New Revelations through the Eucharist

That Door Is Opened in the Remaining Days



July 4, 2016 – Independence Day, United States

L.: O God, it is 6:32 on Monday, July 4, 2016, at St. Theresa (1) Church, in front of the new holy statue, which is the holy statue of Jesus, around four-years-old (2), and the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Juan Diego. This is the place I used to come to receive God’s words, through the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of God and the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in the past months and years. It is also in front of the holy statue of St. Theresa that I used to receive the words from God as well as from Mother and from St. Theresa, for the world in general and in particular for us, for the brothers and sisters in the group.

Today, it is the second time I am able to officially receive the words from God with a new statue (3); every Monday, I am always here and I have the opportunity to receive God’s words. Whether with the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of God or with a new statue, I know God is present and with me; with the words God wants to give to the world, the words God always gives to us – God’s loving words to remind us in the present days on earth, along with many important matters God already allowed us to receive.  Today, I am ready to receive the words from the new statue; this is the first time I am able to receive a message on the weekly Monday (4), the words God used to give to the world through the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of God.  The first time I came to this new holy statue, God gave me a very short message; this is the second time I officially ask to receive a message at this new holy statue, which is the statue of Jesus, about four-years-old, with His face lifted up and His arms stretched out, as a child looking up to Father in heaven, with the smile, the simplicity, the innocence of a child about four-years-old. When we look at this statue we feel so joyful; in our lives, we need to look up to this statue for us to know that our sorrows, our worries, along with the daily matters, we can lift them up to our God through the statue that we are contemplating; the God who became human for us to be able to admire His tenderness, His littleness – living life as if teaching us the direction to lift ourselves up toward our God in heaven.

O God – I thank God; every holy statue reminds and allows us to understand more about all the divine mysteries that God manifests to mankind, in a very close way. We know about everything God did for us. That statue has a meaning, which is to lead us closer to God – whether it is the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of God or the holy statue that we face today, it is still the one and only God, from the beginning, throughout countless generations; our God now, and also the God in the final days.  In the final days of our lives, at the end of history, God is still the one and only God – the God full of affection, the God full of love, the God who seeks mankind, the patient God who brings us hope. That is the promise through the Cross, the promise through the Passion; the everlasting and indelible promise to the human world.

Today, the meaning of the Second Kowtow (5) is for us to understand that when we come to worship Jesus, the Second Person of God, the Lamb of our God, the Supreme Being who died for us, the Supreme Being who took on human nature to come into the world in the course of history, He continues to be present with us, for our lives to be strengthened by faith and belief, for us to be bold to receive what God intended and bestowed. There is nothing that cannot be done in unison with God; with a believing heart, we can see the deeds God does and those wonders lead us to walk with faith, to entrust in God so that we are taught, to live worthy to be God’s children, worthy to receive the graces that today He gives to us – meeting us, remaining close to us, allowing us to recognize the presence, to guide us back to Divine Mercy.

Today we have the opportunity; we are reminded by the Church that this is the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy, which is opened to welcome everyone in the entire world; we only need to return, we only need to surrender, we only need to prostrate, we only need to come with heart, with soul – a repentant soul.  God never abandons us, God never refuses us. Let us look at this holy statue to see that God wants us to become like children, innocent; as for everything in the past, which weighed heavily in our lives, everything we are stumbling upon, let us come to God like a child, to lift up everything, to know that our sinful condition has nowhere else to take refuge, nowhere else to lean on; no one else has the authority to forgive us besides God’s Love.  We firmly believe that that price of Blood, that Cross, that Passion, is the everlasting history of love and forgiveness – to lead us back to the truth, to the love, to the salvation that forever remains in His Love.

