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Revive the Good News


January 10, 2017

L.: O God, it is 4:04 p.m., on Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at the tabernacle. I am kneeling in front of the tabernacle and just received the words of the Holy Spirit urging me to speak about today, which is the First Reading as well as the Gospel (1). I ask God to come to us at this time so that we may receive the words of God; it has been several weeks – I have not devoted the time to receive the words of God. Please God, come to me, to my brothers and sisters, at this time, with the messages like the ones we usually write down to bring to the world (2). Also, please God, help us listen to Your teaching; to continue with the role assigned particularly to me, to my group and to the brothers and sisters who are serving, so that we may continue to listen to Your teachings, given to the world in general and in particular to us, for us to proclaim what we already know, what we already hear, in the truth that God granted us in today’s world. May we represent to receive the word of God and hand over to the brothers and sisters Your message, for us to live, to continue to listen to the liveliness that You grant us in today’s generation of humanity, to help us be strengthened and come alive in the life of faith, in the life of the Good News, in the life of the doctrine that we have learned, heard of, but we forget and still do not understand, still do not know. Today, we have the opportunity to continue to hear the teaching of God, for each one of us and for each role, so that we may understand what God wants to remind us in today’s world.

Father: My beloved children, (3)

My peace be with all of you; today is also the day to start a new season for the Church, as well as a return to ordinary days (4). The past days, the days of the great feasts that the Church reminded you, I also relived the days in the past weeks that you celebrated. That was the feast day I came into this world and each Holy Mass commemorated each of the points of my coming into the world, more than 2,000 years ago; truly, every year that comes I am recalled, and every year I am relived in the feasts that are reminded to you.  I want you to be the people who are able to know, to hear, and to feel the Lord, back in history, but who also comes alive with all the times in which you celebrate the days I left to the human world. So many blessings I granted to mankind in humanity – every individual, every soul, every heart, and every sentiment of the children whom I loved, cherished; I Myself took away the sins, and I Myself redeemed all of you so that you may live a life that is happy, peaceful, prosperous, and full of graces.

My beloved children, throughout countless generations, indeed, there are many things that today I say in order to invite mankind to turn back. I speak, desiring that you revive with the life inherent in your hearts, which is faith; that your eyes of faith will see, will understand, and recognize the closeness that I grant you in a truly intimate way.

My beloved children, all things pass and easily become habits; all things pass and become normal and mediocre mortal days, which is the way of life of the mortal world; still, for Me, each day means the longing days that I wait for you, that I wait for humanity. I wait for your maturity and I wait for you to understand My love offered to you, to bestow upon you the essential needs, to bestow upon you the graces so that you can practice by your faith; to enable you to see the depth, the height, and the width, in all aspects; to provide all things that you require. The needs of a real life and a spiritual life: all these things were and are inherent, and you are perceiving them; however, they are not as limited as you presently sense but actually are very wide, very deep, very high; you just need to understand the meaning in life, which you have received in the past days. All of today’s teachings are not new ones but are teachings that were repeated over and over to the world of mankind; I am still alive and still in your midst, till this day. That waiting: those are the days when I expect the heart of every human being to recognize the truth; believe in My love, grow up, and step out of the bondage, the darkness, in which people are still tightly bound in the midst of the rule of law. Hence, it was because of the rule of law that I came to rescue you; you just need to have trust, you just need to have faith; only by deed can you truly recognize the love you give Me, the love you give each other; and the life in which you act, you practice, you will see: the response from your hearts will be peace itself.

My beloved children, today the Church has officially completed a season, which were the days of the Nativity, and entered into a world, entered into the ordinary days of the daily liturgy of the Church, and proceeds with the words through the Good News, through the Gospel. Nonetheless, in everything that you are practicing today, I want to revive each single reading written in the Gospel, to rekindle with everything inherent, for people to be able to perceive more profoundly and to distinctly discern, so that you may recognize that liveliness, to inflame your souls, to kindle your hearts in order to acknowledge that the experiences of every work in daily life are full of meaning. I hope you can understand every single meaning, when you know to pray, when you know to entrust, when you know to trust; then that belongs to the divine realm yet you can experience it in the human world. At this time, the days on earth: indeed, few can practice a daily life of constant prayer and few can appreciate the sublime graces that I bestow upon you.

