New Revelations through the Eucharist

Let Us Adore the Eucharistic Jesus

The Six Kowtows offered at the Thiên Tâm Benedictine Monastery, Kerens, Texas, on the Blessed Sacrament Day celebration.
This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Lucia: O God, it is exactly 4 a.m., Sunday, June 13, 2021, at the Thiên Tâm Benedictine Monastery, Kerens, Texas. In the days we attend the Blessed Sacrament Day celebration, we also reverently commemorate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, which is the name of our group. At this moment, we offer to God the First Kowtow.
The First Kowtow,
we reverently offer to God the Father.
O God the Father, I thank You, bless, and praise You. Every time we have the opportunity to prostrate ourselves before the Eucharistic Jesus, we prostrate before Your love and Your infinite Divine Mercy. You gave Jesus to us. At this moment, as we bow down, may we remember our human condition as dust. It is from Your love that we still exist on this earth. Though there are many events in life, You still give us the opportunity to have this day.
O Father, in this celebration after the pandemic days, surely each one of us has become aware and alert and know that events happen unexpectedly and nothing can be permanent and last. Only Your love, only Your infinite Divine Mercy still wait for sinners like us, the little people like us. You are waiting to listen to the sincere hearts that come to You to talk to You. You alone are the Supreme Being who clearly understands and knows our human life.
O Father, thank You. The past months were enough for us to recognize that we are truly sinners. It is the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who save our souls. Over the years those graces nourished our lives, enabling us to understand what needs to be done and what must be done. Although we still have many imperfections, You still preserve and protect, for us to continue to come here, see the people we once met, be here at the monastery that You dedicated specially for us to come to adore the Eucharistic Jesus, to have a celebration, to be reminded of Your love through the
Eucharistic Jesus and through the infinite Divine Mercy of an all-powerful God who still waits and still gives us the opportunity.
O Father, today’s world is battling a turmoil that has turned everything upside down. Where is the truth and where is love, apart from You? O Father, please forgive us. May the world know You and return to You. May we truly amend our lives.
O Father, the pandemic came like a reminder to each of our souls. O Father, money and fame cannot save us when we face the pandemic. All are vanity, but mankind is still spellbound and fascinated, still living in lust, in greed, and with many self-interests. May we recognize what is most important for us to return to You, because You are the Supreme Being who gave us
everything. We need cooperation and unity for us to walk in the doctrine of love, for our lives to be cheerful, happy, with hope in You alone.
O Father, we spent too much time for the world, in greed, in selfishness, with money, fame, lust, and avarice. The world continues in this way thus caused us to fall into the deep abyss of grave sin. At this moment, no one but You can save us. Apart from You, no one can save the situation of the world, with the imminent days of war, of famine, of pandemic, besides the tense days in dishonesty.
O Father, there is nothing like an offering by a reverent heart. Father, please sanctify us, transform us, for us to return to You. May more people know, believe, open their eyes, open their hearts, to recognize what they need. God still loves and waits. This is the last opportunity for us to return in the surrender and submission. Father, we lift up Vietnam to You, the situation in the East China Sea, and the United States of America. We lift up everything to You. Our Church is in a time of tension. There are many matters that cause us to be truly afraid and confused, but we believe that You are in control of everything. We just need to believe, pray, and entrust. Father, please preserve, protect, shield, help our Church survive the current turbulent days. With unity, with faith, we continue to call upon Your name, the ever-living God whom everyone must believe, surrender, and submit to, because only with Your doctrine can there be existence, joy, and peace. That is something most authentic that people must believe in.
O Father, no matter what the world is like, we still affirm. Father, please sanctify and transform us one by one. Each day, with humble and simple words, we lift up to You in the prayer that Mother Mary taught. We honor You as the only God we worship, love, adore. We apologize to You. We praise You. May we belong to You. Amen.
The Second Kowtow,
we reverently offer to Jesus.
O Jesus, the Savior, the Redeemer. You died for us to live and You redeemed us at the price of Your Blood. Today sinners like us still exist. What we do, whether right, or just, or wrong, God knows it all, God sees it all. God came with the purpose to save us and give us a doctrine to retain us in love, with the abundant graces and the best for our world.
O God, we are so weak, so wretched. Our understanding is limited, our faith is so immature that we easily stumble, easily lured by circumstances, easily fall into the abyss of snares and iniquities. Each one of us is stumbling.
