New Revelations through the Eucharist

Message from St. Francis de Sales


Message from St. Francis de Sales

January 29, 2018


L.: O God – it is 5:41 p.m., Monday, January 29, 2018, at home. Today, I and K. ask God to receive a message from St. Francis de Sales; I occasionally attend Mass at the church bearing his name, but I rarely get to know his history. I do not pay attention to the history of the saints whom I only know by names; there are many saints whom I am familiar with, like St. Therese whom I often pray to, and also St. Peter, St. Paul the Apostle, St. John, as well as all the saints whose names are mentioned in St. Mark’s writings. As for the saints in the latter period, then O God – He already sees that I know nothing, but there were requests from the brothers and sisters and they experience and understand the advices from these saints through their groups; they know the saints who are the patron saints of their groups. Today, K. wants me to ask God to receive the words of St. Francis de Sales; in recent days, the Church reminds us of the feast to commemorate St. Francis de Sales, but today, I have the opportunity to hear more about his history. When I ask to receive a message with God, I ask Him to allow me to listen to some of the histories of the saints, and after that I ask for the Holy Spirit to come to me. If God gives permission, then God will allow me to receive the saint’s message, like the narrative that the Holy Spirit gives me. In everything, I simply admit that I know nothing; I only know to ask, and if God allows, then I do; if not, then I neither remember nor do I know or read or understand the entire history. At this moment, I believe that what God grants will be realized in the Holy Spirit, and He will guide me. Today, God, I only know K.’s request for me to ask God’s permission for us to receive the words of St. Francis de Sales; she is also the person who always reads the histories of saints to me and then I ask God to receive their messages, if God allows. Just like the previous saints, God allowed, then I received; otherwise, I do not know the way and I do not know how to receive or say anything. So today, if God allows then God, please let the Holy Spirit come to me, for me to receive the words of St. Francis de Sales.

O God, through the words from K. about the history of St. Francis de Sales, I cannot remember all of it; I only know that he was born into a wealthy family, his parents were also virtuous people. His life was educated by his family; when he was young, he had a life of moral guidance, so he was well aware of it; although he was young, he had a heart that loved God and he had something very special in his young age. At the age of ten he had confession, and at each age he experienced profound emotions, consistent with the experience he had for loving God. His family was prominent and noble, so his life was well-educated and there were good things in his life that were settled from his family status. From there, he began to attend the colleges to study and his progress was also different from others; a knowledgeable and learned person according to a training within the family – at an early age, he was also a person who knew to obey, to listen, and he matured in a moral life; moreover, his parents wanted him to achieve; he was a person known in the studies of very good subjects. With what he accomplished, his parents wanted him to settle down with a family that was also aristocratic, but in the heart of St. Francis de Sales, what he desired was to devote himself to an ecclesiastical life, to live a consecrated life. He persuaded his parents, though with much difficulty, yet in the end, because of his patience, because of his meekness and humility, his parents allowed him to follow his goal and he became a priest.

O God – on the path of each person who follows God, it was not spontaneously, but there seems to have been an awakening, whether little or significant, with every heart, a calling in the way God had specially committed to St. Francis de Sales or to other saints. Every role, every class, is called by God, and the answer and the response have a certain special something that God grants to that person to be able to recognize God’s love for them. God chooses and also sows in us a seed of love, to respond to His call, like St. Francis de Sales; in particular today, his method in comparison with all the other saints’ methods is unmatched; each person has a schedule and a history in following the Lord Jesus Christ. From what today I have heard through his history, I simply notice that it is not automatically that we overcome what our nature is. Starting from childhood to adulthood, his life was trained and educated, in learning, in studies, achieving a very broad knowledge and many successes on his path; when he became a priest, he was a person with a remarkable proficiency in learning. In life, everyone has to face trials, especially a in priest’s life, one must obey; when going to certain places, whether appropriate or not, out of obedience, one must remain in those places even if it is against one’s wishes, but one must accept, because of the role of a priest. In regard to the role of priests and those in the Church, obedience is always the primary virtue; these are the stories of his life whether he was a priest or a bishop. In an era when laypeople or others had encounters with priests or bishops, there were matters in which the priests or bishops were shown respect and also situations in which they were mistreated according to the way of the laypeople at that time, especially those who had status; moreover, a lot of things have happened, are happening, and still happen up to today’s generation.

