New Revelations through the Eucharist

Meditation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet The Solemnity of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Meditation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet The Solemnity of the Exaltation  of the Holy Cross

September 14, 2021
This is a message inspired by God the Holy Spirit.
Lucia: O God, it is 2:06, September 14, 2021, at the Emmaus Chapel, Saint Theresa Catholic Church. We face the Eucharistic Jesus. These early hours are our adoration hours. Outside there is a storm. The electricity is out. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit reminded me to bring a lamp to light up the monstrance. Tonight, we stay here with God. Outside is heavy rain, the wind is blowing very strongly, the storm is coming. We are sure the people who signed up for the next adoration hours will not come, so we prepared this afternoon and brought blankets and mats to stay with God until morning. At this moment, we give thanks to God. We begin the hours of adoration, and we sing before we pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet at 3 a.m. Today is also the day the Church reminds us of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
O Lord Jesus Christ, speaking of the exaltation of the Holy Cross, we can never forget Your salvation. Today, we bow and revere the Holy Cross of God, the Supreme Being who died for humanity and gave our world hope. God died for us to live. Today, sinners like us still have the chance thanks to His Holy Cross. We thank the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross for us to know that the Supreme Lord is bounteous in mercy. He died for humanity. We are saved and forgiven when we repent and return to God. In this spirit, I represent my family, the brothers and sisters in my group, either in deep sleep or working hard. I pray for God to have mercy on us as I pray on their behalf for our families, Saint Theresa Parish, all the clergy, deacons, and those who are still sleeping.
I represent them to comfort God in this evening that certainly is very special. Never before has this happened and today, September 14, 2021, there is great tension in every country, with the pandemic raging, with the threat of war, with many concerns in the world. If without God then we cannot help but worry, fear, be troubled. At this moment, we lift everything to God because we know that God always provides for our world. He always grants love, forgiveness, and intervention.
Tonight, we entrust everything to God. We stay here without any light because there is a storm and the power is out. With a flashlight and candles, we offer our prayers to God. We pray for God to have mercy on our world, for everyone to repent and return soon, surrender and submit, with a reformed heart, worthy of receiving the love that God granted to us, which is His testimony through today’s Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. May the storm quickly pass for us to attend Latin Mass in the afternoon. We offer to God this moment and we invite the Holy Spirit to come for us to receive His teaching.
O God, in unity, we think of the words written by priests as well as by deacons. In our hearts, there are many things we think about. I only know one thing: tonight You brought us here, on the day the Church reminds us of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Every year, You visit us and give us Your words in this chapel and we receive Your messages. Now, may we be complete in this hour of adoration to continue with the moments You allow for us to offer thanksgiving on behalf of everyone. May we receive what You want from us, especially in the early hours of this Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Moreover, it is a very special day, because a storm has come. After ten years, this is a special year, because there never was a coincidence in the early hours of the celebration for a storm to come. Everything seems to be shutting down, the world is coming to a standstill.
These are things that happened and are happening. God is the Light, He brings us hope. The complete salvation over 2,000 years ago still awaits. As we face His Cross and His Eucharist, let us reflect on the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Do Christians and children of God in all regions and nations understand what the sufferings of Christ exchanged for us? The world is going into days of stalemate. We face the pandemic, days of tension, dealing with social conflict, family dispute, individual struggle. Our faith life has been too weak, and reality controls us in a civilized, sophisticated, and radical structure.

O God, may we fulfill today’s prayers to complete these hours of adoration with You. I am sure that the brothers and sisters who signed up for the next adoration hours will not come because of the fierce storm outside. Moreover, with the power outage, it must be difficult for them to get here. May I and the brothers and sisters stay with You and comfort You on their behalf. God, please allow me to receive Your words tonight. It will be a night to remember. We certainly do not know if there is another chance in our lives to stay with You. Please allow us to speak on behalf of all classes, all roles, especially at this moment. First, I am grateful for this great Sacrament for which You are present with us and await us with gentleness and tenderness. It is out of love that You remain with humanity through the Blessed Sacrament, to be close to us, meet us, strengthen us, bless us, and open a treasure that is vital for the spiritual life that everyone desperately needs in this world.

