New Revelations through the Eucharist

Make the Decision Right Now

February 11, 2017 – Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes

Blessed Mother: L., A., My two beloved children,

Today is Saturday; I know you always come to the chapel for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. That is right; I very much want you to spend every Saturday with Me, for Me to give you a message as well as to the brothers and sisters who are serving and who were chosen in the last, silent days. It is also time for you to bring the words of God and My words, to the world; at the same time, today is also the feast that the Church reminds of the story of over 100 years ago. Each time it is reminded through the Holy Masses, you come to ask to receive My words; the story of the past and today’s story seems very similar and just a breeze away; I saw, and I am also very happy and very satisfied, because to mankind, when they believe these stories, then they will obtain. My children, no matter how you were – whether completely lost, or were people who never knew God and also never knew Me – when you seek, I do not reject anyone; because of the love and compassion of God, the Divine Mercy from which He has forever sought and waited, longing and awaiting the maturity and spiritual growth of humanity, for each individual to know Him, to return to Him, to recognize His love and grace, so that in your lives you have no suffering, no war, no stumbling block, no hatred. There are still many more things in life that you did, you do, and still have – a narrow-minded life with normal and mediocre human eyes.

My beloved children, all the places where I appear; and every century, every era, I come for only one purpose; I come in the hope that mankind recognizes that the love of the Lord does not want anyone to be destroyed. He is the Supreme Being who sacrificed His only Son; the Lord Jesus died in ways that you must never forget – the salvation of the Second Person of God, the God who for love accepted everything, the God who for the sins of mankind became a burnt offering, a lamb put to death. The price of that Blood still exists and cleanses the entire world of humanity, to stand up and awaken, in order to return to what is most beautiful, what is most noble, what is most perfect that God the Father grants and bestows.

O children, over the ages this continues to be realized. I still unceasingly seek the children; constantly come to remind; relentlessly come to look for the countries, to look for the states, to look for each person in the world – to guide and help them recognize what needs to be embraced, through the urging. People must have faith. Faith will help you learn and practice to become righteous; because the benevolence, the law, and the precept are the light to lead and ensure that the deeds mankind performs are within the limitation of what is ordinary and commonplace; because between men, there is judgment, there is error, there is mistake, and still many things that go along in life. People are always subject to evil; but in the life of faith, to find the truth in the doctrine and the truth when you believe in God, there is a deliverance, an unchaining of the first stair for the people who start to understand. Nonetheless, regarding a whole history, a whole doctrine, how can that be rejected and forgotten? In there are not only facts but also concealed, sacred things; only with faith will you be able to encounter; only with faith will you be able to feel, and that must be absolute – then you will be able to realize extraordinary and marvelous things that God grants and bestows.

To strengthen faith, to show you the very close presence of the heavenly kingdom granted to you in countless generations, I want to come to remind, come to stir and come to help you conquer disputes, overcome human rules, win over rulings that suppress the truth. The things of reality have become priority, and freedom has led man into a time of suffering, of cruelty, and of iniquity; today, the physical diseases are rampant. Since your life of faith is completely lacking and poor, you do not recognize God and do not understand His teaching, so you do not even practice; you do not practice but offend more, abuse more, and there are still many things in theory and totally not practiced – then how can you recognize what is good in the doctrine that God grants and that He always protects? The truth and the righteousness are so lacking in humanity yet deceit, offenses, and violations against the laws are too numerous and widespread. What to use to control them when you do not accept God? What to use to manage them when the body only satisfies the weakness inherent in sin? If you absolutely refuse the laws and recognition in the faith that God grants and bestows for you to experience His love, then how can you overcome demands that are naturally so basic to the physical life of the human world? As sin, as well as all the circumstances solely remain within the boundary that you still cannot explain, still cannot clearly understand, and still cannot know, what you need to have and need to be aware of is the divine blessings that are poured down. Your trust, expressed in word and prayer, the entrusting heart, living in righteousness, will be heard, will receive the intervention, and will be granted what you ask for, in accordance with the holy will of God, in the life of every individual, each nation, each community, and each soul.

