New Revelations through the Eucharist

Meditation of the Divine Mercy


April 4, 2021


Meditation of the Divine Mercy


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit


  1. O Heart of Jesus Christ, the King of Love, please rule over my heart and lead us back in Your salvation.


Lucia: Jesus Christ is the King of Love, the King of Life, the King of our souls, the eternal Savior. We have the Lord, our Savior. Who are we still afraid of? What is there for us to still hesitate? Let us come to Him to acclaim, to praise, to glorify, to celebrate the day the Lord resurrected, the day of the Lord’s Resurrection, the day of the Lord’s victory, to bring victory back to His children. All it takes is for everyone to surrender, to submit, and with the return of mankind, God will lead us into the promised land; that He made available to give back to us. If we want this, there must be unity and cooperation. Let us pray for mankind to be transformed. Let us pray for mankind to return to God, because only God is the source of serenity, the source of happiness and the joy and the peace that all regions and countries need.


  1. O most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, please bring us and humanity back to Your love.


Lucia: Rejoice! Rejoice! The Lord has truly resurrected! Every day, we complain, we blame, we grieve, we suffer, and we weep, but let us dedicate this day to the Lord who truly comes to us by His Resurrection. Rejoice, because we have the Lord! Rejoice, the Lord has conquered death! Rejoice for the Lord to lead us to love through the Divine Mercy, to be cleansed in the ocean of His infinite love. Rejoice, o sinners! The purpose of our Lord is to come to save us, to deliver us from the siege of the darkness. We stumble in our wretchedness, but God just loves us and endures extreme grief. Today, may God embrace us, lift us up, and hold us to His heart.


Rejoice, brothers and sisters! Sing praise and offer thanksgiving to God. Let us lift up to God. Let us remember God’s immeasurable and boundless Divine Mercy, to transform our lives. Let us raise our souls to God, with Mother Mary, with the angels and the saints, to praise God the Father, the God of Love. His Son has resurrected to save us from the sufferings of the world. Let us be with God. We will triumph, with God. Let us live in God, for our lives to be resurrected with a new perspective, a new hope, and a new resurrection that God grants to us.


  1. O Lord Jesus Christ, may Your Heart rule over the entire


Lucia: The Lord has truly triumphed. The Lord granted us victory with Him. O Lord Jesus Christ, thanks to Your victory and thanks to Your resurrection, we have the Holy Spirit.


O Holy Spirit, please teach me, teach mankind, teach Your little disciples to feel Your love, to receive and embrace Your teaching. In Your guidance and enlightenment, may we become courageous, strong, and be powerfully enlightened by the grace of God, to bring joy to the day of Resurrection, to the life that is resurrected in Christ, to bring joy, happiness, and jubilation in the Holy Spirit.


O Holy Spirit, the world is full of pitfalls, evildoings, and sins, but You are the light to illumine the people and all nations. From the love of the Risen Lord, from the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, from the boundless love through God the Father’s Divine Mercy, He completed the program with love, with the painting of a heaven granted to us among humanity.


O Lord, my God, please enlighten my sisters and brothers, and the world, in this extreme time of tension between good and evil, to know whom to choose. We are actually created by the love of God, by the love of the Triune God, which is the victory we have in our years of wretchedness and weakness, dominated by the realities in our lives. But God always finds a way to save us, always finds a way to separate us from the darkness, to bring us into the light. May we live in the light of the Risen Lord, especially in this year, for us to be sharp in the grace of the Holy Spirit, for us to make strong decisions, to step out of dependencies, to live to glorify God, worship God, proclaim God, thank God, surrender to God, and apologize to God.


That is the human condition. There is no need to do anything else, but we still do not understand this role, so we retain the right from God who is the only One with the authority to plan for us. We usurp His right to decide for our lives. We usurp the right to judge all matters.  We usurp the right to place all matters into laws created by mankind so we lose the personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. We do not do anything wrong, we do not dethrone anyone. We praise God, we adore God, we proclaim God, and we cross the barrier to meet our God. Now we come together to lift up all our problems. God sees and God knows. God needs us to mature. God needs us to strongly believe in Him. God needs us to live in His teaching.


