New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Six Kowtows for Vietnam and India


The Six Kowtows for Vietnam and India
April 30, 2021

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit

O God, it is 7:35 p.m., Friday, April 30, 2021. We are turned towards the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the Divine Mercy icon, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Today, we attended Latin Mass on the last Friday of the month. In particular, April 30 reminds us of our homeland Vietnam. Forty-six years ago, on this day, South Vietnam fell to the communists forces and was no longer called the Republic of Vietnam. Indeed, when speaking about this, to the Vietnamese people, to the generals, to the soldiers, we truly lost a country. We lost the sovereignty as the Vietnamese people in the period before the year 1975, which people refer to as the Republican period.

Forty-six years have passed. The country of Vietnam is still there, but the rulers are communists. The Vietnamese people who fled and resettled in developed countries include us and a number of people who fled immediately when the communists arrived. My family came to this country over thirty years ago. We fled by sea and we remember the many trials our Vietnamese people had to endure. We think more than half a million people died at sea. They encountered great bitterness, were robbed, raped, killed, murdered, beaten. Then in the refugee camps set up in the neighboring Southeast Asia countries, over the course of decades, a number of people died before they were able to be resettled in a third country, where they truly hoped to be. There are many truly tragic, pitiful, and poignant stories about the Vietnamese people.

Today, especially for the former soldiers and generals, who now are older people, what was in the past will never be forgotten. There were heroic days on the battlefield, days in an autonomous country, called the Republic of Vietnam. There were those who were imprisoned and died. In the ranks of the Church, we heard the story of Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyễn Văn Thuận who was a bishop at the time, and was imprisoned after South Vietnam fell to the communist forces. There were truly sad stories. The generals also had a lot to tell about Vietnam during the Republican period.

O God, after forty-six years, everything has become the past. Now are only the echoes of the people who remember what they lost and the heroic days of the past. There were days of bitterness and suffering in the re-education camps. There was death, misery, abuse, and hunger. It was a tragic event for South Vietnam. It has been forty-six years since the Republican period ended.

O God, today I only think about one thing. Once a year, on this date, how many people remember to pray for the souls? Those were the days in 1975 when many soldiers lost their lives. They died at sea, they died on land, they had encounters and fierce battles when the communist forces took over South Vietnam. Countless people died. Were they people who knew God or not? Do their relatives still remember them today? They were the souls that if they knew God, then surely God’s Divine Mercy was granted to them, because they died for the country, for the homeland. How unfortunate for the souls that did not know God, where did these souls go? Do their family members know how to pray for them? Are they still in a place that no longer belongs to the living and no one remembers and knows while they desperately need prayers?

Today, O God, I only know one thing that You grant to me. When my homeland fell to the communist forces, I was very young. Actually, I did not know much. I just knew that the days I started to understand then life was truly hard and strenuous. There were years of hunger, we were no longer able to go to school as we did in the old days, and even though we were very young, we had to carry bundles of vegetables to sell, to do what was necessary at home, to farm, to work in the fields, and many things in life when we truly no longer had days of freedom. The patriarchs of certain families, who were in the army, who were generals, in all ranks, yet never knew such days of great misery and hardship.

When South Vietnam fell to the communists, we did not know what was happening, we were very young. When the communists came, we lost our home, we had to stay somewhere else, we ended up with days of great misery. But everything has passed and became the past. Today, I am reminded of what God grants to me as well as to all the brothers and sisters, especially for Vietnam. In particular, today, the Vietnamese people commemorate. Every year, all the soldiers in the former army, though are now living in their new countries, continue to remember and display the Republic of South Vietnam flags. The brothers in the former army gather to commemorate the day Vietnam fell to the communist forces, the month which people often call Black April. Whether people remember or not, that has become the past.

Today I thank God, because no matter what happens, God still protects the Vietnamese people and allows the Vietnamese people to officially resettle all over the world. Many became very prominent, very successful in their careers. The young generation born in this country are educated, they have hope, a good future, with good things of a society, with positions such as doctors or engineers or pharmacists. They receive a fundamental education and from there they become wealthy. However, the one thing that bothers me the most is that, O God, speaking in general, it is also due to this self-sufficiency, this success, that certain people began to forget You. People no longer care to truly understand to live religiously, to know the doctrine that God granted to the world in general, to Vietnam in particular, to the Vietnamese people, to people like us who end up living in new countries as today.

Today, people are organizing, looking for all the brothers in the military who served forty-five years ago in the Republic of Vietnam. They have great ceremonies, live music, they do many things in commemoration. As for us, we come here to speak to God, lift up to God, thank God. No matter what happens, God still loves us and allows us to be present here in this country till this day. Most of the Vietnamese people all over the world are successful. Today, in the world, there are problems, diseases, sufferings, and many events happen in all countries, especially in the United States of America. Today in this country, certain things are happening with the change in the government. The Vietnamese people are also facing many problems. Regarding the commercial life, the business people, the people who are employees, the current pandemic seems to be reminding everyone, all over the world, especially the Vietnamese people who are residing here.

Today, we see that we still have the blessing that God bestows in a special way, to Vietnam, to the Vietnamese people. This is the time we see India, a country with a very large population, facing a daily crisis with the high number of deaths from the pandemic. It is so painful for India, in particular, for the citizens who are greatly suffering and are lamenting. We know that between man and man we must unite to pray to God. The majority of Indians practice Hinduism and they do not know God so probably when this pandemic came, they did not know to prepare for their souls. Not knowing who God is, truly affects this nation. To the nations that do not know God, it is truly a tremendous loss for the life of faith of the citizens, which is so pitiful. We know that it is time for God to allow everyone to see what is going on. No matter how talented people are, no matter how much money they have, they cannot save their own lives. There is one thing in common that people need to acknowledge: the Creator, because the Creator is God.

If people truly understand that the Creator has a merciful heart and that He sent His only Son to come and save the world, then they will certainly be saved. Indeed, because of these points, though people did not know for generations, the time has come, they must know, they must recognize, they must understand who God is. We have the duty and responsibility to pray in a special way for our homeland on April 30, an unforgettable historic day that every year the Vietnamese people commemorate – the day South Vietnam fell to the communist forces. It is the month of Black April that the generals as well as all the soldiers in the former army forever commemorate. When South Vietnam fell, they lost their freedom, and were imprisoned. Today, coincidentally, in India, people are asking for help. India is a country with a high population, with a record number of daily deaths, because of the terrible pandemic, which is spreading everywhere, and there will be many more bad days ahead. People in India are pleading the world to help. This is the biggest crisis of the 21st century. At the same time, recently, the United States of America also faces certain crisis, China also faces certain crisis, and all other countries as well.

Now we see certain countries starting to fall into a crisis with the pandemic, which causes everyone to be heartbroken when witnessing that. We know that when we are heartbroken, God is even more heartbroken. There is only one thing: who remembers to pray for the victims of the pandemic? Who is willing to pray if God does not let them know or if God does not allow? The country that has no faith, then do we let that country resolve by itself? We are aware of God’s Divine Mercy and His infinite love. Though there are people who do not know God, God created this earth, God created the world, God created those people. Human beings have been greatly dependent for so many generations, because when the people who have the authority, who have positions of power, but do not recognize God, then they take the wrong path and the citizens will be the victims.

Today, indeed, what Mother Mary teaches is valuable. All of us know this time is the time to turn back, repent, worship God, confess Him, prostrate, and beseech Him for His holy will to be done. God knows what we pray for in our needs. May we in our human condition, listen as God teaches, “Love God above all things, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your heart, and love your brothers.” Though the others speak different languages, they are human beings, they have families, they have a life like us. We lift up them up to God in this moment. May God save us, because in this pandemic, no one can save. It is a very deadly pandemic that happened unexpectedly, attacking the respiratory tract. Without our breath, we cannot live. When it comes to breathing, we must remember that the air belongs to God. Everything comes from God. When people do not have air, they cannot breathe. When they suffocate, then they will die. God granted us a vast sky full of precious air, with everything that is the best, but mankind destroyed one another. Those are the aspects we see.

No matter how talented people are, no matter how ingenious and sophisticated science is in society, whether people have many proficiencies, but if people do not walk in righteousness, do not live in God’s way, do not follow God’s doctrine, then those people are the wicked ones. First, regarding self-interest, money, if people do not use their conscience to recognize the Supreme God who granted them a doctrine with justice, then they are always self-interested and use tricks to achieve goals. Like the people here in the United States of America, we see certain extremely rich and learned people who do deceitful and very ruthless deeds. Today, we know this is a time of purification. All of us, regardless of who the people are, whether they know God or not, this is an opportunity to see what we can do to help them. They must recognize the Supreme Being whom they must beseech, whom they must trust, whom they must return to, with a repentant and contrite heart. Speaking of this, may I offer to God the First Kowtow.

The First Kowtow, we reverently offer to God the Father.

