New Revelations through the Eucharist

This Is The Final Battle In History


August 5, 2020

The Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit with the Six Kowtows to the messenger Lucia Phan in prayer.

Lucia: It is 9:57, Wednesday, August 5, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. First of all I thank God. It has been a long time since I started fixing my house.

Today I return to this church with the brothers and sisters to continue to lift up to God the Gift of The Six Kowtows, which Mother Mary gave to the world.

In a special way, for us, who are the pioneers, it seems to be the nourishment of our souls.

When we receive the Eucharistic Jesus daily, in a spirit of gratitude, we lift up all the problems in the world in general and in particular of each person, for the places where we reside, and especially for all the works in our group.

First, I thank God. I also apologize to God for the past few days.

Due to fatigue and weakness, plus the works that must be solved and done, with a mixture of diligence, indolence, fatigue, I was not doing things as my heart desires to do every day.

O God, Lord of love, I thank You for giving us the time and the days of rest.

There are certain moments when I can also use those ways to work, but there are certain moments when I am too busy, too tired physically.

The work is so hectic that I cannot manage enough time, even if it is possible.

O God, please have mercy and forgive us.

These are also the weaknesses and shortcomings that I lift up to God today.

No matter what, when I receive a message and I work, I ask God to forgive all my sins.

Whether mortal or venial, few or many, I lift up to God to ask Him to sanctify and transform me; for this is an extremely important responsibility, influencing many things in the world, and generally the brothers and sisters in the mission of proclaiming the Good News.

There are many more wonders through the miracle that God specially granted for me to report.

All things that I pray for and lift up are with my soul, with sincerity and with an open heart. Everything, more or less, good or bad, I lift them all up to God. I do not let my heart be ashamed or have anything that does not belong to God.

I lift up to God everything. I lift up my brothers and sisters along with all the people who walk with me in the group, to pray for their souls to be in the same way.

Everything we have today, we cannot do on our own, apart from God’s grace and the boundless Divine Mercy that granted us love for us to receive the Holy Spirit’s grace.

He leads us, He guides us, He motivates us, for us to be strong and brave with the works we do, which are beyond our imagination and impossible to do on our own.

Our lives are wretched and weak, but God’s stirring and prompting allow us to learn and understand, for us to feel and be reminded with His words in our daily lives.

Specifically every month, we receive God’s teaching, God’s words, Mother Mary’s words, and the saints’ words, when God allows.

Everything we can do today is not from our own doing or from what we deserve.

We are unworthy, flawed, and undeserving, even if we try. It is from the love through the Divine Mercy granted to sinners like us.

With an absolute love granted to the world, God died to save all mankind.

God the Father’s eternal love for mankind through the Divine Mercy sanctifies the whole world, for us to become more worthy to receive forgiveness.

God seeks all kinds of means. God grants all kinds of ways. God gives all kinds of approaches, to each sinner like us.

Anybody can do it if we have a spirit of trust in God and come to God in sincerity, by heart, by a weak, wretched, sinful condition.

Without God’s grace, we cannot lift our faces, nor can we have the opportunity to do any good works.

O God, there are the difficulties, the contradictions, the sufferings, the challenges, and matters that greatly grieve us.

There are all kinds of problems in life, but if we live in a state of negativity, then life is still immersed with things that we are experiencing, surrounded by a life of reality with necessities, with needs.

If without faith, hope, and the moments of prayer to lift up to God, even with simple words, then the spiritual life is bound in all things limited in the human world.

When we lift up all trials and sufferings, even challenges, overwhelming problems, things against our wishes and grief to God, then we understand that in life and in our lifetime we must endure, for we were born into sin.

But we rely on the love of the Divine Mercy and the Savior who came to us.

God the Father granted, because of His love for the world.

He sacrificed His only Son for us to believe in the Lord Jesus, in the Savior, the only Son of God, for us to have eternal life and not just temporary days in the world.

It is these aspects that are the hope of sinful people like us, the hope of sinners like us, and the hope of those who know the valuable life God grants, exchanging us at the price of His Blood.

Those aspects let us see all the past – whether good, bad, beautiful, meaningful, insignificant, unrighteous, true, false, good, or evil – it is over.

Let us keep this moment for us to recognize the grace of God that He granted, through negative things, to learn from life experiences, for us to stand up and choose the path of peace and happiness that only God is the Giver.

We believe that love continues to live in us, in all circumstances, through each stage, through every moment, for us to cherish.

We still have the opportunity to come adore God, attend Mass, receive God into our hearts, and contemplate the Cross in the sanctuary throughout the years in the life God granted.

Today, our brothers and sisters – a number of people – we are scattered all over to do the works that God wants us to do.

We bring the books to all regions, places, to the clergy, the Church, all the sheep of God, over all territories.

Though with quiet little deeds, our brothers and sisters live in the days in which they experience the depth of God’s love, choosing us to become the little apostles with the works that we consider as our duty and responsibility.

We work without any profit and self-interest. We simply know to work and thank God for us to fulfill the mission God assigns.

There are great sacrifices from the brothers and sisters, the efforts from those who always seek all kinds of ways to have the messages from God ready to be posted to the websites.

It is a collaboration from each person – one person translates, one person records, one person types, one person transcribes, one person prays, one person receives the messages.

All that is considered ordinary in the view of mankind, but I experience the love of the Holy Spirit granted to us.

If without God, no one can do it, and we cannot do it, because our real life has its needs.

With the busy works, no one can do it, if without God’s grace and a profound love granted to us.

The gift of The Six Kowtows is what is most important for our souls to be saved and for the world to receive the great blessings that God specially granted to us through Mother Mary, a meek and gentle mother.

Mother teaches us to pray in this way for us not to stray with our customary way of life, for us to focus clearly.

When we prostrate and adore God with our hearts, to express our sentiments, we do not write nor rest.

We simply come with our repentance, then the Holy Spirit will teach us to speak.

