New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Six Kowtows in La Quinta


July 21, 2021

The Six Kowtows in La Quinta,

near Palm Springs, California.


This message is inspired by the Holy Spirit.



O God, it is 9:05 a.m., Wednesday, July 21, 2021, at Saint Francis of Assisi Church, in La Quinta, near Palm Springs, California. Today is the last day of our visit here. In just a few hours we will leave this place and return home to our positions. First of all, we thank God for granting us such a great trip, full of joy and success. With misunderstandings, with sorrows, with concerns, intertwined in our lives, O God, You are forever the Lord who grants us peace and You always gives and You accompany us. I thank You. Thank You for understanding my heart. Thank You for giving us the time to come to the confession today to lift up all our concerns. In our lives, though it is easy for us to say we forgive, but when we face many problems then it is not easy to forgive and the heart still carries a vague sadness.


There are many things that I cannot be like other people, so there are certain sorrows I must keep in my heart. I lift them up to You. God, please help me and teach me. Please help me to let go of everything  so that I will be  worthy for You. I never want anything  like to become famous or become  something better than another person. I just give my best to do what You want me to do. I also ask You to help me change my life to conform to the needs of the people around me who have to say. I do not want to be blamed all the time. I do not want this, I am very tired. Most of the time, I try very hard to live for others, but as for myself then there are many things I must apologize to You. God, please allow me to complain a little, I cannot complain to anyone else besides You. You love me so much, I cannot grieve You.


O God, only a few hours left, I will leave this place. I do not know when I will come back to this church. Saint Francis is a saint who gave up everything to follow You. May we also learn from him, leave everything, to follow You. God, please be with us, walk with us. I have no talent, nothing to attract others. I have a broken heart, which no one needs to comfort, no one wants to console, but You comfort me. You gave me the opportunity, so I only know You as my source of life. Whether the world abandons me, everyone rejects me, please do not leave me. You are my source of consolation. God, please forgive me, bear with me a little. I certainly desire to belong to You until my last breath because that is the path I must take. You granted the world and sinners like me the opportunity to walk with the brothers and sisters. Each person with a situation, each person with a personality, for a group to have harmony is not an easy thing it cannot be without sacrifice.


With You, Your compensation, Your blessing, may I lift up praise and thanksgiving to You. Today, coming to the confession, I lift up everything to You. God, please forgive me and all my brothers and sisters who are present so that on the way back, we clean up everything  make us unhappy, everything that causes You grief. God, please forgive us,  allow us to go home with joy, to come to the place where You meet us daily, for us to tell You everything about the trip, about all the challenges, about what we enjoyed together. Never before did we have such a great time in the swimming pool, playing and laughing like 3-years-old kids. I will tell You about the time we stayed at this place. O God, now, I lift up to You like the offering I used to do. God, please accept the First Kowtow.


The First Kowtow, we reverently offer to God the Father. 


O God the Father, I adore You, I glorify You, and thank You forever and ever, You will remain the Lord abounding in love, who loves sinners like us. We want to improve, we want to reform. We can only do this with Your grace. Thank You, Father, please grant us a broader perspective. With all Your blessings  that you poured down, this trip was a success. To us, this trip had a huge success, more than all the other trips, but for the first time in my life, it is also a trip with very difficult challenges. My heart wants to forget and wants to let go of everything, but truly not something easy to do. I still have my sorrow and grief, but today I lift them up to You. Father, please sanctify me, transform me. May I not blame anyone, but must blame myself. I am sure I still have many weaknesses and imperfections and many things that need to learn. Father, please teach me, show me, save me. Father, please forgive my weaknesses for  not doing what I suppose to do according to Your will.


