New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Six Kowtows to Be Spread over the Entire World

November 15, 2015  (1)

L.: O God, the words just received, the words inspired by the Holy Spirit, the words I received directly (2): those words were brought to the world, those words testified to things we saw and heard; we had the opportunity to convey all the messages God gave to humanity in general, and to me in particular, as well as to the brothers and sisters in the group. In the past days and months, in silence, each one of us fulfilled our duties to complete the program and the mission in which we bore witness to the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist, bringing the reminders Jesus reserved for humanity and the reminders by holy Mother Mary to humanity today, together with all the saints, who came and gave a message, for the children in the world – the descendants – to hear, by the power of God, who accepted and allowed countless graces that already happened and are happening in an extraordinary and marvelous way. Today humanity recognizes that these graces come especially from the truth; these come from God, in the miracle that still exists and is still in our midst in today’s world. I would like to stop now to receive the words from God this evening.

Father: L., M.N., M., My three beloved children,

Today the eyes have seen and the ears have heard all that you encountered (3); though extraordinary and unimaginable works – My works are nevertheless close to you and in your midst, so My works each day are more visible through you, within you, and upon you: to witness, to practice, and to spread to this day.

My beloved children, today I am truly very sad. There are many things you are able to feel; I come looking for you, I come looking for the simple hearts; the hearts that give Me a source of consolation in the world – where there are children, though unable to do big things, yet in sentiment and silence and things, they are like little children who always gather around Me. Today, there are so many matters weighing on My Heart, so many things that people have become stubborn, indifferent about; they do not even pay attention to the important occurrences which they need to change, to keep away from, and to make the decisions so as not to fall into the crimes that today continue raging all over the world. There is the wail of the righteous, the wail demanding justice when they die unexpectedly; the things they request at the price of blood, when people eradicated one another with ways that today you have seen – the chaotic and evil things that people simply do not to consider as errors with conscience, or errors with fairness; people only know to carry out and complete the mission, and continue with the crimesin wretchedness, in suffering – causing upheavals among the brothers, among the nations, and continue creating so many. Today I can see mankind – seeing from the children, the sons, the daughters, who have completely denied and did not even know about the God who loves them and gives them countless opportunities for them to be worthy in life.

I greatly need hearts, I greatly need sincere hearts, I greatly need undivided hearts with which you completely and totally come to serve and to seek Me in a sincere way, with so many silent sacrifices to fulfill the responsibilities. Even though the works you did were little, yet that is also a strength; you need to experience those little works, need to experience through those learning phases, need to experience through all the challenges in life – in your works, in all circumstances you face so that you are resolute to choose a path; choosing a path on which you must forgive people, forgive yourselves, and forgive all the unintentional and deliberate acts of those who offend you.

It is even more heartbreaking when people despise and eliminate the doctrine that existed and exists; those are things which I always feel sorrow for, forever feel sorrow for, and still wait for you until this day. There have been so many challenges, so many events experienced in the life of each person; do you still not realize what the truth is, what it is that you need in your lives? There are many chaotic events in today’s world; these are things that need to happen and must happen, because what does not come from the truth, what does not come from the God who allows, what does not come from the God who is ready to grant to mankind – the things that you do not believe in, that you forsake, that you refuse – then it is an answer brought about by your actions, brought about by all chosen things in a life in which you already knew many holy works, the works that need to be brought to the world, the works that must be completed upon each individual, because only I, through you, bring hope to the world.

You are the pioneers, the people who carry on your shoulders the responsibilities, not exclusively for yourselves, not for your families, but carry a responsibility to proclaim in order to help the souls of the children and of the brothers and sisters all over the world. That is what today I want – to let you recognize and to be more aware of all the works that you already have seen and experienced; not just the works that you only see in your sentiments with the things decided with your time. What I come to encounter and desire is that I want to meet you; I want to send you about all things that need to be said, as the Holy Spirit already accomplished and gave to you in the human world, and continuing with the moments that you have the opportunity to share, to understand the works of an era – an era that is presently in the darkness, an era surrounded by evil, an era with many fallen souls, an era with many souls living in sins, and also an era with many souls that recognize the truth, the doctrine; they are living, they are believing, they are returning to the countries in which they are settled, to the states where they are living, to the places where they encounter their jobs, but they forget a doctrine they must have in order for them to better their own lives. They do not know what tomorrow will be like; today, in a nation far away, they already encountered the upheavals, but tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the remaining days will be the nearest days, by your side. (4) If you do not really understand the meaning – to help your religious lives and the religious lives of others – then how can you be complete with the words I send to the entire world, the words I send to each person, My words to awaken souls so that they realize the meaning of love and the meaning of Jesus redeeming at the price of blood to save all of you from the place of sin and from the darkness of death?