As Jesus said to the Apostles: Do not be afraid, when you are standing in front of scribes or Pharisees or the judge, about what must be said or what must be done.

God reminded the Apostles: When you speak, it is the Spirit speaking in you.

God also gives us the opportunity in this age. In every era, God gives in a special way when we have faith to turn toward Him.

Certainly today, what we say does not come from us, but it is the Spirit of God who teaches us to speak, to see the current context of the places where we reside, and also teaches us to see the way of life of a contemporary world.

Especially in the days of tribulations like today, the days of violence of this contemporary century, the floods everywhere, the increase of the wicked people constantly searching new ways in their ambitions to reach their goals, using tricks to kill many innocent people.

There are countless people living in miserable situations, starving, controlled by the pandemics and plagues of both body and soul, from the Church, to our world, the lay people, to all nations – a world in which people depend on the ingenious and sophisticated power of a scientific and technical life.

O God, Lord of love, the Supreme Omniscient Being that granted to mankind, in any age and at any time, mankind must recognize that everything comes from God. Nothing is ours, nothing comes from science and technology, but only from the Supreme Lord who allows us to discover what is the best.

Unfortunately, how woeful and pitiful for the world of humanity, because mankind fell into the sin of pride and caused the best that God offered to become selfishness and domination, as mankind stepped into the present iniquity.

Due to that, ambition expands.

Mankind was wounded in the plague of both soul and body and daily is facing the threat of death.

Whom do we call?

Whom do we lift up to?

Whom do we present to in this moment?

We see the truth shaken by the authorities.  There are the ambitious in their evildoings, causing the world to be in a state of tension, affecting the righteous, influencing all those who want to find the truth that is hidden in today’s real world, which is relying on science and technology.

O God, this morning You give me the opportunity to be with the brothers and sisters.

On Wednesday of each week, You grant to me.

Even though absent, we still remember.

This is the time for us to lift up to You, speak to You.

With all our hearts, we represent all classes, all roles, to lift up to You all of today’s situations, especially our Church, and the United States, the country where we reside.

O God, please continue to pour abundant graces upon those in the ranks of our Church to be enriched with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and filled with Your Spirit, to defend the truth, speak the voice of the truth, and the truth that lasts till the end of the earth.

Despite the tension of the ambitious, God still defends those who live in righteousness. With these tense days, we lift up to God the latest riots in Texas and the riots of recent days, the destructions, people looking for all kinds of ways to burn down the churches, and to destroy the holy statues.

There are also the offenses committed to the Eucharist of God and to the holy statues that date back many centuries. This is an action that is offending, offended, and continue to offend in this century.

O God, Lord, when we see the devastation, we are afraid. With the threat of evil, if we are weak and afraid, if we do not have absolute faith, then we remain in a state of loneliness and terror.

O God, Lord Almighty, it was the same in the old times. God granted all things to Israel, with splendid and magnificent citadels, but they were destroyed by the unbelievers and the rebels because the bloodthirsty kings acted against the doctrine and morality that God created for mankind.

Today, the situation is no different than that of thousands of years ago, in the periods of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. If we do not stand firm in the faith, then we are afraid.

O God, Lord Almighty, You are the Master from the beginning. The beginning and the end; still an absolute Lord, and forever and ever, the Lord who grants all the best to a world that He created, including us.

God also gives us the freedom to choose Him, because only the freedom to eagerly and willingly follow Him has meaning. Originating from the Spirit of God, which is the love we truly choose.

And if we are afraid of God or we choose because of something from us, then we will waver, fall into a situation in which we are easily controlled and will end up with the way that people tend to say: follow the way of the wind.

It is because of these reasons that countless kings and people lived in days losing everything that belonged to them, because they let the world be their master.

Due to those aspects today there are still certain matters happening and will happen by the rioters, because their faith did not belong to God, their lives were controlled by the world, and they believed in idols.

Today there are still rebels who oppose righteousness and the truth. Since mankind is free to choose, God respects their freedom, but in the end, they must receive the sentence with all the unrighteousness they choose.

But the Lord of Love and Divine Mercy always gives us the opportunity to choose the path of return, the opportunity to choose the path with things we see are false, unrighteous, and unjust, for us to return with our heart.

For only God grants us a doctrine of love, of peace, of truth, a doctrine that people respect for them to have a peaceful, happy, and harmonious life, for the family, for society, and for the whole world.

This is something only God bestows from the beginning till the last day.

Since the appearance of the Lord Jesus over two thousand years, His doctrine continues to motivate and give us an absolute love.

Today the holy statues and the churches that the people are destroying, does God not know? Does God not hear? God knows. God hears. This is a time to remind us that God gives us the right to choose.

It is also an answer to the choice in a human life from position of power, wealth, fame, greed, selfishness, and ambition. Today those ambitions answered our wishes that are not in the truth. O God, Lord Almighty, I trust You know, You see, and You understand everything.

The temple is a place of worship. The Lord dwells there and the spirituality and holiness remain present for generations. God knows the conspirators and those who prepare to burn down the churches or destroy the holy statues.

God knows. God has the power to let those people see something terrifying for them not to dare. But God remains silent. God remains silent for us to see our destruction, things that we are thinking. The unbelievers and godless seek all kinds of ways to destroy religion or destroy the places of worship according to their unrighteousness, which is the malice caused by the evil spirit.

Pitifully, our human race is the victims. For that reason, God understood.  From ancient times, God allowed the Lord Jesus, His Son to come to teach us and allow us to receive the graces for us to choose the path with the one doctrine that the Lord Jesus brought to us.

Moreover, He sacrificed everything for us to mature and grow in faith. It is a faith in which we are strong from the soul, determined regarding what needs to be done and must be done, to have everything in our life choices, mentally, spiritually, physically, to choose between good and evil, true and false, right and wrong.

All are the needs and the words that are most simple, which all classes and all roles can hear and perform.

