New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Cancellation of Mass in Churches Is Something That Should Not Happen


(Audio)  3-11-2020 – The Cancellation of the Mass is something that should not happen

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan. 

March 11, 2020



In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O God, it is 1:39 p.m. on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

First of all, thank you for granting us one more Wednesday – in unison we are kneeling in front of the altar, the Cross, the tabernacle, the picture of Mother as Queen, in St. Michael’s Church.

On Wednesday we often come here to offer The Six Kowtows after Mass. Today, I offer to God all that God wants me to say and report – what we long for – especially in this situation with the outbreak. We lift up to God what is more heartbreaking than the pandemic that people fear.

The most important thing for Christians and especially for the soul of each sheep of God is Mass, but Masses celebrated in churches have been cancelled in the capital of Christianity, a place where God chose to establish His Church.

It has been three weeks and we do not know for how much longer this will be. That is what we are concerned with and what grieves us. O God, the rationality of the world is evident, because people are afraid of the epidemic and fear death.

However, mankind has not been concerned with the plague of the soul, which is something that clearly needs to be addressed. People can achieve what is most significant in science, but their decision to create a biological weapon is the cause of this outbreak.

The life of the soul is nourished by the Lord Jesus Christ. His Blood was shed in this world – He Himself walked on the Way of the Cross, and right on the second week, starting on the third week of Lent, we are reminded of that great work. God sacrificed Himself to be the medicine to cure our souls throughout generations. From clumps of clay we became human beings and we will dwell with God forever in heaven.

This is the most important thing. Who can compare this to the current epidemic? The human reasoning is that the cancellation of large gatherings is most necessary. Thus we no longer have the opportunity to attend Mass in churches.

In Italy, the place where the Church is, Masses in churches have ended. A plausibility about the pandemic is right, but what about the spiritual life, the life of the soul? Jesus Christ sacrificed His life to come into the world, in the flesh. He paid the price of Blood to wash away the sins of the world – to help mankind, to cleanse souls in iniquity, for souls to come to Him.

He kept His promise.

For thousands of years Mass was celebrated. As long as we have the Church, Mass continues to be celebrated, the rite that God left and handed over to the world of mankind. That is the Lord God who heals and grants mankind everything when we walk in His way.

Today, because of a pandemic, Masses in churches have been cancelled. I wonder whether in past centuries they encountered this problem or not. I know that at this moment we must unite to pray for God to heal the plague of both body and soul.

If we have enough faith, if we are strong and brave, if we truly stand up to claim what belongs to us, no one has the right to stop what God established and granted to us. This is the time when people need God most.

This is the time when people can see that mankind is the cause of what is happening. Mankind destroys what is the best, destroys what is most natural, from the freedom to create.

And so the spiritual life, the food of our soul, the intimacy God bestows on us, and His graces are being obstructed. We are utterly heartbroken. O God, we are ordinary people – we were confused in the past few days.

Even though the epidemic has not yet affected our state, we feel sad and afraid. But what can sadness do and resolve? And what do we look for to avoid this pandemic when it comes? How can we avoid it? Fear has caused mankind to lose the faculty of reasoning, and then I heard the announcement that in Italy there will no longer be any Masses in churches, except for funerals with limited attendance.

This virus is man-made.

The devil uses all reasonable and legitimate ways to prevent what belongs to us. The cancellation of Mass in churches is something that should not happen, because God grants us the privilege to contemplate Him daily, to receive Him daily. His Body and Blood are the food of the soul, the presence of His blessing, the presence of His protection and consolation.

No one should take that privilege from us when God allows us to understand that He is the Supreme Being with Sovereign power. No one should put an end to what belongs to God, but in today’s situation in the world, we are afraid of the pandemic, we are afraid of the government, we follow the reasoning of the world.

Do we not see our souls slowly dying away? God lets us see this pandemic for us to think of our spiritual life and the plague of the soul that for centuries has still not been cured. Today let us see: even if we cancel Mass, do we know whether this will curb the spreading or not, according to the rationality of the world?

Let us look back and see if this makes sense to our faith life. Does this make sense with the fact that God shed His Blood and died for us, in the second week of Lent?

What does this situation tell us?

Many people will think that we are fanatical, or ancient, or lack education, or lack knowledge. That is correct. Due to our lack of knowledge, we rely on God to guide us. Due to our lack of knowledge, we understand that God is the Supreme Being who saved us while we were sinners.

Due to our lack of knowledge, we know that God is the Healer and is the Lord who gives us everything. And today, if we die from this pandemic, we die, but we will end up in the Divine Mercy with Him. Due to our lack of knowledge, we desire what belongs to us. We grieve for the cancellation of Mass, which should not be because of orders issued by the civil authorities or because of their view in rationality.

Mass is an intimate union that we need daily in our life. Today the world is progressing in scientific and technical projects, and for nearly three months, nations are racing to find a vaccine to help with this pandemic. People continue to die because of the coronavirus outbreak.

To whom do we run? We run to God, because we know that Jesus healed mankind over 2,000 years ago. Jesus once healed – for the blind to see, for the lame to walk, for the dead to be resurrected, and even fed people with just five loaves and two fishes. Jesus saw the physical hunger of the crowd that gathered to listen to His teaching, and He performed a miracle and fed 5,000 men, not counting women and children.