O God, due to our weakness and wretchedness, we fail to see our condition, fail to understand the significance of the infinite value as You died for us, conquered death, brought glory, brought life, for us to exist till this day. O God, please increase our faith, grant us faith with depth, height, and breadth, for us to see what is important in our present physical life and the future days of our spiritual life.
O God, You come to give us hope and help us understand the love You taught for us to love You above all else and love our brothers. Those are the only two main teachings that still have not been practiced through generations. There were those who love You and are the saints presently in heaven. Indeed, it is very difficult to love one’s neighbor, so in this real life, we still fail to practice love between man and man, and we continue to live without love for one another. We killed each other, placed self-interest first in our lives, we offended God through the commandments that He taught.
In particular, we completely live against the precepts, so through generations, the world is still in days of war, of suffering, of pandemic, of hunger and thirst, both spiritually and physically. Where in today’s world can we find peace? Where is truth, where is justice, apart from God’s doctrine? The recent pandemic reminds us that the freedom and the happiness God bestowed were lost, because mankind lived against the doctrine, offended God, failed to do what God taught. Life is still days of lacking love, lacking unity, causing sorrow and misery to one another.
O Jesus, though we certainly know it is late for us, in our quiet moments, we confide to You. We are so weak, we keep falling. At this moment, kneeling before Your Eucharist, kneeling before the Second Person of God, we prostrate and surrender ourselves, both soul and body, praying with our heart, with our soul’s true feeling, to apologize to You. Father, please forgive us. Father, please let us know that You love us and You need us to respond to Your love. We just need to give a bit of love in return, then we can overcome all of this world’s pitfalls.
O Father, our hearts are indifferent. Our lives have become a habit. To this day, we still do not recognize the love that You gave us through Your death. That glorious resurrection renewed our lives and was the new doctrine to help us live life with meaning.
O Jesus, I honor You, I thank You, and I praise You. I lift up all the problems of this world. We lift up all classes, all roles who live in indifference, grieving You, gravely offending and challenging You at the same time. Father, please forgive us and allow us to believe in You, return to You with a repentant heart, to be reformed and restored. Father, please bless us when we go to the celebration, to understand what we learn and how we grow in the annual celebration.
Father, please open our hearts to be touched, be determined, be resolute, truly come to You, pray with our hearts, with a heart that honors You, with no hesitation, no fear, no shyness. There is only one Supreme God whom we believe, adore, glorify. May we walk in the doctrine through Your teaching, though it is too late, we will never lose the opportunity. You are the Supreme Being who always gives us the opportunity to return to You, to be sanctified and transformed, for life to be meaningful. Especially in this day and age, may we come to You with our souls, with our hearts, with our deeds, with all the best that You taught, for us to love, be patient, be forgiving, be generous, live with sacrifice and charity. All these things are normal and trivial but it takes a heart to achieve in Your grace. May we experience this love, reform daily, live with meaning when we offer the Second Kowtow to the Second Person of God. May we learn to love You and do what You want us to do. God, please help us truly amend our lives to represent all classes, all roles, for all brothers and sisters to return and recognize Your love.
O Jesus, as You said, “Believe and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.” We lift up Vietnam to You. We surrender everything that is happening in the South China Sea to You. We lift up our Church. We lift up our society and the United States of America. In the past few days, we fully presented all our problems to You. Father, You see very well and also know very well. Father, please give us the opportunity to pray. We, as members, as citizens in this country, also have responsibilities. Father, may people not live in ways that deny and offend Your law. May everyone know that Your law is the right one to help them step out of the days of iniquity to live in justice, righteousness, and truth, for them to become righteous, practice days of righteousness, which is needed and is neither too difficult nor too easy.
Father, please help us understand this individually. May we become more mature, from love and prayer, for You to have mercy, intervene, and help us on our way to return by deeds, to witness to the love You granted us, saving us among man. When facing an event, let everyone with ears then hear; with eyes then see; with hearts then feel, and return to God. He is the only Lord who saved us. It is for our sake He continues to be with us. We ask in the name of God, the Lord of love, now and forever. May we belong to the Second Person of God, to the Second Holy Sign, to the Second Person. Amen.
The Third Kowtow,
we reverently offer to the Holy Spirit.
O Holy Spirit, You are the love, the truth. O Holy Spirit, we greatly need You. Without You, we are like living in a dungeon, with the confinement caused by iniquity, greed, selfishness, self-interest, jealousy, resentment, envy, which is present within each person.
