New Revelations through the Eucharist

Do Not Miss the Opportunity


May 26, 2014

Father: My beloved Lucia,

Today is a holiday*, everyone has the opportunity to rest; this holiday is for the children who are Catholic as well as for those who perceive the spiritual life, to spend time to pray for military personnel – to pray for the departed brothers who are in most need of your prayers.
Today, like the other brothers, you spend the time to come here to ask to receive a message from Me.

My beloved Lucia, all the things that the Holy Spirit inspires in you are the things that I want to remind and send to My children in this generation. I continue, still, to guide My children in this world – in all classes – so that when My children receive, when they open their hearts, they will be able to understand and recognize all the things that could be done; they will be able to choose and they will be able to recognize the voice through which I want to meet, to come to My children in this generation. You do not know of the events that have happened, that are happening and that will happen, and whether you will have the opportunity or not, whether you are able to experience or understand the meaning or not; everything has deep meanings in grace, in the abundance that I give to you, to remind the world, to remind every class, every
role. It is still for love that I give you many opportunities to return, to be conscious of living a meaningful life, to live with the happiness that you have forgotten in life.

My beloved children,

This world has arrangements for the holidays, the days that people need to show their gratefulness, to honor the soldiers, let alone the historical events that I left which remain till today. You respect and appreciate the things of the world, let alone the things from the Kingdom of God, from a spiritual world, a world that I bestow upon the soul and the body. All the events in your lives are meant to bring you benefits for the life of faith, for the spiritual life and for the life of the soul.

My beloved children, there are many things that I send to you, with words that are as alive as in the first years of the century**. I was in this place, in this world; I faced all situations, all the things that people encounter – the truth, the sufferings, the ponderings, and the things that people do not accept or deny. There are people who accept the truth, who live the truth, who pursue the truth in their lives, who maintain the truth for the relatives, for the brothers, for the loved ones – they are the people who live in righteousness. It is the same in every era; there are many people who live in a life where they never get to know what faith is, but there are also people in every generation who recognize, who believe, who live in justice, who live for the truth, who live for righteousness and who know to worship God. In every era there are
righteous people in the world and for that reason I continue to hold back My hand in regard to the events that have led to the present situations.

This century has gone to the extent where you can see that there are people who no longer recognize Me nor believe in the things that come from God or from the truth. As they enter the material world, their eyes are obscured by the things that they use today through the sophisticated modernization of the era, controlled by evil that is so ingrained that you no longer know and recognize that you need to have time for the soul, for the heart – to have moments of calmness so that your souls recognize the things that are beneficial or harmful to the soul and body. This I have repeated several times, I have also allowed Mother to come to you; Mother has spoken and given many things for you to receive, so that you are clearer on every issue. Today this message continues to remind you.

I just want you to recognize My Love, to recognize My waiting, to recognize My patience, to recognize the opportunity for your souls, so that your souls are not wasted, so that the price to redeem you with My Blood is not wasted, so that My Death to give you eternal life, to give you resurrection in a new life in this world while you are still alive, is not wasted. There are many more things that I send and remind you so that you will not be deceived by the devil in this civilized world, so that you will not be deceived by the wickedness that the devil uses skillfully to bribe the souls, the bodies, because you do not know and you follow the things of the flesh, the ephemeral life that does not provide any benefit to the soul, and you sell your souls in order to enjoy all the pleasures of this earthly world.

This is truly regrettable for the souls whom I had redeemed with the price of My Blood. I have cherished, loved your souls; I have waited, and I have left everything to give you hope, to remind you in all eras, to find ways to meet you, to find ways in the Church to continue to give you support, to intervene with all the problems when you follow the world’s reasoning. You forget the things you need the most, which are spiritual things, the life of the soul; you live only for the flesh, for the modern things that you need in this generation – contrary to morals – and you continue with serious offenses, increasingly more widespread.

What will happen to you when there is no longer truth, no longer righteousness? Who will be able to believe whom, who will be able to practice by the heart, and who will be able to express by the truth? Only My teachings, only the truth, only the righteous things, only the just things or the divine things that I give, which cannot be explained, will be able to help you – from the body to the soul – because they are the divine things that I give to the world, so that you see the marvelous things, so that you see the intervention with which I want to strengthen the life of faith. Therefore, with the situations in life, you will be able to escape the web of the present snares so that you return to justice, so that you return to the truth, so that you believe in the Supreme Being who has brought salvation to save you from the web of sins that is enticing
you from the abyss. If you do not recognize the light, if you do not recognize My resurrection, if you do not recognize the life, then you are still deeply immersed in this world in an increasingly worse way.

