New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Luminous Mysteries Meditations


      The Luminous Mysteries Meditations

January 13, 2022

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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Lucia: O God, today is the 13th, the day dedicated to Blessed Mother. Today is the first 13th of the year 2022, the day we have a meeting. Every time we pray the Rosary, God teaches us to pray for our Pope and our Church. We need to pray for the Church because this is a world with many changes and countless conflicts. God, please have mercy. We lift our prayers to God and start the Rosary with the Our Father, three Hail Marys, and the Glory Be. We pray particularly to ask Blessed Mother to intercede for us with God. With the Our Father, we pray for our Pope. 

We pray for Pope Francis to be healthy, filled with the Spirit of God and wisdom to guide the flock, the sheep, and the shepherds, as God granted to Saint Peter and grants to our Pope today. God, please have mercy on the cardinals, bishops, and priests. May they unite and listen to things mentioned by Pope Francis. Pope Francis proposes many things to bring about a renewal in the Church, enhance the spiritual life, prompting a meeting with God, and a life aware of more responsibilities. There are many things the Pope shares or proposes; may the cardinals and bishops cooperate to recognize what is right and what the laypeople like us need to have. May the Word of God come alive in the life of Christians, in our lives, who are the lay people, to unite as one with our Church to continue to practice in the doctrine Jesus Christ left to the Church, and from the Church to us. 

God, please grant cardinals and bishops the wisdom to see what the laypeople need at this time. Please help them face the issues of society and bring regeneration in the Holy Spirit. God, please bless us with more faith for us to recognize the presence of God through the Church, in the Church, and unite to fulfill the mission as children of God and citizens of the Church. May we continue to walk with the Church. We may not be able to do anything in any situation, but our prayers can; let us offer prayers, and our sacrifices, whether insignificant or significant, God knows. God, please have mercy and grant us the virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity, through the three Hail Marys so that each person who is a child of God, a person with function or a Christian, must live with those three essential virtues. We still lack the basics, so we easily doubt, fall into a confused state, and quickly change our minds according to society’s way. 

God, please have mercy, hear our prayers, and grant us, the laypeople, and the Church. We must practice these three essential virtues and testify to the truth. We need to call upon His Name in this life and know that we have the responsibility to practice. We must learn and practice these three virtues to benefit our faith life and the world. Faith means to trust in God because only with Faith can we grasp the depth, the height, the width. Hope means we rely upon God in all situations and entrust all circumstances to Him because we know He understands, sees, and knows our needs more than we know ourselves. As for Charity, though we pray a lot for the virtue of Charity in our lives, we still lack Charity. There are times we forget the poor, we forget our duty and responsibility. 

We see other people less fortunate than us, more in need than us, but we are selfish and only think of ourselves. God, please have mercy on us when we stumble in situations with this virtue of Charity. God, please kindle our hearts to come to life with Faith. From having Faith and Charity, we hope to meet more brothers and sisters. Let us unite to be worthy with the teaching of God through the Church. With the virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity, we lift to God all problems. We offer to the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit through the Glory Be. God, please remain in us, and please come to be with us on this 13th. Mother, please help us in the mission. You want us to practice in the meditation of each Mystery to recall the works God did and meditate on things we need to meditate on for our lives to be more focused, more zealous, with the meaning in the learning that God grants to each of us.  

1. The Baptism of Christ

 “And a voice from heaven said, This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”(Matthew 3:16-17).

The First Mystery: The Lord Jesus is baptized in the Jordan River. Let us pray to live worthy as His children.

I reverently offer the first decade to God the Father.

O Father, I thank You. We rarely meditate on Thursday. Today, You grant us to hear the reading about the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan and the voice from heaven: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.”

O God, You affirmed and let us know that You sacrificed Jesus for Him to come into this world. Jesus is the Great Prince of Heaven, Your Only Begotten Son, but You so loved the world that You sacrificed Your Only Son to send Him into this world. Jesus took on human nature and endured a human life with all its hardships. From His baptism by Saint John, He reminded us of repentance. Jesus’s baptism was to let us know that all of His deeds had meanings. He wanted us to know that He lived a human life and remember that what He performed had a purpose.  