O Holy Spirit, our lives are riddled with sin like a wall between Your love and light. May we receive Your teaching. May we accept and obey Your teachings deep in our hearts. Your presence from eternity remains. God the Father granted the Holy Spirit through the Apostles, which was  the first Church. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, we officially receive the Holy Spirit that remains forever with us. From the Church, from the laity, those who belong to God, all are in the Holy Spirit, which is the truth, the holiness, the beauty, which we have forgotten and failed to follow so our lives are still days of nourishing iniquity, fostering iniquity, with iniquity, and in iniquity. Today, with sin, how can we see the best, the truth, the holiness, and the beauty that people receive from the Holy Spirit? Sin caused us to err. Sin kept us away from God. Sin made us suffer and struggle in this life. Sin made us obstinate, stubborn, and hardened. May we hear God’ voice, may we recognize His teaching in our conscience, in our heart, with the sacred and divine truth that He granted to our souls.
O Holy Spirit, please enlighten and help us distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. Help us leave the allurements and passions of life, with the attraction of money, passion, lust, greed. Help us remove what is caused by sin in this life for us to truly experience the worthy days that You specially granted, which are the most beautiful and most independent days that we lost.
O Holy Spirit, in the moments and days we do not have God, then we neither understand nor know. Our life becomes a habit though we are taught by our families and live a Christian life, our hearts are dry and cold. We certainly do not understand and do not feel. When there are problems, we are worried, afraid, and often forget God, so we stumbled and make mistakes in our lives. When we are defeated, disappointed, suffering, then we seek God. Though it is too late, God is still the Lord who opens wide His arms to embrace us, who always protects us and leads us back to the truth.
O Holy Spirit, You are our everything. Thanks to You, we come to the Father’s Divine Mercy. Thanks to You, we understand the Lord Jesus’ salvation. Thanks to You, we step away from the sins and weaknesses that causes us to stumble upon in our daily wretchedness.
O Holy Spirit, please help us. Please save the world for everyone to love one another in unity and see the meaning You gave us through Your doctrine to leave all the wretchedness and sin that makes us stumble daily in life. Let us live in righteousness and truth because You are the Supreme Being who enlightens, guides, and teaches. May we obey You, at least, receive the seven sources of grace, and from those little things to help us be good daily, from the family to the group, to the society, to the place where we live and work. May we deny ourselves, live a righteous life as called. Even if we suffer some unfairness from society, God dwells in us, and His teaching helps us live nobler, more sympathetic, more giving, and more charitable. We thank God, praise God. God is the only Supreme Being who teaches us to understand the meaning of prayer for us to be renewed daily in the Holy Spirit. We ask in the name of the Lord, the God of love, now and forever and ever. May we belong to the Holy Spirit.
Please enlighten our Church, protect our Church. Grant our Pope wisdom and insight, to be filled with the Spirit of God to lead the flock, steer the boat of the Church through the current storm. May our society realize that if we continue to kill each other, cause resentment, hatred, or war, the end is tragedy and misery. May the world know peace. Let life between man and man recognize what is most important. Let us not cause injuries, sufferings, and pandemics as in today. We ask in the name of the Holy Spirit. We believe in You. It is not possible with the world, but You are the Supreme Being who can make it happen. It is impossible for the world, but to You, everything is possible. Let us lift, offer, plead, and implore. Let all of us who are Christians welcome God, listen to His teaching, practice what is taught, for life to become more meaningful, happier, with more secure and peaceful days, which everyone needs in life. We thank You, glorify You. May we belong to You. Amen.
The Fourth Kowtow, we reverently offer
to the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
O Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. Every year, at this time, many people are here, but since the past pandemic, many people have passed away. For the number of people who come, the days have become a habit very quickly in life. O Holy Spirit, no matter what changes, we will never change because the Eucharistic Jesus is always with us and always visits us. The Eucharist is a Sacrament that today only thirty percents of Catholics believe in the real presence of Jesus, but we believe one hundred percents. The Eucharist is the sacred presence that Jesus instituted over 2,000 years ago and is a holy and divine Sacrament that is still present in the world. The Eucharist is the love Jesus granted to us in the world, is the nourishment that feeds our soul in our journey, is close to us, and strengthens our life of faith.
