New Revelations through the Eucharist

St. John: Return to His Love and His Heart

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December 27, 2014 – Feast of St. John, Apostle and Evangelist

L.: O God, it is 6:47 p.m. on Saturday, December 27, 2014. Today is the Feast Day of St. John, the Apostle who is also the author of the Gospel. Allow me to read the words from the First Reading from St. John the Apostle, whom God has used to write the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and who is also a witness for all the things left to the Church. St. John was the author who, through the revelations, has reported all the things in the Book of Revelation and has written many readings in the Gospel.

Today I read the First Reading to commemorate my teacher, John the Apostle (1):

What was from the beginning,
what we have heard,
what we have seen with our eyes,
what we looked upon
and touched with our hands
concerns the Word of life —
for the life was made visible;
we have seen it and testify to it
and proclaim to you the eternal life
that was with the Father and was made visible to us—
what we have seen and heard
we proclaim now to you,
so that you too may have fellowship with us;
for our fellowship is with the Father
and with his Son, Jesus Christ.
We are writing this so that our joy may be complete.” [1 John 1:1-4]

O God, today is the Feast Day to commemorate the Apostle who lived in the time period of Jesus, the Apostle whom Jesus loved, the Apostle St. John. St. John had received the revelations from God, had seen many extraordinary things given by God, and he had reported about the warnings of the events that will happen to the world. St. John was chosen in the ranks of the Apostles, and everything from him had been clearly reported
and left to the world in the Gospel.

O God, last year, at this same grotto, I also received a message from St. John to guide us, to help us feel the presence of the saints, to understand that anything is possible with the permission from God. This is true and this is happening in this world, though many centuries have passed, but if we believe, if we seek, and if God allows, then anything could be realized. Last year, at this same church, at this same grotto, at this hour, I came here to ask to receive a message from St. John. O God, You give in a special way to those who truly believe and the mission assigned to each person is in a program arranged by You. Today I pray to God so that I can receive a message from my teacher, John; today is his feast day, which comes only once a year. I pray to God to give me the opportunity to receive St. John’s teachings, and though I do not have many opportunities to receive a message from my teacher, every day at Mass, I have prayed to my teacher and I have asked for my teacher’s prayers. Today I come to this place; the church is quiet, everyone has left; in the same way as last year, I stopped here, in the presence of the Cross, kneeling to contemplate the season of Christmas, the season when Jesus was born. This layout is replayed in my mind on Christmas Day, and then comes the Feast Day of St. John.

O God, everything that happens to us is within Your Divine Will; if anyone truly seeks with a sincere, trusting heart, then every deed as allowed by God will be realized. In the past days, many things were revealed, many things were given by Jesus to the world through messages; as with the other saints (2), if God allows, then it will be realized in this world. Today I am a little descendant living in this century; I pray to God to allow me to receive a message from St. John, to hear what he wants to say, so that we hear his teachings. The saints who have gone into history, through the liveliness of God, have become alive in the present and we have the opportunity to meet these saints, who though departed, are alive, because they are with God in the Kingdom of Heaven. This is true; if we believe then everything will be realized as we are praying to God to allow us to meet my teacher.

O God, in the beginning, when I just started to experience being a messenger, I had the opportunity to meet a priest who has spent many years performing healing Masses; with his gift of vision, I have felt more confident. After I met that priest, the presence of St. John and his Gospel is the confirmation of the grace given from God so that I know the person who has gone into history whom I should follow, with things to report in the same way, with the same similarities experienced through the past years and months. Today is the day I have the opportunity to receive a message from my teacher. God has allowed me to see the similarities in this generation, at this Church, the place where through the Holy Eucharist, God has allowed the world to see so many miracles, which God has manifested in this world, just as my teacher was able to see years ago and that were reported in the Gospel and in the Book of Revelation. These are the things that we are able to receive in this generation, though we do not know anything, but we trust and we believe in the appearance that we are able to see, to take pictures of, and to hear (3).

