New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Wonderful Gift

August 15, 2020 – Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when practicing The Six Kowtows.


O Lord, it is 11:11 a.m., Saturday, August 15, 2020, at St. Theresa Church. We are kneeling in front of the tabernacle, the statue of Mother holding Jesus, the statue of St. Joseph, the icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help, and the Divine Mercy. Today is a solemn day. The Church reminds us of the feast of the Assumption. Thank God for giving us the opportunity in today’s pandemic, for us to still have the opportunity to attend Mass in the morning. It is very rare and special for us to stay here, to kneel in front of the tabernacle to lift up to God with the words that the Holy Spirit just taught me during Mass, for me to write down.

O God, the Lord of Israel, the Lord of all humanity, today please come and visit Your people, please come and visit sinners like us who are living on earth. Today You bring the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity, back to heaven. Particularly, 2,000 years later, or no matter how many years, today is still a very solemn day for us, from heaven to earth, to unite to celebrate the feast of the Assumption. No matter how many past centuries, this century is the most important one, most solemn to us in the world of mankind. Countless crimes have happened – offenses, misinterpretations, incidents of violence have caused the world to no longer be safe and have true peace from God. There is no longer justice and truth. We bow our heads and beseech Father. Because Mother obeyed and lovingly taught us, Father, please have mercy on the days of disaster and trial, the days in which mankind offends the Lord, offends the Eucharistic Jesus, and offends Mother Mary, refusing to listen to Her teaching in Father’s example and way.

Father, please have mercy and look at us in the ordeal of the plague of both soul and body, because of this important and special day in the year 2020, with many tribulations, many surprises, many changes, many events, and the urgency. We see the need and the utmost importance of the Mediatrix, the Mother whom God chose for us. Because of the resplendent, holy, perfect Queen of heaven, who looks after the most holy Ark of the Covenant (1), and because of the Eucharistic Jesus’ sacrifice for us, Father, because of Mother and Jesus, please grant us more time and the opportunity to open our hearts to repent, to receive the gift of The Six Kowtows. Mother teaches us to return to God in time, to not be too late and too tardy, because the purification of God is near. Mother, please pray for us to return soon – please remember us and our souls in this urgent moment. Please remember the souls in purgatory. Especially today, on this solemn day of Mother’s return to heaven, please remember us, have mercy on us, intercede to God for us. Amen. In the name of God, the Lord of love, now and for ever and ever. Amen.

O God, these are the words that the Holy Spirit taught me, to represent the world, all classes, all roles, and particularly, St. Theresa Parish, as well as the place where we reside, and together with the brothers and sisters in the group, near and far, we lift up to Mother. Especially today, on this solemn day, in a special way we ask God the Father to have mercy on us, and we ask for Mother’s intercession, for Mother to remember us on this day. There is no other year like this year, which is a year many things happened, with many events. We truly do not have any other support if we do not come to God and Mother. Through the days Mother taught us with The Six Kowtows, we feel peaceful, we remain calm, to face all the difficulties. Today, no matter how many events happen, we still have a life of confidence to come to God, to Mass and adoration as well as to come to Mother Mary to continue to ask Mother to teach us with the earnest words to lift up to God, on behalf of the world, all classes, all roles.

In today’s crisis, from the Church to our worldly life, there are countless problems in the government. There is no truth. We truly are in a very tense situation – if without the calmness God grants and Mother’s teaching, then like countless others, we would be tense and fearful. So from these aspects, we recognize the presence of God and the teaching of Mother, for us to remain calm in all events, with all problems, for us to continue to entrust and trust, with the mission Mother assigned to us in the life of witness with The Six Kowtows.

At this time, this gift is still a strangeness to the world, a surprise to the Church, and hard to accept with the current society – foolish, arrogant, and conceited. Humility will help us have more peace of mind and learn more. Humility will end all worldly thinking in the progression and the pressing movement of secularization that caused mankind to lose the justice and reason of human life. So these aspects allowed us to see what comes from the truth, what comes from God, what comes from Mother Mary’s teaching, so close to us, like our dear and beloved mother in the family – especially today, the feast of the Assumption. Father, please allow us to thank You, for everything that comes to us is granted by You. All the solemn Masses help us to lift our souls up to You, especially when that Mass is the feast of the Assumption. A Mother God chose for us in this world, a perfect Mother, a Mother who always showed us mercy, taught us, helped us, reminded us – always by our side to pray to God, beseech God for the human world to awaken, consciously return, and have a mature faith. Until this century, indeed, we do not mature and are still immature. For that reason, we end up with a world in the plague of both soul and body, in the turmoil of war and the struggle in all aspects in this moment.

O Lord, Almighty God, for the deeds that Mother did, is doing, and still does for us, Father, please have mercy on us, forgive us. Our disobedience caused Mother to shed tears, even tears of blood, to remind the world of mankind. Jesus is heartbroken and is gravely offended at this time. Father, please forgive us. Today is the feast of the Assumption, Mother will bring all petitions of the world to lift up to God, the Supreme Being full of might who decides everything. We dare not ask for God to forgive, we only beseech God to have mercy and give us the opportunity, give the world the opportunity, let the world be open to the truth and return to Him.


Now Father, please accept the First Kowtow that we reverently lift up to You.

