New Revelations through the Eucharist

Message from Saint Monica


August 28, 2013 – Feast of St. Augustine* – 11:06 a.m.

Saint Monica: Dear L.,

With the permission of God, and through your prayers, God has allowed me to meet you this morning, and I have also seen your wish to meet me.

Dear L., first of all, I would like to express my gratitude to God for allowing me to meet people who are living on earth, in the era that you are living in.  My era had ended and today, I am in the place of happiness and peace that God had rewarded to Me.

In the days when I was living on earth, I was just like all the brothers and the sisters in Christ, with a family, with love, with a need to have loved ones, those whom we always have to lift up to God. You probably already know about the stories and my life when I was on earth. It is when we are gone that we end up having a history of our life, for us to look back at the works that we did.

There were not that many days of happiness in my married life. I always lived having to face the adversities caused by my husband, with the daily efforts I had to make, with the tears at every meal I ate.  I faced all the sufferings brought about by my husband. I learned how to deal with them, for I knew that there was nothing else I could do with the marriage that I had chosen.

The laws of that time were not similar to the laws in this era.  In my era, we had to submit ourselves to the husbands, doing a lot of the works that a woman had to do. We were very busy during the time we had children, with the works that we had to do, for the meals, for the needs of the children, for the needs of the husbands. We always had to live in the tradition that we could not reject, whether we liked it or not.

Dear L., today, I know you want to give me the opportunity to share a part of the life that I had on earth, and my present existence with God.

Dear L., and dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

God gave me a role.  You call me a saint, but I always think about all of you, whom I am speaking to, as saints too.

On all the paths that we walk on, we need to accept everything, in every situation. We cannot go against the teachings, against tradition, and especially against a life in God, because His laws are everlasting.

We recognize that when we are called to a married life**, there are moments of happiness, there are moments of sadness, and there are certain periods of time filled with tears, filled with bitterness.

Everyone can overcome the kind of life that you already were able to know about, my life.

My husband and I had very few days of peace and happiness in our lives. It was a life where I had to face the problems that women never wanted to face.  I had to accept it, for my own peace. I understood that I had to be in charge of my life, though I had to endure the situations that made me cry, that made me suffer, caused by my husband and my son. I came to God, accepting my situation, though there were things that were not as normal as in other families, but I had hope. I was always hoping in God, and I constantly prayed.  I was not a very zealous person, but I always thought about the things that I needed to do, that I needed to face, to learn to become used to them. I just wanted to forget what had happened and I always hoped in the future.

Life went on, and each day had its sadness, things that grieved me, things that made me cry. With a life like that, what could I have for myself and my loved ones?

It was not I who was able to sacrifice, but it was God Who had heard my prayers, Who had helped me make the decision to face all the sufferings in life, caused by my husband or caused by my son.

I had only one determination, which is that I had to live, that I had to face and accept the truth, even if it was not the happiness like the others had, but it was the life that I chose, to have a family, a husband, and children.

I had to face the things that women disliked, but I still accepted them, because I understood myself, and I understood that my position could not be changed and could not be avoided.

I had to face the truth. I had to accept to obey the Will of God.

I know God did not create me for me to endure the bitterness, to endure the things brought upon me by the treatment of others in this life.

I believed that God gave me the things that I had, that what I encountered was a program for which He created me, for me to have to face and overcome it. I knew only one thing, that I was created by God, and that I was living in His program. I continued to face the trials in my life, and I was determined to overcome all the situations and the difficulties of the life I had when I was on earth.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it was not easy to have to accept everything that was against the wishes and the desires of a woman in a family. Who would not want a life in peace? Who would not want a life in happiness? And who would not want the affection and love of a husband? If everyone was able to have that kind of life, then who will be the ones who had to live through all the things that happened in a family, in today’s world and in the world of my day?

We have to recognize the things that we have to accept, even if those are shameful failures in life, along with having to be subjected to mocking words from other people, but if we cannot find salvation from our faith and trust in God, then how can we face everything, when we are in a position when things cannot be changed?

We live as Catholics, as a Christian person, as a person who knows the teachings of God, then we have to understand and we have to respect everything that we have and everything that we encounter.  If we are people who cannot make sacrifices, if we do not have the perseverance to accept everything that happens to us, we will bring sufferings to ourselves when we do not resign ourselves, so there is nothing better than to have faith and trust in God.