O God, those are things that God specially granted to the human world. The human condition – no matter how sinful – God still gives us the right to decide and identify what God bestowed and gave.

God never leaves us alone and suffering in the midst of the world, because faith will help us understand and with absolute faith in one doctrine.

The proof is that the Supreme Lord is Eternal and that the Lord Jesus Christ, His only Son, came to us to accomplish those sublime great deeds, for us to have an official source – an eternal doctrine, a great fulcrum, and a victory that God alone can achieve.

Mankind looks for this god and that god to worship, but in the end let us look back to the worshipers that are idols, or things from mankind.

But who has a history like the Lord Jesus Christ – a plan that God the Father had from the Old Testament to the New Testament, a program in which kings, leaders, prophets and messengers, all are well-known in the ranks with a history through the Gospel?

 No one can have a clear and orderly way throughout each generation, a proof in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ over two thousand years, for mankind to have freedom today.

God just wants the soul and the heart. He just wants good and holy deeds for us to choose. As for all things, God grants the right to mankind.

Today, the world ends up with freedom, reaches the pinnacle of science and technology, achieves all the best that God created for this earth, and for what we still do not yet understand, God made it available to us for generations.

Pitifully and regrettably for this generation, those are the rebellions, the offenses.

Sectarian freedom causes people to grow in the cunning of the devil, because those weaknesses and wretchedness’s were nurtured, nourished by greed, lust, homosexuality, abortion, and all the convenient things according to the gratification of the flesh, the desire for wealth to enjoy all these things, contrary to the doctrine of the Lord Jesus, contrary to morality and truth, contrary to the justice of mankind.

So today what we are witnessing, we must pay a price for what we choose. The Lord does not force us, He grants us everything perfect.

Do we receive it and make it ours so that we will be in peace forever and enjoy the best that God offers? Or did we destroy what was best and changed what was in life with a plan that mankind considers as the civilized, radical, advancement of an era?

What we see is death encroaching on us, and we took part in a life that no longer has faith, morality, and the truth of truth. That was the price paid, and we are paying the price.

We see a large number of people, and we see the rebels, burning churches, smashing statues. There are disrespectful, offensive matters, but there is still silence, without any resistance or opposition.

What are we afraid of? We are the people who have God. We cannot be senseless as they are. We are in a situation in which we must bow our heads to apologize to God.

We recognize our shortcomings and weaknesses, which allow others to intimidate us, by all kinds of means.

Our Lord is enduring with the rebels who offend Him; among these rebels are those who consecrated themselves to God, who are God’s own people. In the end, we find out they also follow the world into politics, money, fame, lust, and greed. They are using all kinds of ways – directly and indirectly – to offend God by taking God out of the chapel and burning down the places the Christians worship.

These are the true manifestations that are taking place in a radical civilization of the age. As we are witnessing, we see the human secularization heading toward death, offense, in the convoluted chaos and state of rioting.

We are witnessing those rioters continuing to utter lies, deceits, distortions of the truth, yet we still remain silent.

We are witnessing this truth, a world in which we always focus in the life of reality, controlled by the power of money. We sell our conscience, our sense of right and wrong, and the truth that God offers, which He exchanged at the price of blood.

Due to our immaturity, our faith is easily shaken. We follow God, but we violate His commandments and doctrine. We offend God, but we remain indifferent because of politics, position, power, and personal interests.

Those points are the weaknesses that we are dealing with in a terrible age such as today.

The majority seems like a rebellion that we are witnessing. As for the righteous, the people who speak up, they are still just a very small number in this century of humanity. O God, if we do not have a foundation to lift up and to offer, of what is in the human condition, then in the moments of deliberation, without weapon or support, what else is there for us to say but the truth and righteousness?  Mankind needs to recognize justice in the midst of this life.

There is only one faith, but if we do not apply faith according to the way God teaches, then what can we do to communicate with God?

How can we speak to God and present the problems in life, in pain, choked by tears, when bullied by others? What can we do to be delivered when we are being controlled in the way of power, interest, and the violence of this age?

Do we think, seek all kinds of ways, and use weapons to deal with matters in a world in dispute?

There is one thing that God teaches us, the only thing He wants to hear, the only thing He is waiting for, and that is that He wants us to listen to the only person He chose, for this world to have abundant graces and many more proofs, to be saved by the Person God chose – Mother Mary.

Mother Mary, the Person chosen in the world of humanity – the Immaculate Conception. Mother Mary is the Person whom today the Church especially celebrates the Memorial of the Dedication of St. Mary Major.

All has a schedule that God has arranged from the beginning. We are just the descendants and we only understand what is inherent.

It is the Holy Spirit who teaches us when we plead with our hearts, present and lift up to God through the gift that Mother Mary taught us ten years ago, to nourish, to teach the children, and to help the world.

Mother also chose a number of pioneers to bring this gift to the world in times of events. Blessed Mother knows what remains in the last days.

As God said:  everything will end. Today are the days on the path leading to the end, so everything that needs to happen must happen.

The events happen for us to see the true face of mankind.

Who is the person belonging to God? Who is the person betraying God?

This world is in a situation whereby people either have morals, virtues and respect for the law and justice, or they are destroying, using power to manipulate sins, with lies, deceiving the citizens and those who are completely ignorant.

Today, we are confined to what we see in the midst of the earthly world, but in faith and trust, God reveals and grants, for us to know everything that will happen, in every period, in every century, in every moment, in every situation, and in every special time like today.

So, let us lift up to God all the troubles we see and lift up the rebels of the past few days. We lift up all the objectionable requests by the authorities.

We lift up to God the betrayers who represent us in the Church. We also see everything Jesus granted us from the beginning, with the reverence in the temple.

We have a city God gave to us, especially Christians, especially Catholics, but just one man-made pandemic destroys all the wonderful and beautiful things that God offers to every layperson like us.