Father, You are the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Lord above all lords, the King above all kings, full of might. One word from You and the earth will become beautiful – one word from You and this world will be all ruins. Dear Father, it is time for us to see that our fault is the cause of foolishness and arrogance. The weakness of sin left the world without righteousness, truth, justice, equality, and in a state of dispute, of struggle, of sinful ambition, of the plague of both soul and body, caused by disobedience, by unruliness.

O Father, people are no longer humble. Mother is the humble being, a shining example, who waited for us more than 2,000 years, but mankind continues to sin. The number of people who are aware continues to be a very modest number. Dear Father, we already know our fault. We know the world can no longer be saved, but we only know one thing; the Eucharistic Jesus already endured too much, Mother Mary already cried tears of blood, profusely. Today Mother still worries and embraces us, but we are so ungrateful.

Father, we truly do not deserve to ask anything, we do not deserve to have Mother help in anything, because Mother already did so much, Father. But in our humble, sinful, wretched condition, we plead with Father. This year is very important year. This feast is not as solemn due to the restriction from the pandemic, but I know this is a time of a spiritual crisis. Everything is in a state of turmoil, difficult for the Church as well as for the current government, with politics in all aspects, which cause us to be truly frightened, scared, as we do not know where is truth and where is falsehood.

Dear Father, there is only one thing, Mother represented us, Mother understood so much in this world. Mother understood sinners like us whom Mother trained and who became saints in heaven. Today we are sinners who became penitents, and still have weaknesses, imperfections, sins. Father, please forgive us. We know this situation will definitely not end in days of happiness. Surely mankind is in a terrible battle, in the treachery, falsehood, deceit, without any remission in repentance. Now how can a small number of people like us change the situation? We simply know that today Mother returns to heaven, please intercede to God for us. Mother, please intercede to God for us.

We beseech God and Mother (2): please save us. We ask for God’s holy will to be done, for what is the best in the love of the Divine Mercy. We do not ask for anything more, because we know our sinful unworthiness. This world must have days of purification. There must be the hand of God to discipline the disobedient and rebellious who offend God and Mother and are gravely offending the Eucharistic Jesus. Now I lift up to Father on this day and beseech Mother. It is up to Mother, we ask for us to return soon, repent soon, open our hearts and eyes soon, to be saved and delivered in God’s holy will, according to His way, and with His permission. We praise, glorify and honor the Lord our God, now and for ever and ever, the Supreme Being whom we trust, worship, honor, and entrust ourselves to. May the Supreme Being, full of might, transform the world and each sinner like us to become a repentant sinner and a penitent before the hour God purifies the world. Amen.

We reverently offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus.

O Jesus, the Savior, the Redeemer, You accomplished everything for us. You died for us and You gave us life. Today we have a doctrine of love, justice, fairness, and truth, but because of positions of power, money, unrighteous conspiracy, weakness, we were corrupted, we became the rebels who followed a free world. From people with functions to the laypeople, all of us are in a situation of being ensnared by the devil’s trap.

O Jesus, You came to the world to remove all the darkness and evil of sin and triumphed by Your death. Today we earnestly plead with You, because the world lays in the circle of the darkness of sin – due to the rejection, disobedience, and refusal of Your love that redeemed us through Your death. Due to our contempt and indifference, and unfaithful hearts, we are being controlled by the world, ambition, greed, selfishness, and wealth, because evil is controlling us. At this moment, we do not know any way out of the wickedness that surrounds us, the sin that mankind commits. There is no longer truth. Justice was lost by mankind in disobedience and rebellion. Mankind is offending God.

At this moment, we see our own fault, the fault of each brother and sister, of each mission and ministry. From the Church to the laity to the world to the government, these are days of deceit, iniquity, a terrible trend in contention. It is a tension between good and evil, we see very clearly and identify it clearly. Today we do not know what else to do, because we are little people, with daily weakness. We simply lift up to God, beseech God, to sanctify and transform. God is the victor who brought peace, happiness and hope to the world. Today, though the world is immersed in the darkness, it still has the Lord Jesus. We have the Lord Jesus – with Him, and with our beseeching, may He accept. He will triumph once more, in glorious victory, from His death.

Let us look at our sins for which God sacrificed. Today, in our condition, we must try to receive God’s grace, be determined to become a new person, a truly repentant person, to be a transformation by God’s grace, and by our cooperation. Let us, together in unity, deny ourselves, remove our egos, return with repentance, surrender, prostrate, and plead with God with earnest words in prayer. Let each person live a life as God teaches, in charity, sacrifice, truth, and justice, for the world to be transformed soon through the Lord Jesus Christ, who waits for the maturity of mankind, with faith.

Only with faith can one see the truth, the depth and height of the immense and great work of salvation that Jesus exchanged at the price of Blood. May the world recognize this soon. Let it not be too late. The ticking of the clock is about to end, may everyone mature before the end, even if only a flickering lamp. That is what God gave and granted so we rely on the points God the Father said: I do not want the wicked to die, I want him to repent and live. The Lord Jesus does not want to crush the reed nor extinguish the lamp with its last drops of oil. We are the last remaining drops of oil. May Jesus look to us with the beseeching to give us the opportunity to understand and return with a contrite and repentant heart. There is no time left to be hesitant, accept the gift Mother Mary teaches, which is the last key. Pray with The Six Kowtows to beseech and plead, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for us to be saved and receive the intervention according to God’s holy will.