My beloved children, today I would like to mention this. All the work you realized through the messages – at the same time, the events you have seen in the course of history, in that poor village (1) – if there was no faith assertion, the people would live a very simple life; they would live in illness, live in poverty, live in misery, because they do not understand support, do not know love: life is just an article of law in order to suppress, but there is no actual practice with the heart. Therefore, I want to let you see what is in the divine realm; I come, God also desires that I come to help you and support you so that you may recognize the love of God, and also see that every single deed I do belongs to God, belongs to His love, fully belongs to His glory and His power, over Me and in Me. Today, I still am totally devoted to serve the Lord so that His Holy Name will prevail forever, with all the deeds to lead you back to the Lord and receive salvation; do not forget, do not ignore, and never refuse the doctrine of truth. The Lord Jesus died for that doctrine to become the encounter, and testifies to the path – the eternal path of heaven, the path of the heavenly kingdom, the path of holiness, and the path on which you struggle today in the days of exile in the world, with the regulations, with the conflicts, with current facts. When you do not have a definite decision in the mind, and calmness to clearly differentiate between good and evil, between right and wrong, between the truth of the doctrine and today’s people corrupting in subtle and ingenious ways and causing you to forget what is noblest, relying on money and fame, people lose both soul and body. Everything that was in the past as well as presently today, and forever until the last day – God is the Person who ends, with everything from the Alpha to the Omega; I am only the Person who reminds, proclaims, and the ultimate decision comes from God the Father. The day has also come; things seem to have been intimately manifested for you to understand what the inherent importance of this particular century is.

My beloved children, what God grants and bestows, and all the works to be done, I continue, I continue at the place I chose – that place is to receive; to harbor; and to receive all of My children, from all over, with spiritual as well as physical illness; and also to allow them to have days of retreat, apart from the outside world, for them to live naturally, in nature. And they recognize life with the depth of the heart, of the soul, for them to be able to understand the meaning of the Rosary that I give – to lead, to unite, to connect – so that you may be saved, in each nation, each person, and each community. Today is the same; I never refuse, I look for all sorts of ways to lead you back and recognize – recognize the Lord Jesus, recognize the Savior, and recognize His Eucharist that is still in the midst of this world. Look at the Eucharist, look at the powerful things that the Lord has done and is doing; look at what I do today, by your side, to lead you to come with a reverent heart lifted to the Supreme God who is concealed in the Divine Mercy that God the Father has granted. Through Him and in Him, the activity of the Holy Spirit is still there, but people are still hardened, still reject, still ignore, and still do not believe. Healing both soul and body, the place I choose is also determined, with the countries that I want to remind of the divine presence that never refuses or never ceases with the heavenly blessings poured down, in general for humanity, in particular for each individual, especially for each sinner – especially for every person who seeks the kingdom of heaven, who seeks the divine presence, who seeks the great mystery, and who seeks the experience; I am nearby and grant to you. Come, then I will lead you to meet the Eucharistic Jesus; come there, for you to see the greatness that the Eucharistic Jesus manifests throughout countless generations and ages.

Do not look within the limits, with the days that still cannot be clearly understood, which are just a summary of the moments in which you end there, but you need to continue to meditate and read more of what has happened through the course of history. Those things still happen in other nations and countries; I continue to help you. Especially today, you clearly understand that things are not practiced only in the bygone days, but today, I still look for you, I still look for every single person. I continue to look at you, guide you, and bring you back to the place you need most in your life – to strengthen your present life in the soul. Feel that urging, from the Eucharistic Jesus, for you to clearly recognize that the Eucharistic Jesus is Present, and the love of God the Father who offers the Divine Mercy that, today, humanity is receiving, has received, and still receives. The great mystery awakens the heart that is dreaming, that is slumbering, and becoming a habit; all classes, all roles, and all functions and duties are being urged by the Eucharistic Jesus. Still, you need to cooperate, you need to believe, and you need to have a heart that belongs to the divine realm that God grants and gives, to clearly understand His presence, His closeness, His healing, His offering, and His encounter with you in humanity.

My beloved children, there are still many more things to end a century, a century with the days of the Alpha, and to come to a conclusion, because mankind needs to enter a phase, which is a phase of purification; everything that is evil must end, and everything that does not belong to the way of God will also be destroyed. Everything that mankind has the right to choose – choosing the remaining moments, choosing the last moments, choosing the moments to hear, to know – remain within limits, still go on with days in which, today, mankind no longer loves each other: disputing, involving in fistfights, and even allowing deeds with deceit, with theories that crushed what comes from the truth. Today, you actually see its own consequences; what does not come from the truth must bear the responsibility and be held accountable; you will see the power of God. As for what comes from the truth, then I continue to be a soft-spoken Person, a patient Person, who still welcomes you in My arms, supports you with My arms; and My arms want you to come, for Me to help you; hold out your hands for Me to take and I will lead you through the critical times with trials, with things you need to completely give up. You definitely must come to God, truly eliminate the burdens that bind your entire lifetime in sin and death; it is through His Blood, and thanks to the nourishment through the Eucharist that you may mature and understand the meaning of the sublime divinity granted and given in the encompassing grace.

