New Revelations through the Eucharist




February 2, 2022

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit

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Lucia: O God, we offer to Mother the Rosary for Mother to intercede to God for our Church, and we specifically lift Pope Francis. We pray for Pope Francis to be healthy, be filled with the Spirit of God and wisdom, for him to lead the Church, the shepherds, the sheep, the flock. We pray especially for the cardinals, bishops, and priests, to obey and unite with the Church to practice the teachings that God gave to us through the Pope. He has faithfully followed God’s commandment to support and uphold the truth through the Gospel. May the cardinals, bishops, and priests, unite with Pope Francis to proclaim the kingdom of God and bring the Gospel’s testimony to this age for all generations to persevere in unity, love, and solidarity. May our Church each day be strengthened to bring countless people in the world back to God and be the voice to defend the truth in this world in turmoil.


We pray for God to grant His Spirit over our Church, for each person in the ranks of the Church to live and practice righteousness by the heart that God gave them to guide the lost sheep, the wounded sheep, the prodigal sheep back to the love through the Divine Mercy, which they represent. God, please help them recognize the miracle of the Eucharistic Jesus in this age to acknowledge His intervention. We must understand these are the moments we need to pray to Jesus. He is the King who intervenes for us. He is the King of love, of hope, of life, whom we need to know, believe in, surrender to, and return to Him by a prayer life. Mother Mary teaches us the inner life for us to change our narrow-mindedness, our selfish nature, the problems in society with the old laws. May we have a new direction in the Spirit of God through Mother Mary’s intercession.


We pray for all classes, all roles to live in faith, hope, and love; these are most important for each one of us who is Christian. No matter who we are, if we sincerely live with these virtues, specifically love, our world will not have negative days as this day. We must pray for God to transform us and pray for Mother Mary to intercede for us to God. We need to understand the meaning of the Rosary. We have the duty and responsibility to pray for the Church. We pray for the Church to defend the truth; we pray for the Church to be perfect in fulfilling the role of bringing everyone to the Eucharistic Jesus. It is the attestation that God wants us to witness in the days of His visitation, His testimony, His abundant teachings for us and the Church.


At this moment, we lift toward the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, with the words we present, say, and pray on behalf of all classes, all roles. Father, please have mercy and accept, intercede for us and the world to recognize You, return to You, surrender and submit with the Six Kowtows that we reverently offer. May we be worthy of the love and the Divine Mercy with which You wait and grant to humanity to forgive us, for everyone to be reborn in the love of the Divine Mercy. May we, through the Savior, the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, the presence in the Blessed Sacrament prompting and urging faith, prostrate and surrender before the Five Holy Signs. May we come to listen to the teaching of the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, for us to know the way to pray in our daily prayer life, to help us be more mature to receive what God bestows to us.




  1. The Resurrection

“Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.” (Lk 24:5-6)

The first mystery: The Lord Jesus is risen. Let us pray for a true spiritual resurrection.


The first decade, we reverently offer to God the Father.


O God the Father, I lift to You, I thank You for sacrificing Your Only Son, Jesus. He came into the world and completed the mission. He gloriously resurrected and brought victory. Today, may we be spiritually aware for us to be reborn in Him. May we be resurrected with Him. May we amend our lives and be worthy of what we need to receive spiritually. May we deserve to receive the intervention and have the Savior help us step out of the darkness and sin.


O God the Father, I adore You and honor You. I thank You for the riches, the blessings, the love You grant. May everyone awaken, return, and recognize the Savior is the Lord Jesus, Your Son, who gives life to our spiritual lives, for us to return to the truth and righteousness to deserve what You bestowed and gave us. We adore You, honor You, and we thank You.


  1. The Ascension

“While He was blessing them, He left them and was taken up into heaven.” (Lk 24:51)

The second mystery: The Lord Jesus ascended to heaven. Let us pray for the love of heavenly things.


The second decade, we reverently offer to the Lord Jesus.


O Jesus, the Second Person of God, You completed Your mission and returned to heaven, but the Heart of love and Your soul is still in our midst through the Blessed Sacrament. May we revere, worship, honor, thank, obey, witness to the truth, and realize things You want us to do. May our souls love heavenly things as You prepare for our eternal life with You.