We thank and praise God and the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for giving us hope and the opportunity. These are ordinary and simple prayers, but we trust in the presence and acceptance of God. May we strive, by prayer, practice, effort, sacrifice, and penance, in our daily actions, on behalf of those who have functions, those in the Church, the laity, as well as the government. Especially today – only with an awareness to return in reformation and living in the truth can the world be renewed as the Lord Jesus waited and yearned for. Please forgive our past, our lack of awareness and faith, to end up in this foolishness. God, please save us. Though the pandemic helped us recognize, we may not be awakened enough. God, please help us in Your way, for the world to clearly discern, return to You, and truly repent.

Only with repentance can we discern what we need in the life of faith for the soul. We need to discern what we receive in truth, holiness, and righteousness, which God grants to all the righteous people to enjoy. God grants good things, supports, and forgives those who repent. There is only one thing: rely on God and practice His teaching. Do not let it be too late and too tardy. We lived for too long according to the earthly world. Today we see that the result of sin is death – death in this life and the next. The tragedy is happening through the pandemic of both soul and body. God, please have mercy and accept our prayers through the Second Kowtow. We ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the victor. Please deliver us, and through Mother’s intercession, especially on the feast of the Assumption, the Being who looks after the Ark of God, the Ark that the Father granted to mankind – Jesus the Eucharist.

Today we have the opportunity to open our eyes, our hearts, in faith. His visit strengthened us, no matter how many hardships or trials or ordeals, we firmly believe, to pray, practice, run to God, and plead to His Divine Mercy. Please have mercy on us and the world. May those who still do not know, do not believe – know and believe; those who still have not returned – return; those who are still blind – open their eyes; those who live in foolishness and arrogance, who lack humility in the ranks of the Church – return to prostrate and adore the Lord. That is the only path Mother teaches to save us and save the world. May we obey, listen, lift up to the Second Person of God with the Second Kowtow. We reverently offer and lift up. Amen.

We reverently offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is love, light, truth. We need Him. We greatly need Him.  O Lord, we are so unworthy, we failed to acknowledge You, but all that is good is granted by You. It is time for the world to recognize what You taught, planned, and arranged. Because, without You, the world will be miserable, ruined, live in wickedness and iniquity – but with You is happiness, security, peace, all good things in justice and truth.

O Holy Spirit, it is time for mankind to accept. Mankind must accept. Because if we do not accept good things from You, then we are living in death, embracing death daily. We are living in the days of witnessing the facts of the world, which are falsehood, treachery, contention, lies, deceit, dishonesty, injustice, and unfairness. These are the facts, currently in this world.

O Holy Spirit, You are light, love, justice, truth. Please open our hearts, our eyes, for all the sheep of God, in the ranks of the Church as well as in the ranks of leadership, for all people to return to the truth, return to God, and receive the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit enlighten us because He alone brings peace, justice, and truth. Losing Him, without Him, the world will end up with war, suffering, plague, present and past.

O Holy Spirit, please teach us, help us return in time – the time in which graces are poured down, and the Father opened Divine Mercy, and Jesus is waiting. Please do not let that time pass. We will end up with disappointment and suffering because we cannot grasp the moment to return in time. There is not much time. Holy Spirit, please illuminate the world, use all means to help us in a dark world confined by the evil spirit, by the authorities wrapped up in atheistic policies that caused the world to be troubled and offend God. Please have mercy on the victims, on the sinners who repent and return, on the innocent people. God, please have mercy and accept our prayers, especially on the feast of the Assumption.

During Her whole life, Mother obeyed and sacrificed. Today God officially brings Mother back to heaven. Even though it is 2,000 years, this year has meaning: the meaning of the pandemic season that terrifies us, the meaning of Mother’s teaching, the meaning of Mother who went everywhere to bring Her children back. This year is a year that particularly marks a history. May all of us bow solemnly to worship, praise, honor, and glorify God through the First Kowtow, the Second Kowtow, and the Third Kowtow. Mother taught us the gift of The Six Kowtows, and we feel the meaning in life, as we still have Mother.

Today is an important day that God granted to Mother in a special way. Mother, with prayers and intercessions to God, please intercede with the Holy Spirit to help the world open the eyes and hearts, for our Church to receive abundant graces from the Holy Spirit and for the Spirit of God to guide those in the ranks of the Church to return in time. In this time of need, we, the laypeople, need the support of the priests, the shepherds Jesus chose to help the Church return with the strength of the Holy Spirit, in His absolute love, to return in unity, to conquer the evil spirit today.

Please do not let us, the laity, be afraid, panic, because the shepherds were absent or silent, or have not done their duties. These are matters we plead for and beseech for the Holy Spirit to prompt and kindle the flame of love for the strength, the love, and the true consecration for which Jesus chose the shepherds. Jesus chose the shepherds to lead us who are the lost and wounded sheep, in need of the shepherds’ guidance, for us to surrender and return to the promised land that the Father granted to the Israelites of old. We are also God’s people in these times. Please accept our prayers, the words we earnestly beseech.

O Holy Spirit, we need You. Please grant us the sharpness, the strength, the courage, to continue in the mission in which Mother teaches us and everyone. We ask for Mother Mary to continue to give us the opportunity to do what is possible in the last days of history. We beseech the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We reverently offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Eucharistic Jesus.