Today, let us ponder and meditate; Jesus wants to let us see that He is God. He observed human rule and subjected Himself to human law. Moreover, He allowed us to understand that God is the Lord with meekness and humility. To integrate with us, God must accept to do this, then what are we to refuse to follow the doctrine and the Gospel? We refuse to practice many things and make demands according to our questions. This world has too many questions, so things that are easiest for us to experience, we overlook in our lives. If anyone has read the Gospel, God the Father said clearly: “This is My beloved Son.” 

Jesus represented God the Father. Jesus brought the love of the Father to humanity. Jesus brought into the world the law and the doctrine of love that the Father wanted His Son to give to us by action and deed. Let us ponder on this because God is the Lord, and out of love for us, He endured everything. If we want to become God’s children, enter heaven, become heaven’s citizens, and become saints, we must contemplate what we need to do. Let us live to learn, to acknowledge our human fate. 

Today, the Luminous Mysteries remind us of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan. Let us live worthy as His children. Let us look back at ourselves; we were baptized as God’s children, but are we worthy? God does not look at our unworthiness; He grants us the opportunity when we repent, amend our lives, recognize Him, and return. Let us always cherish this in our lives. Let us not continue to stumble, fall, and foster all that is old and unworthy in our lives. 

Let us not compare God to everything we like. There are things we cannot explain but let us ponder. We choose things of the world, but do these things give us the benefit of heaven, help us enter heaven, or cause us to lose the opportunity? Instead of achieving many works for God out of love, we look to satisfy ourselves with things of the world. Indeed, some people do because they do not know God, never encounter God, and live an entire life without knowledge of God. However, we know God, then let us examine ourselves and decide whether we choose God or choose the pleasures of the world in our lives, things that we consider appropriate. 

We follow God; we must remember that the Father sent us Jesus and wanted us to submit to Jesus and listen to Him. His teaching is the truth. We follow God, but we do not give up everything to follow Him, even our parents and siblings, then we do not deserve to be His disciples. We must examine ourselves. What do we consider valuable? What are we receiving from God? At times, we receive abundantly, so we forget what God granted, and we choose to satisfy our personal lives, which we consider fitting. Let us examine ourselves. Do we love God, or do we love our selfishness and wishes? May each person live to be worthy as God’s children each day of our lives. 

2. The Wedding at Cana

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” (John 2:5)

The Second Mystery: Jesus attends the wedding feast at Cana. Let us pray to believe in His power.

I reverently offer the second decade to Jesus, our Redeemer, our Savior.

We know that Jesus performed His first miracle at the wedding in Cana. Mother was the person who asked for it. In this Second Mystery, we see the position of Mother. God was the Lord when He came into this world, but when He took on human nature, He dwelled in Mother’s womb. Since a mother has authority over her children, God is the Lord, but He had to listen to Mother’s request. Mother Mary is the person who intercedes for us, and God never refuses. That was the first public miracle. 

Mother requests and intercedes with God for us to strengthen our faith. For the past ten years, we saw, heard, and experienced many things that were miracles. God came for us to have faith, and from that faith, each day, we see wonders in our lives. No one can perform miracles apart from God. Things impossible to us are possible with God and have a purpose because Mother is a person who is constantly concerned about our personal lives.  

In our lives, when we face family and societal issues, mistakes, and plights, let us rejoice and rely on the Second Luminous Mystery and plead with God. He never refuses. We have Mother Mary, the person who asked for the first miracle. If Mother did not mention to Jesus the lack of wine, then Jesus was an ordinary guest like others. God lets us see that when we need, we must ask because not everything happens as we wish. Things do not happen magically; God granted us ways to see that the deeds He performed had meanings and followed an order. Let us recognize that God performed a miracle and changed water into wine. This miracle happened from Mother Mary’s intercession.  

Let us meditate on this to see that God grants us many things in life to strengthen our faith. God helps us recognize what we do not know we lack, but Mother is the person who cares for us and guides us. Today, we have each other in the group. We know the truth and the benefits of the work we do. We hear God’s voice, believe in God, and meet God and Mother each month. If we were not bold right from the beginning, who dares do this? Who dares make up being God, being Mother, says what is not true? Only with faith in the truth can miracles happen. 

Today we thank God for granting us to understand this. Ten years have gone by with countless things that we witnessed and could not refute. God loves us and lets us know that He is all-powerful, yet He is very close to us. In our lives, when we cannot do certain things, let us ask God. Let us be firm in faith and trust in His power and authority. He will grant us accordingly. 

