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Be Determined to Renounce the Sins


Be Determined to Renounce the Sins

October 21, 2014

L.: O God, it is 7:28 p.m. on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, at the Church of St. Theresa, at the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, at the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, at the holy statue of St. Theresa, of St. Juan Diego, where I have the opportunity to be here to receive the message from God, and from Mother, in the last days. Today is not a coincidence. God gives us the opportunity, the brothers and the sisters who are usually present at the Church of St. Theresa, who attend Mass together, who go to adoration, who have meetings twice a month. Today, we come together to pray the Rosary. We offer to God the prayers as our penances and we also offer this Rosary to Mother. Today is also the opportunity for Mother to give us Her message.

Everything that comes to us is not a coincidence. This is the Holy Spirit urging us to have this opportunity to pray together. We pray to receive a message from Mother, especially for us today. There are so many things that God has given us daily in life, always with the help from Mother in a spiritual way. Sometimes we do not know and sometimes we forget, but we never leave the loving embrace of a Mother who always takes care of Her sons and daughters, a Mother who always takes care of the children who diligently come to this place with a spirit of closeness to God and with a spirit of supporting, loving, helping each other. At this moment I pray for Mother to come to me, for Mother to remind each one of us in this meeting. O God, every time we have the opportunity to receive a message from God, every time we have the opportunity to lift up our prayers, we pray to God to allow us to meet Mother, for us to receive a message from Mother, with the things that Mother wants to give to us in this meeting that are in the mind of every individual, with the things that Mother wants to give to us, for us to become righteous, such as the things that we crave and desire for us to live more worthily and to live according to the Divine Will of God.

Blessed Mother: My beloved L., M., K., M., V., M.,

Today is not a coincidence. I want L., along with all of you, to lift up your prayers to Me this evening.

You know, every time you offer the Rosary with your intentions, I, in turn, offer them to God the Father for Him to give you the blessings that you prayed for. The Rosary has always been there to remind mankind, so anywhere you are, in any circumstances, when you have the time, recite the Rosary because the Rosary is a great grace that I bestow upon the world. In the plan of God, every single time you pray with heart, in a zealous life where you fervently associate with the Rosary, praising God, asking God, you recognize that the human condition always needs His grace and His Love, you meditate on the mysteries, the miracles of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. He is still here, He is forever with you when you pray, when you have the recognition in your zealous life of the things that you have, the peace in your souls, the blessings from God; and I am always by your side to intercede with God for you.

My beloved children,  In this crowded world, everyone is reminded about the Rosary and everyone can read and understand the meaning of the Rosary, but when in the subconscious mind there is profound respect, gratitude, you are able to experience the mysteries every time you pray the Rosary and to understand the meanings for you to meditate about God, for you to meditate on the mysteries of God, which you have read about; these things are the intimate communications needed in the daily life of each of My children.

My beloved children, for all the Christians in the world, the Rosary becomes a habit in their lives. The Rosary has many miracles that God the Father had given to Me; I want the world to especially know about this and I want to leave this to the world; this is a connection, a practice, a bond, uniting you in love, teaching you patience, for you to experience the profound mystery of the day God came into the world. I was one of the people who received the responsibility of the great grace of God’s coming into the world, and the prayers that you offer up are the praises with which I thank God, with fiat*. You have read about the history of My life, and the unique thing you are able to discover is that only the love of God gives you peace for your souls, only the love of God gives you graces, and if you believe, if you recognize, then you will receive those special graces.

My beloved children, today the Rosary is your offering for your penances**. The penance pertains to each individual, depending on the advice as well as the penance given by each priest for that individual.

My beloved children, in life, to be conscious when you do your penance and to be conscious when you pray is a very important thing. To recite the Rosary is to spend time to meet God through prayers, which help those people who just say the words without a deep recognition in the words they lift up to God, and is also another means for those who remember God, who remember the duty of being a Christian, who always communicate and always have the time to lift up their intentions to God.***

My beloved children, if you can understand the Rosary and you are aware, the Rosary is like an armor that I am giving to the world, to be a way to teach you to praise God, to teach you to recognize the mysteries, for you to meditate. In that divine mystery is the armor with which I protect those who believe in the Rosary, every single time you offer the Rosary to God, with heart, in every word, in every sentence. With the arduous challenges in life, everyone has certain sufferings, certain concerns, certain worries in the soul, so the closest and most convenient way for you to encounter God is through praying the Rosary, which has been the way through many centuries. This continues to be proclaimed to all the children in every single century, and in the days that you have remaining in this century, it is still the Rosary.

