New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Six Kowtows to Be Handed to Each Person

June 8, 2018

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through Lucia Phan when practicing The Six Kowtows.

Lucia: O Lord – it is 2:03, Friday, June 8, 2018, at St. Laurence Church.

We are kneeling in front of the tabernacle, the altar, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of Mother holding Jesus, the holy statue of St. Joseph, and the holy statue of St. Laurence.

Today I, along with all the brothers and sisters, did not plan, but we end up meeting each other.

This is not a coincidence, but God grants us to respectfully offer the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of God in a sentiment of thanksgiving on behalf of St. Laurence’s Parish, St. Theresa’s Parish, Christ the Incarnate Word Parish, and the parishes we often go to, which are St. Justin and St. Thomas.

All those parishes are very familiar; every week we either come to one or to another.

Today is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of God – we offer on behalf of the priests, who are on vacation, who have gone afar, as well as all the laypeople and all the children everywhere, far and near, all classes, all roles, especially our families and the brothers and sisters in our group.

We represent them to reverently offer to God The Six Kowtows that normally we respectfully offer to each Person so that we may lift up our voice to God with the resounding echo from this earth.

There still are people who offer with a reverent, grateful heart, to thank and also beseech God to look at us.

God, may we lift up prayers on behalf of the brothers and sisters and also pray for You to bless, and bless for them to recognize Your love and respond to the invitation You grant us in particular and grant to humanity in general.

And now, we respectfully offer to God the First Kowtow.

O God the Father – I prostrate myself before Father, I adore Father, I praise Father, and I glorify Father; I keep repeating over and over. Each day, all the brothers and sisters do the same as well, when we are with each other, when we are together, when we walk alone, or when we are alone in general.

We only know that these words are repeated over and over every day, but they are very meaningful, because these words remind us to thank God, help us come close to God, help us understand that what we have today is from God who bestows, from God who gives – even breath, even a smile: everything.

For us to still have good health, still have strength, still able to go to church, and still able to kowtow to God, is also granted from God Himself – we cannot stop thanking God.

A praising heart, a prostrating heart, a reverent heart, is always reminded on our lips, because God has granted and given us so much, but things in return are not that much.

Many times, we have disappointed, saddened, and pained God with the unintentional and deliberate acts of sin we had and have in life.

O Lord our God – because of God’s endless clemency, today people like us all have the opportunity to know God, to recognize God, to profess, prostrate to, and adore God.

The God whom we worship, the God whom we must honor is the transcendent God, the loving Supreme Being, the Supreme Being rich in Divine Mercy, the Supreme Being who accepts, and the Supreme Being who forgives those who are unrighteous and imperfect like us.

We continue to ask God to sanctify, to ask God to transform, for us to know how to live and understand the doctrine God bestows, understand the commandments that we need to keep in order to eliminate the weak days, the wretched days, the days in which we had and still have stumbles and falls.

We still are  ordinary and common human beings in this world, but the words we pray and the intervention in the divine realm with the divine graces help us to clearly see, clearly understand, for us to lessen sin, avoid sin.

We strive to lessen all that is inherent in the past that was committed and is still being committed, and there still are those weak and wretched days for us to recognize what is better and more beautiful, reminding us to pray to be somewhat worthy with the love and the Divine Mercy that God granted – granted in general to the world and granted to every sinner like us, in an indescribable sentiment.

Things God has bestowed, things God has given, with that abundance, more and more each day: we live in happiness and live in peace, even though there are challenges, yet we overcome everything to unite together to go everywhere to witness and attest to this wonderful gift, for us to truly encounter God, for us to have God, for us to truly be happy when we can lift up what is imperfect and weak.

We must pray daily for God to forgive.

O God – any day we still are in this flesh then those days are still days in which we greatly need to identify what was formerly and is currently with human habits.

God, please help us be conscious to avoid what is initially the trap and snare that we faced and face, many times unconcerned, deliberately as well as unintentionally.

God, please have mercy and accept the words we pray, for us to understand more about God’s love, about God’s Divine Mercy, about the Sacred Heart of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Today the Church reminds about the day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – the sacred, loving Heart that He has granted us in the ending.

Though He has died on Calvary, water and Blood still spurt out; the Heart is half open, to bestow to humanity – that is the Heart of the Lord Jesus Christ, complete through the salvation.

In His Heart there is the presence of God the Father, the clemency and kindness and the Divine Mercy of God the Father.

Today we cannot refuse; humanity cannot disregard and not know. The time has come to know; the time has come to affirm; the time has come to accept.

What do we do with our condition when we find the truth God has granted and bestowed?

We listen to today’s First Reading that God gives us in the Old Testament [Hosea 11:1, 3-4, 8C – 9], speaking to the Israelites, speaking to Ephraim, and speaking to us today, for us to pray for God to forgive.

It is God Himself who proclaimed and God also said: I do not want to destroy; I do not want the evil people to have to die – I want them to repent and live.

God is always clement to show us the way, God always offers the opportunity for us to return to righteousness, God always wants to look for ways to rescue us, but God still respects us, for us to choose the path that belongs to us.

That path is the path of righteousness, the path that resonates resoundingly with God’s love and Divine Mercy – the path God has chosen for us accordingly.

We respond to that invitation; we respond, though only a little, but God supports us, God grants us graces for us to resist the world of reality – a world that is luring us, a world in which human beings and everyone in humanity is also stumbling, and falling into a situation with a realistic and practical life, which has caused us to falter a lot, has caused us to slacken.

Though we know and we see things that initially guide us and protect us, yet in reality there are many things that are not easy to achieve.

Things that we long for are also difficult to realize, but things that are not called by God, then we continue to do.

As St. Paul the Apostle said, there are good and beautiful things he wants to do yet he cannot, but things he does not want to do, he continues to do, because in a human life, they are close by, with the wretchedness and weakness of sin.

So we must continue and learn how to rely on God’s grace, how to daily cry out – by a sentiment of repentance, by a sentiment of determination, by what is basically in joy; to thank, in order to be protected, to lessen everything in reality that human beings always have, with a trend that is close to us in life.

Today, God, please have mercy and accept, for us to understand what the love is that God grants, so that we may feel and may perform, although only limited, yet at least leading us to the hope, the happiness, the peace that God granted.

In the midst of humanity’s life, there still are countless things entirely indescribable, we simply express with a thankful, appreciative, grateful heart, on behalf of everyone, the brothers and sisters everywhere, for all classes, all roles that still do not believe, still do not know, to respectfully offer in the prostration.

Today we respectfully offer the First Kowtow to the everlasting love of God. He is the Supreme Being who creates, the Supreme Being who loves, the Supreme Being full of Divine Mercy, the Supreme Being who creates opportunities for sinners like us to become penitents and witnesses.

