New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Six Kowtows Is a Continuity of Divine Mercy


(Original audio message of St Faustina):

Lời Thánh Faustina cho nhóm

“Love and Mercy: Saint Faustina” –

The film is shown within the United States
October 28, 2019.


On October 28, 2019, cities across the United States simultaneously screened the movie Saint Faustina: Love and Mercy. Heaven invited the Disciples of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to see it. In some localities where they lived, the number of people going was such that it was difficult to get an entrance ticket to learn about the experience of the saint’s life and to see the movie by which the Lord is reminding the world of His Divine Mercy.

That same evening there was a meeting to pray, share the Gospel, and discuss the movie at the messenger’s house in Sugar Land, Texas. The disciples in other states and countries participate indirectly via conference call. By 1:49 a.m., October 29, the Lord allowed Saint Faustina to give a message [1].

This was not the first time that Saint Faustina gave a message through Lucia. The saint said:

Dear brothers and sisters, today is an opportunity for me to share. I have spoken to Lucia many times, but surely our meetings were very limited in time, and I also allow for the maturity, when you have many things going deep into history – with the thoughts, with things you say and lift up, and all the works that you are performing, then every day, you do mature. This is also an opportunity that God grants to me, and God also motivates, for me to have the opportunity to talk with you as well as to all the brothers and sisters…

As mentioned in the three books published in English and Vietnamese, the Lord is ready to forgive the worst sinners through His infinite Divine Mercy, but the era of the Divine Mercy revealed to Saint Faustina is about to end.

These messages focus primarily on calling mankind back to the Lord to receive salvation through the practice of The Six Kowtows, before unexpected events happen in the world and the universe (Cf. Message of Blessed Mother on January 1, 2019). When events make it impossible for people to come to church, they will still receive graces through the practice of The Six Kowtows. Besides The Six Kowtows, the Lord calls Catholics to attend daily Mass and to frequently visit the Body of Christ in the tabernacle.

Regarding the connection between Divine Mercy through Saint Faustina in 1934 and The Six Kowtows in 2014, which is granted by heaven to mankind, Saint Faustina said:

There must be a continuity with the program God plans – we are only people whom God looks at and chooses to become instruments and to become God’s program to bring to all people, for them to be aware, recognize, and return to His Divine Mercy. [2]

She continued: God chose me to go first, for that is the global mission God has used in a special way to bring to the world. Moreover, with the response that God has given in a special way, today we have the opportunity to meet each other.

In order to transition from the Divine Mercy to The Six Kowtows, she rejoiced at the gift that heaven has bestowed upon humanity. Saint Faustina said:

Dear Lucia and all brothers and sisters,

Today God gives me the opportunity to say this and share with you. I am very happy, because God’s Divine Mercy has been spread throughout the world, for the world to know Him, recognize Him, and return to Him. Today Divine Mercy does not stop. Today you are the people who continue to respond to the Divine Mercy that God has bestowed upon the whole world, upon humanity. [3]

Over the years, we have traveled to many places to witness, but not all places have welcomed in a positive way. To encourage us, Saint Faustina said:

Do not be afraid because we have a very close relationship, which is the spirituality that God chose me first and He chose you next. So in God’s program, we see that only with spirituality can we have the opportunity in an intimate way.

As the person who preceded and lived through many experiences in the world as well as God’s grace from heaven, the saint said:

Everyone has a specific mission that God has chosen. So be perfect – continue to be bold and brave, to mature in the grace God bestows, to mature in what you have encountered and received. Overcome difficulties and challenges. In life you must always have God, for Him to continue to help and strengthen you on the paths you have taken and are taking.

Prayer is indispensable in the Christian life, especially before the Eucharist, which is a priceless treasure. Before returning to heaven, Jesus has allowed the world to openly see His presence in the tabernacles around the world to comfort mankind, but few come to visit Him. Saint Faustina said:

(…) we have a similarity – God chose us from the Eucharistic Jesus. We had something special that the Eucharistic Jesus looked at and He granted in a special way, to envelop, to protect, and to let you know of His liveliness, His direction, and His choice. She continued: God is alive in the Blessed Sacrament. God always loves mankind and leads mankind to the Eucharistic Jesus.

