New Revelations through the Eucharist

Divine Mercy Chaplet Meditation

                   Divine Mercy Chaplet Meditation

January 13, 2022


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit


I. The First Chaplet: O Heart of Jesus Christ, who art the King of Love, please rule over my heart and lead us back in Your Salvation.

I reverently offer to God the Father the first chaplet.

 O Lord, our God, today, on the 13th of the first month of the new year, I respectfully bow and reverently offer You the first chaplet.

O God the Father, I thank You for the countless blessings poured over the world in general and granted particularly to us. May everyone recognize and return to You, return to Your Divine Mercy. Father, please transform and sanctify us for our lives to daily become meaningful as Your children, as human beings, aware of righteousness. Father, please have mercy and heal us, body and soul, for us to return to You and be thankful to You.


II. The Second Chaplet: O most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, please bring us and humanity back to Your love.

I reverently offer to the Lord Jesus Christ the second chaplet.

 I bow in adoration and thanksgiving to Jesus, our Savior, and Redeemer. Jesus obeyed God the Father and sacrificed unto death to redeem the sins of humanity on the excruciating path with the Cross. He gloriously triumphed, brought us the Resurrections, and gave us the chance to become the redeemed and forgiven children. May we understand the meaning that God granted, for us to live each day worthy with what we know and hear. May we become humble warriors, silently continue to do our duties. Let us pray for our fellow brothers to awaken and return with the salvation that God granted to humanity.


III. The Third Chaplet: O Lord Jesus Christ, may Your Heart rule over the entire world.

I reverently offer to the Holy Spirit the third chaplet.

 O Holy Spirit, You are the light, the truth, the love. We constantly need Your love, Your guidance, Your enlightenment. Please help us open our souls, our minds, our hardened and indifferent hearts, return to the ardent love that God grants especially for us to be wise, discern what is holy, what is evil, what is right, what is wrong, what is true, what is false, and return to Him.

O Holy Spirit, our world needs You. Only You can guide us back to righteousness, help us find the truth, grant us peace and harmony. Holy Spirit, please enlighten those who still do not believe, to believe; those who still have not returned, to return; those who still do not recognize God, to know God, for their lives to become days more meaningful. The essence of life is not money, ambition, but the heart, the truth, the best in the spiritual and physical for us to live meaningfully, with affection, love, patience, forgiveness, generosity, support, sharing, for that life to be one with truth, this life and the next.

O Holy Spirit, please help us be determined to remove what belongs to sin to step into a new chapter, in love, and with the guidance, prompting, visit, and enlightenment that You granted us when we offer the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Holy Spirit, please open the eyes of the world, renew the face of the earth, for everyone to turn to holiness and belong to God. Only You dispel the darkness to bring light, joy, and love through the Divine Mercy granted to us and the whole of humanity.


IV. The Fourth Chaplet: O most Holy Heart of Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive, transform us, and all of humanity.

I reverently offer to the Eucharistic Jesus the fourth chaplet.

O Eucharistic Jesus, this morning, You visited us once again, which is the closeness You grant as You are always present and come to visit us. You manifest for us to see Your love. You are by our side when we are sad and worried and when we have a meeting to pray for the world regarding all situations and problems. You are always a God by our side to remind us. You always protect and guard us whether we are aware or not.

O, Eucharistic Jesus, it is time for everyone to honor You, recognize You, come to You, and return to You. You have waited too long for us. Out of love, You waited for us till this moment. You endured our offenses and accepted bitterness because of our indifference, apathy, and coldness toward You. You do not give up to return to heaven to sit upon the throne that belongs to You, but You silently remain in all the empty churches, in the tabernacles that no one visits. We come by for Mass, then afterward, we forget You. Often, those with functions and laypeople lack respect toward You.

O God, You endure so much. You bear too much out of love for humanity. You suffer so much waiting for humanity. Today, may we be aware of Your waiting, Your patience, for us to return to You, to compensate for what we lacked to do. We can atone a thousand times; it is still insufficient, but at least we understand what is happening, Your presence, and what we need to say about You to everyone. We must profess and testify to the truth for the Eucharistic Jesus to be known to everyone and formally receive the reverence and the respect due in each generation. It is a starting generation, though these are remaining and final days.

We must prostrate, worship, adore, honor, treasure, and respect God. We must lift to Him so that we may have an inner life and experience the love that He granted us to this day. May we return to recognize the consolation and joy God gives to help us, forgive us, support us, and intervene for us. At this moment, no one can refuse God because, through the disasters, trials, pandemics, we realize the meaning in life if we do not have God. In our lives, when we face situations between man and man, to whom do we ask for help? Who is the person who has enough power and love to save us and give us the consolation and hope that we need in life?

O, Eucharistic Jesus, we lift thanksgiving to You on behalf of all classes, all roles. We knew, saw, heard, but we still have not fulfilled our duty; God, please forgive us. Please help us be decisive in 2022 and, at all costs, complete our responsibility to bring You to everyone who needs to know, to know. You alone give us hope, harmony, joy, which we need in the most stressful and critical moments in this life.

God, please help us be steadfast to go on. God, may everyone surrender, submit, and return to You to receive the protection You grant to each person for us to grow in faith. May we find a new source of life and consolation, an inner life with the prayer that Mother Mary taught us to practice with heart. Let us honor, cherish, revere, for us to receive graces, to be steadfast in this life. Despite trials in life, let us come to God, for us to be unburdened, for us to entrust to live meaningfully as His children.


V. The Fifth Chaplet: O Heart of Father, please bring humanity back to Your love.

I reverently offer to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ the fifth chaplet.