This does not end; there are still many more things in order to stir the stubborn people, to kindle the people who are hardened, and awaken all classes, all roles – the place I have chosen and also the place where God already sanctified the land to welcome and receive people when they have a returning heart. Even sinners, even the people who are living need help, and people need to believe and know what is in the divine realm that is present. I have done many things, and I have granted to many people; do not be discouraged in your situations, and do not despair that your lives are sinful days, days of darkness, days offending. Come to Me and trust in Me; I will definitely help you perceive the light of God, receive the light of the Eucharist, encounter God who is Present – His benevolence will never refuse anyone and will not reject any sinner. Let Me help you – come to Me with a contrite heart; surrender. I certainly will not let you go back empty-handed, today and the future as well. Life is not just to come to ask and to only come for yourselves, but you must live with a life being aware of what is in a mortal life, in a life that God prearranges, plans, and in a life with the holy will that God granted to each person, to each class, to each role, and to each function and duty, for you to clearly understand what you have, and already received. Things that have not been received yet or things that are not what you are asking for are also the providence that God has given you today; I see what is best for you. My invitation today is for you to come to be healed and I also want you to learn to practice patience, perseverance, to learn to obey the Holy Will, so that everything will be good in the program, in the arrangement, and in the plan that God has granted and bestowed upon you in His providence.

My beloved children, I also want to let you know; what today you can be closely in direct contact with: the words and deeds that you directly and indirectly practice in your lives are not a coincidence, but that is the start for mankind today to enter into an arranged program. God the Father will end a century, ending an era that was established through the program of the first, founding day of the Alpha and the Omega; this is a reminder for mankind to completely put an end to and give up everything that is in iniquity, and that is also the limit that God allowed regarding the freedom that mankind has chosen. What comes from the truth, what comes from God and belongs to the Supreme Sovereign; He will grant that to you, to those who are persistent and loyal. What rescues and saves in today’s world of humanity is the return to God – the surrender, the prostration, and the complete repentance, in order to be fully protected in the divine realm by the angels, by the saints, and to be sheltered in the divine blessing of God when you belong to Him. Everything in the getting by and dealing with today’s wicked deeds, you can no longer make the decision, because the devil already infiltrated the openings, he already ruled over the weaknesses that you favored in the life of reality, the life of requirements, the life with carnal desire, the life of greed, and the life with circumstances in every role, every class. All in the invitation and the calling – if you lack the doctrine; if you do not learn, understand the truth; if you hear but you are not determined to practice, then that also comes back empty-handed and that does not do anything, when you are completely unaware of what it takes to encounter God and receive forgiveness. The Divine Mercy that God granted to each sinner, and the salvation for which the Lord Jesus died, is for you to have life and to be cleansed through the Spirit of God, for you to be enlightened, and to differentiate what is needed in order to choose the path. The path on which you choose God, the path of faith by deed; the path of truth, goodness, perfection; the path of charity, of sacrifice, of restoration; and the path to recognize the Holy Will, and also the path to be reformed, to be perfected, in the grace of God.

Today, the diseased body, burdened and suffering, will end up in death, which is death with the days in the flesh and a return to dust; but the disease of the soul is eternal and everlasting, if you do not cure it in time, if you do not rise in time while your hearts are still beating, and you do not decide soon enough, then that will remain forever. I do not want to see anyone fall into the places that you already clearly knew about: purgatory and hell; do not lose yourselves with a world of appearances, a world of reality, to forget what is purgatory and even hell. People think that life simply consists of ordinary and commonplace days in their lives; days of knowing only what belongs to the world, struggling, and selfishly competing over power and position, and persisting in pleasure, in a life of lust, greed, of personal wishes; then that place is a place where you will know the justice of God. What comes from righteousness and justice will be rewarded, and accomplishment will earn a place that you deserve to enter, a place God reserves for you. However, if in this life, you decide to abolish, to reject, to totally disbelieve and simply let that become a habit, to be only indifference, callousness, obstinacy, ignoring the love of God and rejecting faith, refusing the Divine Mercy and denying what is known, what is heard, in a life of those who depend upon family, who depend upon ancestral custom, yet the heart is dry, the heart is cold, and at the same time committing deliberate offenses, intentional transgressions – then that is the price to pay; you must face the day of justice.