There were so many things, so many times I desired … the world will no longer have any peaceful days; starting with the coming days, you will hear of the frightening and horrible events with all the things that they will start to carry out as planned from ages past. They act secretly but it is time that mankind realizes to see the true face of the civilizations, of the sophistications; things that you are fond of, always use or are always close to, as your friends in the present to replace My love, that substitutes for the time you seek to meet Me, and that interrupts with My love for you. (5) The salvation is forever reminded in your hearts but it needs response, compliance, maturity; every individual can find happiness, can find the meaning I desire for all children over the entire world.

These are the circumstances that already happened and are happening – many souls leave unexpectedly, causing broken families, causing people today to live in suffering and frustration. What will happen to you? These are things that today Mother continues to remind – that people must repent, must be contrite, must return, and must collaborate in life (6). People need to have nourishment for the body to continue, in the days of witness; to have nourishment for the soul, through the graces and the blessings that God reserves for the children with one mind, one heart – to continue to spread things that people need to know, need to listen to, and they need to return. Your devotion will be a good sign; it will be a sign people need for them to face the way they treat others and the people everywhere, the way they deal with all aspects while working, the way they act when they have a choice – to either go anywhere they want, or under any circumstances to practice and complete the duties and responsibilities that I assigned and gave to them.

O children, for My sake, proclaim all the important works that today you already know are true; do not be afraid of what you face but be wise in listening in a direct way, which is the sharpness that the Holy Spirit has appointed for you to implement in the last few days. Nothing happens by chance, My arrangement and the help from Mother have allowed you the moments to recognize the works that need to be done, the works that must be done that are the testimony for the meaning of the Six Kowtows to be spread over the entire world. I want you to fully serve this blessing and I want you to fully receive this grace; from this grace, you have the right to bring it to the brothers and sisters when they have the need for it – to help them in their belief, in their repentance, so that with their determined hearts they will receive God’s forgiveness, they will receive what has been arranged, and they will be saved in the remaining days, which you have heard and clearly understood.

My beloved children, today there are so many places, so many nations, and so many people who live in misery and in suffering. They have no life of faith and they absolutely have no understanding of what entrustment is; they just know to live in submission to all things under the coercion that today is used as a way to dominate others, to harm others. This is the justification used to overthrow a life believing in God, a life knowing God, and a life acting as a Christian; do not despair because each matter that happened and is happening must happen in order to have a conclusion. With that conclusion you will see the solidarity and the connection from which you really end up with the sentiment that you can act on behalf of others, on behalf of your loved ones, on behalf of sinners, with the meanings of the Six Kowtows that I gave as a gift, in an intimate way, which is also a grace in the remaining days of the end of the century.

Continue with your own mission. I wish for you not to be swayed, not to be afraid, and not to worry with all the events that already came and are coming. Do what needs to be done; as for what you want, you must pray for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to be realized in you and upon you, for you to make the decisions regarding the most essential works, to make the decisions regarding the works that you must complete in your own mission, to quickly help the brothers to return, to be aware and to recognize the truth that continues on, that continues to be lively, and that continues to expect activity from each person selected, from each child who listens, who looks for the truth in life – to know the truth and to serve in a program that I revealed to the world in general and to all of you in particular. One unfortunate thing is when the children have a chance to receive but they refuse, then they die in an unexpected way; pray for those souls, pray for those brothers and sisters, pray for them because they are your brothers and sisters although they speak other languages. The truths that today I manifest are for My children who are lost, among whom there are righteous people, among whom there are those who definitely do not know; their departures and the grief of their loved ones make My Heart sorrowful, make My Heart sink – and My Heart is further grieved with everything by which people today, in their indifference, turn away, deny, and continue on with a life in sin and wickedness.