Together we continue to be subjected to the control of the law, of the nation. We do not have a voice that truly belongs to us, as God grants us particular freedom. If we truly believe in God, God will do extraordinary and wonderful deeds.

Today mankind must be completely submissive because He is the Lord God who created the heavens and the earth and all things. He teaches and gives us an arranged order in the human world. He always looks at us, and He always pours out graces for us to have and survive on earth.

Today’s rebellions, God also sees. Only one word from God then my soul will be healed. One word or one act of power from God, a strong wind, and a sweeping storm, then all is no more.  But God does not do that.

God is still waiting for each one of us, a masterpiece God loves, no matter how sinful. The immeasurable magnanimity of the Lord God, full of love, is the Lord full of Divine Mercy that all generations praise and honor.

God alone is the Sovereign from the heavens to the ends of the earth, and even in the daily life in the world, God gives us freedom, and He respects us. In the end, all good and holy deeds are looked at fairly. As God tells us, the Gospel recorded, everything is concrete evidence.

Today, who can speak to lift up to Him? Because He wants to hear the voice of truth, the voice with a humble heart, He wants to hear the voice with the heart He created, speaking with an affectionate heart, an adoring heart, by sincerity and simplicity, from the bottom of the heart, to respectfully lift up to God.

He gives the world all aspects, all elements, to preach the Good News, to witness to Him. He repeated over and over about the humility and life by heart and soul, as He once said: I do not reveal to the learned, but I reveal to the little ones.

Because the little ones do not rely on themselves; the little ones do not know the science and technology of the times, but it is things from the heart and soul, from the support of the Holy Spirit who teaches, to lift up to God the Father, to Jesus.

Let us honor and thank the Holy Spirit, because He is the Supreme Being who helps us encounter heaven, for our faith to recognize God’s presence, whereupon we lean on, we lift up, we respectfully offer, we ask and we beseech.

God is not stingy with anything when we ask in sincerity and is reasonable. Even in the moments where God sees our weakness, sins, and mistakes, when we repent, He still forgives and His forgiveness is absolute. He gives us opportunities. He grants us to be the people He uses.

If we know this, we will always be saved, forgiven by the love through the Divine Mercy that the Lord: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, has established from the beginning, to grant us all the conditions, opportunities, to become the people who live and return with the doctrine of justice, righteousness, and truth.

Oh God, the time has come. The world already has an ambitious program.

Today people consider these days victorious and that strategy belongs to them with their ambitions in this earthly world, usurping God’s rights, to expand and buy everything with money, to rule the world according to human ambition.

But in the end, God still grants to what belongs to Him, to His children, and to those who long to live in the truth. For God is protecting, protected, and will continue to protect His Church.

As Jesus said to St. Peter over two thousand years ago: And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18)

And today, we are part of this rock. It is a great Church, a Church that still has a spiritual voice through the Holy Spirit of God, a Church in which we live in a fundamental doctrine, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and which continues to be lively.

Today the laypeople have the right to live, to recognize and to listen to God’s teaching, in justice, in righteousness and in truth.

Who can rob us of what belongs to us? Who can rob us of all the merits of the Apostles who were chosen by Jesus to give us the splendid Church today, and that cannot be compared with any other Church or any other place of worship?

Jesus remained and stays with us, in a spiritual and divine way through the Eucharist, so that today we still meet Him, still, see, and contemplate the great glory of the Lord God who is present with mankind, with us, with the Church, and who becomes the spiritual food that nourishes all of us Christians.

Who is as powerful as God? Who can be as powerful as the Lord God in the truth? Today we still have Mass. We still remember the Lord established that Mass.

When He began to step onto the path of death, before He went to the battlefield, He gave the mass to mankind. He gave the mass to the Church and the Church gives it to us for us to perpetuate.

So, whatever the circumstances today, He is enduring: being removed from the church, being sent out into the parking lot, and placed into a plastic bag, which mankind is sadly planning out of fear of the pandemic.

Woe to the leaders, those who have functions, for considering these things, for offending our Lord – the Lord of all eternity, the Lord throughout the ages, the Lord who granted a silent love to walk with mankind.

Today mankind has no feeling towards these disrespectful acts towards the Lord. Today let us not refuse. Let us not reject what is surprising and obvious. Mankind must bow down and worship. Mother knows things will happen to the world. Because of His boundless love and Divine Mercy, His meekness and kindness, God still silently endures waiting for us, in the same ways as every person who has functions.

To Him, surely His longing is for us to understand that He loves us, and stays with us.

What do we do to be worthy of the Lord? He stayed with us, whether disaster, death, success, or failure, to help us. Whether a pandemic or not, He still remains with us. Today we can have these things only in faith, which we can feel, that we are able to overcome the limitations of human strength, to praise, glorify, and honor.

Even though these are silent days for us, being chased away by those with authority, misunderstood by those who have functions, and much more, but we continue our work in joy and in comfort because we know Jesus needs us.

It is the Eucharistic Jesus who needs us. It is the Eucharistic Jesus who visits us. He manifests Himself, because He wants us to know of His presence. He never leaves us. He wants us to recognize that He is still with us.

He knows that we are being treated badly and being rejected by mankind, because mankind does not seek to understand the truth. We are being treated unjustly, but He is still with us. It is precisely from there that we move forward, we pray, we continue to prostrate, to adore God, to profess God. We lift up to God.

We see the situation throughout the entire world whereby God gives us the opportunity to lift all up to Him. God gives us a voice, urged on by the Holy Spirit, to lift up to God all the problems, everything that happened and continues to happen, in an evil and ambitious world.

The voices resound with fervent petitions and earnest words of apology and of repentance. Mother Mary has prepared for the children who accept to practice and profess by praying in the way that we have today.

Who can have, understand, and do, if without heaven’s permission? Today the Holy Spirit is at work. Because our eyes were accustomed to see in the old customary laws of mankind, today we see the negativity that surrounds us.