Today, one more time, I boldly come to pray to God, to ask God to allow me to receive on the day that the Church celebrates the Feast of St. John, the Apostle, the author of the Good News. At this moment, I am ready to receive a message from my teacher; O God, please allow me to receive a message from my teacher. I thank God for the love He has for me, and I thank my teacher for giving me the opportunity to meet him; it is as if last year’s story continues on in this year, with the words that my teacher reminds me and the entire world.

St. John: Dear sister L.,

Today, from your prayers to God, I have the opportunity to meet you again, with the permission from God.

Dear sister L., indeed, a year goes by so fast; today we meet again and I can see that you have matured in the past months, that you have grown in the grace of God, that you have gone deeper in the moments that you fully reserve for God, with the things that God wants you to receive and to spread everywhere.

Dear sister L., my time period is similar to your time period, there is no time or space when we are with God; maybe for you, living on earth with many centuries gone by, but for me a day is like any other day, because in the world of God, in the Kingdom of Heaven, today, tomorrow, the present moment are the same. The difference is the heart, the soul, the definite path that we need to take, that we need to choose for ourselves, which is the path of loving God, the path of improving a life in faith, the path of trusting absolutely, and the path of entrusting fully. All of those things will be experienced completely interiorly, with things that the world cannot describe, if the heart is truly lifted toward the deeds of God, lifted toward His Gospel that is the Good News; there would be no feeling of emptiness and no time to think of the distractions in the world. This is something that is easier to say than put into practice, but if it is possible, remove yourself from the world, from all the matters of the earth, from all the distractions and the lures, and set aside time for the works needed to serve God, to serve the Good News, to do the things that God has guided you to do through the Holy Spirit – the extraordinary things that you have practiced, though still discreetly.

Dear sister L., the deeds that God realizes do not depend on our decisions but rather on His timing. When we are invited, when we are able to receive, when we have the opportunity from the permission of God, then the deeds from God are extremely important, but maybe nobody can understand this except the people who have experienced them. According to you, the things that God gives to you, the things that you encounter, the things that you see and confirm are unexpected, but these unexpected things, though they were seen and heard, do not come from humans. In truth, God assigns a different role for every deed and only God can realize all those wondrous deeds, with the meanings that God wants to leave to the world – all the great things for people to learn, to know about, and to pay attention to.

Dear sister L., you have received many things in the past days. I just want to entrust to you the things that God allows me, a teacher, who intercedes to God for you, who is also a person whom you are able to communicate with in this generation – with the things that you can see, with the works that you do, with all the encounters that come unexpectedly, in a wonderful way, in an extraordinary way, which can only come from God, and in your faith, you will know of the wondrous deeds that God has assigned in the role of each person that He chooses. Though people have departed and gone into history, the deeds of God are accomplished again for this present world and for the new world; all the works that God does have been planned; we are simply the people who have been chosen, we are the people who say yes, who bow our heads to follow the holy Will of God, who have received and met God. God has manifested in your heart so that you are able to continue until today; indeed, it is something that is not too time-consuming but requires you to make an effort, to persevere, to remove many things in this present life in order to follow and listen in order to realize all the works that God gives to you.

Dear sister L., the history is there, all the works that God has manifested in my time period have been reported, all the things that God allowed and that God wanted for me to record into history. Your generation today continues with all the things that you are able to see from the Power of God; the miracles are happening in this century, though there are differences but they are entirely in the direction, in the plan, in the ways of the era which you live in. With all these things that God gave me, which I saw with the naked eye, I noted all of them and recorded them by pen to narrate, from the smallest things, the works that He wanted me to report.

