New Revelations through the Eucharist

A King who is Yearning and Waiting



November 20, 2016 – Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Jesus: L., My beloved children,

Today, the words through the Holy Spirit remind (1), for Me to relive the path of the past days; quiet the soul to listen to the words that today let you and this generation recognize and understand the meaning in your present roles, just like the words that you reserve in the honor and the memorial of the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

My beloved children, what you offer or what is written in history books: that is a matter that is up to each one of you, up to the human world to recognize what belongs to Me.  Right from the first moment when I came into the world, I no longer retained the position of a King, but I retain the function to come to serve you, to love, to support, to guide you into the doctrine. The path of that new doctrine needs to have cooperation, unity, to recognize what is inherent in the human life that needs to be removed and replaced with better things, for life between humans to no longer have days of dispute, days of hatred, days of injustice, and many more things for you to learn regarding the doctrine. From that doctrine will be poured abundant graces that I always want you to have for you to experience the lively presence in the goodness who is the Holy Spirit.  From of old, I already wished for that in the human world; right from the start, everything was in the plan for this day, for I Myself to come into the world. Everything has become history, has become the history books that were recorded regarding the doctrine and the truth, but everything is to be surrendered to God the Father, because there is only Him; with Him, His arrangement, His power – all things are in Him.  Today, everything has become history; I Myself came into the world – I came to guide you, which is the protection with meaningful days in life and no places that cause you to fall into the snares, the sufferings, or the crimes. Because that was the predestination right from the beginning, so I came; I saw beforehand the path I take, the path I must accept, the path I must endure to take on everything to give you life, which is the earthly life with days of peace, of happiness, of grace, and the eternal life in heaven where I desire to see each soul and yearn that each soul can go – to contemplate the greatness God the Father created and bestowed upon you, bestowed upon humanity and upon each one of you.

My beloved children, today, everyone honors the memorial of the solemnity, but there is no one who is king like Me. I am the poorest king, a king who begs for mankind’s love, a king who accepts everything that people have yet to understand, to be touched, and to experience – to continue with the days, in patience; to wait for you to mature, to grow with the good works, with the teachings that bring you happiness and abundant hope with the path, when you have the mind to differentiate so that you may take the path that must be taken, to live a life having the doctrine, to not be encumbered by crime, by the devil, by the enticements, by the imperfections in the weaknesses of each person and of each role.  I also want to watch in order to change everything that is not just in each era of the kings on earth (2), for them to know how to deal with the citizens, with the poor – how to be impartial with the people who have functions; the rich people; or the people on the streets, the poor and the sick.  I want to come to bring the doctrine to raze everything, for both the rich and the poor to be lifted towards only one direction, which is to have life, love, equality; for everyone to love one another, to support one another, and to help one another.

I come to give; from the smallest signs in My own life, I look for a shelter – a shelter is a place that mankind, even the poorest people, also have. But I, I look for the poorest place, I look for the coldest place, in exchange for you to have warmth, but you could not understand the meaning when you are too affluent, too prosperous, too rich; you cannot see what is inherent in the people around you and the demand for justice, which is something no one can avoid – each person must stand before the Judge.  So, for this reason, for the majority in humanity, if I do not sacrifice Myself, then you do not have the doctrine that requires people to make sacrifices, to deny themselves to possess what you follow, which is the doctrine. The doctrine guides you into a place where you can understand love – love in solidarity, charity, sacrifice – for you to learn what is needed among people in order to have an equitable society, to have the thread of love in solidarity, to have charity, and to have many graces to help eliminate unrighteousness, sin, concupiscence, lust, greed.

There are still many, many (3), so in all matters, from limited virtues or from big matters, I continue to grieve. Looking at the human betrayal, human denial, human refusal, human rejection – in bitterness, I remain silent, to wait, to wait for the days for you to mature, to grow up, to awake. The days you encounter distress in the decisions made with your mistakes, you will receive extreme suffering and things that people cause to one another; the answer is that good will encounter good and evil will meet with suffering and damnation, which is the justice people cannot get away from.  This is what is predestined for mankind – for this reason, I came; I wish it was not limited to 33 years – I want to continue to remain with you, to continue to lead you, to continue to wait for you to understand My presence.  My presence in the world is to lead you and to bring you into a new doctrine, which is not too difficult when people really pay attention to understand that what belongs to the world is fleeting and dust. When you mature and you clearly understand, then it will be easier for you to overcome, to conquer, and life will have meaning when you bear the condition of a human being, with a human life, with a soul, with a heart, and with a mind to make decisions.