Therefore, you must awaken soon, you must reform soon, you must become people who recognize your souls as noble; your souls must be responsible for what you reject from God – having offended and still are offending. Come back, because this is an opportunity, this is a time of grace and blessing, and this is also an opportunity for you to encounter, for you to decide between good and evil, between right and wrong, between the grace of God, and between the permission for you today to have the opportunity to be forgiven, to become the people whom the Lord grants those graces, to help you triumph over attacks, overcome regulations, deal with calamities, conquer treacherous mistakes, surmount what is not possible with human strength. God will help you; everything is possible when you come to Him, believe in Him; come to the Divine Mercy – God will surely help you through the critical moments, the afflictions of diseases, spiritual as well as physical. I will continue to lend a hand, support, and help you to become truly perfect; the place you end up, I wish will be the eternal place of heaven, with happiness, peace. There are countless things you cannot yet see; the melodiousness of the music that makes your souls feel elated and belonging to God; a place where there is no more hate, no more enmity, no more rivalry; a place that is totally unified in love, and united to serve and worship the Lord.

My beloved children, this is what needs to be said; I want to say this to remind you of what is unknown that you need to know. The remaining time will not be much longer, with everything that God granted for you to see, which are the great mysteries; you can see the angels fly up, fly down; you can see the Eucharist that covered humanity by the light; that light will destroy the darkness; when you are in your sinful condition and do not turn back, and reject what I remind today as well as the doctrine. To return in the surrender and prostration, you cannot, because you are weak, but do return; with that start, the Holy Spirit will help you; the assisting angels, the guardian angels, and the patron saints have helped and are helping you; they continue to pray because you bear their names; it is time for everyone to see that the forces of heaven are helping the world very closely and directly; God used this way, that way, to save your humanity. Since your words remain limited, when you do not understand what needs to be asked, what needs to be prayed for, and what needs to be eliminated, the angels, the saints, have helped, and your patron saints have helped, but you must collaborate with them; you must understand what is inherent in life so that you will be freed and rescued in a world where there will definitely be devastating wars. If you do not return in time, at the right time, then the great catastrophe happens, simultaneously, the disasters, the floodings, and many more things that were foretold and have arrived with the time that you already heard of, in the past days, with My reminder.

Because of the Divine Mercy, because of the beseeching, because of the gift I desire for many people to receive, for many people to know that it is from this that they can be rescued and saved in the generation with the remaining days today – the time granted from God the Father allows you to continue, but this must proceed promptly and swiftly in order to help the others. How long is that delay depends upon Him; I just know that time has been delayed but maybe not for long; the delay certainly helps you to be clear; the people who have duty, responsibility; the gift has supported and rescued them in times of urgency, rescues them in the present circumstances, and rescues them in the darkness controlled by the devil; the evil spirit has caused too much faltering, and you have been ensnared by freedom; the number in every situation and every role has exceeded the majority in today’s humanity. Rise from everything that made you stumble; the only thing for you to be saved is to become humble in order to learn what God bestows and gives in a most ordinary and normal way, yet saves, helps, and urges. From simplicity and a life returning to what is inherent that God grants and bestows, you must recognize that with human strength and human beings – though learned, though intelligent, though reaching today’s level in science and technology with initiative, with knowledge – that still remains within a limit. You are the people created by the hands of the Lord, created from clay; it is because of the creation that He created the heavens and the earth, He created all the great accomplishments, and you are the last people to be created, to become its governor, to become its ruler, to become its caregiver on behalf of God. Unfortunately, mankind has committed too many crimes; so the human life, even the animals, and what is in the earthly world, are also implicated in the deeds that human beings have practiced, and that has become such that today you no longer have the first, genuine days but start to be entangled inside the door of evil. You do not know that you are living in a stubborn life, being foolish, continuing to stumble, and still rejecting all the divine blessings and messages that God has granted you.