Second, I make reparation for the offenses inflicted upon You by the enemy in this Sacrament. Our world’s reverence for the Blessed Sacrament today seems to be something very few people grasp and delve into deeply to understand the meaning of the Blessed Sacrament. I heard from priests that only about thirty percent of Catholics believe in the Eucharistic Jesus. We are surprised to hear that because with what we see and hear, we believe that God is present one hundred percent. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus was with His disciples. We know this through the Gospel. Over 2,000 years later, it is the same. He desires and waits for His children, especially the chosen shepherds, to be close to Him and hear Him. He is the Lord who stays close to His chosen ones, who loves and waits for them. Today, we do not know what happens, and we do not understand the source of the affirmed number of thirty percent.
O God, everything that comes from human nature is within the limits of understanding, no matter how educated we are. However, to those with the eyes of faith, God will allow them to know and see what He grants at the right time. That is something to ponder. For the past ten years, there have been many things God wondrously revealed with His Presence. We even saw angels fly up and down. We have all this evidence, but people do not believe it. The truth is that God is very close to us. His words, His intervention, His love, are granted to sinners like us to have the chance to come to Him.
This moment is not a coincidence. When it rains or when things happen, some people cannot come to adoration. In the past, God chose the disciples, and where He went, His disciples went with Him. God took the disciples to the garden of Gethsemane, wherever He went to preach the Gospel. That time was not as civilized as this time, but the holy Apostles walked with Him joyfully and happily because they had their Lord and Master. Today it is the same though we do not see God with our eyes. God was in the flesh when He walked in Jerusalem. He was born and was present in the world. Now, we believe that the Eucharistic Jesus is here with us at all times in our hearts and our homes. Wherever we are, God visits us with His Eucharistic light.
We must testify to these things. Whether people reject or accept, God wants to manifest to strengthen their life of faith and for them to recognize the Lord God who is very close. He desires for us to believe, come, and return to Him. Especially at this time, with the tension in the world, people lost their faith. Chaos took over and ruled people’s lives with their hearts. Money, fame, lust, greed, all these things have become a great control with evil aspirations. Today, man faces trials from the pandemic, the threats of war, the chaos, the upheaval of conscience, and a life contrary to ethics and morality.
Today, O God, if You do not allow us to hear Your voice reminding us, we are also the same as those who are weak in faith. For ten years, we witnessed that sublime presence for us to return to Your love. Although we are still imperfect, we believe in Your real presence in the Eucharist. You made us aware for us to return to Your Divine Mercy. Today we speak on behalf of all classes, all roles, with the voice of truth that the Holy Spirit grants. We affirm the opportunity You give to the world, to the parish and parishioners of Saint Theresa, to the people who know about Your visitation, Your choice, Your real presence in the Eucharist to help those in the world be aware and return. With our witnessing, we affirm that You are present in the Eucharist – one hundred percent. The Eucharistic Jesus is the divine and holy Sacrament present amid this world.
I heard from the clergy who spoke on September 6 during the Eucharistic Congress. Some priests affirmed the real presence of the Eucharistic Jesus. As long as the Eucharist is with us, the Church exists. If without the Eucharist, then the Church does not exist. The Eucharistic Jesus is the source and summit of the Church and is Jesus. Over 2,000 years ago, He instituted the Eucharist. He continues to grant to the world through the Church and feed the souls of the faithful through a celebration that allows us to attend the holy banquet table. Through each Mass, the Eucharistic Jesus is alive in the Eucharist. With His voice, He loves, embraces, intervenes. He grants and intervenes in a time of tension and turmoil as we experience today. God is the Lord who loves, forgives, teaches us the doctrine to help us live away from the darkness that binds us by the subtle and sophisticated snares of the times. May we take this moment to speak to God. May we come to God in a spirit of repentance, seeking the hope we need today.
Our world lies in despair and hopelessness. In days of freedom, we face our limitations. Without faith, we are worried and scared of all problems. Let us seek God and have faith. Though not equal to anyone else, our faith taught us to fear God, seek God, return to God, visit God. Let us kneel before the Blessed Sacrament of the Lord in a state of gratitude and thanksgiving and offer prayers tonight, in the early hours of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, while the storm rages outside. Many people prepare for this storm, not knowing what will happen. First of all, we lost power, which complicated matters. If the situation persists, it will be hard for us. O Lord, God of love, we lift to You everything. Whether we deal with convenience or inconvenience, let us trust and entrust.