My beloved children, I do not come to have sovereignty with everything inherent in the kings or each king who is rich and has power. I come as the king of humanity, but in the end I had to hold out my hands for humanity to tightly bind, for humanity to direct and lead, drag through the stages of the Cross, with sufferings – but if I do not make this sacrifice then crimes continue to accumulate, people do not awake and people do not understand the price of blood, the blood of innocent people, the blood from the injustice of the leaders, and the blood from the people who act deceptively for a purpose.  So My death has raised all of the human crimes that are contrary to the doctrine and the truth, for each person to hear and to avoid, and that doctrine is undoubtedly everlasting because that is the true righteousness for the earthly world.

My beloved children, it is indeed a bitterness when people glorify Me as the King of the Universe (4): indeed, I am King of the Universe, a king who cannot be denied in the truth from the heavenly kingdom – but a king denied by the people, a king who came to bring everything in the heavenly world to present and to show to the earthly world, but people do not believe; they deny and reject.  In the end, I had to pay the price, which was to die in order to triumph over death, to die in order to resurrect what is best in the doctrine, in the truth, for that to be protected and to last till this day.  Indeed, it is a title, a title as king, but so bitter with the days on earth.  This is also a sign for you to be able to face and to recognize that I am not a king like countless other kings, who wear the royal robe, who wear the royal crown, who give orders or do things according to their own wishes.  I came, with the title of a king but I came to replace, to exchange, to serve, to endure, to bring you into My Love, into My light, and into that truth.

What you need to meditate upon today is that I am not a king of a nation in particular, of an era in particular, or a king with only certain limitations, but I desire what is in the designation or the title that you offer.   I do not need to receive recognitions that are human compliments and praises, because I have seen the truth, the matters in which people look at the appearances, coveting, longing, looking into roles and looking into selfish gains.  The king I desire to be is a king not reserved for anyone in particular, not reserved in particular for honor, with a certain limitation or with any class, but I simply desire that I be a king in each person’s heart; that I be a king that when you recognize as king, that I want to have a place reserved in your heart, that people might understand My presence, for them to have peace, happiness, and the way of the doctrine and the truth that must be chosen in order to become holy and good. I come to protect, to comfort you, when the path that you are on still has ordeals, sufferings, diseases, tribulations, and many things on the phases of the cross that each person must undergo in life. I want to be king in every situation; I want to be king when you are diseased; I want to be king in your hearts when you are the person who needs Me in the moments of comfort; I want to be king when you fail, with tears streaming down, to have Me by your side; I want to be king when you are lonely and suffering in the midst of life, to have Me.  That is the king I yearn to be throughout countless generations, to be with you, to conquer your hearts, to be able to remain in each person’s heart, and your souls to be the temples where a longing king like Me reigns and remains, in every generation, in every era.

My beloved children, the crown of thorns that I wear today – with people’s thinking, their dark nature, their crime, their offense, their unrighteousness – the royal crown that people offer Me is the crown of thorns, the royal crown with which you honor Me with is also the crown of thorns. The royal robe that I am wearing, which humans offer to Me and see on Me – that is the Cross; the royal robe that humans offer Me are the nail marks, the scourging, the wounds that are still bleeding from the indifference, from the denial, from the neglect, and from the cold-heartedness of humans.  I endure all of these on your behalf, instead of the splendid royal robe I never once could wear; I never once could wear the splendid royal robe like the kings on earth to whom you knelt and prostrated to; I never could wear the halo for everyone to look at wholeheartedly, to prostrate to and to recognize. I yearn for the human world; I yearn for your love; I am the king to whom people give but I am actually poor because I beg for each person’s love yet they still do not open the door for Me to come in; they do not allow Me in to take shelter, even only for a few minutes, while it is raining or the sun is shining outside. When they are in great need to pacify their lives, they can awaken their souls, they can recognize that only I am the source of comfort and can bring them back to the harbor of love, for Me to heal and bandage the wounds of their hearts.

My beloved children, today indeed is the opportunity. For countless months (5), I did not have the opportunity to confide these earnest words that I want humanity to know, for you to hear the words that are simply the words left in history, the words written and recorded through the apostles; but My Heart is eager and restless, desiring that these words come to you, that what I yearn for is still there, because the wounds come from the royal robe you offer Me; they are the still shedding drops of blood: the concern when I look at you who are indifferent, who are denying. What you give Me to wear is simply the formality and the habit of most people; as for what comes from the heart, the soul, what I yearn for then becomes cold, becomes lonely.  O children, I desire and yearn; even the crown of thorns, the nail marks, the scourging, I will still endure; I endure, for you to awaken; I endure, so that one day you may return; I endure, so that I will not see you walk into the abyss and the darkness. I endure wearing this royal robe forever so that one of these days, each of you will see Me, and offer the royal robe that I can wear in you, which is the soul recognizing Me, the heart returning to Me and trusting in Me, coming close to Me and entrusting your lives to Me. That is the royal robe I yearn for each person in humanity to offer and give to Me.

