New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Six Kowtows on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

The Six Kowtows on the Feast of
Our Lady of Sorrows
September 15, 2021
This is a message inspired by God the Holy Spirit.
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Lucia:  It is 1:28, Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. We face the altar, the Cross, the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the icon of Our Lady of Sorrows. Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, and we thank God for us to be together here. We did not plan, but God allowed us to come here, a church very close to home. We planned to go to Holy Rosary Church, but Mother guided us here. There is a special celebration for the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows here, with seven priests offering Mass at once, symbolizing the Seven Sorrows Mother endured.

Mother wants us to offer God the Six Kowtows in anything we do. When we attend daily Mass or any other Mass, the most important thing is to pray to God on behalf of all classes, all roles, with an offering that are words lifted to thank God, praise, and honor God, in a spirit of penance. We lift to God on behalf of everyone, all classes, all roles, our family members, the children and loved ones in our families, the brothers and sisters’ children, and our relatives.

We are blessed with God’s grace to become people who silently serve in a life of prayer and service, but our families are still indifferent and lukewarm. We lift prayers on their behalf and on behalf of all classes, all roles, to thank, bless, praise God. We pray for our brothers and sisters, those who still do not know, and those who still do not believe. Especially on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, we understand the meaning of this year, a very significant year. In our lives, we face stresses and tensions as in the world. The pandemic is raging everywhere, in every country, and we also face the threat of war. Today, morality and ethics have become corrupt; we have lost righteousness in life.

Today, I ask God to allow us to come to Mother Mary. Mother, please teach us, and may we have the chance to meditate about You, with the seven swords piercing Your Heart. Yesterday was the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. At this moment, we unite to give thanks to You. Please be with us and help us along the way to endure life’s difficulties, which are not comparable to those difficulties when Jesus walked the Way of the Cross and You walked with Him. Mother, today we know about Your life through the Seven Sorrows. We unite to pray to You, be with You, offer You a meditation on Your life. Mother, please teach us more in this present life with what we need to do and must do with a reverent heart, to apologize, thank, and lift to You.

Mother, please continue to intercede and help us understand a life of endurance as every person must live through situations with our crosses, as Jesus chose the Cross to save us in the world. As we meditate on Your life in union with Jesus in these Seven Sorrows, we have the source of consolation in life, even when life is difficult and stressful. Let us look at God and Mother for us to always be with God and Mother. We lift all the challenges and tensions with the pandemic, the suffering from the illness, the threat of war. We still have God and Mother in our lives, so let us unite, honor, adore, thank, be grateful for the true meaning of this life. We thank God, glorify God, and thank Mother.

Mother, please allow us to lift to You everything. You are the source of comfort to help us on our days of exile on earth. Many things are waiting, full of meaning. With every event, let us entrust, trust, never be discouraged. Let us believe, persevere, be faithful with the grace God grants, as a child of God, accept, and obey. With God’s providence, He will never let our crosses be too heavy. He will help us.

Today, we face trials, but God has a plan to support us and give us a life renewed in faith. We have Mother, and we are with God. With Mother and God, our lives are not alone and lonely. It is easy for us to accept all situations, live a life of witness by faith and deed. May other people look at what we are doing, look at the meaning of the inner life we offer, for them to believe in God, come to Mother to receive the teaching She gives with the offering of the Six Kowtows.

Thanks to the offering of the Six Kowtows, we mature. For the past ten years, we have had a happy life. Though there are challenges, imperfections, we still have the moments we distance ourselves from the world to live by God and Mother’s side, with the earnest words from the Holy Spirit’s guidance. For every work we do today, we invite the Holy Spirit to come to sanctify and transform us. Please teach us by contemplative experiences because we do not know what to say and offer to God. The Holy Spirit understands our hearts and has many ways to help us on the path, to lift to the Lord Almighty.

We pray for God to have mercy, accept, intervene, help us and the world, for everyone to know and return in the surrender, in the submission. Today, Mother teaches each person to return to God through the offering of the Six Kowtows. At this moment, let us begin with today’s First Reading about Our Lady of Sorrows as the Church reminded us. Let us unite to listen to the Word of God and meditate about Mother Mary, our Mother, the Mother of humanity.

Reading I: 1 Tm 3, 14-16

Responsorial Psalm: 111, 1-2. 3-4. 5-6

Gospel: Jn 19, 25-27

Today is special as Saint Peter Julian Eymard wrote about Mother Mary in the book: Month of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament. Let us read the words and the sentiments from the saint who wrote about Mother to help us understand Her, be close to Her, love Her, learn about Her life. We honor Mother, and we pray for the chance to understand Her, learn from Her. Mother is the person who teaches us to know God and be close to God. Mother is the Mediatrix who guides us back to God even though we are weak and imperfect sinners.
Lucia reads the writing of Mother Mary’s Adoration of Propitiation by Saint Peter Julian Eymard [Month of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, page 127]
Lucia: O God, today’s First Reading, and Gospel, on the day the Church reminds us of the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows are for us to meditate on the seven swords that pierced Mother’s Heart. Today is a special day beyond our plan. We have the real spiritual presence as Mother planned and arranged for us to come to a church that had a novena prepared for the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Today, we rejoice in attending this Mass with seven priests celebrating. It is an opportunity for us to pray for Mother’s priests. Priests are our shepherds. We must have unity in God’s love as God grants us the graces for us to lift His priests to Him. We pray for the priests to be faithful, persistent, be filled with God’s grace to preach the Gospel, and bring God’s loving heart to help those who still do not know, to know; those who still disbelieve, to believe, for them to return to God through the doctrine.
Mother wants us to pray for the Church, the world, today’s society, and the essential needs we face. What we encounter daily and contemplate is not a coincidence but a manifestation that Mother always plans and arranges for us in our silent role. Our prayers for all regions and nations are lifted and offered to the Lord Almighty. Today, the day we reverently commemorate, we are reminded in the Gospel that Jesus once wept, and the life of the Second Person of God also had the moments when He had to accept everything. Like us, Jesus wept. Jesus wept because of humanity because He came to save us from death. Jesus offered prayers with reverence to God the Father, and though Jesus is the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity had to walk the path of obedience. Jesus obeyed God the Father, endured sufferings, completed a mission even with excruciating pain when He was in the flesh.
Jesus completely lived an exemplary life that became the source of eternal salvation for everyone in the world. We understand the life of obedience and submission to God on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Mother’s life was the same. Mother wholly belonged to God, obeyed God, lived for God. Today, we follow the example that She grants. Especially in life, let us meditate on Mother’s life to understand that Her life was strictly obedience, contemplation, prayer. It is from these points that Mother was full of God’s graces.
Today, Mother gives those graces to us. The path Mother teaches us is to follow God, return to Him, with an inner life, a prayer life. In today’s Gospel, Saint John affirmed very clearly: at the foot of the Cross was Mother Mary and a few people. Of the faithful disciples, only one person whom Jesus loved was present. We know that Saint John and Saint Mary Magdalene were present.
Mother Mary is always by God’s side. She is the source of consolation for God besides the two young disciples, Saint John and Saint Mary Magdalene, and a few relatives. Jesus, our Savior, died, alone, quietly, with His Mother by His side. We see a Mother watching Her Son die, a Mother who witnessed every step of Her Son in His life on earth. Jesus endured bitterness and suffering to redeem the world. He was abandoned, tortured, humiliated, said His last words, entrusted us to Mother, and died on the Cross. She witnessed that great work of salvation and meditated in Her heart for the rest of Her life. Mother remained for twenty years on this earth after God returned to the heavenly kingdom.
Mother loved God. Everything She did was for God, with God. Mother leads us to God because She knows the great work of the Lord Jesus Christ in the salvation to save us from death and bring us from the darkness back to the truth. We know it is not merely a story preached for us to hear, but it was a program established through the Church because Mother was the person by the first Apostles’ side. The first Pope in history, Saint Peter, and the holy Apostles all loved Mother.
When Jesus ascended to heaven, Mother was the person who brought everything given by Jesus to help the Apostles. Mother continued, in silence, to help the Apostles. Who can write about this silent program? Mother did not want it written in books. What everyone needs to know is about God, about Jesus. It was the beginning of witnessing through the holy Apostles. Today, what can be perfectly established and completely accomplished continues for generations. Today, we cannot be without Mother.
In the points we need to know to meditate on Mother’s life, we know She was the Mother of the Second Person of God. She was chosen from the beginning, the splendid Queen of the heavenly kingdom and the Mother of humanity. Today, Her voice is still with us, still beside us, still teaching us, caring, loving, arranging for us. Today, we have the opportunity to hear Her voice granting us Her gift to help us return to God. The Six Kowtows we received became the offering in a time of urgency, a time of turmoil, accepted by the Lord Almighty as we continue to receive graces in this generation. That gift is also the offering Mother Mary offers to God and gives to us so that with this offering, God will have mercy and intervene for us and the world.
Today, we unite to thank God for choosing and giving us Mother. Today, even though we are sinful, weak, imperfect, Mother continues to look for us to help us return. She teaches us, intercedes for us, prays to God for us. She helps us be worthy to enter the eternal place that Her Son Jesus has prepared for us. Her son, Jesus Christ, died for us to live. With Her help, we become citizens of the kingdom of God, which is what She desires and longs. What do we say to Her today? How do we meditate on Her life? Let us thank Mother for what the Holy Spirit wants us to do today, on behalf of all classes, all roles, with thanksgiving and gratitude. We now offer the First Kowtow.