We just need to believe in Him, and then there will be misery and suffering like we are facing. Let us be together in unity. Let us not separate from each other. Let us not be divided by our ways of thinking and inferring, from selfishness. Let us unite. Where there is love there is the Lord God. Where there is charity then God blesses. Where there is unity, we will prevail. This is what we need most. We pray for the prompting of the Holy Spirit to help our brothers and sisters, especially during these Easter days, to learn as much as possible, to be guided by the Holy Spirit, to have the courage and boldness to step out while there is still time, to bring God to all people, to prostrate to pray for the world, because people desperately need it. Since we are the pioneers, let us take the lead, accept challenges, to bring victory to those who follow us. As the last apostles, we must take on that responsibility, to respond to the calling as God chose us. Amen.


  1. O most Holy Heart of Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive and transform us, and all of humanity.


Lucia: O Heart of Jesus, You are the love, the life, the light, the truth, please forgive us who are sinners. Lord, please sanctify us and transform us by Your resurrection.


O Jesus, it is thanks to You, with You, and in You, for us to still have the Lord who is present with us throughout ages – the Eucharistic Jesus. The sacred divinity is present in each one of us throughout generations. Jesus born also means the Eucharistic Jesus. Jesus on the way of the Cross also means the Eucharistic Jesus. Jesus in the Glorious Resurrection is also the Eucharistic Jesus. Everything is to remain with us, as He promised. The Institution of the Blessed Sacrament in the Last Supper with the first people the Lord chose to witness the rite He instituted, to bring us to His command: “Love one another.” It is only with love and unity can we achieve things that God has arranged from the very beginning to come together to the Lord who remains with us, who remains with the Church throughout ages, with the laity in all regions and all countries. As He said to the Apostles: “Love one another. Be united. Obey your Master. Move forward on the path of witness and proclaim My Good News to the world.”


O Lord, today is the day of the Resurrection. Let us remember what You accomplished and what You have done, especially in the past few days. If we do not overcome the fears, the ponderings, the rules of mankind, how can we have these feelings to lift up to You, on the third day, at the hour of the Divine Mercy?


O God, You love us. You grieve for things You did for us but we still do not recognize for us to come to You. Jesus, over 2,000 years ago, with recorded history, with the sign that You did, You remain with us in the Sacred Divinity through the Blessed Sacrament to receive You daily, to have You stay with us, to receive the love and the embrace that You, the Supreme Lord, has granted us from the beginning. Who can do that for us? May God allow us to keep and cherish this day in our lives, to be forever reborn in the Risen Lord who is still with us through the Eucharist, to have an intimate relationship with Him, to hear His voice, to continue to listen to Him teach, to receive what He allows, to live with Him in a lively way. He wants it. He waits for it. He longs for it, with us, who are the children He loves, to become the little, simple, common, normal, yet truly extraordinary disciples, in His grace.


O Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You. Your visitation, Your stay. Your light illumines our souls for us to love the Eucharistic Jesus, to love the Risen Jesus, to love Jesus, whose Heart continues to wait, to bring the light, to bring love to restore humanity.



  1. O Heart of Father, please bring humanity back to Your love.


Lucia: O Father, to the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, I honor, adore, and thank. The Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ have triumphed, bringing life and hope to save mankind. May we lift up with meditation, especially today as we celebrate Easter. The Second Person of God truly triumphed to bring us back to God the Father’s love that is reminded in the salvation, ending with the Five Holy Signs. He yearns and waits to bring us to the boundless love and the Divine Mercy of the Almighty God who has sovereignty over humanity. It is the Supreme God who so loved mankind, He gave His only Son to save us, and thus became a complete victory.