The Church is the place for His word to be reminded; the Church is also the place for you to lean on, with the great presence by the lively voice, to help the life of your souls; to help you with the training of the soul; to help you with an amended life; to help you through life, knowing how to pray; to help you in life to know catechesis, truth; and help you in life to love, to recognize the divine presence. With belief and faith by deed, you will recognize the rich graces that today I grant and continue to give you; this does not end but continues to be given to those who listen, those who return, those who fully belong to God, those who are selected, and those who deserve to come to a new world (2). As for what you completely eliminate, refusing to enter into a program, and refusing to join in unity, then you will deal with the justice that will be answered in the time of the remaining days of purification. That justice means each person must bear the responsibility, for you to come to the places of judgment that God has reserved for you; I hope and desire for you not to let it come to that day. Do return soon, prostrate soon, and surrender soon, so that God will grant you that intervention, for you to understand while there is still breathing in life, for you to know the way to turn around, know the way to improve, know the way for you to rely on that grace to live with that worthy life for the day when each person does not know what tomorrow will be like, when each person will come before the just, righteous judge, unexpectedly in life. You must awaken right now; you must clearly understand your present life; you must remind each other; you must clearly understand that each day is a blessing, that each day is in the arrangement and providence of the Lord; and that daily, you must repent, you must feel remorse, you must be thankful, you must be grateful, and you must live the words as taught and brought to you in the human world. The unity of this day, I wish that to be for the children who remain and survive; in order for you to have each other, to be with each other, you must offer to God all that unity with the words that today you pioneer with each meaning of the kowtow. Those inner and outer practices prove the trust that you have in God, as with the early age of the people in the course of history, of the prophets and messengers who proclaimed the deeds that are most needed, most vital, and also reinforced what is most essential that people need to return to.

Today, what I said, and I need to tell you, is: keep going. The people from whom you have heard, with all the needs and the situations, the things that I give and grant, to help and to strengthen the life of faith; what is newest, what is received, kindled, and blessed with divine grace poured out, are the Six Kowtows, through the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Today, I want you to continue to go everywhere, to help your brothers, to help the people who need to know so that they will be saved in their lives; when they return to God, they recognize God, they understand the meaning of this. This does not mean that God needs you to surrender or prostrate, because whether you surrender or prostrate, God remains the only Lord; He knows, He bestows, He gives, or He can destroy, but this surrender is the first step. Today, people are helpless with all that is inherent in this moment and must rely on the grace of God, must rely on the intervention of God, must rely on the help of God, and need what is in brotherly unity to lift up to God. You eagerly pray to help save the sinners, to help save the people who still have not returned, and to help save every evildoer; today, you must be bold, eager in the life of faith, of belief; manifest by deed, and express one’s life, completely obliterating what is in the role, in the function and duty, and becoming humble. All of that beseeching helps the people who are living in wickedness to return, enabling the souls in purgatory to have the opportunity of receiving the supreme graces God has given you and through you, for them to also benefit with days returning sooner to heaven, complete in justice. Today, there are still many things to help support people, in order for them to clearly understand that when you belong to one God, one Spirit, one faith, one Baptism, and one doctrine, which is to love God above all else and love your brothers, your lives receive the intervention, in the blessing and in the bestowing God grants to you: peace in all classes. Be united and return to God to prepare to come to the Promised Land; it is a land that you will come to in the future, which is the new world that you embrace, hear of; as for what you still have and are, that will be judged fairly; God will have the purification in days that are very near. Today, I remind for you to know, to hear; as for this year, it is also a special year, I invite all of you to come to the Divine Mercy; the Church opens the door to welcome each sinner, each repentant person who returns, in order to be renewed.

Indeed, last year, there were many people who still did not feel, still did not know, still did not believe, and were never able to experience or never received. The graces were poured down, and the door was opened to welcome you; there were also many people who, because of this Year of the Divine Mercy (3), have returned; they have been touched, they become perfect people, and become reformed people. It is because of that number of people, and because of the brothers in the life of the clergy – who consecrated and sacrificed a whole life – that the doctrine of God still exists. Keep those rules so that today, there are others who may hear, may know, may be touched, and are on the way back; there still are righteous people, and people who bear witness to the life of the Good News. The Gospel still remains and there are graces that God poured down for you, in order to save you in today’s humanity; look at that light of truth to help save your own souls and decide for yourselves with the future days, the days you can live in the midst of a fast and furious life, a busy life, in the midst of sin and things that people fight to win over, not knowing and not recognizing what belongs to evil, what belongs to godliness. What is between good and evil, right and wrong, is still mixed up with the deception, and there are still many things that you still cannot fully see – the light that God already granted you. Today, open your ears, open your eyes, open your hearts; then you will hear, when you know things that never existed yet are truly coming to the world, to remind and strengthen the life of faith. For more than 2,000 years, what is unknown to you, today appeared (4), to remind you that there still is only one place, and there are still great graces that you do not know yet to embrace, do not know yet to use; you still remain in days with rules, shortsighted days, limited days, with an immature life of faith, with human laws, and with the limits of the ego.