The Eucharistic Jesus is love, remaining with us in this century. It is a lofty spirituality filled with light to help us return to a God who humbly hides Himself, but He needs the faith of the world, of each one of us, and particularly the faith of the shepherds, in an absolute way, in respect and reverence.

O Eucharistic Jesus, You still visit us each day. You still keep your promise. You stay with us every day until the end of the age. You are still the food to daily nourish our souls. Because of that promise, God is forsaken, God is offended, God is being kicked out of the church, He is on fire. God is being gravely offended. From the ranks of the officials who despise and lack respect, to the laypeople, the pagans – I am being tortured because of that love – God is suffering because of the rebels in this age.

O Eucharistic Jesus, please forgive us. God, please forgive us, we recognized our unforgivable sins. Many people, if without Your presence, will greatly suffer, writhing in the tense situation. Today we are plagued by a disease with pain all over. You are the healer, the Supreme Being who gives us shelter, opportunity, and allow us to see that hope remains and continues with us, even when mankind is falling in a state of perverted sin.

O Eucharistic Jesus, You come to visit us when You are happy as well as when sad. The radiating light covers the world, sometimes dim, lonely as in waiting, as a voice echoing in the soul. We are presently infatuated and impassioned with all the worldly possessions, with all the blindness of a world we still hold onto and seek, but we cannot find the great and immense treasure in our midst, which is everything, everything.

O Eucharistic Jesus, we are truly weak, unable to return to You. Even those in authority obey the national law. Then due to the pandemic, You ended up in a plastic bag, at the convenience of people. You were dropped on the ground daily. You were neglected in Communion. And when people wanted to kneel to receive You, they use their positions to disallow, out of fear of the pandemic. Jesus tried all kinds of ways to come to us, but He was dropped to the ground, trampled on, offended, severely neglected nowadays. You are the God we need. A God we yearn for daily. Nowhere is there peace. Nowhere is there security for us to entrust. Nowhere is there happiness and hope, apart from God.

O God, please accept these sincere tears in repentance. God, please accept the words from the bottom of our hearts – we are the lowly, weak, wretched, sinners. God, please forgive us, open our eyes, our hearts, for us to recognize the source of our comfort. May we not go on grieving God. May we not continue to treat God so badly. May we not lose the opportunity. God said, I remain with you until the end of the age, but we do not appreciate, we reject, and we continue to offend. Surely, the Lord’s wait for us is over 2,000 years. The time has come, He will leave the Eucharist (3). That moment will be a truly fearful moment, most grave, most frightening, when we no longer have our Lord, when we lose Him, and no longer have Him. We are so fearful of that day, because of sin, and the Lord is the light. The light cannot be mixed with the darkness, and the darkness will never appear when the light is present. So out of the two, there is only one choice.

O Eucharistic Jesus, while time still permits, please accept our Fourth Kowtow, in a spirit of penance, repentance, gratitude, on behalf of all classes, all roles. We reverently lift up to Almighty God, the merciful Supreme Being whom we adore and honor. He is also the Supreme Being whom we ignore or knew but treated disrespectfully and let that become habitual for generations. The time has come. In the pandemic, people no longer have a place to rely on, there is no longer happiness and security, and there is no place to guarantee the safety for a spiritual life and entrust, other than the Eucharistic Jesus. May God manifest His power for all people to recognize and surrender to the light of truth, of love, of the Divine Mercy.

May we wholeheartedly unite to ask Mother Mary to lead us to God, teach us to prostrate and adore, help us in the life of witness to proclaim the gift of The Six Kowtows. Today many events are happening, but we believe that with our beseeching, our repentant and contrite hearts, the prostration and submission, God will accept and intervene according to His way. Thanks to Mother Mary today, especially on the feast of the Assumption, with Mother’s teaching and intercession, surely Her children will bear witness to this truth, continue to let the world know that God is the light. Whoever submits to the light will continue to live and exist, as for those who continue in the darkness then they will be destroyed. When the light comes, the darkness will disappear. We adore, praise, and glorify God. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen.

We reverently offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds.

O Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, the victor, victorious 2,000 years ago and victorious for generations, if they belong to the Five Holy Signs. The Five Holy Signs are the testimony of the holy seal that brings us life and saves our souls. That is what mankind has for many years, but we simply look at with a very limited viewpoint. God grants us all great things in the love of an immense and endless knowledge. Today it is time for us to contemplate the Five Holy Signs. What do we understand about the Five Holy Signs? We receive the salvation, to obtain what in this life? Are the days blurred and fuzzy? Is it just a habit, a theory, or a matter of opening and closing a book, and then everything disappears?

Today the Five Holy Signs are a reminder when we respond by prayer. The First Holy Sign is the love of the everlasting Divine Mercy, boundless for generations, for us to honor and adore God the Father. The Second Holy Sign is the Lord Jesus Christ who comes to bring the life, the light, and it is in the faith about the existing God and Savior that we will be saved and have life, as written in the Gospel: God the Father so loved the world that He sacrificed His only Son and whoever believes in His only Son will live. Today the Second Holy Sign reminds us of this. We must believe in the Lord Jesus and practice what He teaches. We will live and last.