We know that God manifested, is manifesting, and God continues to reveal to those who seek Him. How can we respond and be worthy of what He granted and manifested? Let us unite in the meditation for each mystery to come to us full of meanings. Let us understand what God bestows to become witnesses. If we do not understand clearly, how can we share with others? We were taught and trained, but we rarely pay attention to the Rosary and the Divine Mercy. Each day, let us continue with the meditation, read over and over; when we do not understand, let us rely on what God grants through the Holy Spirit. 

We have a group for everyone to recognize what comes from God through us, to become familiar with us. Let us meditate to live in God when we pray and ask Mother to intercede for us. We rejoice to have God and Mother in our lives. God does not refuse what we pray for; He does not grant according to our wishes, but He will give what is more suitable to us. Let us remember God, the graces He bestows, what we presently have, the past days of suffering for us to have happiness today. 

Let us not forget the graces bestowed, which are most important. We receive many graces; let us recognize whether we despise or neglect them. If we take God for granted, at the end of our lives, how will we be? Let us awaken, look back at ourselves. Let us not let it be too late and too tardy. We must awaken to the great opportunity to receive His graces in our lives.  

O God, I thank You for letting us know about the miracle at the wedding in Cana – the six stone waterpots. Jesus turned water into wine, and these six stone waterpots also speak of our Mother. Mother Mary has a specific number that belongs to Her. The story mentioned six stone waterpots. Why not three, four, five, but six? Why in the Gospel do the words spoken by Mother amount to only six times? The number six belongs to the ending; it is the code that Mother Mary offers, full of meanings with the deeds and actions, and the end is also the number six. 

Today, let us meditate on things related to Mother Mary through the gift of the Six Kowtows. We have the opportunity to meditate more on each mystery to understand what Blessed Mother granted to the world for us to come closer to God, be more aware, more zealous, more respectful, and more profound in the meditation and prayer life. 

3. The Proclamation of the Kingdom and the Call to Conversion.

He said: “The time is accomplished, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent, and believe the gospel!” (Mk 1:15)

The Third Mystery: The Lord Jesus preaches the Gospel and calls for repentance. Let us pray for conversion and acceptance of the Gospel.

I reverently offer the third decade to the Holy Spirit.

O Jesus, You came into the world and lived for thirty-three years. You chose the disciples, and You preached. We read from the Gospel that Jesus had to go from one place to another to preach, proclaim the Gospel to the world, and call people to conversion. In the third decade of the Luminous Mysteries, O Holy Spirit, I revere You, thank You, because only with You and from You that we understand the work that Jesus did to lead us away from a life of habits in our weak, wretched, and sinful condition. Thanks to the Gospel, and God’s preaching, we repent and return. 

O God, You performed over 2,000 years ago, before You took on human nature to come into the world, and 2,000 years after, You granted to Your Church. You granted to the laypeople like us to become Your children. Let us continue the program to witness, proclaim, and live the Gospel to be worthy to receive the grace of conversion and return to God. 


O God our Lord, You established the Church for us today to have the Church. Let us unite with the Church because the duty and responsibility of each person are to be a witness for the Gospel, to help the world and our fellow brothers recognize God and return to Him. Only with God and heaven can we find happiness, harmony, and peace in this life and the next. Only with the Gospel of God can we change. Only by believing in the Gospel can we have a new life through the invitation that God grants, with love, forgiveness, sympathy, and with the doctrine and the truth, to help us amend our lives. 

O Holy Spirit, I thank You. Through the third decade, we usually offer the Third Kowtow to You. Holy Spirit, You are the Supreme Being who enlightens us to know that God came to invite man to repent because the kingdom was at hand. It is the same today because the kingdom of God is nearby each person. Each day, no one can guarantee we can live an entire lifetime up to a certain age. Our souls and our lives belong to God’s decision. While in this present life, we deal with truth and falsehood, good and evil, right and wrong, and it is up to us to decide. May we listen and reflect upon the word “Repentance”; listen and ponder on the “Gospel” for us to recognize God’s invitation right from the beginning. Today, God still waits for us to have the opportunity to hear His voice, meditate about Him, testify to what He did, and contemplate the miracles He granted to us.

O God, please open our hearts for us to embrace things that we see and hear. May we have a true conversion and repent, be worthy of what we hear from the Lord Jesus, the holy Teacher, teaching us. God is the Supreme Being who teaches us the truth. He prepares us to become citizens of heaven and return to Him eternally. God came to bring us back with Him. Our final decision on whether to choose God or choose the world is something we must be determined to pray to God to ask for Him to enlighten and guide us to be wise to choose the right path. Let it not be too late and too tardy!