Today with the technology, with all the things that you have in the present, you can use the machines to print all the original works and you can take pictures of all the things that God gives (4). These things are not just for yourself; you need to remember the duty and responsibility of the person whom God allows to do these things – that this is not for yourself, not for one group, and not for the ways that people think; the extraordinary deeds that God allows, the things foretold are for this generation and the generation of the remaining days. Those things mean you will have to end up in history, just like the things that God has blessed you with. Today people have the opportunity to recognize in their own life the days that have gone by, the things written in history, and, as with the things in the present, all deeds allowed by God will be realized with the signs that He wants the world to know. God wants to remind people in a lively way to prepare for the events for which He is the One who will decide, and to prepare for the day for which the decision will come only from God.

So my responsibility as well as your duty is for us to report all the things we are able to see, to hear, and to know. Practice according to the holy Will of God, follow the holy Will of the Holy Spirit guiding you, and do not be afraid in all matters. Do not be afraid that others do not believe and do not be afraid with the things that surround you, the events that are happening in this generation; the divisions, the situations before the day Jesus will return to the world. All these things will be realized, they will happen, because they are allowed by the Divine Master, Jesus; all the chosen Disciples, all the children – even the Church – are in the time period when they ought to recognize the graces that God pours down abundantly upon the leaders, upon the pastors, upon the people whose roles are to proclaim the Good News.

There are many things that cannot be refuted because the time has come; many changes, many things are happening, for the final purification in the ranks of the Church as well as in the ranks of the laity, so that the entire world may choose a holy path, a path that Jesus has opened wide and given to the world, which is love, and He continues to offer His Divine Mercy to the world, continues to invite, so that people are able to come close to Him. All of this is reminded through the death of Jesus; everything realized in this world started with love, the day Jesus was born, the day He was made flesh to come to the world, to live among men, to bring love, to speak about the things that only God can allow and that only God can give to people in the world.

Some of us have departed, some are still living – this is our fate – so as humans let us have a look at the Love of God, at His compassion, at His Mercy, and let us return. People in my century did the same as in your century now; it is the invitation through the Apostles to come to testify to everything through the Good News, the truth about the day Jesus was born into the world, the day that Jesus saved humanity through His Passion, the day that God consented to give up freedom for humanity, to give us hope and the light of love, so that we have life, so that we live in love, so that we live in hope, so that we live in the love that God reserves for humanity. He had come, He had lived among us, as a human, refusing everything that belongs to a King of the Universe; He came to be close to people, calling everyone to unite, to come together to a true love.

People in this century and in this world have had many divisions, and even more so because of the forces of darkness that abound in these days of battle between good and evil. There are things foretold, the things that Jesus reminds the world, the events that have never happened before are now happening to your world. These events were clearly recorded in the Gospel, but since these are the remaining days of the century there are special blessings. God has come to meet through a voice, though He is not present in the flesh but He is present in this world; you have seen the Presence in His Body and His Blood (5), which Divine Master Jesus has left to the world and whose appearance today to this world is to strengthen humanity’s faith. Everything is reminded in a lively way through the Good News; the things seen and heard through the miracles have been realized in the world so that today there is nothing to fear, nothing to doubt.

Dear sister L., for the things that God has reserved for this world, He also reserves for His children the important role of continuing to bring all the connections to relate to the days in history (6). The children are again called in this world, with the sole purpose of bringing mankind closer to Him; in every era, in every century, He only wants mankind to know Him, to come close to Him, to know His teachings, to know His Truth, to know His Gospel, in order to remove all the things that belong to the world, that belong to the earthly lures, that belong to greed, to selfishness, to self-interest, to power. The things that people realize, they realize for the appearances, with their own talents; as for the things that God is seeking in this generation, we are looking at this generation and praying to God the Father to help this world recognize and see the Love of God, for in this time period all of you are receiving even more miracles. A modern world such as yours has all the conditions to serve God one way or another, for the purpose of bringing the brothers back to God, of people repenting and knowing the things that come from God, knowing to worship, to revere, to return to His Love and His Heart.

Only God can bring the truth to people in this world, and in the next world, where everyone has to end up. In the end people will come to a place unknown to them, but now in this time period, while you are still alive, while you still have the opportunity to serve, there is still time to listen, to receive. Do not let the opportunity to serve God pass, do not let the opportunities in this time period pass; there are many messages that you are able to hear and directly receive from the Divine Master, who is by your side to remind you.