The First Kowtow, we reverently offer to God the Father.

O God the Father, I thank You, bless and praise You. A thousand words cannot sufficiently describe the love You granted to humanity. You gave us a beloved Mother for us today to learn what to say, present, and offer to You. We lived for many years, and today, both the aged and the young finally can have the experience. We cannot refuse things that prompted us to have the courage to lift to You, Father, to know that You are close to us and love us. You see all our situations and grant us special favors to help us speak to You, pray to You, lift to You, for our hearts to open and understand the meaning in life.

God grants us everything: lip, mouth, soul, heart, mind, but there must be a practice, through each way, each action God granted to achieve what is necessary. God grants, so let us pray with a spirit of penance and gratitude, recognize the blessings He gives to those who believe, pray, repent, return, and amend their lives. God grants for us to listen to His teaching and practice. Let us believe in Him, lift to Him, be close to Him, to receive the blessings as He intervenes for us as presently.

O God the Father, O Most High, we thank You for the sublime wonder You granted humanity. Today we are sinners. Our first parents were the first betrayers, so we end up in a sinful world controlled by the devil. However, You planned and arranged and helped us. You set a plan for us in the salvation of Your Son, the Lord Jesus. In this plan, You chose Mother Mary, a person worthy from inwardly to outwardly beauty. From Her life of virtue, She became the womb in which Jesus, Your Son, dwells. He is the Lord of humanity, and He came to save us all.

Mother is the Ark of God, chosen by God, to carry the salvation for the whole of humanity. Grace flowed through Her Heart, through Jesus, to become the Lord Almighty who resurrected from death. Through days of extreme suffering, Mother Mary accompanied Jesus to glorify God the Father. Her life of obedience set an example for the world. The salvation did not come naturally but was a plan arranged by the Almighty, the Father of humanity, the Lord of the universe. What God gives is not too complicated but is full of meaning, but people have too much reasoning according to the rational way of the world to recognize what the Lord Almighty grants.

Today, in our frail condition, from all classes, all roles, the little people like us also experience God’s love as most valuable in life. We thank the shining example of Mother Mary, Her faith, Her sorrowful life, which become a significant history for humanity to receive Her intercession. From a person chosen among the ranks of human beings, perfectly preserved and without the blemish of sin, Mother represents our humanity today, leading us back in the surrender, the prostration, the adoration, the proclamation of God.

We thank, praise, and glorify God the Father. We honor and rejoice to call Him Father. We have the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ as our eldest brother who saved us through His sacrifice and we have Mother Mary as the light to guide us back to our Father, to ask for His intervention.

We yearn for a life with harmony, peace, love, with the doctrine for us to practice, with a life to be protected and taught by Mother. From Mother’s teaching, we become people guided by the Third Person of the Trinity. We rejoice to have Mother, with Mother. Today we thank God the Father for giving us a loving Mother who guides us through life when we make mistakes. Today, we live in a chaotic world, but Mother still looks for us, leads us, and gives us a chance. Today, what Mother teaches, what we do, what we lift to God is an offering. Though we are unworthy and imperfect, we wholeheartedly focus with our hearts, learn the depth of our souls, speak the voice of truth, know what we need, spend time praying and staying with God.

It has been ten years. Today, what we receive from heaven, what we are allowed by God for us to do, His voice still echoes to teach sinners like us to become penitents, witnesses, and saints present in heaven. Today, each saint present in heaven is not something that they spontaneously achieved by themselves, but from the example of Mother Mary. From Her intercession for our salvation, after 2,000 years, we receive from the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Mother is the person who walked with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Person of God, cooperated with Him, suffered with Him for His mission to be accomplished in God the Father’s holy will.

Let us read today’s First Reading and the Gospel and meditate on everything. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Second Person of God, but when He took on human nature, He felt pain, and there were times when He was emotional and was touched. He was like any of us; the difference was that He had two natures. As He walked the Way of the Cross, we see how He suffered, endured tortures, endured everything. There were times He cried out to God the Father. He was obedient to the Father, even to the point of death; though He was tortured, writhed in pain, scourged, beaten, He still obeyed. That obedience tells us what we need to know: the Second Person God had to obey God the Father. Mother Mary also obeyed the Father Her whole life, and to this day, Mother continues to do so. Mother knows; when we listen and belong to God, we must obey. It is through that obedience that we will encounter Him, hear Him, walk in His way.

May all of us be aware in this world, through Mother Mary, through the meditation of Mother’s Seven Sorrows, through the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Let us meditate to understand Mother’s life, for us to have this day, feeling close to Mother as today. Let us come to Mother who will grant us. Let us ask for Mother to intercede to God for Him to intervene and accept our pleas. We rejoice to encounter heaven close to us, and even when we face days of tribulations, we still have God’s comfort and protection, with Mother by our side to guide us back. Mother waits for us to return and helps us along the way to prepare for our lives to be ready for the tribulations, past, present, and future, for us to unite to return to God while there is still time. We ask in the name of God, the Lord of love, now and forever.

We praise God, glorify God. We thank God for giving us, Mother. Today, from Mother’s teaching, we have the opportunity to affirm what we offer, lift, present, and we spend more time with God than we did in the past. In the end, we are happy with the heaven God granted us in this world, thanks to Mother. With Mother, though we do not see Her, though She does not come to us in the flesh like over 2,000 years ago, She still visits us, Her voice continues to be vibrant, and Her teaching is very close to us. Believe, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you – as Jesus said. After He returned to heaven, His Mother took His place and remained with us in the world to complete a program for our Church to continue spreading the word of God. Today, with Her teaching, She visits us spiritually and continues to teach and grant us. Mother teaches us the offering She used to lift.

Today, Mother wants us to unite and return to God by the reverent offering of the Six Kowtows, which help imperfect sinners like us become braver, bolder, live a meaningful life with the depth of prayer as we presently have from the Holy Spirit’s teaching. When the Holy Spirit teaches, God the Father will never refuse, and the Lord Jesus will listen and sustain us. Though we may be late or tardy, God is still the loving and benevolent Lord. Mother is the person who represents us so there is no reason for God to refuse anything we ask in its reasonableness. We thank God, praise God, glorify God for giving us Mother who taught us.

May many people listen and learn from Mother for this ordinary life to lead us deep into the inner life and help us profess the Lord Almighty we worship. Let us return by a repentant and contrite heart, affirm the close and loving presence that God granted for us to step out of our miseries. Despite everything we face, let us always have hope in the Lord Almighty, the Supreme Being whom we profess, adore, honor, and thank. We praise and glorify God. May we belong to God. Totus Tuus.

The Second Kowtow, we reverently offer to Jesus.

O Jesus, our Savior, our Redeemer. I thank You for coming to us. You died for us and gave us a program and a great plan. Your voice and teaching through the doctrine and the Gospel help us awaken and stand up in any situation. For us to practice perfectly, we cannot be without the Mother of God, the gentle Mother at the foot of the Cross, the Mother who replaced us with everything God wants in life through Her. Mother is the person who fulfills all of God’s holy will. Mother gave us a lesson from Her daily life.

Today, Mother continues to bring us to God. We cannot be without Mother, the only Mediatrix who leads us back to the Lord Almighty through a shortcut. He is the Supreme Lord we profess, adore, glorify, honor, and entrust. The Lord Jesus Christ suffered in life, in the salvation, to save all of humanity, to forgive and bring sinners back from the darkness to become God’s official children, through Mother Mary’s care and the example that She practiced in Her life. Today, how can we, in our human condition, dare to come to God boldly, with conviction? What we do in this age, other people may see as different and difficult to accept because of the ways in the laws from the beginning.

Today, if there were no tribulations, no threats due to human reasoning, human law would have gone to an alarming extent. We would stray far from God’s love and live in life mainly superficial while the inner life is dry, lukewarm, indifferent. Because of these points, we cannot feel God’s love, and though we acknowledge the Second Person of God, our response to Him is poor and apathetic. In life, we care only about the order in human law though God’s law is close to us with daily practice in the inner life, by the heart, by the love as Jesus taught.