There is no strong voice to stand up for this truth. Those who completely have no functions still work silently and do not give up, because this is a battle to pray for God to have mercy and forgive.

We pray for God to help all leaders, despite their authority, outward appearance, self-interest or needs that they do not forget the truth in their souls. It is with faith that we lift up to God, to our Father, to apologize to Father, because Father is the Supreme Being who loves and forgives all.

When we repent, God forgives. God wants us to improve our life for us to live a peaceful and happy life. God is the light. With the light, we will live in happiness, hope, peace, joy.

And if we live in wrongdoing, in the darkness, then we are always groping in the dark. We do things without thinking, so we become the unrighteous, the rebellious, the wrongdoer, and an idol-worshiper.

We are misinterpreted and indoctrinated by a civilized world, because of the terrible progression and secularization that made us lose the foundation of the life that God grants. Today, secularization has caused people to no longer have a foundation with morality, with truth, and no longer have fidelity in the family life.

There is no more respect and love for truth and justice, for us to see the Lord we worship and to have the fear of God.

God granted us the best, in a spirit of thanksgiving, gratitude, and thankfulness. People continue their actions, but let us remember one thing: in China today, the water level from the dam continues to increase, daily torrential rains have killed many and have caused misery, and cities have become flooded lakes.

There is nothing to rely on – just human strength. So we reflect upon this to recognize that God still loves us and allows us to see the traitors who seek all kinds of ways to kill Christians, imprisoning priests, and gravely offending the Lord’s crosses.

In haughtiness and arrogance, they seek all kinds of means to kill people by pandemics all over the world. God allowed them to see their own choice. God let them see the wrongdoing that is offending the Lord Almighty.

He is still holding back His hand for mankind to return, but mankind remains stubborn, obstinate, and hardened.

That is the devil, not from a human being. If it was from a human being, then they would fear and see, because in all aspects, God uses and gives us time to repent, improve and return. God will hold back His hand at once.

Today, people do not believe in the second Great Flood. God promised. When the Great Flood with Noah’s ark appeared, God promised there would never be a Great Flood again, but God did not mention about a certain stronghold, a certain country.

If we live in a state of rebellion, then we must accept the consequences that belong to us when we rebel against God.

We plot to usurp God’s rights, killing mankind through a pandemic – so today we had the answer. During the Great Flood with Noah’s ark in the old days, God granted one family to be saved, for mankind to continue.

Today the second Great Flood is appearing. If people do not awaken, there will continue to be great floods in certain countries and states that must sink deep into the ocean. These are the things that God is holding back His hand and grants to mankind.

Let us return. Examine ourselves. Time is running out. Let us not take things lightly, because God manifests all things to us that never happened before, that are happening now. God loves mankind and grants in a special way.

May people accept, according to ones’ intention, through one’s ministry, to face God in a consecrated life, or face God only wearing the garment just to enter into the ranks and cause trouble to the Church, to cause misunderstandings that affect the Church and Christians.

No matter what happens in this world, we are the people who simply know to pray and lift up to God. We lift up to God and beseech God for mercy. May God love and allow those people to have the opportunity to repent.

May God have mercy and allow the world to be renewed with a new face in the Spirit of God. May all people return through their obedience, their surrender and in repentance. May each heart realize that mankind can do nothing, but only submit and return to be prepared.

Even though death comes, tribulations come, events come, and accidents happen at any time for each person, let us be prepared and know that life on earth and in this world is only temporary but the soul lives forever. Let us remember that what we do today, if we do not repent and return in time, we will forever be in a place with a never-ending fire for souls that are stubborn, obstinate, hardened, live in disrespect, violate God’s doctrine, insult God one way and another, through the people, we encounter in life.

O God, we lift up to You all the Holy Spirit-enlightened experiences during our weekly prayers each Wednesday.  Today, in this moment, I lift up to God and ask for God’s holy will to be done in what God wants in our human world.

We also lift up our Church to God. Even though there are zealous priests in their consecrated life speaking the words of the truth, they are still in the lower ranks so their voices are still silent.

So we, as the laypeople who hear and understand, unite with those venerable, responsible and brave, strong priests, to bring the voice of God to the world. In this moment, we also pray for those who have functions.

We dare not judge, as we believe that God knows and God sees and God assigns those functions to them; if they are people who lack the responsibility to lead in the ranks of shepherds as chosen by God, to lead the flock in a proper way, care for the flock and defend the flock,

God knows. The sheep have gone astray and are wounded because those people have neglected them. They remained indifferent to the sheep, wounded from disadvantages in the spiritual life.

The sheep are looking at their Lord God being dropped daily in communion, being offered in a plastic bag in this era – an era where churches are being burned, destroyed, holy statues are smashed, dishonored, and even the tabernacles, the places of worship.

This is something I hope for and I beseech God for those people to stand up, no matter what their consciences, to stand up and look at our Lord, whom others are offending and burning down.

Our Lord and our beloved Mother are being dishonored, but these people continue to be indifferent. What is happening?

O God, have mercy. We do ask for too much when we pray. We simply pray and lift up to God, for God’s holy will to be done according to what God wants. This is the longing of ordinary laypeople like us who grieve, let alone those whom God chose to become the shepherds to be the voice of the truth.

The voice of the truth, God wants to hear from those whom God entrusted, who are the shepherds to lead the flock as did Jesus, who through His death, gave the seal of salvation to the whole world, through the shepherds and our Church, in every generation.

Please help our spiritual lives to truly have a fulcrum, because God, the Supreme Being whom we worship, is the Lord God forever, whom we adore and honor. God, please accept our prostrations, through each Person that Mother Mary teaches.

May God accept, with the most ordinary words, from the heart, the soul, by a sincere presentation, with the concerns over our daily wretched and sinful condition. We lift up to God and beseech God. May God’s holy will be done. God, please renew the face of the earth and come to us quickly.