There was leftover food that filled 12 baskets. These miracles come from faith. These miracles were recorded in the Gospel. Over 2,000 years ago, the Lord Jesus was present in the world. 2,000 years later, He is still present. He allows His presence to be visible for us to see with our eyes, to hear with our ears.

Unfortunately, we remain in a life of habit. Moreover, the law placed a burden on us, while our life of faith slowly decreases and deteriorates. So the cancellation of Mass makes sense to the world, but not to heaven. God said: Since then you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

Our thinking is from this lowly world, but all that God does and teaches is from heaven. We believe in God. We belong to God. We have God, our Redeemer, and the Father of humanity. Everything that is in the truth, in righteousness, in goodness is of God.

Today the pandemic, the coronavirus, has brought hysteria to the world, causing us to depart from what belongs to us, even though for centuries God has kept His promise to stay with us through Mass. Today whatever makes sense or not, we simply lift up to God.

What we lift up does not come from us, but is a prompting by the Spirit of God to help us in the life of faith. If we truly believe in God, if we know the truth and we testify to it, then, as recorded in the Gospel: Anyone who loves his life will lose it, while anyone who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

We are afraid, but when the pandemic comes we might end up either being infected by the virus or being depressed. That is correct.

We need to be cautious and learn to be more careful with this outbreak. We live as a community, we need to go to the market to buy food, we live a collective life, and in the current situation we need to set boundaries, but it cannot be for too long.

Let us look at the situation in a very clear way. Why did this outbreak happen at this time? Why did it not happen five years ago, a year ago, two years ago, or 20 years in the future? Why did it happen at this time? This time is a time when we see chaos all over the world – from the life of faith, from the life of the ranks in the Church, to the Christians, to all places in the world.

We see nations compete in matters of science and technology, in the pursuit of atomic bombs. We see the disputes between countries, the fighting in the South China Sea. We see the tremendous fury and the struggle over the life of commerce, the life of the economy.

The life of mankind, between man and man, is still a fight with each other, with horribly destructive ways to harm one another. Eventually, that hatred has led to this outbreak, with horrifying results. Is it not true that hatred will cause countless tragedies and mourning?

What mankind intends will not be fulfilled, and in the end those who do evil and plan evil will reap what they sow. We see very clearly today’s situation in our society, and it makes sense for God’s infinite love to never end in each person or in each country. Because God loved mankind. He died for mankind.

He grants to the foolish children, the stubborn children – life under the sky He created, with the air He created. Everything belongs to God.

But we did not know God. We rejected God. We challenged God. We offended God. How much this grieves God, but it is not because of that grief that God chastises us. God knows that we are foolish, immature, and wretched. Because of that, God is still the Lord rich in Divine Mercy.

Before God does anything, He gives us the opportunity.

Since mankind was stubborn, obstinate, hardened, in the times of the Old Testament, God the Father said: Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong.

God loves and God teaches those towns, and God is speaking to our generation today. All nations and leaders, all who are alive: whoever acts against and rejects the doctrine, whoever follows the doctrine, we see very clearly.

Whoever walks in God’s way, in justice, in righteousness, in the truth – then His blessing will continue; He will protect those people, He will protect those leaders, and He will protect the righteousness of that country. How unfortunate for those who are unrighteous, wicked, cunning, with evil intentions, whose countries reject God.

They lose great graces because God died for them as well. God gave them countries with a large population that should have known God, should have returned to God over thousands of years. Now the time has come. We hear and we understand why there are the letters Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

Today’s century is civilized, sophisticated, and ingenious. Science and technology have reached a high level. However, mankind has yet to understand what this pair of letters – Alpha and Omega – mean in our life, in our human condition, living under a sky created by God, living in God’s blessing, living in God’s doctrine.

The immeasurable mercy of a God full of love – He is the author of the word “love,” and He allows us to understand what love is. Love is patient, love is giving, love is always generous, love is always noble, love does not blame, and love does not let sin be in control.

God loves and guides us back – by clear facts, by deeds, by actions, by all the power God manifested for mankind to rise and clearly see.

Sadly, our viewpoint is too wretched, too narrow-minded, too lowly, and too limited in understanding. Therefore we always cultivate sin, foster sin, and live in a life that only knows reality. Today we continue to inflict injury upon each other and we continue to be wrong.

The enemy is winning.

By the time we fall into a situation that involves a biological weapon, how can we recover from it? If we could find a cure, we would have. Today it takes time to find a cure, the situation is still uncertain, people keep dying. These are our fellow brothers and sisters – though speaking different languages and are of different races, they are the human beings whom God created.

God gave them life as God gave us life. God said, I give the sky and all that is the best to the righteous, and even sinners live under that sky.

What God wants is that His doctrine be practiced by those who listen and obey. God hears. God sees. God is aware of the wicked and the righteous in the midst of this world. No one can knock down righteousness.

Those who try and use all kinds of tricks end up humiliating themselves. Sadly, mankind is so stubborn and remains obstinate. Let us read yesterday’s First Reading in which God the Father spoke to sinners in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Today God is speaking to all nations that act against the doctrine, that renounce God, that do not believe in the only doctrine, which is that the Supreme Lord died for mankind, saved mankind, and gave us the doctrine.

That is something most simple – the Ten Commandments left behind are a basis for the whole world. From leaders to nations, from kings to ordinary people, the Ten Commandments are the basis of our human life.