If we want to understand, we cannot be without Mother. Mother understood the Way of the Cross that Jesus walked as She suffered along with Jesus. He suffered in the flesh and suffered excruciatingly because of our abandonment. Mother’s Heart suffered from every step of the way as She united with Jesus. God the Father chose Jesus to accomplish a plan. Jesus dwelt in Mother’s womb for nine months and ten days and lived on earth for thirty-three years. Ultimately, the completion of that plan was His death. He died a painful death on the Cross, and with His last words to Mother, She was the person who completed the remaining program.
Today, who can teach us so decisively? Who can bring us back to God apart from Mother Mary? She teaches us inwardly, with Her heart. She teaches us humility and modesty, a life of penance, a life returning by reformation. She teaches us the goodness we need: sacrifice, endurance, listening, and obedience.
We need to awaken in our lives to respond to the great salvation of Her Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. With God the Father’s infinite love and Divine Mercy, we must be aware and return to our Lord. The human condition has nothing worthy and deserving apart from a contrite and grateful spirit in both soul and body, mind and heart, which seems ordinary yet have depth. It was an indescribable spirituality when Jesus came to save us spiritually and physically, but we were buried and immersed in days with earthly things and worldly attractions. If we do not pray and run to Mother, the way we feel spiritually is similar to the indifference of the soldiers 2,000 years ago, unintentionally or intentionally.
The scourges Jesus endured were due to our offenses to God. Through our sins, our lowliness, and weakness, we caused Mother’s Heart to suffer more each day, bleeding because we are uncaring towards God, Her Son. We are indifferent to Mother’s waiting, to Her teaching, to Her desire to lead us back to God. Mother guides us out of the snares that we have fallen into right from the beginning because of sin. Today let us unite to thank the Lord Jesus because we have a wonderful Mother who leads us to God, brings us back to God. Mother teaches us to understand a life of depth, which Jesus expects and awaits from us. Mother helps us understand Calvary is still the covenant that awaits every sinner like us. Jesus sacrificed and died for humanity on Calvary for us from sinners to become penitents if we wholeheartedly return to God.
Mother taught us how to pray this way. Mother has been silent for decades in Her life and always silently prayed for us. The graces God the Father gave to Mother, She gave to humanity. She could not watch us continue to live heartlessly and indifferently in a way that was sinful and offensive to God, so She taught us many ways to conquer this world, to understand prayer, proclamation, and God. In a life of conviction in the real presence of God, Mother is by our side to help and support us with Her intercession and prayer to God.
Today let us repeat over and again the words Jesus taught in the past: “Believe, and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” We believe in God, seek to come to God, knock for God to open the door of our hearts. Let us receive God into our hearts. We desperately need someone to teach us how to live to demonstrate a life with deeds. To testify to faith, we cannot be without Mother. What we do know today comes from Her teaching. What Mother did in Her life, today She wants to offer us to save us in these critical days with the tribulations and unexpected events.
It is time for us to open our eyes. Everything that happens through the ages, though we are prosperous, but the basic moral life, the life of faith in which we acknowledge God is still inadequate. Today, we ask God to save us and have mercy on us. Even though it is too late for many years, at least we understand the depth, the heart, the sacrifice, the chastisement, the faith in the conviction. We lift to God through our daily deeds to pray with the offering of the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary gave and taught us.
We lift to the Lord Almighty, to our Savior, the words that though late, are like a beginning with the love God still has for us, waiting for us to respond. Today, what we offer and say, we cannot be without the beloved Mother who taught us to return and trained us to become citizens of heaven, waiting for the day when we mature through faith by deed, through the doctrine left by God. When we practice, we return to God through the door that He opens to wait for us, and Mother will lead us in. Let us always rely on Mother, go to Her, ask Her to teach us, and help us live according to God’s holy will.
Let us be obedient, listen, and practice an inner life by deed, with sincere and good deeds in the truth for Mother to help us because we cannot practice by ourselves. Even when Mother already taught us, if we do not understand God’s love and are not aware of the Holy Spirit, we will fail. Mother uses all kinds of ways to help us return to feel God the Father’s love through the Divine Mercy and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior. Let us trust that we encounter the Holy Spirit through the love of God the Father and the Lord Jesus.
The work, the teaching, and the powerful urging of the Holy Spirit help us practice, perform, and cooperate with Him. By our side, Mother constantly intercedes, plans, arranges so we will win this battle. No matter how sinful our past was, today, let us listen and return to what Mother teaches. We will receive God’s intervention and support, and through our Mother’s intercession, we will win the remaining battle. When we are finally firm in our standpoint with a determined spirit, a life of perseverance, patience, sacrifice, faithfulness, and endurance, we will win this battle.
What we conquer and gain in life, let us meditate on the Seven Sorrows of Mother Mary on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, with each sword piercing Her Heart. Let us meditate on the Seven Sorrows for us to understand that Jesus died for humanity, and the lance pierced Mother’s Heart for us to have this day. We cannot forget the benevolent Lord Almighty and the Savior. We cannot be without God’s infinite Divine Mercy, without the Mother who sacrificed for us, continues to be patient with us, and remains by our side for the rest of our lives.
Mother needs us to cooperate, listen, understand that we are children of God. Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, saved us. He died for us, suffered on the Cross for us. Let us live worthily through Mother’s teaching for our lives to respond to what the Lord Almighty desires, awaits, and grants specifically to us. We thank Mother for helping us become perfect, worthy to enter a place where Mother will bring us back to God. When we leave this world, we will no longer live days we regret what we still do not yet know or practice.
Today, let us give ourselves the chance to act and profess. We will understand what it means to be a child of God and Mother, guided by the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, to become worthy citizens of heaven, which God especially grants to us and the whole world. May everyone believe, know and return to God through Mother Mary’s teaching. May we belong to Jesus, the Second Person of God. Totus Tuus.

The Third Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit, I thank You, praise, glorify, and honor You. Mother Mary lived a humble life, and on the day Mother said Fiat, You enveloped Her, and the Second Person dwelt in Her womb. Everything comes from Your grace that covered Mother with Your love. Mother lived a quiet life under Your guidance and protection. Her whole life was obeying God’s holy will. Mother is the sole person who was the first to receive You. From there, You officially came to us after Jesus completed the salvation. We must be aware and delve deeper into understanding that God the Father chose Mother Mary amidst this world. Mother was the first person to receive Your grace that enveloped Her for Her womb to bear the Second Person of God, born into the world in the flesh.

It was such a great plan, so sublime and mysterious, which only The Most High can grant to us, especially to the world. There is a connection because what we know, say, offer, does not come naturally from us; Mother understood that our world could not be without the Holy Spirit. May we be aware of what God the Father granted through the Divine Mercy, which is not merely simple with familiar words, but understand how profound the Divine Mercy is and how it is through the ages with what He still grants us. Jesus was sent to this world to die for humanity. Why not give to the world a King with the power to command and not suffer as Jesus did?

In the plan of God, the Lord Almighty, He used everything that we did not see and did not know because we were in sin. God came for those very points to save all of humanity without distinction, but He is still the Lord who respects our decisions. There are points we see typical with perfection from Mother Mary as She represents us. Mother Mary had the protection of the Holy Spirit, His love enveloped Her, so Her life was without any blemish of sin even during seventy years in the world. Let us meditate to understand that in the seventy years of Mother’s life, She perfectly lived a life of obedience, sacrifice, silence, and prayer.