Today, thanks to the Lord Jesus, we adore and honor God the Father and His Divine Mercy. We live and immerse ourselves in that infinite and boundless Divine Mercy, to praise the Father, to glorify the Father, to honor the Father. He is the symbol of the First Holy Sign that we daily venerate, adore, and lift up to. In our lives, only He has the power to give. Only He has the power to forgive. Only He has the power to renew the whole world. Let us come to Him with a grateful heart, with a reverent heart, confessing through the Lord Jesus, for Him to have mercy and to intervene. No matter what circumstances, let us rejoice, praise and thank the Father, because today His Son, the Lord Jesus, truly accomplished the plan of salvation. Mankind forever remains within the limitation of understanding. Although we learn a lot, in the end, we follow human customs and habits more than what God bestows and grants us in a gentle and tender way. Today, let us return to what we have lost, to what we have been restricted, for us to rejoice with the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, and our Redeemer. Let us reverently kowtow to the Second Holy Sign, with reverence, with gratitude, to thank Him, to be with Him, for us to be worthy to offer sacrifices to God the Father.


O Lord Jesus, the Risen Supreme Being, today, it is You who brought the Holy Spirit to us, who brought God the Father’s love with You in victory, to be resurrected, to be reborn, to be with Your love through the Holy Spirit, for us to honor and thank. That love remains with humanity forever throughout generations. It is a great richness that overflows with the best that God grants to us by His love. Through the Holy Spirit, we are truly respected and have the power to decide, but because of our weakness, our limited faith, our failure to approach Him boldly and courageously, we fail to become the simple children for Him to guide. We were so dependent on the world. Today, we easily falter, we are easily persuaded by life, we have become the people who are very dependent on the world.


However, the Holy Spirit is still there to wait for us, to kindle the flame, hoping that we may be illumined in our souls, in our minds, in our decisions, to become the people who are enlightened by God in the holiness that we need, to distinguish clearly between truth and falsehood, between right and wrong, between good and evil, between things of God in the intimate love, in the midst of the boundaries and limits of laws. The laws of mankind are too many and have crushed all that God bestows naturally. God’s request is for us to be simple and little, to be with Him, to be guided by Him, to progress with Him because when we belong to God, we do not understand what sin is nor do we have the opportunity to sin. It is because we relied on all the realities in life that we ​​have been caught in the middle. Today, we know we are the victims.


Let us give our hands to the Holy Spirit. Let us listen to His words. Let us live in a humble, simple way. Jesus resurrected, bringing victory, we are no longer defeated. Let us return to our Lord. Let us come to the meaning of the Five Holy Signs. Mother Mary helps us in the end of history. Let us not drown in what is in the world with man-made rules. We must triumph because our Lord has brought victory to us. We have the love of the Holy Spirit, we have His guidance. We have the victory of the Lord Jesus. We rely on the Lord Jesus to return to our loving Father, the Almighty who has sovereignty over mankind. We have Jesus, we honor Him. He nourishes us, He keeps us by His side. He envelops us with His love. He waits to bless us and strengthen us. Why hesitate? Why fear?


We still do. How do we know this? Because Mother wants us to clearly understand this. For what purpose did Jesus die?  For what purpose did He suffer? To save us and bring us to God, to prepare for us the path of hope, of serenity, of victory, of peace, and not days of extreme suffering like today, not the days of being oppressed like the ordinary, normal people, which is even worse. Why should we be defeated? We have God. Moreover, who is the person who conquers that? It is Mother Mary, the Fifth Holy Sign. God wants us to come to Mother, to listen to Mother, to follow the example Mother sets before us. She is a completely obedient Mother, with all that is the best. With a purpose, Jesus came into this world. He was in his Mother’s womb for nine months and ten days and was born as a human being. He lived on earth with two natures: divine and human.