God does not require anything, God only reminds us.

If we understand the Ten Commandments then our life will not end up like this day. But we reject His doctrine and we choose to satisfy our lust, our ambition, our interest, our desire for global hegemony.

Because of one’s dream for global hegemony, one usurps God’s right to do what one wants, regardless, to reach the goal and ultimately offend God – then the answer is not that far away. This is the time for those who betray God, those who rebel against God, those who offend God, those who are scribes and Pharisees, to open their eyes to see.

God will regain justice over each one of us, because He created us.

He gave us time for us to amend our life. He gave us what is most special and He asked us to have faith.

We have neglected His word, let it flow away like water.

We hold onto the filth in our life, we hold onto fleeting things of the world.

Today we continue to have a human viewpoint, we continue to look at all things of the lowly world in the way we think – then we continue to encounter failures, disappointments, and tragedies as in this day.

It is time.

Do we not have enough strength to open our eyes?

Have we still not recognized that it is God who is saving us?

Do we not see that God alone is the foundation, for us to run to Him in a time when mankind faces the last hours?

Each day, in the midst of the pandemic, the media keeps updating news that cause people to feel more stressed, anxious, and frightened.

What is happening here? Does God know? Certainly God knows. Certainly God sees.

God sees the innocent people who have died because of this pandemic.

Because of mankind’s ambition in this world, because of mankind’s usurping God’s rights, the people of God have died.

Victims and innocents have died. And those who repented and confessed have died.

Certainly God hears. Certainly God understands.

However, we do not understand.

We are terrified of the plague of our body, we end up in a crisis.

We are prepared with millions, with billions, to deal with the plague of the body, but have we ever prepared for the plague of the soul?

For centuries God redeemed our souls at a price of Blood (1), for us to live forever with Him in this life and in the next life.

Has anyone thought of this? Does anyone think of what God allows us to meditate on?

Although not worldly reality, it is in a spiritual life and secures the life of the soul.

Let us see and let us hear very clearly: the Alpha and the Omega are reminded to each one of us Christians.

When we were born, God allowed us to be in a physical body in the midst of a world.

God teaches us and gives us the doctrine for us to live and recognize what belongs to Him.

God also gives us a mind to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil.

God allows us to see the situation around us in a life of subtlety and ingenuity.

In the end we have forsaken God. We have disregarded His laws.

Presently, we are living in iniquity, with science and technology, with the machine that St. Elizabeth Ann Seton warned us in her vision: Every American would have a black box in their home and the devil would enter.

Ladies and gentlemen, the time of that black box is also the last days of history, because we have abandoned God and we follow the ways of an earthly world.

That is correct.

God gave us civilization, and granted us insight and wisdom to create a life of rationality with today’s scientific and technological advances.

However, if we reach our potential with righteousness and justice, then we are truly content, because with God’s blessings we have what we asked for.

But we have erred, we have busied ourselves, and we have sinned because of this science and technology.

God grants what we pray for, but God only asks for us to live in righteousness and understand that His doctrine is our basis – then we can control everything in this world as God grants.

Sadly, men have allowed science and technology to control us, to harm others, to gain profit, to do evil, to satisfy our lust, ambition, and greed.

That is the answer for the Omega.

We must be aware that Omega is God, the Supreme Sovereign, and so everything will be concluded. Today we must enter the path of the conclusion.

Because that conclusion allows us to see that it is all over and we return to a position where God is the Supreme Sovereign.

He sees us and our souls.

We deserve to either come to the place that God has prepared for us or to a place that we choose to be with our choices in the days in the flesh.

God has given us countless opportunities for us to choose.

Today each one of us needs to meditate, look at our hearts that are dry, cold, selfish, suspicious, judgmental, burdened by sins.

Sins obscure what is in our conscience, which is the conscience of truth, of righteousness, which God has granted to mankind.

It is because of sin that God is reminding us about Sodom and Gomorrah.

God is giving us the opportunity of grace, of Divine Mercy, to return to Him.

How do we return? And what do we do to return?

The leaders continue to quarrel with each other, to discuss about what is appropriate in this era, while the representatives of the ranks of cardinals, of bishops, let the life of people follow today’s reality.

We ask; we go on asking.

Now that we no longer have Mass, what is there to ask?

The pandemic is coming – what is there to ask in the life of reality?

This is not a coincidence. This is something that God wants to happen.

This is the beginning of the purification, for us to understand how much we value the body but fail to understand that we live depending on everything that comes from God.

What we have comes from God. Our existence also comes from God. We still exist because of God. Everything belongs to God.

Today we are looking for ways to protect this wretched, fragile, and sinful body.

We begin to slowly eliminate the soul.

But this is the time when our soul must rise, because we know that this world and what we have is only temporary.

We may live up to 130 years, if people can live that long, but nowadays people only live up to about 100 years in this world.

What about a thousand years? What about forever? Who assures us of that?

The Lord Jesus assures that to us. The Lord Jesus’ Blood assures that to us. The immeasurable love and Divine Mercy of God the Father assures that to us.

His infinite love bestows on us wisdom, enlightenment, and understanding.

In love, in truth, and in righteousness, it is the Holy Spirit who assures us this life and the next life.

Sadly, until this moment we still have chosen the world, we still have chosen what belongs to us in the conditions of the world, so we decide to disregard what God granted to us with an eternal covenant.

