New Revelations through the Eucharist

Message to President Xi Jinping


May 22, 2021

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit



O God, it is 9:47 am, Saturday, May 22, 2021, at St. Therese church. We are facing the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Today is Saturday, the fourth week of May, the Flower month, and today is also Saturday, the day to honor Mother’s Heart. We are together in unity to lift up prayers after every time we attend Mass. Individually or collectively, we have the opportunity to offer God the gift that Mother Mary gave, which is also the offering in our daily lives. First, I thank God today for giving us the time to come together to thank Him. The past week has been full of stress, with unexpected events, from individual to collective, even in our homeland Vietnam. If we are not concerned, if God does not allow, then we also do not know what we need to do to be useful to the world today. Throughout the course of history, what we pray for until now, God accepted and granted. All of God’s deeds, we truly do not understand, but whenever God allows, we must practice what is in the plan that God assigned for us with our mission.

First of all, I thank God. With our prayers, God gave us the opportunity to know He heard us and intervened with a very serious problem in our homeland of Vietnam, which is in a state of emergency, intense days with the threat of war between Vietnam and China. Indeed, everyone is concerned about this, especially Vietnamese people like us. The world is also concerned, because this is a very important matter, war may break out with the Third World War in the South China Seas. We are people who were born in South Vietnam, so we were truly frustrated with the atheist Communist policy. Moreover, we think that the citizens were oppressed by this regime, so there is nothing for us to hope for.

O God, it is our homeland, the place where we were born.  We belong to Vietnam. No matter where we live, we are Vietnamese; the language will never fade in our lives. We must have the responsibility to pray for our homeland. No matter how many years we left Vietnam, we also have the responsibility to pray for Vietnam, especially in terms of spirituality; less than 10% of the population knows about God. This is a great loss to the life of faith for the Vietnamese. It is certain that in recent times there have been many changes and many blessings poured out for the country of Vietnam, for the Vietnamese people. There is also a great deal of tension between the Vietnamese Church and the people chosen who have special graces. Those are the points we pray for all the time, and from these points we realize more important matters. Will Vietnam and the Vietnamese people remain self-governing? Whether communist or not, we hope the citizens will remain Vietnamese, because if Vietnam falls into the hands of the China, then the Vietnamese no longer have sovereignty of the country.

Many events happened, in the course of history, a thousand years ago. For one thousand years, Vietnam was dominated by the Chinese, then one hundred years of domination by the West, so surely that must have something to do with what we presently have. We do not forget that we are Vietnamese, with duty and responsibility. We do not contribute anything to our country, but there is a most important matter that we need to know: the majority of people in Vietnam do not recognize God, only some do. Lately, God revealed Himself. There are many things that pagans have come to know about God, though it is a small number. This is an example to help us know that in today’s world, all must return to God and all must know God. This is the most important thing for this century with tension over all regions and countries, and it is essential for the inner life to hold on to what is God-given. The law given to mankind is that morality needs a basis. We cannot continue with evil deeds according to the way of life of an age that accepts radical things and goes against morality and ethics.

Although some people doubt this, we are the people who know God. Though the days are the beginning, we know that God’s law and things God bestows help people be peaceful and to live in a way that is neither shameful nor does it affect the affairs of the world with morality and ethics. Today, we know that some people are bad, and we truly do not trust a regime that we have heard a lot about from time immemorial. We suffered hardships under the communist regime, so because of this we pray for our homeland to be restored, for people to become the people we hope for. What passed in life has become the past; it is not easy to return to what was as the wishes of the Vietnamese people. Whether people are republicans or communists depend on each person in the way they deal with their own beliefs, morals, and virtues.

Today, after many years, we are able to open wide our eyes to see. It is true that in any country there are still moral people, there are still righteous people, there are still people who have a patriotic heart, who care about the citizens, who are responsible, who risk their lives to take care of important matters, who let go of petty matters in the collective life. Although there are some people who take bribes, who are unjust, who are self-interested, there are still people who live for their homeland, for their fatherland, with virtue and morality inherent in the laws God grants and gives. We remember many decades ago we lost a righteous president that most people in Vietnam could not deny, that is President Ngô Đình Diệm. Over the decades in our century, presidents, though not as comparable as President Ngô Đình Diệm, have at least shown eloquence and wisdom in what they have done. That victory, I firmly think God favors Vietnam. Our country, Vietnam, has had presidents who served, and also saints who courageously professed their faith.

Surely, all the saints in heaven do not want our country to lose its ownership and belief in God so they prayed. And we who are in the world have had the opportunity, because God chose us to be the disciples of prayer, to pray for the world, for all classes, all roles, pray in silence with the special gift that Mother Mary gave to the whole world. We are the pioneers, even though ten years have passed, we are sure that even after a hundred years, this will continue to be popular for many people to know and believe. We do not know how many people practice this now, but we did what needed to be done. As for other things, we entrust to God, we only know our duty. When we pray, we do not pray according to our habit, but we pray with our souls, with our hearts, with the teachings of the Holy Spirit, fervently, to honor God and give Him thanks. So every story is rooted in the heart, in longing sobs, in compassion, in duty and responsibility.

