New Revelations through the Eucharist

“Prepare Your Soul for Me”

Jesus (11:38 p.m.):
My beloved children, today you heard the explanation and all the words from the Holy Spirit. They are the words I want to say to you. What matters the most is that I want to return to you, especially this Christmas season is different every other year. It is a season of man’s awakening, a Christmas season of man’s choice, a Christmas season for those who know in their souls what they need and yearn.
This Christmas season, I do not want to be alone. I do not want to be lonely every other year. I want to reign among you, giving you peace, and bring you joy and be cheerful. In every work, I plan it and arrange it. You must know that when I grant, I grant it to you wholeheartedly. When it is successful, it is a definite success, full of meaning for people to recognize, and  to know what belongs to the light. What is righteous will triumph, and what belongs to the darkness must disappear.
I have My plan. I granted  it to you and advised you for many years. Today what happened,  I repeat one more time: “What needs to happen must happen.” There are unrighteous deeds, wrongdoings, things nurtured by cruel and wicked people. You are naive, weak in faith, greedy, selfish. You live according to the ways of the world, lacking in  love, lacking  in charity.
Today, I want  the world to know that what belongs to me that I bestowed will not be taken away. Today I see all those who choose a path that they consider to be from their  own design, who usurp My authority, who manipulate everything in politics and a civilized life with money and fame, who change everything to usurp My authority, to make decisions regarding people’s lives. That is the world’s plan, but I have My program and My plan, which I granted to you, to the righteous, to the believers, and for My Church to carry on.
My beloved children, today, life has become a habit. The people who have functions no longer uphold the law and carry out the doctrine properly. They let the world needs and necessities govern them. Everything they choose, they try to hide according to each person’s ways. However, they cannot hide their unrighteous deeds forever. All deeds must answer to the justice and the law that is necessary with this world. The world may change everything,  there is no longer conscience and morality, but fairness, justice, righteousness, and truth, can never be amended.
Today, do not be afraid. It is time for you to see what never before in the world will happened. You see people,  who are mainly citizens without power and influence, but their voices are utterly powerful. From their longing, their rising, their courage, they defend the truth,  that will be the voice of victory. This is a challenging period for you to know My love, My power. Watch with your ordinary eyes and see people in positions doing dishonesty, immorality, and with  matters where people used all kinds of ways relying on their functions.
However, the time has come. I want to expose everything from dishonesty to evildoing, expose all unrighteousness from the darkness that manipulated the world for many years. Today, I need valiant people with absolute faith. I need to see faith from the person who is in charge,  doing their duty, responsible, loyal. I need people who believe and practice then they will win in the end.
Children, do not be afraid! Cheer up! I want to see your faces. Cheer because you know al things in advance. This  is the remaining and last moments. I will purify the whole world. Those who belong to Me, who believe in Me, who are faithful and persevere, who sacrifice for the doctrine and justice, will be the winner.  As for the wicked who use all kinds of tricks to overwhelm you, in the end, they will fall miserably, and they will be destroyed on their own, self-destroying themselves.
Today, do not be afraid. There will be terrifying things that will appear in this country. It is a country that influences the whole world. It is a country that I will employ to awaken everyone, to choose to live in peace or war,  to live in wickedness, or to live in life to recall conscience and morality, at the end of the days.
You clearly understood and knew the deeds I have done. What you do, in ordinary and simplicity, expresses what is most realistic. So today, what you are choosing is the path of prayer, with all your heart, in the days you know that I desire a voice, a voice of ordinary and simple people, a voice with absolute trust, a voice through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and a voice of justice and righteousness.
In this world, people use words and meanings, knowledge, and learning.  However, sincere and truthful matters are missing in the present world from the learned and knowledgeable people. I want equality for everyone. Even though there are people without education and knowledge, they have the spirit of truth, in a way that I desire, and with sincere hearts, I want a voice,  that is simple  and humble who live in competition, with human reasoning. They do not live by their heart, by  their conscience, by the  truth, and by their  righteousness.
The time has come. You must know the works I plan and arrange to invite people to return. I grant to the world as I once said: “I do not reveal to the learned, but I reveal to the little ones.”
Rest assured. I will not let My people fall into a situation with the days that you fear. Every deed must have a sacrifice to recall what is good and evil very clearly. I desire for you to be ready because I will return after 2,000 years. With this Christmas season, I yearn for each person’s heart, the heart of each child. I desire and I want to come to warm your souls again. I want to come to embrace you after the past stressful days.
Father stopped at 00:03:36 am.
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