So today, let us look at this to learn in our lives, to lessen all the burdens, the challenges, the sufferings in life; let us become like a child – to have the soul of a child; to beseech our Father with a determined heart; to beseech God to give us the opportunity to become just; to ask God to help us practice; to be determined to remove all that is unrighteous; to remove all the thoughts, the judgments, the aspects inherent in the human condition that we always stumble upon, which are our ego and everything that leads us into the fog, into the darkness, impairing our vision toward the light of God and causing us to live in despair. All that was in the course of history continues today; God’s Love never ceases to lead us back. We have the right to decide: to either return to God or to follow the path that we have the opportunity to choose, the path that we walked and are walking on – in anxiety, in darkness, in death, in greed, in lust, with many more reasons in the life of each person.

Today, God invites, God invites us to come to God, for us to understand the Divine Mercy of God. The Divine Mercy of God does not end in us and over us but we share it with one another, we show mercy for one another, we support one another, we come to one another, and we receive, we learn about the blessings God reserves and gives to the world in general and to each individual in particular. Today, there are many things we cannot understand automatically, but only through God’s teachings; I stop here to ask to receive the words from God, especially through this new holy statue.

Father: L., M., children, today is not a coincidence, I know the innermost feelings of every person, I know that the new change causes you to think and causes you to be surprised. L., I know My holy statue of the Sacred Heart, the holy statue of St. Theresa have been here for a very long time; that for countless times, you have had encounters here, where I also gave you miracles that you heard, saw, and believed. In terms of humans, how can there not be melancholy, how can there not be matters in which you did see the difference? But know that every holy statue has a meaning, to help each individual, to help each believing heart, to help each person who comes to have an encounter. Every holy statue has a history, and through the holy statues, through each role, I meet and bestow the graces and the blessings I reserve for My children all over the world, in every age, in every role. Come to Me, do not think about this holy statue or that holy statue; I am always present at any holy statue when they are placed reverently, for you to come and pray, for you to come and worship. The holy statues in the churches are blessed, and from that blessing you will recognize what I give through them.  In a human life, you always need to see, to be realistic, to be touched, to have an encounter, but I am present in a divine way, at any place, at any time, especially in your hearts. I am always with you, but perhaps within the limitation that people are able to understand, within the limitation that people are able to feel, there is a limitation in the knowledge about this truth: the places that I need, that I desire, are the hearts of every single person. I want to remain with you, with all the brothers and sisters, with every single person who bears My image, who has a heart, a soul, a heart that knows to love, or even those who have a heart yet are indeed very stubborn and hardened.

My beloved children, it cannot be fully explained and you cannot fully comprehend My Love. Today, there are many realities I still continue to accept and tolerate – the coldness of mankind, the indifference of mankind, the tepidness of mankind, and even the betrayal of mankind. My Wounds never fully healed; those Wounds continue to bleed because you fail to understand My waiting, you fail to understand My patience, you fail to understand the presence that I desire to see in the heart of every single soul, of every child of Mine, all over the entire world, in every role.  I yearn for people to recognize Me; I yearn for My Love to sanctify and transform all of you; I yearn for the deeds, for history, to bring you the moments for you to seek to understand, to meditate, to be able to find the doctrine that is the truth to help you on the path on which you can recognize the priority in the life of the heart, the priority in the internal life of the soul, and the priority in the truth that humans need to know.  That is the main thing I want. I want to meet every person, I want to meet every individual, I want to meet every heart, for you to understand the meaning of love, to understand My remaining with you, to understand the meaning of My Passion, to understand the meaning of My remaining through the Holy Eucharist, and to understand the meaning of My voice still resounding in today’s human world.

My beloved children, everything that pertains to Me cannot be limited; there is no book to contain all the deeds I have done and the power of God bestowed upon the human world. You only need to see, you only need to believe, you only need to understand what is good for you to come to the love; to live in the truth; to live in justice; to recognize what is given in life to teach you, for you to experience the doctrine that is forever being repeated over and over again, for you to understand the meaning of salvation; to understand the meaning of the Cross that I endured and accepted to carry for the human world; to understand My meaning through the Holy Eucharist; to understand My words – through history, through the Good News, through the Gospel.  I am still present through the Holy Mass, I still meet every person; when you allow your hearts to have the time to reflect, to understand, to experience, then you see clearly that I fully live in the midst of this world. I still seek the children, one by one; I still continue to open wide the arms to embrace you; I open wide the arms to guide you when you encounter sufferings, challenges, diseases, problems that today help you to recognize the closeness I reveal to you.