O God – He has chosen the priests; He has chosen the people to belong to Him and they were ordained, they were anointed, with consecrated hands, to become the ones who practice by their very lives, by the proclamation of the Good News, by the rites. Holy Mass or the sacraments through the priests are the sanction; people must always show respect and reverence, but O Lord, I heard from his history that many times, he had to deal with aggressive people, with offensive words and many problems. He was a very hot-tempered person; he knew that he was very short-tempered, but when he actually performed in his mission, he practiced to truly be a representative of God, a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, to listen or observe. He has conquered his temper and that victory has become a maxim that today we also find appropriate; this was not from him, but I am convinced that was Jesus’ response and the Holy Spirit’s teaching. Even though he encountered conflicts with the laypeople who came to him with many issues regarding certain unsatisfactory or unsuitable explanations to them or anything else that made them angry, they cursed, they acted foolishly, insolently, and offensively; yet St. Francis remained silent, quiet. Even the people around, even the brothers in the order felt upset at all the manners of those laypeople.

There was a time St. Francis had to face one such situation, and he also remained silent; after that silence, a brother could not believe how he could remain quiet before that scene; this is the kind of response that I would like to reiterate as a shining example for us today and also for those who are aware of what matters in life. Indeed, it is not difficult; we just need to rely on certain things to be a support in life, to become virtuous people, to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, to have similarities so that we have the moments from the works that must be done, to ask God to sanctify us through those works, to overcome what is inherent in our daily lives with the role He chooses and assigns to us. With the character of St. Francis de Sales, everyone knew he was very hot-tempered, but then his brother said that he witnessed a layperson acting aggressively toward St. Francis, among many things, but St. Francis did not say any word. The guest was ashamed of his aggression when he left, because St. Francis de Sales remained calm, remained unaffected, remained courteous with gentle words that made the guest feel ashamed and embarrassed, and he left; when the guest just left, his brother came out and was amazed. What was the reason for the saint to have such a spirit? It was a remarkable transformation; St. Francis replied: I was also very angry; we all have Adam’s blood, but I tried to learn the holy example of meek and humble Jesus. Moreover, he said that since he calmed down in order to endure and accept what came from the opponent, he needed a divine support that surely came from the Holy Spirit: Francis, tightly close the lid, do not open, do not say anything. A drop of honey will catch all flies; a barrelful of vinegar will not catch even one.

These are very wise words and also very sensible to instill in the way of dealing and confronting. When there are many disagreements between one person and another, from conflict and from dispute; even when we are wrongly accused, whenever there are words said back and forth, then that becomes a bad ending, and especially for the people who have functions, because others pay more attention to them. This was a method that the Holy Spirit taught him, which was also an excellent way to help people become more virtuous, become nobler, and become a shining example so that the opponents and others who witnessed these matters must admire and must recognize that God is with the priests as they are virtuous people, religious people; people whose functions are to preach, and their lives certainly must have a certain depth and width in a special way – more than ordinary laypeople. Again, one more time, another event: St. Francis was transferred to a place totally impoverished, lacking so many necessary things, but he overcame and conquered all; he also took delight in those places; he saw God in all the settings and he accepted. Once again, because life is not what one desires with ordinary days, even with his functions, he had to face all the laypeople, including those who lived with complete unconcern in the world; so there were matters in which they acted liberally, lacked the respect due to those who had functions, due to those who represented the Lord, and especially due to priests.