God, please decide and arrange for us according to Your holy will. We believe You will not let us be overburdened, but we must endure because we must experience everything in life. God granted us freedom and happiness, but we lost that due to the sins we committed along with our indifference. God has been waiting for over 2,000 years. Today, let us come to God in a spirit of repentance, of gratitude and lift everything to Him. May God’s holy will be done over matters in our world because only in God can there be peace, happiness, harmony, meaning, and the hope that we need in life.
I worship God in places where He is less revered, on behalf of those who have forgotten and offended Him. God is neglected and abandoned in all the tabernacles and churches. God is wounded because people forget Him. Even if people come, they just come out of habit in the life of a Christian. May we awaken with a heart that sincerely seeks God to feel His love. He waits and grants us fortification through His visit, through the luminous Eucharist, which is the light that shines to lead His children out of the darkness to return to the light, to the affection and love as He still waits for us today.
O Jesus, I love You with all my heart. I grieve because I offended Your infinite kindness many times. There are still days of weakness, imperfection, unworthiness. God, please forgive us. Today, I promise never to offend You in the future. Even though we are pitiful and unworthy, I offer myself, my family, all brothers and sisters in my group, and people who always ask for our prayers. In particular, we lift souls. God, please have mercy and grant us a life with goodwill. May all my wishes, feelings, longings, everything that is mine, from now on, be used according to Your will.
God, please use me, please use us. Let us become Your instruments for us to respond to Your love for choosing and allowing us to encounter You in our lives. Today, more or less, we have changed and are different than in the past. Today, we have the moments in which we lift to You in a spirit of awareness, with a sincerely contrite heart. On our path seeking You, You allowed us to meet You. What we do today is not from ourselves, but You work in us to help us express our feelings on behalf of all classes and roles, all brothers and sisters. We lift to You to receive the comfort that You give with the hope we need in this life.
God, all I ask and long for is Your love. Let us love You deeply, faithfully, honestly. May we express our love for You in words, deeds, actions, daily life. May we learn how to love You and recognize love. May we not disappoint You. May we persevere till the end and perfectly fulfill Your holy will. I lift to You the souls in purgatory, all those who died from Covid-19, soldiers who defended their homeland and died in a tragic, unexpected way. I also lift to You all the unborns, the orphaned souls, and souls that passed away in the pandemics of this age.
God, please have mercy on those souls and give them a chance. Through our prayers on their behalf, please be merciful, bring them back, especially the souls that revere the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament. Mother Mary taught and led us to You. Through Mother Mary, we come to the Eucharistic Jesus. We learn to prostrate ourselves, adore Him, come to Him. We encountered Him for our lives to be renewed by Him. I also lift to You all the poor sinners from all over the world, those who still do not know, still do not believe, still have not yet returned to You, for them to know, trust, and return to the Divine Mercy. Today, people greatly need to belong to You, come to You to ask for You to forgive and sanctify.
O Savior, I want to unite all my feelings with Your infinitely loving Heart. Through that union, I lift all my sentiments to God the Father and ask Him to preserve me in the name of Jesus Christ. It is the love of God and the love of Mother Mary that guide us to God. Accept us for us to belong to God each day and each hour in our lives. God, please rule over our lives and help us live worthy as the people You choose, love, those You specially granted and trained to become the evangelists of the Good News, to proclaim the truth and the Eucharistic Jesus. He is one hundred percent the Jesus over 2,000 years ago. Over 2,000 years later, He is the Lord who is present, though invisible yet visible in the eyes of man. If we look with eyes of faith, then we recognize the truth that God is near us, with us, and always protects us. God is always beside us to love and remind us.
God, we thank You. We bless You, praise You because You loved us and died for us. You victoriously and gloriously resurrected. You returned to heaven, yet You remain with us in the host to be with us and be present with us spiritually. We encounter You through faith, and we become righteous and receive Your intervention and teaching. It is through the Holy Spirit’s love that we become the people who deserve to know, hear, see, and do what You want for the world and us in the present world. You are rescuing us and separating us from a world of snares and temptations. You allow us to come to You and be taught by You for us to become humble witnesses. You grant us the chance to repent and make reparations for ourselves, our families, and everyone in this world.
