New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Decision is Up to Each Individual



November 1, 2013 – All Saints’ Day – 7:52 a.m.

God the Father: My beloved Lucia,

Today, you want to ask Me to allow you to receive a message regarding all the things that I want everyone in the world to pay attention to, regarding all the things that I want all My children to clearly recognize, and for all of you to be more conscious about your spiritual lives, the lives of your souls, which you need to practice while you are still alive in this world.

My beloved Lucia, I know, today you are coming back here so that you can accomplish the duty that I want you to do daily. You are also challenging yourself, and you have also saved some time to come to Me, for us to continue with the message today.

Lucia, this morning you have read the First Reading [Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14], which was written by Saint John; God had revealed everything and had allowed for the Apostles to be able to see the visions. When the Apostles started to take up their pens to write, My Holy Spirit came over them in a special way, for them to be able to see the visions, and for them to write the visions down thoroughly.*

Lucia, read the First Reading for you to know everything about the warnings of the first generation. There are similarities in this generation for all of you to compare them. Take a look at everything in the present, and the messages with My warnings that you have received and listened to, the tribulations are truly starting to happen.

My beloved children,

The time has come. Everything was written in the Gospel or in the other books by the Apostles who had been chosen to write them. Saint John was a person who was able to see everything before its time. The revelations that I allowed Saint John to write down were not only for that time period, but were revelations that are for this era as well.

Nothing happens without a reason. Nothing happens by coincidence. Everything is a plan that I had arranged from the beginning up to this day. Those revelations continued with the people in this generation who are allowed to receive, to hear, and to report as I want them to.


Remember the things that were clearly written in the First Reading. Saint John had seen an angel ascending from the East, with the seal** of the living God in his hand, calling out to the four angels who were instructed to destroy the land and the sea. Those are the natural disasters, the predictions planned for the first era, which are coming to this last era, because that was the plan that God the Father had predestined. The predictions will definitely happen in these end times, in a world that I am speaking to, inviting the whole of humanity.

My beloved children,

If you are still living in this era, and if you are still having the opportunity to receive the revelations that I allow you to have, through the Holy Eucharist, this is for you to see that the events are related and connected with each other, from the beginning, as you have heard in the reading, with the events that are happening in this era. I use My seal to give you the opportunity. My children who are in this world, though only a small number of people, they are the chosen ones, the people who will bear My seal, because the tribulations will occur, such as the natural disasters, the fires, the earthquakes, and other frightful events that will happen in this world, everything that was written in the beginning, if you do not have My intercession, if you do not repent, and if you do not truly come back to Me.

There are indeed a number of righteous people in this world, the people who have truly listened to My voice, the people who have done their duties, their responsibilities as priests, the people who have accomplished their missions and their roles. Those people will bear the seal. I will save them in the time of tribulations. This is what they will receive on the day of the purification of the world.

My beloved children,

Today I want Lucia to report everything that I want to remind each individual of, regarding the works that I had predestined, that had lasted through generations, and that are everlasting till this day.

There is one thing I want you to be able to see, that the period of time that you are living in presently is a period of darkness because of your sins, because of the lures of today’s societies, through the sophisticated ways of the devil who is raging in these end times, battling between good and evil, and these are also the days when I am allowing the purification to happen. I give My children the time and I also respect the freedom of each individual, for them to be determined in the life of faith that they are looking for, for them to be able to hear, for them to be able to know and to recognize, for them to make a decision for their present lives, for their future, and for the last moments of their lives.

So as I have said, everything that was written down will return in this period of time that you are living in. The reason that I allowed some time for My children, the righteous people, is because those righteous people, through their prayers, on behalf of the sinners, have prayed to My Divine Mercy. I was touched by their prayers. I love My children very much, and because of their voices, because of their persistent prayers for their brothers, I held My hand back, to give you more graces, I held My hand back to give you the graces that you need in these remaining days.