So we thank God. Thank God for dealing with today’s reality, with stressful days, with stories that never happened but truly did, with intense battle between the enemy and the citizens. At the same time, there are also stories that involve love stories, stories between father and children, stories of life between man and man, and always in that reality, are stories of days of war. We feel this is a story that God gives to humanity. No matter how stressful war is, yet when speaking about family life, about sentimental life, about the life between father and children or loved ones, then certainly, everyone has moments of emotion. Today there are wicked people who use tricks to achieve their goals. They do not use affection and compassion; they just want to achieve their goals so they use anything, even if it is unrighteous. Those people who use all kinds of schemes to achieve their goals, in the end, are they winners or losers?

There is only one thing: human emotions cannot be forced. It is to be expressed only by the heart that truly manifests, by virtue, by generosity, by a righteous person, then that is the victory, something for everyone to see. When a person does not say much but practice, then everyone is aware and the reputation echoes according to that person’s life. There is something that cannot be denied, from God who grants to that person. It is because of these points, God gives us the opportunity. Let us not pray for neither communists nor for republicans, but pray for God’s will to be done, to save the country of Vietnam and protect the territory of Vietnam, to not to let Vietnam fall under the domination of malicious people who have long wanted to invade our homeland Vietnam. This is something that concerns us and makes us feel responsible, because we know no one can save Vietnam, no one can claim to have won this war, and no one can undo the situation when the atomic bombs are ready with people who have evil intentions. No one can cope with this situation, if events happen, because compared to the enemy; the country of Vietnam is small, with an average population, with the people in the army also a small number. But then, how come there are battles won so gloriously?

So we pray to God for we know that God saw and heard. God gave to the Vietnamese people the country of Vietnam. Vietnam is an S-shaped country, small, with an average population, and very few people know God, but God loves the people’s hearts, God loves people who are earnest, who understand and bear the responsibility to beseech and pray. God loves the innocent people through the ages, God loves people’s longings, God loves people who have no means, because their leaders give orders and force them, so the citizens have no opportunity to know God and believe in God. No matter what, God granted and chose so though we no longer live in Vietnam, we know that God alone is the Supreme Being who decides, who grants, who gives. There is only one Supreme God Almighty who grants the suitability for us to pray for Vietnam, because it was colonized for too long in the past, and subjected to a radical movement that caused the youth to be utterly depraved. Since the citizens do not have the opportunity to believe in God, they do not have the opportunity to know about His doctrine and His teaching. They are the victims of today’s times and also the victims of the battles of the times.

Therefore, we must have the responsibility to pray. Thanks to God’s love through His Divine Mercy for the Vietnamese people, He chose us to be in the ranks of the little apostles who silently pray. This is an opportunity for us to see God’s love. It is God’s answer that gave us a country, no matter how small in today’s wartime, with no way to deal or win. However, when God grants, then we see a talented general. Though he does not know God yet, with a pitiful past life with many things, he rose up and he believed in what comes from the truth on this earth. Certainly the communists do not believe in God, but we know what he is doing today, all his victories and all the stories of his life, his personal story in the history in the midst of war, and his sentimental life. Step by step are the points that God wants for the world in general, as well as for Vietnam in particular, and for all people to understand what comes between Vietnam and us who are Vietnamese.

We praise God, thank God, because we know the best comes from God; only when God allows for it to happen. The stories are a good example, a shining example for the country of Vietnam in particular and for ourselves, those who live abroad, who understand the current battle, and the stories for us to be aware. We believe in God’s providence and arrangement. We thank God with our hearts when we sincerely pray for this Vietnamese general, because we think he is very important and he will influence the leaders in Vietnam. The days when he succeeds and completes the program, the days when there is no longer a battle, his story will go down in history and the atheist communists need to look at it so that their lives will be amended. For there is nothing like sincerity, a sentimental life manifested by a life of virtue, of generosity, by a life that has something protected by the divine, which is undeniable. It is God.

So people do not know, but we know. What we do, we are sure that God listened and He granted to our country Vietnam a general to help in these tense times, because the number of people who fought the battles was so small, but how come they won in the last few days? First, this general is very virtuous; second, his strategy is very quick and very wise; all the directions under his hands become perfect. There was only one disadvantage, he is very honest, and because of that honesty, he was betrayed. Someone came to arrest his wife. Because of money, the people close to him sold him out, and his children were arrested. But in the end he also uses justice; he uses his heart to face them. So at first glance this person is not a cruel person. He is not cruel towards his opponent. When he goes to the battlefield, he is also not cruel. He just wants to compete to see who is better in this fair battle.