Surely, their times will not be like the present nor like the world we are living in; nevertheless, the priests were to be respected in exceptional ways compared to the laity, but today, we have heard that in their lives, there were certain incidents like the encounter St. Francis de Sales had with a second person. One morning, St. Francis was in the room, and there were also laypeople; and probably something might have offended that person, who cursed and shouted, among other things, but St. Francis did not utter a word, he did not say one word, he did not speak, and he waited for calmness, for quietness. In the end, that person insulted all he wanted, that person screamed all he wanted, that person acted arrogantly all he wanted, till he was satisfied, but St. Francis did not make any moves; so finally, that person was discouraged, too exhausted, and gave up. That was a sensible attitude to deal with matters that when confronted or conflicted, which were not easy to resolve if without the Holy Spirit’s guidance in a wise and enlightened way. There were many people who thought it was strange; why did St. Francis not speak up and allow that to happen? But in the end, they withdrew themselves. St. Francis also had an answer; he said: I made a pact with my tongue that as long as the soul is still disturbed, my tongue no longer produces a single word. That was the second battle with the words recorded in history that today I, as well as K., read and heard through similar stories. He also let us know that it took 20 years of his life to change his short-temper, to become calm, to become meek; in the end, 20 years with a temper, but about his quick-temper, history does not say much at all about nor mentions and criticizes the subject of his anger, his temper. It only mentions the life of a saint whose title is “the Gentleman Saint,” a meek and happy saint who always used the virtue of love in gentleness to treat and deal with people. For the first time in my life, these are the stories we have read and heard about St. Francis de Sales, and today, I only know what I can hear and learn through history, to know what he did in his life.

There are so many more wonders, so many deeds that are worth knowing, but we only know of all that is written through the Church, and all these things are recorded in history, which every saint had and has, so that we may acknowledge that each saint has a special identity. The Lord Himself chose them; they received that grace, practiced that grace, recognized that grace, so their lives always have shining examples for us to learn. There are examples that we see and learn, which is the quick and short temper that took 20 years to be able to change, to become a calm person and a quiet person, to listen and tolerate. These changes are not easy to do if without God and without His grace, and if we do not cooperate to listen and have a heart willing to learn in humility. He himself chose the meek and humble Jesus; he loved Jesus, he chose Jesus, and he chose the Person from whom he had learned the example, though not entirely, but at least he gained a certain key in his own life and he became a saint that, today, the Church reminds and notes that he is a meek and happy saint. Throughout his life until the last moment, he always relied on the law of love and gentleness to enable him to meet others, for the journey in life when he was a priest to help the laypeople; his life certainly had a schedule that was not as simple as we just summarized, but it must be quite a long schedule. In daily life, when he recognized and experienced, he sought to love God; he simply stated that his life was to love God – to have God was the happiest thing, to have God was the most fulfilling, and he chose Jesus himself.

So, today our Church has one more saint; in every age there are saints; their examples shine with fragrance, by work, by action, by the determination to conquer things inherent in the life of bad habits. In the end, the most notable is the life conquering them, to become witnesses to God, witnesses to the holy Teacher, witnesses to a life in which instead of being angry, when he acted, he was just a meek and happy saint; a very patient gentleman saint who is learned, knowledgeable, and kind. No one cared to discuss about his temper, but he knew himself, and it was also his sharing; this is a great example for us to hear and to learn from St. Francis de Sales. Today, we have the opportunity to ask for him to come and teach us; please allow us to receive the words that God has granted us in this age. God will not refuse what we desire and wish for; for us to receive the words of those saints, to be lively once again in the era, to be lively once again with whoever feels, whoever has the opportunity to hear, to understand, and to experience what is in the truth that God has given us in the witnessing role of this age – in the divine realm yet present – in the midst of the world of humanity, to urge the life of faith and to also benefit the life of the roles, which are the roles for the laity and especially for the priests, so that they may continue to understand that it is not in history books, but that God always pours out abundant graces in a lively way in every age. Let us understand and recognize the true liveliness in the grace that He has granted for these saints to personally speak up to share to this generation of mankind and especially to the descendants of the era, in all classes and all roles.

We thank God, praise God, and glorify God, our Lord. I conclude the words that the Holy Spirit allows me to report as well as narrate, in His permission, in His enlightenment. Moreover, it is also the proof for us to lift up with a word of thanksgiving to God, with a reverent heart to the saint who has specially granted us his shining example; we also ask to receive his words in the coming moments. Before ending this message, I complete the words inspired by the Holy Spirit for me to tell, to describe, to narrate; and today, I attest to the evidence that the Holy Spirit has granted and helped me in my mission and my role, to do what needs to be done, through His enlightenment, through His prompting, and through His guidance. I conclude this message at 6:05 p.m. on Monday, January 29, 2018, at home, where I just reported about St. Francis de Sales; it is the first time I ask to receive his words as well as the narrative that the Holy Spirit granted. I as well as K. – we continue to wait; we also conclude at the hour of the Angelus so we end here to pray the Angelus, and afterwards, may we receive a message from St. Francis de Sales.