God said to the apostles: Go and preach the Gospel. I remain with you every day until the end of the age.

We must meditate profoundly on these words. We must listen to them clearly. We must spend moments of silence to pray, to hear the answer of the soul that God is waiting for.

He waits for the maturity of each one of us Christians.

God is waiting for each function He has chosen to represent Him in leading the flock, hearing clearly what He wants regarding the duty and responsibility of those who have functions today.

Let them continue to quarrel. Let them satisfy everything that they do through their ministry and pastoral work.

Yes, they must be in charge of pastoral care, but to whom does the ministry belong?

For whom is the ministry when we fulfill it?

Do we choose to offer to the Lord God who is worthy of our worship, the best and most beautiful things in His doctrine, to please Him?

Or do we choose to serve our body, our interest, our personal life, our ambition, and our selfishness?

Today let us quiet our soul.

There is nothing we know by ourselves – it is so ordinary and simple, but we have lacked faith, lacked a life of faith, and lacked perseverance.

We have left a gap and the enemy has attacked.

The enemy came at the right time, like a thief who watches to rob a house – he keeps watching to see when we are away then he enters and takes everything he wants.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we are also in the same situation – we have left a gap, a very appropriate one.

That gap is extremely logical in this world, an extremely rational explanation.

So we move God to the sides.

We remove God even further away from us and we completely lose the relationship at a time when we most need His healing hands.

He is the source of comfort in our life.

God never forgets that promise to be with us to this day.

Even if we are disabled, even if we are ill, even if we are imperfect, even if we are sick, infected, God does not mind – God comes to comfort us whenever we need Him.

But here in this moment we distance ourselves from God – we have prevented those who want to come to pray in their remaining moments when there is no one left by their side because of the quarantine, because of the fear to die.

God wants us to know that in our dying moments, when we call upon His Name, when we return with repentance as He invites us, then God will grant us grace, and we die to return to be with Him, forever and ever.

And if we continue to live in stubbornness with sin, then no matter how long we live in the world, our life becomes meaningless.

The moment we leave this world, if we do not know God, if we do not recognize God in a spirit of contrition, where will our soul go?

Let us look at the life of faith.

This is the moment God loves humanity, God loves mankind, God reclaims what belongs to Him.

God does not want us to continue to do wrong and to live in the deceit of the devil.

God does not want us to continue living with days when we kill our souls with trivial matters, with worthless things that we are facing.

We are killing our souls with aspirations, with greed, with ambition, with reliance upon the wisdom of this lowly world.

God said that what He thinks, what He does is from above.

Heaven has many sublime wonders, heaven has an infinite and limitless love, and heaven will give us everything that is most wondrous, but if we look with the eyes of the lowly world, then we neither understand nor know.

This is the time we recognize what is important.

Daily Mass was celebrated in the capital of Christianity – our focal point – in Rome.

In Rome, people like us go there on pilgrimages, and there is a multitude that comes to visit, but we know of the tarot readers and fortune-tellers, those who disbelieve God, and the gay pride parades.

We offend God because we are mere mortals.

God is merciful so God forgives the good thief in the last hour.

The good thief probably lived in iniquity his entire life, but in the end God forgave the thief because he believed in God and pleaded to God.

We are the soldiers who, 2,000 years ago, cruelly beat and tortured Jesus to the point that His Body was completely covered by wounds, yet Jesus still prayed for us on the Cross: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Today the leader of this one country dreams of global hegemony, wants to control the territory of the South China Sea, wants people to obey him, wants to wear a brocade robe, wants the world to greet and honor him, to worship him like the emperors several thousand years ago or as the emperor in this age.

In the end that dream dissolved into smoke – what is of mankind’s intention, what is of the lowly world remains in a state in which human understanding is too narrow, foolish, and imprudent.

That imprudence has caused them to become blinded in life.

Because of that blindness, people kept thinking that they will be able to attain their goal,  that they will win, so they use all kinds of schemes, usurping God’s rights, ignoring what they should not have done, which was to forbid others from knowing and believing in God.

More than that, they committed sacrilegious acts, removed the crosses, destroyed the crosses, burned the crosses, jailed the pastors and the Christians who attended Mass.

The Ten Commandments were taken down, for the quotes from the Communist Party to be lifted up.

Children up to 18-years-old are forbidden to come to church and forbidden to study catechism.

Whoever studies catechism, whoever enters the church, will face persecution, imprisonment, and many more horrible things.

A nation with such a large population yet without a clear reasoning in human life and conscience: how can it last for centuries? Its existence came from God who waited for their awakening up to this day.

Finally, the time has come. Omega has come.

God allows everything to be concluded with what mankind is relying on according to our mortal way with our wretched condition.

Nonetheless, God always yearns because God created the earth, God created us.

God wants each one of us to enjoy what He granted – the Garden of Eden.

In the beginning, due to our betrayal, we were driven out of that garden.

God created that garden for mankind but no one deserves to return to that garden yet.

So God allowed Jesus, His Son, to come into the world to bring a doctrine from heaven, to bring the authority of God, to bring all things to help us in our limited knowledge of that lower world (2).

Jesus uses things from above to show us the power of God who has worked wondrous deeds, to help mankind have faith, to help mankind have the eyes of faith, for us to see all things of the earthly world that are the works we do.

When we have God, we are not afraid. When we have God, let us not fear. When we have God, we stand firm and we trust.