O God the Father, I adore You. I thank, bless, praise, and glorify You. Everything that happens, every hour, every minute, on this earth, in every country in this world, You know very well, and You also allow people to know You and Your doctrine, through Jesus, the Supreme Being whom You sent into this world. You sacrificed Your only-begotten Son, for Him to come into the world, to bring the Good News, to bring the doctrine, to bring love and salvation through the death that He accepted. He suffered excruciatingly. He conquered death, resurrected, and brought life to mankind. That doctrine was proclaimed all over, in all regions and in all countries. People have the right to either choose, accept, believe, or reject, because God does not force. However, the world must know the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, for us to exist until this day. For generations, people still live uncertain days, still seeking everything in life that is rational, or things they can explain.

The majority in the world are people who do not believe in God but they believe in idols so then today, let them pray to the idols to come and heal them, to see whether the idols can help with what is happening or not. We know one thing, for those of us who are Catholics, no matter what happens, we still have hope, because no one can kill our souls. There is only one Supreme God who grants for us to understand. He saves us when we know Him. Today, we see the sufferings in the world, especially in India. We do not want to go deep into the problem, we only know one thing: O God, I thank You for protecting the Vietnamese people, and Vietnam. Today it is no longer the Republic of Vietnam, it is now officially under a communist government. Though there are trials and sufferings, but today, there is also a level of progress, of regard, unlike the early years of poverty and cruelty when South Vietnam fell.

O God, You love the innocent citizens, the victims. Today, April 30, I pray and it reminds me that as we are the offspring of Vietnamese people, we are Vietnamese. Today, we lift up to God Vietnam, because what is most painful and sad is that in Vietnam, the number of people who believe in God is still less than 10%. It is a loss, a detriment to the life of faith, which is a life people must have. People must believe, for their souls to be saved, for them to live in hope, no matter what the circumstances. Yet, though less than 10%, there still are good people, because they sacrifice in silence, they have done many things to glorify God, they continue to quietly do selfless work to show others that they believe in God. God, with a loving and benevolent heart, grants to those who believe in Him, for them to practice a life of charity, to exercise justice and righteousness in their lives, even in silence, from priests to citizens.

A typical situation is that of the unborn babies. It seems that daily all the hospitals and abortion centers abort the fetuses and throw them away like many normal things people throw away, because they do not believe that human beings have souls. The unborn babies, whether one month, two months, three months, five months, even those who are near birth, are also aborted. There are priests, nuns, and citizens, who come to ask for those fetuses to bury them, and they prayed for these fetuses. There are many cemeteries in Vietnam for these aborted fetuses, and they bury these fetuses, out of charity and faith, because every unborn child is a soul. There are many more things, we know that at this time, there are people who travel to remote areas to find the poor and the needy to help them, one way or another. There is financial help from people abroad, like us, who live in this country and have the opportunity to know about the Vietnamese people who are so indigent and poor. There are certain people who greatly help, and there are also charities that continue to help the poor in Vietnam. These are the years Vietnam is more open to foreigners.

Thank God. All things, no matter how stressful, yet as time goes by, You also grant certain special ways for people in the world. The people who believe in You and plead Your help, then surely You also have a special way to help in the life that You granted. Today, we truly do not know much about India. We only know that their population is very large, not that different from China. China ranks first in world population, then India ranks second. The number of people is very large, but the majority only believes in Hinduism. There were stories of people who believe in Catholicism, who suffered for their belief. Nonetheless, God is still the Supreme Lord full of love, so even if people do not know or only one or two persons know God, God still grants in a special way when they recognize Him and pray to Him.

Today in India, the number of people who died from the pandemic is indeed a large number. The people there seem to be powerless regarding all problems. When people die, they must be buried, but there is no place, and there is also a shortage of firewood needed for the funeral pyres. All these things seem to be at a complete standstill, because the daily death toll is so terrible. What is this saying to the world? Surely, we must understand that it is not natural. Everything happens at the right period and the right time, as God said, “All things will come to the purification.” Everything that does not belong to God, people who no longer have faith, who do not understand prayer, who do not recognize God, then they will encounter the heavy yoke when they do not believe in God and do not know God. The majority of people in the generation that we know, a number of them are victims, a number of them are sinners yet are also victims, because they must be subject to the government with very difficult laws that prohibit the citizens the freedom to practice their faith, when they found the truth.

People are used to the religions they have, such as Hinduism, or Islam, which have very strict rules. It is not easy for the citizens to change to another religion, and if they do, they must sometimes pay a price, truly tragic and pitiful. It is because of those strict matters that it is difficult for the people of India to know God. This is also a disastrous matter for certain leaders who are too difficult, strict, and forceful to the citizens. Even today, with certain governments, we can also see that no matter how the citizens are, the law must be enforced, and if the citizens do not follow the law, they will be arrested, fined, or imprisoned. There is no longer a choice.

O God, I simply know that You are a God abounding in love. You are the supreme Lord. You grant all things to people, but certainly, people must bear the consequences of their choices. You granted people so much time. For over 2,000 years since Jesus came into the world, His doctrine remains very clear. Today, His doctrine continues, and through the Good News, God grants people a concrete spirituality. Only to those who believe, who seek, who recognize, can they see that what God grants in the world is truly meaningful. As for those who never read nor know, never appreciate what they have, are hardly aware, then they will be the people who easily get lost in the midst of the world, because there are many pitfalls, many regulations in each country. There are many things so people must have the heart to seek the truth. If people continue to be controlled by those in the government, the family, the society, and many other aspects, then they truly do not know God.

Today, it is a mourning for the country of India. At this moment, we lift up to God thanksgiving and gratitude, for us to be urged to pray for our brothers and sisters in India. Even though they are people with different languages, but in compassion for one another, in brotherly love, we lift them up to God. We pray for God to have mercy on them and give them the opportunity to find some medicine, for them to be cured in this pandemic. This pandemic is not a natural disaster. It is a pandemic between man and man in politics, to destroy each other, to compete for interests, positions, affairs of this world, in the evildoing that people often cause to each other. God sent His only Son to the world. Jesus came into the world to die for mankind, to teach mankind the doctrine of life, of harmony, and of peace. However, people denied, rejected, and seek idols to worship, then in the end they will encounter difficult days. There is no longer love between man and man. People are seeking ways to destroy each other, achieving their goals through politics, with selfishness, with greed, so these tragic stories happen. Who is the person who can help and heal?

We know that God sees everything, knows everything. We simply lift up to God, to pray for God to have mercy on the innocent citizens, on the victims, on the people who through ages do not have the opportunity to choose, because they live according to the laws of those in power and those who have positions. This is a time for us to see the people who have positions of power, if they have morality, if they know God, then we greatly rejoice, because it is that morality that helps people realize what is true and what is false, what is good and what is evil, where God is and where the devil is. Unfortunately, certain people who have positions of power are evil, they do not believe in God, they are also obsessed, greedy, selfish, self-interested, and they bribe, so the citizens will end up dejected and miserable. We have only one thing left, which is to pray for God to have mercy, to look at the citizens who are victims in each country, who are controlled by governments that do not belong to God, that are selfish governments, authoritarian and dictatorial governments. There are so many cries, so many pleas, so many people writhing in death in those countries, because those countries are too strict with their laws.

O God, these are the points that each country must look back at their ruling, because the leaders use their positions to be elected by the citizens, but in the end do they serve their citizens by their hearts? Did they truly live a life of justice and righteousness? Did they live in accordance to conscience or morality? Or is it that all countries are greedy, selfish, placing politics and social affairs first? Human compassion is very limited. So there are wars, plagues, sufferings. People need to look back. Our God is the King above all kings, the Lord above all lords. He created the heavens, the earth, all things, and us. He sacrificed His only Son to atone for our sins, to take our place, to be an example to help us live according to a doctrine of love, a doctrine of peace, a doctrine of happiness, filled with meanings in the doctrine of the Gospel. We did have a choice, but we did not choose God. Then after centuries, in the final hour, we will know. God’s time, no matter how many billions or thousands of years have passed, He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, so these are the days of history and the days of salvation that God grants us.

Let us look at the kings, the presidents, the leaders of the world. We see that no one can compare and no one has a moral doctrine like the Lord Jesus who brought to the world. He is the King to whom God the Father proclaimed as the King of the universe, the King of the world, the King who came down from heaven, who took on human nature, to live with mankind, to teach mankind, to bring the proper doctrine, for mankind to live and follow that doctrine, to understand that only God’s teachings can bring peace, happiness, prosperity, to each country. Today, it is clear to us as we see that God’s doctrine is the only true doctrine. His doctrine will teach us, from the people who have positions of power, to the citizens, a just, righteous, and true doctrine.

Today, we still do not understand this, still do not practice this. Thus there is still war, the world still has all problems, days of politics that are truly terrible, with tricks to achieve goals, killing masses of people unscrupulously, causing pandemics, causing the world sufferings in order to reach goals. Those goals are the greed, the selfishness, the desire to rule the world according to human ways. Those people do not know God, do not accept God, so they dare do this. They offend God, they usurp God’s authority. It is precisely because of those points they will see the consequences of their choices. Today is the time for tragic and unfortunate events in every country. We must remember what we encountered. Let us return to God, because God is the only King worthy of worship, to whom the entire world must submit, surrender, bow, worship, honor, and confess. The doctrine of God is a doctrine of love, a doctrine of peace, a doctrine with abundance and prosperity, and is a doctrine of justice, of truth, and of righteousness, which mankind needs.

