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There Must Be a Continuity – Message from St. Faustina


October 29, 2019

Lucia: O God, it is 1:49, Tuesday, October, 29, 2019, at home. I say and offer the words through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to St. Faustina whom we long to hear from. When we hear of her name, we never forget about the global mission of the Divine Mercy for which God chose her from the very beginning so that today the world may receive God’s Divine Mercy. Today I pray for her to come, for me to receive her message and advice, for us to look back at our roles, to be more aware, to be more fervent, to learn whether there is something we still do not understand, or whether we are not yet mature. St. Faustina, please help us continue to be brave enough to bear witness to the Lord along with the brothers and sisters. May we not thwart what is best that God has granted to the saints as well as to us in this generation.


St. Faustina: Dear Lucia, respectful greetings to all brothers and sisters,


First, I ask God to bless you and to grant peace to all of you. The first word, I thank all of you today for coming to see the movie of my life (1) and also the movie that God grants in a special way to offer His Divine Mercy to the entire world. There must be a continuity with the program God plans – we are only people whom God looks at and chooses to become instruments and to become God’s program to bring to all people, for them to be aware, recognize, and return to His Divine Mercy.


Dear Lucia, today you are well aware and know about the present matters. Even though the movie only summarizes, it is full of the main meanings of the life for which God chose me to go first, for that is the global mission God has used in a special way to bring to the world. Moreover, with the response that God has given in a special way, today we have the opportunity to meet each other. Because what I can see in you and in all the brothers and sisters, is that for every work coming from God, not everyone can see in-depth, but only the person who directly receives what God bestows, what God teaches, and is able to witness. No matter how difficult, how discouraging, how challenging, things that are awakened in the soul, by the heart, will never fade or be affected by something that causes the soul to dim. Although there are moments of negligence in life because of so many trials, in the end it is still joy and happiness, because we have witnessed, have experienced, and have seen God.


Dear Lucia and all brothers and sisters,


Today God gives me the opportunity to say this and share with you. I am very happy, because God’s Divine Mercy has been spread throughout the world, for the world to know Him, recognize Him, and return to Him. Today Divine Mercy does not stop. Today you are the people who continue to respond to the Divine Mercy that God has bestowed upon the whole world, upon humanity. Do not be afraid because we have a very close relationship, which is the spirituality that God chose me first and He chose you next. So in God’s program, we see that only with spirituality can we have the opportunity in an intimate way. Thus the only thing is to never be afraid.


God knows our life very well. I am also a person you already know: my background, my situation, and my life. It was an age in which everything was a challenge, as today is. God does not choose people when they do not respond. It is neither knowledge nor education nor talent nor people in positions of authority, but God chooses according to His way and His viewpoint. Everyone has a specific mission that God has chosen. So be perfect – continue to be bold and brave, to mature in the grace God bestows, to mature in what you have encountered and received. Overcome difficulties and challenges. In life you must always have God, for Him to continue to help and strengthen you on the paths you have taken and are taking.


This is what I share about one’s personal life, when we have the opportunity to embrace and the preference that He has given to me and to all of you. But, indeed, every work we want to proclaim, every work to enable the world to mature, require to always, that is, always receive from God in a definitive way and by all means, by a perfect life, which is prayer. Today you are happy. In particular Lucia as well as all of you in general: we have a similarity – God chose us from the Eucharistic Jesus. We had something special that the Eucharistic Jesus looked at and He granted in a special way, to envelop, to protect, and to let you know of His liveliness, His direction, and His choice.


He makes the decision for you and also did for me in the beginning. There are many things in the heart that cannot be said and that cannot be written, but in that experience God is alive through the Blessed Sacrament. God is alive in the Blessed Sacrament. God always loves mankind and leads mankind to the Eucharistic Jesus. But certainly there must be a period of time to train for mankind to understand better and feel more closely, according to the ways that God has given me to note through His Divine Mercy. So today that is the response that you are practicing and at the same time you are happy, because each person has the opportunity in a sincere prayer to be guided by the Holy Spirit, for you to become the people who proclaim the Good News in the present age. Brothers and sisters, you are those people – people who do not sacrifice and consecrate themselves, but God chooses to be with the disciples who continue to spread and respond to the Divine Mercy that relates to a history that was and goes on. Today do not be afraid and do not be perplexed, because in every work He has a way to plan and arrange. Because in a human being, there are moments of weakness, moments of uncertainty, when there are others who object and in particular the Church. Let God take care of the Church, because of the responsibility, when God sends or when God wants, He will always plan and arrange. Only one thing is needed, which is to live from the inside to the outside, with a life loving God and working for God and doing everything because of God. Regarding all other matters, whether significant or insignificant, whether spreading a lot or spreading in a mission and in life, in every nation, every age, every place where God has arranged, then let everything have a way. Continue to listen, obey, and follow in a zealous way, enduring the paths taken. There must be sacrifice and self-restraint. When God chooses, then God always uses only one person so that person does the works that He has chosen, for only one person to represent many and help many, for that sacrifice itself will become a great gift that He chooses to grant to the world, to bestow upon the world, and to save many in the world.