This is a history that we ask to be recorded from the permission of the Holy Spirit. Whether this general knows or not, we just know that spiritually, to God, we affirm that God has answered our prayers and gave Vietnam a general. No matter who he is, whether in the past is republican or communist, at this time it is necessary to have a person who can deal with the situation, to not let Vietnam falls into the hands of a wicked person who wants to take over the Vietnamese territory. The whole world is suffering because of this one person. This is what we must clearly differentiate, the evil side and the good side. We ask God to look at those who are doing their best to protect their country’s territory, which is our country Vietnam, also representing us, who are overseas, who one day hope to return to our homeland. May God preserve our homeland and the Vietnamese people to have sovereignty. Anyway, though under a communist regime as is, it is better for our homeland in this way rather than see Vietnam fall to the wicked people of China who want to take over our country to be their own, to dominate, to impose a policy that as we know was too rigid and offensive to God, because the Chinese government does not allow its citizens to believe in God, and this is a very important matter.

In their country of China, the majority of people do not know God and do not believe in God, so there are many things that happen that no one can deny. The Chinese are truly hardworking people who do very well but they have no faith. In whatever they do, they do not have a foundation with a required morality, so they easily plan to invade other countries; they easily plan to follow the laws of the Chinese government. We only know one thing: no matter how evil, there will be a day when the truth and the law of righteousness will compel each person to have moments of regret. Today, they are free to do what they want, because they neither know God and God’s law nor have the opportunity to believe in God. They are free to do whatever they want, they can dominate the world by using either weapons or all tricks, but in the end, we will see. God always leaves mankind free to know Him or to believe in Him. God always give opportunities to sinners, because He comes to save sinners, including us. Whether the people are those with positions of power, or common citizens, or little people, all receive the salvation of Jesus Christ. He is always waiting for the world to recognize and to return to Him.

This is a great preparatory battle, which maybe the start of World War III. In all countries, the governments are also ready. If something is to happen, they would march together with this monstrous collision battle at the end of history. So what needs to happen must happen and what needs to end must end, because we no longer have the choice. God has granted us for centuries. We have seen World War I and World War II, and now the threat of the third World War. Surely in this third World War, there will be scientific weapons like atomic bombs, with nukes, then after the war, whoever wins and whoever loses, what will the world be like? Everything people use to achieve victory for their countries, do they even think what the bombs will do? What will happen to the territories of the countries towards Southeast Asia, with the use of atomic bombs and ammunitions to defeat the opponents by the use of all weapons, full of poisons?

Then what will happen to the places where people live? The water sources will be contaminated by radiation, which will affect the lives of people, the marine life. Whether people may survive or not, how many years will it take to decontaminate those water sources to be viable for creatures, for people to use? Because life as God grants, in the sea, there are fishes, in the fields there are crops, all of which is food for human beings, and that is the food sources to supply that country and the countries they trade with. When we go deep into the issue then we see how it affects all of us in this world. With today’s situation, who wins and who loses is very important. O God, please do not allow the third World War to happen, because if the third World War happens, all countries will use all means to gain victory for themselves and protect their own countries. Unfortunately, the wicked people will take risks, because the leaders do not care about those who serve in the army, the soldiers who also have families, also have children. When they go to the battlefield, it is not known whether they will be alive to return or not. Those soldiers must risk their lives, because military orders are very strict, if they go wrong and do their will, they can be either killed or severely punished without anyone knowing about the problems of China.

So these are very frightening matters for the world. We noticed very clearly the whole world is dealing with a country of close to one and a half billion people, with the desire to expand, to usurp God’s right, and much more. In recent times we know that no one dares, no matter who he is, no matter how many generations, but today the most notorious leader is the one who dares to destroy the crosses in the churches, to force people to hang his pictures and take down the Ten Commandments of God to replace with their own teachings. Particularly, the Catholics in this country (China) are persecuted and imprisoned, especially priests, bishops and citizens. There are also frauds in their lives, by automatically promoting themselves in politics. It is truly a terrible thing, because mankind does not know to fear God, does not recognize the Creator whom we must know. As normal human beings, there is no way for us to offend, no matter what, we do not dare. But here is this person who disdains the Creator, who thinks only of power, in lies, in goals of hegemony, like the bloodthirsty emperors in each age, in their countries.

They continue in this direction to want to expand in the world, with actions that violate the law of God, the law of navigation, the law of each country. They have gone to the extent of stealing from other countries’ knowledge to bring back to their own country (China). Today, we see clearly what they took from others, by creating bombs, ships, everything. They think they are fine, but in the end, most recently we see the incidents involving their rockets and ships, which were built from stolen documents. Since thieves are unrighteous people who reject God and offend God, then how can they succeed?

How pitiful for the innocent people, the young people, they lived in the days ruled by faithless people and faithless governments so they grow up influenced by unrighteous actions. There is so much intelligence, so many bribes. In the most critical, most urgent times, we heard a person who was close and trusted by Vietnamese General Bùi Cao Khánh, who fought together in many battles, betrayed the general, because of money. Money is used by the wicked people who use intelligence to bribe. In the end, this person became a traitor, instructed the adversary army to arrest the general’s wife, and many things happened. Indeed, the politics of the times are so horrible. There is no longer brotherly love, and nothing to follow a law that mankind needs with instinct and ability. Between man and man, they are not righteous in competing with each other. They do not follow the directions with the required law. They use all kinds of tricks to reach their goals. These are the most despicable actions that all of us must see, must know, and for the whole world to recognize.