Today the time has come for us to understand what is going on for us to rectify. The people who have positions of power, the countries, must look back at their ruling. The citizens must unite, to know that the only King is the Supreme Lord abounding in Divine Mercy, the King who came to this earth to atone for our world, who conquered death, and resurrected in glory. He is God the Father’s only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who came into the world to save us. That doctrine gave us life and hope when we are disappointed and when we live in despair. Today, we lift up to the Almighty God the mistakes of many generations, the mistakes of many people who are proud, who are arrogant, who offend God. It is time. Let us open wide our eyes to see what people can do. Certain people usurped God’s authority, so things they chose became the most evil things, and they are also the agents of the devil that caused the world to be chaotic in death, from a pandemic affecting both soul and body.

It is time. May everyone not continue in the direction of the habitual viewpoint of old, with self-interests from evildoing, but return to a basic virtuous heart, a heart of flesh, a heart that can feel, is moved, is touched, for us to return to the direction that God taught us. God came to save us and bring us out of that darkness of sin for us to learn from the doctrine that only He can give us. Everything that we choose, God grants and He respects us, for us to choose according to our will. Today what we choose, most of us have fallen into the hands of the devil that controlled us, made our world crazy, and harmed us spiritually and physically. But God is the Lord who created us, He loves us with His heart. He taught us, He gave us a heart that can love, a heart that can weep, a heart that imoved, touched, when we see many things happening around us.

Today we see people who are facing a terrible battle. The pandemic has taken countless people in India, which is a terrible number of deaths in the present civilized age. Where is the medicine to save them? What is to save them? Evil caused this country to be devastated. The innocent citizens suffered , the victims suffered. It is also an awakening for all the other countries. How can one recover today? Mankind has only one thing to do, which is to bow down to the ground and return to God, bow down to accept God, bow down to repent, and to ask God fort forgiveness, because He alone is the Healer. He is the Supreme Being who gave us life. He granted us love, He ruled over us with His Divine Mercy and love. It is time for everyone to open their eyes and open their hearts. If we continue to be stubborn, let us remember one thing, there is a prophetic saying that the Vietnamese people often say as a reminder to this world: out of ten, seven will die, out of three, two will die, for the world to have peace (from a Vietnamese poet and sage named Nguyễn Bĩnh Khiêm).

Remember that is true. If we do not truly return to God, we will continue to hold on to what we have. We continue to fight, be oppress, to seek ways for our own country to win, to suppress others, to cause war and suffering. Moreover, with jealousy, envy, injustice, then we will see the world coming to an end. There will not be that many people left in the world: out of ten, seven will die, out of three, two will die, for the world to have peace. So there will only be one tenth left, one percent of the earth. Now is the time for all of us to be awaken and return to God to ask for His forgiveness. The hearts and the people who live in righteousness and truth, God will preserve them and allow them to live in the new world as recorded in the Gospel.

We pray to God to come soon, because when He comes then we will have an additional thousand years when we are the people selected to enter the new world. These days are the ending and are also the days of the final purification. We see everywhere, every country, every nation, falling into a state of crisis and fear from the pandemic. It does not stop here. There will be more things going on between man and man in evildoing. There will be war breaking out. There will be things that people will continue to fight for. People will continue to use all kinds of ways, all kinds of tricks, to get what they want. There are those wicked who risk their lives to cause the whole world injuries, with terrible poisons, with science and technology, through atomic bombs. Indeed, it is something extremely scary and frightening.

O God, one thing we know people must face and deal with all the circumstances in the situations they encounter, from the government, the merchants, the unrighteous, the people who commit crime and hide themselves, the wicked who lived through the ages and continue to uphold the same policies. We only know to pray for God’s holy will to be done in this world. To see all the mourning and suffering of the citizens who are victims is so heartbreaking, but this is also the purification time for mankind to recognize the limit of human knowledge, whether ingenious or clever, yet is still human. There is nothing to be done. God alone is the Supreme Being who can saves us, heals us, grants us life in this world and in the next world. So let us together in unity lift up to the Almighty God with a spirit of penance and gratitude. With a lively voice, as we believe and we lift up, God listens.

Let us daily, in our humble condition, live in sacrifice, in mortification, in charity, to ask God to help us, to help the country in peril. We see their condition as people who are like us, but at this time their situation is so lamentable and distressing. They have fallen into situations with dreadful urgency and there is no better way out. If the high death toll continues in their country, the air will become more polluted, will become days when their country end up dealing with terrible germs that will spread everywhere. Many problems happening into the world with the pandemic and in the days to come, we do not know what the future holds and what our fate will be in the world. It is not certain we will always be safe, and will always be protected. It is not certain we will be able to avoid this pandemic.

We can see the present pandemic, but the pandemic of the soul, the selfishness and the greed of each person, of each position in the ranks of the Church, in society, as well as in the entire world, how can we understand that? If today we are truly determined to ask to be healed from the pandemic of the soul, then let us lessen our evildoing, lessen our offenses to God, lessen our evil intentions towards our fellow brothers and sisters, lessen selfishness and greed, lessen all disputes and political gains. This world will truly have peace when we recognize God. For ages, for centuries, we have been fighting and killing each other, from emperors and kings in ancient times to generals in modern times, then one country after another, the war never end.

Most unfortunate are the victims, the innocent citizens who are the pawns sacrificed for those who have power, who are the leaders of their countries. If those leaders follow God’s law, know God, belong to God, love their countries and citizens, then it is a blessing for those countries and those citizens. But if those leaders are greedy, selfish, has self-interest, corrupt, and are involved in deceitful and cunning matters, then those countries will end up on the brink of collapse, with days of corruption and extortion. In terms of morality, then the days become days of lost justice, lost righteousness, lost morality. People become troubled in countries where there is no longer respect for the truth, no longer reverence for the Supreme Being whom we need to recognize and worship.

Today, I lift up to God all problems we see and ask for God to plan, arrange, and give us the opportunities. Whatever it is, we know that God is the Supreme Being who created the heavens and the earth and all things. God granted us His Divine Mercy, He understood our feelings. We believed that God loved mankind. God always forgives and gives mankind life. Unfortunately, people have thrown themselves, like moths, into their own iniquities, so today they must accept the path they choose. However, God is still the Lord abounding in Divine Mercy, the Lord abounding in love. I lift up to God this situation and beseech God to plan and arrange, because God’s holy will is perfect throughout the ages. God’s holy will is perfect for each situation, each circumstance, each group, each country, each person, each family. I lift up to God this situation and to ask for God to plan and arrange for everyone to know Him, return to Him. God said that He so loved the world, so loved mankind that He sacrificed His only Son, for His Son to come into the world to atone for the sins of mankind, to become the offering to replace sinners, for us to have life. Whoever believes in Him will have life, and will be saved.

God gave us and the entire world an extremely very important doctrine to help us find the map of life, find truth, find true love, and find the Lord who is the King and the Father of mankind, who loves mankind infinitely. God is the Supreme Being abounding in Divine Mercy, who understands and listens. He grants love to mankind. We just need to return, to profess, to recognize God, to do what He teaches, then we will be saved, we will be delivered. God alone can do this. Let us be together, in unity, with a humble, seeking, simple heart, we will recognize in God our Father. Let us pray, give ourselves the opportunity to beseech God, the Supreme Being whom we still do not know, but we will know. God is the Supreme Being we must acknowledge for us to live, continue to exist, and experience the love that the mighty Lord bestowed and given to mankind for generations.

If together, in unity, we believe, then that is the atonement. With a repentant heart, with a belief, we lift up to God, then surely He will clearly understand the situation we are in. He will grant us better things, but let us ask for His holy will and not ask according to our own will. What do we human beings have to deserve to ask what we want? God knows everything. God understands everything. God will grant forgiveness to each person and each soul. Whether we leave this world or we remain in this world, God will have a way. When we return to God, He will grant us a special favor to save us. Let us believe it, for us to practice, to pray for our brothers and sisters, to lift up the earnest words that God grants us in our duty to pray.

We adore God, praise God, glorify God. Through our petitions, presentations, things we report and entrust, may God have mercy on us and to hear our prayers to grant to the world, especially to Vietnam. From days in the past, those of us who are expatriates must thank God and believe in God. May more Vietnamese people believe in God, return to God in a spirit of repentance, for them to be worthy of what God is granting and giving. God also gives them the opportunity to taste the sweetness of His love and Divine Mercy. In particular, India, whose majority are people who do not know God, but in their situation, we also pray to God for them. We trust that God will find a way for those who are victims, the innocent people who died. May God have mercy on them and give them the opportunity, for them to be healed in both soul and body, for them to recognize God through the severe and terrible ordeal of this pandemic.

I lift up to God Almighty, to beseech God to help India to know Him, recognize Him, because from time immemorial they have not known God, they have not recognized God. This is the time they are praying to the idols they believe in, and though these idols have neither power nor authority, but they mistakenly believed in those idols. In the end, they are dying, pitifully and tragically. These are the moments we pray for people not to be mistaken, to not go wrong. Let us return to our God, to our loving Father. Let us return and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. He came, He died, He saved us. He became the offering for us, for us to continue to live, to have the right to believe, to know, to return to the doctrine that He granted, to receive the Divine Mercy that the Lord of the heavens and the earth bestowed upon us.