Dear sister L., speaking in general to the brothers and sisters who are serving, we are the people who have gone into history; in our time period our Master was with us so we were able to see all the deeds accomplished by our Master. After our Master ascended to heaven, we followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit and practiced according to the things He worked upon us; we recognized the duties and responsibilities, we practiced and we wrote all the details whenever we had the opportunity to serve God, to bring this testimony to humanity. This time period of yours is different; you cannot see Jesus as in the first time when He came in the flesh, but His Holy Eucharist is divine, true, and miraculous. The things that you are having in this world come from the works that God realizes upon you, the brothers and the sisters who serve, who are the people whose names have been called in these remaining days – to write, to report, to testify to the truth in this world. The purpose of our services, whether in the past or present, is to bring to this generation the words that Jesus wants to say, to speak of the way He wants to bring mankind closer to one another, to forgive one another, to look at the Love of God, to be united, because where there in unity there is the blessing and guidance from God through His Holy Spirit; where there is division, criticism, use of power, then things end up with chaos, with misunderstandings, and only benefit evil that always looks for ways to destroy and to take advantage of the openings for darkness, which people do not pay attention to.

Before you do something, think of the other brothers, be conscious of your accomplished deeds, and recognize the role of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, the role of a Christian, the role of a pastor, the role of those who proclaim the Good News. We all have but one purpose – in this time period there are no longer differences between the classes as in the past; in this time period Jesus wants to come and meet all of His children through the Holy Eucharist to remind to each person that they have duties and responsibilities, to remind themselves that they are the ones to testify to the Love of Jesus Christ, to testify to the situations where people are caught up in their ego, in greed, in selfishness, in self-interests. That is the opening for the darkness, the opening for evil that will rule over people and over all the works that people need to do and need to serve.

So this is indeed clear, everything has happened in this time period; many miracles have happened, people who have departed for many centuries yet today still have the opportunity to speak up, to speak about justice, to speak about the truth, to speak about righteousness, to testify to the Love of God, a love everlasting and always reserved for humanity, for each individual, for the communities, for the entire world, and especially for His Church. His words are being reminded in order to bring peace to the children in this generation; there have been so many divisions, so many things done against the morals that Jesus has to speak up, Jesus has to meet, and Jesus has worked many miracles to remind people about the life of faith, to remind people to return to the truth.

With all the warnings foretold, events on earth will come and go; there was a beginning so there will be an ending – Alpha and Omega – God the Father has reminded humanity through many centuries, by the love, by the extraordinary events that have never happened before and that are happening in this generation. This is also an opportunity for us to remind, to share, so that people recognize and return – return to love, to salvation, to the Divine Mercy of God; return through the encounter that Jesus realizes in this world. My Divine Master, your Divine Master, the Divine Master of the disciples whom He calls by name, the Divine Master of the Church, let Him be alive, let His voice resonate everywhere, let His reminders be realized upon all of you, upon all roles, upon all classes. Only by the return, only by repentance, only by opening your hearts to embrace the Good News, the Good News of the first day of the century and the Good News with the lively days through the Holy Eucharist, with the invitation to bring mankind back to God, back to love, back to the truth – can you be prepared for the day when all things are about to be concluded, for the day when Jesus will come to the world a second time (7).

Dear sister L., these are the things that I share for all of you to receive and to hear in this time period. As for you in your role, I always intercede to God for you; the deeds that God realizes will never change and only God has the power to decide, only God is the Supreme Being who can realize all the extraordinary things in normal people. We are only the people who listen; we only know to devote our hearts to the deeds that God wants us to accomplish, with heart, with the best reserved for God. The works that you are able to realize, the works that you are able to see, the things that you able to report and to recognize – every word, every sentence – are very clear. Never omit anything that God wants you to do; boldly proclaim the things that you are able to hear, that you are able to see, and boldly speak of the Divine Master with the opportunities that you have, because this is your duty, this is your responsibility. You have to do what can be done to bring the children back, to recognize the Love of God, to bring your brothers to meet the Supreme Being of love, to help the brothers recognize the graces that God is giving to humanity in these days.