My beloved children, I let you clearly understand that in regard to everything that is invited, for the people who have a mission, the people who are called to bear witness to the truth, to the Good News, to the miraculous power of the Eucharist, that the graces are simultaneously and continually being poured down and given – in general to the world and in particular to the people who continue to testify, who continue to proclaim, who continue to be the pioneers with the works and the prayers, with the actions and the life of faith through services. Everything you are able to receive today is a process that is not too lengthy nor too short; you know I always give and intervene when you come, when you believe, and when you trust – then it will be realized, with things that conform to the ethics, that conform to all the reasons I give to you. As for certain aspects that you do not understand, even if there are disasters, tribulations – in those tribulations, in those disasters, you are able to learn more about everything that happens to you, that happens to the world, that happens to humanity, that happens to each individual.

I want the very best things, I want the most perfect things, but you must undergo challenges because each person has a destiny planned and arranged as predestined by God the Father, with His providence.  My presence today continues to give, to help, to bestow upon you the love I reserve for you; believe in that love for you to mature, to clearly understand, to know – in your own lives, with the role, with the duty, with the function, in every situation, in every class.  Do not make any distinctions with all that is seen but believe in the deeds He does; believe in what I promise and give; then, sooner or later, you will receive because in regards to things I promised, I certainly will give, I certainly will let you recognize My presence in your lives, at the places you come to, in the days and months you receive these words, whether directly or indirectly.

In terms of appearances, with this holy statue, whether at this church or at another church, I want you to know that the worship places are many, the churches are many, but the places that I choose to manifest the miracles are very few in this human world.  So even if you come, even if you know that My presence bestows upon you the graces that you ask for, which I give to strengthen your life of faith, know that there are certain churches established and chosen for all the miracles that are happening; these churches, whether in history or in the remaining days, continue to be the churches that are selected to bring the great graces you are facing today. For those past months in silence, today is the answer; that change is something I want, for you to become the people who have the soul of innocent children, for you to know the deeds I do and to receive the gifts I give. At the same time, understand that when you live with the soul of a child, you boldly come to Me; so do not be afraid, do not condemn yourselves, do not miss the chance with graces given to the world through the reminder from the Church, with the Door of the Jubilee Year of the Divine Mercy wide open.  My Divine Mercy always and forever is the Divine Mercy given to the world; the Church proclaims and accepts, and everything goes on in this century – to speak up, to speak in one common voice, to speak of the truth, to speak of the great miracle that is practiced (6), in union with today’s Church.

There are many things you must know that are of utmost importance, which you heard throughout the months and years, reported through history, the Gospel, the Good News. Everything will happen, because in today’s world, you have seen what comes from the truth; what comes from humans, in clever and sophisticated ways; or what comes from the evil spirits that took advantage of your weaknesses, of your immature faith, of people nowadays yielding to the worldly realities in life.  I want to let you recognize that in the months in which you are able to hear about many things, you receive the closeness I give, which also strengthens your life of faith, something that never happened before but today has appeared and is revealed to today’s humanity. There are many wondrous graces I already gave in a special way; I manifest in a special way, and I also choose the messenger and the prophet in a special way in today’s world – to speak My voice, to bear witness to everything that comes from the truth, to give you what comes from heaven.