Let us give ourselves the opportunity to know God in our lives. Through this pandemic, may people return to God, recognize God, believe and acknowledge the Supreme Lord whom they never had the opportunity to know. Today they have the opportunity to know, because God wanted us to pray for our brothers and sisters, to pray for our fellowmen, to pray for all problems. God is the loving Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who forgives. He is abounding in Divine Mercy. He is a merciful and benevolent God, who grants to sinners, to those who return, even belated, to those who acknowledge Him, come back to Him, and believe in Him. We thank God, praise God, and glorify God. Amen.

The Second Kowtow, we reverently offer to Jesus.

O Lord Jesus, I thank You for Your infinitely great merits as the Supreme Lord who came into this world. You ended up on the Cross, You resurrected in glory, with a doctrine that proved to the world of man, to be the light, to be the truth. Today, in the Gospel, we heard Jesus spoke to the Apostles, as if speaking to all generations, to those who are seeking the truth, Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.” Jesus made it possible for us to know that God the Father is the Supreme Lord rich in Divine Mercy, the Lord who created the heavens and the earth and all things, the Lord who sent the Lord Jesus who obeyed His Father and came into the world to die, to save our world. Thus, we have an extremely rich family in heaven, which God granted in a special way to teach and instruct us on the path He walked, by sacrifice, by His great love, to lead us into love, into the truth, into the light, to overcome all the sins of the world that cause us to always stumble and be ensnared by the devil, from the very beginning.

So the Lord came into the world to change and renew everything, to bring us from the darkness back to the light. Only from our Lord Jesus Christ’s victory, can we have this day. Let us return to God. Even if you are people who still do not believe, give yourselves the opportunity to believe. Even if you are people who still do not know, give yourselves the opportunity to know who Jesus is. Jesus is the Savior. Jesus is the Redeemer. Jesus is full of might. Jesus conquered death, brought glory, light, and life to all people and to the whole world. If anyone believes, then come to proclaim, to believe, to recognize, because God is kind, is merciful, is gentle, is loving, and helps us understand that love will never fade when we come to Him. Regardless of who we are, which country we belong to, let us come, surrender, and submit. God will definitely give us the opportunity to know who He is. He is the Advocate, He is the Supreme Being who loves. He is the Savior. He is the Redeemer who helps us out of the painful and sinful situations we face in our lives. Let us not rely on power, on money, on ambition.

Let us look at the Supreme Lord full of power, the Lord who conquered death. He conquered death to give us life and to give us hope. If we seek to understand then let us clearly seek the Lord for us to believe in, the Lord who saved us by His agonizing death, then we will have a most stable fulcrum. Let us believe in the Lord who came down from heaven to this earth, to die in place of mankind, to teach mankind a doctrine that is proved by His love, by His death, and by His glorious resurrection. Let us not seek the idols that are under His authority. Let us not seek the idols that have neither authority nor anything worth to believe in for us to end up living in days of blindness, far away from God, to believe in religions we were taught that lead us to the most cruel actions. The offerings, things that certain people do, all those things are not in the way of God. He is the Lord who does not force us to do those things, yet this world has certain religious beliefs that are truly terrible, because spiritual blindness causes people to not recognize God and to be ensnared by the devil.

Let us return to God. God does not require anything of us but to love Him above all, to love our neighbor, to live in a doctrine that He granted to save us, protect us, give us a peaceful and happy life. He fills us with abundance in life for us to have just and righteous days, to be blessed through the riches, through the abundance in our daily lives with the materials that we need. All things come from God. Mankind usurped His authority and rejected Him. God grants but we fail to recognize Him so in the end the devil lured us and we became people who are indifferent, with unfeeling hearts. Our thoughts have gone astray, we have lost our way, we only satisfy ourselves. Today, we see how there will be moments when we have money but we also have no way to spend it, when we have everything but we may not have food, food that is safe, food that is not contaminated with toxins – for us to live a healthy and peaceful life like in the first days God created mankind.

Today, people destroy the most beautiful things God bestows. With today’s situation, let us look back to restore what we lost because of our wrong choices. Let us return to the Lord Jesus Christ, let us return to our Savior. Let us return to profess in a spirit of repentance, then we will see the meaning of the infinite Divine Mercy that God the Father and Lord Jesus brought to us, for us to return to a loving Father, full of power, who has the right to bestow and the right to take it away. It is from these points for us to rise up and return, for us to seek and understand who God is. He is the Supreme Being who has the right to give us life and He is also the Supreme Being who has the right to take everything back. He also has the right to let us choose. In the end that wrong choice led us to death in the pandemic of both soul and body, in debauchery, losing all morals like in this age. Let us not fall into the snares of the devil, to lose a very close relationship, because Jesus came for us, granted us, and is still waiting for us.

O Lord Jesus, You are truly sublime, yet we are so blind. We continue with stubborn, obstinate, hardened, foolish days, with a life in which we fully belonged to a world in rational, and in the end our souls must pay the price. Today, the time has come. We must open our eyes truly wide to see, open our ears to hear, open our hearts to feel what is right and wrong, what is true and false, what is good and evil, for us to return at the right time. Let it not be too late and too tardy. God waited for us for too long, that patience has been over 2,000 years. May mankind awaken today to return. Let it not be too late and too tardy. These are the moments that when we return, though too late, but God still grants us special favors, because He is the Supreme Lord who loves, He is the Supreme Lord who has the power to forgive. He is the Lord who wants us to live peaceful and happy days when we practice the doctrine He teaches.

Let us not continue to oppose each other, not seek to find fault with each other, not let the world govern us by theory, not follow the rigors of man-made law to cause the death of our brothers, of graces bestowed. May we rely on a life in hope. Let us come to God in the most simple and ordinary ways yet very marvelous and extraordinary, in compliance with real life. As we beseech God, know God, listen to God, believe in God then He will listen to that simplicity and humility. God will grant in a special way to save us in this life and the next life. We thank Jesus, honor Jesus, and adore Jesus. May many people know, realize what God grants and gives, for us to understand that it is God who taught us: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through the Son.” May we recognize the Lord Jesus Christ and call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be forgiven. May sinful humanity be immersed in the infinite Divine Mercy of the Father, for us to be reborn, and return with repentance, thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen.

The Third Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit, You are the love, the light, the truth. The love of the Father and the Son has become a divine God present in the midst of the world. When we pray, that love will help us grow and understand what is needed in our lives. That doctrine is forever granted to us, because the Holy Spirit is very sweet and gentle. He is love, he is joy, he is smile, he is light, he is truth. He is the water, He is the fire that lights the human heart, for us to recognize what is in the darkness. We must know and must listen to Him. He grants us spirituality when we truly listen for us to walk in holiness, then we truly are practicing what He teaches us. He also grants us wisdom and enlightens us to understand what is ours, enlightens us in all real situations, enlightens us in anything when we beseech Him. Definitely, we must know that the Holy Spirit is love, the Supreme Being who guides, who enlightens, the wise Supreme Being who guides us along the paths as we beseech and listen, for us to practice His teaching.

The sense of right and wrong and morality do not come from mankind. The most important thing is that we are determined to believe and listen, then there will be the Supreme Being who guides – the Holy Spirit. So what is the best and the good deeds, the most perfect and the most beautiful, belong to the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who brings us to God the Father, leads us to believe in Jesus, and helps us learn to clearly understand what belongs to us. We realize it is from the love that comes from the Father and the Son for us to have a God who stays with us to lead us. He continues to enlighten and guide. There is only one thing that He wants, which is for us to respect, believe, and practice. If we are truly obedient, we will not encounter days of dire events. The people in positions of power ought not abuse their authority, disregard justice, righteousness, disobey, not listen, to live in a world with a heart driven by lust and greed.

So the Holy Spirit enlightens for them to know and to do what is needed. Though we stiil do not overcome our weak flesh in iniquity, but the Holy Spirit always supports and helps us. The Holy Spirit is always patiently waiting for our return. At this moment, we have seen the choices we made. The days we do not let the Holy Spirit guide, we do not listen, we reject Him for us to follow our own will, then in the end, today in the world, what is real, where is truth, where is justice, what comes from God? We have truly lost, we lost, and we are losing. Still, the Holy Spirit will not forsake those who beseech Him, those who believe in Him, those who submit to Him, those who seek to come to Him to ask to be enlightened by Him. May the Holy Spirit be patient with us, give us one more opportunity, save the world, save everyone in humanity, save those who repent, save those who believe and beseech, save those who are lifting up all their sufferings. There is nothing they can do so they pray to the Holy Spirit.