This time of grace will not last.*** This is only for a period of time for you to be able to come back in time, before the day of My coming to this world, for Me to separate the evil people from the righteous ones. That will be a world in which I will truly reign on earth, with My children, the ones who live with love, the ones who live with My laws, the ones who understand love, who fear God, who revere God.****

My beloved children, in this period of turmoil people have erred. They have not lived a life of faith at all, such as in the other era – though not zealously, but still, back then, the people had the basics for it. Today, in this modern period, the knowledge, the discovery, the technology have induced you to become proud, blinding your eyes of faith, and you are no longer able to receive the graces from God. People rely on themselves, on their talents, believing in science, believing in their knowledge, believing in the discoveries within the limitations of the human mind. You consider all of this to be the peak of human intelligence. You reject the love that I give to mankind. You reject all the graces.

I want all of you in this period of time to focus toward one direction, for you to recognize the things that are happening in the world. You need to be united in love, you need to be united in My teachings, in My statutes that I had left since the beginning, through many generations, and everlasting, till today. I want you to practice in your present lives. I want you to recognize the things that you need spiritually. You have to reject all your passions, all the desires of your flesh, the things that are distancing you from My Love, from My graces, from My blessings.

You are sinking into the earthly desires of this world, and you end up with the difficulties that you create for yourselves, the diseases, the accidents, the fires and many other things that people have caused, for societies, for the world, to be subject to so much evil, to so many sins, which caused the diseases, and other events that will keep happening. You do not recognize the consequences of your actions. You only live for your ego, competing to have victory for yourselves, for your nations, for your communities. You are always competing against each other, you are always fighting, and you always have hate, you always have jealousy, you always have envy, from individuals, from societies, to the nations, even for the leaders in societies, or for the positions in societies, in communities, and even in the Church.

Everything is happening in this generation and in this world because people have too much freedom with their own ego, allowing their own personal interests to lead them. People do not think about what is best, people do not think about making sacrifices for their brothers, or for the others that they need to help so that life could be happy. Whether within societies or within the nations, people need to have peace, people need to have love, to have hope and to have happiness. You have rejected many opportunities to have all of that.

When you were born into this world, I had given to mankind the power over all of My creations, but you have rejected the Most High. You distance yourselves, you live in sins, you continue with your killings, you continue with your disputes, allowing hatred to perpetuate, and what is even graver is that you are always looking for ways to eliminate each other.

You consider a human life the same as trash.

You have plans to kill people by the multitude.

You deny My power.

You give yourselves the power to exterminate what is natural, the things that I give to mankind.

You need to discern between good and evil, between the evil works and those that are humane, and speaking of a humane heart, only I can give that to you. You also need to learn from morals and ethics, you need to have your consciences to be able to look at each of the events that are happening in today’s world.

You do not recognize what is good and what is evil. You only concern yourselves about satisfying your own interests, though you are learned people, though you are people with knowledge, though you are people who know that you have violated the laws, but you still suppressed your consciences, and you keep going on doing evil in today’s societies, all because of money.

And you keep going on with your evil actions.

Every day, you kill so many unborn babies, these unborn babies have the right to life, these unborn babies have the right to live in this world.

You are the ones who generated them. You have the responsibility to understand what you need to do, and what you should not do.

You have rejected all the teachings and the statutes that I had taught.

You keep sinking deeper into the darkness of sins.

I have let you know of the things that are most critical, through the voices of the righteous people, through the voices of the priests, the hierarchy. They have intervened, hoping that you will stop, that you will not continue with those evil acts, because if you continue, you will have to pay a price for those evil acts. But though you know, you keep doing it, and those unborn babies, they have a soul, they are screaming for Me to speak up.

I have seen the cruelty of mankind. For sure, I have to come and intervene.

And then after these evil acts, you keep going on. You go along with the depraved ways of a modern era. You live in a world where you hide yourselves behind a modern life, committing sins, in the ways of the world, under the influence of the devil, who is setting traps for the youth of today’s societies, with different ways to attract them, with contrivances to lure them into sins, into passions, into lustful situations that you consider normal.

You go on with your depravity, starting from the young children to the young adults and even to the older people. Depravity through the games, depravity through the television and with the obscene movies that take away all human decency, that take away all teachings, and many other things that this life offers to young people. From there, starting with societies, then with families, then with individuals, people continue to commit sins, from venial sins they start to commit more sins, and they keep going on, without taking a look back.

You do not take a look at My teachings, which is the way for Me to help lead you back from your sinful ways.