Father, please sanctify me everyday so that I become the worthy person You chose, to bring Your Good News to the brothers and sisters everywhere. At this time, I have only a few very short moments left so I just want to say thank You, Father. We lift up to You today, tomorrow, the future, the rest of our lives. Please hear us and allow us to do what You want us to do. We are truly naive, very naive, and we also do not understand. Whatever You want please give us the opportunity to know what You want and do it. There is only one thing, which is to honor You, glorify You, on behalf of all classes, all roles, in our life of service, silently serving, to also be the voice to represent this place, La Quinta, near Palm Springs, at Saint Francis of Assisi Church. It is our first time here. Father, please bless the booklets we gave to the people here, for them to recognize the prayer that Mother taught, to lift up to You, to revere the Eucharistic Jesus with their prayers through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Father, I also thank You for allowing us to meet a truly sweet priest. He truly sustains the journey that we take. Through this priest, I feel as if God is embracing us. The words from this priest, his closeness, his reminders, gave us a source of comfort, gave us the strength to see God’s presence still active in the Church, which continues to give us holy and pious pastors, wholeheartedly devoted to God. We rejoice because there are still such pastors. Father, we pray for many pastors to learn gentleness from You, to welcome the laity, to help the laity draw close to You, return to You, love You. We greatly need the Church, we greatly need the clergy, because their lives are consecrated to God so they learn and are very close to God. God, please grant them Your heart for us to rely on that heart to draw closer to You, learn more, and love You more. I lift them up to You. God, please bless my brothers and sisters, each one of us, to return home mature, for us to love You more and fulfill our duties and responsibilities, to do something worthy in our lives, to be loved by You, to be chosen by You, granting us days of happiness. May we belong to You, Father. Amen.


The Second Kowtow, we reverently offer to Jesus.


O Jesus, our Savior. O Lord, I thank You. You always love us. You do not look at our sins. Instead, You forget our sins. You love me and my brothers and sisters. You put aside all our shortcomings, our weaknesses, our unworthiness, to hold us to Your heart for us to experience Your sweet love.


O God, for us to live and continue to exist today is because of You. You died for us to have life. You died for the world to exist. You died for us to live in Your grace. May we not forget what You did for us and for the world, for Your doctrine to continue to be practiced in our lives. May we forget all the sorrows, the heartbreaks, between man and man, to accept all problems, even when God is missing in the life of the brothers and sisters.  As of today, it has been ten years, which is neither long nor short. It is from God’s love for transforming me day by day. It is from that same love for my brothers and sisters to daily recognize that God is living in the midst of this world, for us to cooperate and with the same faith, to walk in the midst of this world. Though no one knows, God knows very well. We truly have peace and joy, which no one can grant, apart from God, but we truly are ignorant in many things. God, please forgive our sins. God, please forgive us. Each day, may we recognize, in a spirit to thank God, to step out of our weaknesses, to respond to God’s invitations.


You love us. You want us to love everyone, and testify to Your love. God, please teach me, help me, help my brothers and sisters to continue what we are doing. Let us not stop today. We must do more, to glorify You, for many people to know You, be close to You,  to respond to Your love that has been waiting for us for over 2,000 years and still waits. May we worship, honor, thank, and be grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, the Risen One who brought us from the darkness back to the light, bringing us peace, joy, and hope. Only our Lord Jesus Christ. May everyone surrender, submit, in a spirit of repentance and penitence, to return to the boundless love through the Divine Mercy that God grants to mankind, to us, to sinners, for everyone to be together, in unity, to praise, bless, and glorify God.


Thank you God for not rejecting us sinners. You loved us with Your Divine Mercy, for us today to talk to You, lift up to You, and trust in You. Our lives are renewed in the love that You granted us. We desperately need You. In this world, there is no place to rely on apart from You, with a kind heart, a meek heart, a merciful heart, for us to dwell. May we be worthy in the days while we are still on this earth, to bless You, praise You, honor You, and glorify You. God, please hear our prayers, on behalf of all classes, all roles, in a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude. Especially in today’s world, may people understand that there is no healing apart from the healing that comes from God alone, to be healed from both soul and body.


Return with sincere heart with a humble spirit to receive the love that God shows to the little ones who obey and listen. This is something that God especially grants us and it is also a favor to each brother and sister. May we remember these moments forever in our lives. There is nowhere to find joy, peace, and hope, apart from God. He is the Supreme Being whom we profess, adore, glorify. May we belong to Jesus, the Second Person of God, our Savior. May we and the world believe in Him, for us to have life, to be delivered, to be in hope. May we belong to Jesus, the Second Person of God, our Savior. Amen.


The Third Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Holy Spirit.


O Holy Spirit, I thank You. There is nothing like You who understands us best. You know that we tend to lament, we tend to whine, we tend to wallow in self-pity, and we also have our egos and personalities. I present everything to You because there is nothing better than to be true in life. You know everything. There is no need to hide. Everyone falls into a situation where we have days of weakness, days of insecurity, days with the ego and personality, days with keeping face, days with pride, days of constant judgment, especially when our health is lacking. At that time, from health issues and human weaknesses, we wallow in negativity. Moreover, we are governed by everything else when others do not make us happy or offend us. It is something we always encounter in life.