Dear sister L., continue with the works that you have done, report the things that God wants you to, keep all the pictures, keep all the things that God wants; through the Church, to all the children on earth God wants to strengthen the life of faith, to remind people of the things they have forgotten, which are the Love of God, the extraordinary things. If you do not listen, if you do not embrace, how are you going to be prepared for the life of faith, how can you be prepared and ready for all the events that will come and that will surround you? The Love of God and the Power of God will protect the people who believe in Him, the people who follow His teachings, who follow the Gospel – those people will be protected in a special way in the remaining days of the end of the century. Many more things will happen, if you do not take the role of serving seriously, if you do not work together, if you do not recognize all the things that you have accomplished together in the past days, that Jesus was present among you to bestow special graces upon you.

You are acting on behalf of the entire world, you are able to realize all the things that you are able to see, to hear, through the miracle that God gives to this generation to help the brothers and the sisters return, to help others recognize the Love of God, to help remind people to unite in love, to remove all the evil that has come and has ruled this world. If people do not hold on to the Love of God, if people do not come to Him to practice the things that He wants, if people do not believe in Him, then people will not be able to receive the graces that He gives to humanity, to this present generation.

We have things in common, in every era, in the things that God manifests so that the people on earth recognize and know; His purpose is for people to recognize that only He can have the power to bring them back, only He can intervene for the righteous people, only He can intervene for the sheep to return, only He can intervene for those who are longing, only He can intervene for those who do not know. When the children in the world see, know, and believe, God will intervene and bless all of them. The Love of God does not want anyone to fall into the snares of today’s society, to fall into sins, to fall into a world lured by money, fame, self-interest; by the modern and sophisticated circumstances, by the religious orders, by the priests, by all those who were chosen to proclaim the Gospel.

Today, looking at things in common in the Church and individually, this is a reminder to the soul and the heart – if truly meeting Jesus Christ, if truly meeting the Divine Master, then there has to be time set aside, with the practice to keep proclaiming the Good News, to continue to follow the teachings that God has left to each person. Believe in God; live in the way that He wants; practice to ask for the graces that God gives, to follow the teachings with which the Church has guided the laity, especially the Christians. Now God wants to speak to everyone and has allowed us the opportunity to share with everyone, so that all of you recognize the Love of God, which is the life of those who proclaim the Good News, the life of those who are called, the life of those who are confirmed, who are able to see and who are able to live in the love that God gives, the love that is waiting for mankind.

Mankind today has changed and has transformed many things. People have to stand up, have to return; we cannot wait to the last days, the terrifying and frightening events in the Book of Revelation that I had recorded and left to the world. There will be much more terrible events in the remaining days; and human strength cannot withstand them – many events are encircling. Act while you still have spirit, while your body is still strong and while your heart is still beating; go and seek God, go to meet Him; learn and find out about the liveliness reminded through the Good News, through the Gospels.

There have been so many changes. People have to rise and people have to return; do not wait for the last day with the frightening events as I have reported in the Book of Revelation – there will be more frightening events and mankind will not be able to withstand them, so act now while you still are alive. Seek God, meet God; learn and find
out about the liveliness that is reminded through the Good News, through the Gospel.

Today there are many reminders from Him and from people such as us, who have departed, who have gone into history but still have the opportunity to contact and to share all these things. We just want the brothers and sisters from the first generation as well as the remaining generation to come back to God, to listen to the teachings, to practice in life; return to the Heart of Love – God is waiting for you. All of us are the people created by God; He does not want to see us end up in the place of death, and He does not want to see us harmed by the things that we encounter in this century, by the snares that are abounding because this is the time of the fierce battle between good and evil in the remaining days, with the permission from God, and this is also the time for the purification. The people who are truly faithful, who truly believe in God, who follow Him, who live for the Gospel – these people are the chosen ones, the ones worthy to receive, the day when God will come to purify the world.