Indeed, graces are bestowed abundantly to help you progress in the life of faith, a life of faith that includes deeds; and from each individual, I listen closely and I greatly desire to hear the prayers that you lift up and I always give you the essential needs and what helps you in your lives that you currently need and ask for. There are many needs in life, but I am a Father, I cannot grant those petitions that compel you with obligations requiring their own compensation; I see and I know; but in real life, you are clearly limited in the life of faith, limited with a pair of ordinary, unexceptionable eyes so you cannot experience what comes to you. This is the invitation that to this day has existed for countless years and centuries for you to unite with each other in order to listen to what has been communicated to today’s world through the Good News and the Gospel. Reflect and experience; then you will see its depth and width – My longing words to encounter you, My ardent words so that you may be aware of the presence, so that you may live in that presence, for you to trust, to entrust, and to live a lifetime in hope, with the redemption that I granted and bestowed to you. I desire that in your lives, there are rules and regulations, there are customs, and there is governance in the law that you already applied and are following.

Yesterday was a day that the Church reminded of what the sacrament of Baptism is. The act of baptism of St. John and the words of St. John invited mankind to repent; St. John prepared the way by exposing everything that existed in the shadows, in a life in which people must amend their ways in order to receive salvation. People, make your path straight and allow the soul to receive the Savior; those were the past days when I came into the world, as a baby, as an infant, and you heard the history, step by step, into a mortal life, and through the Holy Masses that you were reminded and recently attended, I came into the world. Unfortunately, due to jealousy and envy, due to the human way of thinking, due to the evil desire to fight over rights and privileges out of fear for one’s own throne, there were infants unjustly murdered. It was so in the first age; today is the same, and the days gone by still have the signs that people are unable to understand and unable to know. Today, there are many things that must be understood that I desire from you; I can no longer remain silent in the Sacrament of the Eucharist; I cannot. I granted the Sacrament of the Eucharist to meet you and bestow upon you the necessary graces for you to understand, for you to be touched, and for you to be undaunted to live in the necessary graces that you had, that you received and are receiving.

Today, there are things from the truth that I grant for you to observe, which is the doctrine – the doctrine of heaven, the doctrine of the heavenly kingdom, the doctrine of love, and the doctrine of hope – thus you will understand the meaning in each person’s life, each role, each class. Moreover, you will understand that you belong to God, in the surrender that today the Gospel speaks of; because what the Lord gave you was Me – the Person who brought the doctrine, sacrificed one’s life and redeemed all that was in iniquity, to become the Cross, to become the paths (5) of the Cross and the paths of the Passion. The scourging, the nails, the crown of thorns were to remind each sinner, each life, each of limited duration, that while still on earth, what is done in wickedness will bring you suffering. Nonetheless, I came, to rescue; I came, to endure everything inherent that people did not know, still did not understand, and still did not believe; so I had to use My Blood to wash away all those stains, to become the light in the glorious resurrection to save you; and that did not end at the point of 2,000 years ago. Everything was completed in the work of redemption, yet I continue to listen to you, to remain with you, to be in your midst, to help you on the paths that you walked, are walking, and those of the concluding days.

Today, I do not want the Good News to still be heard but not kindle your souls; though the Good News continues, there is a lack of experiencing what is inherent in life in the way you live in regard to the Good News, live in regard to the Gospel, and live vividly in your hearts in regard to God. You still have not recognized what is most marvelous that the Gospel talked about today, yet the devil himself already saw and already knew what came from God and what came from the doctrine, in the power in which I acted; that was 2,000 years ago; unfortunately, today, 2,000 years later, there are countless things that you cannot see. So, I want to use this way to stir your hearts and use this way to let you recognize what is inherent in the divine realm that is present to help you return to love, return to the source, to what is actually in the truth; and return to the love that I grant in an absolute way, through the redemption; and experience – utterly, perpetually – the Divine Mercy that today you already received and are receiving. Thus, today, there are many things I would like you to understand, every single detail, through the life in which you were brought into the world, which is the first day when all things were established, experienced. As you become Christians, there must be a Sacrament of Baptism, a Sacrament of Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the Spirit will lead you and help open your eyes, open your ears, open your hearts, in faith, so that you may understand what comes from the Spirit and the truth, to bring you harmony, to bring you true peace, and to support each of you who have longings, who have dreams, because those are matters that also require hope.