Try to be your own master, to be the master over all the works and the encounters in life. We cannot change the brothers, we cannot change the husband, we cannot change the child, only God can make the changes happen, so persevere and be patient in your prayers.

God gave to us, women, the spirit of sacrifice, the spirit of resignation, and when we further learn about the teachings that God had given, we will definitely be able to resign ourselves and to accept the problems that we have to face, no matter how difficult.  Our prayers allow us to recognize the value of a spiritual life. When the husbands are falling into the situations of not knowing God, when the children who are living a debauched life do not know God, then where will they end up?  That is an important matter that parents, who are fathers, who are mothers in the family have to make sacrifices for. Sacrifice on behalf of that loved one, sacrifice with constant prayers.

Always hope in God, forget about the sadness in the past, and hope with each minute of a new day, to have joy, to have comfort, to have trust in God, for us to keep going on with our journey, till the end.

Life never ends at one point, it keeps going. If there are happy days, then there will be sad days. If there are sad days, then there will be triumphant days. If there are triumphant days, then there will be days with rewards. Your resignation will end up with good results, helping the husband, the child, and the loved ones that you have prayed for.

Personally, and in regards to everything that happened to me back then, those were the things that I needed.

As humans, we have to go through sufferings. Everyone has their own personalities, but there is one thing we have to do, that is to have recognition, because our lives remain the same, today, tomorrow, and could be worse the next day. If we do not accept, and if we refuse, then we have failed.

God created mankind, God had arranged a plan for each of us, and we have been given a key to open the door to conquering our sufferings. With understanding, perseverance, resignation and acceptance, one day we will have our answers, on the day that God gives to us.  Every good deed, with trust in God, will be answered.

For that reason, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in my life, I prayed constantly to God, and I waited and I trusted in God.  I always hoped, and I accepted, knowing tears, knowing sadness.

We have to be strong and persevere, and do good in the works that we face.

In the life that I chose, I had to accept the things that I had to face, and I prayed to God to support me, to help me, and God had helped, whether for a short or long period of time, but we need to understand that there is still a continuation of the things that we always will encounter in life.

I still rejoiced. I still hoped.  I still accepted everything. I trusted in God. I believed in God.

My constant prayers were answered. God saved my husband when he passed away. I did everything on behalf of my loved ones, to be able to have this day. Everything that I did for my son, the person that you call Saint Augustine, today is the day that the Church is commemorating the works that I and my son did.

It is not easy for us to recognize and to find the truth in the life that we face. We only know the essential things in the present life, because they cannot be changed.

Come to God in your acceptance, to forgive, and to keep on forgiving.

By the grace of God, we will have perseverance, we will have hope to keep us going on, to help us to be patient with loved ones – with husbands, with children and loved ones, whom we have the chance to pray for, to obtain the good results. For my husband and my son to have this day was a blessing from God, to me in particular, and to the brothers and the sisters in Christ who live in your generation in general.

If we do not go through death, we will not be able to see the things that we did while we were living on earth, completely unaware of the efforts we made daily. I did that. I did not know that I would become a saint. I did not know whether my efforts would bring good results or blessings from God.

I just knew that I had to accept everything. I could not keep watching my husband go on with a life that was not pleasing to God. I knew that if things kept going on that way, then what would I, my husband, and my son, become?

The only way was for me to recognize God, to trust in Him, so I had the duty and the responsibility to guide my husband and my son, and through my prayers, to ask God to accept to change my son and to bring my husband back.

That took several decades of my life.

All of you have known about the sufferings in my life, from the history about the story of my life.  Only a portion of it was described and written down. I had to learn to deal with what I had to face, because everything that came to me was the opposite of what was expected, but I had to accept, and I had to conquer it.  I had to be its conqueror.  I had to rely on the graces from God.  It was my faith in God, my trust in Him. He was the One Who guided me. He gave me perseverance and patience. He helped me to be the conqueror of my sufferings, and the result was my constant praying.

The acceptance in each second, in each minute, forgetting about the sad past, forgetting the things that were against my wishes, and my hope in each second, in each minute of my life, was my wish for my husband to come back to God, to recognize God.

I wanted myself, my husband, as well as my son, to be able to go to heaven.