4. The Transfiguration

And a voice came out of the cloud, saying: This is My beloved Son; listen to Him.” (Lk 9:35)

The Fourth Mystery: The Lord Jesus is transfigured on the mountain. Let us pray to hear and practice the Word of God.

I reverently offer the fourth decade to the Eucharistic Jesus.

O Eucharistic Jesus, in the monstrance, You are a delicate white host, but You are the Lord present in humanity’s faith. You are alive, visiting us, granting us Your wonderful and lofty visitation.

O God, in the transfiguration, You manifested for the holy Apostles to see that You lived in the world as a human being, but You are the Lord. You transfigured to converse with the two prophets, and the three holy Apostles witnessed You as a human being and yet the Lord. Your transfiguration allowed us to see the glory as You came into the world to save humanity. 

O God, Your transfiguration allowed us to understand through faith the lofty wonders You revealed, but our lives have transfigurations that are the masks we wear outwardly through a pious life. For generations, from those who have functions and all classes, all roles, in our lives, we transfigured ourselves many times, in dishonesty, outwardly. 

O God, Lord of love, please help us. God, You revealed Yourself for us to recognize that You are the Lord who understands and knows everything. Please help us find ourselves, gain a heart in the truth, and seek everything most needed in our lives. May we live righteously and return to God, practice His teachings, and listen to what He granted to attain hope and spiritual life. 

O God, in today’s reading, God the Father said: “Listen to Him!” God the Father asked us to listen to Jesus for us to obtain life and salvation. Each time we meditate on this, let us question ourselves how many times we transfigured, did not live sincerely with ourselves, wore a deceitful mask, an insincere mask, a mask of living a sinful life. God, please help us remove the transfigurations in our lives, become truthful when we contemplate, and understand that the Eucharistic Jesus is a true person. We feel His presence, closeness, touch, visitation, lofty revelation, and glory as He revealed Himself over 2,000 years ago on Mount Tabor; today, Jesus transfigured and revealed Himself through the Eucharist.  

We are the people who witness the revelation of Jesus through the Eucharist for us to increase in faith. May we remove the transfigurations in our lives for us to become the people who deserve to practice the word of God, listen to God, and witness for God. May we remove all the human laws in the world, according to the appearances of functions, lust, greed, selfishness, of self-interest. Everything has its deceitful mask through a deceiving transfiguration. May we remove that dishonest mask to become a sincere mask, recognize what is in the truth, honor, adore, and receive the visitation of God through the Blessed Sacrament. 

Through the Blessed Sacrament, our faith becomes strong for us to grow and become new people, become new faces, become a new transfiguration in God, with God, belonging to God. May we listen and practice things God teaches and meditate thoroughly in life when we pray the Rosary with the Luminous Mysteries. Today is the first time God allows us to meditate on the Luminous Mysteries. God, may we listen to God the Father’s voice: “Listen to Him!” Moreover, may we reveal ourselves through a humble life to become a new person, witness to the truth, and for our lives to become more beneficial and meaningful when we testify to love and truth through the Eucharistic Jesus. 

5. The Lord instituted the Eucharist

“This is My body given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” (Lk 22:19)

The Fifth Mystery: The Lord Jesus instituted the Eucharist. Let us pray to unite with the Eucharistic Jesus.

I reverently offer the fifth decade to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ.

O God, You granted us to speak of the Five Holy Signs of Jesus because it is through the Five Holy Signs that we meditate on the Luminous Mysteries. God, we thank You for Saint Pope John Paul II giving us the Luminous Mysteries. We have four Mysteries: the Sorrowful Mysteries, the Glorious Mysteries, the Joyful Mysteries, and the Luminous Mysteries. The Luminous Mysteries refer to the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, He is present at the end of history.

As Jesus once said to the holy Apostles: “This is My body given for you; do this in remembrance of Me,” the daily Mass reminds us of His sacrifice. God instituted the Eucharist for us to have the Eucharistic Jesus, who remains in the tabernacles around the world. Today, the Eucharistic Jesus is lonely and alone; few people know Him and visit Him. The Eucharistic Jesus is the testimony at the end of the last book of history that opens for us to understand the meaning of the Eucharistic Jesus. God came to us in the flesh and instituted the Blessed Sacrament. He humbles Himself to be in the host to nourish our souls, and in the last hour of history, He reveals Himself for us to know that He chose the Eucharist to remain with us. 