All is accomplished in God the Father’s plan, and that divinity remains with the last word through Mother Mary. Mother Mary is the person who represents the world to receive the graces bestowed. Mother Mary wants us to meditate on the Five Holy Signs with all their meanings, entirely, for us to meet the heavenly family, with the graces bestowed, which is the proof of Calvary, where the Lord awaits us in victory. What we need is through Mother, to understand the meaning of the inner depth of faith, of life that, for so many years in our lives, we celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection yet our faces are still sad, and we still live day after day in gloom and fear. What do we have to resurrect or is it just routine in life?


We have Mother Mary. Today, Mother wants us to celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection, spiritually and physically, with our determination, and with true victory. Mother wants us to do this for us to be prepared for that faith, for that trust. Mother leads us back with the last key, with the works that we do daily, with the moments we unite together to lift up to God, with the Divine Mercy that He granted to us from the beginning, to be reborn in Him through Jesus Christ. Today, Mother reminds us that God comes with the purpose to forgive, to love, to save us. We still have the seal from the Five Holy Signs, to remind us that it is the seal of love, of forgiveness, of salvation. Let us return. Let us return to God. Let us conquer all our weaknesses and sins. Let us offer to God those sins and weaknesses, to be the daily sacrifices. With Mother, in Mother, in the end, we will be victorious, with the Lord Jesus Christ, with today’s Resurrection.


We only need one thing, which is to know our duty. We adore God, we honor God, we thank God, we glorify God, we exalt God, and we praise God. It is our duty. Let us learn to live as Mother taught us: return to a life to be amended. Pray for Mother to help us live according to Her example, to be humble, to live a life of prayer. Let us practice with a simple, humble life, for Mother to lead us out of the hidden places in which we have for so long bound ourselves. Due to weakness, sin has controlled us. At this moment, we raise our souls to a meaningful day, to rejoice with Mother, to rejoice with the angels and the saints, to return with the Lord Jesus to God the Father, to bow our heads and worship in the prostration, to thank the All-merciful, Almighty God who has bestowed upon us the infinite ocean of love of the Divine Mercy, to be reborn with Him through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


We honor God. We thank God. Let us submit to the Five Holy Wounds, which are the signs, the culmination in salvation. Each one of us is forgiven and allowed to return when we truly listen and clearly understand what Mother gave us over the years with Her teachings, with the daily practice and prayers through the Six Kowtows. The Five Holy Signs will help us grow and trust, to overcome our wretched thoughts and actions, to belong to God like the children that are led by Mother to come to the God of love, the God of Mercy. God understands all our weaknesses. God will resurrect and make all things anew when we come to Him and trust in Him. When we listen to Mother Mary’s teaching, we truly are perfect in the heavenly family that Mother granted us through the Five Holy Signs.


The sixth mystery, I thank God the Father. Like each day, with the Sixth Kowtow, with thanksgiving and gratitude, we thank Mother. It is Mother who teaches us. Today, from our timidity, wretchedness, we dare to do the works that cannot be done yet are possible with us because of our love for God. It is from the trust that today God gives us an optimistic view in the renewal to dispel what is inherent in mankind in the negativity of contemporary society. Please help us seek God. Please help us have the courage to listen to Mother’s teaching, to practice by heart and soul, with reverence, in a spirit of repentance and gratitude, in a spirit of surrender and prostration, in the spirit that Mother teaches us to pray. There is no one who can teach us this. There is no one able to attain perfection and depth with the love of God like Mother Mary. Mother personally taught us, because we are truly immature and foolish throughout generations, throughout all the ages.