I am not talking about the things in the life of any woman born into the world, I am only talking about myself.

When we truly are a child of God, then what we do is not just for us, but should also bring benefits to the husband, to the child, and especially to the loved ones. That is the duty and the responsibility of a woman with a family, with moments of joy and moments of sadness, with a spirit of service.  There are many more things a woman should be responsible for, for the calling from God, to have a married life.

We cannot rely on our own strength or our own wisdom, so I always prayed to God.  Whether joy, or failure or sadness, I kept persevering in my prayers to Him, and I patiently accepted through several decades of my life. I had to pray daily, because prayers are most needed, prayers are the strength for the soul, which helped me to go on with my life.

After a period of time spent in sufferings, I was able to see the answer from God for my prayers.  My husband had the last rites before he passed away, and he was accepted by God. That was my happiness, for always trusting in God, and I kept going on with my life, always in the spirit of praying, to help my children, for them to know God, to recognize God.

In a life where we have been called, we need to bring the others, the non-Catholics and the people who do not know God, for them to have the chance to meet God. Those were the works that I did when I was living on earth. I did what I could, with faith, with trust in God. I constantly prayed, so at the end of my life, God gave me everything, and allowed me to become a saint.

That was something I did not know at all when I was alive. I only knew my duty, my responsibility, and that I had to conquer my sufferings. I had to conquer the difficulties in my daily encounters, always with prayers, with trust in God, and not be discouraged. I continued to hope.

Today, there is a person living in the present world, L., who was allowed by God, to receive my message.

It is a joy for those who are gone and for those who are still living on earth to have the opportunity to share the experiences in life.  It is a joy for my message to be sent to all the brothers and the sisters in Christ, in the present time that you are living in, in a world with much better conditions than the world in my era, a world where you do not have to worry much about the materials, where you have all the conditions to learn and find out more about God, with the knowledge of what a spiritual life should have. That is the joy that you have.

In today’s world, God has allowed for certain people to receive the messages from my world. I am allowed to meet the brothers and the sisters in Christ of your world, to share the similarities of life through the stories and my own life.  Though I am no longer living on earth, and you still are living on earth, I am sharing with you, for us to glorify God, for us to testify for God, for us to give praise to God, in every era, and everywhere.

Today, I am sharing and sending this message to all the mothers, who have allowed me to be the mother of the Catholic mothers, and the organizations that have chosen me to be the example for mothers, for wives, for those who are in situations where they have to conquer their sufferings.

If we do not lift ourselves up to God, if we do not look for God, and if we do not listen to His promises, then we will not be able to have a way out and we will continue to allow our sufferings to be our master.

When sufferings come to us, we know that we cannot avoid them, and we know that we cannot live without the laws of God, so we need to pray to rely on His graces, and to ask Him to help us conquer our sufferings, to help us accept our sufferings, so that with each minute, with each second in our lives, even with bitterness, we have comfort and hope in God, Who is the Just One.

We need to pray constantly to offer everything up to Him, with the acceptance of the realities of life, and if we live in the laws of God, if we live according to the laws that God gave, then we will be happy, happy in this life, and happy in the next life.

Although we are aware of the sufferings, we have to choose to conquer them, and to always hope.  Never give up, and never be disappointed with the life that you have. Pray for God to give you more strength for you to persevere. Every life, when we decide to conquer it, indeed, has more meaning, because we have the intercession of God.

Come to God. Trust in God. Entrust to Him your lives and the lives of your family members, your journey. Do not let yourselves fall into the tragic situations of today’s societies, with the divorces and going against the teachings from God for a family life.***

There is no greater happiness than the wait for the success, for the souls of our loved ones to be able to recognize God, for them to come back to God, and to ask God to forgive them.

This is how we recognize the graces that God gave to us, to recognize our values and the works that will bring many benefits, that will bring to Him the souls that He had shed His Blood for, let alone when those souls are the souls of husbands, of children, of our loved ones. We cannot watch them fall into the abyss of sins and for us to do nothing, for us to have our hands tied up. If we cannot do it this way, then we need to look for another way, by prayers, by silence, by doing good deeds for the things that we have prayed for, so that we can have acceptance for it, in hope, in a life trusting in God.

The works that God does, and His answer to us, is the success when the souls of our loved ones come back to God, is the glory that God gave to us, in the title that all of you remember me by****, and for all of you to come and to pray to me, with your prayers to ask for my intercession to God.