At the same time, with the necessities in life, there are still more things; people have taken care of and fended for themselves, yet end up totally defeated when they do not understand and do not know a Supreme Being who is the Sovereign God, who bestows and gives all His blessings, for you to be complete. Even though your hands are filled with graces, unfortunately, there are people upon whom graces have been poured down, but they do not accept those graces; they completely do not know, do not embrace, so they do not experience anything; they have not repaid and they do not respond as well. Therefore, life is still suffering, still looking for what belongs to a human world; they are experiencing torment, misfortune, famine, disease; this is something in common that should be looked at and be clear – with what today you receive, listen clearly to the words of the Holy Spirit speaking (5). At the same time, in today’s life of reality, all the books have recorded, and the Words of God left to the world of humanity for centuries, today there is still the Living Word. He nourishes you through the Church, each time you have the opportunity to spend time for yourselves for the soul, to continue to learn and practice; unfortunately, these are still days in which people let their faith remain under the control of the flesh and the demand with human reasoning. Still hardened, still indifferent, still unfeeling, you are therefore still intolerant with one another; still suspicious, doubtful; still are days of struggle; still are days dependent upon the earthly world, dependent upon necessities.

In life, if you do not awaken in order to rise, if you do not listen in order to practice, if you do not have something to offer to God with the graces He bestowed and granted to you with His Divine Mercy, then you still remain in blindness, with days that are still days of looking at the life of reality more than what is divine that God grants and bestows. What is divine, you must believe, must practice, and must open the heart – then you will see the great things that God has bestowed and is bestowing; all things are governed by your thoughts and your beliefs, in the things which you see, you hear. God will intervene, and is very close, to help you be freed of the bondage of evil today, to help you step away from the bondage of a civilized age, to help you triumph over everything today that oppresses. Come back; unite in surrender to the Lord and fully prostrate to Him, sincerely in repentance, then the Lord will bestow, will intercede; and hands stretched out, He is reaching out to save and help you. Nonetheless, it is up to each person to recognize, in order to return, to be prepared, and to acquire for themselves, which is to earn the inherent reward, inherent in real life, in the life of the cross, for you to prepare for yourselves, prepare for your souls, and prepare for the future of each person. You cannot deny before the judge of fairness, righteousness, and justice.

I desire for you to be united, to fulfill your duties with everything that is handed over to the brothers and sisters; everywhere, the areas, the places that you go to, even though still lacking response, even though still lacking acceptance, yet what you do is a suggestion for people today to lift up their heart and soul, to offer to God a reverent heart. This is granted to today’s humanity to help kindle their faith; everything that is not seen by the eyes, but that you believe in your hearts, then you have been heard. Through the soul, the heart, in surrender, in prostration, unite and trust that the Holy Spirit will guide, support and help you to be aware in the world, to lessen the suffering, the stumbling, the iniquity that you need to recognize in order to decide for yourselves. To help your spirit be elevated and to come to God through your daily life, practice, reflect, and clearly understand, in humility, simplicity; become little, because in the time God invites, with the heart, the soul, the decision, you will see the value when you receive the protection of God. You have His support, His intervention, and His bestowing, His enlightenment, for you to clearly understand how to decide daily in life. For everything, He arranges, plans, and grants to you; because at a time when mankind starts to recognize no longer, and from that moment on, to make decisions, it is also a time that grace is shining for you to recognize and return. This is also a favor to help you in today’s time, for you to decide what belongs to God, what belongs to the invitation, for you to receive the forgiveness, to receive the Divine Mercy, to be reborn and transformed. Receive the grace for you to become perfect, to improve, and to be holy, to prepare for the day that the Lord will give to the children who belong to Him. Start to head toward a new land, toward a new world, toward a place that He reserves for the children who deserve to enter and enjoy what is in the glory that He gave to the first human race, and restored, with the days after people awaken, after people repent, after people return, and after people understand the law of the Lord, understand the teaching of the Lord, understand the life in which they choose God, after all iniquities are exposed to the truth, to see the truth with the price to be paid for personal desires and the life of a mortal human being.