God, please have mercy and accept our prayers through this evening’s prayer. I also pray for my brothers and sisters because we are sick. God, please be merciful and heal us. Let us overcome these sufferings, understand the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, understand the excruciating pain You suffered for us and humanity. Today, we lift the sacrifices and all those illnesses to You. We ask You to heal, have mercy on us, save souls and those who ask for our prayers.
We cannot withstand a little suffering, a little sickness, the challenge of a pandemic, let alone God who carried the Cross, walked long distances, and suffered till death, with the nail marks and painful bleeding wounds. God, please allow us to think about this and entrust all our sufferings to You. May we earn rewards and do penance because of past weaknesses and imperfections. God, please forgive us, help us trust, and lift everything to You. May Your holy will be done over what You want from us. Amen.
We now offer the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to pray for the world that lies in a state of spiritual and physical illness. We also pray for the United States of America. We need twenty-one days in a row to pray for the United States of America, for this pandemic, for the world to end wars, and the creation of deadly atomic bombs that wreak havoc on the earth and in the world. People like us are the victims in a world ruled by politics, greed, selfishness, and the devil’s wickedness that has turned the world upside down and sacrificed innocent victims like us. We have no other place to turn to apart from God. We lift to God and run Him in a spirit of repentance. We apologize to God because we are weak in faith and do not live according to His teachings. We do not recognize His love for us to come to Him and return to Him sooner.
Today, it is too late, but God always opens His arms to embrace us and give us a chance. Now, thanks to His Divine Mercy, let us be sanctified and transformed. Let the world return to God through the sanctification for us to prepare for the day when God grants us a new world, in love, without hatred, anger, jealousy, envy. It will be a world where we love God and live in peace and unity. We are waiting and longing for that day. However, before that day comes, God will destroy all wickedness. God will destroy all evil with those who are disobedient, rebellious. Only those who return, believe, repent, rely on God’s Divine Mercy to improve, will be living in the new world that God grants. These are the words that we lift and offer to God, in the hour of adoration. Now, let us unite and begin the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
A) The First Decade: ​​O Heart of Jesus Christ, King of Love, please rule over my heart and lead us back to Your Salvation.
Lucia: The first decade, we reverently offer to God the Father.
O merciful Father, I thank You for giving us another day, especially on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Church reminds us to remember this day in honor of the work of the Lord Jesus, Your Son, who endured great sufferings along the Way of the Cross. In the end, He died on the Cross. Today, we reflect on the exaltation of the Holy Cross. Thanks to Jesus’ death and His glorious resurrection, today we have life, existence, and hope. No matter what happens in the world, God is still the Lord we take refuge in and rely on.
With hope, we honor, worship, adore, prostrate, and surrender to You before Your Holy Cross, kneeling before Your Eucharist in the monstrance. On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, we pray and lift Saint Theresa Church, the clergy, the deacons, the brothers and sisters in our group, our families, and everyone in the world. Let us revere, adore, thank, and apologize. God, please accept our prayers offered to Jesus. We ask for His intercession for our world to recognize God the Father, return to Him, kowtow to Him, confess Him, apologize to Him. Father, please forgive us our sins. May we belong to You.
B) The Second Decade: ​​O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, please bring us and humanity back to Your love.
Lucia: The second decade, we reverently offer to Jesus.
O Lord Jesus, I thank You, I bless, praise, and glorify You. You are our Savior, have mercy on us and forgive us our sins. I lift to You on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross to reverently commemorate Your salvation. Today in our condition as sinners, after thousands of years, we understand and know how significant the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is. It is a history that You grant for each sinner to be redeemed, forgiven, and lifted to forever live with You. Each of us is supported, and whether we return to You or not depends on our current choice.
Now, God continues to open His heart and extend His arms to embrace humanity. God still grants everything to help us on the way back to Him. Let us open our hearts, and with repentance, return to Him. It is stormy outside. Today is a day when all the lights are off. Let us recognize that God is the light of love. Without light, we live in darkness, fear, and anxiety.