What God grants is a surprise to the world. It is extraordinary, unbelievable, and such a wonder we can hardly explain it; only those who have a heart can feel how much greater and closer it is, more than they think. God is not silent. He is speaking to us through the appearance of bread for us to encounter Him, by our mind, heart, brain, in spirituality, with the faith that He bestows. Today, may the world not rush to refuse, conclude, judge, and view according to one’s habit; we must accept newness from the power of God. He bestows and allows, and all His works have meaning, were foretold and reminded to our Church.  

He instituted and said to the disciples about His sacrifice. Each day, Mass reminds us: “This is My Body; this is My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal covenant, which will be poured out for many.” Today, we must kindle our hearts and faith and learn everything we still do not know. We need to have a zealous, sincere heart to seek the truth. God worked countless miracles for ages, but the number of people who proclaim them is such a modest number. The time has come, mankind cannot reject God’s glory and revelation through the Eucharist. He came into the world in the flesh, but after He accomplished His mission and ascended to heaven, He remains with us through the Eucharist. The Eucharist is active, is close to us, manifesting to us, and revealing His glory in humanity’s faith.  

God strengthens our faith and helps us meditate on His love that never leaves us. He is the Lord all-powerful, yet He patiently and silently waits for us, remaining by our side to bless us, protecting us, intervening for us, consoling us on the days of exile. He said from the beginning: “Go and proclaim the Good News; I will stay with you till the end of the age.” “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” 

O God, You know our lives endure hardship with daily toil, especially for the little people. Human fate derives from labor, struggling to have what we need in life through each period. Today is a civilized world; everything is automated, using technology, but let us look back; we have money, and we can build houses and mansions, which God grants, but we must pay a hefty price.  

The present civilization is a good thing granted by God, but to enjoy it in God’s grace is different, and to have a comfortable life with love and solidarity has a different meaning. However, most people in this civilized age are corrupt, unjust, and unrighteous. They exploit others and step over others’ corpses for profit. They are greedy, selfish, and become traitors to God. They have self-interest, so they live outwardly for appearances and inwardly with evil intentions. Today, we see what God grants, so then who can be more generous than Him and work great wonders like Him?

Today, most people in this wealthy age are wicked people who use evil to rule the world. However, Jesus is the King, the King of the Eucharist, the King of the universe, the King of love and Divine Mercy. That glory does not come from money but the heart, the conscience. That glory is the sincere return of a person, the return of a person created by God with a heart that has love, compassion, and forgiveness, which God granted to strengthen us in all things. 

God was once a man; He transfigured Himself to become the Eucharist. Today, God returned to meet us and revealed Himself by the glory of the Eucharist to help us have a faith life, have a broader view that does not end at money, ambition, with the days of exile on earth, with all the preferences of a rational and logical life. God wants to lift us higher to help us stay away from living an extravagant and immoral life and live accordingly and appropriately, not excessively placing all matters of the world above God and taking all things for granted. No matter how much God loves us, we must know our position in belonging to Him.

God lifts us then we must respond to that position to live and practice what He grants. We need to look back at ourselves if we place other things above God because we will never be happy and never have the answer to the meaning that God granted us. Today, the Eucharistic Jesus visits all in the world, not just us, but each of us needs to know how to respond when they receive the grace, and what to practice for each of us to encounter and nourish that love to remain with us. Does God not feel sad? Does God not want to be happy? Does God not know when we scourge Him? Does God not know when we neglect Him? Does God not know when we avoid Him? Does God not know when we place Him after what we prefer? 

Many times we deceive ourselves with everything in reality. Though we know, we ignore it, which we should not because we are unsure of the future. Let us not disregard on purpose when God calls because we must face God’s justice. Today, the Eucharistic Jesus grants us faith, the path to choose, and the opportunity to encounter Him vividly. Let us respond to His calling, hand Him our hands for Him to hold tight, and never let go. If we let go, we will lose our direction, and we no longer have the chance to recognize what comes from the truth if we make a wrong decision. 