Today, heaven is opened – to give to the human world, to give to the children who err, to give to every single person living in sins the opportunity to return, and also to pour down upon the Church the graces for the Church to remind, with all that is planned; to bring the Good News; to bring the special blessings; to bring the special graces; to bring the closeness, which is the Door of the Divine Mercy.  That door represents My Love; that door is opened in the remaining days, to lead you back while there is still time, while there is still the opportunity. It is because of what happened that I came into the world, with the day I ended up on the Cross, the day I returned to heaven, the day I instituted the Holy Eucharist – and today, I am still here, with realities in history, realities that testify to the truth, which was the program planned by God the Father, and manifested.  I came in the flesh 2,000 years ago; today, I still remain in the world – no longer in the flesh but by My Eucharist, by the drops of Blood that continue to nourish you through Holy Mass.

So, it is very important to have a believing heart, for you to understand and seek the truth, to reflect, to meditate upon the words that are being reminded, that are said, through the Good News. So in every situation, in every role, with every holy statue that you have the chance to interact with and to embrace, they all have a meaning, which is to guide you to Me, with that presence to help you speak about Divine Mercy in the months you still have. You must be prepared because everything has a start date and will also have an ending date; everything, just like mankind who is born and then one day will die. So throughout countless generations, regarding every deed given to mankind, either today, tomorrow, or in the future, according to God, you still do not completely understand what I have done and given to you through the salvation, and which continues to let you encounter through Divine Mercy. Today, you are still living without understanding, without knowing, without feeling, without being touched; in the days and months awaiting yet failing to understand the truth and failing to return to the truth.

You are living in the days and months feeding sins, committing sins, distancing yourselves from My Divine Mercy, distancing yourselves from the Supreme Savior who brought the doctrine and the truth for you to be free in this life. With that freedom, you have opened the door to your own desires, to follow lust and greed, to follow all that is tangible in the present life. If you do not know, if you do not understand, if you are not clear about what was given to you in the present, which is divine, then how can you know what your faith must be for you to start? To understand history is not to start with this time period but with the history left through thousands of years; the people who have the duty to seek the truth live in the truth, testify to the truth. However, with time, you follow your habits, letting things pass swiftly, if you do not retain for yourselves something that belongs to the divine realm, with a determined love, with a sincere heart, with a reverent heart, with a heart believing in serving, or a heart with the meaning of love and the meaning of the return, which mankind must have, for you to believe, for you to give up everything that you encounter in life.

The suffering, the hardship, all the trials are an experience when you can understand what I remind you today – never think in the negative, never despair, never walk into a path where you do not have hope or walk into an impasse.  According to God’s way, I do not look at your sins but I look to see whether you allow Me to come help you or not, whether you believe that God loves you more than all of your offenses and is the God who forgives, forgives, forgives, and forever forgives every sinner, every soul, every person (7). You are My creations – do not despair; return.

Today is the opportunity; remember to return in justice, return in an absolute way, return and give up everything you know is the cause of the months in debaucheries, in sins, in sufferings, in enduring things that have no meaning in your own lives, presently, in your souls, and in the future as well.  This is the time for you to choose for yourselves, to recognize My Love that still remains; you no longer have the time allowing you to continue with that freedom in your personal right but you must decide soon in order to return to Me, to return to My Love, to return to Divine Mercy, to return to the salvation. I have imprinted the mark of love upon each one of you, the mark of love (8), to rescue you, but you are not able to experience it, to understand it; you do not use what is inherent for you to return to Me boldly, with determination.

You continue to live with the days and months in a complete lack of understanding, in a complete lack of belief, and still in a complete debauchery, in the midst of today’s way of life.  What is being reminded today has a time limit because everything has been predestined according to God the Father; there was a beginning and there will be an ending in terms of humanity; that is something God the Father already predestined; the Alpha and the Omega, the Alpha is the beginning, the Omega is the ending and is also the salvation.  The time period you live in is a time of salvation; a time period in which you receive sublime graces, miraculous blessings, and is also in the time period of salvation (9); a time period for you to look back in history, with all that happened and existed in the human world.