The Third Holy Sign. The human world can do nothing and understand nothing, whether science, or technology, or intelligence, or a life of knowledge and education, they are nothing. It is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the light, the truth that guides and enlightens. The Holy Spirit will grant wisdom, intelligence, discernment, and sharpness. We will be able to see the depth, the height, and the breadth of faith, understand God’s love, understand the reasoning of truth and justice, and the truth of righteousness. God wants the human world to be saved, forgiven, and have eternal happiness. But mankind has choices. The Holy Spirit is love, He does not force, He does not use power, He just wants the acceptance, the cooperation, the obedience. He wants love to have justice.

Thus it is up to us. If we open our hearts to welcome the Holy Spirit, we will have a very peaceful, calm, wise life, and in all the circumstances we face, we have the calmness to solve the problem. We see the compassion and love in a world full of meanings from God, only the Holy Spirit, in the Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit. Because He comes from the love of God the Father, the Creator, and from the Savior who sacrificed Himself and died for His Blood to cleanse and allow the world to live.

There is a history that is still profound, which became a living God, in spirituality, and is present. That is the Holy Spirit. With this world, we always need Him, and we always come with a spirit of worship to honor and love. Let us listen to His teaching in a sharp way, for our lives to not easily stray nor fall into snares. But we let the world control with matters such that we see the reality and reasoning, for us to end up with filthy days, days in defeat, days of pandemic, and days in which we see evil spreading all over. Because we did not welcome the Holy Spirit, because we let our ego control us, we let our ego follow the rational and logical ways, in money, in ambition. In the end, we are dying in the plague of both soul and body.

Thus the Third Holy Sign is very important. We bow our heads to adore and ask for the love of God to return to us, for us to live with love, as we practice to love ourselves and love our neighbors, and most of all to reverently love our God. He dwells in our hearts. He dwells in the depth of faith. Let us gaze on Him with respect. So we have seen the aspects that God granted in a special way, to remind through the Five Holy Signs, which today, each one of us has the right to receive and to claim as our own, for us to have the support. And it is not spontaneously as we come to the Fourth Holy Sign that is the Eucharistic Jesus.

His presence came to the world, and the work of salvation by the price of Blood. His teaching has a doctrine, the presence by the food for the soul, and the presence in the Church through the Blessed Sacrament is the Holy Sign that we are reverently offering and adoring. We revere, and the contact of heaven is very close, as Jesus is the divine, spiritual Sacrament that was as promised, and still remains with us. We must clearly understand what belongs to us. There is no time left for us to follow human reasoning, but we must submit and adore. In everything, the Holy Spirit will direct and guide us to revere the Eucharistic Jesus. The support of the Eucharistic Jesus, the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, continue as God granted through that spiritual food for the soul.

We have the opportunity, in a coherent and precise way, as Mother Mary wants us to understand this, because this is the last key of history. It is the key when facing danger and tribulation. It is the key that, because mankind was so ungrateful, it is time for us to beseech and to plead, in this urgent situation. The Fourth Holy Sign has a very clear trait: for us to know that God loves us and remains to save us. We must be the people who return with a reverent heart, willing to adore, and with the determination to give up sin. Only with a sincere heart will we meet God, experience His presence, and conquer the battle of this ending.

The Fifth Holy Sign is the Holy Spirit who lets us know that Mother Mary is the Mediatrix, the Immaculate Conception. Today God brings Mother back to heaven. Mother is the representative and mediatrix and the Queen of heaven, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of all humanity. For generations, it is a great and immense glory as we wholeheartedly unite to reverently lift up, adore, and honor a beloved Mother, who guides us and helps us in times of danger, but we were not and are not even aware. We let everything pass by according to the limited viewpoint in our understanding, but it is the Spirit of God to whom Mother Mary prays, to help us in the urgent events. Today we respond with a discerning soul in a spirit of thanksgiving to the Fifth Holy Sign.

Mother Mary accompanied Jesus on the Way of the Cross. Mother Mary stays back to guard the Ark of God. Mother Mary stays back to teach mankind to respond with things we overlooked and lost without noticing. Mother Mary even teaches that we still have the seal through the Five Holy Signs, which imprints over our souls the forgiveness granted by God. The time has come for us to beseech help from Mother. Mother lets us know that in the end of history we no longer have any means to defend the human world, in ingratitude, in betrayal, and in offense. Only Mother grants us a compassionate, loving heart, as Mother taught for us to be aware, in God.

That is the forgiveness of the Lord Jesus, Her Son, who imprinted over our souls, but that imprint depends on the repentance of mankind returning, and the eagerness in humility to find the truth, adore God in daily prayer, penance, in a spirit of reverence and adoration, for ourselves, and to make up for the world of mankind that is offending today. It is a clarity that God grants, and Mother taught us the last method, which is what we need. We must return in today’s urgency. Mother also teaches us the Way of the Cross that the Lord Jesus walked in the past, and Mother walked with Him. It is a path in hardship, a misery of the world, like the days we are encountering, but our faith toward God and Mother Mary will never be lost and tarnished. Mother led us and taught us because Mother already faced and experienced that life.

Whatever the circumstances, let us listen and understand the meaning and bow before the Cross in a spirit of penance, to make up for the shortcomings and sins we committed against God. We do not understand the value of the decisive gift to save us at the end of history, as we are encountering today, in the moments we witness the misrepresentations, all deceitful matters from mankind, and there is no longer truth and righteousness. We are being manipulated by the devil, and the time has come for him to dominate and rule over us by money and ambition. But God is the just Supreme Being, He loves and forgives victims and sinners who repent, He shows mercy to the innocents.