My beloved children, the elevated thing that you can experience and understand is to lift up each bead of the Rosary like beads of pearl to God, with meaning. The Rosary is a protection for all those times when you are being attacked, when you encounter difficulties with all the things that every person has to deal with from their ego. When you have the experiences deep in your consciousness to offer to God, then the Rosary is the closest way for you to meet God; you lift up the prayers and I am the person who offers them to God for you. Every single time you pray the Rosary, I am always by your side to listen and to help you, with the intentions that you ask for, with the prayers that you want to be lifted up to God. These are all good things that you need to continue to care for in a zealous life and to teach to your children. In this age, the youth and certain people see the Rosary as long and laborious when they pray; they do not understand that the time they spend is the opportunity for them to learn to persevere, for them to learn to have certain moments of calmness; to have enough calmness when they pray the Rosary for them to understand the meaning, for them to meet God in the thoughts, in the feelings that they recognize, to have enough time to stay calm and quiet to understand the meaning that I give.

My beloved children, today I have something to share with each of you, regarding your lives, when you receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

My beloved children, people often have a habit that when they sin, they go to confession, they do their penance, and then, they are no longer conscious and they no longer pay attention to the sins. Every time you go to confession, you need to pray before you go, you have to fully examine yourselves first, to be worthy to enter the confessional. When you enter the confessional and you meet the priest, it is as if you meet a representative of God; through the priest, God is using His hand to forgive you. God’s advices are the words of His teachings, the words of the Gospel to remind and wake up every single person who sins. Remember, for the sins that you confess, you need to renounce them, you need to give them up wholeheartedly, you need to stop committing them.

I know this is not easy for each individual as they have become familiar with all of the bad habits from their ego, from their personality. I just want to remind you that every time you go to confession, you have to carefully examine yourselves, you must pray thoroughly to the Holy Spirit, asking Him to enlighten you for you to know the sins you have committed, and are committing. You have to wholeheartedly renounce those sins, and though you still cannot do it yet or you still struggle, when you prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, you have to repent with a contrite heart so that the meaning of the confession, the significance of the Reconciliation will bring you peace with God’s blessing, with the forgiveness from the priest who meets you and advises you. Afterward, in your moments of penance, you must also repent with your hearts, recognize the past sins and be determined to give them up; with every single encounter later, make an effort to learn to avoid committing the bad habits that are always there, learn starting from the little matters then it will slowly become a habit. When you understand the meaning of confession, when you understand the meaning of meeting the priest for you to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, then you will feel peace in your soul, forgiveness and the abundant graces that God pours down on you. Feel with your hearts, always have a true repentance when you go to confession, so that for your penance, whether there are many prayers or not, what is needed most is your repentance for you to be able to understand the meaning of the absolution of sins; only then will the grace of the forgiveness that God gives to each one of you be complete.

Today you are the children who are able to receive this reminder, so teach your own children and share with the brothers and the sisters. Probably in a lifetime as Christians, as Catholics, people have not yet been able to feel repentance when they go to confession, which becomes a habit, which they despise; then they commit the sin again, and they go back to confession, then they receive Communion, and so it is this way all their lives. You do not understand the lofty meaning when you receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so today I want to remind you, if you did not know, then today you have known and each of you has your own recognition. Remember, every time you do penance – to repent – and remember all of your sins, be determined to renounce the sins to be worthy to receive the forgiveness that God gives to you. From there, if you are determined to give up, to believe in God, to believe in the Holy Spirit to guide you, you will be able to renounce the sins, thanks to the grace of God.