From Mother’s entire life of suffering, we receive a great inheritance. Today, Mother teaches and leads us to the Trinity. She guides us to the Trinity for each of us to have that inheritance. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, we understand God the Father’s infinite love and Divine Mercy. We understand the true salvation that saves us from sin, darkness, and death.
From the eternal doctrine, Mother leads us to officially receive the closeness that is the love of God the Father and the Lord Jesus, which became the Lord staying with us and always beside us to remind and teach us – the Holy Spirit. He is the truth, the holiness, the perfection, the light. Everything from the conscience, justice, righteousness, and truth comes from Him alone. He teaches us wisdom and discernment to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. We keep repeating these words every time we pray, and they are the most realistic words that everyone understands.
Whether a knowledgeable person, whether living a simple or learned life, these words are familiar to us. If unable to live with these words, how can we expect the knowledge with what we consider rational things in the world? Remember that what is suitable to the world is meaningless to heaven. Let us not rely on our education and knowledge to become arrogant people, unintentionally or intentionally. Let us remember what God grants through Mother’s teaching, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and let us meditate carefully to live in conformity, by deed, by action. Let us not follow our ways to err from God’s way. Let us not judge others because we can see the result from our knowledge today.
The most beautiful thing is that God chose us in righteousness, and Mother wants us to live a life that belongs to God through the doctrine practiced. What is from the inner life originates from the inside to the outside, with sincerity, truth, a righteous life. All that is most beautiful and best come from the Holy Spirit’s teaching. As for what comes from learning and knowledge is suitable for worldly life, but let us practice with conscience, with heart. In today’s world, we see the answer through generations.
Today, God continues to grieve because of us. Mother sheds tears of blood because of us. We follow what we consider the best with its logic; today, we have the answer. After 2,000 years, we discover the truth about those who are knowledgeable and learned. They are selfish, greedy, deceitful. They live a worldly life, but inside, their souls foster the cruelest things, the most horrific things. Those selfish, corrupt, unjust, disobedient, and rebellious people are the first learned people in the past, and they still exist in this world. We need to give up the way we think about our abilities, the learned words we are familiar with, the human rationality, because that is the way of thinking from those who belong to the world rather than the calling of God’s plan. Let us not be among those who always judge others, are always ambitious, and always live in the habits of a sinful world.
Today, we must know it is the Holy Spirit who teaches us. His teaching helps us give up worldly knowledge to embrace the humble and ordinary deeds full of meanings. Mother Mary wants to live again to help us let go of the arrogance in life and the proficiency that caused us to err and stray even more on the path that separates us from what God grants. We keep praying for repentant hearts, but we do not give up evils and vices. We do not renew our souls, then when will we mature?
Mother’s tears still flow because of our stubbornness, and Mother still sheds blood tears because we do not understand and are unaware. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, it is not easy for us to change our stubborn ways and hardened principles if without the Holy Spirit. Because of these points, Mother wants us to pray daily for God to work in our hearts, to remind us. The working of the Holy Spirit will renew our lives, our thoughts, our deeds, for us to be worthy of being disciples called to proclaim the Gospel and bear witness to the Six Kowtows to offer to God. I thank Mother for understanding everything about our lives.
O Holy Spirit, I thank You. Thank You for guiding us to understand our example is Mother Mary. With an inner life, a quiet life, a prayer life, Mother is the shining example to help us be firm in our faith, in the deed, in the acts of love and forgiveness, in generosity, in sacrifice, in a selfless life, practicing with the three virtues of faith, hope, and charity. It is all perfection from Mother Mary to accomplish the great work. Mother was the person chosen in the world to help achieve God’s plan in the salvation we receive today. Through that salvation, through our Savior, through the Mother representing the world, we receive graces in the forgiveness with the infinite Divine Mercy God the Father grants to all of humanity.
God is still the same Lord. We keep hearing that God does not use the power of a Lord or the power of a king or a leader to compel or command us. Even though He has that authority, our God is different, and because of His tenderness and benevolence, He is the Supreme Being who is the Conqueror. In faith, if we understand how a person in this world can be perfect, then we know there is only one person – Mother Mary. Mother knows God’s love for us and God’s love for Her. Mother practiced love perfectly and lived in God’s holy will. Since then, the world has received graces and blessings through Mother Mary.
When we receive these graces from Mother Mary, we do not spontaneously understand the Savior and have the opportunity to come to the Divine Mercy naturally. Mother Mary is the person who helps us because, in everything Mother does, we receive the privileges God gives. Mother is a quiet and discreet person, and in everything She does, She wants to glorify and honor God, for the world to know that everything comes from God alone. The time has come. God wants all of us to understand the great work He granted through His beloved Mother, a gentle Mother who sacrificed everything and did everything.
Today, Mother is the Queen of Heaven, but She is still the Mother in our families. She does not use the power of a Queen to rule over us, the sinners who caused Her Son heartbreak and suffering. She never uses the power of a Queen to reprimand Her children, but She symbolizes love in God’s love for us. Mother is the person who practices love perfectly. When it comes to affection and love, apart from the Trinity, Mother is the person who loves us and leads us back to God. She is the only Mediatrix for us to encounter God, a shining example in life with what She does to guide us to God, to receive grace, forgiveness, His intervention.
Today, what we receive, we cannot forget our grieving Mother, our sorrowful Mother. She endured everything, even extreme sufferings in this life, in exchange for our freedom and to give us the favor that still exists today.
For matters we need to know, understand, practice, we cannot be without the Holy Spirit. Mother knows we are weak because our strength is limited. We do not know how to seek the Holy Spirit. We cannot do it, we are not brave enough, not strong enough, and we will fail like we are failing. The Holy Spirit will raise us and teach us. When we cooperate with Him, He will motivate and enlighten us to make wise choices. From sinners, we will become penitents, from penitents we become witnesses, and from witnesses, we become saints present in heaven.
Today, we must know that we have brothers and sisters in heaven, and our elders are also in heaven. All this is not coincidental; Mother is the role model, the Being who represents us, to have saints present in the heavenly kingdom. Let us not say it is too hard to be saints nor too easy for us to practice. We must delve deep into the inner life of prayer to understand how to become perfect. To enter heaven is not an easy thing, but with Mother by our side, with Mother day after day, She will guide us. Her example and teaching will nurture us, raise us, by God’s grace, by the Spirit.
Mother Mary brings us to the Holy Spirit. In the Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit, we will receive the Spirit of God. His guidance, protection, embrace, prompting, illumination will help us stay in the right direction with the steps God granted to us, all classes, all roles.
Today is not a coincidence. Mother wants us to choose. She is the Mother close to us, who knows what we lack, what we need, and how we are along the path we are taking. When we choose the world, what belongs to reality, knowledge, then we have the present answer. If we prefer learning and proficiency, do not walk in God’s ways, lack humility, lack a fundamental doctrine, then we easily waver and are easily controlled by the world. We become people who think of themselves as knowledgeable, and we despise and do not comprehend ordinary deeds. In the end, we are more mistaken and go astray from God’s path, indirectly and directly.
Today, amid Mother’s great sufferings, She does not want us to continue with days of indifference, days of ignoring the graces God granted, become people lost to God and indifferent to salvation. Where will our souls be? If our souls do not have a place to rely on, we will look for things of the world with materials, money, satisfaction, lust. We seek what is in the world, then what does the world gives us? How can the world understand the value our souls have over us?
The lofty spirituality, the holy sanctity, is determined by God for our souls. Without the Holy Spirit, we become people whose souls are overwhelmed by the flesh. When we have the Holy Spirit, our soul governs our flesh. We understand the depth, the height, the breadth of the faith God grants. We recognize what is more significant, superior, and sublime for our lives to forever be with God. As for the days of earthly exile, let us follow justice, conscience, and the morality needed through the doctrine taught in the righteousness God gave us through the Holy Spirit.
May the Holy Spirit grant us wisdom, understanding, pour His grace upon us, light the fire of faith in each of our hearts, help us learn and listen to Mother Mary’s teaching. The Holy Spirit’s guidance will help us be righteous when we understand, pause, and reflect on what we experience. In our whole life, what have we done for our spiritual life? How can we live to express a life that testifies to faith? How do we live with the times we come to Mother, receive Her blessings yet have forgotten Her?
In life, from the beginning, we left our Mother and Father, but Mother and God never give up on us, and that love is still vibrant, still waiting. Today, may each one of us have a spirit in prostration, and through the Third Kowtow, profess, pray, lift to God, speak to Mother. We will have a new direction in life, with ways that we entrust, trust, and reverently offer with faith.
Today, we do not need people’s understanding. We need them to see, know, learn in life with a humble return for the Holy Spirit to work on them. They will know what comes from God, what Mother Mary teaches us, which is an offering needed in the present life because we have nothing else worthy to lift, say, or offer to God. When we rely on the Divine Mercy’s love, and we ready ourselves in a spirit of repentance in preparation for the return, God will accept and intercede for us suitably and appropriately through each special grace He grants through the Holy Spirit.
We thank God for the Third Kowtow reverently offered to the Holy Spirit. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we understand the support received from the beginning was from Mother Mary. We thank Mother Mary for bringing us close to Jesus. Mother helps us experience God the Father’s infinite Divine Mercy and understand the divine presence that nourishes us daily, both spiritually and physically. We must thank Mother for helping us recognize the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the eternal covenant granted to each sinner for us to return and become penitents. From that decision, we become witnesses, and from witnesses, we have good examples to learn.
When we encounter and return to God, we must learn to mature, practice to become saints in our lives, determined to become worthy children of God. We must practice becoming a saint in our lives when we receive Mother’s teaching because our God is the Most Holy One. If we want to enter heaven, become citizens of the Kingdom of God, we must practice becoming saints right in this world. Learning to become saints to enter heaven, we must understand that what God gives us are perfection and goodness.