L. and K. conclude in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, I thank Blessed Mother, and I complete at 6:06 p.m. on Monday, January 29, 2018. Amen. Amen. Amen.


[Angelus is prayed.]

L.: O God, it is 6:09 p.m., Monday, January 29, 2018, at home. Thank God for granting I and K., as we ask God to allow us to receive a message from St. Francis de Sales. Just now, the Holy Spirit also enlightened me to say the words inspired by God, and also prompted me to report what needs to be reported as He desires for me to know what must be done in life. With the days God especially grants for me as well as for the brothers and sisters to receive the messages of the saints, now, whenever there are Holy Masses, they also desire and long. God, please have mercy and allow us to encounter the saints, for them to teach us, to share with us; they also help us recognize that, in God and with His permission, we will be able to encounter heaven, which is not that far away; when He allows, then the words of the saints become alive again. After the time they departed, regardless of how long ago or how recent, they continue to have the words to help us in life. We recognize that their lives are the shining examples for the descendants, for the future generation, and for people in this world who are God’s children, who are Christians, to understand that not only what is written in history books – when in God’s grace, then we continue to have the opportunity to receive, to encounter, and to be taught, in a very profound way, in a very lively way. Just like what God grants and bestows today to increase our life of faith; according to Him, there is nothing that cannot be, if He allows then anything can be, in a wonderful, extraordinary way. Still, we must believe that only God can achieve that; that only when He allows can it be realized, because all these deeds do not come from human beings.

I just know of what God particularly grants and bestows to us today. God, please allow I and K. to receive a message from St. Francis de Sales, to continue to learn more from his history with very ordinary things, but which are shining examples to teach us. In life, people who walked, are walking, and will walk the steps to imitate God, the steps to learn, to understand humility, meekness, and to also strive to recognize what is in a life with imperfections, with tempers. There are many things inherent in life to amend, but having God, with Him, then we conquer all; if we trust in Him and allow the Holy Spirit to closely guide as we obey, then definitely we will be able to achieve, just like the conquest from which today we have the quotes as well as very good axioms from St. Francis de Sales.

Thus, we embrace what he himself said: One drop of honey will catch all the flies, to use a barrel of vinegar will not catch even one (1) – this is needed advice to further progress in a life of virtue. In life, with the disagreement that we often encounter, which is conflict, there are things against our wishes or things we cannot accept, so then we respond according to our human way, by temper, by argument, by debate, and fight for victory to be on our side. When we get upset then we already lose wisdom and say things that are inappropriate according to our roles; and there still are many matters in life that we need to practice – not just practice superficially, but we must practice from the core, from the soul, from the heart, to be able to achieve the best that God desires. We must conquer ourselves first; so, what we can easily do to win over the opponent, ruthlessly and according to the human way, then the entire world can also realize, but to conquer ourselves is not something to be taken lightly. To conquer self, to achieve virtue, to overcome matters while we are very weak, imperfect, and sinful, we rely on God’s doctrine, we rely on what He grants. As the Lord, He conquers all; He teaches good deeds, He teaches everything that is contrary to the realities in a mortal life according to human nature and the ego, with wretchedness, imperfection. However, using the shining example of God, following His doctrine, practicing faith, then He will teach and deliver us from impediments and conflicts. We yearn to succeed and to let Him achieve in us, for us to know that we belong to Him and we deserve to have Him cherish us, to have Him love us, to be chosen by Him, and to choose Him in life is the joy and happiness of our lives, like St. Francis de Sales, who chose Jesus to be the Person to forever belong to him, the Person whom he loved, the Person about whom he proclaimed: “To have God is to have everything, and with God, then there is no need for anything else.”