So it was for those aspects that He left His Mother behind, to save us and help us in today’s tense situation. May everyone be aware and understand what is being heard, but keep to themselves, particularly in the pleading with the wonderful gift. The Holy Spirit is teaching us to deal with the current problem, and it is the most realistic way, a pleading and a prostration, for both soul and body to belong to God through Mother Mary’s intercession, to ask God for mercy to accept and intervene for each person, for each ministry, for the Church, for each governmental body, and for all peoples and nations, with those who listen.

These are things we need to meditate on in a special way. Those who have ears then hear, have eyes then see, have a heart then feel. The decision comes from each person, from the Holy Spirit enlightening for us to know. That is Mother’s teaching in the days of urgency, the key that we are holding. Let us not refuse. Let us not let our thoughts and mind doubt. Let us not let pride within us despise others or reject. This is an urgency, there is no longer a social class, there is nothing else.  Let us not rely on expecting others to respect us, respect us outwardly, but our soul must be subject to justice, then it is not worthy, not deserving.

Let us listen to Mother Mary’s humble teaching. Let us contemplate the Five Holy Signs of the Lord, contemplate, revere, and apologize to God, as we contemplate the Cross, which is the great work of the Lord Jesus, Her Son, Her Lord, our Lord, for us to still exist. We have nothing that is ours, let us live in unity, in a spirit of repentance, to remove the shell of appearance that everyone prefers, through role or money or ambition, according to the human way. God wants to see a true heart of humility, a heart of love, of the shepherds who learn from Jesus’ example, and it is from Mother’s teaching that meaningful days remain and are greatly needed in this world.

Let us unite to come to the Five Holy Signs with respect, reverence, remembrance, and plead in penance, to be worthy to receive the seal of forgiveness with the Divine Mercy that God grants. Mother is the person who teaches us to understand the meaning of prayer, and the prayer and the courage to prostrate before God, the Supreme Being whom we worship. Apology, thanksgiving, and gratitude are needed in soul, body, and mind. That is an offering that God longs to see in the creature He created. God does not need offerings according to our human way, according to riches and money, but God needs offerings by the heart, by the soul, by sincere words from the bottom of the heart through a spirit of repentance.

We adore, praise, and glorify God. We thank Mother for this privilege. We thank Mother for understanding all of Her children in the present state, for seeing all these things and teaching us, even if only a few of us, but we hope the time has come, no one can refuse. The human condition has nothing worthy. To be able to be worthy of God, may all repent. May the clergy and all bishops welcome this gift. Because in today’s situation, the pandemic caused a deadlock, there is nothing left to rely on ourselves, but only in the hope in God. The God of love remains with us through the Blessed Sacrament, through the Cross, the Five Holy Signs, which we honor and adore. That is also a victory, to help us who are taking the path that is the ending path of a world in which mankind is yielding to a control from ambition and from the wickedness of the evil. Please save us and help us. Amen.

The Sixth Kowtow

We reverently lift up to God the Father. The alpha and the omega (4) begins from Father and also ends from Father. We lift up our praises and countless thanks to Father for giving us Mother. Now, Father, please allow us, and each day we ask this, for us to lift up with the Sixth Kowtow. The Holy Spirit wants us to lift up to the Mediatrix who interceded and continues with zealous days, never leaving mankind, praying to God for us and remaining by our side to remind and guide us, even in the days when we are guilty and deserve to die. Mother Mary is a person who never gives up and seeks all kinds of ways to save us.

Today the world has a meaningful gift that people have not yet accepted and are despising and rejecting. We were the first people to receive; we were sinful people, sinners, but it is because of these points that we became penitents and from there became the silent witnesses to go all over to spread this gift. Though this gift is still rejected by people, we are still enthusiastic and happy, because this very gift saved us, and this gift will save our brothers, our Church, the clergy, and many in the world. So we still feel happy. The meaning of this gift – though there are difficulties, trials, or crosses, we still have Mother, with Jesus. So we feel happy and it is the most important meaning in our lives. Today it is the Holy Spirit who wants us to lift up to Mother.

O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Savior, Mother of the Church, Mother of every cleric, Mother of every prisoner, every sinner, every victim, every penitent, every soul in purgatory, Mother of all humanity, and especially Mother of every patient in this age. From soul to body, we are in a frightening and terrible pandemic. So today only Mother is the source of comfort, the guide, the person to help us to be cured from this plague, but we are still indifferent and in denial. Mother is still humble, quiet, meek, gentle, and leads us one by one back to God – with those of us who open their hearts, who listen.

O Mother Mary, please accept this Sixth Kowtow that we respectfully lift up to You. Mother, please accept and forgive us. May we lift up to You with fervent words of gratitude, to honor and apologize to You, because for all these years, for many centuries, we are still indifferent to Your messages. Today, disaster came because mankind is hardened, stiff-necked, and refuses to return. Today we are in a situation of days that no longer have the truth and are completely devoid of justice and righteousness. It is a world in a situation when we look at the leaders, the laypeople, and even the Church. Today, O Mother Mary, where can we truly entrust?

O Mother Mary, whatever happens in the human world and in the rose garden of God – the rose garden of God still has beautiful flowers, very small rose buds, but still are lovely roses that Mother waters, so we still have pious priests and holy bishops. Still, there are priests with a fully consecrated life, laypeople who listen and practice and understand the gifts that Mother granted in a special way. So these people pray for those who are foolish in their positions, who are under the spell of a human world, and are also following the way of a world in human law.