May we give up all our wicked and sinful habits for us to sincerely return to You and love things that You grant us specifically for us to belong to You. May the price of Your Blood be valuable to our souls. We adore You, praise You, honor You, and apologize to You. May we be transformed and sanctified to be worthy of Your love, coming into the world to save us and give us the chance to exist. We lift to you at this moment on behalf of all classes and roles. God, please have mercy and hear our prayers. May the world awaken and return to You.


  1. The Descent of the Holy Spirit

“All were filled with the Holy Spirit. They began to express themselves in foreign tongues and make bold proclamation as the Spirit prompted them.” (Acts 2:4)

The third mystery: The Holy Spirit descends. Let us pray for our hearts to be filled with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


The third decade, we reverently offer to the Holy Spirit.


O Holy Spirit, You descended upon a room where Blessed Mother and all the holy Apostles were, and tongues of fire were lit over their heads and they boldly went out the door to testify to the truth.


O Holy Spirit, we greatly need You in this life. May the Spirit of God pour over our contemporary Church and over us who are the sheep of God, for us to understand His teaching and His promise. He still waits and grants us graces, His love, and His intervention, in this time.


May we have the eyes of faith to recognize our duty and responsibility and testify to the truth. May we live in the Spirit of God, be braver and bolder to defend the truth, which God granted us, to receive the gift Mother Mary offers to teach us and help us in the inner prayer life. May we live in maturity, love God, be worthy to be called to serve, be worthy of God choosing us to witness to the truth. We thank God, praise God. May we belong to the Holy Spirit.


  1. The Assumption

“For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” (Mt 12:50)

The fourth mystery: The Lord took Our Lady to heaven. Let us pray for the grace of a happy death in the arms of Blessed Mother.


The fourth decade, we reverently offer to the Body and Blood of Christ.


O, Eucharistic Jesus, I offer to You the fourth decade. I thank You for giving us a mother who lovingly took care and served You on behalf of humanity, for generations, by the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, Mother teaches us to respond to the love of God, waiting for us in the Blessed Sacrament. Through the past years, today, we affirm the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, His closeness, His love still awaiting humanity, bestowing upon humanity.


We ask You to help us always listen to Mother’s teaching and practice in our daily life, by an inner prayer life. Mother, please help us, teach us more what we still lack for us to live worthily with the choice that You granted us, instructed us, trained us, to become the humble apostles to unite with the Eucharistic Jesus. May we be bold, brave, move forward on the witness path. Mother, please remain with us, and in the last hour of our lives, please support us and allow us to return with You and guide us back to God. We thank, we praise, honor God, and honor mother.


  1. Queen of Heaven.

“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” (Revelation 12:1)

The fifth mystery: The Lord rewards Blessed Mother in heaven. Let us pray for Blessed Mother to help us be rewarded with Her in heaven.


The fifth decade, we reverently offer to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ.


O Mother, You let us know about Your crown, the crown given to You by God the Father. You are the splendid Queen of Heaven who seeks to lead the lost children back to God. At this moment, You teach us the Rosary of the Six Kowtows. You teach us to pray with the Six Kowtows. You teach us to lift the offering of the Six Kowtows. May this be realized the sooner, the better. May everyone accept, listen, learn a life of profound humility of prayer by the gift from Mother’s teaching.


May our faith life be strengthened for us to be worthy of Your intervention. You will prepare a place for us in heaven, but first, we must repent, apologize, live to be worthy of the role You chose for us. May we become the children who deserve to be in the ranks of the apostles, to witness for the truth and the Eucharistic Jesus, and be worthy to pioneer for the Six Kowtows that daily we reverently offer and practice. May we belong to You, Mother.


Mother, please intercede for us and the world, for everyone to awaken, especially the brothers and sisters who left us. May they live in righteousness and repent to be worthy of Your teaching; may they regret and give up all the evil intentions in their ego and personality, in their falsehood, because they are people who live in days of lacking peace and happiness.


O Mother Mary, please help us and teach us in the upcoming days what we need to do and must do for our lives to be steadfast with the Rosary, with God’s Divine Mercy, with the Six Kowtows, which we continue to witness and spread for everyone to learn about the Eucharistic Jesus, be close to Him, return to Him. May everyone learn to pray from the heart, from the soul, for God to have mercy and intervene. May Mother intercede for everyone to receive the intervention of God from His love and Divine Mercy.
























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