O Eucharistic Jesus, it is truly an infinitely great grace that You granted to humanity. May we offer the reverence, love, awe, and honor that is due toward the Eucharistic Jesus.
O God, why do You remain till this day? It is because You love us, and that love is to save humanity. No matter how tense the situation in the world is, no matter how much war and suffering man cause to each other, God is still the tender Supreme Lord who waits for man through the Eucharistic Jesus. He is all-powerful, full of glory, and manifests to the world for us to recognize the doctrine to lead us home. We must repent and acknowledge the best in the given teaching. Today we come together in unity to kneel before Your Eucharist to thank You. Throughout the years, what we do, the words we pray are not from our knowledge but from the Holy Spirit who teaches us to glorify the Eucharistic Jesus.
God is so lonely, forgotten, abandoned for generations. He is abandoned and neglected in all the tabernacles in this world. He is seeking the simple little children, seeking the trusting hearts to come and comfort Him. Today what we mention, lift, present, is not spontaneous, but it is God who specially grants when He visits us. Last year, when we could not go to church, there was so much stress. We could not go to church, we could not receive Holy Communion normally. Things just start to be back to normal, and when we cannot come to church then God comes to visit us. Faith will help us see many things closely that the Holy Eucharist has done for this world. May everyone respect and love God with reverence and gratitude, because we do not deserve the graces that are granted, the treasure that is granted to embrace humanity in the days with the events that we are facing.
O Eucharistic Jesus, You are the source of comfort, the light, the joy, the support for our faith life. May our Church continue to help the world and help all citizens in the state of today’s society, especially for those who are Christians to know about the Eucharistic Jesus, to be profound with the Eucharistic Jesus, be close to Him. May our Church have something new to bring to the Eucharistic Jesus, always think of the Eucharistic Jesus, remind us of Adoration for us to constantly adore God. Only the Eucharist of the Lord is the source of comfort when the storms of life are intense and when many events are happening, from the Church to society. God, please help us because that powerful presence is still here. It is that victory that bring us to life through the glorious resurrection, and today, help us and the world return. God is the victorious Supreme Being. God is the all-powerful Supreme Being, the King above all kings, a benevolent and gentle Father. Only God and His doctrine help the world become prosperous, happy, and peaceful.
O Eucharistic Jesus, the time has come. We lost a great opportunity due to our weak faith and a poor prayer life so we stumbled. Today, the devil controls the world. We are not defeated people but we have been indifferent, lacking in prayer. The Eucharistic Lord is the Supreme Being who protects. In every battle we can receive the protection, but we do not ask for help and we do not trust so we are heading for the present defeat. There are those in this world who, for generations, are so sinful. The world is full of sinners, but there are also those whom God loves. He chooses and forgives them for those sinners to recognize the love of God to witness to the truth. All of us rely on the love and the Divine Mercy, with the presence of the Eucharistic Lord, to have the special graces to bring to the world, to rekindle the faith and reverence that are needed in prayer.
We adore the Eucharistic Jesus. Indeed, it is a truly special grace. Please help us, for this Blessed Sacrament Day celebration to continue in the years to come, with abundant blessing. May more people come every year with sentiments of love for God, with a spirit of reformation in God’s grace, with a spirit of reverence, of adoration, of listening, practice the teachings, love the Eucharistic Jesus, glorify Him, and testify to the truth. We adore the Eucharistic Jesus, we glorify God, we thank God. May we receive God daily in this world with respect, with gratitude. Let us examine ourselves. Let us not receive God in a sinful state of mind for God to endure the stench of our sins.
May those in charge always cherish and remind us of what we need to know, which is the Eucharistic Jesus, the treasure that is opened for today’s humanity to draw close to Him and glorify Him to compensate for the days of indifference, the days we are offending the Eucharistic Jesus. May we learn to comfort Him. May we prostrate and surrender respectfully, reverently, confess to make up for those brothers and sisters who still do not understand and unintentionally or intentionally offend God. We ask in the name of the Lord, our God, please accept our apologies, our pleas for mercy. May God’s holy will be done over what we ask for. May the world recognize God and return to God. May we belong to the Eucharistic Jesus. Amen.
The Fifth Kowtow, we reverently offer
to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ.
The Five Holy Signs of love, of grace, of mercy, of hope, and of the Risen Lord.