We are sad and grieved. Today Mother wants us to make up for our brothers, apologize for the world, for those who know but do not practice. Mother allowed us to clearly understand. Today, with the order of the government, everyone must wear masks because of the pandemic. Our Church does not speak of things arising out of over 2,000 years, from the moment Jesus was present and instituted the Blessed Sacrament, the Supreme Being whom we adore in a great temple, the temple in the heart of every Christian, the temple of the Church in the city of Rome – it is the Lord who is present and full of might. So who gives the command and orders people to revere in a special way? Because it cannot be allowed for people to use Jesus according to their personal will.

Jesus cannot be moved out of the church. People cannot place Jesus in plastic bag out of fear of the pandemic for people to use their hands to take. Because there are priests who do not dare to give Communion on the tongue, so the laypeople must use their hands, impure and filthy hands. So these despicable and offensive ways continue. We see clearly: people are obedient to things of the world, from the government, but they disobey matters that belong to God, the Supreme Being who rules from heaven to the earth. The Lord who created mankind, creatures like us. Today we disrespect, lose the reverence, and are offending the Lord. So these are matters to be reconsidered. There is no voice as Mass continues to be restricted. As for the important sacraments and the activity of a life – a beautiful life God gave – was lost during the time of the pandemic that lasted for almost eight months.

O Mother Mary, this never happened in any century. It is because of mankind’s choice, the weakness and fear of the leaders, their cooperation inflicted these restrictions on us, the laypeople. Today, the laity is alone and lost, because they are losing something that belongs to them, from the shepherds. We do not blame everything on them, but we see that in these matters, there must be a voice, a support.  There must be a voice, but today there is silence, and the laypeople receive Communion on the hands, and Jesus fell onto the ground daily. God is greatly offended in this age, from the priests to the laypeople. There are good and holy priests who protect, but their strength is limited, their voices are suppressed, because the majority of people today rely on things of reality. They are afraid of the pandemic, but they are not afraid of their souls that will face justice with Jesus, the mighty Supreme Being who died for mankind, who gave mankind hope in days of trials and ordeals, who loves and forever loves, and waits for the maturity that mankind needs.

O Mother Mary, because of that You cried so much and shed tears of blood. However, the people who awaken are still just a humble number. Mother does not give up, Mother never gives up. Mother continues in a calm, gentle way to look for Her children. Mother never refuses all the unworthy and sinful children who come to Her. So it is the love of God and the love of Mother Mary that lifted us and led us to the Lord. It is because of these things that Mother did that God showed mercy, and because of Mother, God forgave us, was so kind to us, and created many opportunities for the world.

Today Her Son, Jesus, is being offended. Mother is weeping, because Jesus endured from the children, the disciples, the shepherds whom Jesus chose, who do not understand the presence, and whether deliberately or inadvertently, are offending Jesus daily, when their hearts do not belong to Jesus with reverence and affection. This is a time when people despise and disregard what is divine in faith, they just think about reality, money, ministry, and everything else. So they forget the main points that Jesus made. It is time. God granted to mankind so fully, but mankind refused and is offending, so God will take it all away, for mankind to be back to a number zero, back to a starting number. That is the moment misery begins.

O God, let it be back to a number zero. As long as our souls belong to God, those simple, normal days by Mother’s side, with Mother, are better than the glorious days of total happiness yet mankind is offending God, causing His Heart to be broken, causing Mother to shed tears daily, and provoking God the Father’s wrath. The only thing I know is to pray for God’s plan and arrangement. Because God’s plan and arrangement is good for us and for the human world. We ask through the intercession of Mother Mary, through the feast of the Assumption, from the perfect being, the Immaculate Conception, without any stain of sin, the being whom we honor, thank, and are grateful to. Mother, please intercede for the human world today, for the disorder of mankind, and for the days of the pandemic.

Mother, please help us and the leaders to be wise and enlightened, to belong to God, to walk in justice and righteousness, for the holy name of God to continue to shine forever, with those who have a duty and responsibility in the ranks of the Church, to live worthy of proclaiming the word of God, the doctrine, and the truth, which Jesus left to them. And that doctrine will never end, till the ends of the earth, no matter what the human world is like – there still are righteous people who hear Mother, listen to Mother, to Her teachings. There are still pious and holy people, there are still priests who sacrifice their whole lives to justice and righteousness, to live to glorify God through the doctrine God commands.

O Mother Mary, hear our prayers. As laypeople, we are in a very stressful situation and cannot do anything either since the command is given. We can see what is happening, but even if we say something, no one listens, because of the power, for all human laws seem to overpower everything in an unrighteous cover-up. As people do not think there is a need for correction, we ask Mother to help our Church and the clergy, for each person to have their own concept, to pray to God, for God to enlighten him or her. Jesus will continue to be the Supreme Being whom we honor and adore, whose great glory only the Church has, since God alone grants to the Church to have the being who represents Him, with the ranks of cardinals, bishops, priests, a sublime greatness no one can compare.