O Holy Spirit, You know our hearts well. Everyone wants to be holy, live in the truth, live a life pleasing to God. Indeed, this life is not easy, as people usually say: “Trees want to be still, but the wind does not want to stop.” When we are weak, then the devil will find a way to attack us. O Holy Spirit, You are the strength, the love, the light, the grace to help us be firm in our standpoint. Help us not give up and never be weak to lose the opportunity for us to have the moments with God. No one can give us peace and happiness. God alone can, especially the love the Holy Spirit granted to us,  he is patient with us, teaching us, training us.


Let us not forget the peaceful and happy days when there is only God. We tend to have moments of hot temper and inconsistency. There are times when the ego pulls us down in the thinking and inference of life, making it difficult for us to forgive others. Although we can loudly say, our hearts do not forgive. It is something difficult to do in life if we do not have the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit help us take everything lightly for us to know that no one can take away the joy God gives us. No one can take away the love that we experience naturally and peacefully. No circumstances can hinder the natural and happy things in the hope that God granted to me and all the brothers and sisters. God, please prevent and remove everything that does not belong to You in each one of us. May we live fully and peacefully in God’s love with His teaching. May we be worthy when we proclaim His word, bear witness to Him, go out into the world. May others see and believe in God through our deeds.


O Holy Spirit, for the abundant of blessings, poured down upon us, there are no words to express our gratitude and thankfulness. Only a few more hours then we leave this place. We are happy to be here, happy because God gives us the opportunity. Though we came late for Mass, He still allows us to be at His side. We cannot do with our strength, but in the Spirit of God, we can do everything. I lift up the fatigue, the little sacrifices, all the urgent moments. May we place God first. Thank you God for everything You grant, through the success of this trip, which is also a life lesson, we need in life, with the ego and personality, with the thinking  we  also need to be corrected. God, please sanctify us, transform us, to live pleasing to You and everyone. We also pray for everyone to be together in unity, please help each other in life, for us to walk together. We make sacrifices,


Accept endurances. Let us learn to forgive for us to avoid grief in life. In our words, gestures, actions, may we relinquish the authority to God. We ask God to act according to His way for us to be complete in our duties. Since each brother and sister have God His presence in their heart, let us respect them as we respect God in them. Let us understand this to live calm, more peaceful, happier, more meaningful life. When needed, God, please teach us according to Your will. May we live and walk in Your Spirit, work in Your Spirit, not work according to our will, for our lives to be more mature, blameless in Your sight, and not let our souls be unrighteous. May God help us each day to become mature, to confess, to give thanks.


We truly need God. God, please light the flame of faith for this world, for each one of us who is seeking the truth. God, please light the flame that we yearn for us to live in righteousness,  no shame in our hearts. We must do what God wants us to do,  with respect not our will, nor for the sake of pleasing others, to act contrary to the intentions God teaches. God teaches us and wants us to stay aways from sin. God wants us to be determined to belong to Him, to become his witnesses. We are called to become warriors and valiant soldiers who must also exercise to become like the soldiers in battle. May we not be weak, retreat. If we retreat, then we will fail. God, please help us and rule over us, for everyone to place all things aside to live in God’s teaching, for us to mature and be holy as our heart’s desire, but we still cannot do.


God, please help each person, each day,  to practice to live more pious, more holy, as we desire. May God rule over us and intercede for us all. Let us remove all the unhappy passed sin and weakness for us to live a new day in God’s love for us. We praise God, bless God, and thank God. Thank God for allowing us to go wherever we want  to bring the gift of the Six Kowtows to every place. I also ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten the priests, the parishioners who received the gifts. Though our meeting was brief, it expressed the feeling through the prayer that God grants us at this parish. May they also join us in silence to extend the circle and invite people to return to God with prostration, adoration, honor, and thanksgiving. Let us be grateful, and for the first time in our life, apologize to God and ask us to forgive. God, please have mercy on the wretched and the weak who ask to return. God, please forgive, for them to become new people with the Holy Spirit.


God, please renew us. Teach us how to repent, mortify, sacrifice, and live a life that needs to be sanctified in the Holy Spirit. We praise You, we glorify You, and we honor You. I also remember to pray for the Church. May God grant our Church wisdom and discernment, to be filled with Your Spirit at this time, which is a very tense time. I ask God because there are many holy and pious pastors, and we believe God is presence in our Church. God, please remove everything that does not belong to You in our Church. God, please rule over our Church forever and ever.


