New Revelations through the Eucharist

I Am the King Who Comes to Forgive You


11-24-2019 – I am the King Who Comes to Forgive You

November 24, 2019


Lucia: O God, it is 8:13 p.m. on Sunday, November 24, 2019, at St. Theresa Church, before the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.


Thank God for allowing us to remain here today.


The church is about to close – there is no one left, only the cleaning crew and us, who remain here to offer The Six Kowtows.


Today the Holy Spirit helps us to clearly understand the meaning of The Six Kowtows, which He urges, teaches us in particular and the world in general, for us to learn.


After years of following God, witnessing for God, bringing to the world the gift of The Six Kowtows from Mother Mary, we practice daily in our life and we bring this gift to all the places we visit.


The works that we do today are not from our own ability and understanding, but the Spirit of God enlightening us, urging us to become the witnesses for this gift.


We are taught daily through the Holy Spirit’s words, with our collaboration, for this gift to come to the world.


I thank God for everything He grants.


Especially today, God allows us to celebrate the feast of Jesus Christ as King of the Universe.


Every year, God came to visit us and God gave us His teachings.


The words God gives are also the words that He confides, the words that describe His feelings, for us to understand the state of mind of the King whom people honor as King of the Universe.


However, when we meditate, God is not a King like countless other Kings in the world.


Kings of the world are those with riches, with powers – who indulge, who command, who lord it over people and those under them.


God is the King who brings the truth, the King who had to pay a price of Blood to help us step out of the darkness of sin, greed, selfishness, money, ambition, lust, and many more things in life.


God alone is the Supreme Being who transforms and the only King who rules by love, by the benevolence and patience of the one and only King.


For generations, today among sinners like us there still are people who are obstinate, who are blind, who are immature in faith, who are indifferent before the death of Christ, and there still are countless people indifferent before the salvation that He offered to humanity.


O God, Lord of love, today in unity we ask to receive Your words, especially on the day the Church reminds us to celebrate the feast of the Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, to help us see the meaning, to clearly understand what we have.


It is God who grants and continues endlessly, a shining example, the one and only God who brings life, hope, harmony, peace, and an essential filial life that God practiced throughout His life.


Today, through Him we know God the Father, through Him we are led back to recognize the only Supreme Lord.


He granted us life. He used all means to save us and sacrificed the very life of His Son.


That Person is glorified to become King of the Universe, and today throughout centuries we still celebrate the feast.


In unity, we wait to receive the words from God this evening.


Jesus: My beloved children,


My peace be with all of you.


Today is a day that I have longed for. Today is a day like every year, but to Me it is a day that I greatly yearn for, hoping and waiting for My children to come to Me.


You meditate on words, ordinary and simple words, words that the ranks of the present Church meditates on and recognize over the centuries.


You honor Me as King of the Universe, a Person whom you have glorified, but what I need, what I want, is that you must understand this: I come to this world – I do not use the omnipotence I have.


I do not use the position of authority that I, through power, know and realize.


I just want to come to you, with a human nature, to accompany you. I just want to walk with you, be among you, to understand you, and to love you.


Though that time did not last long, it was a program planned by God the Father.


I fulfilled the responsibility and completed the mission.


During My days living with you, I did not want to leave you, because I know one thing: when you are away from Me, you can no longer be close and you do not practice the teachings for Me to protect you.


I redeemed you with My doctrine – I protect you with My laws.


I protect and embrace you with My Heart of love.


I use all means to conquer your love, because only by love can you be free of the traps in which you have been ensnared from the beginning due to sin; a veil that has prevented and hindered the intimate spiritual things that I grant to all of you – every soul, every heart, every child.


I came for the purpose of saving you.


I stood before the court of Pilate, the King of the world (1), who, though he knew the truth, did not defend the truth due to personal rights, position of power, and other interests in a human life.


There was no justice, no truth, and no righteousness. So it was the first time, and it is the same throughout many generations, and today as well.


The purpose of My coming was for you to know that what mankind cannot do – I will be the first Person to defeat everything that is not in the law.


I will also be the first Person to sacrifice and use blood to test the deeds in sin that mankind must endure through generations, through centuries.