What are we doing in these days of earthly exile? How far have we come since we heard and knew about Mother’s teaching? Let us rely on Mother to help us learn and practice a holy life, a virtuous life, a life of faith by deed, living in God’s holy will. Through His doctrine, everything is neither too difficult nor too easy, and when we live under the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we will receive His arrangement with things we do not expect and do not know.
Our souls need to reform daily to be worthy because the Holy Spirit grants and intervenes for us through the keenness He gives us, so let us unite and thank Him. May we belong to Him. Let us remember to lift to each Person to ask for the essential needs, which is Mother’s teaching as we reverently commemorate the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Let us not pause at a point as we keep hearing the word “Sorrows” because, in that word, Her life was united in a plan with God to grant us the sublime offerings She teaches us today.
Let us open our hearts to see that what comes from God is not ordinary, given to us by Mother Mary, for us to return to God in this way. It is not as trivial as we think or judge, but to lift our souls in prayer is an extraordinary way to pray. With a reform interiorly and an outward amendment, we collaborate to return with the exemplary teaching from Mother Mary who knows how to live pleasing to God. When we belong to Mother, receive Her training, and obey as She did, we become those trained to be the children She wants us to be.
Let us learn to be saints, live holy, be worthy to come to a place where our God is the Most Holy One, a place where we can eternally return to the Lord Almighty to dwell in the house of God. Today, let us decide to feel the love of God and Mother, granted to sinners like us. Today, in the meditation we offer to God, let us separate ourselves from the bustling world, spend time for God and lift this ordinary offering that is unique and extraordinary with the present faith we receive from Mother Mary.
We thank the Holy Spirit, the sublime greatness He granted to ordinary, commonplace people like us, for us to receive extraordinary, marvelous, outstanding deeds with the inner life of the soul, though different, but give us joy in God and with Mother. We thank God and thank the Holy Spirit. We lift to the Holy Spirit. May we belong to the Holy Spirit. Amen.
The Fourth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Body and Blood of  Jesus Christ.
The Fourth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Eucharistic Jesus. The Eucharistic Jesus is the love, the light, the truth, the real encounter as today. Why do we have this encounter? How do we know this encounter? To understand this, we cannot be without Mother because it is from Mother that we know all these things and today receive even more riches. There are deeds written and recorded about the liveliness of the Eucharistic Jesus, but we need to cooperate, listen with faith and belief, and from our works, we will have a complete encounter with that real presence as in this day.
Mother Mary, I thank You. We thank You for bringing us to the Eucharistic Jesus to understand the divine holiness present yet invisible to human eyes because we are either faithless or weak in faith. The deeds God has done for man are wondrous and sublime, perfect in the love He offers and grants. God did not come in the flesh to accomplish His work and return to the heavenly kingdom eternally. He remains with us. He instituted the Blessed Sacrament, humbled Himself to stay with us through the Eucharist to become the nourishment for both our soul and body. His presence is the intervention for our world. His divine and holy presence is the great treasure granted to those with faith and inner life.
O God, I thank You for what we see and hear today. These are the truths, but we do not recognize, refuse, disbelieve. Our stubbornness and hardheartedness cause us to lose the opportunity rather than help us understand more and quickly accept to find the truth. God is not the God of over 2,000 years, present in a book that opens and closes, with theories conferred, with a dry and empty inner life. In the end, we commit wrongdoing, contrary to God’s teaching, so the world becomes days of turmoil, suffering, disease, war, pain, and trouble. We face days that no longer have justice, righteousness, and fairness.
In the ending, we have the answer as we recognize what we chose and practiced for centuries. Today, we face a pandemic, we fear it, are harmed by it, and many of us die from it. What is happening? People say these are natural disasters. Disasters? God created us to save us and let us live. God never wants to destroy us and causes deaths due to pandemics. From our lack of charity, our disbelief in God, we believe in something else in life, and in the end, in our weakness and greediness, the devil dominates us, controls us. As the devil rages, we are defeated, but our Lord Almighty is the King of the Universe. He is present and reigns among us through the Eucharist. He granted us everything and died for us to live.
Today, let us think. In this world, our thinking is so immature and childish. In our lives, we are clever in our learning and knowledge, but we lack the depth, breadth, and height of the faith that our souls need. These are human follies. Today, God does not want to see the foolishness of people anymore. God has opened the door of the tabernacle and stepped out. He shows us great wonder and allows us to see the power of His manifestation. He lets us see and contemplate everything we ​​know in life. We received a map from Him, but we let Him wait for over 2,000 years. Because of His wait, His Mother replaced us, silently prayed in a quiet life, and continued to be beside the Eucharistic Jesus to serve Him. Mother continues to grant what the world needs.
Today, let us kneel before the Eucharistic Jesus with the first words in thanksgiving and repentance because we have forgotten God’s grace and neglected God for thousands of years. Without Mother Mary, would we be motivated to come to the Eucharistic Jesus like today? If we do not face an event with the threat of a pandemic and we are helpless in this situation, will we look to the Most High to pray? Do we still live in sinful days, in faithless days? Even if we have faith, we do not value faith but value money, ambition, position. We prefer the outward appearance from the beginning.
We see greedy people and the majority in life with praise and flattery. People called to a life of ministry serve God. They represent the parish, but in reality, people are selfish, arrogant, superficial, always respecting the people who have power and money while rejecting those who live a simple and ordinary life. But to the humble and little people, God once said: “I do not reveal to the learned, but I reveal to the little ones.” Why did God say that? Because we are still mistaken and continue to rely on days with power, money, fame, position, and talent. We rely only on the points of the world rather than relying on the deeds from God that are marvelous wonders though different. Different does not mean that we stray, but those deeds come from the transcendence of God’s grace, from the closeness and what is known and bestowed.
In the period we see, amid this world, how do such deeds come from people whose education is limited? How can we know the great and sublime works of heaven without God’s permission? We must have the moments to reflect on ourselves because Jesus is still present. He granted us to know and recognize His grace. Jesus grants us everything to nourish us and stay close to us. He is the Lord with absolute power and gives us all our needs and necessities for us to be close to Him, love Him, return to Him.
Only love helps us overcome the miserable, painful, challenging days in life and understand the meaning and ideal of life. May we find the most significant things in life while we still have our breath, become children of God, recognize God, confess God, worship God, and thank God to make up for our brothers and sisters. We still have a Mother who is always by our side to remind us, what do we have to fear in this life? However, most of us seem to shut our eyes and silently follow the natural way of life, with material and money preferences, fame, selfishness, greed, lust. If we live in iniquity, how can we see complete purity, the purity of the Supreme Lord who perfectly granted us? Our Mother weeps a lot because most of us do not understand the meaning of the Eucharistic Jesus. We receive the Lord disrespectfully, offending Him gravely in this century.
Today, Mother wants to let us know everything is in God’s plan. The days of purification started and are ongoing. In the remaining moments, let us come to God by the way Mother teaches, in a spirit of repentance, of gratitude, of penance. Let us be aware of what we are doing, ask God to forgive, give us a chance, intervene for us, open our eyes, our souls, our hardened hearts. Let us return with the humility we need, return to a simple and humble life in obedience that Mother desires from each of us. Unfortunately, today only a small number of people practice what Mother wants. Mother continues to help us because Her entire life is one of patience, sacrifice, giving away, for us to live with days close to God, knowing God, belonging to God. Mother cannot bear to let us lose what Her Son accomplished for us. Today, because of Her great suffering, let us meditate on Her Seven Sorrows.
Mother accepts all the difficulties. Mother Mary remains here, by the side of the Eucharistic Jesus, on our behalf. She is still looking to guide us back to God and teaches us about this opportunity because God has opened the door of the tabernacle to come close to us and reveal Himself by a light shining amid humanity. May whoever lies in the darkness and sin return to receive the light. We will change, forgiven, to receive the great Divine Mercy of God. Our life must return to the truth. May we welcome what is true and receive the graces granted.
Let us not lose an entire life because God saved us, and Mother Mary cared for our souls. Let us not miss the opportunity. We must understand. Let us delve deep into the life of Jesus the Savior, into the life of our beloved Mother. Especially today is the day to commemorate the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Why Our Lady of Sorrows? Why is Mother unhappy? Why does Mother not show the splendid features of a Queen? What caused Her sorrow?
Mother weeps because of our sin, disobedience, rebellion, and ingratitude to Her Son, Jesus. How can Mother be happy? We must understand the meaning of Our Lady of Sorrows through the life Mother offered and sacrificed for us. Mother’s example helps us return to God and officially receive His intervention and grace in days of urgency and tribulations. We thank the Eucharistic Jesus because He revealed Himself for us to see His glory. God is close to us and gives us great graces to substantiate the truth in our practice, which is the surrender, the prostration. Let us repent, ask God to accept our prayer as an offering to comfort the Eucharistic Jesus. We thank God, praise God, glorify God in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. May we belong to the Eucharistic Jesus. Amen.
The Fifth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ.
We thank God for the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, and we meditate on the Six Kowtows to reverently lift. With the meditation of the Fifth Kowtow, the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ remind us of yesterday’s Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. We remember our Lord Jesus Christ’s salvation through the Five Holy Signs. His salvation was a plan and a testimony. Today, this sacrifice is officially offered, with the prayer to each Person in the way Mother teaches us. What we have is not a coincidence but is in God’s plan from the beginning. Today, His sacrifice becomes lively once again to commemorate what He accomplished for us in the world to remind us to return with reverence, thanksgiving, gratitude, and repentance as we reverently lift to Him.
O Jesus of the Five Holy Signs, I thank You for the great work of salvation granted for every sinner to be saved and forgiven. We celebrated the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross countless times in our lives, but have we ever meditated to understand this remarkable feast? O God, nothing is a coincidence. Everything that happens is appropriate with the time You allow, for us to reflect and understand the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, to know the Cross You chose to save our world.