This life – when God allows then we can live, but if we live without God’s blessing, then we live as hopeless, indulging, wealthy, lustful people.

In the days of the upcoming presidential elections, we see the fighting.

Let us look at a powerful country with a wide knowledge, where in the past, presidential candidates used strategies, money, marketing tactics, but were they able to win over righteousness or did they end up with defeat, disappointment, and even shame?

Let us look attentively: we saw a person, we saw his past, and when he became president it was a surprise.

In the years he was in office, in his speeches, he always mentioned God; he never forgot to thank God; neither did he forget to tell the people to thank God and ask for God’s blessing.

Where does this knowledge come from? Where does this wisdom come from?

This is what comes from above for mankind to know and practice.

God needs the sincerity of mankind. God needs faith, a righteous heart.

Then even if we fail, we will succeed when we have God,

Remember in recorded history: with just a staff, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.

He was very heroic when he used his staff to part the Red Sea: “And the people of Israel went into the midst of the sea on dry ground, the waters being a wall to them on their right hand and on their left” [Exodus 14:22].

Let us practice what God says.

We read about Pharaoh with his chariots and his horsemen, with the power of a king who has ruled for generations, who pursued and went after the Israelites.

But then what happened? Could he kill or not, or had they all died? And finally, with corpses floating on the sea, Pharaoh strayed into an island without a shadow, and he screamed and he…

Then in the time of King David, we heard about a young shepherd who, with only a slingshot and with God in him, defeated the arrogant Philistine warrior.

There, a glorious victory.

God does not need many.

God needs loyalty. God needs us to believe in Him. God needs us to walk in righteousness. God needs us to obey, for His way to lead us.

God has done everything.

He gave us an example for us to follow and we will become victorious when we listen to God.

Today we do not know what will happen in this situation with the outbreak, but it will certainly spread everywhere, not just a hundred and a dozen countries, but will spread in the entire world, including those countries that do not know God or reject God.

We see what is happening in the following places:

First, the place that rejects God, the place that offends God, the place where the virus originated, with a large number of deaths from the citizens who lived under the rule of a cruel leader.

Second is the place of a religious sect in South Korea whose leader claims he is the Messiah, with around 230,000 members.

Finally, a place that is the center of Christianity, but whose citizens seem more critical nowadays toward the Church and follow the ways of the world, with many tarot readers, palm readers, and fortune tellers, while those who turn to God are truly a small number.

Pilgrims and tourists are those who come to visit this well-known but also sinful place.

Today these places become the signs as God reminds us.

At the same time, places that live in crime and do not know God or reject God: the leaders had certain diseases and are sick.

This does not stop at this point and goes on.

We see the epidemic affecting nations that are rejecting God, prohibiting citizens from practicing their faith, prohibiting citizens from following the doctrine that is needed as a basis in life.

We see the consequence of what mankind created, the evil mankind is doing with the ways of the world, which is also the devil’s scheme, seeking all means to attack us at the right time. When we are weak, the devil is snatching away what is rightfully ours.

This is the moment for us to see that God is the Supreme Being who loves and heals us – He is the Supreme Being who always protects us, but we reject Him.

2,000 years ago we rejected Him, we crucified Him.

2,000 years later, we continue to reject Him, we continue to crucify Him, we continue to break His Heart and disappoint Him.

But God is the Supreme Being who does not give up.

In this world there are unbelievers, people who live abusing their power, people who follow the rational ways of the world, but there are also those who are little, simple, naive, who believe in God, who come to God, who understand that what they have today comes from God.

Because of that, God comes to help those who listen to Him, to save the children who sacrifice their lives for Him.

God comes to protect the children who belong to Him, who always rely on Him to live and to go on.

So those people, those innocent children, those victims, those children who repent, those children who return to God with a contrite heart, those children who return to God by heart and soul, by determination in a life of reformation – then God comes to save them.

Today we pray together and we believe that everything that happens is from God’s holy will.

He the loving Father, the Supreme Being who plans the best because He will not let His children fall into a state of extreme suffering.

Extreme suffering is created by us in our wickedness, in the power that we want, so we must accept what belongs to us, but God is the Supreme Being who is willing to wait when we repent.

Everything has come to the truth so we must bear what we do.

However, the merciful God will save us.

Even though we are no longer in this world, even if we succumb to the epidemic in this world, we have life in the other world.

We have life as God promises and grants.

God asked us to listen and return, to cleanse ourselves of evil deeds, to return to righteousness – then God will not remember our sins anymore.

In today’s world, for all the powerful people, in this outbreak all over the world, let us understand the First Reading of yesterday, March 10, 2020.

Let us read the reading of the prophet Isaiah, to understand what God was saying to Sodom and Gomorrah, as He is speaking to us today, to all those who are in positions of power.

The path we choose to walk with God, the path that God chose to come to save us is the Way of the Cross.

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not reject the cross, please do not fear death, because Jesus risked His life to save us, so then let us risk our life to live with Him.

If we understand this, then let us not continue to cancel the Masses we need to have.

We cannot lose Mass, lose God, and lose the graces God has for us.

We cannot lose.

This is the moment we must fight – even if we die, we will be with Him and in Him.

When we belong to Him we do not die.

When we walk with God, let us not follow the opinion of the world. When we walk with God, let us risk ourselves, because when we risk ourselves, then God will embrace us.