If I do not intervene in these moments, if I do not let you see the power, and you do not see the life in the normal things that everyone in all classes is able to experience, to understand, to practice, to meet and to trust, then who is the person who will be able to save you when you are in danger? You tie down your souls with all the present realities, when you do not live for the faith, for the soul; when you do not do the things that you need to do to transform to the life for which you have been redeemed by My Blood. I continue to pour graces upon you to let you see that though I do not come in the flesh, though I do not come in the likeness of 2,000 years ago, I am present everywhere, especially at the places where I allow you to meet Me, in the Holy Eucharist – in Divine Mercy – to meet you and lead you, in all ranks, so that you to
recognize My blessings: to return to Me; to walk in My graces; to recognize righteousness; to recognize the truth that you are able to receive in this generation.

There are many more graces; I want you to repent and return, to renounce all the evil, to renounce the sins, to renounce everything in this generation***, to return to righteousness, to return to holiness, to return to benevolence, to return to justice. The gifts of the heavenly kingdom, the gifts of the remaining days, the perpetual gifts are for righteous souls, for the souls of sinners who repent, for those who renounce sin and return to My Divine Mercy. I will cleanse you, I will purify you, I will sanctify you, and I will transform you so that you become worthy to return to the holy banquet where I wait for each one of you in this generation.

Do not miss the opportunity, do not stop when you hear, when you know; open your hearts and allow yourselves the opportunity to find the truth with the messages given. I want to meet you through My Divine Mercy, I want to purify you through My Divine Mercy, I want to confide and I want to listen to each soul through the Holy Eucharist. With faith, with a sincere, longing heart, you will receive transformation, you will receive the answer, you will receive the things that you pray for and you also will be able to receive the awareness so that you do not suffer alone with the trials or the Cross that each of you has. You need to walk the rest of the road with Me, so that you understand the meaning of the life which you need to prepare for, which will come; with justice, with righteousness, you will obtain the happiness of heaven, the
eternal kingdom that I give to you and where I wait for each soul. Return to My Love; return to My forgiveness; return to the Heart of Love; return to the Cross, waiting.

This is the time for you to be alert, to renounce, to return, to repent, so that you do not wallow in the darkness of sin, so that you are not deceived by the modern and sophisticated ways that have caused you to lose your souls, your faith, your reasoning, and the opportunity for you to have the happiness of the world, in peace. The time of the happiness that you deny is about to be concluded, the waiting is about to end, so for the graces and blessings that you disregard, you will no longer have the opportunity to receive them and you will no longer have days such as these, when you are able to hear and to have the guidance. The gifts that are given have a time limit and everything has its own rules; you need to face the truth, so do not miss the opportunity to receive the happiness that I give to you in this generation, in this era,
in the time period in which I give the grace from Divine Mercy and the grace of forgiveness to each individual.****


Lucia.: In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank God, I praise God, and I glorify God. Amen. Amen.


* This was Memorial Day, a holiday in the United States set aside for observances in memory of members of the U.S. military who died in service of the country.
** It seems that in all these messages, heaven is referring to the time of Christ until now as a “century,” and that the world is about to enter a new “century,” which seems to end at the Second Coming of Christ at the end of the world. It seems, therefore, that the word “century” refers to a period of time not equivalent, of course, to 100 years – it appears to be more like an “era” or “epoch.” This may or may not coincide with the ending of the Era of Mercy, revealed to St. Faustina, and the beginning of the Era of Justice. But this is possible because heaven has made it clear in these messages that the Era of Mercy is almost over.
*** Everything that is bad in this generation
**** The time we have to obtain the happiness derived from a right relationship with God is now short. Heaven’s extraordinary interventions will soon cease. “The time of mercy,” revealed to St. Faustina, will end soon. If one does not repent before “the time of mercy” ends, it will be too late.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives Lucia messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of

New Revelations through the Eucharist
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