God, please support the clergy and help them to live in the way that belongs to You. Please bring back the lost sheep, the sheep in need, through Your word, Your Spirit, through those chosen to become the shepherds to represent You to lead the flock in the pandemic. In the pandemic of both soul and body, graciously hears our prayers. God, please bless and heal us, heal those who seek to return to You in repentance. God, please embrace us, forgive us, teach us. Let us live each day worthily in love as God listens and accepts our prayers. Let us change in His love and Spirit. May we belong to the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The Fourth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ


O Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. Today I know we came late to Mass. God told me it was because of certain obstacles. We came to Masses each day during this trip and we were late many times. God, please forgive us. God understands, because we go to new places, there are many things to do, and we are slow. God, please help us try harder for us to be present for the entire Mass, to be more meaningful and more deserving. God, please forgive us. Today God still allows us to receive Him into our hearts because we do not know what might happen on the plane back home. We only know one thing, which is to pray for God to be with us. Whether we live or die, succeed or fail, face the most pleasant or most unpleasant matters, we still have God in our hearts. May God be with us, walk with us, help us accept everything along the path of witness. Whether we go out or we go home, may it be planned in God’s holy will. Everything becomes perfect and good in God’s love.


O Eucharistic Jesus, surely I know that without Your presence we are vulnerable to attacks, to the enemy, to all problems. If we do not share the same direction, the same spirit with generous and forgiving love, then we easily blame each other, prone to all kinds of problems. This is a world in which we always defend ourselves and place what belongs to us first. If without God, we cannot interact with each other in our collective life, but we have God. We can see God’s love so we can easily sympathize, forgive, let go, for us to live in peace that God wants us to. Each person who follows God must learn to make sacrifices. Certain groups must learn to fast, mortify themselves, abstain from eating meat. God does not forbid us to eat meat but God wants us to accept sacrifices, which is to bear each other, generously forgive each other, live more zealously. In our words and deeds, many times we can unintentionally or intentionally offend, but God still allows us to be tested through the battles we are facing.


Finally, after ten years, we still have each other, still have very happy and peaceful trips. God blesses us and rewards us with joyful days in this place. Unfortunately, many of my brothers and sisters in the group were foolish. I cannot blame them, only sad, and that sadness will pass, but I am very sorry. May the Lord bless the brothers and sisters who left the group. We pray for them to find true comfort, not err, not continue to do things uncalled for them to feel that they work all day but do things that are unworthy, then it is also meaningless. God, please help the brothers and sisters who left the group to live a bold life in faith, do something useful, especially to love the Eucharistic Jesus, not leave Him, because that is the mission from the very beginning and chosen to be in the ranks of the apostles. Even if today things do not turn out right, the days are still days of adoring the Eucharistic Jesus because that is the most valuable source of consolation, the sacred and spiritual things that we lift up and encounter in the midst of this world.

We thank God profusely for giving us this understanding. No matter what happens, even if the world abandons us, the Eucharistic Jesus is still with us. He never leaves us. He keeps His promise: “Go and proclaim the Good News. I am with you always, until the end of the age.” This word is eternal. God promised and kept His promise. We forgot the promise we made to Him. He never forgets the promise He made to us. He is the Supreme Lord who deserves our worship. We must worship, adore, honor, love, return to God. There is no other place apart from God, which is the most peaceful and happy place that everyone greatly needs in the world. I glorify God, adore God. We pray for many people to revere God, love God, worthily receive God in communion for God to not come into the hearts of men with the stench of sin. Let us not forget God in all the tabernacles, everywhere.


May the motivation comes through Mother’s teaching with the gift of the Six Kowtows, for everyone to visit God, believe in God, and love God. People need to come to receive the blessing from the Blessed Sacrament, as God opened the door to grant blessings to an age that is in great need in the life of faith. May the Eucharistic Jesus graciously heard our prayers. All brothers and sisters need to prostrate themselves, surrender in a spirit of repentance and contrition to receive the graces that the Eucharistic Lord offers to the world to strengthen the life of faith for all, to lead us away from the darkness in negativity and sorrow, and return to the light in the Eucharistic hope that God granted. We adore God, praise God, and glorify God. May we belong to the Eucharistic Jesus. Amen.