I want you to put a stop at all your evil ways, for you to be able to come to Me, with My invitations in these remaining days. I give to you My Divine Mercy, for you to hold on to My Divine Mercy, for you to come back with a repentant heart. You have to have trust, you have to be strong so that you will be saved through the Divine Mercy that I give to you and invite you to come to, for you to have life.

You need to change yourselves. You need to get away from the sins that you face daily, that you commit daily.

You do not think of your consciences when you seek the things of this world, and what you face in today’s societies. Each family, each nation, and even each government is surrounded by darkness, sinking deeper in the greed for money, for fame, for personal interests.

You go on accepting the laws created by humans, but you act without listening to your consciences, you act against the morality that you need to have, in each nation and each society. You go on supporting the works that are against morals, with the support of the government, with the support of the majority. Among those people, there are the ones that use money to buy consciences, to suppress the morals that would have prevented people from going on with their actions in such cruel ways, to keep committing the sins that you have seen in today’s societies.

Can a man and another man live together as husband and wife? Woman was created in order to coordinate with man as a blessed family, right from the beginning.  But you have reversed all of My laws, you have reversed all the things that are in a doctrine from the first day I created mankind. I give you everything that is perfectly beautiful. I give you life, which I consider a great masterpiece; there is nothing that can be replaced – it is a perfect masterpiece.

I wish for all of you to be able to live in happiness, to live in peace, to live according to the laws, to have days of happiness and peace.

Indeed, when I gave you the right to freedom, I wanted mankind to have recognition, I wanted mankind to have a soul, I wanted mankind to have a conscience, and to make the right choices, the way I wanted My children to be obedient and to know what is needed in life, what should be avoided, so that you will not bring disaster to yourselves forever.

It was your first parents who have disobeyed, and from that moment on, mankind was subject to judgment, with sins raging on, and with evil triumphant.

You were created by My hands. What you have in your bodies, your cells, your muscles, your breaths, your souls, everything was given to you by Me. You were the masterpieces that I enjoyed creating – a human being, a perfection.

I always have love for My creations, but they have caused Me so much grief because of their disobedience. They were deceived, because they did not recognize their sin in their pride, whether indirectly or directly, and the result is that you always have to suffer, from that moment, and up to this generation.

I still give you hope.

I gave My only Son to this world. Jesus Christ had come into the world, and not only Jesus Christ, I had also chosen a Virgin, Whom I created among mankind. This woman had contributed to an immense accomplishment for the world. My only Son truly had been born into the world, and I had chosen a perfect Person [Mary], without any sins from the world. This Person was a most humble person, with the virtue of obedience, Who always led a quiet life, offering up all her works for the salvation of the world. My only Son had accomplished His mission for the salvation of mankind, with the collaboration of the Virgin Mary, Whom I had chosen for the world.

Everything was made possible through the salvation that I want My only Son to give to the world. Through the death of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, and through His Passion, bearing all the sins of the world, to give you the lighter yoke, for you to follow the path that the Second Person of the Holy Trinity had walked on, to teach you about morals, to teach you about principles, to teach you about consciences. Through the salvation made possible by My only Son, you were able to come back to the glorious Light.

There are more things after that, with many blessings given throughout many eras, for My children to receive those graces, for them to come back.

Everything that you are able to hear, to receive, to see with your eyes, to hear with your ears, to feel with your hearts, those things are the truth that I am revealing to the world that you presently live in, in the hope of waking up hearts; of waking up those who are sleeping; of waking up the souls that are evil, for you to come back; of waking up all the people in every rank – for you to reject your passions, for you to reject the greed from your ego, for you to reject the money, the fame, the greed that causes you to become hardened, that causes you to not believe in a spiritual life, which is what you need to have.

A spiritual life is the life that will allow your souls to have a place to rest. You know the teachings. You know that you were born into the world, and everything will come to pass, and you will return to being dust. The thing that is most noble, the life that you most need is the life of your souls, the life in your consciences, which you need to have while you are still alive. You need to use your consciences in a truthful way, which was given to mankind, so that in that truth, you are the people who can recognize what is good, what is evil, and who can recognize the decisions you need to make for your lives, and the sins to be avoided.