I am willing to pray for all those who are wives, who are mothers, who are children, for the roles that we have been chosen for. Though I am no longer on earth, but you are still there, we are the humans created by God. He has a program arranged for each person, and if we do not accept this, then we will encounter something else in life.  So in the role that we have, live life with faith in God, so that for every person, there is an answer from God, that will be helpful for our lives.

What is important is for us not to give up, not to refuse, so that we can feel happy when we are successful, when we end up with good results, and it is the same way for the brothers and the sisters in Christ in the first generation, in the past generation and in the future generation, in every situation, in every class of society, in every role in life.

We are the children of God, who are the people who have to face different situations, with sufferings, with sweat, with tears, with injustices, and there is only one hope, that we pray and we offer everything up to God.

God is just. God is mighty. It is from His Justice that we will be rewarded, for our works, for us not to be ashamed with our consciences, for us not to be ashamed with hiding, for us to accept everything, especially with the graces from God, for us to have peace in our lives.

This is my message to L. today, sharing, and hoping that L. will have the chance to share this message with all the brothers and the sisters in Christ that L. meets.

Continue to be patient with the roles that you have, in every situation.

Have faith in God in your prayers, for us to have the chance to meet each other, with the permission from God. That is the joy that God gives to your world, for us to be able to meet each other, through this message. I am grateful to God for giving me the chance to meet the brothers and sisters in Christ in this world, for giving me the chance to share with you, for giving me the chance to glorify God, to testify for God.

I hope that it will be the same way for you.

We have the same spirit, always worshipping and doing the things that God wants us to do. We have to always glorify Him. Always find the opportunity to glorify Him, everywhere. It does not matter that I am no longer living on earth, and that you are still living on earth, we have the same spirit, in worshipping God, in loving God, in glorifying God, everywhere and every time we have the chance to.

I pray for God to give L. peace. I pray for God to give you more strength, for you to persevere, to be firm in your faith, so that you keep receiving the messages from God, as well as receiving the messages from the saints that you asked God to allow you to meet, for the messages to be spread to the whole world, which is a world where God is giving abundant graces, to help you, and to give us the chance to relive our lives, and to share with the world where the brothers and the sisters in Christ are living presently.

One more time, goodbye L. I wish for you to always have faith in God, to testify for God, in the world that you live in. I also thank you to have spent the time to meet me, and to have this message, which is the chance for me to glorify God in this era, though I am now with Him.

I thank you L. Goodbye L.

Saint Monica

12:02 p.m.

* It is no coincidence that the Church has chosen now to celebrate the Feast of St. Monica each year one day (August 27) before the feast day of her son, for without St. Monica’s many years of prayer, fasting, tears and actions for her son’s conversion, there would be no Augustine as a bishop, saint or Doctor of the Church.

** St. Monica says that she was called by God to marriage, this marriage because in God there is no coincidence. Considering the intense, very prolonged suffering in her marriage, modern man would question whether God would call someone such a life. But firstly, no one has a vocation from God that is without significant crosses. Secondly, the good fruit is obvious. Because she accepted her cross and carried it like Jesus, she obtained salvation for herself, her godless husband and her very wayward son, Augustine, who now is one of the greatest saints of the Church. Thirdly, Augustine was one of a number of children procreated through this marriage; children are the foremost reason God instituted marriage. Finally, Saint John Paul II, while he was Pope, corrected the widespread abuse of dioceses’ granting marriage annulments too freely; he taught that a difficult marriage, on its own, does not qualify for annulment. Married couples must accept that even unhappy marriages must endure, as the couple consented to in the Church’s Rite of Marriage. Numerous saints and blesseds in the history of the Church have accepted the cross of unhappy marriages – some even in the case of marital infidelity (when they could justly part in that case according to the Church).

*** These teachings from God can be from Scripture or His Church, and can be any number of current, serious problems affecting today’s families, such as: children not honoring their parents, wives not being properly submissive to their husbands, husbands not loving their wives as Christ loves the Church, sexual excess, coveting one’s neighbor’s wife (or husband), the use of pornography, illegitimate usage of birth control methods (especially the use of contraceptive pills which can be abortifacients), murder through abortion.

**** “Saint Monica”


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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