My beloved children, there can be nothing greater than your hearts and your simplicity, because sincere hearts and hearts with a sentiment such as yours do alleviate My sorrows, do help with the matters I face today through My children – in their stubbornness, in their immorality, and with so many things in chaos in the midst of a world where mankind completely does not understand what faith is, does not understand My presence, does not know what I bestowed, am bestowing; that I  continue to remain with you, continue to intervene for you, continue to bestow and to give you more time. Time will not be much longer; all things will happen and will be concluded. The final time period with these days of graces and blessings will not be much longer, so strive more to testify, to be the pioneer, to do what is needed for people to unite, to recognize that they must practice to receive, for each person’s life to be prepared when events will happen unexpectedly, at any moment. Do not think that you live in a nation that has peace; no, you do not know all the places that evil seeks to destroy; it seeks to destroy all aspects, it seeks to create divisions in all matters – today it only wants to agree to all that is evil. It is an evil spirit that always seeks to destroy, clothed in human flesh (7), it is present in the highest areas in society, in positions with authority; it already caused chaos in the world today.

Because of their immaturity, because people lack the independence to choose and decide for themselves regarding what they must face, they end up having to be dependent on money, on roles, on all the greediness and the self-interest in a world in which they only know to serve the flesh, they only know to enjoy in their flesh – with lust, with greed, with ambition, and with sexuality, along with many more fearful vices in the debauched world which you live in. The more it is that way, the more grieved I am and the more you need to continue with the duty to complete the important work – though silently, though internally, it is most powerful when there is the opportunity to spread, when there is the opportunity for it to be recognized. This is a fact: I want the Good News to be alive again, the Gospel to be alive again, and the remaining days of the end of the century to be alive again with the messages. This is the remaining hope in the days when I pour down abundant graces upon mankind, upon the righteous people as well as the sinners, upon the people who do understand and those who do not yet understand, upon the people who do believe and those who do not yet believe, upon the people who are seeking and those who are living in sins and are living in a time period when they are under the control of evil.

So it is up to each of your souls to make the decision, in what you see between evil and good, in what is needed to have a meaningful and a happy life; how to have the foundation in life comes from each person’s decision, and your own decision to practice all the works that I predestined and arranged for you in your roles. Remember that in regards to any of the matters that happen to you, remain calm and pray; I will guide you and the Holy Spirit will enable you to do what needs to be done, what needs to be served, what needs to be proclaimed, and many more important works that you already have done. I am very happy to see your hearts with the things called to be done, when you recognize and are conscious of the necessity of the inner life and the need to serve to bring the important blessings that I give to the world through you.

I hope to see that collaboration so that you can continue to help one another, love one another, guide one another, be close to one another, for My works to be realized upon every one of you. That is the mission that I assign; please complete all the important matters. As you see, in the world in general, people greatly need the blessings and the graces through the Six Kowtows that I pour down upon today’s humanity for people to be able to come close, to be able to recognize and to be aware, to be able to understand the meaning in order for them to pray, to pray for the brothers who already passed away, to pray for the people who are going to die unexpectedly. Those Six Kowtows will awaken those souls; those Six Kowtows will be accepted by God the Father; they will be given to you in a life in which you already practiced, in which you already accomplished those works for your brothers. What you have done is good; it is a testimony for the path that you took, that you are taking through the latest revelation that I give in general to humanity and in particular to each individual, with a special invitation to every single person called to be in a life of testimony and who is silently serving.