As for the saints who have returned to heaven, from God’s love and immense clemency, may we believe in this, may we trust in this, may we profess this, for us to live in God’s blessing, in God’s intervention, and in God’s reminding message, for us to boldly rely on His word, boldly trust in Him, the Supreme Being whom we believe, the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Supreme Being to whom we prostrate and surrender, the Supreme Being to whom we apologize and repent, praying for Him to forgive, for us to become a new person, to become human beings who yearn to belong to God, with God, and in God. Amen.

We offer the Second Kowtow. O Lord Jesus Christ, our God – we thank Him; it is He Himself who died for us, He Himself who sacrificed everything for us, and He Himself who came to bring a new doctrine to the world of humanity, to change the new law in a time when human beings still live in unjust, unethical, and wretched days, through functions and duties, through the appearance with theory.

There still are atrocity and treachery as human beings continue in the transgressions; in the beginning and till this day, human beings continue, though they hear, yet they still remain obstinate and stubborn – countless offenses were committed and are being committed.

God came; people did not even recognize Him – they rejected Him, they also sentenced Him and hung Him on the Cross, though innocent.

Today that is the answer, formerly through the first generation, but the Lord Jesus still accepts amiably.

God accepts and God knows we are weak, cowardly, superficial and shortsighted; God knows we do not understand, do not know, and also do not see, though the truths are before our eyes through the deeds God performs, which are exceptional and extraordinary, to help human beings recognize – the lame walk, the mute speak, the dead come alive again.

All of these deeds from heaven come from the Lord Jesus; He loves mankind, He brings the new doctrine from heaven to mankind, He even agreed to die for mankind, and He was hung on the Cross along with sinners.

He accepted death and He triumphed over death.

He has brought a glorious doctrine to restore the human world – having Him, with Him – His love triumphs over everything.

Today is the feast of the Sacred Heart of God, for us to understand how to revere the Sacred Heart of God, understand how a heart is to love – a heart to restore in the truth, a heart to know fairness, justice, and righteousness, and a heart belonging to God.

The Lord Jesus Christ alone grants, for us to understand the doctrine bestowed from heaven; He had to go through death for that to be realized in the world, which is the proof, the everlasting mark in the world that each person receives, to be saved.

We must have determination with faith, to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in His salvation, believe in His death and glorious resurrection, for us to live with Him, in Him, and belong to His doctrine.

O Lord, our God – love will help us overcome difficulties; love will level all things in the human world that still are superficial and shortsighted and weak.

God’s love will renew everything if we understand, if we eliminate what is initially in the habit of the ego, the personality – of power, of ambition, of personal gain, of carnal desire, of greed, which originally is and was, in sin, with sin and death.

God comes to save us; may we gradually lessen everything from within each person – only then do we feel happy in the midst of this world, and see the hope God gives and grants.

Moreover, we have peace when we have God and believe in Him. His word is still living, His reminder remains. That love continues to be animated and bestowed to each one of us, for us to accept that love, to feel alive with His love, to be sanctified and transformed when we meditate, feel and contemplate, and we are determined to practice the things He teaches and grants through His doctrine.

In life, we must also respond to the love with which God loves us, but we only act one way; we need to love Him, we must recognize Him, and we need to respond to His calling – then and only then can we live days with depth, height, breadth, with the faith that we need to have.

Today we glorify the Supreme God we worship, profess the Supreme Being who died, who rose again from the dead, who resurrected and restored the human world to live in a new doctrine.

We rely on that doctrine to exist and continue with days in which we receive, with the depth, the height, the breadth of the Gospel that we need to have, with the lofty spiritualities that God has bestowed and given, for us to lessen the wretchedness and weakness and eliminate everything in unrighteousness and disobedience, in sin, in darkness, and return to God for us to be happy with worthy days.

We profess, we affirm, and we respectfully offer to Him, on behalf of all classes, all roles, to compensate for all the indifference and coldness, to compensate for the unresponsive days in the midst of the world, because of the freedom in a clever and subtle life that has reduced all the time, completely controlled with all the realities, and they forgot the God who died for them, the God who loved them, the God who redeemed


them by the doctrine.

Today Calvary continues with the signs, with the relics. Water and Blood came out from the side pierced by the lance, poured out for the world; wait for the return of mankind, wait for the repentance of mankind, and remind mankind of the Heart that God offers.

That is His love, for us to be restored in that love, for us to become improved and perfected human beings, to become human beings worthy to call God as Abba, to accept what today we need to know, to thank, to be grateful, for us to profess, for us to bear witness, for us to have the opportunity to let our brothers and sisters know God.

God’s doctrine will nourish and help us become just human beings, worthy to return with God, eternally in heaven.

God does not chastise us when we are people who deserve to die; His kindness will restore us – to live, to have balance, to return from days that we do not know, deliberately or unintentionally.

Only God’s love rescues us, only His love and Divine Mercy help us on the paths that we greatly need in life. Having Him, with Him, we walk firmly; having Him, with Him, we trust and have hope; having Him, with Him, we live in hope; having Him, with Him, we no longer fear and worry; and having Him, with Him, we truly live steadily in the midst of life.

We do not fear the dangers with the challenges of the world, because we belong to God in this world, or if we leave this world, the heart no longer beating, but we have belief and faith, then we also belong to God.

Always hope in all situations, always hope in all issues, and always hope every time.

Those are things for which we have partially experienced the love of God, and we also recognize His love granted to all of us, which is the love God grants to us who are the people God embraces, God leads, God supports, and God guides out of slavery.

God continues to hold back wrath when we are human beings who deserve to be chastised, but God continues to forgive us, continues to give us the opportunity, continues with the days in which we still have the opportunity.

Let us return, let our soul have the moments to separate from the busy world, with the months that cause us to totally not experience and not realize the love that God grants for us to have the opportunity in this meditation, to have the opportunity in the Second Kowtow, by both soul and body, mind, the whole heart.

Set aside the moments to belong to God; definitely we will have the feeling, definitely we will see God’s love, definitely we will see our shortcomings, to return in a reverent way, in an absolute way, with faith, in a way that is no longer fearful – to beseech God to come to us, to beseech God to sanctify us, to beseech God to transform us.

May we lift up with a love that is basically little, basically weak, yet He also wants to look at us. We rely on those things for us to be bold and each day to be sanctified, to be transformed in love, with the kind, meek Heart of God, with the Divine Mercy that we are receiving, have received, and still receive. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Third Kowtow to the Third Person of God.

O Holy Spirit, Lord – if without Him, if not with Him, then definitely we do not know what we have today.

Besides, we do not understand the meaning when we are people who can receive or continue to say things that are originally in books or that we do not have the capability for, but, O God – indeed, God is in our midst with His promise to never leave mankind.

He remains in the depth of each of our hearts, because the Third Person of God is love: the love of God the Father in Jesus, which has become a living God – the Holy Spirit – a transcendent Supreme Being, a wise Supreme Being, an understanding Supreme Being, and a Supreme Being who teaches us the best and most beautiful things.

Fairness and justice are in Him, with Him, and filled with indescribable and unexplainable graces.