How unfortunate for those who live in the countries that God granted to have a great reputation. The leaders of those countries have a voice that influences the world but today, because of money, they remain voiceless to the situation, they sell out everything as we see their cooperation with the wicked people. How pitiful and regrettable for the people who are living with the days when they witness this. What is true and what is false is very clear but they keep relying on the wrong, defending the wrong in their positions of power. They think that no one knows, but in the end, the truth is still the truth. Even what is covered by lies cannot cover the truth that God wants us to know, to recognize, and to discover that truth. Today, we can only lift up to God the current situation. We humbly ask God to have mercy on the country of Vietnam at this moment. We entrust and trust in the love of the Divine Mercy. We know that the communists do not believe in God and there are also unrighteous people who have a hard time accepting what belongs to religion, in particular those who belong to Catholicism.

But thank God, Vietnam is not as strict these days as it used to be. At least the leaders saw the need to open a path to the religious freedom required. Certainly, God knows and sees. We thank God. One more time, we thank God. Forever, we thank God, because God listened to our plea to help our homeland Vietnam, with its S-shaped country. No matter how many years or generations, the Vietnamese people know that Mother Mary has visited Vietnam, and we see with the poor people, Mother still continues to give and support Vietnam. The Vietnamese people, though not a large number, have an indelible history with 117 officially recognized saints, including one woman, Lê Thị Thành. Everyone knows about the profession of faith of the saints. There are many saints who are not officially recognized by the Holy See, but they still have the courage to profess their faith. Surely, through the ages of the Vietnamese people, God saw these points to have mercy on the Vietnamese people and give them a chance at the end, through the threat of the Third World War.

We thank God and we pray. We regret that since God chose us, for the past ten years, we did not know anything about politics, anything about the country. We only knew how to live within the framework of our family’s circumstances, with what we could. But lately, God has taught us to pray, particularly to President Ngô Đình Diệm, who died nearly 60 years ago. God gave us the opportunity to know for sure that this president, spiritually, God has allowed him to return to heaven. There are so many things to share with the world as we yearn for a president to be able to help our country of Vietnam with strategic ways, to protect the homeland, protect what belongs to the Vietnamese people that God granted, but what is most needed is the righteousness of that leader. We pray in remembrance of the soul of this former president, and what he did.

Today, indeed, even though it is under the communist regime, we also see there is a certain similarity in justice, in righteousness, and in the way that God granted to the country of Vietnam nearly 60 years ago. So today is a comeback, which is not a normal thing or a coincidence like so many others, because under the communist regime there appeared a person who seemed to be saying something to the people who follow the communist policy.  We cannot destroy what is righteous that God wants to show to the world of man. We only know the story we heard and I used to pray over it, which is the story of Moses. The people of Israel were enslaved in Egypt for 430 years, truly a long time. Those people suffered, because of slavery, but they do not forget to pray to God. They beseeched, pleaded, prayed, and in the end, God sent one person who did not know anything, who also came from the land of Egypt.

His past was that he was born in a time when Egypt did not want more sons from the Jewish nation. Moses was the baby who was left in a basket on the Nile River, and was found by the Pharaoh’s daughter. God set a plan for that baby to be raised by the Egyptians. The moment he made a mistake Moses ran away. In the end, God chose Moses. In his history, he actually used the staff God gave him to lead the Israelites out of the land of Egypt. In his works, God revealed Himself to Moses for Moses to do what God asked. Since then Moses has had a glorious story under the dominion of the Supreme God who bestowed to him, and he believed. In the end, Moses led the people safely across the Red Sea. The Pharaoh’s army was completely wiped out without any survivors. So today too, we do not know what tomorrow will bring. O Lord, our God, we know that you answer our prayers in this generation because from time immemorial, God has granted a great favor to the country of Vietnam. The Vietnamese people, whether they believe or not, whether they know or not, there are still blessings bestowed.

Today, we are the Vietnamese people who were aware of the great graces through this unique gift of the Six Kowtows from Mother Mary. We became the pioneers who pray for all important issues in the world, for individuals, for groups, for all matters. We pray after attending Mass when everyone has left the church. No matter what situation, we reverently lift up the Six Kowtows daily, individually and collectively, because we know this gift does not come from mankind, but from Mother Mary who offered it to us. We pray fervently in times of greatest urgency. Recently, we pray for the pandemic crisis. Today we continue to pray for we saw it is God who gave a privilege no matter what state the world is in, whether tense, in mourning, with the pandemic, everything has turned into chaos, with the world threatened by a third World War. God is still the Lord full of love, who loves mankind, who grants and gives mankind blessings for people to be protected, through the tribulation and the suffering they encountered, are encountering, and will encounter in life.