In this century, this remaining century, there still are many people who are ignorant, who rely on their talents, who rely on their powers, who live only for the world, who live only for the flesh, for their ambitions, for the greed in the selfishness of their self-interests, for all the things that will pass away and that do not bring any benefit to the soul and the body. Return to God; God sees all deeds, the works no one saw – in all things He is the Mighty One; He gives you the opportunity to receive the blessings that you are able to receive in this century. This is also to remind everyone, the whole of humanity, that only the return, the repentance, and the practices from the teaching, from the Gospel, can help remove the things that belong to the world, that belong to the ego, that come from greed and selfishness. Return to the Good News of God, return to love; His Heart is waiting and longing to meet mankind in this world.

There have been so many things given to mankind, so many extraordinary things through the miracles, to remind all of you of the things that come from God, of all the things that can happen only in this world with His permission. I am a person who has gone into history but who is speaking to help the life of faith for all the brothers and sisters in the world to return to the Love of God, to return to His Divine Mercy, to return to meet Jesus through the Holy Eucharist. Each person, in duty and in responsibility, needs to live with depth in the heart, with the practice of love, with the return by the prostration (8). People need to spend time for the spiritual life; they have forgotten about their souls that are thirsting, and only God can fulfill, only God can give to all the brothers and sisters who are seeking, only God can intervene with the events that are happening, the frightening events that I saw and reported, that will happen.

The descendants in this world continue to see the frightening events as a reminder that in the end they have to return to God, that in the end everyone has to step through the door of righteousness, of truth and justice. So if people want to have days of peace, of love, there has to be unity, there has to be love in life so that there is no oppression over one another, no destruction, no criticism, and no division with all the things in the present. Be close to one another, be forgiving, bring love to the brothers and sisters, to those who were lost, to those who have left the Church, so that they return, so that they recognize the Love of God, the forgiveness of God, the invitation coming from God and the Divine
Mercy, to sanctify and purify the world.

Trust in God, trust in the true liveliness with which Jesus, through the Holy Eucharist, is meeting all the children in the world. We are the people who have departed but God has allowed us to meet and to speak up to remind the children in the world – in all their roles, from the Church to the laity – all the children of God, to gather and return to God with heart, to return to God with the prostration, to return to God to recognize His Love and to prepare for the day Jesus will return.

We do not know the period or the time but this has been foretold with the events that are getting closer, which you have encountered in this world, the things that were reported in my time period have been realized in your century, in a time period when you are witnessing all the wondrous things, the extraordinary things that are happening in this world. Only with faith can all these things be seen, only when strengthened in the Love of God can you recognize His Holy Eucharist, can you see the Presence of God – not in the flesh but in the Holy Eucharist, which is the confirmation to strengthen the faith for all; to heal the soul, the diseases, the body, so that people recognize the Mighty One, the Supreme Being who gives you love, who reminds you in these remaining days.

This is all I want to say today. I hope that this will be of benefit to those who are seeking, to those who need confirmation with the things that are true. I especially thank sister L.; you have spent time to come here to receive a message, in the day that the Church reminds all about my feast day. Everything happens with the permission from God, for us to be able to meet, to have the opportunity to speak about the things that God wants me to share, just as God wants you to accomplish, so in everything let us thank the Love of God that always gives us the best. Think of His Love; only love can erase all the hatred, all the sufferings in life, only love can bring people closer to one another, and only true love shown in deeds is the way that God is waiting for and hoping for this generation.

I will continue to intercede to God for the brothers and sisters who are serving, for the people who are testifying for Jesus Christ in this world, and to pray that the children of God return to the truth, to the righteous path, to all the things that they have forgotten. Let the heart meet God; let the heart practice by love, by a true life; let the righteous deeds be accomplished by the children when they recognize the invitation of God, when they are aware that they are Christians, that they are the people whose role is to proclaim the Good News to the entire world. I pray that God will give all of you peace, that God will give sister L. peace.