Today, there are many things for you to further be aware of, to be more conscious of, for you to choose from your own decisions, in order to walk on the path of holiness, to return to the Lord by the heart, to live with your brothers with a sincere, meek heart, for you to still have the opportunity to learn in life. You sacrifice, you show mercy, you understand the meaning of faith, hope, charity; you practice what is needed in order to love one another, support one another, forgive one another. You apply that to the family first, and then to society, to the people you meet, to the communities, all classes, all roles, for the world to be a truly peaceful world that God has granted and bestowed to those who believe in Him. Surrender, prostrate, and belong to the particular people that God will select, for you to come to a new world that He arranges and plans for you. Today, I let you know this; I constantly help you, but I also remind you of everything that needs to be prepared in regard to each and every deed; today, there is a beautiful sunshine, but tomorrow could be a gloomy sky and everything happens unexpectedly. So, each person needs to be vigilant; each person must definitely change in his or her life; by the grace of God, become holy; each person, choose God soon, and return to His doctrine; do not let it be too delayed and do not let it be too late as well. You were able to hear the wailing of the people who are in hell (6), you were able to picture the heat, burning up the people in purgatory; children, the days you still have the opportunity to choose for yourselves, make the decision right now; do not fall into the errors, the torments that people create for each other. What remains in wickedness that people cannot triumph over by themselves, rely on the grace of God; through the prostration, God will help you; each day, the Holy Spirit will teach and guide you, for you to be enveloped by the Spirit of God so that you will not be attacked, not succumb, and not end up with the sufferings you experienced and are experiencing.

Today, this is all I want to say for you to clearly understand, and to be clear about what is needed, in order to know and also to prepare for a year that the Church invites. I will give you the strength to continue to listen to the teachings that the Holy Spirit inspires and guides, over each role, each person, for you to grow to become strong and brave warriors, to walk in the midst of the world, in courage, steadfastness, to help your brothers, to witness to the truth, and to witness to the most essential thing, which is the Eucharist. The light of the Lord has come; the people who still remain in the darkness; those who do not believe; those who still are not completely united; the children who still live sinful days, who foster sin, and who continue to commit sin: you will be subject to the light of the Eucharist. Wherever the light shines, then the darkness is completely destroyed; thus, the people who remain in that darkness will also be destroyed; learn how to rely on and run to the Divine Mercy of the Lord sooner; do not let it be too delayed and too late. Today, the reminders give you a response with the meaning of each kowtow that you already received and are receiving; everything has a set time limit; be ready to receive the favors and the graces that God granted, for you to have more time in order to turn back.

Today, I come here to bring these words to you. Those of you who hear and practice, those of you who listen; recognize the important value when you have the opportunity to know what I offer you in today’s world of humanity, which is not that difficult – be humble in order to learn – also not that easy when people lack devotion and do not have the heart. Since everything that is good is in the page of history, and was in and is in the Good News, what is most needed is the returning heart, a humble heart, and a simple heart, in surrender, in prostration, in contrition; then God will enlighten, the Holy Spirit will work and help you clearly understand the remaining steps, for you to practice, for you to reject, for you to remove what is inherently wicked. People must decide soon to train themselves to be on the path of holiness, of reformation, and of perfection. Goodbye children; I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O Mother Mary, I thank you. I thank Mother for giving me the precious words that You have personally taught us today, and at the same time reminded humanity in general and us in particular. All these things, the things we hear and we already know, but we still have not been able to do – Mother, please help us, those of us who go out to witness, those of us who remain home to serve. There are still many things requiring unity in order to understand the value when we bear witness to the gift of the Six Kowtows, which was revealed before the Jubilee Year of Mercy and it was also reminded after the Jubilee Year of Mercy. After the year Mother appeared in the month of October: this year is exactly a hundred years since Our Lady of Fatima came to the village of Fatima with the two cousins of Lucia; today, Mother continues to remind us that the Eucharistic Jesus is Present. His urging in faith, and the words revealed from a lively message are for mankind to encounter the light of the Eucharist that has come and to start to remind the human world to make a decision in life for us not to dwell in the darkness, not to remain in iniquity, and not to linger in days of debauchery.