There are many more things that mankind has to decide, for their own futures, that lie within their reach.

You have to clearly understand the purpose of your human lives, breathing, smiling, feeling, with all that I have given to you, for you to be the master of the situations in your lives, to be the master of the habits of life’s desires, that cause you to go against My laws, that cause you to live in sinful ways and succumbing to the pleasures of your ego.
If you continue to be slaves to your desires in all situations, if you do not allow yourselves and your consciences to master them, if you allow the lures of this life to lead you, then you will no longer be able to see, you will continue to err, you will continue to live in selfishness, in jealousy, in hatred, and in other sinful ways.

Furthermore, you live in pride, without knowing what it is to love, without knowing what it is to help, and without knowing what is righteous. So then you are living but it is as if you are dead; you have your bodies, you have your souls, but it is the same as if you are completely lifeless. This is the situation that you have in this world.

You reject God.

You reject My teachings.

You reject everything else that you need to know in this world. You continue to live in greed, you continue to make big mistakes in life, sinking, not listening to the voice that is calling you to come back, not listening to the warnings to help you come back, for you to take the opportunity in these days of graces, for your sins to have the chance to be forgiven, through the Divine Mercy that I give to this era that you live in.

You have to trust in Divine Mercy, the Love that I have promised to everyone in this world. I know that mankind is weak. I know that mankind is sinful. I do not come to chasten. I do not come to punish, but I come to give you the opportunity, to give you the graces, to give you time for the remaining days, before I establish a new world.

I send messages and I keep reminding you, through revelations, through the prophets, to invite you to come back. Through the righteous children, the people who are listening, who spend their whole life serving God, with their hearts, recognizing the love that I give to them, and using that love, they look for the brothers and they help the brothers in the world.

I give abundant graces, through the miracles in this generation, for you to look at the miracles and to believe in the truth. Through these humble brothers, the miracles are the proof for you to see the Holy Spirit working to help bring mankind back to the truth. As for you who are receiving, continue to receive the graces that I give, to remind mankind to come back to the love that I have for each person, through the Divine Mercy in this era, in which you live with the tribulations, with the weight of the sins upon you. Only I can be your Savior. Only I can give you life in these remaining days. You have to come back for you to be able to enjoy heaven, which was prepared for you by the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

In the final battle of this generation, you definitely have to recognize My voice, you have to recognize the latest revelations, through the Holy Eucharist, reminding My children over and over again for them to come back. There is only one exclusive way. You need to come back to My Divine Mercy. You need to come back to My Church. You need to come back to My teachings. You need to come back to the things that you need to have, as a Christian. You have to be zealous, you have to understand that a life of faith is not a life doing things out of habit, but a life that always attracts people to living a life of happiness, of peace, and of hope.

This truth cannot be kept quiet but has to be proclaimed to this generation. Use everything that you have, O people who have the responsibility to proclaim the truth, to bring the Good News in the messages that I have for the world, to focus on the love that each of you needs to hold on to, for you to come back, for you to be saved, for you to know your consciences, for you to know right from wrong, for you to come back with the forgiveness that I give to every class in society, through My Divine Mercy.

I give to everyone in this world, whether that person knows Me or does not know Me, My graces still flow down to the whole world, with days of invitation, from Me. Reject all your sins, from your egos that have kept you prisoners, in your selfishness, in your pride, by the things that have burned up your souls, by your arrogance, relying on the things of this world, through knowledge, through talent or money. All of these things will be nullified when the world reaches the day when it has to answer to justice – justice for each other, justice for your consciences, justice between each other, and justice between God and mankind.

Being just, I always give to everyone, but can mankind recognize the graces, can mankind recognize the love that God has for each one of you, for you to choose the path to take, for you to choose to listen to your consciences, while you are still alive? When you recognize the truth, when you recognize the things that you need to reject, when you find the goal of your spiritual life, combine this with your good deeds, combine this with works that conform with your consciences, that conform with your reasoning, that conform with every situation, so that you can show the humane works that each person needs to have in society, that each person needs to have for their souls. What could these things bring to you? They bring to you patience, the teachings that were left through the Holy Cross, which the Second Person of the Holy Trinity had to bear for the sins of mankind, to bring you back, through the death of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Who had cleansed your souls with the Blood of the Holy One Who was sent into the world.