There are laws that will lift us up to God. There are laws that will limit us with regards to God, causing us to feel afraid of a God who lived over 2,000 years ago, and not a God living with us today. Without Mother, we truly cannot overcome the viewpoint of public opinion, feeling oppressed, afraid, judged, trampled on. Today, in contemporary history, there is the answer. Everything that belongs to God, Mother knows too clearly. Mother commands and allows. Be simple, be humble, do something to honor God, to love God, to be close to God, to feel His love. Through Mother Mary, please help us overcome everything to become the disciple God chose, to accomplish His will, according to Mother Mary’s training, according to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and not according to the will of mankind or to the laws that are valid yet are too ancient. People have fallen in today’s situation. Who is brave enough to defend the sheep of God? Who is brave enough to defend God’s holy people?


God needs us to support the people who dedicate their lives to the truth because they are alone, they are lonely, they do not rise up and cannot do it even if they want to in their roles. Let us pray. It is a strength that Mother Mary wants. It is a strength to call on the name of the Lord and also to draw the grace of heaven through Mother’s help, for our Church to be victorious, for us to definitely find the Lord Jesus truly lively in the Church, the Lord Jesus who defends His flock, the loving Mother who protects Her sheep, and the priests, the bishops. Mother sheltered and stayed with them, the same shepherds that Mother, over 2,000 years ago, silently trained, to have the Church throughout ages.


Today, the situation has been subjected to a world in its own laws, so Mother wants us to practice what is needed, to belong to God, in an intimate, simple, respectful, reverent way, with a heart determined in the law of God. So what is more wonderful than Mother Mary spending an entire life in silent prayer? Mankind, though through many positions, practices in many forms, but still lacks prayer, and most of the times prays in an indifferent, disrespectful, and unappreciative manner. It comes to a point where there is no longer depth but is only a superficial practice so that when the enemies come, then the flock is completely scattered. There is no one to defend the sheep, the holy people. The time has come for Mother Mary to act. Mother wants us, together, to pray for the Church to be united, for the Church to be renewed, for us to have one Church and with the holy flock of God, to practice at the end of the century because Mother wants us to return to the promised land. It is the return to the Garden of Eden, when the time is right, when people recognize God in the prostration, return, and together with Mother, rejoice.


In a year of bad and dreadful events, it is also a year of graces filled with hope in the Risen Lord. Mother wants us to be in that maturity. Now together, we lift up to Mother: O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of mankind, of every sinner, every prisoner, every saint, every victim, every penitent, every witness, every patient in all regions and all countries. Spiritually and physically, Mother, please help us obey You, listen to You, practice what You teach, for God to save us, for the Resurrection of Jesus to be complete, with His dreams, with His longings.


We also are in need. We need to recognize God, we need to hear His voice, and we need His intervention. We need to lift up as we are the victims, to ask God for mercy, to ask God to deliver us. With Mother, let us practice daily, especially for the renewal of our hearts, each person, and for the renewal of all humanity. With us acting as the pioneers with the gift of the Six Kowtows, it is truly wonderful. We have an entire heavenly family, which is the support of God. The meaning of this year’s Resurrection brings us the yearning. Let us overcome the days, because of our choice. Let us accept all the difficulties of the end of the century, with the gift of the Six Kowtows, with the key of the Six Kowtows, with Mother Mary, in the last battle that we face in this generation. “Believe and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.” Mother reminds us of this when we need it. God does not require us, but let us become offerings, even though unworthy.


Daily, let us repent. Daily, let us return to God. Let us repent, reform, improve, be worthy of the salvation and the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus, given to us. Mother’s teaching helps us prepare the reverence to celebrate the Resurrection that the Lord grants to us, from soul to body. In the glorious victory that He granted us in the days of longing for peace, in the days of longing for serenity, in the days of longing for unity, there were voices heard, there were some who did return. Today, God sees and helps us continue in the mission Mother assigns, to pray for the world to unite, to celebrate the Resurrection in a meaningful way. Today and forever, God grants to me and to the people who follow Him, who listen to Him. When we listen to Mother’s teaching, we become perfect in the way that God grants especially to us, through Mother, with Mother, in Mother, and with the entire heavenly court, to celebrate the day of the Lord’s Resurrection with us today. Amen.


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