With the teaching of the Holy Spirit, we will be wise beyond measure. The Holy Spirit gives us knowledge above all education, for us to confess God, glorify God and do all things in love. With support, forgiveness, patience, unity, let us pray and continue with the days of fasting and mortification, for our lives to return to the doctrine that the Holy Spirit grants. As of today, we have seen that we can do nothing regarding all matters during the pandemic, besides the matters and disagreements with all those who are not in the truth. Morals have been turned upside down, replaced by trouble, freedom in people, cunning, deceit, days of plagues of soul and body. If we do not ask for help from the Holy Spirit, the world will enter darkened nights. If we do not plead to the Holy Spirit, how will the fire be lit in our hearts and become torches to save the world and help the world return to the God Almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

May everyone with ears then hear, eyes then see, hearts then feel, to return to the Holy Spirit. Today, we have the opportunity to be direct and also have the opportunity to beseech according to the way we are praying as taught by Mother Mary. We beseech and directly lift up to each Person. We lift up all the feelings of our hearts as we yearn and believe. We lift up to Him, then He will surely enlighten and help us. Today, truly seek to return, listen, practice to lift up our weak and sinful condition, repent. May God help us amend our lives, renew us, guide us, renew the face of the earth, transform this world into a new world. We need to live with the heart, with the soul, with the mind, to return to a moral duty, to a life of humility, to a life of obedience, to listen to the truth that God granted through the Gospel. The Gospel is the word of God that we still can hear, with people who consecrate their lives to proclaim the Good News. They are holy, pious people, who guide us on the path, which means we have a shepherd as a flock.

Let us return to God, be close to God, be together in unity, for God to have mercy and look at our harmony, for Him to intervene, teaching us more wisdom to deal with a life in falsehood and deceit, with terrible snares set to entrap those immature in faith, those who live in perversion, those who let a civilized world rule. Today, may the Holy Spirit help us, may the Holy Spirit save us, may the Holy Spirit teach us, so that with wisdom mankind may avoid all things that happen in this last and final period. The wicked people raged, the disobedient and rebellious people sought all kinds of ways to entrap our spirit in an immature and wretched life, so the majority are stumbling and are falling under the snares of evil.

May the Holy Spirit help us for us to return to Him, to feel the love and the presence, the intervention, for our lives to once again have serenity, peace, happiness, which is granted to us by God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. May we recognize our position, in each role, for us to boldly witness and profess the role of messenger, the role of royalty, and the role of priest. We need to delve deep to understand our role, not fear with what is restrained in the world with its stricts days or with old rules that crushed all the truths in the grace God bestows. May the Holy Spirit help the people in this world, help the citizens, help the people who witness in life, for them to continue to glorify God through their lives with the graces God grants them, to help the poor, to glorify God, confess God, to heal and ask to be healed, spiritually and physically, in all classes, in all roles.

We glorify the Holy Spirit. We thank the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, please hear our pleas and forgive our sins, for us to return to You with a sacrificial heart, with repentance, with contrition, with conversion, with a determination to improve to be worthy. You granted us in a special way, using us and giving us the opportunity to witness to the truth. You granted in a special way for our brothers and sisters to bear witness and glorify God’s name by the works granted by You. We are so grateful to You. May everyone know, believe, prostrate, surrender, to be worthy of the grace that the Holy Spirit granted so abundantly to this present age. We thank the Holy Spirit. May we belong to the Third Person of God with the Third Kowtow that we offer to Him.

The Fourth Kowtow, we reverently lift up to the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

O Eucharistic Jesus, You are the love, the light, the truth. You are present in a holy and divine way, present in the midst of the world and nourishing us with Your Body and Blood. Today, whether people believe or disbelieve or may feel very strange, very surprised, the truth is that the Eucharistic Jesus came to mankind by His Eucharist, by a pure white host that He instituted from the beginning before He entered His Passion, sitting at the Eucharistic table with the Apostles. It was the first Sacramental Banquet and the Last Supper. That sign continues to spiritedly nourish us, by a spiritual life, by the life of the soul, and allows us encounters, by infinitely great and sublime deeds, through a treasure of graces that God granted in a special way to our world. Today what is seen, what is heard, that evidence will not fade in the world of man, from a living God who is present among mankind, the Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh over 2,000 years ago. Today, He is present by His Eucharist.

He continues to be lively and act to urge faith for humanity, for Christians, for the Church. Today the priests directly bring the Eucharistic Jesus to us when they celebrate Mass. We meet the Eucharistic Jesus by His very presence, by the extraordinary deeds, by the marvelous miracles that He has done in this world, to urge the life of faith. Mankind needs to encounter God and return to Him. Who has power like God? Who can prove anything in the world, even with science and technology? God Himself visits us. God comes to visit us. His light radiates. His presence helps us recognize His protection, His intervention. His love awaits us till this age. Let us mature in faith, believe in deeds that God does in an extraordinary way. God granted in a special way to urge us to recognize those great glories.

Today, from small deeds in silence, let us come to Him, by our hearts. From the moments we were taken over by today’s world, we no longer had time to know God. Today, God wants us to take the time to know Him, to seek Him, to meet Him. That treasure is opened to give us peace and strength, for us to understand that in this life, we need to have God, know God, trust in God, seek God, in the days we grieve and suffer, because God said, “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened. Come to Me, for My yoke is easy and light. Those of you who are burdened, come to Me, I will give you rest.” All these things were granted and given to us, let us not harden our hearts today when we see and when we know but we do not understand. Most of us in this age have rejected what God grants and gives. But the time has come, we can no longer refuse, because God is present to protect us, to guard us, to remind us, to intervene for us. Let us be together, in surrender, in submission, thank God, praide God, glorify God, believe in God, entrust in God, and accept what we encounter today in life.

God is our one and only hope. Believe and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you. Do not be afraid. When we encounter events we must always pray and always hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Eucharistic Jesus. That presence remains with us. It is a protection, a faith that we do not lose under any circumstances, because God remains with us, stays with us, lives among us. May we come to Him with a reverent heart, with love, with gratitude, with thanksgiving, with prostration, submission, adoration, to make up for the days we ignore God, indifferent, cold, and receive Him unworthily. He still endures to this day. He is still patiently waiting for us, but let us not continue to let Him enter our hearts with the stench of sin that He must accept. Let us return today with a spirit of penance, of apology, of repentance, to be worthy of the blessing and the love. The treasure is opened to humanity today to urge faith and a return to God.

O Eucharistic Jesus, I honor You, praise You, thank You, for giving us the opportunity to witness for You, the opportunity to speak up. In today’s world, prayers are absent. We absolutely do not understand the need to pray, do not know how to pray, do not want to pray, so we lost the close relationship with heaven that God waits to grant to us. May everyone mature in faith, return to God, because we no longer have the time, and we do not know where to look for the happiness and hope that we so desperately need in today’s world. No one can help us become a new person. No one can heal us from soul to body. No one can comfort us, but it is God who is giving us the greatest source of comfort, which we have through the Eucharistic Jesus.

Let us come to worship, come to honor, come to thank God in a spirit of repentance, to ask God to have mercy and grant us strength in faith. May people in the world return to the treasure for them to take refuge in the days of plague, of suffering, of trouble, of unhappiness, losing all the freedoms that God has specially granted us. Remember, any day God remains with us then that day we always have His intervention. As we continue to beseech, to ask, to pray, God will grant in a special way to us. No one returns empty-handed. Give yourselves the opportunity to return to your God. Return to the holy and loving Master. Return to the big Brother who is still waiting for us. Seek to come to the Lord who has the power to grant and give us everything. May everyone return to the Divine Mercy to be forgiven, be worthy to be blessed, to receive the intervention. May we belong to the Eucharistic Jesus. Amen.

The Fifth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ.

O Five Holy Signs of love, of the Divine Mercy, of the Savior, of hope, of the Risen Lord, of the promise. The Five Holy Signs that were exchanged for the seal of forgiveness. Today, each of us sinners has the opportunity to be restored, to return, to believe, and to confess. Today, what helps us remain by God’s side? The trend of society is that once everything is over, then people return to their home, to spend time with many things in the outside world, while the time to spend with God is very limited. It is because of these points that we must understand how imperfect we are toward God who is the God of love, the God of Divine Mercy, the God of the Five Holy Signs, who sacrificed and died for us to live. Today we must know, even in a simple way, who He is, for whom He died. He has waited for us. He still gives us the opportunity to be immersed in His Divine Mercy.

Today, we lean on the points enlightened by the Holy Spirit. When we pray, we feel very happy and enriched with the depth of faith, with the feeling of the soul. When we pray, we understand what it is to present to God, talk to God, lift up to God, report what we have and know. We also pray to become the humble and simple souls to speak to God, to lift up and ask Him to intervene for us and for the world. May we understand from what is granted through the Five Holy Signs, because we need to know that God is longing and waiting to help and sanctify us, for us to become a new person in life. God allowed, then today everything that comes to us, let us confess, honor, thank, be grateful to the First Holy Sign, which is the infinite love of the Divine Mercy that God the Father gave to mankind for generations. He granted to every sinner. He granted to mankind. No matter how sinful, that love is still waiting for us, transcending space and time, for sinners like us to continue to live, to return, to confess the Divine Mercy that we are offering to Him.