Today, the only desire is that My Divine Mercy will bring you the one and only hope to be forgiven, and to bring you back to the love and the living water, in the grace and the blessing I reserve and give. Do not allow the thinking, the human reasonings, the worldly realities, the bad habit of letting knowledge simply remain in the books with no practices; they are simply things that are limited according to your believing hearts. According to Me, things are infinite; according to Me, eyes are for looking at the special blessings God gave in all kinds of ways for you to encounter and not to be subject to limitations according to your believing hearts, not to be subject to limitations whether with the acceptance or without.

What I desire is for you to understand that My Love uses all kinds of ways to bring you back, My Love uses all kinds of ways through Divine Mercy to sanctify, to transform you to be worthy with the role I chose. I open the door, waiting for you at the banquet table in heaven, so do not lose time, do not miss the opportunity. Give up everything when you understand that those were the days living in sins; the days of sufferings; the days constantly relying on money, on fame – relying on those pursuits that make you busy: busy to serve the flesh, busy to follow the demands of human’s interests and aspirations. What do these pursuits bring to the soul, to the afterlife, to the heart that needs the days of happiness and peace?

So today I come to manifest to you, for you to hear, to know, to clearly recognize things that are not too unfamiliar; do not have inferences and thoughts of your own. These words come to you; truths that need to be heard – this happens in a world in which I allow, for you to hear what you need to hear. It is also the ending last days of a history book, realized in the human world, through the Holy Eucharist, with the writings inspired by the Holy Spirit for your world, and the reminders that today I bring to the world of human beings. So wherever you are, or whichever holy statue, regardless, when you face the holy statues, remember My Love through each holy statue; My Love through each place; My Love bringing a grace – each one special – using all kinds of ways to bring you back, to let you receive My Divine Mercy, My forgiveness, and the eternal world that awaits you, which depends upon the freedom you choose, which depends upon the return, but this is also to strengthen the life of faith that I reserve and bestow.

Come to Me, come and believe in the blessings I give to you; believe in the words I say to you today, right at this place, at this church, at this “cathedral.” I certainly will let you see the sublime things that cannot be denied, from human lips, with the people who receive the blessings, the people who are grateful, the people who already received the grace I reserve and give – the blessings I give in a special way to strengthen the life of faith, to confirm the deeds I realized at this place, to confirm the deeds I worked and manifested in the human world through the mystery and the miracle of the Holy Eucharist. So the time has come; do not hesitate any longer.

The people who proclaim, the people who are chosen to bear witness: trust in all the works in which you unite with one another to testify, in order to bring the brothers and sisters back, to bring the people who are cold and indifferent back, the people who are still on an unclear path, who do not yet understand the meaning of the return, who do not yet understand which path to choose – God or the human world. They are still on a path that is not entirely sincere with Me, they are walking on a path choosing between the iniquities and the things they need in order to come to Me.  This is something you must be more conscious about; those people are the people who once understood, once knew, but they could not overcome the flesh, the self, the thinking of the ego and personality, and their own personal preferences. This is something prudent to be accustomed to that will train you on how to become a person returning with a true heart, who is conscious of the return, of the action, of the deed, of the meaning of the Jubilee Year in which I bestow upon you the blessing and grace in a close way so that today you are able to come in order to be sanctified, to be blessed, in a special way, through Mother Mary who taught you. Everything you do today is not something God needs, but it is you who received a special connection through the grace and the blessing that Mother Mary asked God the Father to give to the human world.

You already hear, you already know, and you continue to understand more profoundly about things that today you are proclaiming, you are testifying to. This does not end at one point because today, in the divine realm, God the Father will bestow in a special way since you called upon Him personally, you prayed to Him personally, you prostrated yourselves, surrendered yourselves; then how can a Father turn a deaf ear when seeing one’s own children in that state? So believe and practice, you know this is a grace from Mother, the Person teaching you, the Person praying for this to be given to the world in the remaining days, the days in which you must be prepared because there will be days of mourning, there will be days of sorrows, there will be days that are final and days of purification, to prepare for the new world I already pre-destined and arranged from eternity.