It is precisely because of that point that? I use every means to save you, and that doctrine was applied in My life.


What I did became a covenant to guarantee your life when you recognize Me, when you respond to My love, when you are aware of what I teach you and grant you, which is a doctrine to guide you in the midst of the world.


No one can prevent spirituality, and no one can take away what belongs to you that I grant and that I have achieved on your behalf.


My beloved children, the Kings of the world live luxuriously – they will sit on thrones to command, and they will have many people at their service.


Today the world glorifies Me as King, but I am a King who serves the Supreme Lord for His holy will to be done, to save you who are in the darkness of sin and death.


What a King like Me does is to serve: a life of service by love, by truth, by righteousness, to be able to conquer the days of the earthly world.


That is the first thing the Son of Man conquered, born into a human world to be subjected to everything with a narrow viewpoint in the outlook, but the depth and the breadth is to understand that what God the Father has planned and granted to you from the very beginning was lost right from the moment when mankind betrayed.


That does not stop, but thanks to those points for the world to have a program and a history like today.


I continue to be the Lord and today you know that will never be erased in history.


First, I came into the world in the flesh, in the physical body of a newborn, and was raised in a human world, and entered a terrible battle to bring you from the darkness of sin back to the light through the resurrection victory.


Today what I do is not to be a King to command, to indulge – not to be a King according to the way of a human point of view.


My deeds give you every detail in life for you to understand what is filial life, a life of service, a life according to God’s holy will – a life of love, unity, forgiveness, generosity, charity, sacrifice – a life in which you hear and have a very clear proof: faith, hope, and charity.


Those are things explained through history, through the Gospel – I am a King who must testify and redeem by the price of Blood.


That is written in history books through the ages, so that the earthly world, the people who cooperate and unite, become those who incorporate into heaven while still on earth.


The people who experience with a determined life: they live in the truth.


My beloved children, what I want to give you, especially in this year, is a more affirmative and explicit way regarding what I want you to know.


In life, until this day, I am still a God in need of love; love with the waiting, love with the yearning, love with the longing, love just giving unconditionally, and love with the days of patiently waiting, waiting for the maturity of the beloved.


Indeed, these are still days of waiting.


Today I am very happy that there were people who responded to love so they have been with Me in heaven, those whom you call saints.


Indeed this world does have, this world has people who respond to My love.


They responded to My invitation, they discovered true love, and they responded with the love that I long from them.


But it is not enough with that number of people.


It is not enough with what I grant. It is not enough with what I yearn and wait for. It is not enough, so I am waiting.


I still wait and I continue to wait.


I continue to say to you that I greatly need your love. I continue to wait for and yearn for the love of mankind.


Because there is only love for Me to deliver you, only love for Me to save you, only love for you to understand the doctrine, the truth that I left, to help you have a life with the meaning of happiness and peace.


The life that mankind accepts, to face all trials and adversities, is also a life in hope when you understand the depth and breadth with which I grant and wait for you.


Love is not to just sit there to talk about or respond with words, but love responds by deeds, love responds by the works that you want to accomplish – for Me, for your brothers, for your sisters, for the world.


Between one another, represent Me, respond to love with your brothers, respond to those who need love: comfort them, help them, and guide them.


That is the love that I yearn for, and I wait for the children to mature, for them to understand that love.


My beloved children, I am waiting and I continue to forever wait, for Me to see the solidarity of mankind, for Me to see the love that is shared between one another.


I wait for the life of those who have positions to look to their positions, to sacrifice, to help when they are chosen to represent Me, to become shepherds, for them to bring back the flock, for whom I yearn and wait for unity.


I wait for fraternal love.


I wait for all to respond by love – without resentment, without hatred, without causing war and suffering.


I forever wait for the maturity of each class, each role.


Today I can wait. I wait for you.


I just want to say the same words that I say every year, and this is reminded over and over: that it is truly the King of the world.


Do not compare – do not think that I am too far away, or that God is too great and too sublime.


You do not understand that I am the Lord, the King – I wait for genuineness with the simple heart of each child for whom I have shed Blood and bled Blood.


I desire to be close to every child, to be close to My children.