The Holy Spirit has realized those things. Today we beseech Him, pray for Him to kindle the flame of faith in each of our souls, from the laity to the priests, to everyone on earth, in the world, who are Christians, who are God’s children, to know what is needed today.

That is the light of the Good News – to lead and illumine in the soul of the children who have gone astray, the indifferent and lukewarm children, the indifferent and cold children, who are God’s children but never meet God and also do not know God and follow the way of today’s world.

They easily falter, easily fall, easily sink into sin, are easily led astray, controlled by the life of reality.

There still are many things – greed, ambition, many afflictions because mankind has not recognized what formerly existed – to beseech, to implore, to pray, to be patient and wait.

But mankind has decided hastily, has satisfied the addicted flesh, has satisfied all the lust and greed, has satisfied everything in the personal will of an imperfect and wretched human being.

We have distanced ourselves and are not worthy to receive and accept things that He has granted and is granting.

We do not practice and also do not collaborate, so there have been some pitiful and unfortunate stories for the indifferent, obstinate, and hardened souls; in the final hour they are also indifferent and denying.

Where are they now? How are they at this very moment?

Their souls will not die and must accept what they had stubbornly and hardheartedly persisted in.

The Holy Spirit is a gentle, tender Supreme Being with love, guiding us back – the hearts that know to repent, the hearts that know to atone, the hearts that know to recognize the needs and necessities in the spiritual life and a life for us to have balanced days.

With all the bustles in a calculated life, with money, ambition, with the positions, with the allurement, in the end we need peace, need joy, need hope, which every person, in all classes, all roles, needs to have, for us to be calm with what we decide to do, calm with what we must face, and calm to look back at our role and look back at what belongs to us.

O Holy Spirit – He is the Supreme Being rich with graces from heaven. He is the author who guides us into goodness, who helps us live in the truth and who helps us understand the doctrine and the truth with love, who helps us understand what belongs to justice and righteousness, who helps us become sincere people who belong to God through His doctrine, and also who helps us on the paths to realize what is evil, sin in the darkness, and many more things.

The Holy Spirit is the light, the light of love, the light of the Good News, the light of justice and righteousness and the truth.

May we accept Him, may we listen to His teaching, may we recognize Him. May He rule over our life for us to not go astray, for us to not be indifferent and cold toward God’s love, for us to not lose the opportunity to learn and receive the graces God grants, for us to become a new person, to become a human being who knows to live filled with the meaning that God has bestowed and granted, when we have Him, know Him, and believe in Him.

O Holy Spirit – that does not end; the abundance of truth, holiness, and perfection continues to pour down upon this world.

Please grant us more wisdom and enlightenment, grant us the understanding; may we meditate with the seven graces – those are things most essential and the least in a human life, for us to live to become more impartial, for us to live with days not subject to temptations in the life of each and every person, each and every soul.

We have the right to decide; decide for us to do or not, decide to live in wickedness or return to holiness.

That is something that must be, the least being for us to know either we belong to God or we belong to the world in which we are being tempted by all the convenient freedom of the present, of reality – to forget what is supreme that originally is in the spirituality that human beings need, to live in happiness, to live in the doctrine that God grants us.

It is not only in reality, but inside the soul there are allurements, there are urgings, there are many beautiful things that made us feel very happy, peaceful, and live in nobility.

However, the life of reality causes us to have a lot of calculation, pettiness, assumption, inference, judgment, suspicion, sorrow, and still many things in a limited life when we truly do not understand the height, depth, and breadth that the Holy Spirit grants.

He gives everything and enlightens everything, urging and guiding with the best and most beautiful things that mankind needs to know.

God, please come to us through the Third Kowtow. First, we believe in Him, recognize Him, and love Him, for us to practice His teachings; please help us to improve, to be perfect – help us eliminate all the habits in life with the ugliness of sin, of darkness, for us to return and to be restored in the water of rebirth that God has granted us in His Spirit.

May we replace our voice with a grateful, appreciative, and thankful heart, especially to beseech Him to lead us; particularly today, the Church reminds that the Sacred Heart of God still waits, still loves, and still accepts us.

May the Holy Spirit lead us back to Jesus’ love, lead us in God the Father’s Divine Mercy, and let us live in the Holy Spirit’s teaching, for us to restore what was lost.

May all the brothers and sisters soon awaken in the era with today’s urgency – countless traps are being set everywhere, leading us out of the loving embrace, with the doctrine and the truth that God has granted us.

Please rescue us, please lead us and help us, for us to lean on the love of God’s Sacred Heart, especially reminded in today’s Holy Mass, for us to return to that love.

Do not let the indifference and coldness, do not let the hardness cause us to be like a facade, wishing but unable to go there.

God, please help us, because the Holy Spirit is the strength, the love, helping us to be brave, destroying all the burdens and sorrows in the inference, thinking – for us to be bold, be strong, and return with a contrite and repentant heart.

God will definitely lead us back to the righteous path, lead us back to the truth, and back to the justice that mankind needs to live worthily in the days with the graces God grants and bestows. We prostrate before God, praise God, and glorify God, our Lord – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – whom we worship. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Fourth Kowtow.

O Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ – we just received Him into our heart through Holy Mass.

Certainly, our brothers and sisters and everyone also have the inner feelings, with the weaknesses, the falls, and also have things that we come to lift up to God, with the conditions of illness, both soul and body, and many more perplexities and difficulties in the lifetime of a human fate.

In general, today there are also many people who seek to come to God to pray for support and pray to be healed in all aspects in life.

The Eucharistic Jesus does not refuse anyone, He always accepts, welcomes, and He waits to see His children come visit Him, or His children stop by to acknowledge the loneliness as He still waits for everyone, all over the entire world, in every tabernacle that remains in this world.

O Eucharistic Jesus – the majority of us seek God to beseech Him.

There are serious issues in life that cannot be resolved – we know that only God alone can do, God alone can give, God alone can grant, so we come to God to beseech, come to God to be able to lessen the pain we are suffering with, the illness in both soul and body.

God does not refuse. Whether we look for God, to visit God by an affectionate heart, or we seek God to plead, or we seek God because of the issues that cannot be worked out and resolved, God continues to welcome all, excluding no one.

He is a very meek God, a God who has a Heart that truly loves – loves mankind and loves even our sins (1) – to help us and rescue us when we return and understand the love that He has granted.

Today He still waits for us each day in the tabernacle – He continues to welcome us, He continues to grant us peace of soul. Each person who comes to Him: there is no one who does not receive that peace.

O Eucharistic Jesus – He gives and bestows His whole love, but how much have we responded?

It seems we still have not yet responded to that love; we still are in days of grieving God, disappointing God, causing God to be perplexed, and causing God to bleed.

Because of mankind’s indifference, because of mankind’s offense, because of personal gain, because of things that today mankind has done unintentionally and deliberately, because of unfaithfulness and disloyalty, because greed and selfishness have caused Him to grieve when He wants us to become human beings who live in love, in solidarity, and in unity, yet we still have many things we still cannot achieve, in general in the world as well as in particular.