We believe all things come in goodness. There are things we never knew, but today we pay attention, and many times our hearts sob, touched. At every moment, we beseech God for Vietnam. Today the situation is still tense in the South China Sea, it still has days of fierce competition and there are many more. But we believe and we pray for God to protect the general that our country Vietnam desperately needs, because Vietnam cannot be without him. Without him, the country of Vietnam cannot cope with all that is happening today. Whatever happens, we continue to care and we know that his achievement will be written down in history. We truly are concerned about this general, and we understand God’s love, God’s gift to the Vietnamese people, to those who live in righteousness. The righteous people that come about do not come from being trained people, but it is God who granted them even though they do not know it. God already knew us when we were in our mother’s womb. God knew what people will do with God’s plan for them. The people who find this righteousness and a life with the doctrine taught by God, then they are the chosen ones.

We thank God and continue to thank God. We lift up to God the present days and the days to come. Because in God’s plan we see that God loves and is granting to Vietnam. We hope that the Vietnamese people, the generals, and the people who lived unrighteously in the past few years, with a regime that rejects God, will open their eyes to see what is in righteousness that has won. Not only victory of the battle, but also victory in the sentimental life. It is so because all these things are the law of nature. It is not by using power or money to bribe, but by using the truth of righteousness for a person to receive and succeed emotionally, socially, and on the battlefield. This is something that God alone grants and gives, so whoever lives in this situation then it is the law of righteousness God grants to the righteous people to recognize and enforce.

We pause about this story to thank God. The month of May is the month of flowers, so we never forget Mother. Mother protected Vietnam, especially the La Vang village in the past. Today in Ta Pao too, with the children from all over the country with illnesses, Mother loves and grants them in a special way. Strange graces appeared to heal the Vietnamese people. People have the right to believe or not believe, but that supernatural divinity continues to come to Vietnam, to the Vietnamese people and gives us the opportunity to praise and glorify God, to thank and honor God, on behalf of those who still do not know, who still do not believe. The country of Vietnam needs to thank God. They cannot refuse, even though they do not know, they cannot deny that God has looked at them and intervened for them. Then by our side is another person. That is Mother Mary, a Mother who loves the children of Vietnam, who loves those who pray to Mother. Mother loves and grants the gift of the Six Kowtows to the Vietnamese people, for the Vietnamese to be the first people in the history of this age to be the pioneers of what is being practiced, and was practiced in silent years – ten years of receiving God’s grace and six years with the Six Kowtows.

All have a historical program inherent in the present age, be it peace or war, but be firm in the faith. Righteousness will prevail, and here God lets the world know that the victory belongs to the righteous, the people who belong to God, the people who believe in God, and who entrust all things to God, even though days of suffering, days of challenge, but all will pass. God will save the people who believe in Him, belong to Him, and trust in Him. We do not do great things, we are just ordinary people, but we know that only God can save Vietnam, only God can save the world today. God alone has the power to command the land we reside to return to the righteous days of the past, because today, even though it is a powerful country, people in this century have been living in iniquity for so many years. Because of power, because of politics, they do not think about what they are doing, and in the end face failure. Because of stubbornness, obstinacy, and hardheartedness, they do not recognize their mistakes and repent. So as they continue to be stubborn, then God will use His power.

There are also the people God uses, the people who believe in God, their prayer, their faith, their earnestness, that is the weapon that Mother Mary gives to the world. All that comes from righteousness in truth, then God will intervene and give that country back the peace it needs and restore the righteousness that was lost by the unrighteous people and the radical movement of the times that took away what belongs to the citizens. Those citizens are the victims like us, and the innocent citizens who died because of the plague of the soul and body. Power will not surpass the morality and virtue that God grants to people in this century. At this moment, we unite in our hearts to lift up to God the country of Vietnam, General Bùi Cao Khánh, all the generals working with him, his loyal soldiers, ready for battle. We pray for Vietnam, the true territory of Vietnam, to not fall to foreigners or to the wicked people with their ambitious main purpose to dominate our homeland. May sovereignty remain with the Vietnamese people.

May God, through this battle, protect General Bùi Cao Khánh. Let him be a good example for the nation’s leaders that follow the way of the communists, to have innovative directions, for that policy to become more improved, and also to let all people in the world realize that what is in virtue, in justice, and in righteousness then will always last and will be blessed. As for those who continue to be greedy, selfish, using power and politics, then they will surely lose, whether powerful, aggressive, and rich, like China. Let us not think that the world’s talent, power, or money will win. No. We must know that there is the Supreme God who is the Sovereign, not us. We are ordinary human beings, let us not offend God. Let us live in morality, then that blessing will last forever.

As for the people who live in ruthless ambition, who want to expand in the world, who want to rule the world in a way that usurps God’s authority, those people will live in disgrace, they will be completely defeated. We will see what happens at the end of history. Today, God granted us to say what needs to be said, what must be said. I do not flatter Vietnam, I do not flatter anyone, and I just ask God to protect the righteous people, for them to be named in the history book. The people who belong to God, in virtue, in morality, they still do not know, but they will know, and that will not be too late for them. We have the responsibility to pray for them to know the Supreme Being who supports and grants them the wisdom to face this battle. That is the blessing God gives to the country of Vietnam.