O Jesus of the Five Holy Signs, You died for us to live. Your longing through generations is for us to know that You redeemed us at the price of Blood. The love through the infinite Divine Mercy of God the Father, the salvation of the Lord Jesus, the presence of the Holy Spirit, for generations, that love is still waiting for us. The sacredness that is present with us is His Eucharist, which is the tender love guiding and reminding us to follow the greatest example to help us return. Jesus endured extreme sufferings till death, which is the covenant that goes on as we contemplate the Five Holy Signs. The Five Holy Signs remind us that Jesus redeemed us by the seal of love and forgiveness. All of us still exist because of love. As God still waits for us through the Five Holy Signs, let us look at what we have, not be foolish, not give up, not live in despair and hopelessness. No matter which circumstances, we must find and hold onto hope from
the Five Holy Signs.
Those are the Five Holy Signs that God is yearning for, the love through the Divine Mercy that God the Father granted for generations. He is still the Lord abounding in love. As He once said: “I do not want the wicked to die. I want him to repent and live.” From this verse, we have the First Holy Sign. We believe and honor through the Lord Jesus. He granted and redeemed and brought us back to God the Father’s love and Divine Mercy. In the Second Holy Sign, Jesus came to save us. He died for us and has gloriously risen, so let us, no matter how sinful, return with hope in Jesus. God came to save and forgive, then let us return with a repentant heart, to be resurrected, to be restored, through His love, through the Savior, as He granted us through the Second Holy Sign.
The Third Holy Sign is the Holy Spirit’s guidance and illumination, for us to know what is most important, what God granted and gave, what is currently restored and received by all generations. As we discover the beauty of the truth, holiness, perfection, we know the love that God has for us. May we be guided to discern between good, evil, right, wrong, truth, and falsehood. People must choose to decide for themselves. The Holy Spirit teaches us the depth of faith and all good things. He is waiting to bring us back to God the Father. If we believe in the Lord Jesus, then our lives will become meaningful. When we realize that we can be the children of God, then we must practice through the Holy Spirit’s teaching. Let us not be ashamed with our hearts and not be at fault with the justice required.
O Holy Spirit, what You teach to us and the world is valuable. We desperately need Your light to help us become righteous. Deliver us and guide us from the snares of sin that caused us to stumble for too long in our lives throughout generations. Today with everything that happens to us in the present age, people think it is normal, but it is not. The time has come for everyone to surrender, submit, return to God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God alone saves and guides us in this life and the next.
O Holy Spirit, help us have the wisdom to choose, for us to do what we need to do, and continue to bear witness to the truth that You granted us through Your grace with the gift of the Six Kowtows. The Fourth Kowtow: when we pray, is there any God beside us who gives us a sense of peace with the meaning of happiness? Is there any God who patiently waits for us? Today, we recognize the divine and sacred things appearing through the Blessed Sacrament, the little fragile host that enters each person’s heart. When we receive Him, especially Catholics, it is a host with light, love, grace, which brings us out of difficult and painful days. That is true love. How can it be explained?
Only faith and feeling can recognize the sacred presence that we worship, to know the signs and traces of over 2,000 years ago. It is out of love that God stayed with us until today. Though we are unworthy sinners, He continues to wait and love us. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus was in the flesh, but 2,000 years later, we encounter Him through faith. Today, we unite to profess, worship, glorify the Eucharistic Jesus, and make up for the days when we did not know and did not have enough faith. We were apathetic, indifferent, and offended God, either deliberately or unintentionally.
O Eucharistic Jesus, please forgive us, forgive mankind, forgive all classes and positions so that they can appreciate, respect, and love You more with heart, to recognize what the Eucharistic Jesus desires in them and in each one of us. Let our hearts not be so dry, so cold, and have no feeling. God is so close. He loves and He is very close. It is an indescribable love that He has for us today. It is the Fourth Holy Sign that we honor. It takes what is known and must be known for life to become meaningful days with depth, as we honor, adore, and we are determined to return with the inner life to pray for God to hear. With the growth of the spiritual life and deeper faith as we experience and perform the sign of prayer with heart, we do not fear anything of the world or the public opinion, but we feel the peace and happiness that God granted to us. Despite our shortcomings and weaknesses, let us remember each day for us to step out of the day of nurturing iniquity and the days of living in iniquity, unintentionally or deliberately.