Today, these are matters that the Holy Spirit reminds, for us to know this saint; he is very virtuous, but he also had to overcome certain battles. Those were the battles of the inner life, but he overcame arguments that, though ordinary, were very hard to do, if without God’s grace; to Him, when we truly commit to let the Holy Spirit lead, then that is wisdom and enlightenment. The Holy Spirit never loses any battles in a virtuous life, but we are people who cannot and we are still weak, still immature, and there still are many things we cannot yet understand. The works that God granted us through the guidance of the Holy Spirit: He is the Supreme Being who always triumphs, the Supreme Being who brings peace, the Supreme Being who brings love and affection, and the Supreme Being of truth, holiness, and perfection. St. Francis de Sales received this in a divine way through ordinary words and through encounters in the truth, but this also belongs to the Holy Spirit. He was quick and he reacted in a sensible way, to face and deal with matters between one person and another; there were many dilemmas in the role of a priest, but he was persuasive and in the end he became a saint who was called a “Gentleman Saint,” a meek, joyful saint; also a saint who used love and gentleness toward everyone; and today, we have a history about him.

At this moment, I ask for him to come to me, for me to receive his words. This is the first time, any imperfections I have, anything that is not right, please forgive me; it would have been nicer if this is right on his feast day. That is what I normally did in the days I started to have the graces that God granted, for me to receive messages from the saints in the past years, but today, there are many things in my heart that God knows – my heart as well as K.’s heart. So today, I ask him to forgive, because we are several days late in receiving his message, but we greatly long, especially K. She belongs to a group whose patron saint is St. Francis de Sales, so she yearns to hear the teaching of the saint as well as his sharing for her to also learn. This is also a sign that God grants, especially in this era, in general to us, and in particular to people who experience the liveliness He has granted through the saints. They still speak, and they still help us by the message to glorify God. Although they already returned to heaven, they also help us to continue to praise and glorify God in the life that we still have with the days of exile, and also to strengthen our faith – faith for people to accept and listen; faith for each life. Our God is full of power for countless generations; the transcendent God, the omniscient God, and the God who bestows, so anything can appear, anything can be, and anything can happen, in wonderful and extraordinary ways. However, they are part of the good deeds to remind and help mankind in life to recognize the abundant graces that God granted and bestowed for our times as well as given to each era. We thank God; particularly now, we are ready to receive a message from St. Francis de Sales.

St. Francis de Sales: Dear L., K., I am waiting and I continue to wait, because the grace that God grants, indeed, is not just for you on earth, but He also grants to us who are the departed and who are now present by His Side in heaven. Besides, what He grants and bestows we already know in advance what is to come, what is coming, and there is also a meeting and a conversation as what you have practiced in the grace that God grants and bestows.

Dear L., especially you, I know that your words, your heart, and your feelings, indeed, are very simple. You do not know that you are simple and you also do not know that you are very humble, because God always uses the humble and simple, to grant them very special and rare graces in the world, to be able to recognize what is wonderful and extraordinary that belongs to Him. And the special grace today is that He allowed me and the other saints to have the opportunity to speak with the voice, the voice while we were still in the flesh, and it has been such a long time, to be able to return yet not by my language, but by your language. Indeed, only God can do all things. 

To we who are human beings, though gone, whether we are the departed or remaining, we only know that our Lord is extremely powerful, and our Lord is the mighty God, extremely wise, transcendent, because in all things, He can accomplish through each era. Do not think you are insignificant, do not think you are ignorant, do not think you lack knowledge or learning. Learning or knowledge is for conversing with the human world, but to speak to God and what belongs to Him must be by the soul, by the heart, by faith itself, by obedience, and by practice, when we understand the doctrine or works that belong to Him. The most sincere and ordinary words that you have heard, that was my life as I greatly strived to learn meekness and humility from God. Certainly, you are not meek enough, because no one is as meek as God; perhaps in life, you live, but do not know, do not see and do not understand, so simplicity is very familiar to you but as for meekness, that must be learned. Because we are born into a world which is first and foremost a sinful world, a world close to reality, close to fact, close to necessities, and close to all that is rare in goodness, we must have God’s doctrine, we must conquer, and we must have what we need to guide us into an inner life that helps us to be at peace, helps us to be steadfast, and to not be shameful in life with our hearts. Thus, we had God’s doctrine, because He died for this truth to remain and to last.