I long to hear the babbling with the plea, the babbling with childlike sincerity, the babbling when there are mistakes, even when there are days of rejection, of ignorance,


I still wait for you – for the children to return with a pure heart and come to Me with a sincere heart.


O children, even though you are sinful, I come for the purpose of saving you, guiding you – to be King in all matters, when you are those who do not understand and cannot resolve.


I am the King who comes to forgive you.


With the events in the world that you are encountering, you have people who live in the same era who are victims, who are people with a faculty of reasoning.


Unconsciously or consciously, there are also those who choose to acknowledge faith and return to the life that I yearn for them.


I answer to all things that you long for, simply for the purpose of love.


When you rely on love, when you rely on love in the truth, then nothing can be changed, nothing will make you err from the doctrine that I have left for you.


The doctrine accompanies love and the law also accompanies love, because that righteousness will help you to strongly understand righteousness, will help you understand love.


Today I am a King like many other Kings, but this King is very poor.


I become a poor King because I sacrifice everything.


I am poor because I wait, but the response with love is so little, so meager.


Nonetheless, things that I offer are extremely rich, extremely abundant.


I wait for a response with love.


Indeed, today the love that mankind has for Me is so poor, so broken, and torn.


The love that mankind has for Me is when they have no other place to rely on, they come for the purpose of asking.


If they do not receive what they ask for, then they leave Me.


So today I am still a God who begs for the love of mankind. I need the love of mankind.


I am still God.


Mankind honors Me as King, but the King has no power, the King only waits for love.


The King uses love to bestow on mankind, uses love to help mankind, uses love to conquer mankind, and only the human hearts in meditation can understand the King today.


My beloved children, I wait for only one day a year, for Me to express My feelings, for Me to confide with the words with which I feel tenderness.


Today mankind has offered Me the title of King, but what I need, what I long for is to be a King who does not live in luxury and in wealth, a King who does not command, a King who does not use the authority of a King to enforce the laws needed in life, to obliterate all that does not belong to the King’s order.


I am simply a King who waits, a King who wears a robe of brocade.


My robe of brocade is the Cross that I carried and walked on the way to save you.


A King’s robe of brocade I give to you, and I wear the robe of brocade by the Cross – I wear the King’s crown that mankind offers to Me, which is the Crown of Thorns that pierces the brain with deep wounds, to bring renewal to mankind.


The flows of Blood are to wash away the bad thoughts, the sinful intentions, the evil purposes, derived from sin and inflicted upon mankind from the beginning.


I wore that crown as a replacement for the crown that the Lord King had and has, to relinquish it to you.


The seal I bring is used to seal like that of many other Kings: to either release or bind.


However, I do not use that seal but I use a nail to pierce through the flesh, to pierce through My palms, to pierce through My feet, like a mark imprinted.


All for you.


My seal is the Blood that is marked over the soul of each one of you in forgiveness.


That is a King that today offers everything to all of you, because I must accept everything, I must fully represent all of you, for you to receive the garment of the doctrine of truth, a garment for you to become princesses, princes – ranks of mandarins, messengers, prophets, to continue through each era.


That is what I want from you.


I want you to honor Me with an obedient heart. I want you to honor Me with the truth – honor Me today with deeds in unity, in cooperation, and in love.


I want you to follow the doctrine in solidarity, in forgiveness, in patience, in sacrifice, in contrast to what the human world is fond of, with the power that mankind uses, with lust, greed, power, money, ambition, and all that has brought you out of love.


I just want to rule with love, with a renewal, with a new doctrine, and with a new truth (2), so that you can be incorporated into a heavenly world that awaits each person through your maturity.


My beloved children, today is a day on which I agonize and suffer.


The wounds of 2,000 years ago – alone, lonely – I accepted all, endured all, so that through those sufferings, through that victory, I could bring the affirmation and also the seal to forever grant to the world through a unique doctrine to save and heal you, to bring you back from the darkness, to be restored through death, and to return to a place that I prepared for you to dwell eternally with Me.


In the earthly life you have the opportunity to choose for yourself – you have the opportunity to distinguish between good and evil, between right and wrong, between true and false, between aspirations and sinful deeds, as well as the light and the truth.