We recall each day through Mother Mary in the offering of the Six Kowtows and the Fifth Kowtow in honor of the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything leads us to the infinite love and Divine Mercy of God the Father. Through the ages, for generations, with the boundless benevolence of the Divine Mercy granted to our world through the First Holy Sign. There is a connection that helps us understand and experience what Jesus chose and accomplished, which is the greatness of the depth in the meditation God planned and granted to us.
Today, we know that the extreme suffering of God speaks of a wound, of the holy signs that are a testimony to the love through the Divine Mercy God granted for all of humanity to be forgiven and saved. God has done everything for us, and the proof is through His only Son who came into the world. Those signs remind us that the faith rekindled in our lives is still there for us to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Person of God, with the Second Holy Sign. He came into the world and obeyed until the last moment with His last breath. He obeyed God the Father to complete the great salvation and deliver us from the darkness and death.
Today, that hope shines in us, in every situation, every period, especially in life, when we recognize and return to the God of love and Divine Mercy for us to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to Him and His holy name, we receive the depth and breadth of faith that God the Father granted us in the grace of the Divine Mercy, for us from sinners, to become penitents and witnesses and saints present in heaven. We are victims who earnestly implore God in this urgent time.
O, Jesus Christ, it is truly exceptional to feel the love of God who so loved the world and sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Christ, through the Second Holy Sign. We trust in Him to have life and practice with the lively teaching given for ages. To know this teaching with the abundance that continues to be given to the world spiritually yet presently among humanity with the close encounter, we need to look at the Third Holy Sign – the Holy Spirit. He is the source of grace, the Supreme Being who enlightens, the Mediator who guides us into the graces that God the Father planned for all of humanity to know Him and trust in Him. The Holy Spirit is the just and righteous Supreme Being who gives us hope and life, heals us, opens our eyes to faith, grants us the strength with the mind to choose, to perceive, and helps us learn and understand the best through the doctrine that we need to know and practice.
The Third Holy Sign represents the Holy Spirit, the supreme love of God. It is the same holy sign that Jesus endured having it imprinted on His body. We respect, adore, believe, and honor the Third Holy Sign. It is such a meaningful wealth when we pray, with distinct sources to help us each day in our life. We offer reverently to each Person to recall the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a great day in our lives when we receive the love of God and His intervention with the seal of love from the Cross Jesus carried. Those Five Holy Signs are forever ours.
The Fourth Holy Sign continues to be the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus. His presence and intervention grant us the remaining and final favors to help us awaken and draw the infinite graces He bestowed upon humanity, waiting for us, and continues to give. If not enlightened by the Holy Spirit, how can we understand what we have through each holy sign Jesus bore to remind people of those endless graces that continue to flow and pour upon humanity?
Today, we understand better the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Lord Jesus was lifted for Him to lift us through the Cross, through His salvation, through the Five Holy Signs, to officially return to Lord Almighty, return to the heavenly kingdom that we all yearn and desire. If we want God to grant us what we long for, we cannot be without Mother.
Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Mother experienced great suffering on the Way of the Cross as She walked with Jesus. Mother collaborated with God from the beginning with Her Fiat, accomplished God’s holy will, walked with Him, shared His sufferings. Mother was the Mother who took the place of the entire world to feel the love with a heart that suffered extreme pain, pierced by swords. Mother lets us know the bitterness endured and all the sufferings that She and Her Son accepted for the world.
Today, no matter how stubborn and hardened we are, let us rely on the value of the soul. Jesus endured excruciating pain, died on the Cross, and there were painful and tragic paths in which Mother Mary suffered from the seven swords piercing Her heart for us to understand the significant value of the soul. From Her endurance, today, Mother is our role model. Whether we stumble or sin, no matter how many things in our lives we ​​still do not understand, do not know, do not believe, let us look at Mother’s extreme suffering and sacrifice for us, to bring us to God through the salvation with the Five Holy Signs.
Let us not forget the things that God granted to guide us directly to the Eucharistic Jesus, to draw upon the graces He bestowed and interceded, for us to mature in faith, encounter, and embrace His glorious presence. He is the mighty Supreme Being who granted and strengthened the life of faith for humanity. Let us not deny these points that will help our spiritual life return to God.
We already have a Mediatrix – Mother Mary – who teaches us to come to each of the Persons we need to pray to, present, speak to, and lift to the Lord Almighty the First Holy Sign, the Second Holy Sign, the Third Holy Sign. We revere, thank, adore the holy divine presence through the Fourth Holy Sign with the reverence needed in life to remind us of what belongs to us granted by God. Mother is a person who gives us special favors, to lead us back and help us on the paths where we are alone and lost amid a life dominated by war, pandemic, famine, suffering. It is a world that no longer has righteousness and justice.
Where is the consolation, truth, justice, righteous thing to have in life, besides things taught by Mother Mary? The Fifth Holy Sign helps us return to God by a repentant and contrite heart, to surrender, submit, give thanks, know what Mother teaches to bring us a genuine spiritual life, to return in time. It is the support for which Mother Mary bitterly endured to give humanity Her intervention. The world abandoned God and did not listen to Mother, but She never leaves us because She loves God. Mother loves God because God so loved the world and loved Mother and chose Mother to replace Him, to continue the remaining plan for the world and all of humanity to be saved, forgiven, with the remaining and final days when we profess and return in a spirit of repentance.
O sorrowful Mother Mary, indeed, life is full of meanings You gave us and humanity. Today, we have the opportunity to experience the present trials and sufferings, with days facing the threat of disease and death, wondering whether we will be healthy in the future. It is in these moments that we choose. In the final days of our lives, money and fame become fleeting. When we face the final moments in life with the pandemic, what is valuable for our souls is that Jesus endured extreme pain through the Five Holy Signs to bring us the hope He gave us.
It is a time with great urgency for Mother to teach us in the remaining and final days. Mother teaches us to return to God to receive His grace. Since we know that the Five Holy Signs have exchanged the seal of forgiveness for us, let us not pass up this opportunity to ask God for mercy and forgiveness, to help us return to the Lord Almighty by a life of prostration and surrender. Let us listen to and practice in the proclamation to deserve the forgiveness through the Fifth Kowtow that Mother Mary granted to help us clearly understand. No one can teach us and be the best example, pleasing to God, apart from Mother Mary.
Let us unite to honor, adore, reverently lift through the Fifth Kowtow, and profess to understand more clearly the sign of the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. In life, the significance of the Five Holy Signs gives us hope. Our beloved Mother, in silence, endured the extreme sufferings piercing Her Heart through the seven swords. With each step of the way, Mother suffered greatly when Her Son took on our sins for us today to be redeemed and saved. Let us return by a life of proclamation as Mother taught us through the offering of the Six Kowtows. We thank, praise, and glorify God. May we belong to God through the Five Holy Signs we reverently offer. Amen.
The Sixth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and for Her triumph.
The Sixth Kowtow, we reverently offer to God the Father – the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning starts with the Father, and the ending also belongs to the Father. Everything Mother teaches us is oriented to the Father, the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to His holy name, we receive the Divine Mercy; we are redeemed and forgiven. Mother’s testimony and teaching train us to be worthy children to enter the eternal place that Jesus prepared for us through His salvation. In times of tribulation, we see God’s love and realize there is no other place stable and safe for us to take refuge for the rest of our lives besides the days we step into the new world that the Supreme Lord granted us in the waiting. How can we come to that new world? How can we understand we deserve to live? Today, let us lift to God. We ask God the Father to allow us to offer Mother the Sixth Kowtow.
O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Savior, Mother of all humanity, Mother of every sinner, every saint, every prisoner, every witness, every patient, every penitent, every victim, every soul in purgatory, Mother of the Apostles, Mother of the Church, Mother of the clergy, Mother of every sinner in the world with the plague of both soul and body. Mother, please accept the Sixth Kowtow that we reverently offer with our hearts, from God the Father’s permission and the Holy Spirit teaching us for God’s plan to be fulfilled through each Person.
Today, the Holy Spirit wants us to lift to Mother words of thanksgiving and gratitude because She represented the world to complete the great plan with which Jesus wants to bring back all His children. He shed Blood on earth to cleanse each soul and take each soul back to God.
Today, the world has the freedom to choose. The number of people selected to come to God is too small in the world. Mother’s Heart continues to grieve, continues to be frozen. Jesus still sheds blood, still waits in His Eucharist. Jesus still sheds tears and sheds blood on the Cross. Today, the wait continues, but the number of those returning is limited. It is a significant disadvantage for humanity, a detrimental number because our lives do not belong to God. We do not return to God and do not practice His doctrine. Today, Mother’s Heart continues to be deeply pierced by swords and deeper. Mother sheds blood tears and goes all over looking for the children to bring back, including ourselves.
Those who listen to Mother, practice, recognize the valuable things received, then our lives are happy. We have Mother, belong to Mother, and have the present hope. As for those who refuse, who let reality rule with all things habitual, who prefer and yield to reality, we see mourning, death, division, schism, chaos, disunity, and the devil controls them through the raging crimes. Due to the greed and selfishness of all classes, all roles, the world no longer has days of love and unity. The only doctrine God gave us in the Old Testament was the Ten Commandments. Jesus taught us two commandments, which summarized the Ten Commandments. The two commandments are to love God above all else and to love one’s neighbor.
For the Church, and through the Church, Jesus taught His disciples in the past the prayer “Our Father.” When dealing with miseries, sufferings, and needs in life, the laypeople like us have the opportunity to lift to God through the Our Father. Jesus also taught us the Beatitudes. He understands the extreme sufferings of man, and if we know and endure, our lives will not end with enmity and hatred, but we know how to bear with each other, forgive, and be generous. Let us learn from Mother Mary, who endured trials Her entire life, but was never discouraged. Mother continues to persevere in finding us to bring us back.