Today, the Church has indeed reminded; indeed, this is something certified; but I, who am the King of the Universe, am still lonely, still grieved, still suffering, and still bleeding due to the coldness, the indifference, the denial, because today the majority of people do not yet know, do not yet accept, do not yet believe.  So, today is a day I thank all of you who come to listen, to believe, to receive the words I give to you in a lively way; since the day I chose to speak up through the Holy Eucharist, since the day I decided that My book will definitely be written in the last era (6), that day has been realized, though still in silence, still denied by people, still in coldness, because My children are still subject to the indifference of people, who only look into what is in the books, in the rules; their goodwill toward Me is too limited in this moment and in this time period.  So, strive harder because this reminder has been given to the world but has not yet been accepted by humans. I am a king who begs, who waits, who lacks the most essential thing, which is a petition from you, with your love. Today, for every matter that I came and waited for, you are the people who are chosen, the people who hear, who understand, so be with Me, be faithful to Me, be patient with Me, help Me, for everyone to know, to hear, because what I yearn is for their hearts to listen so that they may awake, so that they may be touched, and know that it is My presence, in everything.

So I wait for a very long time and I still wait in the hope that you bring My voice to humanity, bring My voice and reminder to the generation that you currently live in.  I have the power but I desire that what belongs to love must have a volunteering heart, must have mutual feelings for that to become a confirmation, a greatness in the divine mystery yet happening in earthly life, over you and in you.  So trust is very essential with work, and it is exactly this, from a sincere heart, that can be true with the yearnings that I desire and wait from the heart of each person.  I thank you for remembering this day; I am indeed a king, but a silent king, a lonely king, a king who is waiting, a king who is yearning and waiting for each step, each time, and each situation, waiting for people to recognize Me, to return to Me, to know Me, and to live in My love.

My beloved children, though this has come and has happened, yet I never stop but continue; continue to desire and continue to yearn.  I continue to wear the garment that is the Cross; continue to wear the crown of thorns, continue to wear the royal crown made of thorns – this crown of thorns is the proof of My love for you, and this royal robe is the proof of all the burdens of your sins to be carried on behalf of you, on behalf of all of you. The royal robe I wait for is for everyone to return, to recognize My presence; at that moment, the royal robe is the hands, the hearts, the returning hearts as your gifts to Me – I yearn for that royal robe. I yearn for the splendor of a contrite heart, I yearn for unity, I yearn for your responding love – that is the royal robe I yearn for.

So, today, I still wait. I wait to wear the royal robe from the contrite hearts, from the unity, from everyone’s wholeheartedness, together in surrender, together in prostration. At that moment, from the royal robe you offer Me and from the royal crown, you will understand the meaning of the most urgent days, of evil, and of certain matters which you must awake from, must rise, must mature – to decide for your own future, decide for what is going on, to not be surrounded by modern things, all reality (7), but to boldly rise to understand what is conscience, what is life, what is goodness, and what are the blessings you receive.  Today, continue in your own roles, to bring the words to remind everyone, to bear witness to My love, to guide the brothers and sisters, to guide the people who are lost, to guide the people who do not yet believe, who do not yet know, to guide the people who completely have not yet understood and have never once met Me. How do they know how I love them? How do they know that My love still waits and that I always love, always protect, and always intervene?

Today, you know about a king like Me for you to be able to worship according to your way, but indeed, I am very lonely, I am very lonely; I wait for the day I can really wear the garment I need to wear, which is your gift and your return. Each soul, do not be afraid of being a sinner, do not be afraid of the inferiority complex you have of the situation but boldly come to Me; boldly come to Me to put on My Divine Mercy, to put on the light of the blessing, of the grace, of the renewed water – in the sanctification and the transformation, you will be the people who unite together, to recognize what I reserve and wait for, which is waiting for everyone to surrender, to unite, and for My kingdom to come. Everyone belongs to Me in the light, in the Good News, and the Resurrection brings you the source of happiness, of peace, which is what I want to see you have, for you to no longer have days of diseases, in the soul as well as the body; days of famine, of plague, of greed, of selfishness, of hatred, of jealousy; and days with nations at war and causing each other casualties and sufferings.  Is this a request that might be too big?  My love does not stop and I forever wait to attain the day I desire for everyone, the whole of humanity – to mature and to grow, to recognize what is inherent in the love I reserve for you and in general for humanity.

Today this is all I am saying. I hope that you understand this, for you to live with a life in the role of having known and heard.  Continue to bear witness to the greatest works by your own lives – to bring My voice and the certification that I am waiting for you, who are the people who understand, who know, who hear. I will wait for you; you are the source of comfort, the people who are making Me a royal robe, a royal robe of your hands, of your hearts, of your souls; in your belief, I can wear that royal robe, by the position that today you let Me be: the King of the Universe.