I know your weakness – you cannot easily conquer yourself, so I am always by your side.

I still want to be a King.


Though not many people can be together in that unity to submit, the human world still exists.


I just want to be King in the heart of each person. I just want to be King and accompany you on all the pathways you take. I just want to be King when you are disappointed, so that this King Himself will sustain you, this King Himself will give you faith and strength for you to overcome the painful trials of life, for you to find the truth that the King brings to you.


He is the King of love and truth, the King who accompanies you when you are disappointed, when you fail, when you suffer, and when you are discontented in the school of life.


My beloved children, today what I long for – I still want you to call Me by the word: King, the King of love, the King of light, the King of life, and the King in the soul and in the heart of each one of you.


I do not reject you as sinful children, I do not refuse all the wounded hearts that come to Me.


I desire and yearn for you to recognize: love then is pure, love then is in the truth, love then has peace, joy, and hope, because only by these points can you see that love has meaning and gives you hope each day, every day and every hour, in life.


But impure love, abusive love, selfish love, love with condition, love with disloyalty, with dishonesty, is not love.


That is the falsehood with which people are treating each other.


The world of mankind is using these methods to confront each other – through positions, through outward appearances, through all classes, disguised with false love and deceit.


So they have turned upside down all the meaning of love, turned upside down all that is in the love that I truly want, which is to be the God and the King of love in the heart of each person with the truth.


Today I continue, I continue to endure the children who have betrayed, the disciples who, because of personal gain, have fallen into the trap.


Today they continue to torture Me, they continue to humiliate Me, and they continue to offend Me.


It is not that I do not know, it is not that I do not have the power to prevent, it is not that I do not see, or that I allow that freedom.


I only want that, what is of this day, those who are going astray must bear the responsibility when they have rejected the life that I grant.


They have made their own decisions and ended their life by the rejection, by what they are doing.


They are falling into the hidden traps of a free world.


Today countless people fall, countless people live in falsehood and are deceived by a civilized world.


You are falling into that trap.


I wait for the children to comprehend. I wait for the children to understand what is happening today. I wait for the children to mature and understand that they will be the witnesses to this truth.


They will also be the ones to recognize what I offer today, they will also be the ones who recognize what I need, for you to also experience that pain, for you to also experience the heartbreaking act among your brethren.


Today I desire that you sacrifice for them, that you help them.


Be with Me to wait for them and pray for them, for them to return to love.


I am the only King who offers to them, the only King who commands and judges with love to bring you back, for you to receive the blessings I have granted in the most urgent days, the last days in the end of history.


The days that only I am the forgiving King, a King who brings Divine Mercy to sanctify and transform, a King who waits for the days when people – debauched and sinful – return and recognize that I wait for love, I wait for the return of mankind, the response in unity, for you to understand the meaning of this day, the feast of the King of the Universe; the King whom people honor today, but they honor in the way of a worldly life.


In contrast to what they prefer in the life of needs and necessities, a King like Me is a King who waits for the love of mankind, waits for the response of mankind, waits for the awakening of mankind, and waits for the cooperation of mankind.


My beloved children, thank you for stopping tonight to listen to the words of a King who is still lonely and still cold in all the tabernacles.


Although nowadays I have manifested for many to come to Me, a number of people in humanity – the people whom I yearn for – is still a very modest number.


But I do not, because of those modest numbers, give up on certain programs – I continue.


Because of that modest number, I still try to be with you, and through you, for Me to come to you through the words that I have longed to say to you from the beginning, to speak to you each day, desiring for you to understand My waiting, for you to continue to witness, to continue to pray, to continue to let the world know of the longing of the Supreme God today,


The waiting and the yearning of the Supreme God today – a King who does not use power, who does not use authority, but a King who simply wants to enter the heart and the soul of each person, for each to recognize My love, to be reconciled with Me, to be close to Me, and to become righteous people.


I want you to prepare right now.


There are so many things going on.


I am deeply grieved because the children are heading towards the seduction of the darkness – thus many things are happening.


This is a world in which people are free to decide for their spiritual life.