Today, when we come to God, we can see that God’s love offers everything – God still waits for us, whether these are days we know Him or do not know Him.

God still waits for us until we mature, to love and forgive us; only God can give us this happiness.

We receive God into our heart – many times we truly are unworthy and still have many disorderly things in life; He still follows us silently, He still quietly dwells deep in our soul, accepting the stench of our sin that existed and exists.

He still accepts everything, to rescue us, to intervene for us, to protect us, and to love us. May we recognize the God who, because of love, sacrifices everything for love.

Are we human beings who have truly understood this yet?

Do we meditate at all, in order to feel the loneliness of God, the waiting of God, to respond to the magnificent achievement in which He rescues us who are in sin and death?

Today there are many things that appear and many things have come, which is a divine holiness.

He comes to visit us in the world of mankind, He comes for us to know His liveliness, by the voice; He also lets us realize that His waiting is at hand.

Everyone, let us treasure, let us seek to encounter, and let us separate the external, tumultuous life, in order to come to the Eucharistic Jesus, to restore what human beings need to be strengthened, to be supplemented, because only God can bestow: Those whose burden is heavy, come to Me, because My yoke is light and gentle.

Those whose yoke is heavy, go to God, God will see, God will know, and God will strengthen us when we believe.

Know that God understands our soul – He understands our heavy yoke, He understands things we are suffering in life, and things that we cannot resolve in this life.

Let us come, come to be comforted, come to recognize, and come to know to love God more each day, because that is something we greatly need.

The Eucharistic Lord stays because of loving us, stays to be with us, stays because He knows. He does not want us to be lonely so He stays, to awaken our soul, to love us, to protect us, and to comfort us when the path of life is full of trials, full of challenges, full of ordeals, which a human life must have and presently have.

O Eucharistic Jesus, beyond words – today people like us are also people who do not know, people who are indifferent and cold, people who act unintentionally and deliberately.

Nonetheless, since we visit Him, we have perceived the God who loves us so much, who waits for us with the abundance, with the best and most beautiful things that we still have not accepted, but He Himself has granted and is granting.

Today we do understand, we do experience, even though only a little, yet that has rescued our soul, rescued our way of life, for us to be less entranced by the days of the world, by the reality, for us to have joy and happiness with the Eucharistic Jesus, for us to become the witnesses for the Eucharistic Jesus, for us to feel the great and majestic graces.

We can no longer remain silent – we share, we witness – for everyone to know, to hear, and return to the Eucharistic Jesus, with a reverent heart, a grateful heart, a thankful heart, which is needed, because God is the Supreme Lord who deserves our worship, the Supreme Lord who loves us immeasurably.

The Lord is ready to pour abundant graces to rescue us when we are miserable in the world, being entrapped and affected with all the issues in a civilized generation, the age of reality.

We seek what is of the world, but God continues to be the God who reminds, still the God who gives us the opportunity to renew life, to renew the soul, to be happy and peaceful through the days of exile, with a living doctrine rather than days in which we only bury ourselves in a book that is opened and closed.

Jesus will help us, especially the Eucharistic Jesus – He is the nourishment for our soul and He is also the nourishment for the body, to guide us on the paths, with days of sorrow, with days of despair, days that we no longer have a way out.

If we seek to come to Him, then definitely, that spirituality, that holiness still dwells through people like us, with what initially was and is.

Today that wonder continues to appear – the God who is living, the God who is present, the God whom today we cannot forget to say words of thanksgiving, forget words of gratefulness, with a reverent heart lifted up for the Eucharistic Jesus, to help us amend our life, to help us become human beings worthy with the love and the stay of the Eucharistic Jesus.

We praise God, honor God, and glorify God our Lord, now till forever and ever. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Fifth Kowtow. O Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ – they recall the salvation, recall the major undertaking that the Lord Jesus has accomplished on the Way of the Cross.

Especially today, on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of God, St. John has reminded that on Calvary, close to the Sabbath, people seek all means to take away all sinners as well as all dead bodies.

Of those three bodies, the Lord Jesus had died, and not one of His bones was broken, but the lance has pierced, Blood has poured out and water has spurted out – the word of the Scripture has become true.

Today our humanity has been told that the Sacred Heart of God has bestowed to mankind, granted to mankind – after He is finished with death, He continues to grant us that whole heart with love to rescue us.

To recall the story of Calvary, today we understand the meaning of what God grants us, through death, by the price of Blood, by the piercing lance, by all that mankind sees and testifies.

When the lance pierced through then that wound was half-opened, His Heart was revealed and offered to humanity – the Sacred Heart of God.

How much have we responded? How much have we understood?

Today we also recall, once again, each year, reminding us how to love, how to respect and revere the Sacred Heart of God, and what true love is.

We certainly have not been able to respond; may we respond a little?

Today we have nothing to offer God, to express what today, through the Fifth Kowtow, we revere – the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is also God’s love granted to mankind – that mark forever waits for every sinner like us.

How should we act, to respond and be worthy to return, to become an eternal covenant, when we apologize, repent, return, call upon God’s Name – then He never refuses.

Today we have the opportunity, we have hope, even though we are sinners, are unworthy people, and are living with days in iniquity, in the darkness; let us return to God.

God always grants us hope and deliverance when we return to Him, when we understand the Five Holy Signs that He grants us, when we understand the doctrine.

Everything belongs to us through the Way of the Cross, with the love of the Sacred Heart that God grants for every sinner like us.

Today we profess and clearly know.

The First Holy Sign is God the Father; His never-ending Divine Mercy is granted to myriad of generations – for sinners and for penitents.

The Second Holy Sign: we recall the Lord Jesus Christ through His death.

We must definitely believe in the Lord Jesus, we must put into practice His doctrine, and we meditate to choose when we still have the opportunity.

Certainly, we believe in the Lord Jesus in order to live, believe in the Lord Jesus to still exist, believe in the Lord Jesus to receive His Body, receive His Blood, to be able to live eternally.

Those are things from the beginning, evoking to us what basically is still unknown, to be known, what is still unheard, to be heard, but let us live according to the doctrine He has offered to us through His death.

We want to know spiritual things, we want to know realistic things, we want to know what we can do, and have the opportunity to practice, so we must understand that that is the love of God the Father, with Jesus, becoming the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit still lives with us, still stays with us – He continues to enlighten, teach, guide, urge.

Everything belongs to the Holy Spirit who continues to enlighten, to teach, to guide, to prompt, for us to understand the depth, the height, the breadth of a life belonging to God and a life of faith. There are still many lofty things that we receive through the Holy Spirit’s teaching. At least we have been taught through the seven graces, for us to face each other through the doctrine, through the commandments.

We truly need the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment – we will understand better what originally is from the love that God grants us, which is everything in the spiritual knowledge that is present, which is being united and continues through the Five Holy Signs.