Everything that Jesus grants will not be destroyed by anyone. Whichever ministry, God will take back, and God will be the Master, and God will place all those who are worthy to continue to proclaim His holy name, His doctrine, in all parts of the country. God’s people will always be protected by Him. Today we know this, thanks to Mother Mary’s teaching. Today the Holy Spirit wants us to lift up the Sixth Kowtow to be complete in the victory. Because we are mostly victims, victims of the times, of each nation, of the authorities, of the unrighteous people in power, to rule over us in the days that belong to us, granted by God, and take away what belongs to us, from God. They burdened us with laws, restricted our human freedom, but God is waiting for their maturity and understanding. Through the message of Mother Mary, we know to pray and to lift up to God. We are simply aware that, urgently in this moment, we know where the truth is, where justice and righteousness is, who the people of God are, who the traitors are, who those are who have taken advantage of, abused, and smeared the simple laypeople, the laypeople in their genuine trust. Today we only know to lift up to Mother. Mother, on the day of the Assumption, please remember Your children on this earth, Your Church, Your laity, those who consecrate their lives to God. Mother, please love our Church and look to the leaders of the nation who seek all possible ways to bring people to justice and truth.

Beloved Mother, gentle Mother – She wants us to live in righteousness. If in unrighteousness, then we must answer to the sentence of justice. That is something most needed, for this world to clearly be aware of the plague of the soul, the ambition of mankind in iniquity, with the passions of the world, in the days of the plague of the body, languishing and facing death. Thus this is a most visible life in today’s generation, for us to discern whether we return or not, or prostrate to worship, to ask for repentance, or be determined to remain obstinate, hardheaded, and hardened, which will lead us to the death of modern civilization, and that is what corrupts both soul and body. With those who deny God, who are Christians, Catholics, God’s people, but who follow the law of the earthly world because of money, ambition, iniquity – they will receive a terrible judgment with this world.

We can only lift up our intentions to Mother, to ask Mother to help us. Today, together in unity, at the 7 p.m. meeting, we invite Mother to come to teach us what we still lack and have not yet done. There are still certain matters to be determined in the life with a mission that must be completed. We ask Mother in this most urgent time to help us. May we continue to pray to St. Joseph: please intercede with God and help our Church, for the life of the consecrated clergy to learn from St. Joseph chastity, a life of responsibility, righteousness, integrity. St. Joseph obeyed his entire life. May our Church become more perfect. There are certain matters in which the truth is found from the intercession and example of St. Joseph.

May St Joseph intercede with God for each of our families to learn from the example of St. Joseph, to learn the example of the Holy Family, for us to return to the order of a life that God granted, for us to live a life of peace and happiness, which we greatly need and yearn for. Today’s generation lost all the days of peace, affection, love. We completely lost those days. May St. Joseph intercede so that the Church, the world, and all people return to love and obedience in duty and responsibility. St. Joseph is the exemplary person and intercessor.

We also ask God and Mother Mary to teach and bring us to the three archangels, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. We pray for them and all the archangels in heaven to protect the world of mankind, the righteous people, and to dispel the traps with which the devil is ensnaring us who are the victims, for us to soon mature and return to God with a contrite and repentant heart. Please protect us on the path of witness to be successful, for everyone to receive the gift of The Six Kowtows and to return by the prostration and the submission to Almighty God. We also pray to the guardian angels and all angels to support us and pray to God for us. Please protect us on the path of witness, to live a life of complete sincerity, to be a witness to the Lord God who granted us a special gift through Mother Mary, for  everyone, together in solidarity and unity, to prostrate in repentance, and return.

We also pray to the saints who are the exemplary persons of the world. They lived an earthly life, and like us today, they also had moments of weakness, but they overcame everything to become the saints who are present in heaven. Please teach us. May we learn from their examples to become true witnesses, with the faith that the saints gave to us from their shining examples. May everyone be a believer and return to God, to do great things. That is a life of silence, living in submission, listening, sacrifice, and charity, for that example to spread everywhere like a perfumed fragrance to help this world turn back in times of danger, in times of urgency. When people lived without truth in the world, God alone is the truth to help us overcome difficulties, trials, ordeals, and in the end, they still have God and are with God, in belief and faith.

May the saints intercede to God for our Church, families, and everyone, all over the world, for the clergy to learn from their examples and even for us on the path of witness to the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, now and forever. Lucia concludes and acknowledges the feast of the Assumption, in particular St. Theresa Church where Mother gave me The Six Kowtows, to represent St. Theresa Church, the clergy. Though the people are rejecting and refusing, we continue to practice, for the last six years. We practice all these things for the parish of St. Theresa, a place where God specially granted through Mother Mary. We witness to the gift received at this church, and we practice on behalf of priests everywhere, our Church, the United States where we reside. May we be united together to thank and praise, and with the heavenly court celebrate the feast of the Assumption. We thank, praise, glorify, and honor, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. This refers to the Body of Christ. This is a new revelation; usually Blessed Mother is referred to as the Ark of the New Covenant.
  2. While Jesus is our Savior, Blessed Mother is involved with redemption, as the Catholic doctrine of Her Co-redemption teaches.
  3. This is not a theological statement but a practical one: the Eucharist, for whatever reason(s) will not be available to the faithful for a time.
  4. This does not seem to be a reference to Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega in the Book of Revelation.


Lucia Phan receives the messages via locutions. She is also able to record miraculous images of the Eucharist in the form of photos and videos on her smartphone. Jesus gives her messages as a Father who loves His children, and as the Teacher/Master. (This divine, fatherly love of Jesus is found in John 13:33, John 21:5, Matthew 23:37, and Mark 10:24.)

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