We lift up to the Second Holy Sign, which is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior. He came into the world and died for mankind, in excruciating suffering. He triumphed and gave us a doctrine in life. We were resurrected in Him. He triumphed to lead us to a promised world in the eternal future, a world full of meaning in this earthly life, but we were completely immature in faith, we truly are very shallow and totally follow a life of iniquity. What we are facing today is the suffering of thesoul and body in the pandemic, but God is still the Lord who waits, because He came to save us. He still waits for us and gives us the opportunity to return to Him, to confess Him, to accept Him. Let us return with repentance, to be restored, to be forgiven, and to deserve to come to His Divine Mercy.

We rejoice because the Third Holy Sign is the Holy Spirit. We honor and thank the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who guides us to teach us what is ours, what is given to us by God the Father, what Jesus did for us. We continue with the intimate love that God grants in a special way when we have faith and belief. What we know help us distinguish between good and evil, between right and wrong, between true and false. All the truths and the best, the Holy Spirit grants and enlightens us. We have the right to choose. We know that in life there is a basic doctrine, which is the map to guide us in the midst of this world, but what is needed most is the determination for us to give up our wills, our sins, everything we are used to, the days that we let the world rule with the devil’s snares, with the daily sins and wicked deeds that we often commit in days of weakness and wretchedness.

The time has come for us to know clearly that it is the Holy Spirit who teaches us and helps us, for us to find the graces that are bestowed through the seven sources of grace, to help us in life and to teach us. In daily life, we know that God seeks and always grants us a favor, to teach us to excel, to deserve to be a human being, a child of God. God taught us a unique doctrine for us to live forever with Him in heaven, to have a life full of meanings in the days of exile on earth. Our earthly lives are disputes with each other, over money, ambition, envy, jealousy, resentment, but God teaches us that love will conquer all. Love will give away everything and love will become the virtue of patience. That love will attract and motivate people to live in holiness and to seek the truth. Indeed, it is truly a wonderful thing. Today, God teaches us to understand more and to truly contemplate the Five Holy Signs that Jesus brought to us.

The Fourth Holy Sign, the Holy Spirit enlightens for us to understand we still have greater riches. We are close to Him when we practice each day with the prayer that Blessed Mother Mary teaches, for us to recognize the daily nourishment, for us to encounter graces. That great treasure nourishes our souls and help us always live in hope. It is the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, what He does, what He gives, He manifests the power of the light. He allows us to meet and urges us to understand what we have, for us to be protected by Him. He always grants us favor and tenderness. He always grants us love, to save us and lead us back, but are we still in days of acknowledging, or not? Do we believe, or not? Or are we still indifferent, with human reasoning that causes us to forget what God teaches is the love, is the return, to the love and the boundless benevolence with which God alone is the Supreme Being who forgives.

May we awaken and return to Him, believe in Him, seek to come to Him in our lives. Let us confess, serve, adore, for us to live a meaningful life when we visit the Supreme Lord who has been waiting for us. He continues to wait for us. He waits for our maturity. He wants us to know the closeness with which He has humbled Himself to become a little host to stay with us, to dwell in us when we receive Him. He is still waiting, everywhere, in all the tabernacles, waiting for the children to come, for Him to strengthen us to continue on the paths with the days of exile on earth. We easily stumble and we easily forget the graces God bestows. He also gives us hope. When we are disappointed and grieve, it is God who heals us spiritually and physically. Let us seek to return to understand the meaning the Eucharistic Jesus is granting and still grants for generations. Let us come to glorify and adore the holy and divine Supreme Lord through the Blessed Sacrament. Today, all the laity, and all those chosen to become the people to represent the Lord, the shepherds, also surrender and submit before the Eucharistic Jesus, because He is the Supreme Lord who humbles Himself and remains with us, to love us, to strengthen us, to nourish our souls.

Let us not harden our hearts. Let us open our hearts to see, to believe. Let up open our hearts to find the truth, we will see that the Five Holy Signs are truly meaningful for the current critical times. We urgently need to surrender and return to God, with a faith that the Holy Spirit guides and enlightens. Moreover, He teaches us to pray for us to receive and encounter Him daily in God’s grace, and to have the opportunity to know that what we do today has a cause. That is Mother Mary, the Fifth Holy Sign. Mother Mary is the Person who taught us, led us to God, because in our lives we do not recognize the seal of forgiveness that Jesus had to exchange by His Five Holy Signs, to testify to the love that God still grants to every sinner, for us to become penitents, to become witnesses, to become saints. Today, we know we are the victims, for us to beseech God. Indeed, Mother is a quiet and gentle Mother, a Mother full of humility, with great depth, who leads us to God, to each Person, and as we confess, we recall the salvation of the Lord Jesus, Her God and Her Son, who suffered to save humanity.

Let us not lose the last chance of our lives in our last breath. Mother reminds us that the seal of forgiveness still exists, still has value. When we awaken, when we pray, when we confess, in a spirit of repentance, then God will definitely save us and forgive us. All of us suffered countless times in our lives because of our sins, because of our wrong choices, because of our erroneous desires, so Mother will be the Being to guide us and remind us. Though dealing with the trials of the world, though we made mistakes, let us remember that our souls were exchanged at the price of the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. That value forever remains in the forgiveness that God granted through Jesus, through the Five Holy Signs. We must understand that value for us to return to God at all costs. Mother personally taught us for us to practice in prayer, exercise in the conviction of what we hear, what we know, through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, for us to not lose the great opportunity as God still loves and waits for us.

We thank You, Mother. You are a Mother who understood all things of our world, with disrespect, disobedience, rebellion, and many other things that challenge God, seriously offend God in this world. We look at the Cross without feeling, with indifference, and that becomes a habit throughout generations. Today, I offer to Mother the Fifth Holy Sign with reverence, with praise, with love. Your teaching truly helps us know what belongs to us is still lively today, and is a value for our souls when we repent and return. We thank You profusely for saving us during this critical time in which many people in this world have passed away unexpectedly. Especially today, in India, it is so unfortunate and pitiful for the citizens who are the people who do not know God, but Mother, please help them have the opportunity, so that through this battle they will realize that the Being they are worshipping must be the one and only Lord God. There is no other god to replace, for their lives to have hope.

God had mercy on them, wanted them to be saved, granted all kinds of ways for us today to pray for them with Mother’s teaching. Mother loves all children in the world, without any distinction regarding the people and the country, but because the majority of people in India did not believe, they did not come close to Mother, so they lost a great opportunity. We ask Mother to give them the opportunity so that after this battle they will repent and recognize God, because only God loves mankind, only God can save mankind. Mother alone is the Being who patiently waits to teach mankind. Today, may all people surrender and submit before the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, the victorious and glorious Supreme Being, who gives us life and hope when we are in despair, when we are discouraged, and when we are living in hopelessness.

Now, there is only one thing to do, return to God in joy, in smile, in happiness, through His Divine Mercy. He is the Healer, the Supreme Being who grants us abundance, who renews us. He is the Supreme Being who grants us both spiritual and physical healing. Together, we honor, adore, repent before the Five Holy Signs, and confess what God granted to us on behalf of those who do not know, who still do not understand. May God have mercy on them and let them know, for them to be saved and forgiven with the Five Holy Signs as God specifically granted forgiveness to each sinner. We thank God, praise God, and glorify God. May we belong to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ.

The Sixth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and for Her triumph

O God the Father, I thank You for everything that we know, that we have. What we continue to have is from You who grant. You saw how in our world no one deserves, no one understands how to live Your holy will, and how to put into practice the graces You specially granted when we truly live in Your way. In the end, in all the world, no one does, but we have Mother. You chose for us a Mother, an exemplary Mother, a Mother who lived a life of complete humility and obedience to Your holy will. A Mother whom You chose to be the Mother of God and the Mother of the human race. Today, what Mother teaches helps us surrender and return to our God, to recognize what are in the sins of the world that we cannot compensate. We thank the Lord Jesus, Mother’s Son. He is our elder Brother Jesus. He is our divine Master. The Lord Jesus leads us to God’s infinite love and Divine Mercy. Today Father, please allow us to offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow, which the Holy Spirit prompts and teaches us to offer to Mother.

O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Redeemer, Mother of all mankind, Mother of the Church, Mother of all clergy, Mother of the Risen Lord of the Fourth Week of Easter, still present. O Mother, Mother of every sinner, Mother of every prisoner, every saint, every penitent, every victim, every witness, every patient, Mother of every soul in purgatory, Mother of the apostles everywhere in the world, Mother of all mankind, Mother of every person in the world, Mother of every family. Today the number of people who know Mother or believe in Mother is still a limited number, but Mother is always seeking ways to lead Her children back to God. Mother always seeks ways to remind and guide us, to help us come to God, return to God. Mother is the only Mediatrix to bring us back to God in critical times. Her deeds cannot be denied, Her title, Her name must be confessed. We lift up honor, thanksgiving, gratitude, appreciation, and a repentant heart.

Because there are many things Mother taught and gave to the world, but people still do not believe, because of their hardness of heart, because they are still subjected to sin, ensnared by the devil, so they do not understand the value of the gentle and tender way that Mother taught. Most of us are caught in the snares of the devil in this age so we cause the death of our souls and bodies through the pandemic. Mother does not give up, because Mother knows that God loves mankind. Jesus died for mankind so Mother will never give up. Mother continues to be with mankind, replaces mankind to stay with the Eucharistic Jesus. Where the Eucharistic Jesus is, there is Mother Mary. As long as we have Mother Mary, as long as we have Mother’s prayer, Her intercession, then God will not leave us, God will have a way to save us, God will have a way to intervene for us. It is because of these points that Mother wants our world to come to a conclusion, because of the extreme offenses to God in this day and age, offending God by defiance.