My time up to your time, or the end of history, by simply relying upon the doctrine then we are already redeemed; relying upon the truth, we will understand better and we will have a more intimate life in the inner spirituality that God Himself bestowed to us through the teaching of compassion, of love, and of good deeds. In the truth, the holiness, and the perfection that the Holy Spirit is guiding you in particular as well as guiding each sister, guiding each brother; and in a guidance for my time, a guidance for the saints in the course of history, He is the Supreme Being who always dwells with you, constantly teaching and urging good deeds, but most important is that we must strive to listen, strive to annihilate the individualities and what is innate in life. We all have bad habits, we all have strengths and many imperfections, because of what we face and things that are. In the days on earth, I also faced this situation; I also had moments of weakness – also moments of sadness, also moments of stress, and also moments of temper. That was what was inherent in my own life, but when I listened, when I was taught, I truly had to challenge myself, many times. There must be challenges; and when you listen, you can see that the Holy Spirit always bestows and those persistent in longing will be able to achieve. Just like you today, what you do not know, what you do not understand, and what is not easy to believe in, yet you were able to achieve, because of what you had, to at least experience the revelation that God has for you. He chose you and He allowed you to experience the divine deeds that no one can describe besides yourself with Him.

It is the same for I and K. as well; all of us are people who benefit from the doctrine of God who is the unique Teacher, who gives us the foundation to know what comes from love, from a forgiving heart, from a life of virtue and many more things that are appropriate and suitable in every class, every role. However, God himself also endures all our imperfections, for Him to continue, and today He remains with you, brothers and sisters. So we must also walk the path of loving one another, of forgiving one another, and learn what God bestowed and gave that is applicable and reasonable in the role that He chose you, brothers and sisters. Today, God chose each person among you; brothers and sisters, we need to rely upon Him and we need to have His doctrine. I walked on the paths; what I want to say, you already read about my history, and many things the Church left, just like allowing me to leave all that was written in life and to have a history. The saints must have their own history, but not everything is perfect and flawless as was written, because in life there must be change, which is a change by our heart, by our determination. What God bestows in His grace can help us achieve, can helps us conquer, can help us become complete and perfect in the mission that was granted, in particular to you as well as granted to my time with the days still on earth.

Dear L., K., speaking of history, you are already clear about it, and the Holy Spirit already guided you to fully report about me. I only know one thing: God grants life in certain roles, but when life is touched by words and touched by facts, then it is easier for us to recognize what is in the marvelous and extraordinary relationship that God grants and gives. So then, we have a feeling. Even now, I had a feeling as if I still lived on earth, and I also had a feeling of returning to the first days, the days I was still on earth, close to the laity, close to human beings, to carry on a conversation. These are divine graces that God gives to me as well as to you, because today you were able to speak with people whom you do not see, whom you do not know; people who speak a different language, but today, I speak to you in your own language; God allows, then I can speak your language. Today, we further understand that God Himself gives us all kinds of opportunities, He grants us everything in His grace; nothing is impossible.

So the grace that God grants us and His transcendence are absolutely indescribable by words; we simply praise, exult, and honor. Regarding everything in life, you still have the opportunity; you still have many occasions while you are still in this life, to bear witness to God, to live for Him, to practice what He teaches. To fulfill your role, you must reap daily, must challenge yourself daily, and must endure daily, for you to also walk the path that God especially planned for you, for the graces to be poured upon you. You are the true witnesses for a world that today greatly lacks and absolutely needs faith, which is your life of practice and life with the extraordinary and wonderful deeds that human beings considered miraculous. As far as God, through faith, many miracles happen to strengthen the human life of faith, to stir up the indifference in human life, and also to call to mind the trials that we must experience, to overcome the challenges within us, to conquer ourselves, to deny ourselves, and to remove all that is in the life of the ego, to be complete with the mission, and to be complete with the life of practice that God granted to both of you as well as to the role of the brothers and sisters in this world.

