New Revelations through the Eucharist

Repent, because God Loves and Forgives Unconditionally

We unite to thank the Holy Spirit who gives us this message like a reminder in Advent. Let us prepare for all classes, all roles, to receive it. No one can do it, no one can say it, no one can meditate the way we do. The Holy Spirit alone is the Supreme Being who helps us with the most ordinary, simple, yet most insightful words. He also opens the door for us to understand the meaning of this year’s Advent and Christmas to do what we need to do.
 Today, God is looking at us who are the lost sheep. He is holding us. Let us return to a place that we can rely on, which is safe, for us to have life, both in this world and in the next. Let us give up and remove all things of the past. Let us return to God, be born again in the Child Jesus, to change starting from this year’s Christmas. May we have a peaceful heart, an untroubled heart, a life with meaning and truth, which God granted to us, each sinner, for us to become penitents, witnesses, and saints who are present in heaven. Through the example of the saints, let us ask the heavenly court, the angels, and the saints, to pray for us.
God, there are still two weeks left for us to prepare for the Solemnity of Christmas. Today, You give me and the brothers and sisters the opportunity, like a reminder, to meditate on the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew, about the hundred sheep and the lost sheep that You carried on Your shoulders. It is Advent. May we experience and meditate on what each one of us experiences this Christmas season to offer God. What can we offer to God that He is waiting for and like the most? For God to accept the gift, we will offer our souls with hearts in a meaningful way this year. We still have the opportunity to celebrate this year’s Christmas. We still have the chance to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones. Suppose something happens this year? Will we still have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas next year and have the same feelings as today with God?
May we cherish each day and each minute while we still have the opportunity. May we offer our lives to God and ask Him to plan for us to have the chance to reform our souls to return to Him soon. Only God can give us peace, set us free, grant us hope and warmth in our life for us to entrust both soul and body. Let us remove the wretchedness and the weakness that keep binding us, for our lives to lose the best God granted in His grace. Let us meditate, for us to understand what we need to decide in this Christmas season, what we need to do for God, for ourselves, for our spiritual lives, for our souls, for our brothers and sisters, for our loved ones, for those who may be enemies, who may not get along with us. Let us look at God because we are sinners. When we act like those people, then all of us will never receive forgiveness.
God is the Lord. The whole world is grieving God, disappointing God, but He does do not respond the human way. He uses love to help us convert. He uses love and convinces us with love, which is the most concrete doctrine and is the truth. Only God and what we have is His power, to grant us the eyes of faith to see, to hear, to feel, to believe. That splendor is granted to us today, especially with what we have and witness. God is also visiting us individually. May our souls be in deep prayer, be quiet to listen to His word to us through the Gospel. Surely we also experience it in our minds, because we ask for things of truth, we seek God, we repent to belong to Him, we ask for Him to accept, then He will never refuse.
Believe, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Let us not be discouraged, never say: “I do not hear.” Certainly, because we have many things in life, there are many things we do not believe in, many things we think we do not hear. However, God will use all kinds of ways to speak to us, through the Gospel, through the brothers and sisters, through the people we meet, through the sermons of the priests, through the retreats, or in any situation. We can also hear the voice of the soul, through God’s message to us.
Let us return to God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, with a contrite heart, to prepare for the gift of the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary gave us, for each of our souls and each one of us. Those who are alone, give yourselves some moments of detachment from the world to come to the Eucharistic Jesus. Definitely, what we need to know, what we need to hear, and what we need to prove, God will never refuse our prayers. Let us pray with a simple, humble, contrite heart, and we will know what God is granting us. God is pouring His graces upon us. He listens as we lift to Him, by our heart, soul, mind, body, in the prostration. Amen.
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