Referring to today’s time as the “end of history” [4], heaven has chosen ordinary laypeople. Moreover, God has chosen very ordinary women to be witnesses to the “Gospel of the Last Era” (cf. Message of Blessed Mother on October 31, 2019). Saint Faustina said:

So today that is the response that you are practicing and at the same time you are happy, because each person has the opportunity in a sincere prayer to be guided by the Holy Spirit, for you to become the people who proclaim the Good News in the present age. Brothers and sisters, you are those people – people who do not sacrifice and consecrate themselves, but God chooses to be with the disciples who continue to spread and respond to the Divine Mercy that relates to a history that was and goes on.

After nine years of trials and challenges, sometimes we were welcomed but there were also times we were chased away. We received the comforting words from the saint:

Today do not be afraid and do not be perplexed, because in every work He has a way to plan and arrange. Because in a human being, there are moments of weakness, moments of uncertainty, when there are others who object and in particular the Church.

Although we are a group of people scattered in many places, we respect and support the messenger who directly receives messages from heaven. Saint Faustina said:

When God chooses, then God always uses only one person so that person does the works that He has chosen, for only one person to represent many and help many, for that sacrifice itself will become a great gift that He chooses to grant to the world, to bestow upon the world, and to save many in the world.

Referring to the difficulties we are facing: both in life and witnessing each time we are sent, yet not bringing positive results, Saint Faustina said:

“This is a beginning just like what I, from the beginning, had to go through. Those are difficulties, challenges, and there are many things that are not easy for the Church to accept.” The saint continued: “But at the present time you already know, because you have received directly, because only God can realize great things, only God can motivate you to clearly understand. Human beings cannot do things that are overwhelming and beyond their own strength.”

Regardless of success or failure, she encouraged us to courageously witness:

“(…) continue to boldly step forward. Do not doubt. Do not be afraid.” The saint continued: “Mother Mary is helping you complete a program to bring everyone back with a contrite and repentant heart, a reverent heart, a heart that honors and thanks God.”

The saint’s message lasted for 17 minutes and she said goodbye at 2:06 a.m.

In response to the grace the Lord granted through the meeting with Saint Faustina, Lucia said:

May each one of us continue through the meeting with Saint Faustina for us to see the spiritual relationship and fulfill our duty in our mission, for the world to respond to the Divine Mercy that God granted in this generation.

This miraculous photo shows Lucia Phan offering The Six Kowtows
in front of the altar of St. Cyril of Alexandria Church,
Houston, Texas – 8:15 p.m., June 26, 2019.


Lucia concluded:

 That is the repentance and the return, that is the union with the Divine Mercy, and that is what mankind must do; must prostrate, surrender before the Eucharistic Jesus through the practice of The Six Kowtows – by mind, soul, heart, and body, to reconcile with God.

We have long wanted to connect what happened between the Divine Mercy through Saint Faustina and this private revelation, but did not have enough specific elements. The wait and prayer took a while until today. We trust that once we walk in the Lord’s way, what needs to happen will happen, when the timing comes to fullness.



[1] Lucia receives messages by locutions and is able to capture images of the Eucharist, both in the form of photos and videos via a smartphone. She has received messages from God, Blessed Mother, the angels and saints since 2011. The number of messages is over 4,000 and continues to grow every day in both depth and quantity.

[2] Pope St. John Paul II shared the same view as St. Faustina:

God grants to you – do not be afraid. Because you are not private revelations but a program of God who chose you, and you are those who are chosen, also are the apostles, the laity to help the Church, though in silent days, but it will be a great day for everyone and a bright example for the world.

Quote from the message of Pope St. John Paul II

7:27 p.m., October 27, 2019

Pope St. John Paul II (upper right)

Original audio message of St. John Paul II:

 191027 Lời Thánh Gioan Phaolô II cho nhóm

[3] In the present “end of history,” the Lord has chosen laypeople to do apostolic work. Pope St. John Paul II reminded:

Do not be afraid of what you do, because this is a privilege God grants to the laypeople, helping the Church in silence. Moreover, the Church will receive and welcome, because this is a program needed to help the whole world and to help call mankind to return to God. That is the life in which the Divine Mercy of God will change the world when people accept and welcome. But this is a program that faces a lot of difficulties and is being challenged. There are many things that people do not accept, because this is a thorny issue between good and evil.

Quote from the message of Pope St. John Paul II

7:27 p.m., October 27, 2019

[4] “End of history” is a term frequently used by heaven to indicate the present time, extremely urgent, before major events happen in the world and beyond (cf. Message of Blessed Mother, January 1, 2019).

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of


New Revelations Through the Eucharist

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