Today we respectfully lift up with a reverent, thankful, grateful heart, to say the words that we reverently offer through the Holy Spirit teaching us, through the Third Holy Sign, for us to revere the Holy Spirit and beseech Him to be with us, to lead and enlighten, for us to know what formerly belonged to us.

Let us return, because we still have a very significant value in the mark – let us not forget and not lose this opportunity to save ourselves in the final phases.

Even though we are unworthy, we have the opportunity to apologize, to repent.

Definitely, because of that mark, God will forgive – God will save us, and God will not let us be disappointed.

The Fourth Holy Sign tells and proves that the lofty divine presence of heaven is still here – a place that God grants for us to encounter in the soul, in the mind, in the heart, with the inner determination of the soul.

God sees, God knows everything that this world does not know, does not see from the beginning.

The Eucharistic Jesus is the Supreme Being who will help us, the Supreme Being who listens to us; He still visits us.

That presence has given us His love, reminding us that His doctrine leads us into eternal life and helps us rise up from the darkness.

He is the Supreme Being who restores, the Supreme Being who pours down graces, the Supreme Being who gives us a divine encounter, still present.

Only with faith can things be explained, only with faith can we experience a confirmation with God, and only with faith in God can we see the riches that are and were given.

Today this world continues to have people seeking Him, people who still live with the doctrine and the truth, people who live in true sacrifice to testify to the Good News.

Today God does not come to us in the flesh, but God comes to us in spirituality, present through the Blessed Sacrament – God continues to abundantly pour down graces.

The miracles continue to happen, the lofty and supreme mysteries still appear, to urge the life of faith originally in the spirituality that is present.

We only know that our God is full of transcendence – He can do everything for us to have the opportunity to recognize Him, know Him, and return to Him.

He also uses all kinds of ways to urge the life of faith that basically is and needs to be in us, for us to be determined to become human beings who belong to God and belong to a life that God grants, for us to know Him, have Him, and practice His teachings, to restore what we have lost from the days in the darkness of sin, to return to the light of love.

The Fourth Holy Sign still gives us the opportunity, which is the proof that God is full of might, God is living, God stays, and His promise continues: I am with you always, to the close of the age.

He has fulfilled that promise with mankind.

Today we still have the opportunity to adore the Eucharistic Jesus, and we still have the opportunity to be close to the Eucharistic Jesus in the tabernacle.

Through the aura, with the Eucharist, let us not lose this opportunity, let us not lose things that initially we totally ignore or that have become a habit.

One of these days, certainly the Eucharistic Jesus will also be absent, because all things happen as He said: I am with you always, to the close of the age.  

The end of the world definitely will come and what is retained is originally from God who grants to those who deserve to go on to a new world.

The Eucharistic Jesus will also end, because He remains with us till the end of the world. The end of the world, the day of purification, then surely, He will no longer stays with us.

Let us understand what is reminded of this day, and then treasure, respect, and come to receive through the Fourth Holy Sign, which justifies what is spiritual, what is divine that still remains with us, for us to discover and for us to be animated once again with belief, with faith, with the teachings.

May God have mercy and accept, may God have mercy for us to become a new person, for us to be more confident, to live in greater hope.

Let us live with the days we are called to become humble, to become little and simple, to be happy with what God bestows and grants through the manifestation that today He still gives.

We thank God.  

At the same time, the Fifth Holy Sign reminds of the holy sign (2) that we have forgotten: the shoulder of God.

That shoulder has carried the Cross, carried our sins, and carried the sin of the world of humanity – that shoulder.

With the beginning days, with the word “Yes” from Mother Mary, God has chosen Mother Mary to also carry with the Lord Jesus.

Mother Mary walked together with Him, Mother Mary was closely united, Mother Mary was complete with a saintly virtue.

Today Mother Herself is the Person teaching us, guiding us to come to each Person, to come with each kowtow, to come with each intention that we beseech and pray for persistently, with all the urgency in our human world that is still indifferent, still does not know, and many more things.

Today is the urgency that we need to have in prayer to God, to beseech with fervent prayer from both soul and body, which is also a method to teach us how to pray, how to meet God, how to be determined to obtain what is originally in the soul, when we feel and meditate and pray.

The presence of God has granted and taught us to remove all the burdens, to remove all the bad habits, to remove all that is formerly in life with the habit, to help us become humble, help us become little, help us become worthy human beings.

The greatest example that we should not forget is Mother Mary.

Mother is still quiet, Mother is still an absolutely humble Person, Mother is a Person complete with saintly virtue, and Mother is a Person perfect before God.

So today God wants us to know Mother, to acknowledge Mother – that silence has become the perfection for which today we welcome the great blessings through Mother’s teaching.

Today we know to pray, know to humbly lift up with The Six Kowtows, know to reverently offer with every kowtow, know to respectfully offer with fervent words through each Person.

This is the proof that we do not deviate and also do not go astray from everything that originally has been from the beginning till now, as we worship God in a way that is more profound, more clear-cut, for us to differentiate and to not mix anything from the doctrine that God has granted and given us.

Through the Fifth Kowtow, let us unite – soul and body, mind and whole heart – to respectfully lift up with a thankful and grateful heart to Mother Mary.

In the Fifth Kowtow, with the salvation of the Lord Jesus, today Mother teaches us and helps us on the paths of a life full of stakes and thorns, full of challenges – as for the cross, Mother reminds us that God has accepted the Cross to save us, God has accepted the Cross to help us put an end to sin; that sin was redeemed by God who accepted everything, by the scourges, by the crown of thorns, by the nail marks, and by the Cross.

He accepted death, and in the end He has resurrected glorious, victorious.

Mother has also walked, God has also walked our life and the way of the cross.

We are His children – we cannot refuse the cross.

However, the cross – having God, with Mother, we will live in meaningful and glorious days; that cross is definitely the cross that leads us closer to God, back to God.

Welcome what belongs to us on the way of the cross that we are encountering in this life; no one is perfect.

Everyone also has this illness and that disability, everyone also has personal afflictions, everyone has problems with things faced in each person’s life.

Nonetheless, let us live in hope, live in love, live in the faith that Mother Mary teaches us through the Five Holy Signs, for us to know that we still have a path full of hope, when we offer respectfully to God, when we understand the meaning of life and we understand that Mother is the Person who accepted everything for us.

Today we obtain the intimate teaching through the Five Holy Signs. We clearly understand in life, so today we call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Five Holy Signs, with the healing, the support.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Five Holy Signs, we have Mother Mary walking with us.

We call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to glorify Him, for us to overcome challenges, overcome the ways of the cross, overcome the sorrows and what is against our wishes, overcome all things that are surrounding us.

May we live worthily, to respect, to revere, by a voice, on behalf of today’s world, on behalf of all classes, on behalf of all roles, and on behalf of people who yearn though they still do not know, still do not believe.

We are the people who beseech for the Five Holy Signs of God to triumph in glory and victory, resurrecting and bringing people back from the darkness, bringing souls in purgatory back to the light, bringing people who are still living in days of not knowing, not believing, to become people who open their eyes, their hearts.