In the last moments of your lives, you have to know which path you are taking, which path you need to reject, which path you need to continue on, for the rest of the journey.

To know the value of the path that you are taking means living through this present time, with its difficulties, with its sufferings, with its diseases, with its trials, which each person is encountering.

What can you use to change, what can you use to face, and what can you use to deal with the situations that you are facing, if you do not truly come back to Me, if you do not come back to the Most Powerful One, Who has the power to give you the means to overcome the sufferings, when you believe that He is the Most High, a tender Father Who gives Love, Who gives happiness, and Who gives peace to mankind?

I forever want to bring happiness and peace to mankind with My messages, for each person to receive and to recognize this. If you want to recognize and receive happiness and peace, then take a look at yourselves, take a look at your offenses. You have to cleanse the sins that you committed in the past, in the present, and in the things that you face.

Come back to Me. Come back to My teachings, to be able to receive what I have given to mankind, never taking it back, which is My Body and My Blood*****, to sanctify you, to nourish you, spiritually and physically. My Body and Blood will transform you to become My children, to become the true Christians of the Church, to become the children for whom I had sent the Second Person of the Holy Trinity into the world, to save the soul of each of you.

You cannot deny this. You have to stand up right now. You have to come to the Divine Mercy. The Divine Mercy is the last opportunity in this century, for you to believe in everything that I give to you, for you to receive the Body and Blood from Jesus Christ.

He is Truly Present****** in this world. He is Present to help bring you back, and if you believe in the Savior, you will be able to be healed in your souls, in your bodies, and in your spirits, and for you not to be frightened by the current situations in the world, by the sufferings that each of you encounter, by the adversities, by the diseases, or by many other situations that everyone has to encounter, for you to change those sufferings into successes.

You need to learn through those paths of sufferings to obtain the experiences for a life of practice, for a life of perseverance, for a life of trust, and a life looking to come back to the place that you have forgotten. It is starting from the time when you decide to accept Me, to meet Me, to trust in Me, that your lives will definitely be transformed, from living in the darkness of sins to be transformed into living in the light of the righteous people. There are many choices you can make in this generation.

I just want to give you My message, speaking to you through the Holy Eucharist*******, this reminder of certain things that I want you to choose and to clearly understand, before the occurrence of many more unexpected events in the world that you live in, so that it will not be too late for you.

You need to make the decision to change.

This is the opportunity that I give to this world, with the new revelations through the Holy Eucharist.

I send this message to all classes in society. I send this message to all the children on this earth.
If you are able to hear My message, then come back to Me at once, because the changes in this generation, the disasters, the challenges, and the sufferings that mankind has created will soon start.

Children, if you are able to hear, if you are able to know and if you are able to trust, then no matter what happens, no matter the challenges, be firm in your faith. I will definitely come to save you, from the divine seals that I will place on the righteous people, on the people who are coming back to Me, on the people who are listening, and on the people who are the ones who believe that they will be saved from the disasters and the tribulations in today’s societies and today’s world. This is what I want all of you to choose.

I respect the freedom of each person. If you do not take the right path and if you do not return to the Divine Mercy on time, which I give to this world, through the graces that I give for these remaining days, then you will miss the opportunity. If you make the decision to stay on the same path of sins, this path will lead your souls into the place of sufferings, of wailing and of grinding of teeth. This was written in the Gospel.

Today, I repeat to you again that all of you can either make the decision to come to heaven, which has been prepared for you, or you can make the decision to go to the place of darkness, to the abyss where you will have to suffer tortures, in the wailing and grinding of teeth, because of the sins that you are committing, living in today’s societies, because of the sins that are raging in every family, in every individual, in a society full of attractions, through the modern ways of the era that you are living in.

Remember that you are the ones to make the decisions regarding your consciences, your reasoning, your souls, because when the time comes, you will no longer have the time to choose.

Do not weep. Do not hate. Have love, have charity, and have the justice that I give to mankind.

None of you can deny this, and I stress that again.

The time has come.

Come back to Me. Reject sins. Come to the Divine Mercy that I give in these remaining days.
Return to Me. Come to meet Me in the Holy Eucharist.