No one can compare to that love. Apart from the Trinity, Mother is the person who loves us and leads us back. Let us trust in Mother, the guiding star, as people describe. Mother is the only Mediatrix who guides us back to the Lord Almighty. Mother is the person who gave us the remaining and last graces we have and allows us to be close to God, know God, belong to God. Mother is also the Mediatrix who helps us when tribulations surround us.
Today, let each of us judge for ourselves. For generations, especially in the most recent years, with the pandemic and the unprecedented stress, the chaos in the economy and society, the many troubles, complications, our lives no longer have justice, righteousness, truth. We continue to fight and live in days of falling into snares. We continue to be stubborn and hardened, letting society control, following the subtle reality of a radical age. We lost our conscience, the morality of truth.
It is our choice, so evil is raging. We are affected by the pandemic, loss of freedom, days of turmoil with war, days of domination with chaos, with abandon, losing the doctrine and the basis in life. It is our choice. However, God’s infinite benevolence and things Mother wants and gives, seeking ways to save us, continue to be granted. Thus, we must recognize God’s intervention and God’s presence through the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, we cannot refuse these great favors. We cannot deny the authenticity of the Sacrament in which Jesus is present, awaiting the conclusion of our choice to pour out His grace and open the door of the tabernacle for Him to grant the essentials for the life of faith and the spiritual life. Only when we suffer extreme trials that we remember and seek God, regretting the days of freedom, but it is too late.
To Mother, this is an opportunity at the end. Mother wants us to see how our free choice has turned to failure and defeat in life. Mother alone leads us to hope and to an open treasure. Jesus continues to grant the world, and His love continues through the Divine Mercy. Only on this path do people understand and return with an amended life, decide to return in repentance to a life professing God. Let us return to God, amend our lives spiritually and physically, recognize our weak and sinful condition. Besides God, there is no place with hope, peace, and true harmony. These points help us realize what we are doing and what is real and present in the world.
Together, we thank Mother on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. We are more deeply aware of Her Heart pierced by swords because She accepts this pain to share in the suffering that Jesus suffered for humanity. It is the proof, the great sacrifice of God, for us to have the opportunity. Through Mother’s bitter suffering and sacrifice, She grants the favors and blessings received from heaven to our generation. Even though we are sinful, unworthy, imperfect, offending God, Mother is still the person who prays for us to repent and return. She prays for us to mature and grow up. She prays for us in this urgent time to choose and return. Let us not let it be too late nor too tardy.
Mother is our consolation. She is the person who looks for us, the guardian of our souls to guide us back to God. Mother suffers in exchange for us to receive blessings and still exist in this world. Let us open the eyes of faith, examine our hearts, return to God. Apart from the return, we have no other way. Besides Mother’s support and guidance, we no longer have a chance. These are the days in which our free choice has brought death and suffering and have become the days of losing the doctrine, the moral basis that God gave through His death. It is a doctrine with the truth to lead us into the eternal place when we depart from this earth.
Today, where will our souls go if we do not recognize God and ignore Mother’s teachings? We face the domination of sin that caused us to fall into situations with sinful lures. We have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear, hearts that are hardened and indifferent. In our lives, we nourish sin, foster sin, are addicted to sin, and never recognize sin. We must accept what we choose, but Mother is the person who has always loved us and is always nearby to teach and guide us to help us leave our habitual way in life with our reasoning to justify our sins.
We lose the lofty spirituality because our faith is weak, based solely on facts, limited to earthly days with human laws. Let us seek to belong to God by a proclamation with a prayer life and a reformation to help us be renewed in the Almighty Lord who grants and bestows. At this moment, let us unite and reverently lift to Mother. We thank Mother for helping us return to God, believe God, worship God, confess God, and witness the great glory of the Eucharistic Jesus to strengthen the life of faith and faith for all classes, all roles.
Mother Mary, thank You for the meditation on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. The meditation helped us understand the meaning of Your Seven Sorrows and also helped us understand the offering of the Six Kowtows. Today, the Six Kowtows have become an offering intended for man to lift to God with a sincere heart; in a spirit of repentance, of reparation, of sacrifice, with faith in the proclamation, to thank God, honor God, apologize to God.
Mother Mary, we thank You. You understood our weak and sinful condition because we cannot in any way resist things of reality. Only when we believe and practice what is spiritual can our lives be renewed. Through the enlightenment and love of the Holy Spirit, we feel happy. No matter what happens, the children who listen to You and practice what You teach have peace and Your protection. Mother, may many people know this and unite with us to return to God, confess Him, apologize, and repent. We act on behalf of all classes and roles that never thanked God, never had the opportunity to know about His doctrine, never believed in Him.
We must believe, return, find, seek, listen to understand the truth Mother Mary granted to help us, like a lifeline to rescue today’s humanity. Although all matters become prosperous in the progress of a civilized age, the truth comes from the love of God, the Savior, from the beloved Mother who takes care and leads us back. It is such sublime greatness that we cannot help but express our thanks and gratitude. We thank You, Mother, for helping us have a meaningful day of meditation, united to the Six Kowtows that You taught us to offer to God, which allows us to express and experience what we received from You.
Mother, please open our hearts, our souls. Mother, please open the heart of each brother and sister, help them return to the truth, for them to be determined to receive the grace to be granted. Let us unite to surrender, prostrate, confess, apologize to God to receive His intervention. Our world is in misery, threatened by war, by the pandemic. We are in panic, and everything has become days of sudden changes, for the worse, with days of trouble.
Today, if without prayer, without Mother’s intervention, how will we be in this situation? Mother, please save us. We are sinners, and it is painful to live in sinful days, in days of worry, of fear, days we never feel at peace. We do not want to relive those miserable days as in the past. We want to belong to You, be with You, listen to You for our daily lives to have joy and hope in the forgiveness God grants us who are sinners to return and become penitents and witnesses.
Mother, our hope always belongs to You. Please help us nurture hope for us one day to learn to become saints, to pray on behalf of victims turned to God. In the present situation, Mother, please help us. May we belong to You with heart. Mother, we lift to You praise, thanksgiving, gratitude, recognition, and apology. We thank You for everything You do wholeheartedly and perfectly for us today to spiritually know the Supreme Being present through the Six Kowtows that we reverently offer. We honor You. Please accept our prayers as we continue to lift to You. We thank You. Your guidance will help us continue with what we need to say, offer, practice. May we belong to You, Mother. Amen.
Mother, through the Six Kowtows, we thank You. You granted us to be close, receive, and feel the presence of a holy saint – Saint Joseph. He is a shining example for the world. You are the Mother who understood that human life is easily governed and lured into traps with a world always drawn to reality. In terms of spirituality, it is essential to have an inner life, to be spiritual. There must be prayers to ask for the help and intercession of saints, especially from Saint Joseph, Mother’s companion in the world. He is also the saint chosen by God the Father to become the foster-father of the Lord Jesus Christ while on earth.
Today, Saint Joseph is the saint whom God the Father especially loves. He is the saint who intercedes for us and whoever comes to Saint Joseph never returns empty-handed. Saint Joseph, through your intercession, please pray for our Church. You are the example for the life of faith, integrity, righteousness. You are also a shining example in the holy family, a person with the responsibility and duty to take care of a family, to become perfect. You are also the example for those who consecrate themselves to God through a chaste life. All the virtues taught by Mother come from Your intercession, for our world to follow the example of the holy family with the Being whom God chose. Saint Joseph completely fulfilled his responsibility in life.
Today our world is confused and lost. Today’s family life is collapsing. We pray for Saint Joseph’s intercession for our world to return to the days of living with God’s law. Mother also taught and guided us to the three archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael. The archangel Michael holds the balance of justice, with Satan under his feet, defeated with what is unjust. The archangel Michael is majestic, strong, and powerful; please help us and help our world in the present stalemate in the grip of the devil’s snares because of our weak faith, immaturity, and foolishness in worldly life.
All the factual reasonings dominated, and the reality of today’s world defeated us. We pray to the archangel Michael for help, to the archangel Gabriel who is always beside God the Father, to intercede with God for us. God the Father, please have mercy on us and intervene for us. We are sinners who do not deserve to ask and receive the intervention, but at this moment, we entrust in You because through our Lord Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity and the hope that we ask.
We ask the archangel Gabriel, the angelic messenger, with his announcement and message, to help our life of faith that lies in days of corruption amid life’s realities and cause us to forget the faith God grants for us to belong to Him, know Him, and witness to the truth. The facts in this age rule over us and govern us in the order of the law causing us to neglect what is most valuable of the soul. We ask for help from archangel Gabriel. Please intercede with God for us sinners. We earnestly plead for God to have mercy and grant us a bold and firm faith, courage, patience, dedication to witness to the truth that God has specially granted through the intercession of the archangel Gabriel.
We have the archangel Raphael, heaven’s physician. In the Conoravirus pandemic threatening the world, the disease of the soul and body is dominating and controlling the whole world. We are crushed by this pandemic, threatened by war, deprived of righteousness and justice in every country by the rulers. The rulers are no longer patriotic and do not care for the citizens. Everything ends up with stressful days, particularly in the United States. We ask the archangel Raphael to heal our homeland Vietnam in a critical state with the pandemic. The number of people who died from the pandemic is high worldwide. In every country, daily, many innocent people, victims, die. The devil uses political ways to destroy countless people in 2020 and 2021. These people do not know God, do not recognize God, and still do not repent, then where will their souls end up?
This is an important matter that Mother Mary wanted to teach for us to represent those who are dying, pray for them, pray for souls, and pray for the living who do not yet know and do not yet believe in God. We pray to the archangels to ask for them to heal us, in the plague of both soul and body, for us to trust and return to the Lord of love and Divine Mercy. Today, Mother teaches us to go directly to the archangels. Moreover, we learn that there are twelve archangels and other archangels in heaven. We ask for their help. God the Father commanded them to protect the earth, the universe, the weather, the most beautiful things God created, which the devil destroyed.