At this moment, O God, let us understand that a life in the darkness will never merge with the light. God, please help us avoid sin, remove sin, commit less evil, for our repentant life to be realized by deed, action, confession. God, please forgive us. Let us meditate and understand the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Let us recognize the purpose for God to choose the Cross to redeem humanity.
Together in unity, let us apologize and thank God, be the voice to represent all classes, all roles, and speak to God. May God have mercy on us for us to awaken and return to Him. At this time, there is no other place besides God for us to have the peace and happiness that God grants to us, for sinners like us to return, become penitents, witnesses, saints who are present in heaven, and victims who understand and run to God, return to God, and lift to God.
C) The Third Decade: ​​O Lord Jesus Christ, may Your Heart rule over the entire world.
Lucia: The third decade, we reverently offer to the Holy Spirit.
O Holy Spirit, who is the love, the light, the truth, You are the Lord who enlightens and guides us to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. You are the Lord who taught us the seven sources of grace to help us learn a vital doctrine, live in Your teaching. The reminder of God and also the proof of the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ brings happiness to us, gives us hope, lives life to become righteous children to whom God grants, and lets us know of His doctrine.
O Holy Spirit, You taught us the seven graces, but we did not practice and have not yet practiced what You grant, and if we did, it was only a little, so our lives are always governed by reality, with all the needs in a situation, with everything in real life. We lost the faith that should be strong, steadfast, for us to be sharp in the Holy Spirit’s guidance, to know what we need to do and must do. Today we see the answer for the majority in the world. Our faith is weak and shallow, so the world controls us in its logic. Today, our faith life is still immature, which explains the unbelievable statement we heard from the priest that only thirty percent of Catholics believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.
We are the same as many people who disbelieve if God does not enlighten us. We hear from leaders, knowledgeable people so if we do not wholly believe in the truth, our lives are always dominated by knowledge, learning, thinking, human reasoning. Due to our limited understanding, we do not recognize what the Holy Spirit did and granted. God granted us a simple, little, humble life, to learn what is in the soul, by the heart, by the most basic teachings, by the most ordinary yet most extraordinary things, which is what God wants from most of us. God granted us everything, we need to listen and practice. When we rely on ourselves, we live in arrogant days and fail because of our pride. Everything is failure and limitation with the current control.
Holy Spirit, please save and help us; purify, cleanse, and heal us. Help us mature, understand what Jesus left behind to help us each day be more worthy in life, by deed, by thought, by experience, by choice, by a determined mind, to recognize God’s teaching and doctrine as the most solid, most essential through our practice life. Holy Spirit, please help us live righteously, return to God in repentance, be renewed in You. Please give us the wisdom to know what we need to do and must do. May we avoid everything weak and sinful in our familiar wicked way.
Holy Spirit, please kindle the flame of faith for humanity. Holy Spirit, please help our Church receive Your Spirit, maintain the best through the doctrine left by Jesus, for us to attend the holy banquet table each day, hear the word of God, live in the practice of God’s word to help us in our life to be strengthened in faith and become righteous in the truth. We thank You.
Today, many things are happening in the world. In a prosperous country, hardly anything ever happens, and every issue is quickly solved. However, today things are not as we wish. The days have become days without justice and righteousness. Violence and all events reflect what is written in books about human life because we see ambitions, individual rights, events that show how we lost justice today. God, please help us. You alone are the Supreme Being who gives us the doctrine to help us be peaceful, calm, live worthy as human beings. Unfortunately, today, man is in control, so we constantly live in anxiety, in days of worry, of fear, with sorrows, tensions, and frustrations, in our lives.
Now, I lift to God and ask for God to have mercy and sanctify the world. Let everyone rise, return, submit, listen, and keep His commands, His law. Through Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, let us renew our lives. Let us find serenity, regain freedom, find the peace that is the foundation of our lives for us to know love, forgiveness, patience, generosity, for our lives to have more meaning as Jesus taught. May the Holy Spirit help us understand this, and may we maintain what we have, being here with God in this evening.