Thus, everything in life passes, throughout the months, because human beings, because the world, must go through the paths of mortal days. However, you have hope, you know that God does not give you what is contrary to the doctrine or the truth; that God cannot keep silent or ignore what is in the necessity that you currently need. Still, life between people lacks this knowledge; life between people continues to be dispute, rejecting what is most desirable with a believing heart. You neither see nor hear – then how can you cooperate to understand the works that I do and give to you? Today, I want to remind you, for you to know that I am always ready to wait for you, always ready to forgive you; and I am always ready to support you and to help you see the love of God the Father. His Divine Mercy is united to the Heart that still waits for you, still bleeds as of this day, as I await the return of mankind, await your determination, and await the actual cooperation by deed. Then you will see; you will recognize the hope already granted that you need, in order for you to respond with sacrifice, for yourselves, for your brothers, for other people; and sacrifice for a life in which you recognize the need to live a life in apostolate, a life in service, and a life in love and solidarity. You will live with happy days, peaceful days, the days that exist, that existed, for you, for humanity in general, and for each person, when they believe in order to come to Me.

Therefore, do not be afraid and stop on your path when things in your daily lives cause you to become indifferent, to become dry and cold, and to become a heart that no longer feels what is alive to help you and to lead you away from the circle of speculation and assumption. Live in love, live in appreciation, live in faith, live with what belongs to your own lives, and live in the truth; then I will have a way to give you, in this aspect as well as another aspect, to guide you back to love, to peace, and lead you back to the true happiness that you already have and are having in the world of mankind. Today, what I want to say is to revive the Good News, what I want to say is to remind in each message; when you ask and when you long, that is the truth I desire for you. There is nothing that I will not do for you; you just need to believe, you just need to understand this for you to live in hope; I will definitely use all kinds of ways for you to see My presence in your lives. In your lifetime, each second, each minute, I hope and wait, to look at each face, to look at each heart, to look at each soul that belongs to Me, who comes to seek Me, in faith.

My beloved children, these are the words to communicate to today’s humanity, and they are also My words through the Sacrament of the Eucharist to help the present generation. To help you, there are many things that I further granted to humanity in a life apart from the Good News and the Gospel; believe and you will receive; seek and you will see, and knock – I always open the door. This applies toward the faith of each person and your own decisions; then you will see where the truth is, where God is, and the special privileges given to you in today’s generation of mankind. Not to mention today: I see the little hearts, the contrite hearts, the people who return and the people who recognize the light, so I never refuse you. Stand up, get up, join the rank that belongs to you in order to unite along with the brothers and sisters, to receive the blessing, to receive the grace that I grant you in today’s humanity so that you may understand what belongs to Me, what belongs to the world I grant and bestow. You will live in happiness, in peace, and wait for the day you face the justice that God reserves for you and reserves in general for the world. I invite all of My children to not be afraid of what you are stumbling upon, to not be afraid of what is being attracted to the earthly world (6), in the ordinary and mediocre life in the ego – but rise, in order to hear, in order to listen to the truth in the Good News that I bestow upon you, and listen to everything that comes from the Lord who granted to today’s generation of humanity.

Today I end here. I hope you have been kindled in your hearts, with all the deeds you do; that means you are returning – by the prostration, you are returning by a contrite, penitent heart; you are returning by your hearts. You will definitely encounter what belongs to God, which is granted to those who repent, to those who are penitent, to those who completely surrender and prostrate. I cannot refuse anyone; I cannot refuse any individual when they truly seek Me, in surrender and prostration. For Me to continue to intervene for you, I will let you see that the path you come back to is a path of light, a path that is blessed, and a path that continues with meaningful days in the human world and the final days from which you will move toward a new world in a very near future.