This is a time when mankind must recognize, for you to decide for yourself today and decide for the future of your soul later.


The hour has come – everything will end, because it is at the last moment that I offer love and I long for love.


I want you to mature in love to respond with the last days of history.


When the end comes, there will no longer be the days when I wait like today, but you must face a just judge, because that is God the Father’s holy commandment at the end of history.


Today I desire for you to continue – continue to witness, continue to pray, continue to work with the responsibilities in the duty that I choose for you.


These are silent days – you still have not experienced and understood the value with the position that you have today, because the world does not know, but heaven knows.


What you are doing – you have understood your position, albeit with limitation.


This does not stop at a point – each one of you in the coming days will grow in the grace that I have granted to you, choosing you.


Be with Me. Unite with Me.


Share My pains and sufferings, embrace the wounds that I want you to deeply understand, for you to see that I continue to be in pain, in agony – abandoned, wounded, and still bleeding, because of mankind’s disloyalty.


Today is also a day that I long for and yearn for.


I will continue to be a King, a King who waits for the love of mankind, a King who has been very poor from the beginning till now because the response to My wait is so inadequate.


But today, even though too inadequate or poor, I continue because I just want to liberate, I just want to bring you peace, I just want to give you love and hope.


I respect all.


I only desire for you to mature in time, to mature when you are still living, to mature when you are fully aware of what belongs to you, when the era still has the opportunity.


My beloved children, what I am saying today, what I am longing for: give Me what is related to love, your love for Me, your love for your brothers, your love for each other, a love in solidarity, in unity, and a love with which you accomplish the mission in My holy will through the Holy Spirit.


Be mature to clearly understand the meaning of this day.


I continue to wait and yearn.


I continue to expect each child to know, to understand, to live in maturity and receive love.


That love is the love I offer, the love I offer to you.


The love you share with the brothers – live in sincerity and honesty, hold on to love as the focal point for you to live in the midst of life.


When you use love as the focal point, then that is a bond, a bond with a King who waits for the love that you have partially responded to, or you have responded to the waiting that I yearn for: to be the King in your soul, the King who accompanies you on all pathways.


Whether failure or suffering, whether sick or successful, or whether living the days in misery, in suffering, I just want to be the King of every single person, the King in every heart, the King in every soul.


I yearn to dwell in the soul and the heart of each one of you.


Today I end here.


I thank everything through your sacrifices.


Thanks to all the words that the Holy Spirit helped you with today. And the Holy Spirit taught you to further understand what is in the meaning that today the Church reminds the children to celebrate the feast of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.


Today you are aware, but for years the people who had positions, the sheep of God, your brothers and sisters, those in the ranks, still have not experienced or understood and that became rules and habits.


Today I continue to wait.


I continue to yearn for you to feel My presence when you open your heart, when you believe, and when you realize I am waiting for love, by a response: a love, with patience, with sacrifice, with penance, with nobility, with forgiveness, which you give to each other and with each other.


My peace be with all of you.


I want only one thing: today, though you do not meet Me, My Heart still yearns to be by your side, to be in you. Come to Me through the Blessed Sacrament. Be close to Me through the Blessed Sacrament.


Receive Me every day for Me to protect you, for Me to have you as a source of comfort in this world.


Do not let Me continue to be lonely – waiting, with yearning and longing.


Thank you for all the moments you stay to listen to the words I confide to you today.


King of the Universe – but who greatly needs the love of mankind, who longs for the love of mankind, who yearns for the hearts that I redeemed at the price of Blood.


Today they are still indifferent toward Me, they still reject Me, they still refuse Me, and they still cause injuries to My Heart.


O children, I am a God but I am still lonely, I still long, I still wait, and I am also defeated by love.


So today I am still waiting. Today I continue to endure. Today I am still waiting for each child, one by one.


The more I speak, the more My Heart bleeds. The more I speak, the more My Heart sobs. The more I speak, the more My Heart weeps.


I desire for you to pray for the world, to pray for the Church to unite, to pray for all the lost children who are your brothers and sisters.


Return. Return to Me, because only My love can grant you life.


Only My love can give you hope. Only My love is the place for you to lean on.


I do not demand anything of you.