I am very happy and very honored to meet you in this era, because of your courage, your faith. Everything you do today – that is faith, which means you encountered God in life, and today, faith has answered with the extraordinary and wonderful deeds that you have done. You have realized this and testified to this; this is also a remarkable life as you wait for the opportunity, wait for God’s permission, and wait for the Holy Spirit’s prompting. Definitely, you will testify and many people will believe, many will learn of the abundant grace that God granted you in the mission to bear witness. In the mission with what you receive from heaven, the messages that you share, which you receive from God, from Mother, as well as from us – they are a great awakening for the generation that today God bestows blessings and grace on to help people rise up by faith, live boldly in faith, eliminate what is innate in life with limitation, and live in the grace that is inherent within. Conquer yourselves, deny yourselves, overcome everything that is in a life of reality; live for fairness, for justice, for the truth, for affection, for love, and achieve what is needed to persuade others to see God in you. God remains the God to everyone, and whoever hears, whoever encounters, whoever accepts, is conquered.

Our God is meek and humble; our God is gentle and loving; our God is very tender.  To have an inner life as well as an outer life is an acknowledgement to be realized, and a sign to be followed, all things to be learned. Today, God grants and bestows to us what He had mercy on and bestowed; all things come from Him and it is out of love that He chose us; He allowed us, He granted us the grace to be with Him, and today He grants us to become saints. The works that we achieved, indeed, were just like what you are doing; there are certain works that you do that are different from others, but you do not know. My past achievements were the same; what I did was simply ordinary works that I was able to do. I was determined, as I wanted to love Jesus, I wanted to become a friend of Jesus; I wanted for Him to be my life, for Him to be my everything, and for Him to be my purpose. I looked into those things to learn more, to understand more and to practice; in the end, God granted me this day, which is to be with Him, and the Church also made me a saint for everyone to know, and to have a documented history.

This is a blessing. Thank God for allowing me to come back to an era that I think is neither possible to have the opportunity nor the time, to return by a voice, in the flesh. Today, I return not by my own language but by your own language, which is a blessing that God further grants in the grace He bestowed upon your generation today and also grants to us, granting to the saints in heaven to have the opportunity to speak again with a human voice, to share what we experienced while on earth. I still wish that if I have the time, I can go on living, to praise Him, to glorify Him, but all things depend upon God’s decision, for things to be accomplished at a certain time, and then return. Just like you today, what you have today, treasure each day, each hour, for the works that you do, from the inner life, from the life of sacrifice; and in life, what is most important is to praise and to glorify God by your work and by your life of testimony.

Today, one more time, thank God for granting me the opportunity to meet both of you and meet all the brothers and sisters whom I know He himself chose to receive these great graces – the transition in an era. That is the genuine evidence that God granted in a special way through the works that the Holy Spirit did and is doing for an era, miraculously – an era in which God manifests power to mankind, to strengthen the life of faith; an era of blessings and graces, through the extremely wondrous gifts that you already practice, which is also a testimony for an age in which God looks to select people to continue in the role to proclaim what is from the Good News and from the truth, with the great, sublime gift that is revealed to the human world today.

Goodbye sister, sister L.; goodbye sister, sister K. What I shared, what I said, what I have today, truly thank you, because of your longings, I have the opportunity to bring my voice to you. I hope that this is not the first time and the last time; I hope I will continue to meet you many more times, because you ask then God will grant, and when God grants then I have the opportunity to share. May God always be with you, bring you peace, and in your life, always learn from Jesus meekness and humility.  Meekness must have love and gentleness to conquer those who listen, those who know through your life that you are the witnesses to the Good News, witnesses to the Lord Jesus Christ our God. Goodbye sisters. Sister L., goodbye; sister K., goodbye.