The Fifth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ.


The Five Holy Signs of Love, the Five Holy Signs of Hope, and the Five Holy Signs of Mercy. The Five Holy Signs exchanged for us a seal in forgiveness. We honor and adore God the Father, for His immense love for all generations and sinners, including us. It is His infinite love that keeps us alive today. It is from love through the Divine Mercy that we are reformed. Father, we thank You, we adore You on behalf of countless people who still do not know and who do not know, unintentionally or deliberately. These are humble and ordinary words, but from our hearts, with reverence, we lift up to God each time we meditate on the Five Holy Signs.


We glorify the Father with the First Holy Sign. We glorify and adore the Lord Jesus, our Savior. If He did not come to save us, what will the life of this world be like today? How are the days we will live in? So this is a source of comfort for people who believe and seek God. May God help everyone to know and believe in Him for us to live and be saved. God is very gentle, He desires to love and forgive. God did not create us to kill us. It is because of sin that we betrayed God so we end up in death, but God seeks ways to save us.


May everyone understand this to return to God, to not let mistakes break God’s heart. God died for humanity, His Blood continued to cleanse us but people do not know so they live days that became meaningless days in this world. We believe in God and we pray for people to believe in God, return to God. May they come to know God so that their lives may be saved in the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior. We profess there is only one Savior, to help the world to know the doctrine of truth, for life to become meaningful with joy and with happiness, which only the Supreme Lord can give us. We worship God, we thank God.


We dedicate the Second Holy Sign to the Lord Jesus Christ, with the reverence that Mother Mary taught us. We lift up to the Holy Spirit. If without Him to enlighten us, we will not have the words to say nor do we respond to what He taught us in the truth, to speak with true words, true deeds, and things we witness that God granted. We do not speak for the sake of it, we are not as learned as the others and we do not know what to do. The only thing we want is to lift up to God our sentiments from the heart, expressed from  our viewpoints and feelings in-depth, with heart. It is these points that the Holy Spirit enlightened and guided us to be aware of what we say and lift up. Through the intercession and the teaching of the Holy Spirit, the Father will certainly accept.


Today, we are so happy. Whatever the circumstances, we always have hope when we reverently offer the Six Kowtows. We thank the Holy Spirit. There are many great things we cannot understand yet. We only know step by step. When there are hardships, trials, and sufferings, it is God who teaches us. It is those very points that help us awaken from life with wretchedness and weakness. Let us look farther, more clearly, thank and praise God, climb the steps as God desires, in the faith that belongs to His teaching. We thank and glorify the Holy Spirit through the Third Holy Sign, one God three Persons, the Trinity, whom we worship.


We reverently offer to the Eucharistic Jesus. He is present here. We come to lift up to the King who remains silent. It is this King who provided everything in life with the needs of mankind. Today, how unfortunate for the world, only 30% believe so people are greatly disadvantaged. Today we ask God for us to believe in Him 100%. God has spoken, He has come close, and revealed His glory. We cannot refuse the Lord who loved, preserved, and protected us every step of the way. Every place we go, God is with us when we are happy as well as when we are sad.


God is real. We must believe in the Blessed Sacrament, the Fourth Holy Sign. It is the sacred and holy Sacrament in which Jesus humbled Himself out of love, to be with us, to sustain and save, protect and guard, till this day. Let us not lose faith in a civilized, progressive world. A pastoral life without God as the Master becomes the days as we see, with confusion and chaos, days of suffering as we see our Church suffers today. God, please grant our Church to return to its early days like with the Apostles. With the power from the Holy Spirit, the flame is for them to recognize the Blessed Sacrament was Jesus over 2,000 years ago. It is the main point for us to rely on and have a happy life.


As long as we have God, with God, we are not afraid of the enemy’s siege. The glorious victory of the Risen Jesus, Jesus achieved, so today He continues to give us the triumph that belongs to the Risen Lord. What we most need is to surrender, live worthily, repent. Let us remove all the sins hidden in us with pride, with things that are difficult to accept with our ego and personality, for us to leave the state of captivity from the devil, for us to take refuge in the Eucharistic Jesus. He is waiting for our hearts to encounter the true love He granted us.