D) The 4th Decade: O Most Holy Heart of Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive, transform us, and all of humanity.


Lucia: The third decade, we reverently offer to the Holy Spirit.
O Eucharistic Jesus, You are the love and the existence. You are present with us, though invisible, present in faith, to those of us who come to You, who seek You. O God, You are the light. You visited us with Your Eucharist, and that holy presence helped us be bold and trust in the liveliness as You dwell among us.

O Lord, God of love, You love us and have been waiting for us for over 2,000 years. You are quiet and lonely in the tabernacle, in the monstrance, and  You come as a small host into our souls and our hearts when we receive You. You used all means to be close to us, live with us, love us, protect us, but we live with You in an indifferent, cold way. Many times, we are offending You one way and another. We receive You in a state of mortal sin when we unintentionally or intentionally ignore the meaning of the Eucharistic Jesus. We do not understand this great Sacrament. Today it is time for people to mature and understand the Blessed Sacrament You instituted. You humbled Yourself to remain with us, though spiritually yet present among us.

Today let us unite to visit You, come to worship You, honor You, thank You for the graces given. You stay to love us and grant us everything, even Your life. Today, You even give us Your divine presence. When will we awaken? When will we recognize Your love? How long for us to understand that Your loneliness and wait till this century is over 2,000 years? May everyone awaken to return to You, not be cold and hardened, not refusing everything. We must rise to seek the truth that You granted us through the Eucharistic Jesus.

O Eucharistic Jesus, Your light has shone in our hearts of sinners in the darkness. Today, we still are not yet mature, still not perfect, but at least we recognize Your real presence. Your closeness and Your word helped us awaken to acknowledge the past wrongs of our lives. Today, we are present here though everyone is sleeping a peaceful sleep early in the morning. The storm is raging, and it seems to be foreshadowing something. People are concerned about food, they remain in their houses, but we are happy here. We know that no one will come, but we are here. We come to console You because we know You are real. You love us very much, and You are waiting for us.

May we act on behalf of our brothers, of the world, to console You, to rejoice to be near You. May everyone recognize You, return to You by their hearts, by things they need in life. You alone can heal the wounds of our hearts. You alone are the Supreme Being who heals us, both spiritually and physically. You alone are the true Supreme Being as we rely on You, the only place of peace and happiness. The safest place is the Eucharistic Jesus. Let everyone respect, treasure, worship, and adore because He granted us the encounter by the light. The light shines upon humanity, the light shines in the darkness, and it will disappear. God, please help us leave the dark, return to Your love, become reformed, improved, be reconciled to the Lord God who loves, waits, supports, and give us life, for us to realize that only Yout love can grant us harmony, peace, and the happiness when we need it most.

In this century, we see the true face on this earth, the true face of those in positions of authority who live the same life as us and represent us in their functions in the government. Today, we see lies, bleak results, actions that bring about a pandemic that rages everywhere. We see corruption, ambition, profit, lust, greed. We see the true face in politics in a life of knowledge, pride, arrogance, and nothing that comes from the truth. Today, God does not come to the learned but the little ones, the sinners. We witness, contemplate, and admire. God, please have mercy, sanctify us, give us the chance to testify for You. God, please reform the world for everyone to know and return to You because only You are the Supreme Being who loves and forgives. May we come to You, receive Your Divine Mercy, be sanctified and transformed, be worthy of Your love that awaits us until this century. We adore You, bless You, praise You, and glorify You.

E) The 5th Decade: O Heart of Father, please bring humanity back to Your love.


Lucia: The fifth decade, we reverently offer to the Five Holy Signs of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We reverently offer the fifth decade to the Five Holy Signs of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is also the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. We remember the Five Holy Signs as God suffered excruciatingly with the nail marks. He suffered for our sins. Those nail marks are attached to the Holy Cross as a reminder that He endured the nail marks to imprint the love He gives to each of our souls. The infinite love of God the Father is the First Holy Sign. Jesus, the Second Person of God, the Savior, died on the Cross. He has risen in glory and triumph, the Second Holy Sign.