Help us recognize what we are doing. Our brethren are astray, our bishops and priests are astray. There are many more matters, governed by money, ambition, which in the end will become ephemeral and fleeting.

Today in this moment, mankind is not awakened enough to return to God. This is the moment when there is still time. May the voice be heard by everyone, from the heart, for us to no longer rely on learning and knowledge, but on the most urgent moments, to solely beseech God by our heart, soul, and mind, with repentance, with a spirit asking God to forgive our sins.

May God intervene and give us the opportunity to become reformed, perfect, to return to the Lord and call Him as Father, for our souls to be happy and peaceful. To call Father in the voice of truth, with a contrite heart, with a love-filled faith.

We believe in God’s forgiveness. We believe in the boundless Divine Mercy God grants to the sinners who became the penitents in this day and age, and became witnesses. Although life and mankind still despise and reject us, we are still happy with the Eucharistic Jesus, with a beloved Mother, with the daily lively voice, with our hearts feeling the love granted by God to all generations, to the world, to each heart that believes in Him, each person who professes, returns in trust, lifts up to God, soul and body, mind and heart, through the gift of the Six Kowtows.

This gift is a foundation to lead people into prayer, recognize God who is close to us, to lead man intuitively to naturally feel with the heart, through the Holy Spirit, for us to acknowledge the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, the food of our souls.

We greatly need and yearn for God. We cannot be without Him, for it is a divine relationship in which He allows us to be close, to feel, to be at peace, to be protected, to have the moments of respite from all the commotion.

We come to God through the mass to listen and recall His word through the Gospel, to recognize that the past and the present are the same. God is still the Lord, full of love from all eternity. The beginning and the end: God is still the Lord, full of love, the Sovereign Lord. He is the Lord who listens, supports, and granted us to become His people.

Today in the first reading, God created the Israelites. God loved Israel with a love that never leaves. Today God also loves our human race with a love for which He could not bear to see us suffer from our choices. He cannot bear to look at us crying and wailing, so today He still gives us the opportunity.

Everything we are facing is the consequence of the sin we are committing. He does not punish, He does not chastise, because the hour has not yet come – He still grants. However, the events we are encountering are from the choices we made. But God is still the Lord God who saves, forgives, is compassionate, and gives us opportunities.

There is nothing left for us to rely on of our own personal habits, our ego, our lazy character, and living in total arrogance. Let us prostrate before God. Let us remove our ego. Let us give up the mundane position of the world. Let us return to God like a returning child, a prodigal child returning to one’s father, a child in a spirit of repentance, with no other support.

Whether for food or for the soul, let us return to our Father, by our hearts, as Mother Mary taught. Our human condition is one of dust and we cannot be indifferent before God. He grants and gives, but let us look back to the days we offended Him and lived in iniquity. Let us return with soul and body, a spirit of prayer, by the heart, to focus thoughts and vision with repentance, to respectfully lift up to the Lord Almighty: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We praise and glorify God the Father.

Forever, He loves us and gives us opportunities. A wise Supreme Being who granted sinners the opportunity to become repentants and penitents, so that we have the opportunity to experience, to believe in the Lord Jesus, and to become His disciples.

We live according to the doctrine and though still not perfect, still flawed, still learning daily, we still have the faith to respectfully lift up. Still living in days of apology and thanksgiving, we lift up, and Jesus understands, Jesus knows, and Jesus is intervening.

We receive the love of the Holy Spirit. The love of the Father and the Son became the Lord who dwells with us, teaching us holy and good deeds, to distinguish between unrighteousness and righteousness, to be able to recognize between good and evil, right and wrong, true and false.

Today we lift up to the Holy Spirit.

We ask Him to continue to teach us to avoid the sins we committed in the past, to run away from sins, avoid sins, lessen sins, and return to God. God gives us a path of light for us to see what belongs to us, given by God. That is the Holy Spirit.

May everyone submit to Him, to know the lofty spirituality in the life of faith, and the harm we are experiencing as we are being attacked by the evil spirit. Today we have the Holy Spirit, who is the strength, the love, the light, and the truth, for us to walk and practice His teachings.

We recognize the spirituality and the sacredness that are nourishing us through the Eucharistic Jesus. His promise is granted to us forever. He will always fulfill that promise: I stay with you every day until the end of the age.

It is from those aspects that we are encountering danger and violence. God is being betrayed and offended. However, God is still with us every day until the end of the age. Let us believe and come to the Eucharistic Jesus, to prostrate and worship.

Let us come to apologize on behalf of the unrighteous and disobedient who are offending God. Let us come to lift up to God, to experience His love. Let us come to do penance for the sins of our past that we committed, and will still commit.

May we experience that boundless love.  Only Jesus is the source of comfort in moments of fear and terror, in this period of violence and misunderstandings.

All that is righteousness is misinterpreted by the wicked people, the conspirators, the media; deceits in the ingenious sophistication of the science of the times. The Eucharistic Jesus is everything. Today, what can we rely on?

We can feel that spirituality and sacredness as God comes to visit us. God is present with us. With what do we respond to Him? He was neglected, abandoned for many years, but He did not leave.

He does not leave. He still stays with those naive, foolish, stubborn, indifferent, and sinful people, because God loves.

God loves sinners. God saves so that we may become the children who are rescued and live with Him.

The purpose of God, to come to the world in the work of salvation, is to save us, deliver us, and give us hope.

Today He still waits for us, He continues to grant to us; even though for over two thousand years, He is hidden in spirituality, He still accepts everything, leading us onto the path of righteousness, of love, of salvation, of the Divine Mercy.

Our Lord is unique and He alone grants us in the world of mankind. Today, what do we feel when we look at the Cross?  What do we feel when we contemplate the Cross?  What do we recognize from the Lord, with His outstretched arms?  The Lord died so that mankind would have hope and a fulcrum in life, to receive the triumphant glory of the Risen Lord who brings people from the darkness back to the light.