I only ask for you to respond to love.


I only ask for you to give up all the allurements of a world throughout years in life, to return to Me with a true heart, with a sincere and honest heart, to understand the meaning of love, to understand the definition of love, to understand that love will save you, which is the key for you to move forward in the midst of life, in spite of ordeals and challenges.


The love I give to you will never waver and I long for your love to come to Me.


Though only partial, yet starting from love, life will be renewed; starting from faith, then you can see the width, the depth, and the height; starting with the word love, then life becomes meaningful.


Today I end here. I hope that you understand these words, the words I confide to you, the words of a King who confides, a King who longs for love, a King who does not make demands and does not command, a King who does not use his authority to rule but only rules with love, to persuade, to wait for His children all over the world.


My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.


Lucia: O God, I thank You.


A myriad of graces is poured down with the words from the Lord, the King of the Universe whom everyone must prostrate to.


From heaven to earth, all the angels, all the saints must prostrate to and worship the Lord, with the words He gives to us who are sinners.


The one and only Lord: He is love. He rules with love.


He is the King and that King is the only King who died for His beloved. He is still lonely because He waited for love until this century.


May each one of us mature to understand the word God speaks, to experience the love of a God.


We honor Him as King, but do we live and serve Him as the King or not?


The Supreme Lord who saved us, died for us, and loved us, is still waiting, still yearning, still longing, still alone, with the days in this world, through the tabernacles that are neglected, abandoned.


Due to the fact that in life people have too many things that occupy all their time, they do not devote any spirituality to come to the God who loves mankind, died for mankind, still awaits mankind, and is the King who rules with love, so that mankind may survive and may continue to have His protection.


A King full of might, full of power – but when it comes to love, He has been completely quiet, waiting for the response of mankind, and through those responses He saves mankind: an infinite love, an unconditional love, a love that only God offers and gives to mankind.


Who can be compared to our God? Who can be compared to the King whom today we prostrate to and worship together? Who can affirm that God is King – the King of hearts, the King of love, the King of creation, the King of the world of mankind, the King above all kings, the Lord above all lords.


Together in unity, we continue to worship, praise, and honor.


We thank God, the Supreme One: God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit – love – love with unity, love granted to us.


That love nurtures us. That love is still a doctrine that teaches people to love, forgive, unite, return, worship, submit before His love.


Lucia, Maria N., Maria L., Mercedes, Anna, Thanh Luu, and Vinh thank God on the feast of Christ the King.


God, please grant to each one of us, in our mission and role chosen by You, to live and love You through the little deeds in our lives.


We love God with our mission life.


We love God – we stay with Him in the chapel. We love God, we visit the Eucharist.


We love God – we comfort Him when we welcome Him into our hearts in a worthy manner.


We love God and respond to His love by the love we give one another.


We share with one another.


We live caring for each other. We live to glorify God.


God, please help us understand Your words, Your command, Your teaching, to help sinners like us have the opportunity to be restored and understand love.


Though we have limitations, yet for that love may we live and care for each other.


That is the true doctrine that God has given to us this year, in this century, and in the days we can still receive His words.


In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Lucia, in unity with all the brothers and sisters, thanks God, with the words from God in this evening’s meeting.


We conclude at 9:07 in Houston on Sunday evening, November 24, 2019, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.


Today we lift up The Six Kowtows to do homage to the King of the Universe.


We lift up to Him, and at the same time, we receive the message He grants us especially on this evening. We conclude with the brothers and sisters. Together we thank God, praise God, and glorify God.


God, please continue to help us understand love and grow in Your love, for us to become instruments of love, for us to testify and bear witness to the love that You have given to sinners like us, to the world, to all classes, all roles, while there is still the time and the opportunity.


With the Sign of the Cross, please keep us from all evil, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen.



  1. This, of course, is a manner of speaking; a figure of speech. Pilate did know truth; at the very minimum he heard Jesus, “the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6); he also knew that Jesus was true from their interaction.
  2. A “new doctrine” and a “new truth” do not refer to anything of the Faith, which cannot change. They could possibly refer to this private revelation and The Six Kowtows.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a “Father” in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.


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