The Third Holy Sign, we honor and thank the presence of God’s love through the Holy Spirit to help us understand the depth, the vibrant doctrine over each one of us, each faith, each situation, each class. We affirm Your love, our hope in You, and the understanding from the Holy Spirit who alone gives us a great doctrine to lift us from the ground. From ordinary and commonplace people, we become those who receive mercy from God as He leads us back to Him in the heavenly kingdom to become saints present in heaven. We become witnesses in the world, sinners who pray and realize what we have in the present day in a spirit of penance and gratitude.
O God, You give all these riches for us to meditate on the Five Holy Signs and understand the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. You are the Supreme Being who died, conquered death, and brought the glorious resurrection for humanity to continue to exist. The immeasurable Divine Mercy and the Five Holy Signs granted us life and hope. From the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, we know You loved us and died for us to live and come to You in a spirit of repentance. We lift to the Five Holy Signs, nourished by the holy and divine Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, present among us. Today, in the encounter with our Lord, we cannot deny the sacredness that has become a great miracle to strengthen the life of faith and urge us with days that are too indifferent, to return to God with a reverent heart, to worship and profess Him, which we need to do in life.
We thank God. What we know and hear do not come from human understanding, but from Mother Mary, the loving Mother who stood beside God until the last moment – the moment God breathed His last after He said the last seven words. Mother Mary fulfilled that task for us to have the Church today. There are many things that Mother continues to teach us to help us understand, such as the meaning of the Five Holy Signs, of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, of the Fourteen Stations of the Cross, of the Cross that God chose to save humanity. In the Five Holy Signs is the great family of the heavenly kingdom, with the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the presence that we receive, revere, and adore, as we turn towards the monstrance and the Eucharistic Jesus.
Today, Mother teaches us how to come to Him, how to make up for our brothers and sisters who have forgotten God, rejected Him, offended Him. God, please give us the chance to come to You and repent to be worthy when we turn to You and receive You into our hearts. We thank You, Mother Mary. Your Immaculate Heart triumphed with Your wholeness. Today, You teach and lead us back because You alone are the role model that helps us understand what we must seek to learn, what we must be close to, what we must confess. We contemplate the Eucharistic Jesus each day, but we are shallow and ignorant, so we live in a very ordinary and contemptuous way.
Today, it is time for us to understand the Five Holy Signs, the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Jesus is the King of kings. He is the King who gave us salvation, life, and hope. We bow to and honor the King who did not choose to wear a royal garment but the Cross and wore the crown of thorns in place of the one of glory. He wore the crown of thorns for our sins because He desired to change the human brain with stubbornness, obstinacy, and indifference. He accepted to die on the Cross with the five painful wounds, but those five painful wounds bring the remembrance of the love that God the Father gave to humanity. Let us meditate to see who teaches us this. It is Mother Mary. Today, what do we have to offer to God but our wretched and sinful condition, all things that our hearts are still unworthy of because of our imperfections. Let us kneel before the Lord’s Eucharist, to apologize to Him and thank Him for still giving us the chance to hear Mother’s words.
It was Mother who taught us to return to Him. Mother gave us the opportunity. Mother interceded with God for us to continue to be the instruments. Today, we speak the voice of truth, witness to the truth. Jesus is very close to us, and His Mother is leading the world back to Him. Mother leads people to encounter the Eucharistic Jesus, teaches us how to serve and adore the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, from the Eucharistic Jesus, we see heaven, on earth, near us, in our midst. Let us not be afraid and anxious. Whatever the situation, let us be confident, trusting, faithful. Let us live in hope with God’s intervention through the Five Holy Signs for us to receive forgiveness today.  We adore, praise, glorify, and honor God.

F) We reverently offer to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and for Her triumph.


O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Redeemer, Mother of all our humanity, Mother of each every sinner, every penitent, every patient, every prisoner, every witness, every saint, every soul in purgatory. We thank Mother Mary for leading us to the Eucharistic Jesus, for guiding us when we do not understand, do not know, and do not believe enough. Today, we hear, see, and witness the lively Eucharistic Jesus. Mother taught us how to come reverently and adore the Lord who waits for man, and who is the treasure granted at the end of historyto humanity who lack the understanding to have more wisdom, more awareness, and to recognize righteousness and return to receive God’s mercy and support.