Through the people who fervently and quietly plead, definitely the Five Holy Signs of God will have victory over death, and God will also triumph to take all the indifferent and cold hearts, to become restored people and return to the Five Holy Signs.

In His glorious victory, we prostrate before God, praise God, and glorify God, our Lord. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow. O God the Father – we thank Him; He has granted us a Mother.

Today, indeed, with the world of humanity as common as it is, people will consider us as fanatics, they will think we follow deviances, they will look at us with a different look, but we know these are the moments set aside for God, the private moments in which we are happiest.

Besides, the external time does not infringe and also cannot apply any method to separate us, because this is the moment that we need to respectfully offer to God and we must have, in our own life, to daily lift up to God and need to have in meditation and prayer. Mother Mary, throughout Her entire life, with the days of earthly exile, prays daily; She lives daily in God; She surrenders and prostrates daily; She prays to belong to God daily – therefore She did not have any stain of sin when She was still in the human world.

It is because of those things that Mother perfectly becomes the being full of virtue, the being complete in saintliness, the being complete in perfection, and the being who perfectly belongs to God’s holy will.

Today we respectfully offer to Mother.

The Holy Spirit wants us to affirm one thing only by the voice, which is that the Sixth Kowtow belongs to Mother Mary, belongs to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary.

With the conclusion of The Six Kowtows, the Sixth Kowtow belongs to Mother Mary, with a reverent, thankful, acclaiming, and grateful heart, because what is of this day are the favors and graces, obtained through the complete virtue of Mother.

Today the world has been granted the opening, which is something ordinary and common, but has a history that Mother Herself has accomplished.

So today we pray to learn from Mother, pray to follow Her, and pray for Her teaching in order to return to God with the submission, return to God both spiritually and physically, and return to God with days of prayers, with days of beseeching and trust, which is something we affirm. Today this has become the truth: the prayers with the silent days – God has come, God has come to visit us.

The Eucharistic Lord has revealed and shown us the entire heaven – the saints and angels have come to visit, and God has revealed and shown many exceptional, extraordinary works, that we receive through The Six Kowtows.

Today Mother Mary Herself is the author of The Six Kowtows; She teaches us to kowtow; She leads us to come to God; She wants us to welcome this gift to help the brothers and sisters, with a resonating voice, for the world, for people who today still do not know, people who are living in debauchery, people who are indifferent.

However, it is by the prayer and the beseeching with faith through The Six Kowtows that miracles have happened and marvelous things have appeared, with the presence of the light of the Lord’s Eucharist that continues to grant, to urge us.

There still are many wonderful things in spiritual and physical healing; even the souls in purgatory receive through the works that we sacrifice and perform on their behalf, for them to also return to God and return to heaven.

In a sentiment of thanksgiving, there are so many riches that we cannot forget to confirm, profess, declare, and be grateful and thankful for.

O Mother Mary, please accept from us the Sixth Kowtow.

We respectfully offer to Mother’s loving Heart, to Mother’s merciful Heart – the Mother of love, the Mother of Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Word Incarnate, the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of the entire humanity, the Mother of every sinner, the Mother of every saint, the Mother of every criminal, the Mother of every penitent, the Mother of every victim, the Mother of every witness, the Mother of every soul.

Today we cannot refuse the title of Mother; we only know to lift up our thankful and grateful heart, because what is of this day, the eyes of an ordinary person do not see as they do not easily believe, because they demand proof, they demand to be touched.

However, in the heart we feel the presence of Mother very close; the spoken words of Mother, very clear; and the teaching of Mother is even more realistic in the present deeds.

Today we have done and are doing, to confirm what we had and have, like a gift granted in common to humanity – to all classes, to all roles – granted in particular to each person and granted to each sinner today, for us to pray to be restored, for us to realize what is originally in the spirituality that is granted.

Sadly, we still do not accept and we do not understand – we only look in ordinariness and commonness, but when we bow down, when we bow our head, when we are being reminded daily, then we truly have avoided and lessened sin, we have obtained the consolation by the divinity that is still present.

We truly have received the Holy Spirit’s teaching, the prompting with things unknown becomes the deeds that are currently being narrated, and there still are many riches.

The spiritual and physical healing and many things in every single situation that we pray for were accepted, were answered, are spread everywhere.

There are also areas and places that are united, to acclaim, to praise, and together be united in the prostration.

O Mother, O our honorable beloved Mother – thanks to Mother who has granted to us in this most pressing era.

Thanks to Mother who has deigned to look at hopeless and imperfect people, in the days we are being held and bound by the earthly world that has prevented us from having true moments of prayer, has caused us to go astray.

The works we do have become habits, have become rules and regulations; we are indifferent and cold – we feel that what we do is more on theory, more on appearance, with a greater desire for appearance and also moments with personal gain.

However, today, when we truly understand the inner meaning of the soul, the meaning deep in one’s heart, the meaning of the determination to truly prostrate, worship and praise by soul, by heart, by mind, indeed this has helped us understand duty and responsibility, has helped us live with depth, has helped us be more tolerant, and has helped us be brave to eliminate all the looks, or the public opinion with the prohibition or many more things.

Today we truly are very happy, though in all matters, there are moments we must work harder; there are lonely moments remaining alone at the churches and there are also moments we must set aside time, but we truly live in happiness, because these are things most needed for the soul.

When our souls are trained and become mature, become warm, become brave, then in all matters we truly remain in the Holy Spirit’s arrangement – all things are in His guidance.”

Let us not be afraid of losing this, not be afraid of losing that; we set aside time for God so He also grants everything back to us. It is very special, as God said: “Prepare supper for me, and gird yourself and serve me, till I eat and drink; and afterward you shall eat and drink” (Luke 17:8).

Put aside what we are tied up with and set aside time for God – then God will grant us a hundredfold, with the intentions that we have currently in the life of reality.

Indeed this already has the answer; this continues in our life.

There are impossible matters, but to God everything is possible.

As God Himself said, it is thanks to Mother that we have this gift, it is thanks to Mother that we have the courage to practice this gift.

Thanks to Mother, who is the author, today we understand the meaning with the depth, the width, with the united collaboration of both soul and body, to honor, to prostrate before God, with the beseeching in the most needed, most urgent moments, to be strengthened in the events.

We do not know what will happen, but with the intervention of heaven, with the reminder of the Holy Spirit, there is a prompting, very clearly.

So today we lift up our thankful heart to Mother, our grateful heart to Mother, which is also the supreme loftiness granted and given, which the Holy Spirit Himself teaches, for us to respectfully offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow.

This Sixth Kowtow is very important.

Today in the world there are already many things currently in the battle between good and evil, with the control of the devil who looks for all kinds of ways to lure mankind into a plan to destroy us, or keep the world in the embrace of the control of the world.

However, this Sixth Kowtow is Mother Mary – Mother Mary is the Person of the ending of history.