Open your ears to hear, open your eyes to see, and trust in the path that you took, that you are taking, in a life of testimony, in the role realized for you to understand what I gave and manifested to humanity today.  These are living words I send to the world; this is the place I choose for you to understand more about the mystery, about the miracle that I already worked for today’s human world. This is all I am saying today.  I hope that you understand this, that you are clear about this. Come to Me, give up everything, do not be afraid of the present mistakes; come to Me to receive the reconciliation. Come to the Church to receive the teaching and the nourishment by My words; trust in what you see, what you hear. Practice what Mother teaches so that you will have new paths, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to understand how to speak, to have a life strengthened by the Holy Spirit’s help.  Do not be afraid when you understand the special gift bestowed upon you, with My appearance, through the Eucharist, which I give to you through My Presence and My remaining, to help you open your eyes today to see the great wonders I arranged right from the beginning till this day, things that you need to see, to know, to understand their own meaning.  I hope that today you understand clearly in order to continue to listen to everything I reserve and bestow upon you – I hope you understand for you to practice, to mature, to choose the path you need to take and must take with determination, to return to Divine Mercy, to truly return with heart and soul; by actions done resolutely, you will receive and you will understand the meaning of the gift of grace and blessing, through Mother Mary who takes charge and acts on your behalf, to ask for this to be given to the entire world. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O God – I thank God’s grace for all the words received today. In fact, we did not know we would receive Father’s teachings; we also did not know that we would have the opportunity to understand more about the holy statues and the significance of the new statue that today we are here to kneel before at the feet of Father, to receive Father’s words, to understand more about the meaning of the days that I always come to the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of God. Today, we come to this holy statue, full of the meanings that Father taught, for us to become fresher, to become more childlike, to have a life entrusting more, trusting more, through the holy statue where we are kneeling and facing, contemplating the face, the hands, the smile; lifted toward heaven, toward God the Father, toward what belongs to the divine realm for us to receive the goodness, the joy, the doctrine, the truth, the gifts that Father Himself teaches and bestows, in a special way, to each one of us, to each person in the human world, and especially through the Church, for us to be able to understand Jesus.

He is not just Jesus through the Host, still silent, but is Jesus with the voice, Jesus with the reminders, Jesus teaching humanity, Jesus manifesting His own Presence, Jesus manifesting through the miracle of the Eucharist. Today, we receive the teaching, with many sublime graces through the gift that we receive, that we hear, that we practice; we continue to be taught through the grace God bestowed in a special way to the world in general and in particular to the people who are invited, who bear witness, and sending, especially, the messengers, the prophets, to help us return to Father by every means. Today we come to surrender, to prostrate, to repent, with all our hearts, to ask Father to accept, to support; Father, please intervene, please give us the opportunity, in the days we cannot change by ourselves issues that are common in this generation. There are so many chaotic things, with so many things that our humanity has intentionally or unintentionally offended.

Today is the answer to that common problem, because people impose limits on their faith; they live subjected to rules, completely controlled by the realities, by the clever and sophisticated ways of an era, leaning on civilization in order to continue to do what they like with the ways of the present world. They forget about the worship, they forget about the return, they forget about the time reserved for God, they forget about the duty of the people toward God; the duty of being the children; the duty our human race cannot forget, which are the graces, the blessings – the breath we receive daily from Father, the grace that Father pours down, the nourishment Father reserves in the power that Father bestows upon the world and upon each one of us.

