New Revelations through the Eucharist

The 12th Station of the Cross

The 12th Station of the Cross

Shrine of Our Lady of Lavang – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

10:40 a.m. – October 21, 2019


Lucia: O Lord, the work of salvation has ended on the Cross [1]. This is the last hour. We are lifted up to contemplate the Lord who has completed the program with the last hour on the Cross, but is still alive to entrust His disciple and the world to His Mother, with the last seven words, with the trusting and loving disciples beside Him at the last hour.

At His feet was St. Mary Magdalene who persevered and persisted from the moment He was captured in the Garden of Gethsemane. This saint was silent and constantly looked for ways to see and to come close. In the end, present were Mother Mary, St. John, St. Mary Magdalene, as reported in history books. As for close relatives who followed Him there are very few.

Today we see God dying on the Cross. He knew that after the work of the salvation, He would be back for a certain amount of days and then would return to God the Father. He already knew this, but it is at this time that He also knew that mankind has moments of courage, moments of weakness. There are times we must pray to understand the meanings, according to our human viewpoint, but every deed God does teaches us and has meanings, which we receive through His teaching in life.


Blessed Mother: My beloved children,

The 12th Station of the Cross is for you to see in general. Before the Cross was raised, how He suffered. The nails were firmly driven for the Cross to be raised upright. Think about it. A normal tree also moves, moving back and forth to remain straight. This was the Cross He carried and He laid upon it, a heavy body. Then the Cross was raised upright.

Do you know: the extreme pain He suffered was multiplied a thousand times for the Cross to be stable according to the way the soldiers placed it between the two people mentioned in history? It was at those moments that My Heart was wrung with pain. My Heart agonized and experienced – every second, every minute – the moments when I was about to lose Him. I heard very clearly the earnest last words. Each word, each sentence, the works I must complete in the plan God assigned to Me and over Me. The meanings reported were only partial – as for what is profound, today you need to hear to clearly understand what I want you to report.

My beloved children, in the last hour He had no more strength left, but forced Himself to grant, to speak to Me. Before I started to enter the last and final hour, there were challenging words that were the symbols of goodness and symbols of evil. On one side there was repentance with words that were evident and faith-filled. On the other side, there was a perpetual obduracy in blame and denial. So in His last hour He still saw the facts: mankind at that time had not awakened and clearly understood the paths of excruciating agony that He accepted to redeem the entire world.

Today do not be surprised. There are people who believe, but there are those who are still hardened, those who still use their authority, totally living a worldly life, in the needs of whims. They still do not fully understand the meaning of justice, of truth, of love for which God chooses them to become people who bring the words of truth and a needed true life in God.

So there are people with whom you need to be more patient, more tolerant, because your prayers will change them and by your prayers they will be sanctified. Prayers will allow extraordinary and wondrous deeds to happen. Because of the prayers, you will understand and experience, from the core, the important meaning in the mission of witnessing, which you have done and are doing.

My beloved children, the program was completed – the work of redemption on the Cross. In the final hour, is there any mother whose heart is not broken, watching her child suffering and agonizing in excruciating pain in the dying hours, who will no longer have her child by her side? That was the state of a human mother, but in terms of a spiritual life, it was an immense responsibility that Jesus had undertaken and concluded. The day He was about to leave Me, I remembered the journey of 33 years, tears still flow down.

Moreover, I knew this was the holy will of God the Father. I knew the plan of all people, of the multitude of people and of all generations; I did not blame, but I was able to see. I longed – I felt it was the desire of God; His longing and His last words and things that must be accomplished for Him, with what the world needs to know then must know, in order to understand the meaning of the value of the soul, the value of the return, the value of each role, the value of each function, the value of all generations. That is also the beginning of the end.

Death will no longer control you. Death will no longer be your master. Death must completely be defeated in this last moment. Today those who live in iniquity have the opportunity. When they repent, they will be forgiven, and when they eagerly return then they fully become a new masterpiece. This is the most important thing that the world still does not clearly understand. Today I desire for you to contemplate the Five Holy Signs that are given for the end, and the 12th Station of the Cross.[2]

This is a book of history that is concluded and an assertion to triumph over death, to give you hope when you understand and return to God. Then the only thing is the need for mankind to reform, to be determined, to recognize, because God grants to all the seal in forgiveness. Even at the last moment of life, He forgives when you return.