We pray for this parish, for the parishioners to enjoy days being close to the Eucharistic Jesus and love Him.  We pray for them to receive the glory God manifests, to strengthen faith for all classes, all roles, and all those with positions.  We pray for them to love God, to believe in God 100%, for God to be the Victor, and God will also be the Protector like God once protected Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Today the Eucharistic Lord is also the Lord who stays with us. He promises the people who believe in Him to protect them and lead them out of the troubles with its suffering. We adore God, praise God, glorify God, and give thanks to a loving and close Supreme God. God, please forgive us for things we are lacking, still do not understand, still do not know. We honor the Fourth Holy Sign.


The Fifth Holy Sign we offer to Mother. Without Mother Mary, we truly cannot understand this and we will also be indifferent when we receive God into our hearts. Thanks to Mother’s teaching, we see the truly important value, to us, to the Eucharistic Jesus, with the reverence and the worship that is due to Him. We lift up to Him our feelings, our hearts, our shortcomings, our weaknesses, our sins, for us to improve and be restored. Thanks to Mother Mary’s teaching us daily. Though we are sinful, imperfect, weak, when we prostrate to God, our prayers are not the words we say from our understanding, but it is the Spirit of God who reminds us for us to lessen our thinking and inference, end our sins, repent, for us to recognize God’s love and live according to the invitation that Mother taught us.


Only this way can we be peaceful and happy. We are so grateful to Mother. She understands us who are weak and sinful. We cannot perceive without Mother’s help. It is from Mother’s teaching for us to be close and strong, with the Holy Spirit, to be taught by Him thoroughly for us to understand and separate ourselves from sin, to come to a world to daily practice, for us to become renewed. We do not expect to be better than others or to become saints. We desire and we yearn, but we still cannot do it yet. We pray for God to teach us. Through Mother’s teaching and listening to Mother’s words, each day we will mature and become less sinful for us to be worthy of being chosen by God to proclaim the Good News. As for what life is like, God saw and God knew. We are truly not worthy to respond to the love God calls, with the closeness as God protected and guarded us. Through our beloved Mother’s teaching, we understand the soul and the inner life of mankind, to return in a worthy way, in a spirit of repentance.


We reverently lift up to Mother’s Immaculate Heart. Mother, we thank You very much for teaching us this method for the world to know an order when they have the signs to pray. The straying and the indifference prevented them from recognizing the teaching.  It is most necessary that we need to do in this world. We thank Mother. She leads us to the Five Holy Signs, for us to amend, thank,  apologize. Thanks to the Five Holy Signs, we learn to meditate on the spirituality that Jesus granted in specially to us. Just a little meditation and we clearly realized how oblivious we are, totally ignorant of what God does, of the great marvels that God grants us through the Five Holy Signs. It is Mother who helps us understand that in this life God chose the Cross to save us, so then mankind cannot dream of heaven without the cross.


The Way of the Cross is the way that allows us to walk with God and with Mother, to come to the place where the glorious risen Lord prepares for us. The Way of the Cross is the path of suffering, but the path of suffering is the narrow path that God chose for us to not be lost due to the devil’s snare. The wide road of iniquity, money, fame, lust, greed, has dragged us to death and led us into desperate and corrupt days like today. These are things we must remember and acknowledge. No matter what the situation, we must still rise up. May God be with us. Each day, we must always recognize our sins, always acknowledge our sins, in a spirit of repentance. Anything we can do comes from God, not from ourselves. What is there to be arrogant? What is there to be presumptuous? May we understand our condition as sinners who were chosen, for us to live and respond to the invitation as God called us out of billions of people, to become witnesses.


God, please help each person learn to live to please You and be agreeable to each other, for life to be peaceful, happy, and meaningful. I thank the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ that helped us to be stronger, for us to be the witnesses that bring meaning to a successful trip. As Mother granted us, we represent the brothers and sisters everywhere to thank Blessed Mother. We are very grateful to Blessed Mother because the Five Holy Signs help us understand better and teach us great insight into the life of faith. We honor the Eucharistic Jesus through the Five Holy Signs submissively and we pray for the world to know the sign that God granted in a special way, the covenant in which God forgave and He granted to each sinner when they repent and return, including us. We glorify God, we adore God. We glorify the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen.


The Sixth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and  for Her triumph.