Continue with your role; if you want, pray to God; I am ready to ask God to allow me to share more things with you; there are many things that I have not yet shared in particular to you and to the brothers and sisters who are serving, and in general to the brothers and sisters who are the disciples of God. When you have time, pray to God; I pray to God for the opportunity to meet. I also want to have the opportunity to praise God, the opportunity to glorify God. Even though I have been gone, this is still the opportunity that the saints in the Kingdom of Heaven long to have, in order to testify, to bring the brothers and sisters to meet God and to return to God.

One more time, may God give you peace, protect you, and guide you. Do your work using all the abilities that God gives you, do not fear, do not flinch; entrust everything completely to God, through the ways that can be performed to conform to the works that God assigns to you. In everything, the Holy Spirit always guides you so have trust with the divine works that God wants. Sister L., never be afraid; testify to the things that you have been able to see, to hear; whenever there is an opportunity, speak of the Love of God, speak of the reminder of God, speak of the love that God wants the brothers to be able to receive, so that they are able to return and to live with the Divine Mercy that He gives to humanity, so that those brothers recognize the Love of God – to return by the heart, by the prostration, to pray that God helps and intervenes in the world you are encountering and confronted with. Goodbye sister L.

L.: O God, I thank You. I thank You for giving me the opportunity to come here on time to receive the message from teacher John. A year ago, at this same place, I had also received a message from teacher John. Today has been so busy, and the Mass in my sister’s house also being prepared; there is a meeting of our prayer group, to adore Jesus tonight, and before adoring Jesus, we will attend 8 p.m. Mass; also I just finished the time to meet teacher John. I thank the Love of God because everything that has happened to me and the works that have been done is from the permission of God. Allow me to continue to be an instrument of God. What do you want me to do? Please God, make it happen in me; I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me so that I will be faithful and for me to follow the Divine Will of God. There still are many imperfections, many things I cannot yet attain and accomplish as God wants. God, please forgive me; please guide me and help me. I greatly desire to accomplish the things that You give me the opportunity to do, to glorify You, to do penance for all sins. We need to live a life of conviction, to honor God above all things, to practice the things that God wants us to do, and to live in the love that God reserves for us. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our God. Amen.
Amen. Amen.

L. completed reporting this message at exactly 7:44 p.m. on Saturday, December 27, 2014, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of God, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the grotto with the Christmas display, with Baby Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Theresa and St. Juan Diego, as well as the angels. Though I cannot see them, they are present here; please continue to protect me, to guide me, so that I live in the guidance of the Holy Spirit – to realize the things that God wants, to serve God from this moment on, till the last minute of my life. One more time, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

(1) It has been revealed to L. that St. John is a very special patron saint for her. This is why this message is addressed to L. but, as usual, the message is for everyone.
(2) Saints other than St. John
(3) This refers to the miraculous images of the Eucharist that L. sees sometimes in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and is able to capture on her phone. She receives many locutions from Jesus during adoration.
(4) The miraculous images of the Eucharist, etc., that L. is able to capture on her phone
(5) Jesus’ voice is in these messages through L. Jesus’ Eucharistic Presence is seen in the images L. is able to capture on her phone, some of which can be seen at .
(6) What is happening now is directly related to what has happened in the past in the history of salvation.
(7) The Second Coming of Jesus at the end of time is not imminent, but those who survive the tribulations described in the Book of Revelation will enter into the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. These people will make it to the Second Coming. This era will last an extraordinarily long time and may be the subject of Isaiah 65:17-25 and Revelation 20:2-6. Therefore, the people who live during this era will have ages akin to the older patriarchs in the Old Testament.
(8) “Prostration(s)” in these messages always refer to the Six Kowtows. See “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014.

New Revelations through the Eucharist
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