O, Eucharistic Jesus, there is so much You granted us, so much You gave us. May we rise with heart, determination, reverence, and adoration. The Fifth Holy Sign, Mother Mary taught us thoroughly. She was the person who obeyed God and spent Her whole life besides the Eucharistic Jesus until the moment He left this world. He continues to remain with our world. For more than twenty years, officially through the Church, all the miracles and all teachings in virtue and in God’s holy will, Mother is the person who clearly understands. Today, Mother teaches us because She knows the world will encounter days of events like this. There will be days in the world when we will totally lose everything God granted. When we live in iniquity, with iniquity, we despise what is in the life of faith. The most insignificant and humble deeds, people do not even perform, then how can they perform great deeds?
We tend to seek literature, knowledge, ornate words, and thoughts, but our hearts are extremely dry and cold. We nourish sin, foster sin, to the point of not knowing what sin is. These are matters we must be most aware of because we must pay a price when we choose wrong and we take the path that is contrary to God’s teaching. So Mother taught us what it means when we pray when we come to God when we come to the Eucharistic Jesus. Through the Six Kowtows, full of meaning, Mother helped us lift our hearts to God, step out of the pitfalls that we fell into for generations, have a life of faith with depth, height, and breadth, help us overcome the events, trust, and accept, for us to listen to God’s teaching. May we continue with the mission to bear witness to the truth, to help all our brothers and sisters receive the gift Mother taught, for each one of us to lift up to God when there are events.
The recent coronavirus pandemic reminded us, because we relied on all matters practical in life. When the pandemic came, there were no opportunities and no circumstances for us to receive the last Sacrament of our lives. So the gift of the Six Kowtows will help us in all places, at all times, and especially in all circumstances, for us to confess, lift up soul and body. Even if we are physically ill, we still have our minds until the very end. Before we leave this world, there are moments of awareness, for us to pray and ask God for forgiveness, for us to be forgiven from the love of the Divine Mercy.
God wants us to understand these matters, be saved, forgiven, and understand the meaning of the covenant through the Five Holy Signs He granted to man. Today, we represent all classes and all roles. We offer thanksgiving, praise, honor, and consolation to Jesus on the Cross through the Five Holy Signs. We also receive the seal with the forgiveness that God granted us through generations. When we repent and return, God forgives. God still forgives and loves us as on the first day. May we believe these things for us to leave the days of sin and return to God worthily before the Five Holy Signs. We adore God, we bless God, and we praise God. May we belong to God. Amen.
The Sixth Kowtow,
we reverently offer to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary and for Her Triumph.
O God the Father, we thank You. You knew we were too weak and inadequate. None of us deserve to stand before You. You chose for us a Mother who completely lived according to Your holy will, in Your arrangement. It was a program that You dedicated to saving the world through our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother is the person who accepted with the “Fiat” for Your holy will to be done with the great work to save humanity, to allow sinners like us to exist. Mother replaced us to be perfect before God. Those great blessings and graces that God the Father gave to Mother, She brought to us. Today, sinners like us, sinful and wretched, still have the opportunity to speak to You, Father. It is not something spontaneous for us to have because we are never worthy to beseech and pray to You.
However, we still have Mother who taught us and brought us to Your infinite love and Divine Mercy. Mother brought us to Jesus, Her Son, the only Savior. Through Mother’s intercession and through the Lord Jesus Christ, the Mediator, we were allowed to call You: Abba. The Abba of humanity. Through our Lord Jesus Christ and through Mother’s perfect life, we were led to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Today, what we do, what we say, what we practice, in proclamation, with prayer, Father, we thank You profusely. Father, please allow us to offer the Sixth Kowtow to Mother Mary as the Holy Spirit taught us.
O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Redeemer, Mother of humanity, and Mother of the Risen Lord. We thank  Mother, today we understand how to pray, how to confess, how to prostrate, how to surrender, how to come to the Eucharistic Jesus. For years, He endured the offenses, the coldness, the indifference. Today we continue to offend Him gravely. Today we must accept what we are practicing and choosing. We do not understand that a great treasure is in our midst, which is the love that forever belongs to us. Jesus instituted the Eucharist so that no matter what situation we are in, we have a Mediator who continues to sustain us and guide us in the days with painful events when our hearts believe, turn to Him, and call on His name. If without Mother, how can we know this? O God, though utterly unworthy, we must pray because it is only in the moments of prayer can the soul and the heart reveal everything that comes from the bottom of the heart, in those like us, even though imperfect.