Today I end here. I hope you do understand the words I say, understand the words I remind today and understand the Good News, the truth that I grant, especially in the present generation of mankind, and which also originates from the Sacrament of the Eucharist that I bestow to your world. Come to Me; give yourselves some quiet time; give yourselves some moments of reflection; allow yourselves to recognize what comes from the truth that I grant and uphold in the present life of faith, for you to resolutely return in godliness and be determined to acknowledge your own roles. Learn to sacrifice, learn to be patient, learn to forgive yourselves and forgive others – to live in the doctrine, which is the doctrine to understand Me and to love your brothers, for you to live a meaningful, happy, and peaceful life that I grant and bestow. Today I end here. My peace is granted to all of you. Goodbye children.

L.: O God – I thank God for the words God grants us, the words that God grants to me as well as to all the brothers and sisters – particularly, for my own role; each week, I receive a message from God (7) as well as a message from Mother and a message inspired from the Holy Spirit. Please help me fulfill my duties and my role each day, especially at this place where throughout the years, Father gave the messages to the world in general and gave to me in particular and also gave to each person who is in the state of seeking and returning to Father. May they recognize Father and the Presence of Father through the Eucharist, every single day, so that they may recognize that closeness, with the voice of Father, with the message of Father, for them to rise in the life of faith and of the Good News, to further understand the words Father gave for 2,000 years that are still alive in today’s world, from the messages Father bestows and grants to us.

At this moment, I thank Father, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters from all over the world, for the words that You grant and give, for us to be able to learn and return to You, welcome You and totally belong to You, to understand the doctrine and the Good News that You bestow in general to humanity, in particular to each individual, and grant especially for our roles. At this time, I end and also conclude the message of God at exactly 4:28 p.m., on Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at the tabernacle; this is also at the chapel of St. Theresa Parish, where I conclude at the sanctuary. I thank God, praise God, and glorify God; on behalf of all the brothers and sisters everywhere, I thank God for the words He especially grants and bestows to us today. I depart from this place and I will return tomorrow, probably at the tabernacle and at the chapel to continue to receive a message from Mother. Today, particularly, God allows me to receive a message from Him, from Mother, as well as a message from the Holy Spirit. I end in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God; I ask, from the sign of the Cross, to please heal us from all evil, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  

  1. These Readings were Hebrews 2:5-12 and Mark 1:21-28.
  2. Recently in the messages the word “we” has been used regarding the messages. To clarify, L. alone receives all messages and takes all the miraculous images on her phone; however, a small group (near and far) has been called together by heaven to disseminate the messages and practice the Six Kowtows with her (in churches and privately) to evangelize by word and deed. One can find out the basics about the Six Kowtows on the homepage below and in the message of August 19, 2014.
  3. In these messages, Jesus presents Himself as a Father, not the Father; for more on this, please see the homepage. This use is also present elsewhere: in the Church’s ancient Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus, He is twice called “Father,” and He frequently refers to St. Faustina as His “daughter” in her Diary to cite a few examples. Another sense of this is that He is (respectfully) speaking as one would to children – that is, to the spiritually immature or imperfect; He alone is the Master, the Teacher, the High Priest – therefore He speaks as a
  4. This is the day after the end of the Christmas season, the first day of Ordinary Time.
  5. “Paths” of the Cross and the Passion may be the individual paths that people take in suffering with Jesus (see Colossians 1:24).
  6. This may mean to not be afraid of anything (temptations, etc.) that has gotten in the way in the past, but to rise, listen to God, and change your life – which would sound like the words and ministry of Jesus in the Gospel (“the Good News”): He came to save then and now. He is full of mercy to anyone who will turn to Him and repent.
  7. In general, when using the word “God” in this context, it refers to Jesus; otherwise “God the Father” (referring to the First Person of the Trinity) would be used. God the Father gives relatively few messages to L.


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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