornness, with the ego and matters that we do not seek in order to have a deeper and clearer understanding in a life of faith. Today we hear and we receive the teachings from God for us to live more meaningfully, through the words that we understand, to learn how to spend time and how to make the decision to repent of our ego. God wants to teach us to love, to forgive, and countless things so that we may practice and learn in order to live as a child of God, as a Christian, as the people whom the Church always reminds and teaches, through the Good News, through the teachings – individually, collectively, as a child of God – to live with the knowledge of the truth, of righteousness; to know the truth that God wants for each one of us in the present.

At this moment, I would like to represent all the brothers and sisters around the world, everyone who listens, all the brothers and sisters who quietly serve in the last few days; let us continue with the role that God wants, for each one of us to continue to bring God’s words, to continue to bring what God reminds to all the children of God – in every class, in every role – for them to recognize the Presence of God through the Eucharist, with God’s permission for this generation to receive more abundantly from the gifts God bestows upon us in the present, to lead us back, for us to receive the consolation and especially for us to have peace and happiness in the days we are still on earth. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I thank the grace of God, I praise God, and I glorify God. Lucia completed at exactly 8:19 on Sunday, June 15, 2014, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the holy statue of the Sacred Heart, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Theresa, the holy statue of St. Juan Diego, where Lucia just received a message from God. God, please enlighten me and lead me, through the Holy Spirit, for me to know what to do with this message and how to spread this according to God’s Holy Will. God, please support me, support the brothers and sisters who together lend a hand to finish all the messages that God gives to the world in general and to each person in particular. I thank God’s grace; I praise God and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


*The messenger, Lucia, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. Lucia leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Lucia receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives Lucia messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  


  1. This sums up, in general, the means heaven has brought all the messages through Lucia.: “through the Eucharist” – hence the name of the website: New Revelations through the Eucharist. This private revelation focuses on the Eucharist, Divine Mercy, and the critical times in which we are living.
  2. The Scripture quotes and the teaching of the Church (as well as Catholic saints and scholars) on the Trinity over the centuries
  3. The inner workings of the Trinity will never be fully understood, especially here on earth with our limited intellect, darkened since the Fall.
  4. Despite some coincidental language, this sentence does not refer to the 12-Step Program.


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