I want each of you in this generation, to save some time each day, to have rest in your souls, to be calm, for your souls and your spirits to rest. When you rest, you will be able to find what you have been seeking for yourselves in the present, which is a life of faith.

You have to believe in the Most High. If you believe in God, then you will live a new life, and from that transformation, you will avoid sins, and from avoiding sins, you will come closer and closer to the Light. When you are surrounded by the Light then you are truly becoming the righteous people in this world. The righteous people will receive the seals. No matter in which situation, no matter in which time of danger, I have a way, in a divine way, I will come to help all of My children. This is My promise that I give to the people who are listening and putting into practice what they hear.

I also want to remind you, you are the Christians who have lived with the teachings from the Church; you have to follow those teachings. Do not act against those laws. There are certain people in the Church who are acting based on their personal freedom. This is a dangerous thing, when you violate the laws; this takes you away from the truth, this causes the other brothers to fall. Those people will have to suffer the consequences of their actions and their wrongful decisions in the way of God.

I give you many opportunities for you to come back, with many occasions for you to recognize right from wrong, especially in this generation.

Remember that the Divine Mercy will bless anyone who comes with a devoted heart, with a longing heart, with a repentant heart, then everyone will be forgiven and will be able to come back to Me in the light that I have promised, through the seal, to save all of you in times of tribulations, in times of sufferings, and in case you do not survive, your souls still will be able to come to the eternal place that I have prepared for each soul.

This is My message for you today.

I want L. and all the people who have been chosen through the Holy Eucharist to immediately send this message to the world.

All of you need to listen to this message.

The decision is up to each individual.

This message will help your spiritual life. You will have peace, you will have hope, and you will have joy when you recognize My voice, and when you practice My teachings this will help you to be on the path of righteousness, and to come to the world that has been prepared for you, with a divine banquet, in the eternal place that is heaven.

May My peace be with all of you.

I love you very much.

Goodbye children.

God the Father

Completed receiving at 9:00 a.m.

* Apparently, Saint John was not the only Apostle who wrote a New Testament book who had visions related to his writing. This must have been one of the ways the Holy Spirit helped the Apostles recall things. (Cf. “But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you” [John 14:26]).

** This seal is mentioned in the other message given this day by Mary: “Receive the Seal from God.” These seals are mentioned in the Book of Revelation (7:2-3): “Then I saw another angel ascend from the rising of the sun, with the seal of the living God, and he called with a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm earth and sea, saying, ‘Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God upon their foreheads.’” (The First Reading at Mass this day was Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14.) This seal can be received by practicing the Six Kowtows. (Please see the “St. Michael the Archangel: In My Mission to Protect” message of September 29, 2014, and the “Spread Everything that Will Happen to the World” message of December 26, 2014, on

*** This time is the Era of Mercy revealed to Saint Faustina.

**** This is not the Second Coming of Christ in His glorified Body at the end of the world (Cf. Acts 1:11), but a time in which He will reign in the Eucharist (Cf. The Triumph of God’s Kingdom in the Millennium and End Times: A Proper Belief from the Truth in Scripture and Church Teachings by Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, S.T.D., Ph.D.), during the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. Before this indeterminably long period, there will be the Day of Justice revealed to Saint Faustina by Jesus: “Before the Day of Justice I am sending the Day of Mercy” (Diary, 1588) and “Speak to the world about My mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice” (Diary, 848). This Day of Justice will separate of the evil people from the righteous ones.

***** Here God the Father is expressing the unity of the Trinity. Since the Trinity is one God in Three Divine Persons, when one receives Holy Communion, he or she is receiving not only the entire Christ, but the entire Trinity, because where One is present the other Two are of necessity. The Three Divine Persons are always united. Specifically for this passage, the unity of the First Person and the Second Person of the Trinity is seen in John 14:11 and John 10:30.

****** This is the dogma of the “Real Presence” of Christ in the Eucharist, defined by the Council of Trent (See Denzinger, 1636, 1640, etc.).

******* That is, the Holy Eucharist as the Son of God the Father. Also, L. receives almost all messages from God and Mary in adoration: “through the Holy Eucharist.”

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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