Today this is all I am saying. I hope this awakens each soul, each heart, when you are the people who listen lively, clearly, to what I send to you through the Holy Eucharist.  I am not that high, I am not that far away as in heaven; I am also not that close; I am always with you through the Holy Eucharist. I still live, still look at you, still meet you, and I welcome you anytime; this is the point where I desire to meet you – the Holy Eucharist – and to nourish you by My Body and Blood. Please, do keep a place for Me in your hearts; every time you receive Me, let me linger in you, to be with you, to confide in you, to comfort you, and to protect you.  Do not rush and chase Me away, do not rush and not see and leave Me lonely, with tears streaming down in self-pity; those wounds are piercing through My Heart, with the coldness, the frostiness, the indifference, and the denial of humans – that is something I remind to all of you today. Be prepared with what has been arranged.  My peace be with you. I love you very much.  Goodbye children.

Today is also the last day of the Jubilee Year and the Holy Door of the Jubilee Year will close. I desire and yearn to see more, to wait for more, but everything has been done according to the rules people have through the Church; remember, though the Door of the Jubilee Year has closed My Divine Mercy continues and waits for your return. In the closeness, in the feeling of the presence and the blessings I reserve and bestow – the gift that you are practicing, are bearing witness to, and are pioneering – fulfill your responsibilities with what is most essential in the divine realm, which is needed for everyone today, for that gift to come to all of you. These are the works I desire and yearn for – over you, in you, and all people, all nations. One more time, My peace be with all of you.  I love you very much.  Goodbye children.

L.: O Lord – I thank the Lord for reserving for me these past minutes for us to listen to the words that He confides, the words that He reminds, the words of the King of the Universe, who continues to wait. To be the king, yet God does not use the power of a king, but He is waiting and asking for each person’s love; today, who are we, how worthy are we, for God to do this?  O Lord – God is the God whose love reserved for humanity no one can describe by words; no one can love us like God. There is no place for us to take refuge and return to like the place that God manifested … and letting us know that God is the king – the king of each person, the king of humanity, and the king of each heart when we are aware and we are conscious, to choose God and to recognize God. May everyone awaken, may everyone listen, may everyone look back at what is in our lives, in unrighteousness, in sin, in imperfection, and return, to be worthy of the love God reserves and bestows upon us; to be worthy of the king who always reigns in our hearts, each person, though sinful, though imperfect, but God is still the king of love, the king who deserves our worship, the king who deserves our prostration and reverence, the only king whom we worship and forever belong to God in repentance. May I speak up on behalf of all the brothers and sisters, to thank, to praise, to honor God; God, please remain with us, continue to lead us, for us to live pleasing God daily, for us to live to be worthy to be the children of God, now and forever.

Please help us continue to bear witness and to pioneer, for us to glorify God in life, by work, by the silent days, for us to continue to make sacrifices, by bearing witness, by pioneering, with those small, silent works, so that one of these days, everyone may understand, may recognize, and unite, to return to God, to respond to God’s love, to honor God as the King of the Universe, an everlasting King, a King whom we greatly need, the only King who can bring us hope and love.  Only the ruling from Father can give us meaning in life, to overcome the encirclement of the devil, the bad habits, the sins, the things that humans always stumble upon.  Father, please help us; Father is the strength, Father is love, Father is the light, Father is the source of comfort for us to be worthy to be the people kneeling before Father — in prostration, in surrender, and in admiration – to ask for Father to rule: rule the soul, the world, each country, each nation, each person, each family.  As we honor Father, please rule over the world and all humanity.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our God, L. completes on this afternoon, at 5:42, on Sunday, November 20, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, behind the room with the Tabernacle, at the table where we used to receive Father’s words and the Holy Spirit’s words.  I end on this afternoon; I thank God, praise God and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen. One more time, L. completes at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, behind the room of the Holy Eucharist, on the day the Church reminds that Jesus is the King of the Universe, which is also the last day for the Holy Door of the Jubilee Year in Rome, and also the day of the closing ceremony.  I thank, praise, and glorify our God, now and forever. Amen. Amen. Amen.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture visions of Eucharistic miracles on her cell phone. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 


  1. This refers to a message inspired by the Holy Spirit that L. received prior to this.
  2. This refers not just to kings but to rulers in general, such as presidents, prime ministers, etc.
  3. Sins, as in the previous sentence
  4. Jesus goes on to explain…
  5. “Months” is an understatement.
  6. This refers to these messages, this private revelation, and to a book or books that will result.
  7. This does not refer to holy or to morally neutral, human realities – but to the rest of human reality, so full of evil. This must not surprise us; Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal told St. Catherine Laboure almost 200 years ago, in 1830, “The times are very evil.”

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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