The Five Holy Signs granted us the seal through forgiveness. Today we still do not understand and remain indifferent. Today let us bow our heads and prostrate and apologize before the Five Holy Signs.

It is because of our sins that God suffered and died. Today because of our sins, we continue to betray and reject, but God still loves and forgives. That immeasurable benevolence, who can give to us? What god or saint is like our God?

So let all of us open our eyes and our hearts and surrender and submit. Although God planned and arranged an order for us, this is a time of urgency, a time of events.

It is a time in which mankind is so focused on books that it fails to recognize the presence of the Lord, the sacred liveliness that God granted, the great purpose from the glorious triumphant Cross to give us life. The devil knows this is the pivotal point in the salvation that God gives to us, so the devil uses all kinds of ways, and he uses the ambitious people to commit offenses to the Lord’s Cross, even to burn them down along with the tabernacles.

The devil knows what is most valuable as God remains with us through the ways we perform and practice daily, through the reverence in Mass, through receiving God into our hearts.

Why does the devil not use other ways?  Because he knows this represents eternal victory, so he wants to destroy, annihilate and violate. But our Lord is in our hearts.

Though the holy statues and places are destroyed, the Lord, the Savior, can never be destroyed in our hearts. The Savior dwells in our hearts; the Savior whom we honor, prostrate to, and adore, in a spirit of repentance and penance. Let us together lift up to God.

These are the aspects we must be aware of, that we have ways to face and deal with all those who use all sorts of means to destroy everything that belongs to us.  They cannot destroy our faith, our devoted hearts, our adoration, our worship nor our apologies to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus.

The Five Holy Signs are the eternal victory for generations, and the devil must be terrified before the Five Holy Signs.  Today because we do not see with our eyes and because we are naive – we let the devil use and control us.

We live in iniquity, and so we are witnessing such important events.  The devil’s purpose is to destroy the Church, the Christians.  The devil seeks every possible way to destroy the Supreme Being who will come and will remove the wicked and the sinful people who follow the devil.

This is the purpose of the devil trying to scare us.  Let us not be afraid, because we still have Mother Mary, a beloved Mother who has prepared for us, and a Mother who remained silently in prayer throughout Her entire life while on earth.

And today as well, She is a Mother who replaced us at the side of the Eucharistic Jesus, who sees the situation of each generation, who looks at the naive children of God, who throughout the past and even the present, though they were taught, do not practice.

Mother grieves. Her tears flow. Tears of blood.  Tears are still flowing for the human world, out of love, with not a word of reprimand, but just a reminder to bring the children back.

Today, the time has come.

We are foolish because we do not listen to Mother, we reject Mother, we disrespect Mother, but She continues to be a Mother who loves us, seeks us, and looks for all kinds of ways to save us. Therefore, this gift of the Six Kowtows is a unique gift to save the world at the end of history, to help mankind understand what limited knowledge is.

The love Mother grants is to lead us back to God. That is the only shortcut. Mother is protecting us. Even though we sin, Mother reminds us that we still have the seal in the forgiveness from the Lord Jesus, Her Son, who is Her God and our God.

Today Mother will bring us to God and will guide us in the battle we are facing and which cannot be avoided. Mother continues to remind and to guide us along the path of returning.

Today those who have ears, eyes, and hearts, let us recognize Mother’s arrangement and teaching, to help us win the battle. We see the chaos with the unrighteous matters. In the end, our Lord is the Victor and whoever belongs to Him and to Mother will certainly win this battle –  through our prayers, by our repentant and contrite heart, by our apology, by our voice on behalf of the world in this period of chaos and turmoil.

Mother saw that we are in a disadvantageous position and the human world lacks enough virtue to face and understand the works of God.

It is Mother who led us to St. Joseph, the person who protects us, who intercedes before God on our behalf and has power before God. With St. Joseph’s prayer and support, our Church recognizes that we have a heavenly world that has always interceded for us. We are not defeated, even during the days of being in such a disadvantageous position like today.

At the same time, Mother leads us to the archangels who are ready to protect us and our Church.  Because we lived in days with the laws of the world, separated from the archangel Michael, we were totally unaware that it was God the Father who permitted the Archangel Michael to protect our Church.

It is because of human decisions that there are no longer prayers in a special way to the Archangel Michael. Today Mother teaches us to go straight to the three archangels in the heavenly kingdom. These archangels have power; they always obeyed God’s command to do great and noble deeds. Let us come to them through our prayers, by the words we lift up to ask for their help. Surely, they will never refuse.

We just need to ask and to pray with an eager, sincere heart. We certainly must be respectful, because all things we believe and ask for, God will not deny.

But we must speak up, open our hearts, fully repent, for us to be accepted by the archangels, to be protected and delivered from the traps that ensnared us in the past and even now.

At the same time, we pray to the guardian angels. They are always with us, but we never know them. We separate ourselves from the guardian angels to do what we do, but they are the beings by our side, protecting our lives. At all times, each one of us has their protection. Countless times, not from luck, we could have died unexpectedly, but the guardian angels helped us.

Even in our final moments, the guardian angels continue to pray for us. It is a great and splendid gift that God offers to mankind, but we are unaware. The time has come. Mother Mary wants to let us know for us to encounter all the lofty spirituality that God offers.

Let us take advantage of this moment, for us to be aware of heaven’s support.

We have the saints as role models.  Their lives were the same as ours, days of weakness, of seeking, of stumbling, and of confrontation.  They found God’s love. They trusted in God. They overcame the storms of life.  They were confident, risked their lives, and sacrificed to their death, to testify to their faith, which is the Lord, the loving Supreme Being. They longed for heaven.

Today let us lean on the example of the saints and ask for their intercession. We learn from the example of the saints to do what God wants us to do. In the name of our God, let us profess, live as taught by God, for us to continue on the path of witnessing.

God allows us to receive Mother Mary’s wonderful gift to the world, for us to reverently offer to each Person: the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, whom we worship.