We trust that we will cross to the other side, with God carrying us, with God supporting us.

Let us not fear that abyss, no matter how deep, but what we most need is righteousness in life, for the glory of God.

From faith and practice, what we need is not to be afraid of death, for us to continue each day with the graces that are granted.

No one has the right to prevent, to prohibit.

We must live with the faith that we need to have in this generation.

We cannot be defeated by a pandemic that mankind created.

The Lord almighty, He will help with this epidemic, and if He wills it, we will be cured.

However, if God allows this to happen to awaken our souls then we must accept it, because of our sins.

Today, if we understand this then may all of us remain calm.

In life we all have a destiny.

If we have God, when we die we return with God.

Let us allow God to increase in us and let Him reign, for us to see the evil deeds of mankind and the price people must pay for those deeds.

As for us who walk in righteousness, we are the children of God who continue to receive from God.

Everything that God gives us cannot be taken away.

In this century, certain people reject God’s miracles, doubt God’s miracles.

They think those miracles are from the devil, are illusions.

So ladies and gentlemen, it is precisely because of those rejections and doubts that all the best that God offers to urge the life of faith that the laypeople need, are lost. The First Reading of yesterday said it very clearly.

“Jesus spoke to the crowds and to his disciples, saying, ‘The scribes and the Pharisees have taken their seat on the chair of Moses. Therefore, do and observe all things whatsoever they tell you, but do not follow their example. For they preach but they do not practice.’” The Gospel by St. Matthew – O God, the Gospel’s teaching is so clear and reflects what is of this day.

Those in authority have completely missed the greatest opportunities in which they should have understood and eagerly sought the truth.

What they do is to continue to live with rules that they are familiar with for centuries and all those in authority continue to preach and speak eloquently, but when the laypeople share their feelings regarding a lofty spirituality that comes from God, then they use their authority to judge.

Indeed, today we see that very clearly.

Throughout the years God has given us the opportunity to bring what we receive to present to many places, but has anyone treated us with dignity? There were some priests who did.

Though they did not have positions of power, they lead an inner life in churches that are in deserted places and they have a very close relationship with God.

As for churches that are in prosperous places, crowded places with many parishioners, with many ministries, we see that the priests there are highly respected.

As in the case of one bishop, we see his morality, his teachings, his life, but when humbly and sincerely we come to present to him the CDs and the books of The Six Kowtows, there was no answer, no advice, and no remark from him.

We have seen many people like this since we started to witness.

Moreover, in one case, how could a priest throw into a trash can the books with the Eucharist picture on the cover? We have put so much effort, so much love in every sentence, in every word.

What we do is due to the presence, the permission.

Otherwise, in our human condition, what do we have, what do we know? In our sinful condition like many others, how can we have the generosity to bring these books to give to our brothers and sisters? We simply know that God is real, what God manifests is the truth, and God is giving mankind the truth.

Because of those points we have acted wholeheartedly.

We are as sinful as the others and in our wretched condition, if without God’s mercy, if God does not look at us, if God does not allow, then we know nothing and we remain in the most ordinary lowliness just like countless others.

How unfortunate for those chosen by God, those priests and bishops whom we respect, whom we believe in, but who do not bring the heart of God to others.

Indeed, there are some priests who do, but that number is so little in this day and age.

In today’s world, we see those who are arguing, separating themselves from the Church, but we also see those who are righteous.

In this day and age, there is so much immorality, but this is an age that we should not criticize but pray for, because we are sinners too.

We are human beings, and because of sin we live in misery, without hope, with daily worry, completely devoid of faith, so if we live like this, then even with money and wealth, we still live in days without peace of the soul.

Indeed, when people live in a life of poverty, they worry less, because they have no possessions to worry about, so they live peacefully.

Wealth at times causes people to be too busy, calculating, debauched, and when we no longer have wealth then what do we have left? We have only God.

From those viewpoints we see the truth. God allows us to contemplate the truth. God allows us to listen to Him.

In this century, for six years, we have received the gift, and for 10 years we have heard God’s voice.

Who believes us? And who wants to listen to this?

This is from God.

Everyone needs to hear, everyone needs to receive, but not that many people have contacted us.

We gave out CDs. We gave out books.

Do people read? Do people care? Do people pay attention?

Not that many people give us words of advice.

In the life of Christians, we greatly need the help of priests.

So today God is right – let us listen and practice, but let us not practice in the way of the scribes and the Pharisees that we meet, that we have met, and who still exist in the world today.

O God, it is time.

For six years, God prepared for the world.

To talk about a country, with a large population, with disadvantaged citizens who lost God because of their leaders, who lost God and did not know Him because the arrogant and foolish people have usurped His rights.

These citizens are the victims of the coronavirus today, but there are sinners who live in that country and who repent.

It is time for everyone to see who will help them. Who is the person they worship? Who is the person for them to trust? There is only one God.

Now is the time when mankind still has its mind, its authority, its function, to distinguish, but it also falls into today’s rationality.

No one stands up to speak up to defend the truth that the laypeople desperately need.

God desperately needs His disciples, who once again abandoned Him when He is most in need.

Jesus was alone when He entered His Passion to save the world and to save His disciples.

Most people were afraid and fled.

Jesus alone walked the Way of the Cross.