Dear brothers and sisters, today is an opportunity for me to share. I have spoken to Lucia many times, but surely our meetings were very limited in time, and I also allow for the maturity, when you have many things going deep into history – with the thoughts, with things you say and lift up, and all the works that you are performing, then every day, you do mature. This is also an opportunity that God grants to me, and God also motivates, for me to have the opportunity to talk with you as well as to all the brothers and sisters, for all of you to boldly and bravely step forward. Do not be afraid, because in everything that God planned and arranged and taught, then there is always a direction no one can understand, no one can know. This is a beginning just like what I, from the beginning, had to go through. Those are difficulties, challenges, and there are many things that are not easy for the Church to accept.


But at the present time you already know, because you have received directly, because only God can realize great things, only God can motivate you to clearly understand. Human beings cannot do things that are overwhelming and beyond their own strength. Only God realizes and only God directs. So do not fear that what you do today cannot come to the world yet, because coming to the world is His hour to decide, coming to the world is God’s arrangement. Continue to complete all the works that you receive from God, things appointed by God. Continue on the path. Remember, courage. You must be courageous, because only with courage can you continue, only with courage can you be strong, only with courage can you accept, which is to accept the duties even though they are difficult, but do not be afraid and yield to that weakness.


There were tense moments. There were times when you had to face difficulties because every work of God must go through the ways of the Cross, as He did, and those who witness for the truth in this world must have a cross; there are times when they must sacrifice even their own life. Today God has invited you to follow the way He has planned and arranged, so go forward. Go forward, because you are a large number to witness to an age in which God has granted in such an apparent way, through the gift you are receiving. Moreover you are in touch with heaven, and those words are also shared directly, and by your side, you also have Mother Mary. You always have Mother’s support and Her counsel is granted to you, so go forward to complete the program that God has planned and arranged. Do not be afraid, because every work that God has planned then will be announced to the world one day. Today do not be afraid, do not be perplexed. As Lucia confided, I have understood. There were times when she silently prayed. There were times when she always had thoughts and always pondered whether it is right or not, or had many things in doubt. With God never doubt, because there are so many things that mankind cannot do but today you know what you do, and not only yourself, but also the brothers and sisters. Remember, everything of today with the move to invite mankind: only God is the Person who decides, the Person who appoints, the Person who has selected.


Continue with your role in a perfect way. Do not ask what day will be the proclamation or what day will everyone accept. Let God decide, for when you are not afraid or you do not mind the time, which is your question, then you will see a surprise. But if every day you must ask, if every day you must be afraid, if every day in the calculation, then that will cause you to lose what is in the diligence needed for the heart that belongs to Him and serves Him with things He offers in love – by deed, by unity, by solidarity.


Dear Lucia, today I shared, and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet you and to meet all of you. Those are things today with a movie, which may be summarized, but there are many more things and I also hope there will be future messages – I will share more in-depth and have more details. I want only one thing, which is for you to not be afraid. Today we meet because of divinity. You have received the words from heaven so continue to boldly step forward. Do not doubt. Do not be afraid. Do not fear of what happens to the world, of what happens to the Church, but be perfect, because the Church cannot reject the works of God, because this is something God decides and establishes. Continue on the path. I wish for all of you to continue to believe absolutely in a life of commitment to bring to things of this daythat is, heaven is also praying in response to God’s Divine Mercy, in response to the gift. Mother Mary is helping you complete a program to bring everyone back with a contrite and repentant heart, a reverent heart, a heart that honors and thanks God.


Respectfully I say goodbye, brothers and sisters.