The Trinity realized what is the greatest, most sublime, most sacred of deeds, and the most perfect, in God’s supremacy, for us to penetrate a great and solemn sacrament that we neglected, a great treasure that the Lord grants us – the Eucharistic Jesus.

Let us come to the Cross in a spirit of penance, which mankind is offending today.  Let us come to a beloved Mother with Her reminders and teachings. We thank Mother, with a respectful heart.

Thanks to the power of a Heavenly Queen who supports us, leads us, and introduces us to the archangels, to St. Joseph, to the angels, the entire heavenly court. Even the souls in purgatory accompany us, to fight the final battle between good and evil that we are facing today.

This is the final battle of history.

Let us be together, in unity, lift up to God with all our hearts.  Let us prostrate, adore, and surrender to the Lord, beseech His mercy and forgiveness, for all our brothers who are astray and those who are controlled by the devil of wealth, to open their eyes.

Let us ask for heaven’s healing to help them return in time when time still allows.  Do not let it be too late, then we also must perish as if in the second Great Flood in which countries are falling into today’s situation.

It is no coincidence, but like the cities of Sodom and Gomorra, will also be destroyed, because of the sin of denying God. So whoever has ears let him hear, whoever has eyes let him see, and whoever has a heart let him feel. These words do not come from mankind but from the Lord who granted everything to us.

Throughout each generation, the Lord grants, for us to be restored and choose. Let us not be too late and too tardy.

God grants prophets and messengers with His lively voice, to help us, all of us, in every era. May we believe, as Jesus said: Believe then you will have; seek then you will find; knock, then it will be opened. If we refuse, then we take things upon ourselves, because when we are being reminded, we reject.

To live the way of science and technology today, the radical way of today, the secularized way, is secularism with death, and we are preparing to enter a place that belongs to us, a place of personal interest. We let human order encroach on all that is spiritual.

Let us return by prostrating before God, by improving, in solidarity, in love, with forgiveness, and with mutual help. Let us return to our position. Let us no longer continue with wrongdoings, because we must face justice.

Time is over. All things will end soon. We ask, in the name of God, the Lord of love, now and forever and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Lucia, together with all the brothers and sisters, conclude on this Wednesday as God grants to me and the brothers and sisters, to voice what the Holy Spirit wants us to say, with the earnest words respectfully offered to the Eucharistic Jesus.

We thank the Holy Spirit, for us to lift up to God the Father. Whoever asks in the name of the Lord Jesus to God the Father, He never refuses.

We also come to Jesus, for the Holy Spirit to realize things He wants over us, teaching us, and by our side, for us to contemplate the Eucharistic Jesus spiritually, in a lively way. In our hearts and anywhere, there is His presence, because God remains with mankind.

Whoever lives in purity, in a life of righteousness, God will never reject their prayers.

We also have a Mother who reminds us and is teaching us the way to pray with The Six Kowtows.

Let us believe then we will realize an extremely prodigious document, not written by mankind, but from the Spirit of God who writes by the core of the intellect, by the love originating from the heart that God offers through Mother Mary.

Together, let us thank, praise, glorify, and honor.


Lucia, with the brothers and sisters, conclude at 11:17 on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statues of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, of Jesus Divino Niño, of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and of St. Juan Diego, as well as the images of Jesus and St. Pope John Paul II, St. Theresa of the Cross, Sts. Zelie and Louis Martin, St. Josemaría Escrivá, and all the saints in the church.

I want to mention this to thank them for their support through their prayers, for us to continue with the mission.

This year is the tenth year with all the wonders that appeared at this place, though still silent and not yet officially accepted in St. Theresa Church, at the Emmaus chapel.

During this pandemic, I certainly desire for the clergy as well as the parishioners, to welcome this gift, because this is the place where the gift of The Six Kowtows was given.  Unfortunately, today the people are still indifferent, they do not accept, they still are difficult, and the priests still refuse.

The only thing we know is to silently pray every day, silently lift up every day, and silently do the works as guided by the Holy Spirit. As for the other matters, we ask God to decide, according to His will.  Everything of this day, we thank God profusely.

Despite the difficulties, we still can do it; we still have the opportunity to do it. We still have the opportunity to glorify God, apologize to God, lift up to God, and pray with The Six Kowtows.

We offer God a myriad of thanksgiving.  Thanks to the Holy Spirit and to Mother Mary, who granted to these little ones – the sinful and wretched sinners like us – the opportunity to be close and lift up the Six Kowtows to God, with the voice taught through the Holy Spirit for us to be bolder, and not fearful of the events that are happening, and face what we need to lift up, address, and present to God.

May this time be a time in which our Church is united. May the Pope, cardinals, bishops, obey what is necessary in the sublime commandment given by God; in accordance to voice the truth, defend the truth, for the flock to be steadfast and not be shaken by any circumstances.

Whether it is the plague of soul and body, God is still the Lord who heals, intervenes, reigns, and grants to us, who are the people who belong to Him, with Him. May we forever be faithful and persevere with Him.

Help us see this for us to continue to practice, though silently.  God sees, God knows. God loves us and does not leave us. Whether dealing with difficulties or with death, it is still a place of eternal promise that God grants for us to return with Him.

A place everyone dreams and yearns – the chair of the banquet table.  May God hear and accept us.

May we live each day in vigilance and prayer, in caution regarding the malice in our weak and sinful flesh, always paying attention to our words and actions, to not err, to do no wrong, and not to disappoint God, and grieve Mother.

May we not let the Holy Spirit down after many years of training, and still live with indifferent, weak, frenzied days and in iniquity. Please help us recognize His guidance in a sharp way, for us to avoid sin, lessen sin, stay away from sin, be worthy of the role God grants to us, to speak the voice of God, bring the reminder to the world that is in urgent need today.

We lift up a myriad of thanksgiving and praise, and we glorify God.  In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.


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