Please help us to understand more, to experience more, to believe in what is inherent, whether from knowledge and learning; in summary, it is a life determined to live in the truth, because only the heart can testify, and the heart only needs God to know, only needs God to bestow, and only needs the Holy Spirit to enlighten for us to live days of happiness and peace, dealing with realities in life, with the crosses that we cannot refuse, that we cannot decline, that we must accept, as God accepted the Cross to save us in the world.  The way of the cross, the days on earth, are painful but really meaningful; the cross will bring us to God, and the cross with help us in the life Father lived so that each one of us can also follow the footsteps, in order to be saved, to be reborn, to become the people Father always travels with, giving us the opportunity. At the end of the way of the cross, please allow us to meet Father, to understand the meaning when we complete and triumph over the days of exile on earth – from sins, from temptations, from the weaknesses of the flesh.

Father, please help us, give us more, for us to clearly understand the presence bestowed upon us; remain close to us, help us to have absolute trust in Father in order to live more righteously, more worthy to be the children who listen; to feel the closeness Father taught us in a special way, giving to the world the permission through the kowtows we choose to practice: to lift up to Father, to prostrate to Father, to worship Father.  We only know of the one and only God whom we believe in, the one and only God that we imitate, the one and only God whom we entrust ourselves to. We believe in Father, so today we receive these words to remind us, for us to hear, for the Presence of the Eucharist to become increasingly clearer in life – in general for the world, and in particular for every single individual.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, I thank God’s grace, the Holy Spirit’s grace, Mother’s grace, for this completed message; thanks to the new holy statue for this new experience, to experience the closeness, the presence, with Father’s teaching, which is for us to become like children, to become like innocent souls, to be gentle, to have hope in everything. With Divine Mercy, certainly Father will forgive, will bestow, will lead us back to the living water for us to be cleansed, to be sanctified, to be transformed. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, I thank God for this completed message.  One more time it is 7:16, on Monday, July 4, 2016, the day people celebrate, with gatherings and celebrations at the families’ parties, but I came here with my sister; we feel joyful because nowhere else can we continue to have Father’s presence, to encounter Father, to listen to the words from Father, especially on the celebration of the 4th of July, with us remaining at this place, to receive and to complete a message.  On behalf of the brothers and sisters in the entire world, on behalf of the brothers and sisters in the group, on behalf of the people who are serving, on behalf of those who do not yet know, who do not yet believe, on behalf of every single sinner, I lift up to Father with an affectionate heart, with a grateful heart, with a heart beseeching Father to help us continue to persevere, to be patient, to be faithful, to continue to proclaim what is known, heard, witnessed, with all the works that Father did and is doing. Though this is something only a few can clearly understand, the truth is that only God has the authority to bestow, to give, and is the God who will always be eternal. His words, the things He plans, all come from the truth and thus will last; we rely on this truth, on the love, on the reminder, on the closeness, to help us be stronger in the life of faith, stronger in the return, to entrust more in the life in which we are able to hear, to have an encounter, to be taught. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  



  1. Therese of Lisieux
  2. A reproduction of the famous Divino Niño (Divine Child) statue in Bogota, Columbia.
  3. Of course, the statue will not speak with L. but Jesus whom the statue represents.
  4. The appointed time for regular, weekly messages at this spot will now resume, but with the new statue. These are by no means the only messages L. receives, which are very, very numerous, but which are received more spontaneously – whenever and wherever heaven wants to give them.
  5. See “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014.
  6. The Six Kowtows
  7. This entails, of course, asking God for forgiveness, and then getting on the path of sincere repentance, with a firm purpose of amendment.
  8. See the “Whoever Has Ears Ought to Hear” message of July 28, 2016.
  9. We are in the end times; the Book of Revelation. If one has any doubt, the following are the prophetic words of then-Cardinal Wojtyla, the future St. John Paul II, which, as Providence would have it, were said almost exactly 40 years prior to this message, when he gave an address at the Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia in 1976 for the bicentennial celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In it he said, “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. I do not think that the wide circle of the American Society, or the whole wide circle of the Christian Community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist. The confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence. It is, therefore, in God’s Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously…”


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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