O God, our Lord, our life is bound in immaturity; our faith is uncertain, sometimes firm, sometimes weak. God understands that and constantly strengthens us. Whether we are imperfect or unworthy, God remains a loving and merciful Lord who granted us the opportunity. No matter how sinful, how we stumbled or fell, let us remember, for our lives to be at peace with our consciences and not feel guilty when we recognize the abundant blessings God bestows yet we hardly appreciate. Let us not allow our hearts to become indifferent and gradually hardened. God remains with us to love us, to wait for us to respond to His love, even when we are unworthy or imperfect. Let us understand this to respond a little to that love and not allow our hearts to become indifferent, apathetic, and hardened. If we no longer have feelings, will we be able to continue with the ardent love as God awaits us? 

O, Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. Today, You allow us to meditate more in-depth on the Fifth Mystery of the Luminous Mysteries. You had to walk the Way of the Cross. You remain for us to understand this lofty mystery. Today, we are the little people who meditate from the Mystery of the Eucharist to the Five Holy Signs: the Five Holy Signs with spiritual value speak of the infinite Divine Mercy that God the Father grants us through His Only Son. The path is not easy; it is the path of the Cross, a path to be nailed to the Cross; a path of torture, a path with the Crown of Thorns. It is a path for us to testify to the love and the Divine Mercy granted to us for generations, for us to have the opportunity to recognize that God still loves and waits. Let us return. 

God does not refuse us, He still waits for us, but this will end one of these days. May we honor and thank Him. Jesus and His outstretched arms on the Cross carry a meaning, bringing glory to envelop humanity, lifting us from the ground to Him. We see how because of our sins, He endured sufferings, but through those sufferings is the desire for us to have life. Those painful nail marks testify to the Divine Mercy that God the Father granted to save us. The Second Holy Sign refers to Jesus, who brings salvation to set us free and give us the doctrine and the truth. He helps us look beyond our mediocre and banal viewpoint, to see and feel with a more spirited and dynamic faith, for us to honor Him. 

Let us believe in God for us to have life, to be saved and forgiven. We cannot easily understand this lofty mystery if we do not feel the love of God through the Holy Spirit. In all the works of the Holy Spirit, He is meticulous, plans, and arranges so that in faith, we have the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each person has a distinct role for us to lift our prayers. To grow more fervent in the prayer life is not from our ability but from the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We are the children of God, Christians, people who have faith, but why do we not know to pray, and why are we indifferent? It is not too difficult nor too easy when we have the heart to experience and contemplate God’s works.  

The Holy Spirit never refuses us. He teaches us what we need to know and understand the seven graces to help us in our lives to practice everything essential. Moreover, He teaches us to understand that the love of God is most vital, to bring us back. God continues to love and forgive us. However, we are the ones who give up, who choose the way of the world, who choose what we like, the human rationale. We lose the most loving opportunity God granted for us to come close to Him and intimately enter His Heart, for He wants us to embrace Him. Moreover, He wants to hold us, for our lives to no longer be days of seeking personal deeds, personal matters, ambitions, passions, all things in life that easily entice us. 

How do we welcome God? Over 2,000 years ago, how many people experienced Jesus and conversed with Him? When we receive Him in communion, how many understand the meaning of Jesus instituting the Eucharist? How many people know that the Fourth Holy Sign refers to the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, who reminds us today as He comes to visit us and reveals Himself to us. He reveals Himself by a shining glory that no other place may compare and have. His presence lifts our faith to know that God is real and He remains with us, keeping His promise to this day. He still waits for us, but He is so lonely. The time of conclusion is near; all things will conclude. The program was planned and arranged from time immemorial; the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. There was birth; there will also be death. 

In all things, God is present: “I will stay with you till the end of the age.” We see today’s situation; in each work, God reminds us, and each mystery reminds us, so let us meditate about what God granted. Who is the person who clearly understands God longs for us to come closer to Him and know that each work God does has meaning? Who teaches us to live an inner life, pray, and have faith? Who teaches us the gesture for us to conduct ourselves before our Lord, by our souls, our hearts? Who is well aware and precisely knows that God is waiting and yearning for us? Apart from Jesus, who is the person to help us and guide us back to God the Father for us to be saved and forgiven? Who is the person to help us be worthy to receive this? It is the Fifth Holy Sign: Mother Mary. 

Jesus and Mother took the same path to give humanity the covenant, which requires our cooperation and acceptance. We need to understand that covenant, which still awaits us. No matter how sinful we are, we have Mother. With Mother, She will not let us be lost and continue to head further into the abyss. Mother continues to seek us without any word of rebuke or blame, by Her tears, blood tears, by silent prayers. Mother’s humility waits for us to gently and tenderly guide us back to God. Mother helps us understand that we must awaken for ourselves and the world. We must pray because prayers are necessary for our lives, for us to return to God who awaits us. 