O God, today is Saturday, the day to honor Mother’s Heart. This whole time in prayer, I lifted up everything in prayer that does not come from me, but from the Holy Spirit who taught me to pray to God. Once again, may God protect General Bùi Cao Khánh, and all the generals who are loyal to him, his followers whom he guided who were faithful to him. They won battles, even in the days when this general risked losing his life or faced defeat, but he was victorious. Today, I ask God to bless this general, let him continue to take the responsibility to protect our homeland Vietnam. He is also a person who will know God and recognize God’s love, recognize that people like us are around to pray and call on God’s name, for God to pour abundant grace on this person, who is righteous. One day he will know what God grants to him, and he is also an example for the communist regime that rejected God for many years.

The only thing we know: we pray that the world for the remaining days will not think of the victory of men, but of God defending the weak, defending the righteous. God also grants to sinners and the people who follow the atheist communist policy who do not know, for them to know. One day they will realize that God is real. Facing the threat of a third World War, if, without God’s help, Vietnam will not easily win this battle, because the enemy is on all sides. All are in the territory and prepared. It is not easy to overcome the tension with the potential invasion of China, because many times, China used all kinds of ways to gain control of the country of Vietnam. They seek a time to attack the country of Vietnam.

But what human beings plan cannot be equal to heaven’s plan. Just know one thing: God will have a way to help those who believe in Him. I pray to God one more time that no matter what the circumstances, may God protect the family of General Bùi Cao Khánh. Please grant him good health, wisdom, and insight, in both domestic and foreign strategy, for him to avoid all those in authority who are always inclined towards greed, bribery, and injustice. This general, we heard that he is righteous, moral, just, who has compassion for others, who respects and also understands brotherly love. Such a person comes from God. Whether he knows it or not, we know for sure that God gives Vietnam one last chance, because of the pleas and prayers over the years that God grants to us in our mission.

Today, it does no matter whether this general knows or not, we must continue our duty to pray for God to protect him. May God let those who seek to attack or take over our homeland Vietnam, let them know that there is no way they can take over our homeland Vietnam. Because God helps Vietnam, God helps the righteous generals, God helps the people who pray and trust, God helps those who seek what is in the truth at the end of history. God grants in a special way the love of the Divine Mercy to the world. I only ask God for one thing; please do not let war happen. Stop everything. The opponents are China and the ruler, President Xi Jinping, what he has in the real world is that he is the president of this country. He is the president who rules over a large population, close to one and a half billion people. It is a country that ranks first in the population, but he has committed many offenses, because he does not believe in God, so he is free to live his life according to the law of the jungle, and using money to bribe.

There are so many injustices in that country, everyone is aware, and in the end with those injustices he caused the innocent people, the citizens who are victims like us, to also fall into the pandemic of the coronavirus. So many lives were lost in 2020 and 2021, especially in India, which is in a serious situation with a high number of deaths. It is not stopping here, but there will be more days to come. So we pray for God to have mercy, to end the pandemic, because evil will bring no peace and nothing will be gained. Human beings who live in this world, if they have no moral basis, no basis for justice and righteousness, then live the remaining days just like an animal, without knowing right from wrong, good from bad, true from false.

People are offending, confused, not knowing male or female, not knowing female or male, not knowing which gender they belong to. There cannot be freedom in the sin of abortion or to let all the injustices run rampant in a powerful country, which greatly affect the world. All these things will never be able to last, because God’s way is very clear. God granted to mankind. His creation cannot change under any circumstances, but mankind offended God, usurped God’s right, killed the righteous people, and tried all kinds of ways to bring down the laws of justice in all other countries, used money to bribe. These are unrighteous actions and also the most despicable, vile actions. People cannot continue to follow this regime to influence every place or every country. Even their own citizens are affected by this regime.

O God, there are righteous people; there are also unrighteous people, so I ask God for mercy. This is the time when the glory of God is revealed to the human race to know of God’s intervention. God also lets the people living in that hegemony to fail, taste utter defeat, and must bow down and prostrate to realize who God is. What is human strength can never withstand what comes from God, the Creator’s will, and God’s will. As God granted to us three years ago, before the pandemic, why did we care about China and pray for China? Because of the words God grants through the Holy Spirit: “Because you have done these unrighteous deeds, your territory, your country, will be responsible for the wicked deeds you have done.” Today, indeed there are rains, storms, thunder, earthquakes, all these things are happening as they were told three years ago.

All that has come true, without the slightest knowledge from man or man’s fabrication, because what people do in iniquity they must pay the price over their own country, their own citizens, and even themselves are affected. People are stubborn and hardhearted, but God still gives them a chance. Today, Mr. Xi Jinping, if you truly recognize your mistakes, stand up and return, recognize God with a contrite heart. You know that all the territories of China you can have, but you cannot keep the person you love, you cannot keep your wife, you cannot keep your children, you cannot keep the people around you to love you. The people who had been with you for so many years to cook for you, in the end, they want you dead, and they left you. These are stories for people to learn, they can conquer the world, but cannot keep anything of their own. Sir, then that life is meaningless.