My beloved children, so many things already happened and are happening. Remember, with all of the events that happen, no matter what, just keep calm. Always be calm and never lose peace. Always pray constantly – always, constantly – to recognize everything that is imperfect, everything that is better, in a life in which you need to have one another, to love one another, to guide one another, to unite, so that each of My works can be realized upon you, in order to save your brothers and to complete the duty and the responsibility that God the Father has predestined and arranged for all the children around the world. Today what you discussed with each other, what you face – these are the matters which you have been able to partially understand from the graces I bestowed and poured down upon you and in you. Continue in your mission, respect one another, love one another, be close with one another, and help with all the works I desire in you and upon you, to complete the most essential works that I gave, that I desired, and I that longed for: to see every child serve with heart, serve with soul; that person will be selected to continue in a program and continue with what I desire, with what is most essential, to help with all the important works that need to be spread and brought to the entire world.

Today this is all I want to say. I desire that under any circumstances you remember that I am always here to protect and defend. Do not be afraid; continue to always have a life deeply immersed in prayers, continue to keep your duties and your responsibilities since you have been called to serve in a program with your abilities. Follow those good works, follow the things inspired by the Holy Spirit, and help one another with what you need to have, with what you need to do, with what you need to practice, to show the children. You need to unite together in a life chosen so that you also are the witnesses, so that you may fulfill the responsibilities of those who are entrusted in a program to be the witnesses, a program to bring to the world the heart, to show reverence, to show gratitude, to show that they need to recognize and to be conscious of the gift of grace in the remaining days.

That is a gift that they can receive for themselves, that they can practice for themselves, that they can find – from the truth, through the love and the grace that I pour down upon each individual and upon you, for you to continue boldly to be the pioneers for the needed meanings, to bring Me to the people you meet. If you believe in all the extraordinary and unimaginable works, then definitely you are the children who continue to bring all that is best, that I want, to your brothers, the people all over who embrace and practice in their lives; as for all the other works then entrust, because the days ahead are the days that you need to pray for the world, the days that you need to pray for the souls; they are the last days of the month to pray for the souls (8).

Sacrifice more, strive harder, live a life to have an understanding of fasting, of mortification, of all the important blessings I will give, accepting your prayers when you understand and you are aware of the life of testimony, of the life with the Good News that you proclaim, of the life understanding the works I gave, am giving, and will continue to give, for you to have the courage, the perseverance, and the strength to continue to proclaim the essential works I give – in general to the world, and in particular to every individual.

Today this is all I want to say. Thank you very much for doing the works that are not yours but that have been arranged in a sequence, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I can see every joyful heart and the spirit to carry on the important works to be spread to the world; those are the works for you to keep working on. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit you will be aware of more extraordinary works and many things clarified in a life of testimony, with the graces and blessings, with the meanings of the Six Kowtows that you are currently working on spreading, as the pioneers committed to what you receive. I will continue to send brothers and sisters for all of you to be united with one heart and one direction, for you to easily serve, to easily work to help the other brothers when they need to meet you, asking for prayers.  Your roles in life are to pray for them so that they may receive the words I want to give to the children everywhere when they have the opportunity to receive the lively words I send to them, in general to the world, and in particular to the children who are serving quietly in the past days. Today, there are many important things going on; I want your hearts, I want your souls – I want your true volunteering to complete a program that I established, that I chose, in which I bestow and pour down graces and blessings in you and upon you. My peace be with you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O God, I thank God’s grace. First of all, I apologize to God; it is time but I still am not really awake; I am still sleepy. I know that the works I do and the words I say are not mine; they belong to the Holy Spirit (9). For the things that Father wants to send, I serve completely according to the Holy Will and the direction that Father wants me to do. Father, please give us more good health, give us more strength for my brothers and sisters to unite together to continue to spread in the program in which Father gives us the opportunity to be the witnesses, to be the pioneers, to continue with the most essential works that today mankind greatly needs to earnestly plead to God’s love, to His compassion, to His forgiveness, which is also a haven for us to have the basis to have peace, to have happiness, with the duty and the responsibility to comfort God, the duty and the responsibility to serve God, the duty and the responsibility to finish all the good works that Mother teaches, that Mother guides. Mother is by our side to help us complete the latest works, to complete what is most essential to bring to the world, to teach the meaning of the Six Kowtows, and also to touch each of our hearts for us to complete what was given by God – to complete all the works God assigned to us, so that we can learn more about what God wants, what God does not want, what is unexpected, and what we need to be in a program to return to God. We need to have absolute trust; we must continue, despite difficulties and oppositions.