People are using all things of a free world, converting all His laws, offending God, challenging God. People are offending the Eucharistic Jesus. Mother’s Heart was completely broken, Her heart grieved. Mother shed tears, blood tears, to remind the world of man. Today, if we do not return, we will enter a battle between good and evil, we will completely fall into the ingenious and sophisticated traps of a civilized age. Today, Mother does not teach us to use weapons of resistance. Mother does not teach us any method other than the method of prayer, other than the method of returning to God, other than the method that we need to meditate on, to return with a contrite heart. The Holy Spirit will help us be reformed, be restored, and what we do will become a victory. We pray to the heavenly family, through God’s permission, for the archangels, the angels, and the saints, to help us.

We are told that we are children of God, not subject to the traps of the world in the ingenuity of a radical age, but we have fallen. From the clergy, from those chosen to be the shepherds to all the leaders of the nations, we have fallen. The world is in a state of chaos, in a state of confusion, in a state of a mix-up between true and false. It is a world that demands a life of reality, in contrast to morality, and violates God’s law. Today, we are free to follow a civilized world to conform to all matters, but are against morality and the sense of right and wrong. Thus, Mother desires that together in unity, we bow down, prostrate, and worship God, with prayers to beseech for ourselves, for the community, for the places of activity, for the world, for the Church, for society. For all the problems in the world, let us pray, the Holy Spirit will enlighten and teach us. With the eyes of faith we will see what we loathe, because we are not aware of the snares as we are captivated, stubborn, and obstinate.

We are truly being ensnared by a sophisticated and ingenious world that caused people to lose the basis of morality, of truth. Today, Mother teaches us to take up arms, the most important weapon for us to use to help ourselves, to recognize what belongs to us clearly and precisely. That is prayer. Prayer must be practiced when we are determined to recognize between right and wrong. Let us be together in unity to make reparation, to apologize, to repent, to be forgiven. Enlightened by the Holy Spirit for us to know which is our position, what we must do, what we need to do to be saved, to be forgiven, and to receive the intervention. Today, we know how to pray, after six years of practice. Ten years of listening, six years of being taught, we feel we made better progress than in the past.

Even though the days are still days of weakness, we know what we are doing, what gives us the strength, the courage, the urge to let our voices resound in this earth, to talk to God, to lift up to God, to fulfill our duty and responsibility in this world, to ask God for forgiveness, to come to God, to become brave and bold witnesses to the Good News. It is most important to remind people to be humble, to become little, to remind people of the urgency to beseech. Let us not be shy or afraid. Let us confess God, practice what God teaches. We must help each other and together in unity, return to God, entreating persistently, asking God to save the world, save the countries that face the danger of the plagues of both soul and body, and even ourselves.

We also pray for God to destroy all the devil’s traps and snares, to help us become brave and strong people who testify to the truth, because only the truth can last, and only with the truth will God be the Supreme Being who protects and guards, for us to become righteous. Today, Mother teaches us the most ordinary yet very extraordinary and marvelous things, and helps us with the most fundamental basis. Each one of us needs to return to God, to confess God, for God to have mercy and forgive us. In a spirit of repentance through the gift of the Six Kowtows, when we pray, when we experience, when we meditate, with our hearts to be heard by God, then God accepts, and God intervenes. That is what we have today.

We thank Mother profusely. Mother, please help us through these frightening and fearful crises, through the events that we created ourselves, through the critical days as we need to prepare ourselves, for us to return to God, to not lose what we already have in God, to end up suffering the torment and the fire in either hell or purgatory. These are the most important things that we need to know, to pray for ourselves, for society, for the world, for all problems. Even though no one may be aware but we know that the angels and the saints hear us, God hears us. Mother teaches us, for us to offer earnest words. In the stillness of the world, there needs to be a voice. It is necessary to have lively words granted by God, through the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

Surely, God will have a way to help us and intervene for the world. May everyone know God, recognize God, and return to God. Only the path of return to God, to recognize God, with repentance, can we have the right to live, deserve to live, to continue with a world where God wants us to be in solidarity, to love, to acknowledge God, to practice His law and the teaching in His doctrine, for us to deserve days of prosperity, of happiness, and of peace that He grants. Today, why is there no peace? It is because we are still living in days of jealousy and envy, acting against God’s teachings, with greed, with selfishness. Then ensnared by the devil, we become deceitful, scheming, cunning, so because of this, we lost God’s gift to us through Jesus. Jesus came to save us and to give us a doctrine but we completely did not understand and did not know. Today Mother is heartbroken and suffer. Mother weeps and Her tears are welling up, but She still continues to help us, to seek ways to save us and bring us back to God.

Today, the gift of the Six Kowtows is like an affirmation. The gift of the Six Kowtows is like the strength to help us understand what we still have. Let us not lose this opportunity. Today, we represent all classes, all roles, our brothers, and sinners. We are also among the sinners whom God loves. He allows His Mother to help us. Let us practice what is in daily life, by a life of prayer, by a life determined to eliminate sins committed in weakness, to be worthy of the love with which God loved and granted the Divine Mercy, to save us, to cleanse us, for us to become a new person in life. Mother wants us to understand this, for all of us to be saved, to be forgiven, to return with God, with Mother, for ever and ever, in heaven.

O Mother Mary, I thank You. We lift up countless thanks to You. There are no words to say the words “thank” worthily. Mother, please have mercy on us who are wretched sinners. If without You then we will not have this day, we will not be strong and courageous, we will not know what to do. Today, we have seen all the aspects You granted, for us to learn how to pray, for our brothers and sisters, for the people whom God uses, for the people who are rejected by the world, because people do not believe, accuse others of what they consider to be demonic. People did not believe in extraordinary things and ostracized us with laws according to their habits.

So these are still the years with the scribes and Pharisees who use their power to crush the people whom God uses and whom Mother wants them to bear witness to the truth. Today, the number of fake prophets are many, but there are also many authentic people whom God has chosen to assume the role of prophet, of priest, of royalty, with the silent days in the role chosen by God, through Mother’s teaching, through the Holy Spirit’s training, to become bold witnesses in this day and age. May no one destroys everything that God grants in a special way to us through Mother’s teaching and arrangement, through the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, for us to continue to bear witness to this truth. No one has the right to prevent the little love that we offer as compensation. Though this love is never proportionate, we only ask to compensate somewhat.

Let us not be hindered by all people today in the reasoning of the world. May we boldly step through the trials and tribulations to bear witness to the truth that Mother wants us to do in this world, for this gift to be brought to all classes, all roles. Everyone must pray, return by heart, prostrate and surrender by a contrite and repentant heart. Pray in daily life, by means of reparation, to be worthy with the days that God grants in a special way and saves us in the midst of urgent days with events, particularly those days with sins that are seriously offending God, by challenging Him.

Today, all classes and roles seem to place the laws of man above the matters of God. May God look at this to intervene at the right time, to not let the devil confuse and dominate the world, to lure away all the people God trained in the ranks of the Church. They must return to the justice, the righteousness, the truth that God granted to the Church. From the beginning to this day, and in the end, it must be the same, to love and to walk in God’s way. Please do not yield to the problems of a world for its satisfaction in a rational age, to remove what is genuine and immutable from God.

O Mother Mary, we are also human beings. Learning and knowledge caused mankind to err from what is in God’s law. This is the most important thing that I ask of You. Mother, please have mercy, for the bishops, the cardinals, especially for the situation in Germany, with more than 500 priests, more than 50 parishes, asking the Catholic Church in Rome to accept the conditions that they offer. What condition is this? It is for the blessing in church for the homosexuals, and for women to be ordained, which to them are very rational conditions. I think these conditions belong to a world in wickedness, not to God. Have people forgotten about the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? Was it not due to the majority of sinners who were homosexuals that those cities were destroyed by fire and brimstone? Today in Germany, they demand this, and especially the people in the German Church demand this. I firmly believe that this is a world we must look at very clearly, our Church does not belong wholly to God as it was in the beginning. Our Church has been divided, and certain people are being lured by the devil, for them to make demands according to their own will. Only God’s will is good and perfect, always. Truth, holiness, perfection, cannot be changed.

I ask God to help the Pope be utterly strong, be filled with the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and enlightenment. We pray for God to help the cardinals, the bishops, the clergy in Germany, to awaken at the right time. Do not allow weariness, for the devil to take over. The countries that betray God and act against God’s doctrine will also be burned as in the past, and if not burned then there will be terrible plagues that will kill many, because the people do not believe or act against God’s doctrine. Today we pray. It was Mother Mary who taught us to pray for them. We do not want to lose the Church. We do not want to see the separation and division nor do we want this schism to happen in this society. Today, it is necessary to unite and return to God with a contrite and repentant heart, not to demand according to mankind’s own will and face the trouble of an age.