Mother Mary will victoriously lead us from that dark, confining place back to our God.

Mother Mary will win this final battle, Mother Mary will be the Person to step on the serpent’s head.

History was written; at the same time, the Gospel, the Good News, also has proclaimed this, but this has not yet happened.

In reality, we truly are set free in the meaning of The Six Kowtows; on the subject of history, definitely, we are waiting, because the time has come.

We understand that we need Mother’s help, need Her intervention, so, definitely, God will intervene for the world.

God will intervene and forgive the people who belong to Him, forgive the hearts that know to apologize and repent, and forgive whoever knows to surrender, to prostrate, with a sincere heart, beseeching to return to God.

So today there are many things we learn from The Six Kowtows; we recognize the blessings and divine graces that are poured down through The Six Kowtows, with the very direct healing God has granted to each person when each day we truly humble ourselves, respectfully offer, and receive the reminder, the encounter, when praying through The Six Kowtows.

O Mother Mary – that abundance goes on; I cannot describe everything that Mother has granted and given, especially on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of God.

Mother, please help us immerse ourselves in His Sacred Heart today, for us to bewail and be touched in the love that asks for a little response, to pray for God to have mercy and for us to be worthy with things God has bestowed and still bestows.

We – with  a pair of earthly eyes and ordinary and common things – cannot explain the lofty spirituality, but with belief, in faith, by deed, by action, by determination in prayer, we see the presence of heaven, we see the help of heaven, we see the answer in peace, in joy.

With the present faith that we respectfully offer in an absolute way, currently in this day, Mother, please help us in what still needs to be done – what is there that we still have not done and what is there that we still cannot understand.

Mother, please help us always practice what God wants us to do and say what we need to say.

Please take away everything that does not belong to God in us so that when we lift up prayer, when we narrate, when we respectfully offer, when we represent all the brothers and sisters in all classes, all roles, we reverently pray for the world to learn humility, to learn to be little in life, to learn a life belonging to God in the prostration, in the surrender.

We respectfully offer so the Holy Spirit will answer everything for each person, the Holy Spirit will help every person.

Those are the graces and the great blessings at the ending of history, which we are receiving and accepting in this time, in the most pressing and in the most urgent need, because the world is in a corrupted state.

The world is entering into a progressive time, the world is ruling out the life of faith, and the world is letting the machine control, in wickedness, in things untrue, in things misleading and deceitful, with a life in which human beings only choose reality and worldly prosperity, but end up with depravity of the soul.

Please help us improve and turn to righteousness to return to God; only Mother is the Being complete with saintly virtue, complete with goodness, and perfect in all aspects – an exemplary being whom God wants us to accept and learn from. Mother will be the Person teaching us; Mother will be the last teacher in history to guide mankind back to a righteous life, a virtuous life, a life belonging to the doctrine of heaven, for the gate of heaven to open, to welcome whoever is worthy, whoever practices, whoever is trained through Mother Mary, and whoever experiences and meditates by daily deed.

Through prayer with The Six Kowtows, the prayer with each Person, we can feel the stirring very clearly, which is the lofty spirituality from heaven that God has granted us in today’s world of humanity.

Through The Six Kowtows, we see the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus; through The Six Kowtows, we see the visit of heaven; through The Six Kowtows, we see the light of the Eucharist illuminated in today’s world; through The Six Kowtows, we see the angels and the saints visit; through The Six Kowtows, soul and body are healed; through The Six Kowtows, we are rescued, and in the silent prayer, there was the answer.

All those things do not stop – increasingly each day, we see the graces poured down in an inexhaustible way, with the children when they recognize and are conscious, for us to only then be able to learn, with the absolute humility that we initially have and need to have in order to become little and receive the great blessings, because Jesus said to become little to be able to enter into heaven.

At the same time, also practice with all the doctrine of God, for us to become the days complete with meaning when we are still in the flesh.

All the demands, the needs, and the details: we already have the Church, teaching and guiding clearly.

As for what needs to be further known and things we need to practice to beseech in the urgent moments, and at the same time, to encounter daily in life – with the demands, with the spiritual needs as well as real life – then we must repent, truly repent.

Only then can we see the closeness with the graces that God continues to pour down, with the abundance that He ceaselessly bestowed upon us, but we do not know the way, to be worthy to receive or not.

So that depends upon each person, to eliminate all the thinking, the inference, in envy, grudge, jealousy, in all the unrighteousness, disobedience, in lust, greed, to lessen all things in order to become just – then there is nothing we pray for that God does not grant, there is nothing we beseech through The Six Kowtows that God refuses.

There is nothing that God does not give; so let us believe, then we will receive; let us seek, then we will see; let us knock, then it will be opened, because Mother does not lead us to what cannot be, but She leads us to genuinely welcome this intimate gift, and helps us – each person – to rise up to proclaim God, to glorify God, to honor God and His glory, forever and ever.

We have the opportunity to help our brothers; represent our brothers, represent our sisters, and represent the souls in purgatory.

May we receive the gift to respectfully offer to the Sacred Heart of God, to respond a little to the love that God grants, for us to understand, in depth and breadth, when we pray, when we bow down, when we completely prostrate, to respectfully offer to God, to revere God, to adore God, to glorify God, to thank God, and at the same time to ask for forgiveness from God.

Everything of this day is a gift that God wants to see the most; God does not accept offering, but He wants sacrifice, which is our soul, which is all our decision, which is the teaching in virtue and saintliness for us to become worthy people.

Mother Mary is teaching and leading us back to God; having Mother is similar to us having a shortcut; having Mother with the protection; having Mother with the example, which is the example to help us on the path.

May God have mercy and embrace, may God have mercy and accept, may God have mercy and intervene, may God have mercy and abundantly pour graces to rescue sinners like us, and we will become witnesses, we will become penitents, we will be rescued victims.

On the subject of spirituality, God has bestowed and poured down abundances that today we receive in the present time and in the contemporary century in which we currently live, for us to profess, for us to witness, for us to confirm what is heard, what is known and belong to God.

We praise Him, honor Him, thank Him, and beseech Him to accept, for us to continue on the paths, worthy to witness for our Lord. Amen.

Thanks to Mother Mary who has given me The Six Kowtows, especially on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of God.

We lift up words to St. Joseph who is the being the Church chooses to be the patron of the Church: his holy works with a perfectly obedient life, complete with responsibility.

The Holy Family of Nazareth of old has become a significant model and example for the entire world of humanity and also for the clergy.

With a virtuous life, an honest and just life, initially in him, we rely on his help and his intercession for us to have days close to the saints, and it is also time for us to recognize the response – the prayer was accepted in heaven.

We also offer thanks to St. Joseph – throughout countless past generations, among people who come to him, no one returns empty-handed.

Today we are ordinary and common people in this world who recognize the presence, which through his intervention and prayer received God’s mercy and acceptance, with the divine graces poured down.