O Mother Mary, we do not know what words to use to thank You. We honor You, thank You, apologize to You. There are many things You taught, but we still have not done and still have not understood. In the past months, more or less, during the past ten years, no matter how many events, changes, public opinions, rejections, we are still happy with the gift of the Six Kowtows. This gift helped us and lifted our faith step by step. We feel our days are still days of deficiency, but we are just in time to make amends, to step out of snares and the wretchedness and weakness of our lives. Indeed, it is an ordinary and banal gift but extremely valuable to our souls, leading us to God, and helping us experience things that we have today from Mother’s teaching.
O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of every sinner, every saint, every victim, every patient, every penitent, every witness, every soul in purgatory, Mother of the apostles all over the world, Mother of each person, and Mother of the whole world. Today, we have You, with You, and through Your intercession, we become more mature, more conscious, for us to step out of the snares that we are falling into.
O Mother Mary, Your title and glorious name are undeniable. What God grants us is not limited to books recorded in ancient times, but God generously leads people to Him in a lively way through Your teaching for our life of faith and heart to have depth. When we understand the meaning of prayer, we understand the meaning when we come to God and we understand things God teaches us, which are the most ordinary and banal things, yet are so extraordinary and marvelous. Our lives are thus close to the meaning that we cannot be without.
Whenever the unclean spirits saw Him, they prostrate before Him and shout, “You are the Son of God!”
St. Mark 3:11
O Mother Mary, please continue to walk with us and teach us to remove the routine with indifference, the lack of duty and responsibility in life with our mission. We also pray for those in the ranks of our Church to always have a heart devoted toward the Eucharistic Jesus, for the life they teach us is to pray with practice, with determination, with sacrifice, with retribution, and to have faith, depth, height, and breadth. We are aware of what we did and remind the world to recognize the worship, the reverence, the sincere return that the world needs today. Only lifting soul and body can be like a sacrifice offered to ask for God to accept, intervene, and forgive our world, for us to return to God in the current events, with issues that we are still facing.
O Mother Mary, You knew this. The world will enter days of battle, spiritual and physical, extreme days in the turmoil we face with the pandemics of both soul and body.  Mother, You teach us these things to help us step out of days of weakness and skepticism, to return with a repentant and contrite heart, in faith and trust. Surely God will intervene and lead us to a world that belongs to us – the new world. No matter what happens, let us not be discouraged or lose faith. Trust and hope because God is the Supreme Being who loves us more than our sins. Through Mother, through Her intercession, may the world repent, be sanctified, be transformed, be in grace, through Mother’s teaching, in the urgency of the times. We need this unity. The gift of the Six Kowtows taught us and brought us to each Person and guided us with a more profound, more focused way to pray, to live our lives more zealously. We practice Mother’s teaching for us to understand the meaning of life. As we lift to God, we pray for the necessary graces and earnestly beseech His intervention for today’s world.
Thank You, Mother, for giving us the gift. You know that the world cannot withstand the myriad of evil spirits that cause us to stumble. As the law changed, days became very tense in our spiritual and physical life. We did not know what was true, right, and wrong. We are confused and worried about the spiritual life through the Church and all the realities we face. There is still the tension of war and the pandemic. Mother, please have mercy and help us. May we focus and wholeheartedly beseech God for help. May we trust and hope. May we keep praying. The weapon of prayer will help us through the trials and tribulations. Let us accept the challenging path. In the end, God will intervene and save us. We offer Mother the Sixth Kowtow. May we believe in these prayers for us to always live in the hope that is only in God. May we belong to Mother. Amen.
Mother brought us to Saint Joseph. Through Saint Joseph’s shining example and intercession, we ask for him to pray for those in the ranks of our Church to live a chaste life as Saint Joseph once lived, as a person with responsibilities, obligations, also a person who follows God’s holy will. We lift our Church today to Saint Joseph to intercede with God to help our Church get through the days of crisis and tension and many matters amid today’s life. We are laypeople. We do not know what is right and wrong with the priests, the religious, the bishops, the cardinals’ situation. We only lift to God. We entrust our Church to Saint Joseph for him to help our Church through the ordeals and challenges. It is a test and a purification that God gives to the shepherds who belong to Him, to lead the lost sheep and lead the flock to follow God’s right path through Saint Joseph’s intercession.