You must definitely meditate on the Fifth Kowtow. The Five Holy Signs are affirmed as a living and contemporary Gospel for each soul, each person – today, in maturity – to clearly understand what belongs to oneself. Through the 12th Station of the Cross concluded and the Five Holy Signs clearly reported, there should no longer be a triviality according to human process. You must decide for yourself because that seal belongs to you while you are still alive. If you neglect and you no longer have the opportunity, then you must answer to justice in purgatory.

So this is the moment to live in absolute amendment and recognize what God grants and gives to you in the Five Holy Signs. In there is the love that is God the Father’s Divine Mercy, and Jesus came with the purpose of bringing you faith, so believe, because He redeemed your souls, He endured to redeem you. He Himself has completed a program to prepare for the Holy Spirit to come to you.

That support of love forever belongs to you, and that is also present in the 4th Station. Today, as you have come to the Lord, you are encountering, you have the opportunity to meet Him. That is the evidence of the Lord’s presence in this world in a divine way. You pray to see the presence, so today you continue to have a close encounter from heaven, which is granted to you in this generation to save you in the most urgent moments, in the most tragic moments. In the moments when mankind is revolving with a generation that is entering days of lost faith, days of decadence, and days of living in the chaos of a multitude of colors in the clever subtleties of progressiveness, of an age in which you forget the most important things in the doctrine. Today I have the duty and responsibility to say what God wants from Me and grants to Me. At all costs, I will lead you out, lead you back, and help you.

Today what is needed is faith, cooperation, listening, a humble heart. Then you will find the path. Regardless of difficulties or trials or sufferings, the path you have is the path in which you need to believe in God, because He died for you to live. You seek things of the world, but what you need to seek is from within the soul – the truth, the teaching through the doctrine, practice, faith, a holy life. Return with a grateful heart to represent the voice of the world, the voice of neglect, and the voice of betrayal as the world is entering a state of division. Continue in your mission. That is something most needed that I desire and long over each one of you.


Lucia: O God, this is the last hour. God please accept our apologies. God please accept our prostrations. Even a hundred thousand times is not enough, even a million times is still not enough. God, for countless years we were immersed in iniquity – please forgive us. God, please forgive us, forgive every generation. God, please forgive all classes, all roles. Please forgive the clergy, forgive our Church. What You do, what You grant, Mother, has painstakingly tried to tell us but still has not successfully achieved, because we are weak and wretched sinners.

Please forgive us. Allow us to start from this moment on to be determined to live each day in renewal, to be responsible. No matter how difficult, challenging, trying – whether from people or from the brothers and sisters – no matter how people look at us, let us keep going, keep standing up, keep testifying, keep bearing witness to the God who is waiting for our prayers, for our return. May our meaningful works help people return with the love, reverence and respect that we need to have.


Lord, please accept our prayers.

Lord Jesus Christ, please have mercy on us.

We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You.

Because by Your holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

(Singing) Let me share with You His pain, who for all my sins was slain, who for me in torments died.

O God, I thank You for giving us this moment to represent all the brothers and sisters who still are indifferent and have never in their life done the Stations of the Cross. Today we receive the profound teaching from Mother for us to be more mature. May we daily understand the meaning of the Cross, because You suffered for our sins.

The Cross You carried and the Cross You laid upon recall the work of salvation in love. May we never lose faith, never lose hope, and never forget Mother’s advice for us to live like St. John, the disciple whom God loved, and like St. Mary Magdalene, the person who returned, a trustworthy disciple.

Please help each of us be the one remaining by Your side till the very end and never refuse any challenges that we encounter. May we witness and bring to everyone the words from Mother Mary. The Stations of the Cross that we do in the Fifth Conference of Our Lady of Lavang, give us the opportunity to hear the words from Mother. Mother Herself leads, for us to have a deeper understanding of each Station of the Cross. We receive this today and on this trip. Amen.

[1] The 12th Station is “Jesus Dies on the Cross” and the 4th Station, mentioned later, is “Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother.”

[2] Please see “The Meaning of the Fifth Kowtow” article on to clearly understand the Fifth Kowtow as explained by heaven over time.

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