L.: O God – I thank God. Indeed, today, there is something very peculiar. Every time I receive, I simply know that as God speaks then I go on, as He allows and the Holy Spirit speaks, then I just keep going – but today, there are many distinctive things. Each word, each sentence of the saints, are always specific, to help us, but in general, all the saints have the same advice in their sharing, which is to praise God and to glorify Him in life, with deeds. This also helps us understand how to conquer, how to give up innate, bad habits; helps us overcome the challenges in life; helps us recognize and be alert to receive the teachings of the Holy Spirit, to receive His inspiration, and also to be keen to learn how to control what happened, is happening to life – because God teaches us and God is always the Lord who helps up on the path of holiness, to triumph over what is in life with normalcy and mediocrity. His (2) words, his life, and what I hear about the doctrine through him increase our knowledge, enrich us with advice to learn what we must pay more attention to. We must have a quote for ourselves, and that quote must be practiced in a life belonging to God, and we must live with that zealously, devoutly, and must always remember, for us to become people who have meekness and learn to be humbler. Humility is there, but we must always pray for life to always belong to absolute humility, and we must learn more, because we still are not meek enough, still not virtuous enough, and still do not have enough piety to continue on the path of testimony.  We just rely upon God’s grace to prompt us to do what He wants us to do, to fulfill our duty and responsibility and the role that He assigns to me as well as to K.

We thank God for granting us the meeting with St. Francis de Sales for the first time, especially today; we thank God, thank the Holy Spirit and thank Blessed Mother for giving me the opportunity. If without K.’s impulse and if she did not remind me then I only know those saints I am familiar with, those who are close and whom I usually pray to, then I feel more at ease to ask, as for those I am not familiar with, then I am very nervous, because I do not know. Today, I no longer follow that way, but what God wants then please make known through the sisters’ urging, or through myself; what God desires then God, please allow me the opportunity to perform and serve according to the grace God grants and bestows. May all of my work continue to praise God, to glorify Him, and be a contribution to guide our posterity, to remind the world, to urge those who listen; and an affirmation for whomever to understand that our God always gives us the opportunity and bestows upon us abundantly, through graces. We simply need to open our eyes of faith and we will see, will be touched, and will have a close encounter, through the teaching, through the message, and through the prayer of the saints, for us to become courageous, persistent, and strong, to continue on the path of witnessing and pioneering. What is bestowed, what we have, and what is in our lives must definitely be strengthened to become the Heart of Jesus, to become the hands of Jesus, to become the lips of Jesus, to become the ears. We need to persist in the life of a witness, a life in which we bring to the Lord by the works we practice, by the life of testimony, by the messages we receive, and by the life in which God manifests and heals the world, heals humanity, heals all classes and all roles.

Today, I lift up countless thanks, praise, and exultation for the Lord, our God, who allowed I and K. to receive a message from St. Francis de Sales. I conclude now in order to continue what God wants and allows today, for me to go on with what we yearn to beseech Him. I rejoice in this encounter with St. Francis de Sales for the first time; he spoke in my own language and he shared a lot for us to learn from him. May he continue to remember us and intercede for us, so that our mission, role and grace may progress and grow on the path, with the purpose of praising and glorifying God. It is a very distinct document in general for today’s humanity and in particular for each of our roles and missions in the grace that God granted and bestowed. May He bless us, may the saints remember us and pray for us to be brave on the way, to progress in the mission, to be more zealous on the path, and to remove all that is in a mortal life with the personal wishes of the ego in order to live in a more honest way, to live a life belonging to God when able to give up what is in our personal life.

At this moment, I lift up words to thank, praise, exult, and honor; I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, I thank Blessed Mother, and I thank St. Francis de Sales for giving us a message, especially today. I conclude at 6:41 p.m. on Monday, January 29, 2018, at home, where we just received a message from St. Francis de Sales. One more time, I lift up in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God, for everything belongs to Him, is from Him, and is in Him. In a spirit of thanksgiving, of gratitude, and of recognition, may we thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, and thank Blessed Mother, and once again thank St. Francis de Sales. Amen. Amen. Amen.

I thank God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit; I thank the Body and Blood of Christ, I thank the Five Holy Signs of the Lord; I thank Blessed Mother, I thank the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary – She helped me and also interceded with God for me. Today, we are bolder to continue to receive the graces that God granted, for us to meet the saints in heaven with their sharing, their teachings, their reminders. We thank God immensely and thank the saints; especially Mother, She taught and supported for me to be brave enough to continue in my witness life, with what I hear, what I know, what I see – to report, as we just received the words of St. Francis de Sales. Amen. Amen. Amen.

 The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives L. messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 


  1. This and another quote in this message capture the meaning of this idea of his, but neither is to be taken as the precise words he used on earth.
  2. Francis de Sales



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