The words from Mother reminding us in the past are the same as the words conveyed through each meaning of the prostration; and through the Six Kowtows, since the beginning till now, we have received countless messages, with the great mystery that Mother reminds us, directly and indirectly. Through all classes, all roles, may all of us – each person – embrace, listen. Mother, please open their hearts – may the Holy Spirit inspire them so that they may hear and practice, for us to have a number of united brothers and sisters who continue to be together with us, to witness, to keep leading the brothers and sisters to receive the sublime gift that Mother has offered to the world in general and in particular to us in all classes, for us to return soon; to receive what is divine through the help of the angels, the saints; to surmount stumbles; to triumph over dominions; to overcome what we human beings still yield to in a life of iniquity, of wickedness, of greed, of personal, carnal desire, of violation, and still so many more offenses in our lives.

Please help us, for us to clearly understand; empower us to persevere, and grant us more patience for us to continue to sacrifice, to be diligent, and continue to go to the places for us to respectfully lift up with the first pioneering of this great gift. From there, Mother, please bless and sanctify the places that we visit; as for the brothers and sisters, in the human world, in the villages, in the cities, in the countries, we just need people to truly repent and truly return; when people eagerly implore, fervently believe, and earnestly beseech, God will definitely save. The places where there are people who still do not believe, still do not know, they will end up believing and knowing; they will become tender, they will become meek, they will become the people who express their faith by deed, because the transformation of God is not from within us but from the power of the Lord, from the permission of the Lord, from the consent of the Lord, from the intervention of the Lord.

God will accept and change the world; return to Him, return to the love and the Divine Mercy, and return to what is the best that Mother gives, teaching and helping us today, through the Holy Spirit, inspiring, enlightening, for us to have a world that is a perfect world. A good, holy, perfect world; the best world is the new world that we await; each person who ends up there will enjoy happiness, harmony, and true peace. As we are the people who wait for the day of conclusion and the closing day (7), please help save us, guide us, for us not to fall into the snares that today have spread extensively in a frenzy, and there were too many people tightly bound by the chain of the devil; he has held people solidly captive so that they are unable to turn around and return to God. Please help us, cut off those shackles, through the prostration, the surrender; and in earnest beseeching, for our brothers to benefit, and for our sisters to benefit as well. May the Lord, through the power of sanctification, transform and help the world return to God; and for the light of God to envelop and destroy the darkness, with what does not belong to God that is within us, over us, and with us. Please help us follow God, recognize God, receive His light in sanctification, transformation, for us to improve, to be perfect, to be holy. Mother Mary is always waiting for the maturity and the progress, and Mother always helps us become the people worthy to come to the new world that God prearranges, plans for us, in the coming days, and in future days.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, L. concludes and ends at 2:11 a.m. on Saturday, February 11, 2017, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the statue of Divino Niño Jesus, the statue of St. Juan Diego, where L. receives the message from Mother, on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes, which I complete this morning. Please help us and forgive us for the imperfections with the daily works; there are even more pressing things for us to testify to and do, as God wants; and Mother helps us with the urging of the Holy Spirit. May all the works of God come to us, and what does not belong to God, help us remove them all; Mother especially knows what is appropriate for us and what does not belong to us. May we fully believe, entrust, trust, and fulfill our responsibilities with what is heard, what is known, to serve God, and to serve our brothers, through the help, the protection, the teaching, the training, and the love that Mother dedicates to us. I would like to represent all the brothers and sisters in spirit; in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, and I thank Blessed Mother, for the teachings of Mother, the help of Mother – the advice for us to be bold in life, with the private mission assigned to each person and those who embrace, listen. One more time, I conclude, at 2:12 a.m., on Saturday, February 11, 2017, at St. Theresa Church. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  


(1) In this private revelation and Lourdes, France

(2) The Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima

(3) The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, which lasted from December 8, 2015 to November 20, 2016

(4) This seems to refer to Jesus in the Eucharist, who appears daily in Mass and in adoration chapels.

(5) The Holy Spirit generally if not always speaks through L. before and after a message; these portions are simply designated as L.:

(6) This would have been through another revelation that L. received.

(7) Of the era of history before the Era of Peace


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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