Lucia: O God – I thank God. Indeed, today is not a coincidence. This is something to help me be bolder to speak to God, to say what I feel. Many times I was afraid, wondering whether the path I take is the right one or not. Moreover, when I and the brothers and sisters face the moments of failures, I feel perplexed. That is the weakness in my life and in my mission. With this meeting then each day I feel happier because it is obvious that this is beyond my ability, this message comes from heaven. The messages from the saints are the testimonies to help me and all the brothers and sisters who accompany me and walk with me.


May people listen and know everything. We have had days of practice in the past. Today and in the days ahead, let us not be perplexed and afraid. No matter what happens to us, that is the path God plans and arranges. May we persevere, trust, entrust, for all things to be according to His plan. Let us not fear whether the Church accepts or not among other matters that we consider important, but let us only know what we can do. May God decide for us and grant us enlightenment and wisdom, to walk on the path God calls us, in His will. Let us always walk behind the Holy Spirit, pray for Him to plan and arrange for us. Let us witness in the time God allows and not be afraid with everything that comes from God.


As St. Faustina said: “What comes from God, everyone must accept.” What is most essential is that the brothers and sisters continue to be eager in a dedicated life, in a life with responsibility, in a life with collaboration and love, in a spirit of obedience. Monthly we receive God’s teaching, we receive Mother’s teaching. Monthly, we have the angels and the saints interceding to God for us, in particular with the gift of The Six Kowtows that we lift up after attending Holy Mass. After Mass, we are prompted by the Holy Spirit who teaches us to pray, to lift up, on behalf of the voice of the world, in a spirit of thanksgiving, of gratitude, and of repentance to God.


We are stronger because this is an encounter with heaven from the saints through the course of history. The saints did not hesitate to share, did not hesitate to help us. They prayed and are praying for us. From the meeting with St. Faustina, may each one of us continue to see the spiritual relationship and fulfill our duty in our mission, for the world to respond to the Divine Mercy that God has granted in this generation. May God forgive the weaknesses, imperfections, doubts, inferences, which cause us many times to lack the courage to boldly step forward.


Now I lift up a multitude of thanks to God, to praise God, glorify God, through the meeting with St. Faustina and all the saints, especially today. God, please help us be bold in our mission and our role, to continue to be dedicated to testify to the truths that God has planned and granted to the world. We are the people who bear the responsibility to spread the Good News. God, please bless all of us, in unity, in solidarity, holding each other’s hands. St. Faustina was alone by herself, she accepted the illnesses, endured everything, and in the end became a saint with a shining example for the world, for both young and old, to look at her example to follow.


Today we do not walk alone, we walk together, brothers and sisters. May we strive to be braver, stronger, to be the witnesses for an era – which is to have repentance and return, which is the union with the Divine Mercy, and which is what mankind must do and practice to come back to God. We thank God, praise God, and glorify God. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, I thank St. Faustina for giving us a message. The movie today is truly valuable, truly meaningful. When we are united, we clearly know – we watch, we see, we listen, for us to understand, for us to feel, in a lively way, to continue in our life to serve, to devote ourselves, to be faithful, to be truthful, to walk on the path of witnessing, worthy of Him choosing us.


Now Lucia and all the brothers and sisters conclude the message that God granted for us to receive the words from St. Faustina. We thank God, praise God, and glorify God. We thank Mother who specially granted to me this evening, and in the coming days with the solemnities and obligations, the last days of the Month of the Rosary, the day to pray for the souls, All Saints Day, and the upcoming first days of the month to pray for the souls. I do not know what else to plan for but I am prepared so that in this week, Mother helps me come to the places where my foot can be healed for me to move forward, united with the brothers and sisters in the upcoming works. We look forward to receive the words from God on Monday, November 4, and the words from Mother as well. Mother reminds us in the month to pray for the souls along with things we receive each year.


Mother, please help me continue to move forward in life, to follow the advice of the saints more eagerly, more steadfastly, and in that unity to glorify God, to praise God, to testify to the Good News of the gift. All brothers and sisters, unite to work zealously to witness to the gift of The Six Kowtows coming to the world. We lift up a multitude of thanks to God, praise God, and glorify God. We thank Mother Mary, thank St. Faustina for giving us a message and in particular for meeting us on this evening. We ask from the Sign of the Cross: please keep us from all evil, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. Lucia Phan and others in her group went to see the movie Saint Faustina: Love and Mercy earlier that night.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of



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