New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Christmas Posadas 2023

The Christmas Posadas at Our Lady of Carmel Catholic Church Houston, Texas

The Christmas Posadas are a spiritual preparation for the feast of Christmas.

The Posadas are a traditional Christmas celebration which began in Mexico through the Catholic Church. It marks the beginning of the nine days before Christmas Eve with the journey of the holy pilgrims, Mary and Joseph as they are looking for room at the inns.

We participated in this one evening event which began with the Readings, followed by prayers and song. We then continued with a special rosary procession, by singing the request of Mary and Joseph as they are looking for a room at the inn with each station. The response of the innkeepers’ denials are also sung, as well as the heartfelt responses of Mary and Joseph when our Jesus was denied entrance to their inn. It is at the last stop, where Mary and Joseph were granted access to the manger, that the doors are opened, and the procession comes to an end, as everyone walks in and celebrates the birth of Jesus with food and drink. Songs are sung throughout the entire event.

In addition to the Christmas Posadas, we introduced, exhibited the miracles of Jesus the Eucharist and attended holy Mass of the Feast of the Holy Family on December 31, 2023.

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