O God the Father, I thank You. You chose for us a sublime Mother. Mother understood our feelings. We are weak and most of us are those who always live a worldly life. No matter how many attempts to improve but we still cannot avoid the devil’s snares. He is very clever and ingenious and uses all sorts of rational and suitable ways to lead us into the traps. We stumbled and will keep on stumbling while we still live in the world, while we still live in the days of weakness in the flesh. However, Mother Mary is a pure Mother. Her Immaculate Heart is without any blemish of sin. Her Heart will triumph, as a heart of love and reverence. Mother’s heart belongs to God. God loves mankind and Mother sees how that love will never leave mankind. God always loves mankind.


The Lord Jesus, Her Son, died in our place. Mother cannot let us live in vain at the price of the Blood of Her Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, even though the world still does not understand, Mother used the most gentle, most ordinary yet most touching, moving ways to teach us, to give us a feeling in our hearts, for us to pray. When we truly understand the meaning of profound prayers, the Holy Spirit will teach us and direct us to understand and know what we need to learn. May our lives rely on those teachings to be sanctified and transformed.


O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, I thank You. You obeyed God, loved God, lived in obedience and humility. Today God the Father grants us You, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity. You are the Queen of Heaven. We are happy and honored to be Your children, for You to lead us to God’s infinite love, the Lord of both heaven and earth, the mighty and majestic Lord who loves us and grants us His love and Divine Mercy to transform us. However, we must have Mother, the person who teaches us. We need Mother to bring us to the Holy Spirit. Mother prepares us to receive the Holy Spirit to guide us on the path of life, with righteousness, justice, truth, in the mission of days of witness.


Truly a wonderful gift that no one can understand. If we do not have a profound prayer mind as the Holy Spirit teaches, then who will dare do it? The Holy Spirit teaches us to offer the Sixth Kowtow to our Mother. Before we pray, we ask God the Father to allow us to lift to Mother, to express our gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation. We honor Mother, a gentle Mother who always prays and meditates, who cares for Her children in the most urgent times. If the world does not truly understand this, most of us will fall into the devil’s snares. The devil has taken over the world. It is the answer to the pandemic of both soul and body. All the nations that are falling into that state prove that the devil is temporarily winning. Mother Mary remains silent because the hour of God has not yet come. We heard the promise of the Good News as the Lord said to the serpent, “Then the offspring of the woman will crush your head, you will strike at his heel.” That woman is our Mother, the Mother of the Second Person of God, and the Mother of humanity.


It is because of this today we offer to Mother thanksgiving and gratitude. We prepare in advance with what Mother taught, to wait for the second coming of God, the glorious day when Mother will crush the head of the serpent that will bite at Her offspring’s heel and retreat to its place, to no longer disturb us, to no longer set the traps that cause us to fall in today’s world. Today, Mother gives us another opportunity to pray for our brothers and sisters and receive the Holy Spirit’s guidance to perform an urgent task in this day and age. It is a bell ringing as well as a wake-up call for all classes, all roles. Every ministry needs the submission, the surrender, from soul and body, in a spirit of prayer to return to God. Mother taught us to pray the Rosary, come to God’s Divine Mercy, amend our lives, and come to Her heart.


These are the easiest ways to be perfect, but it is not easy to do when people lack determination and faith, but when we follow Mother’s teaching, truly, Mother will not let anyone who comes to Her be lost. These are extremely valuable in addition to the gift of the Six Kowtows, urgently granted to the world in a special way, to teach people to have depth when they pray. Those prayers, the Holy Spirit will help us. The Holy Spirit is the strength, the light, the truth. The truth will dispel the devil’s snares. The devil always seeks to entrap us, but with the Holy Spirit’s presence, with Mother’s intervention, then definitely the devil will be defeated. We just need to have faith and remove all that is unrighteous today. Definitely, Mother will not let us fall into the devil’s snares. Sadly, today few people know this, few people believe this. We must keep trying.


Everything that Mother taught we have done. What the Holy Spirit enlightens, we have also done. As for other aspects, let us do it all, be complete with our mission. I ask Mother to help all my brothers and sisters to believe, to know. The Holy Spirit will enlighten them once they learn about the gift of the Six Kowtows and are determined to practice them. It is a time when there is no time to think, no time to ponder according to human laws, but to urgently prostrate, bow, worship God, plead God for forgiveness, as we repent through the way Mother taught us,  so that our life of faith will  increase and mature, worthy of what Mother grants. A Mother who loved Her children, seeking ways to save them, can She look away from Her children in their miserable days of both soul and body dying in the pandemic?