Remaining with Him were His Mother and the most faithful disciples; among them we know the most sinful person is forgiven and by His side. It is St. Mary Magdalene who represents a faithful weaker gender until the last hour and that person had a past known by all of us.

Let us remember, we always judge each other.

God is not too strict with us, but we are strict with each other over our past.

We also scrutinize whether things are appropriate and suitable.

People always rely on their position, status, talent, money, and so much more in their ambition.

But God does not look at us that way.

God looks at our sincere heart. God looks at our sincere repentance. God looks at our loyalty and courage.

So in our last hour on the path, who dares come to us? Veronica was the fearless woman who was not afraid to hand over her veil for God to wipe His face. This was recorded in history books.

We have Mother Mary, a courageous woman, the Mother of Jesus.

Pilate himself considered Jesus to be a person with sin, to be condemned to carry the Cross and to die on the Cross.

That sin was caused by mankind and we have placed that heavy cross of our sins upon Jesus’ shoulders.

He is the innocent One.

His mother is Mother Mary, our Mother; the disciple was St. Mary Magdalene; and St. John was the humblest, the youngest of the 12 holy Apostles, who accompanied Mother and St. Mary Magdalene, to stand at the foot of the Cross in the last hour.

St. John loved Jesus – he was the disciple who placed his head on Jesus’ Heart at the Last Supper, the disciple whom Jesus loved the most.

Let us look, for us to know what happened in the course of history.

Today a story is happening.

We have been the disciples of God for over 2,000 years, but when God needs us most, when we most need God, then once again, we have separated ourselves from God.

Once again we have fled. We have left Jesus alone in the tabernacle.

2,000 years ago, the holy Apostles abandoned Him when He entered His Passion.

2,000 years later, we have abandoned Him in the tabernacle, we have left Him in this moment.

Mankind continues to betray.

Disciples continue to not recognize His presence.

Today we clearly see what we are doing.

So the disciples 2,000 years later continue to abandon Jesus, continue to abandon the Supreme Being on the Cross.

Over 2,000 years ago – and 2,000 years later His presence continues to be abandoned by His disciples.

His disciples have left Jesus – then who was the person by His side? Mother Mary knew this.

Mother Mary knew that the scribes and the Pharisees are still in this world.

So Mother Mary has selected these sinful and frail women to prepare a gift.

The time has come for those women to appear.

Certain people despise these women, looked down on them.

These women have no status, no money, but they simply act with a heart that shows respect to God by the books that testify to what Jesus has done and given to the world.

O God, I thank You.

I thank You for allowing me do this.

I thank You for giving us Mother Mary and St. Magdalene, the exemplary women for us to follow, and St. John did not abandon God in the hour He needed them the most.

Let us not abandon God when the epidemic is raging all over the world.

Let us not abandon God when we most need to turn toward the Supreme Lord, because we need to have hope in this world.

This is the opportunity that God grants us.

This is the opportunity for us to pray, for us to continue daily – even in silence – but we hope this silence will reverberate to heaven.

The answer from God is His visit through the Blessed Sacrament.

We do not see God in the flesh, but we see God by our soul, by our heart, by the presence of the Eucharist, by the wonder of heaven, by the visit of the angels and the saints, by the daily care of Mother Mary, by the encounter with the Eucharistic Jesus.

Today we do not know what happened to the Church, but we are determined, even if it will happen in our state in the days to come.

We hear that people are afraid to give Communion on the tongue, that we must receive Communion in the hand, that there is no hand-shaking, and there is no holy water.

People fear everything; it seems to be reasonable matters of the world.

But ladies and gentlemen, this is the time when we must clearly see the plan of the devil that will drive us into a complete defeat.

The defeat is when we fail to stand up to show that we are the children of God, the Mighty One, the Supreme Lord who grants and who heals.

This is the moment when we must fight for what belongs to us.

Everyone, please turn toward the Supreme Being whom we have neglected, whom we have completely forgotten.

This is the time when He manifests.

He comes to us – He is present.

He will show His glory to save us in the world of mankind, for us to increase our faith, for us to understand that His presence is in the midst of this world.

We know the hand of God still heals us.

Today no matter what the circumstances, though we are bound to enforce the law, let us not follow the ways of the scribes and the Pharisees, but let us follow the law God teaches us.

No matter what the situation is, let our submission, our faith, our prayers be more in-depth, and understand the presence of God, the Mighty One, the victorious One, the Supreme Being who resurrected in glorious victory.

Who resurrects with God? Whoever dies with Him will resurrect with Him.

As for whoever retains his life, will be defeated and will die sorrowfully in the epidemic today.

Those who survive rely on God to keep walking.

Let us not be afraid to die.

We must walk with God, die for God – then we will also be happy forever and ever.

Today, those who live in Rome will have the opportunity to unite together.

We pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the bishops, the priests, our Church.

These are unprecedented times in the course of history for the ranks in the Church to look back, to reform, to seek ways to pray to ask God to enlighten them, so that after this pandemic there will be a renewal in the Church to bring faith to the world, to bring faith to Christians, for us to recognize the presence and the loving hand of the Supreme Being who is still present – the Eucharistic Jesus.

There must be ways for everyone to surrender and return. There must be ways in deep prayers. There will be ways to profess God, the only Supreme Being whom we rely on.

The pastoral work will be enlightened according to the Holy Spirit’s schedule.

There will be ways in which Christians themselves must stand up.