Do not let sin become a habit. Every time you sin, take a look at your sin, you will feel your hearts sobbing, grieving, you will experience with your hearts from the Holy Spirit prompting those children who understand the concept, the meaning of confession. Then every time you feel that you are pure, receive the Body and the Blood of God; in your soul, in your spirit, you feel the happiness and the graces that God pours down upon you. Be mindful, every time you receive the Body and the Blood of God, you need to examine your hearts, your thoughts, you need to examine the unintentional or intentional things. With a contrite heart, pray for the grace of God to purify you for you to be worthy to receive the Body and the Blood of Christ when you attend Holy Mass. Allow yourselves quiet moments, to be calm, to repent, and when you receive the Body and the Blood of Christ, if you feel the urge, if you do not feel at peace, then remember that it is a reminder from the Holy Spirit for you to go to confession. Please confess in a zealous way, be determined to give up the sin, do not commit the sin again and allow it to become a habit as you have done in your lifetime for many years. Each one of you needs to be reminded of all these things in grace and love. Today I remind you and I meet you through the Rosary. I can see that each of the children still struggles with certain things in this life, with the turmoils, the difficulties, the encounters that you cannot overcome. Remember to lift up to God all the things that you cannot resolve in life; offer them to Me with the Rosary, zealously; meditate on the Stations****; you will have peace, you will be comforted, and you will be soothed in the moments that you need the graces and the response from God in each of your hearts.

This is all I want to say at this time. I hope that today this reminder brings you a new concept every time you do your penances, every time you go to confession or every time you receive the Body and the Blood of Christ in the Holy Mass. This is very important. You need to act in a certain way for your souls to meet God in peace, for your souls to meet God in the experiences that no one can comprehend outside of God and each of your souls. This is a most wondrous thing that God gives when you actually recognize and you listen to the words that I share today.

I am beside you, I am always beside you in the Holy Mass, looking at you and always ready to help you, if you need My help, I will definitely help you to know, to understand the meaning of the Holy Mass; to understand the meaning when you receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation; to understand the meaning and to have recognition when you repent and do your penances. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O Mother, throughout the past years we are the people who have directly received Your teachings, Your advices, Your reminders, but we have never heard the teaching every time we repent, do our penances or go to confession. Today it is very clear that all of us, the brothers and sisters, have received this grace given by Mother. We greatly need the reminder from Mother because in our busy lives, we have become complacent with the bad habits. When we come back from confessing our sins, we commit the same sin again, there is no awareness and it has become a habit, so there are things we do not experience in the soul, in the mind, or experience in our hearts. Today Mother reminds us – may we mature, may we recognize, may we understand the teachings of Mother every time we pray the Rosary; every time we repent; every time we go to confession, every time we receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation from the priests. When we go to confession, we need to confess all our sins, we cannot hide our sins, we cannot keep anything to ourselves, because when we go to confession, we face God, so we should not be shy, we should not be afraid. We know that we are there to meet God, to ask God for forgiveness, to ask God to forgive us, so we need to boldly confess everything to God.

Sometimes we forget to come to Mother, to ask Mother to help us examine ourselves, to help us repent, to help us in our penances for us to be worthy to receive the forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Each one of us in the world still has our bad habits and we do not understand the meaning of doing penance. Mother, please help us to be conscious, help us to know how to repent, to receive the full forgiveness that God gives us, to receive the reformation, to receive the peace that God gives through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. At this moment, on behalf of all the brothers and the sisters present here, I completed receiving the teachings from Mother at exactly 7:52 p.m. on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, at the Church of St. Theresa, with M., K., M., V., M. I hope that those who speak Vietnamese can understand the words of Mother. Mother, please help V., enlighten V. for him to translate the message for the other brothers and sisters here. I thank Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.
* “Fiat” is Latin for “be it done,” as in Luke 1:38, when Mary said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word.” Fiat as a word signifies the surrender of one’s own will to the Will of God.

** It seems that the “penances” mentioned in this sentence do not relate to the “penance” in the next sentence.

*** The mere repetition of the prayers of the Rosary benefits those who don’t go deeper, but the essence of the prayer of the Rosary lies not in the words recited, but in the contemplation of its mysteries, as Blessed Pope Paul VI taught.

**** The Stations of the Cross

New Revelations through the Eucharist
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