Only God lifts us and grants us. Only His light can rescue us who are sinners, penitents, to become saints, and from saints to become witnesses, present in this world. We are the victims who plead with God for everything bestowed on us. We are losing the direction, justice, and basics of life with the doctrine that Jesus left to us and the Church. May we pray, unite, and come to the Eucharistic Jesus and adore, honor, and thank Him. Let us receive God’s words teaching us to return while it is still daylight; let us not wait till it is dark and late because everything will happen as planned and arranged in His program. Why do we have the Luminous Mysteries? In this era, the Luminous Mysteries come to be to say what to the world?

That is the most important thing to meditate in the Rosary of the Luminous Mysteries. Let us pray each time to have a more in-depth experience. God grants and Mother helps us come to the Eucharistic Jesus. Only He is the Supreme Being who listens, intervenes, and helps us in the tense moments and the events we encounter and will face; with more tense days. Let us lift to the Lord Almighty to experience the Luminous Mysteries. The Fifth Mystery is full of meanings to lift us who are wretched sinners, to come to God, through the covenant of Calvary, for us to be rescued and forgiven. That covenant belongs to us through the Five Holy Signs that Jesus left, with the abundance that we prayed for recently. 

We thank praise, glorify, and honor God. May everyone return to God, by the prostration, with heart and soul, in repentance. Let us meditate and understand what God granted through the Holy Spirit’s teaching. Let us thank, honor, adore God, and willingly return by the heart, live in prayer to clearly understand what God grants, waiting for each person to receive His intervention for the world to have protection, harmony, peace, and happiness as we wish. Let us lift everything to God and let Him decide for us.


6. I reverently offer the Sixth Prayer to Mother Mary.

O Mother Mary, I thank You. You taught us for years, close to eleven years, to understand what prayer is and how to pray when we visit the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, with the learning, we affirm the real presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, and we testify to His teachings. Though we still have many imperfections and feel unworthy, we remember the first encounter with God in our lives, and we remember His words. Today, no matter how successful we are or how stubborn, we never dare to return to our old ways but strive to move forward.

We encountered God and received His teaching, so our hearts will never forget things that make us happy, carefree, peaceful, trust, and hope. In our lives, we never had such happy and serene days as presently. Though we have many imperfections, what God gives, He will never take back, which is the fulcrum we will never dare neglect, except when we are so troubled, foolish, with many addicted passions. We fall into concern and anxiety, but if we fully entrust in God, then challenges will lift us, help us be more aware and understand better the path that God and Mother walked in the past, for us to belong to God and choose no one else apart from God and Mother in our lives. 

Thank God for granting us a Pope in this age, whom we knew while he was still in the world and has become a saint present in heaven. It was a declaration through our Church when our Church honored him to be a saint – Saint Pope John Paul II. The works he did while he was in the world, he did everything possible in his position as Pope and left for the world and the sheep of God the Luminous Mysteries, with the profound meaning when Jesus received Baptism and performed His first miracle. 

The miracle at the wedding in Cana is mentioned in the Luminous Mysteries. At the wedding in Cana, Jesus changed the six waterpots of water into wine, which carried the meaning of calling people to repentance and return. It also reminds us of the transfiguration in which God revealed His glory to humanity while He was still in the flesh, to teach us to live true as we must be aware in our lives. Who can testify and explain the Eucharistic Jesus? The Luminous Mysteries explain with the Fifth Mystery; we see the Fifth Mystery repeated daily through Mass. When we meditate on the Rosary of the Luminous Mysteries, we recall the miracle of Jesus. He revealed for us and the world to know of His presence to strengthen faith in the glory that only when He grants can we see. 

This age’s clever and subtle machine governs people, but they need to remember that the Eucharistic Jesus is an incomparable miracle. The light of the world or all the enhancements of science and technology cannot compare and cannot explain the light of the Eucharistic Jesus. He came to us; the miracle of the Eucharist appeared for the world to know Jesus in the flesh. From over 2,000 years ago and 2,000 years later, by the sublime mystery of the Eucharist, we must receive the miracle in God to strengthen our faith life and for us to know that God is all-powerful and no one can compare. 