 With the fifth chaplet, I bow to adore and thank the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ. God came to this world, endured excruciating sufferings, and ended with the Five Holy Signs to save all of humanity. Let us meditate on the Five Holy Signs with the marvelous mysteries God gave us. For generations, God the Father granted us infinite love and Divine Mercy for us to have life and deliverance.

We adore, honor, and thank the Father through the First Holy Sign. We praise, revere, adore the Second Holy Sign, the Lord Jesus Christ, in the salvation brought for us to have deliverance and help us step out of the darkness of death. Let us return to God, officially be the children of God the Father, and call Him Abba. He is the Almighty; He is a God filled with power, who saves and grants the world joy, harmony, and peace. The Lord Jesus is the Supreme Being who brings us the hope that God the Father gave to humanity.

O Holy Spirit, You are everything. You teach us wisdom and understanding, the way of life, help us become the children who know the doctrine, practice it, and become citizens of heaven. Please help us understand the seven gifts we need to practice daily.

O Holy Spirit, You are light, love, truth; please help us return to the truth, love, true faith, for our lives to not be adrift in this world. Let us not go on living with ungrateful and meaningless days of exile. Let us not destroy our lives in iniquity. O Holy Spirit, please save us and deliver us, to be worthy of the infinite love and Divine Mercy that God the Father granted, with the salvation from the Second Person of God. O Holy Spirit, You are the Supreme Being who teaches us. We adore, honor, and thank the Trinity.

The Fourth Holy Sign, He is present among us. Is there any God who remains near us and dwells with us as the Lord of love and Savior? He remains and is present through His Body and Blood to nourish our souls, for us to encounter Him and kindle our faith. In a troublesome generation filled with traps and snares, God is the only Lord who comes to rescue, forgive, and lead us back to Him.

We honor and adore the Fourth Holy Sign. We recall the covenant God granted, and we still have the opportunity for God to guide us back. We revere and thank the Fourth Holy Sign. Mother is the person who takes care of the Ark that we need to come to receive. God protected us by His love, His presence in the Eucharist, for us to listen to Mother. Because of the great salvation, the Blood that Jesus shed, which cannot be in vain, God is determined to seek ways to save us. Mother looks for ways to bring us back when we encounter tribulations and when we lose hope in the world.

Mother is the person who lovingly and gently guides and helps us return to God with her endless love. Mother Mary is the Mediatrix who leads us back to the Savior to receive the Divine Mercy of God the Father. She helps us step out of the devil’s snares, return to an inner life in prayer, come to the Eucharistic Jesus for our lives to surrender, submit, and belong to God.

May everyone meditate on what Mother planned for us to return sooner. May it not be too late and too tardy. Mother is a person who is always gentle, who guides us back kindly. However, time has a limit, and everything will conclude. Let us listen to Mother to return to life as called. Let it not be too late and too tardy with the significance of the Six Kowtows. Today, we reverently offer on behalf of all classes, all roles, to be complete in the hour of the Divine Mercy.


VI. The sixth prayer, we offer to Mother Mary.

We reverently offer to God the Father the sixth prayer.

 O Father, I thank You. You granted us and chose a mother who constantly teaches us to live by the inner life, return to You, pray, and learn many essential things in our life of faith. Mother Mary teaches us the significant value of salvation for our eternal spiritual life.

O Father, allow us to offer this prayer to Mother.

O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Word Incarnate, Mother of the Savior, Mother of all humanity. We reverently offer to Your Immaculate Heart and for Your triumph. May sinners like us return to God through the work of redemption of Jesus, Your Son. May we become penitents, witnesses, saints present in heaven, silent apostles, true penitents, and victims praying and lifting through Your intercession today.

We pray that all the clergy, our Church, always go to Mother Mary, seek Her and listen to Her. Mother’s teaching helps us not stumble, not be lured in a life full of turmoil because we have Mother supporting and guiding us. Mother, please help us have an inner prayer life; live with soul and body, mind and heart. Please help us have a profound determination each day to lift to the Lord Almighty for us to be strengthened and steadfast in life, despite trials and challenges.

Mother Mary, we no longer have a second choice. It is time for us to return to You, be with You, set free from a world that binds us with lies, deceptions, and sufferings. Troubles and things contrary to morality and virtue caused the world to end up in violence, enter a time of turmoil, in a situation with tense days opposed to the truth.

O Mother Mary, may we always entrust in God. May we listen to Your teaching, practice it daily to strengthen our faith, and not fall into clever and subtle traps. May we be free with days of peace, harmony, and meaning.

O Mother Mary, may we return to God with a sincerely contrite heart. Mother Mary, Mother of the Church, Mother of the clergy, may all those in the ranks of the Church listen to You, come to You. Please guide them on the path to care for the flock that God entrusts to them, to help the flock return in unity.

Mother, You are the guiding star, the only Mediatrix who helps us and the world in the remaining and final days. May we listen, practice, pray, and witness to the truth with the intervention from the Eucharistic Jesus to help kindle our faith and help us return. No one can prevent our faith life; we need to be determined to return to the truth. Mother is the person who guides us to encounter God for us to receive His intervention and His mercy in the ending. We need His healing in soul and body to strengthen our faith life.

Mother, please help us practice the Six Kowtows on behalf of all classes, all roles. Let us be the pioneers in this ending through the gift of the Six Kowtows, for the Six Kowtows to become an offering to the Almighty. God, please have mercy, intervene for us and the entire world to soon return to You. Through the plagues of both soul and body, through the tribulations with war and suffering, expose all the evil deeds to lead humanity back to justice, righteousness, and truth.


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