Today, we sincerely pray for you, Mr. Xi Jinping, the letter that we actually received, we did not know about it, but it comes from God who loves you, because God knows how you feel. No matter how wicked people are, they still shed tears for the love of their families, children. The tiger also does not want to kill its own, you cried so you still have feelings of a human being. You have the mind to judge, you have a necessary choice for your life. You truly do not understand your situation. If you do not follow the program like you are doing, then surely you cannot sit in the chair as the General Secretary today, ruling over close to a billion and a half people. The truth is that no matter how wicked people are, remember, one must respect and fear the Creator.

We use the words “The Creator” to make it easier for you to understand, because you are just an ordinary human being. No matter how good your strategy, no matter how rich you are, or whatever you have, remember that you must respect and fear the Creator. The Creator is God. Your God, and my God. Perhaps you allowed your policy to overlook crime so you do not understand anything, and you had many offenses against God’s law. You felt that you were completely following the direction of your country and because of that you were controlled by the evil spirits, so you do not recognize God, you offend God with actions as I stated in the previous letter. Perhaps in this situation, when you read this letter in your country or anywhere else, you will seek ways to kill us or you will seek ways to harm us. But we truly pray to God for you earnestly. We know you cried when you recognized your daughter in the hospital, your daughter Phạm Hoa. You cried when you were lying on the hospital bed so then you still have feelings, you still have a heart, you still have something in life.

Because affection and love come from God, from the Creator, then surely God grants you the opportunity to reform. Do you think you were able to avoid death more than ten times? No, you could not. God grants to you and the Creator protected you, for you to see your decisions and your actions at times are truly unjust, for you to see things that you must face, with sufferings. Today, have you truly succeeded or not? Your family, your wife, what belongs to you, do you completely have or not? Have you been unrighteous, using power? Finally, you need to ask your heart. Sir, please stop the crimes. What is not yours, please do not invade other countries, because the other countries also have their own protections. Others do not want to invade your country, then you should not invade someone else’s country. Please be fair. Your citizens and your country have many talented people. There are many people who try very hard in life with what they have done. Indeed, China has a lot of good things that your citizens have achieved, so please compete fairly.

Use what you have, and live a life with heart, with justice, with compassion, a virtue required on leaders, so that you can keep being a leader, and deal with all countries with the respect that is required, then surely your country will be more prosperous. Why do you need to take over other countries? Today, what you see in front of you, you think you will succeed, but money will not buy, money will never succeed. Because money comes from the devil, from unrighteousness. You obtained money from certain things and you were truly unfair in obtaining that money, so that money is not worth solving all the problems as you are doing. All things must be according to the just law of God, the Creator of heaven and earth and all things. Sir, you have committed the sin of injustice, you offend God, then you will never win any war, and at the end of your life, you will find that even the people who are close to you are afraid of you, they are also disgruntled by your actions. They are your children. Yet, we see your children love you very much. No one can cause the separation of a father-child relationship, and no one can divide.

No matter how you are, you still love your children very much, and even though you do not like it but you still do, let alone God. God created you. God loved you. Since you are so sinful, if you die, where will your soul go? So God loves you. You love your children, then God loves you a hundred thousand times more. Today, this letter is addressed to you. What you are doing, please stop. Reconsider carefully the remaining days of your own life. You live for your country, according to what they have, but they will forever remember your evil deeds, and they will easily forget what in life you must truly do. It is time for you to face justice, face a world where everyone must come to. No one can stop at this earthly station in this world but must come to a place of justice and fairness, and the Supreme Being who rules is the Creator whom you must recognize. Who is that Creator? We often address Him as God. He is a very merciful God. He is a very just God. He is a God who always gives people time and gives people opportunities.

Since you are a person who is being given an opportunity by God, we are concerned about this and pray for you. Sir, please stop what you are doing, because if you continue to do then you will also fail. It is time for God to act. It is time for heaven to intervene. It is time for the hidden generals, which are the angels in human bodies who have come to earth, to come to the current battles. If you are not fair, you will never win, so you must accept these facts. People often say that man’s plan cannot be equal to God’s plan. God has looked at you then you cannot oppose the people with angels working in human bodies. They are the mighty angels sent from heaven. You must clearly remember that everything you did ended up in failure; failure first in family matters, failure in all that you are facing, failure on the battlefield, and even failure in all relations with all countries. Do not continue to be stubborn. You will not win. This is God’s last chance for you to confess and return, and you truly must recognize God, and you must apologize for what you have done.

Everything will also end with your life so that you too can come to the Supreme God. After you leave this life you will not fail, because you returned in time, and for the rest of your life, let your children and others also look at you with admiration. Now you win, but behind your back, there are many people who talk about you. Many of them feel that you are too cruel, they fear your cruelty and they hate you so much. So if today, while there is still time, let your voice say what you need to apologize for, then certainly your good reputation will be remembered forever. A wicked man has returned to righteousness, then God will give you the glory for you to have with the days the Lord will give you, because you will influence many people, to help them know, especially your own citizens, for them to know God, to recognize God. The God whom you offended, but today you know Him. His mercy, His love, and His boundless Mercy are granted to you, to sinners, who are the people loved and forgiven by God. He has done and He grants you to have the opportunity for you to reform and be restored.