O Mother Mary, please help us, intercede with God for us. May St. Joseph, the first exemplary saint in the world, especially with the Holy Family, be a model for people to live a religious life, with the virtue of chastity. He is an example in a life with duties and responsibilities, an example of obedience to God. He is the saint who today has a position above all the saints in heaven. His intercession will be answered and granted by God. St. Joseph, please help our Church. Those who want the schism, may they look at what they are saying, what they are asking that is not in God’s way. May they recognize the virtue of chastity. May they remember that God created a man and a woman, and that life cannot be confused. Only the animal kind does not recognize, to live otherwise.

As for God, He is the divine and refulgent Supreme Being, He is the Supreme Being who has taught mankind from the beginning. That will never change, because it is for the good of the world. Please do not fall into the snares like those who have positions of authority, the shepherds that demand things in reality. They fail to acknowledge what God granted them and the good law that God gave to help mankind. Please do not succumb to the days when the devil lured those who have positions to follow him, to live in days with that sin, and then to consider the present schism. That is a painful matter for our Church.

I ask God to help our Church. I ask Mother to protect our Church, for the Pope as well as the cardinals and the clergy to live in righteousness, to be strong and courageous, to stand firm, not to fall, not to err, not allow this to happen. For everything, we simply lift up to the God Almighty. We lift up to Mother the clergy and those who live in righteousness for them to continue to be courageous, strong, entrusting, and trusting. God will have a way and God will act, because the time has come for God to distinguish between His people and the people of a world who chose to rule on their own. This is most obvious, the battle between good and evil will be concluded in the end of the days of purification, the days we are present. We only know that Mother teaches us to pray. We have no right to judge anyone, we simply ask for God to allow us to listen to Mother’s words.

As Mother said to us, let us pray. Pray with the archangels, especially the Archangel Michael who holds the balance of justice, who once defeated satan. Today, we pray to the three archangels and all the archangels in heaven, we pray to the angels and our guardian angels. We also pray to the saints who have gone in the course of history, who are in heaven, to please help us, pray for us, pray for the world to recognize truth, justice, and righteousness, the teaching, and God’s unique doctrine. We pray for them to help destroy the snares of the devil. It is from the prayers of the saints that the Father will act. He will intervene in His supreme way.

We can only pray. Let us be firm in our standpoint walking on the path. Despite challenges, let us never give up, and in each work, praise God, glorify God, until our last breath. May everyone together be in solidarity, to love, to listen to Mother’s teaching, to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, to stand firm and continue with days of silent prayer, with earnest words and offerings, with the current narrative of what is happening, for the last book of recorded history. May the God Almighty have mercy on us, for the world to be saved, to receive His intervention. May the people open the eyes and hearts to recognize the traps of the devil, to not fall into his snares, for us to end up divided and must bear the responsibility according to the righteousness, the truth, and the justice, before the court of God.

We do not want anything granted by God to be lost at the hands of the enemy. We hope the current leaders to definitely have God’s heart. They must return to God. They must realize what they need to do and decide for the citizens who are the poor victims. Because when leaders decide, then the citizens follow, and these are the days when this world is being lured by sin and enticing people in its ingenious and sophisticated traps. Today, we ask the archangels and guardian angels as well as all the saints to support and pray for us, help us, protect us, for us to become humble prayer warriors. It is from these prayers that God will have mercy, hear us, and intercede for the people we pray for.

At this moment, I also lift up to Mother the country of India, which is in the midst of a serious pandemic, both physically and spiritually. Mother, please have mercy, seek a way to save them at this time and stop the pandemic that has killed such a large number of people. Though they are people who do not know God, this is the time when they must know God, they need to recognize God. May God have mercy, welcome them, give them the opportunity through the words that Mother teaches us to pray. We know that God is a God of love, a God rich in Divine Mercy, a God of justice. Please have mercy on the lost souls that passed away unexpectedly from this man-made pandemic. This is an extremely disastrous event and a challenge for people to recognize the last choice in their lives, because we do not know what tomorrow will bring, anyone may die anytime.

Let us return to God. Let us listen and practice. Let it not be too late and too tardy. Let us practice what Mother teaches and grants us, to return to the God of love, the God Almighty, the eternal and ever-living God, who hears us, who is full of mercy and benevolence, who forgives and allows us to return to His Divine Mercy. Now together in unity, we pray to the angels and the saints to continue to help us, pray for us, and with us lift up thanksgiving to the God of love, to the Divine Mercy of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. We also ask for the souls to unite with us, to kneel, to prostrate, to adore, to glorify, and to confess God, in the sentiments of days of repentance. May God have mercy and allow souls in purgatory to soon return to Him in the kingdom of heaven, before the justice of God that these souls must pay in order to return with Him.

God, please have mercy and allow the souls to go to heaven sooner with our small sacrifices. We pray for God to have mercy on them. On the souls’ behalf, we lift up to God these small sacrifices for God to forgive and allow souls to soon return to heaven. Once they are in heaven, they will be an extremely powerful force to help us and pray for us on the path to testify to the truth through the gift of Six Kowtows. We testify to a gift to urge every soul, for every heart to know, to recognize, to return to God. With determination, return and pray with a truly contrite and repentant heart. Pray to honor, to adore, to praise, to confess, to worship God, on behalf of those who still do not know, who still do not believe.

May they know, believe, and return to the God of love and Divine Mercy, the Mighty One, the Supreme Being who has the authority to forgive sins, who has the power to give us life and the power to destroy the whole world. We ask in the name of the Lord, the God of love, now and for ever and ever. I thank the Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother. I thank St. Joseph, the three archangels, and all the angels and saints. May everyone submit and surrender to glorify and adore the merciful Father. He granted in a special way to mankind in this age, to lead us to Jesus, with an affirmed faith, for us to live and exist by the price of Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ who sacrificed for us through His Resurrection, for us to be worthy to receive His guidance and love through the Holy Spirit, for us to continue each day to receive the protection, the support, the intervention of the Eucharistic Jesus, for His voice to be alive, to grant us the opportunity to be trained by the Holy Spirit, to affirm what we have, for us to practice today.

We kneel before His Five Holy Signs by our proclamation, because the Five Holy Signs were exchanged for us to receive the seal of forgiveness, to receive the infinite Divine Mercy. It is from God’s benevolence and kindness towards sinners like us, for us to become penitents, to become witnesses, to become saints in heaven. May we recognize ourselves as penitents and ask to become the instruments for God to use whenever He wants, and for us to receive Mother Mary’s gentle teaching. Mother arranged for us, taught us Her humility through the way of prayer. Today, thanks to Mother, with Mother, and from Mother’s intercession, our world will be saved. In the end Mother’s virgin mantle will envelop those who listen to Her, those who return, and those who practice with the gift of the Six Kowtows that Mother offers to the world in general and in particular to those who perform and return to God.

Mother will be our protector to bring us back to God. Listening to Mother’s words, God will surely intervene and help us return at the right time while time permits. Please do not let it be too late and too tardy. Those who have ears then hear, eyes then see, hearts then feel, to decide for themselves today, and for their souls in the future. We adore God, praise God, and glorify God, in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Although in church everyone has left we stay to offer a small daily sacrifice in life. May God accept. May God forgive us. Please grant those who know to recognize and return to God in times of danger, with the days of urgency and the days of trouble that we are facing.

We thank God, praise God, and glorify God. We thank the Holy Spirit. We thank Blessed Mother. We conclude the Six Kowtows tonight and complete our prayers for Vietnam, and for India that is suffering from so many deaths during this pandemic in these critical days. This situation may affect the Southeast Asia area, as there will be changes and will also lead to war with the dispute in the South Seas. Today, all issues seem to arise, all problems are happening. I pray for God to intervene and protect the victims, the innocents, the citizens who endured so many days of suffering because of the leaders who used their unjust power to seize and invade what does not belong to them, to cause war, to cause the present days of plague.

May God have mercy on us, intervene, and help us. Apart from God, no one can help us and grant to us. God alone is the Supreme Being who loves, who rules by love, and who gives us the moments to pray for Him to have mercy, to intervene, to plan according to His supreme way. We lift up in His holy will. May everything be planned and arranged according to His holy will. All things in His holy then will become good. All problems are lifted up, and we pray for God’s holy will to be done, because when in God’s holy will, then all things will become better. There are many more suitable things than what we see. May God’s holy will be done and may we persevere in faith, to be loyal until the very end. Though trials and tribulations, help us overcome them patiently, to have the experiences in a life determined to be faithful until our last moment toward God, with faith belonging to God.

We conclude the Six Kowtows tonight at exactly 9:32 pm, Friday, April 30, 2021, at St Therese church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Today, Maria Nhung did not do the Fourteen Stations of the Cross, she united with me to offer the Six Kowtows to pray for Vietnam and India, and for all the crucial problems that are happening between good and evil in today’s battle. I also ask God for me and Maria Nhung to go home now, for us to prepare for tomorrow’s group meeting on the first day of the month, and for our bible study on Sunday. God, please bless us, for us to continue with the missions You assign and the works You give for us to represent the brothers and sisters in the world, to persevere, to be faithful with the role that You grant us. We thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, and thank Blessed Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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