Mother Mary is the person who understands that we have many weaknesses and are inadequate if without Mother’s intercession and example. Mother lived Her entire life in obedience to God because Mother loved God and Her life wholly belonged to God. Today, Mother is the perfect person whom God the Father wants us to listen to and learn. Mother teaches us the best things: to come to Jesus, visit Him, draw the treasure given to every sinner. We thank the price of the Blood of Jesus, His existence, His presence to promote our life of faith. Unfortunately, the number of people who know and believe is small, so Mother continues to search, to lead the children back to God.

Today, although we are not yet fully mature, we know that God and Mother are present here. When we are not present in the chapels, when people are home sleeping, when they ignore or forget God, Mother is always beside the Eucharistic Jesus. Where there is the Eucharistic Jesus, there is Mother Mary. The children who listen to Mother, taught by Mother, always live a different life. These children respect, honor, and love the Eucharistic Jesus. From that love, He always gives people a treasure to know what they need through necessities, to be fearless with this life. There are many challenges and confrontations between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, good and evil, in the ingenious ways of this age. However, God and Mother will not let us stumble or feel overburdened when we cannot carry the cross that each one of us needs to carry in our lives.


Mother Mary, I thank You. We honor You. Please accept our gratitude, our thanksgiving, and our apology. Please intercede with God to forgive us and the souls of our deceased brothers and sisters who have not received the grace of the Six Kowtows that You granted to the world. Today, in the remaining moments, we call on God’s name. Let us overcome all the trials and challenges to be at God’s side, to contemplate and recognize the support He granted. Mother helps us have this because Mother is the Mediatrix who brings us to God to encounter Him and awaken our lives to live in faith by deeds, actions, and determination. Please help us continue to bear witness to the truth, endure patiently to overcome the days of trials, bear witness to the truth to strengthen the faith life for all people in the world.


May we listen to Mother, repent and return, body and soul, to reverently offer with simplicity to ask for God’s forgiveness. May God accept and intervene for us, for everyone to open their eyes and hearts to believe and return while time permits. We thank Mother. Mother, please pray for many people in the world to return to God because the only way we have is back to God. If people do not return to God and continue in their actions, they continue to face sufferings through the pandemic. There is the threat of war and more troubles because people oppose God. This world lacks freedom, peace, doctrine, morality, and justice. It is a terrible world in which man and man kill each other in all ways, challenging each other. Jealousy and envy rule and man can no longer find the truth.


Mother Mary, we need You. Please have mercy on us and forgive us. We are not worthy to speak to You, but at this time we do not know where to turn. We have nowhere to be safe, except for You to intercede with God and guide us back to God, draw close to God, so that despite trials, we still have peace of mind, courageously accept, trust, be faithful until the last moment in the life of faith Jesus brought us. May we believe and practice as You teach for us to be fearless of anything controlling us, but to fear God above all things. Let us give up the bad habits of life: greed, selfishness, and lust. They are habits that make us fall. Mother, please help us awaken and pray as You teach, for our lives to not fall into today’s subtle and clever snares that lure our brothers and sisters and the majority in the world.
At this moment, we conclude and pray for the saints to intercede with God for us. Their examples will help us mature, be faithful to God, understand the faith we practice. May God have mercy on us and grant us the strength to overcome these trials and tensions to continue in a mission that God assigns to us. God, please bless the books to be done according to Your holy will. God, please enlighten us for every written word and sentence to belong to You because You grant us everything good to help everyone know and accept the gift of the Six Kowtows. I pray to God for the sisters and brothers to complete the valuable messages we receive through the meditations before the Eucharist and when we pray with the Six Kowtows. May we now begin to reverently offer the Rosary to Mother and with Mother, to venerate the Cross, especially today, with a meditation on the Sorrowful Mysteries, to meditate on God’s salvation, and to meaningfully reflect on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Amen.
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