Mother Mary also guides us to the three archangels. We ask them to help our world that is falling into snares from our infatuation and fascination with the technology and science of a civilized age. We have forgotten everything that is in God’s law. With this situation, we ask for the three archangels’ help to dispel the devil’s traps and save us from the snares that cause us to stumble due to our foolishness and weak faith. We also pray to the angels, the saints in heaven, especially the guardian angels. From time immemorial, we seem to have forgotten our guardian angels, but they always teach us and protect us. With prayers, we ask for them to help us become righteous, listen, avoid all the snares we tend to stumble upon daily.
We also ask Mother to lead us to the saints. They are models for ages. They are present in heaven, sitting at the holy banquet table in the heavenly kingdom. It should not be too difficult for us to learn from the saints who were people who believed, who achieved, who went to heaven. Today we yearn, but we still cannot follow them. We ask for help through the saints’ intercessions and from their shining examples to help us every step of the way to be witnesses to the truth and trust in God. Today through our works, we glorify God, comfort God, pray to God. We lift all problems to God, and we ask for heaven’s help through the current events, through the urgent days that the world is facing. In the days of the pandemic and the state of war, please save us, help us through these ordeals and challenges, for everything to become good as we wait for the new world that God offers to humanity.
I thank Mother. It is from Your teaching that we are aware of what will happen in the future. Though the days are tense, we still trust because God is the Supreme Being who is always in control. God is the Sovereign. God has the power to plan and arrange. God wants us to recognize all the events that happen since we chose the path of freedom and separation, which leads us away from God, against the doctrine. What happens today is from our choices, so let us pray, repent, return; God will save, God will forgive, and God will give us the opportunity. Today, Mother teaches us to keep praying, come to God, fervently plead, lift everything, from the most ordinary, insignificant matters, with one’s heart, with the prompting given by the Holy Spirit, not using ornate words or thoughts according to the human way, but to live true to our hearts. Let us lift everything we see, hear, know. Let us lift to God to ask Him to plan according to His holy will.
Mother will intercede to God for us, help us practice, fulfill our duties and responsibilities, avoid and lessen sins, avoid all the passions in life that we easily stumble on. May our prayers be worthy for God to accept and grant more abundantly. We now complete the Six Kowtows as an offering to God in this Blessed Sacrament Day celebration. Although I arrived at this place later than the brothers and sisters, God gave me enough strength to lift, by pleas and prayers, through the Holy Spirit, to help us offer a worthy sacrifice in this Blessed Sacrament Day celebration. I continue to pray for this Benedictine Monastery to expand because the Eucharistic Lord is greatly needed in this world for everyone to honor, worship, and adore.
God’s divine presence remains with us throughout generations. The glory of the Eucharistic Jesus is revealed to man as God once visited and granted us light. When the light appears, then the darkness will disappear. We need to lift and present this. O Eucharistic Jesus, please accept this small sacrifice to ask for You to forgive our sins, for the world to recognize and return to You, by action, by deed, by determination, by heart, by humility, to receive the teaching and walk in the right direction. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, may we be restored and resurrected in a spirit of repentance? We ask in the name of the Lord, the God of love, now and forever. Amen. Amen. Amen.
Lucia, Maria T., Maria N., Theresa K., Anna H., Ignatio Q., and all the brothers and sisters on this trip. May God bless us after the Blessed Sacrament Day celebration so that when we return, we may bring something, a depth of love, to revere and adore the Eucharistic Jesus, to love Him more. Please sanctify us daily to be worthy for God to hear our prayers and for the world to be renewed and delivered from days of imminent war, especially in Vietnam. May God grant our world days of renewal in His love and preserve our Church to overcome ordeals and challenges. Ultimately, may our Church be in unity for us to entrust. Only because we have the Church can we have the Eucharistic Jesus, receive God into our hearts, be close to God, receive God’s visit, and be before the monstrance with the Eucharistic Jesus. We adore God, praise God, and glorify God. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we worship God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Lucia and the brothers and sisters conclude at 4:58 a.m. on Sunday, June 13, 2021, at the Thiên Tâm Benedictine Monastery, on the Blessed Sacrament Day celebration. Once again, we thank Mother. It is also the 13th, the day we remember Mother. Mother remains with us, teaches us, and this gift has been practiced for the past seven years, from Mother’s teaching. Mother, please help us continue with the days of witnessing in silence and fulfilling our duties to glorify God. Though silently, but one of these days, all our brothers, sisters, and fellow human beings, will accept and practice, with the proclamation that Mother taught to the world as well as to us. Amen. Amen. Amen.
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