The children chosen to be in the ranks of priests must also have a new program for faith to be close to the Supreme Lord, to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior.

This is the week of Lent.

Let us be still, pray deeply, and face the challenge.

Are we going to be faithful and persevere or do we reject God at this time?

This is the time to choose the path for us to take.

Do we want to belong to God, risk our life, and sacrifice what belongs to us when God allows?

If we are afraid and we retreat, do we know whether the pandemic will spare us?

Are we going to regret our entire life, because God has assigned us the responsibility to lead the flock, and when it is most necessary, to triumph over death to live in the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God?

O God, today what God wants me to say, what God wants me to report – I have completed my duty.

What God wants is for each one of us to question our souls, question our roles, and question our responsibilities and duties.

Those whom God has chosen to be in the ministry, do not allow the disappointment of the parishioners to continue regarding the graces that are poured down and the truths that people must receive and accept, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

We adore God, we praise God, we glorify God, and we honor God as the only God we worship.

Please save us, help us, and free our souls from the epidemic.

As for this epidemic, we believe that God has a way to urge the life of faith for us to recognize and choose.

The plague of the body continues to rage, but with the viewpoint, with the acceptance, with what we need to see, what is more important?

This is an opportunity for us to understand what is happening, as a reminder for our spiritual life and our soul.

Do we belong to God or do we belong to the world? Do we follow God or do we follow the law of the world?

Let each one of us be decisive about this, in order to know what belongs to God.

Let the authorities not use their power to forbid the Christians, the sheep of God.

This is the time when we need to unite for us to raise high the flag.

The righteous will not die and will not be annihilated because God is with them, but those who are afraid of death, those who use their power to follow the logic of the world and protect worldly interests will die.

That is what we need to hear and affirm clearly, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

May God help everyone welcome, listen, open their hearts, open their minds, open their hearts, to know what we need.

In this moment we need hope, we need peace of the soul.

We need God, the only Supreme Being who heals.

No one else can heal us, support us.

There is no one else to whom we can entrust our spiritual life and our body.

In the Name of the Lord our God, forever and ever.

I thank God, praise God, glorify God.

I thank the Holy Spirit – I thank Mother Mary for always being with us, teaching us, helping us to continue to spread and bring the gift of The Six Kowtows that people greatly need in this moment.

That is the understanding of faith, that when we read, faith comes from our hearts, our minds.

When we offer our prayers to each Person to grasp what belongs to us with the love of the conviction that God has given us through the Holy Spirit, helping us to have more courage, more strength, more understanding.

We are God’s children, we are Christians.

We must be decisive and not let others control us with positions of power, with all the threats from the evil spirits that are defeating us.

No, that cannot be.

God is the victorious Supreme Being.

And all that is unrighteous shall be utterly destroyed, while we see the hand and the power of the Lord who will help and intervene with the righteous – those who listen, those who practice, and those who are brave and witness to the truth.

As for those who fear death, those who yield to the law of the world, they have killed their souls and they go on in blindness.

This is the most essential thing as I pray to the Archangel Michael together with the archangels who see the traps and snares of the earthly world.

Please help us, by the voice, by things that God allows and with the archangels’ protection, for us to continue to witness and bring these truths to help our innocent brothers and sisters, to help the victims, and to help the sinners who repent in a timely manner.

This is the moment when we have no other path to choose but to simply return to God, come to God, and only with repentance, only with sincerity in our hearts, to pray for God to have mercy and forgiveness, to sanctify us, to transform us, to become a new world in happiness.

We pray for our souls to be set free for centuries.

A renewal that our Church needs and what we need most.

When we lose God, when we miss God, what will our life be like and what will people be like?

If we still have God and remain with God, then God will certainly grant the Garden of Eden back to those who are faithful and persistent.

God gives us a beloved Mother to guide us through the painful ordeals that were caused by human beings, and when we have Mother, when we are with Mother, Mother will lead us to God, and through Mother’s intercession, God will be the Supreme Being who will intervene and save us in the victory of this last battle.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, Lucia, together with all of the brothers and sisters, conclude at 3:06 p.m., on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, at St. Michael Church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, and the painting of Mother as Queen.

Next, we will offer The Six Kowtows, which we usually do after Mass at this church every Wednesday.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Lucia, Theresa Tao, Maria Nhung, Paul Thanh, and Maria Titus, conclude in this afternoon with the words of the Holy Spirit prompting us and giving us this message.

We thank God, praise God, and glorify God.

God, please bless our Pope, because he is the one who guides us in the life of faith, for our life to be close to God.

The Pope is a righteous person who lives in the midst of this world.

God is protecting the righteous people so that the parishioners like us to have a support.

We feel courageous to speak the truth, for us to move forward on the path as we pray to belong to God.

We worship, honor, thank God.

We respectfully thank God, with His Divine Mercy. We thank the Eucharistic Jesus.

It is time for God to act. It is time for God to intervene. It is time for us to see the liveliness as God promised.

God has manifested His power and glory through the Eucharist. God visits us daily when we come to Him.

God grants us in a special way to say the truth from heaven that are the words we receive through the Holy Spirit, which we have completed and reported in this century every time we respectfully offer The Six Kowtows.

We thank God, praise God, and glorify God.

Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. This may be a reference to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
  2. The Garden of Eden, which is lower than heaven



The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a “Father” in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.


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