We cooperated with the devil, easily believed in him, so we became entangled in his subtle snares. Today, we are under the devil’s control, and we cannot find the source of freedom, happiness, a solid place with truth. We ask the archangels to help us, intercede for us to God to save us in this time of need. We also ask for help from the angels in heaven, each hierarchy, and our guardian angels. Each of us has a guardian angel, but we are indifferent and apathetic to them. It seems we do not understand their presence in our lives, but we cannot deny the voice that reminds us.
Many times, when we have trouble or an accident, the guardian angels directly or indirectly help us. To the world, it is luck, but it is not just luck. Everything receives help from heaven through the guardian angels. Today Mother teaches us and leads us to the guardian angels. Let us pray to them, be sharp to hear their voice, be aware and cooperate with them. The guardian angels help us recognize the goodness we need to do and avoid sinful matters. Let us reject sins. Let us not nourish, foster, and live with sin. We must stay away from sin, eliminate wickedness, reduce evil, to be worthy of the support of archangels and angels.
We also have saints who have gone by in the course of history. They were like us in their youth or in their time on earth. They overcame intense trials, made their choices. When they knew God, recognized God, they loved God fervently and endured. Out of love for God, they accepted the trials, bitterness, human judgment, extreme physical pain in the persecution from those in power. In the end, they won the battle and were at the heavenly banquet table. It is such great learning as Mother taught us to follow the saints who have gone by in the course of history. Today, Mother also teaches us to practice to be saints, to learn to understand what belongs to us.
With our strength, we can do it, but it takes determination and prayer for God’s grace to help us attain what we desire. The most important is the return with a spirit of improvement and repentance. The most important thing for us to be free from sin is to be wise to accept what belongs to God, be sharp to respond to what God grants and gives, and fulfill the duty and responsibility God gave. Through Mother Mary’s teaching, today, we know the value of prayer, of spending time with God, the significant value of meditating on the mysteries that we never had in our lives for us to understand the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, as God granted.
Seven swords pierced Mother’s Heart. Do we know the reason why? We have the answer from the meditation. The reason is our sin, our indifference, our rejection of God’s love, our denial of Mother. Mother endured the pain from those swords to walk with Jesus to bring us the hope and salvation we receive today. That hope remains. Mother knows that if She does not cooperate and walk to represent us, then today, will we have the chance to return to God, know God, have faith?
What is most important is to believe in God to gain eternal life. Let us believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for us to be redeemed, forgiven, and live in hope. If we lose this basis, how can we receive God’s mercy? We are sinners, stubborn, hardened. We choose sins, so we must bear what belongs to our choice. We thank the beloved Mother who walked with Jesus on the Way of the Cross, who sacrificed to endure bitterness, for us to receive the great love and Divine Mercy of God. Mother uses those sacrifices to ask God to give us more time, grace, wisdom, and illumination to help us discern on the path of goodness, to choose what is the best at the end, with the grace bestowed and given.
God is a loving and forgiving God, a God abundant in Divine Mercy, who created us to obey Him, to be children who know how to live worthy of everything He bestows and gives. Unfortunately, we do not live up to the points He desired and granted us. We lost our freedom,  offended God, betrayed God from the very beginning through our first parents. God is still loving. He gives us opportunities even when the devil controls us in this world. God seeks to save us, forgive us, through the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, through the Five Holy Signs, through His presence, to nourish our souls. In His protection, we receive the conviction of faith the Lord Jesus Christ brings. He grants us a sublime and perfect example – Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception, the triumphant Being we adore with our present faith.
What are we afraid of or hesitant? What causes us to fear that we do not practice to seek what happens in the truth? God alone and only extraordinary things can prove the supernatural that God bestows and gives to strengthen faith through a life returning to Him. Today God specially granted to the saints present in heaven. We have their shining examples through every history. If we belong to God, we must practice to be righteous, learn to become saints, be worthy of the love God granted to us because our Father is the Most Holy One. It is what God requires and expects.
If we want to practice this, we cannot be without Mother, without Her teaching, without Her example granted to us. The extreme suffering She willingly accepted was to testify to the path of the Lord Jesus, the Savior. He gave us forgiveness. It is up to us to deserve that forgiveness. May we understand Mother’s sorrows and sufferings with the swords piercing Her Heart, which continues to bleed because of our indifference, rejection, and refusal of the great graces. Blessed Mother shed blood tears to remind us and bring us back to God. She knows that only by returning with God can we find the source of happiness, be in hope. If we do not believe in God, we will end up eternally in a place with wailing and gnashing of teeth.
These are the moments we see evil raging with wickedness and unrighteousness. If we do not return, how can we be present in the place Jesus has been waiting for us? Today, we still live in days of foolishness and immaturity of faith. We do not know God; reject God. If we refuse God, we hear what the Father said. If we do not believe, how can we live in the salvation the Lord Jesus brought for us? Today, His Mother grants us special favors, teaches us, and manifests through the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows for us to understand Her life.
Mother’s poignant journey allows us the present freedom. With Her sacrifice, She brings us things most joyful, most recent, most peaceful. Let us be determined with faith to return to God in times of urgency, which we need, in all classes, all roles. God does not require things that are too difficult. Mother also does not teach us what we cannot do. What we need is to come to God, unafraid, with both soul and body, mind and heart. Let us be bold, not be shy in the world, not fear how people judge us. Let us ignore them and perform. We must return to the Supreme Lord. We need to represent the indifferent, those who are good but never knew God, or even if they knew, they never had the heart to seek, to tell God the truth from their hearts.
If we do not repent, the subtle and clever realities will control us. They are sins that cause us to lose the opportunity to return through the urgent events we face in society. Let us be decisive with what we receive from God because Mother introduced us to the help of the archangels and saints, the prayers of the guardian angels, the saints’ examples, and their intercessions. Mother also reminds us to remember the souls in purgatory. God grants to the living forgiveness and the grace to return to Him. God also gives to the departed. Whether they are souls in purgatory or are still somewhere wailing and waiting to answer to God’s justice before returning to Him, He wants us to pray for these souls too.
Mother saw the prayers and the works we do on behalf of souls. God will intervene and allow souls to return to Him sooner through the Divine Mercy He grants to the living and the departed, particularly for the present world to prepare for the days of purification to enter a new world in the days to come. Today, with what we hear, what we offer, what we lift, we prostrate ourselves with the Six Kowtows from the Holy Spirit’s teaching, which is an affirmation, an extremely significant offering for every sinner. As we lift, we affirm and pray for all those who still do not know, still do not believe, our fellow human beings, for them to also have the opportunity. From our prayers, God will intervene, opening the eyes and hearts of humanity through faith to return to Him. It is what is most needed while time still allows.
We can see our Mother in haste. No matter how difficult, Mother still seeks us, looks for all kinds of ways to save us. We receive through Mother, and with Her intercession, we will be forgiven and supported in situations in which She specially granted us. Moreover, when we face challenges or deaths, events, or crosses through life, let us not lose hope but always hope, entrust, persevere, remain faithful till the end of our lives. When there are events, trials, the situations will eventually become good and become the best God grants through Mother Mary, the Being who intercede to God for us, the only Mediatrix to lead and bring us back.
O Lord, God of love, we thank You. Tonight, there is no Mass. We have the opportunity to be here to receive Mother’s words and conclude the offering of the Six Kowtows. It is Mother’s arrangement for us to kneel here before the altar, the Cross, the tabernacle, the icon of Our Lady of Sorrows. We came here through Mother’s arrangement to pray and meditate on the Seven Sorrows that we just offered. It is a year in which Mother granted us more depth in the meditation of each Mass reminded by the Church. To us, this feast is a solemnity because it is through this meditation that we come to know the infinite blessings and graces we receive from what Jesus endured for our world through the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
On the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, the seven swords piercing Mother’s Heart become the seven sorrows, and we receive the seven graces from Her endurance and suffering through the seven graces of the Holy Spirit. Everything comes from lofty spirituality, and there is something special that God plans for us. Our beloved Mother seeks to be close, grants, intervenes for us. Let us unite to listen to the Holy Spirit’s teaching.
Let us practice boldly for our lives to become perfect in the offering as Mother chose us to be the pioneers of this last era. We ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. May everyone open their eyes, ears, and hearts to receive and learn this truth, especially the Church. We pray for many people to listen, and with their inner life, unite to ask for God’s mercy, intervention, and forgiveness.
Lucia concludes the Six Kowtows at 7:18, in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, in front of the altar, the Cross, the tabernacle, the icon of Our Lady of Sorrows. We attended Mass here today, with seven priests celebrating. We offered the Six Kowtows for the Seven Sorrows of Mother on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, with meaningful and consistent prayers that we lift and present to Mother.
Mother, please intercede for our world to be aware, receive, listen, and practice the Six Kowtows, which we need on the path of growth, understanding, and faith, to live in the love of God. He is waiting for us with the listening, obedience, and humility Mother taught. We thank God, the Holy Spirit, and Blessed Mother. Now, I wait to receive Mother’s words on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Amen. Amen. Amen.
Once again, Lucia concludes at 7:20, Wednesday, September 15, 2021, on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, which the Church reminds us to commemorate. We offer God the meditation with the teachings for us to know more about the marvelous mysteries as Mother Mary walked with Jesus on the Way of the Cross. He is always the Lord who waits and grants us from His love for us to come to Him and live a righteous life worthy of the salvation He gave us.
Mother’s teaching will help us feel close, experience the divine presence, help us mature in the life of faith required for Christians, which is the testimony to confess God, give thanks and gratitude by the work we reverently offer today. We thank God, Blessed Mother, the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen.
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