Only to the Lord God do we return in faith. We believe in the Lord God, who allows us to see the lofty mystery that He grants. Today, Mother guides us back and strengthens our faith and spiritual life for us to have a prayer life. May we know how to respond and live with an offering for Jesus to accept, hear, and intervene for us. Daily, let us listen to His voice, to His teachings. Let us receive the valuable things He grants as He supports and intervenes.

O Mother Mary, it is such a rich grace that we receive in this age. May everyone listen to You, learn humility and obedience. May we become little children who obey Your teaching. Everything we do is to please God so that we will not fear justice when we stand before the Judge but will be supported because He granted us the opportunity to repent and return.

Let us believe in the Gospel for us to have life, be saved, forgiven, receive God’s Divine Mercy, to be transformed and sanctified while still in the world. Let it not be too late and too tardy. Mother Mary does not rebuke us. She comes to us by tears, by blood tears. She seeks us, holds our hands, guides us back with gentle, meek words, and teaches us to pray. Who can give us that love? Who can treat us with that tenderness? Who can teach us by that ingenuity? Who can guide us in such a tender, gentle way, apart from Mother Mary? 

O Mother, may we be determined to live in prayer and bring to the world the gift of the Six Kowtows that You offer. It is such a valuable offering in our lives, in all classes, all roles, for us to belong to God, proclaim God, prostrate and submit to God, for the world and everyone to be saved, and triumph over the devil, in arrogance, boasting, and pride. The devil never submits to anyone. However, we choose to kneel, submit to God, return to God, and belong to God. Only with the prostration and the submission can we be worthy as sinners who are forgiven, for God to bring us back to His infinite Divine Mercy. We thank and praise God for the meditation through the Luminous Mysteries, with the meaning of the Six Kowtows offered by Mother Mary. 

With that meaning, we lift to God in this hour, meditating for the first time on the Luminous Mysteries. We thank God, in the first month of the new year. God, please help us grow daily with Mother’s support and plan, and obey Your holy will to practice the best in the year 2022. May our mission be more confirmed for us to testify to the truth. God, please remove all weaknesses and worldly issues around us that cause us to fall. There are zealous moments and moments we feel bound by worries, anxieties, money, and many concerns. 

God, please allow us to see that we have nothing. When we have God, He grants us everything; we only need to overcome challenges for us to mature and live with meaning. In everything that happens, let us be in a spirit of thanksgiving. Let us not be anxious about anything because we have nothing. What we have today comes from God. Let us consecrate to God, lift to God, and entrust to Him for our lives to be meaningful. Let us not remain in one place and rely on everything that belongs to us to forget the past days of suffering. Let us remember this for our lives to be hopeful. Let us not lose this great opportunity because we receive it from God, and we are indebted to Him. 

Let us return as Mother teaches for our lives to become more abundant, have more joy, with a happier face. Where is happiness in life? Let us not be miserable and afflicted in body and soul. Let us live each day with the meaning of our lives. God wants to see us happy and have joy. Let us rejoice though our hearts grieve; we must seek this. Pope Francis says that we follow God, yet our faces are sad. We are worried and restless, then we follow God only when we are happy, and when sad or troubled, we live in days of weakness and pain.   

We stumbled in this way in the past. God, please help us in this new year to bury all sufferings and turn them into joy, for joy to be a habit in our lives when we follow You. Each time we overcome crosses and trials, we become more experienced and mature, and we recognize everything that comes from God is right. In all events that happen, God grants us His protection. Let us believe that to live each day worthy with the blessing He bestows. 

We thank God and Mother for helping us with the Rosary meditation filled with meanings. May we continue to meditate in the days ahead. May God strengthen us, bless us, enlighten us, and guide us to live and walk according to His way. Each step in our lives, may we, each person, each brother, and sister, live and rise to help each other, hold each other’s hand to walk. If we let go of our brother and sister’s hands, we will be lonely, alone, sad, and troubled in the life we lead. We thank God, praise God, and glorify God; in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen. 

Lucia Phan is an American immigrant from Vietnam who lives a life of prayer. Every day, she focuses on adoring God through the Eucharist, attending the Holy Sacrifice of Mass, and practicing the Six Kowtows.

Lucia received messages by interior locutions and was able to capture images of the Eucharist, both in photo and video, via her smartphone. She received messages from God, Blessed Mother, the angels, and the saints, since 2011.

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