We thank him and pray for him to continue to intercede for our Church to become united, to belong to God, and all things will be accomplished as Jesus Himself yearns, which is His Good News, spread out all over the world, for everyone to know and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, who, with love and Divine Mercy, will sanctify and change the entire world.

We also thank the three archangels; may they continue to protect and support us on the path to bear witness and attest to what comes from the truth that was and is granted through our present generation.

We thank all the archangels, because in the divine realm, we do not see, but we always face the trap and snare of the devil who does not spare us and does not leave us peaceful to do the works that initially need to be done.

However, the archangels have actively protected and supported so that we may be strong and brave as today.

We pray for them to not stop working, to continue to protect us, our human world, our Church, and all classes, all roles, when we call upon their names; may they help us, because we cannot resist with all the encirclement.

Today’s world is subject to the plans of the devil – he has used many ways for human beings to fall into his own snares, but, we have the archangels, the angels, and the saints.

Definitely, we will not fall; definitely, we will have their protection for us to continue with days of exultation, to praise, to honor, to glorify God, forever and ever.

Through the support, protection and help of the saints, we can do this.

We profusely thank the archangel Michael, because it is he who held the balance of justice so the devil will be destroyed, will be put aside, and will certainly be afraid.

We have seen, because we are weak, because of too many victims in today’s world of humanity, because the souls that died unexpectedly no longer have the opportunity to repent and countless victims have died; for that reason God continues to let the angels, the saints support and help, to bring those souls back to Him.

We profusely thank the archangels, especially the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael – please continue to welcome and listen to the words with which we beseech.

May we be close to the angels and the saints, and rely on their intercession and help, through their protection and support.

They protect our Church, protect the sheep of God, to always be determined, to not go astray, and to not fall into the subtle and clever snares of today’s civilized age.

We also pray to our guardian angels and thank them.

They have protected and supported us from the beginning, but the word thank is very rare in the human world that hardly knows them.

Thanks to The Six Kowtows, we see the help of heaven and the closeness of the angels and saints, especially the guardian angels.

Please continue to protect and support us, and give us the opportunity to be persistent and faithful.

There are difficulties, but depending on their help, we believe we will overcome those challenges, relying on their help and their protection.

Please accept and listen to the words, the words we lift up to thank, with a grateful, thankful heart, which we respectfully offer today.

At the same time, we also thank all the saints who went through the course of history; they also had days like us – days carrying a weak body, days having to resist everything in reality, days having to go through challenging phases – yet they have chosen God, they have followed God’s doctrine.

They have conquered all the challenges – even if they must sacrifice their life, they have triumphed, and they are present at the heavenly banquet.

Please pray to God for us, please remember us, please intercede for us. That longing, we also want, but we still have weak days, still cannot overcome these challenges easily.

Please help us learn from your example, to audaciously walk forward with a life of witness, to boldly advance in the Name of God, to intrepidly plod forward to confirm what God has done and is doing to help all the brothers and sisters to rise up, to break loose from pride, to break loose from knowledge and education, to break loose from all the wretchedness and weakness, to get away from things that nourish sin – with sin and in sin.

Let us rely on the help from the shining example of the saints, to be restored to return to the Lord who is the Supreme God full of love, the Supreme God rich in Divine Mercy, and the Supreme God whose own Sacred Heart has granted us life and His own love, for us to grow and mature by love, for us to be restored by love, for us to live and lean on the Sacred Heart of the Lord Jesus Christ, to obtain the intervention up to this century of humanity.

We have nothing else to say further besides the words we pray to be united with the angels, the saints, to praise, to extol, and to honor the Lord our God, especially on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of God.

We prostrate, worship, honor and thank – may we experience the depth in the love God grants for us to become witnesses so that today we may achieve what we can in the program God gives us.

As we become the instruments, God, please send us as You want so that we may realize what God wants and may pray to fulfill God’s holy will over us.

God, please put aside everything that belongs to human beings – may I say what God wants me to say, and practice what God wants me to practice, and share what is in the necessity that God wants from us.

Let us take away everything that is in the world with the ego and personality and let us say what comes from the truth, from God who grants and bestows to us, in a confirming and witnessing life, in a pioneering life that we had and have.

In the upcoming moments as well as the upcoming days, we will travel all over the world as God allows, for us to go and bear witness to this truth, for the gift of The Six Kowtows to be handed to each person, each individual, each class, each role.

May we learn to pray, learn to repent, learn in life, when the prayer belongs to God, when we prostrate and surrender, since soul and body, mind and whole heart beseech to return to God, by a repentant heart.

May we honor the places that we need to honor, which are the Eucharistic Jesus, the Cross, the altar, the Divine Mercy of God, the Sacred Heart of God, the tabernacle, and the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary.

Today Mother Herself teaches, Mother Herself grants, Mother Herself gives, and Mother Herself guides each one of us, so that today we boldly advance on the path.

If without God, without Mother’s help, and without the Holy Spirit’s permission and prompting, we would not even know the way and also would not have enough courage, but we have understood what God gives today.

We cannot be silent – let us share with the brothers and sisters, with those who believe, those who practice, those who continue each day to definitely come to God by the prostration, the submission.

So the presence and the answer of the Holy Spirit will never refuse, for our life to become days that are more just, days that rely on divine help so that we decrease the days of worldly reality that have lured and caused us to be defeated and wretched in a human life.

At this moment, I thank, praise, extol, and honor God.

Thank God for granting us this opportunity, this ending of history, and at the same time, in this century, we feel very happy.

The ordinary and common things, yet very exceptional and extraordinary, stir our heart, move our soul, to recognize God, and aware of the prostration, of the worship, to respectfully lift up to God what is initially in the human condition.

There is nothing more deserving than to lift up this wretched and feeble condition of dust and ash, to pray for God to have mercy, to rescue us, and to intervene for us according to His holy will, according to His program and according to His plan – in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, we thank God, praise God, and glorify God, now till forever and ever.

L., M.N., A., M.L., complete The Six Kowtows on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We respectfully offer, facing the tabernacle, the altar, the Cross, the holy statue of Mother holding Jesus, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of St. Joseph, and the holy statue of St. Laurence.

We end with The Six Kowtows today, representing our absent brothers and sisters, representing our families, representing all classes, all roles, representing the people who still do not know, who still do not believe – to have the opportunity to respectfully offer a reverent, thankful, praising heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Please allow us to pray on their behalf, praying for God to renew the soul of His children, the sinners who become penitents, the offenders on their way back, and the penitents who become witnesses.

Moreover, there still are many souls in purgatory who also rely on the meditation and the participation and the prayer on their behalf. God, please have mercy, for them to return to God, to His light, and also be able to move up to higher levels, for them to prepare to return to heaven with God.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, now till forever and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of


  1. God cannot, of course, love evil. He loves us even though we are sinners. He has mercy on us precisely because of our sins.
  2. The shoulder of Christ is not one of the Five Holy Signs that have been revealed thus far.

New Revelations Through the Eucharist

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