Mother prepared ten years ago. It is the truth, which continues to evolve daily. Mother also helped us. Before we do anything for our God, we must deny ourselves first. We cannot do this yet, so we still have many weaknesses and lack the strength to believe. The time has come. There are stories we must believe, matters we must trust in an absolute way, for us to become the worthy disciples that Jesus chose. Mother supported and trained us. The Holy Spirit works in us for us to have successful results like today.  No one understands the deeds that God does but God will grant understanding and peace. We are secure and happy in the joy only God can gives us. Mother arrange for us to know what comes from heaven, what the heavenly kingdom granted. Together in unity, we bear witness to this. May everyone be saved, be forgiven, and return to God with the offering of the Six Kowtows.


I profusely thank Mother, no words can be more worthy. We only have a few moments left before we leave this place. Everywhere we go, we pray, we lift up prayers. Mother, please preserve, protect the parish of Saint Francis of Assisi Church in La Quinta, near Palm Springs, California. It is our first time here. I do not know if there will be another opportunity for us to come back here a second time or not, but I lift it up to Mother. We lift up the holy priests as well as the priests in whom we see weaknesses, who have many conditions in life with their reasoning. I lift them up to Mother. Mother, please help the priests. The time has come to unite and to see what is necessary for the life of faith in the heart of every lay person, for them to awaken and return to God by the abundant ways that Mother taught. I can only entrust and offer these prayers. Mother, please plan, arrange, and work with them, for them to unite with us to glorify God, honor God, return to God through the offering of the Six Kowtows as You taught.


We profusely thank Mother Mary. Mother also guides us to Saint Joseph to learn from his example of virtue. He intercedes for our Church and for all our brothers and sisters everywhere. Saint Joseph, please intercede for the world to be sanctified and transformed in the Spirit of God, to be righteous. I also thank Mother for leading us to the three archangels. We never forget when we pray the Six Kowtows to ask the three archangels to protect us on the way home. On this trip, each one of us is protected by the archangel Michael as well as by the archangels, the angels, our guardian angels. May we always are reminded by them, and from their intercessions, to live in righteousness and be worthy of God’s mission. We thank our guardian angels, please protect us and intercede to God for us. We thank the saints who are such shining examples. We thank Saint Francis whose church we visit today, as well as Saint Therese, and all the saints who are our patron saints.


May the saints pray for us and to learn from their examples, to glorify God in our daily lives. We thank God profusely. We always remember the souls in purgatory. They no longer have a voice but yearn and wish, suffering in the heat. God, please allow them to come to us spiritually to lift them up to You. God, please forgive their sins and forgive them through our prayers for them, especially the people on their deathbed. One of them is Maria Nhung’s former husband. Though their union was in the past, those were days when they were husband and wife. I ask God for Maria Nhung to pray in a special way for her former husband to leave this world peacefully. God, please forgive him. We – the brothers and sisters in the group – understand the great importance of the spiritual needs of those who are dying and in their last hours. God, please have mercy on those people, for them to know You, return to You while they still have their last breath, to ask for Your forgiveness. Let it not be too late and too tardy.


Today, there are souls wailing, they no longer have a voice. May we be aware and pray for them through the gift of the Six Kowtows that Mother gave, to offer to God as a sacrifice on their behalf. May God have mercy on these souls for them to soon leave this place of suffering. We also pray for the relatives of the brothers and sisters in our group, our relatives, the orphaned souls, the souls of the unborn, the souls who died from Covid-19, and all the souls gathered before the Eucharistic of God. Through the prayers from Mother’s teaching that we lift up on behalf of both the living as well as the deceased, we beseech God to have mercy and forgive. May the heavenly world, the earthly world, the world of purgatory, unite, to praise, glorify, and honor the only God, the Supreme Being whom we worship. The world must know and need to surrender to return to God in a spirit of repentance.


May God sanctify and transform souls of the pandemic patients of this world  to recover soon , for us to awaken when they recognize that the loving hand of God heals. The coronavirus in this day and age has no cure. The Supreme Lord alone can cure us and save us. We ask help  in the name of the Lord our God, now and forever and ever. Lucia and all the brothers and sisters conclude at 9:58 a.m., Wednesday, July 21, 2021, at Saint Francis of Assisi Church, in La Quinta, near Palm Springs, California. We have only an hour or two left before we leave this place. God, please bless us on our way home, for everything to be good in the love of the Divine Mercy. Amen.


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