These are the last moments. First, what you need is for your children and those who love you to look at you differently, even your enemies see you differently if you truly return to God and acknowledge what you have done, and you repent with your heart according to your ability to God. Because of what we do today, we listen to the command that comes from God, from heaven, and we are commanded by the Third Person of God, the Holy Spirit. This to the world must be an abstraction, no one will believe, but we have experienced this for the past ten years. We experienced and did this for you, for your country, and we pray for all the countries that are in need of prayers, which is what we do. Today, I represent the lives of Christians with a heart, with a mission that God grants to the world for generations. Whether you understand it or not, we assume the role of messengers to pray for the countries that are in a situation threatened with a third World War, including ourselves who are being affected.

We endured the pandemic of the coronavirus, if God did not save our lives, we would have died like so many others. The works we did for the past ten years, today through the pandemic, we see that horror. God grants us to pray, to pray for our homeland Vietnam, to pray for you, Mr. Xi Jinping, to pray for all the countries that are at war, and we also pray for the United States of America, where we reside. There are many things we have done. Today your country is also one of the countries we pray for, with no exception. Do not feel anything strange happening, you do not need to look at us who are nameless, who are the little people. We know our duty to work with the heavenly kingdom that God granted for ages. Unfortunately, the saints who wanted to come to China to preach the Gospel, especially St. Francis Xavier, never made it. St. Francis Xavier was very young, was a rich man. When he followed God he wanted to travel everywhere to bring the Good News to the people. Unfortunately on the way to Macau, China, he died at sea, on a ship going to your country.

Because of that, since ancient times, it seems that the works God granted to the saints did not reach your country, so China is very limited in the number of people who know God. Through the stories in history, we know St. Francis Xavier longed to come to China, to Macau, to bring the Gospel and spread the word of God, but unfortunately, he died on the way there due to illness. So there are stories that you need to know about things because the history of your country has many emperors. Certainly, you know which emperors were good emperors, which ones were the evil emperors, and what happened to them in the end. We ask you, Mr. Xi Jinping, to welcome this opportunity of this civilized age. This is a time when God has specially set aside for this world to know His return. In how long we do not know, but God will return. When He returns in glory, He will stand on a throne to separate the wicked people on one side and those who belong to Him on the other side. He will say that He allows time but mankind does not want to awaken then mankind must suffer justice before His power. So no matter what you do, you must not offend God. You cannot compare yourself to the sacredness that you need to know and need to believe. This is what we want to conclude in this morning.

What needs to be said, what must be said, we also hope that you, more or less, must have eyes to see. Although you are talented in unrighteous ways and succeed, you should remember that unrighteous talent is not convincing, will bring rumors, bad reputations, will influence your life and your children’s lives. Please look at the general you want to kill, you want to murder, you want that person to be defeated, but it will never be according to your will, because our general, that is General Bùi Cao Khánh, is victorious. Do not look at this general with the eyes of a normal human being. This general has God’s support, he has angels from heaven helping, and we are the people who are always praying for this General Bùi Cao Khánh, for our country of Vietnam to never fall into your hands. You must learn the gestures and actions of this general, because he deals not according to the ways of the world. You can see, in terms of sentiment, you need to recognize the most tragic things you caused to this general, yet he behaves in a non-hatred but very fair way. Those are the points that you must learn, for you to see that life is meaningful in ways that are not competing for positions, for money, or for ambition, but to compete for a life of morality and virtue, which is needed in a person.

Today, what God wants me to say, God gives me the opportunity to do this.  Whether Mr. Xi Jinping seeks ways to harm me, or seek to find this out, we are not afraid, because we know for sure that what we do does not come from ourselves but from God. You need to know God. Surely, God will protect us, and no matter what happens, we are very happy, we glorify our God, and we present our God to you. That is something that the world cannot accept, because no matter how evil certain people are, God loves them, because if God does not love them and give them a chance, they will die. After they cross to the other side of the world, their souls will be in a place with a fire that never goes out. Even those who are Buddhist also believe this, let alone living with God’s laws from time immemorial. At this moment, I thank God. God gave me the opportunity to pray this Saturday morning. In the past few days, God let me be concerned about this matter. I do not know if it is true or not, I just know that God gave me the opportunity to speak up, to continue to pray for God to protect Vietnam.

May God help Vietnam change its viewpoint. In particular, a general from a communist regime, it is God who sent him, the enemies who face him must also look at the way he lives, his manners, his wise strategies, and learn from him. So in every age, even though there is war, even though cruel, God still sends the righteous people, for others to see and know, learn and appreciate, for that to be protected. If people continue to betray or reject God, then He will have a way for the righteous to not suffer from the wicked sinners. Today, the time has come. People no longer have the opportunity to follow their own plan or to follow science and technology, but to surrender, bow down, and worship God, to prepare for the justice that will come to the world. We thank God for the new day God granted us, especially through the mission completed this morning with stories that cannot come from human beings and cannot come from our knowledge, but from the instructions of the Holy Spirit. We continue to lift up this gift daily after Mass, collectively or individually, to God.

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