Certainly, in a life of service, in a life embracing the word of Father, we will complete what God gives and allows us to do on behalf of the brothers and sisters across the world; to continue to send, to continue to hand over, to continue with Father’s permission, for me to have the chance to complete and to do the things Father wants me to do. Please support me with the works that are visible, and with a sentiment in the soul to completely entrust and trust, so that we may continue with fervor in a life of testimony, to continue with the duty and the responsibility with what is known, with what is heard, and spreading it wide all over the world.  May the brothers and the sisters Father sends to collaborate with us have a sincere heart; a heart eager to serve Father, to serve the fellow brothers; a heart that will not back down with all the difficulties but that will confront all the circumstances and deal with what needs to challenge them.

In the end, we must let Father prevail in our hearts, we must allow Father – a Person who always shelters, protects – to smile, to be happy with what we can do, with what we can offer to Father.  We want to totally belong to Father so that is what we ask of Father daily. What does not belong to Father, please remove from us; what belongs to Father, please realize in us and upon us, for life to be meaningful and filled with the joy and the peace that Father already gave and is giving. With the tribulations happening to the world or to the nations, please help us with a spirit of solidarity for us to pray for everyone; Father, please bless the people and lead the souls who leave this world unexpectedly to be able to go to the heavenly kingdom with Father.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank Father, praise Father, and glorify Father. Today, Father visited us with the Eucharist in a yellow color; it was so very beautiful – so great – and allowed us to feel the closeness in a spirit of prostration and thanksgiving to Father. Father, please continue to be with us – to lead us, to give us the opportunity to serve, to fulfill our responsibilities as the people who proclaim the Good News, who are also the witnesses to the truth that God the Father allows us to contemplate; the people who listen and convey the works that Father reminds in general to the world and in particular to individuals and to each of us in our roles; for us to be united with the brothers and sisters, to continue to sacrifice – with enthusiasm, with diligence – in order to complete the works Father desires, the works we need to spread, the works we need to testify to Father’s love.

I thank, praise and glorify, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God. L. completes this message from God’s revelation in this evening at 1:58 a.m.; completing God’s message on Sunday, November 15, 2015, at home, where L. just received the words inspired by the Holy Spirit, and also received God’s words.  I am extremely grateful, on behalf of the brothers and sisters around the world, on behalf of the people in our group; with a respectful and grateful heart, we praise, and we glorify our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. While some of this message is addressed to the group that directly assists L. in this mission; these parts can also refer to those who believe in this private revelation – it and practice of the Six Kowtows (please see the message of August 19, 2014 on, especially, are two of the final gifts God will be giving humanity, so all are called now to spread around the world this private revelation and the Six Kowtows.
  2. This refers to an “Inspired Message” (that is, a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.) received earlier that day. Almost every single message L. receives begins and ends with an Inspired Message; these parts are simply designated with “:” although the Holy Spirit is primarily responsible for the message and L.’s function is only secondary.
  3. The miraculous images and the messages.
  4. Roughly one day before this message was the terrorist attack on Paris by ISIS that left at least 127 dead. These upheavals will be close to other “people” very soon.
  5. God always loves us, but if there is no reciprocity, no time spent together that’s a serious problem because relationships always involve two persons. As Jesus taught, [only] “one thing is needful” (Luke 10:42), which is our relationship with God, and this is accomplished first of all through personal prayer.
  6. “The Six Kowtows” practice was a gift given by Blessed Mother to humanity.
  7. The devil is acting through humans.
  8. November is the month the Church sets aside annually to pray for the dead.
  9. speaks the words of the messages into a recorder as L. simultaneously hears the words in the heart; this is done with amazing speed and precision. Sometimes L. does not even know the contents of the message afterward and has to hear the recording to hear the message. (It is somewhat akin to light going through glass; the glass is not perfectly clean but the light shines through nevertheless.) This attests to the authenticity of this private revelation, as does the fact that L. only has the equivalent of a third grade education; L. knows nothing of theology.


 The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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