New Revelations through the Eucharist

You Have to Be the Pioneers of This Practice

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November 13, 2014

L.: O God, it is 1:24 p.m. on Thursday, November 13, 2014, at St. Justin Church, in the Blessed Sacrament chapel. This morning, along with all the brothers and sisters, we received the message inspired by the Holy Spirit and the message that Father gave to each of us present here. This is also the 13th, the day of Blessed Mother, for us to have the opportunity to meet, to receive a message from Mother this evening for our group, and at this moment, with the brothers and sisters who are present, I pray to God to allow me to meet Mother to receive a message from Her.

O God, we greatly need Mother, because She understands each of our lives in this world.  She understands the thoughts of the people who are mothers, She understands the thoughts of those who are wives, She understands the thoughts of the children and the youth in their life of faith. She understands all classes in this world, and so She always comes to us and always reminds us, and allows us to receive Her messages, through the messages to the prophets and the messengers. Mother is also present in this world, at the places that we know of, at Medjugorje, on the feast days at Holy Love, and She comes to heal Her children all over the world, in France and in other places that we do not know of because this world is far-reaching and immense. Mother has done so much for this world.

This is the truth. Today, I, L. – in the months I started to receive, Mother was the Person who reminded me, She taught me, She helped me, and She continues to be by my side to support me – everything from Her hand.

Today I also pray to God to allow me to meet Mother, to pray for Her to continue to teach us, to give each of us a message, as well as to all the brothers and sisters in the entire world. This is also the 13th, a day that we remember, a very special day when Mother came to the three cousins in Fatima years ago.  As we have heard, this is part of the history of the many wondrous things Mother has done, because Mother loves us so much, because all the deeds that Mother does are to bring us closer to God, to help us return to Him, and this continues.  She is always concerned for humanity, teaching us so that we return to God with heart, with soul, so that we receive forgiveness from Him, to appease the wrath and the punishment that we have to receive in the remaining days of the century. Today we pray to ask Mother to give us the opportunity to meet Her and we pray to God to allow us to speak to Mother. At this moment I am ready to receive a message from Mother.

O Mother, my thoughts dwell on the Blessed Sacrament chapel.  I trust God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit – the Trinity yet only One God, and I know that where the Holy Eucharist of God is, Mother is present there, because She loves Jesus, She loves humanity, She loves the people in this world, especially the sinners who are depraved in this century. The messages from Mother to us in the past days, the miracles that She has done for the world are very clear – this is the confirmation. My thoughts dwell on the Blessed Sacrament chapel.  Every single time I receive a message from God, I also ask Him to let me receive a message from Mother.  Mother, please come to me at this moment, for me to hear the teaching and the words that She wants to give to my brothers and sisters in the entire world at the time that You come to me. I am waiting to receive the message from Mother.

Blessed Mother: L., My beloved children,    

Today is a day that is not a coincidence.  God has allowed you to have moments to directly receive the teachings of the Holy Spirit and to continue to directly listen to the words of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist. With many words I want to meet with you today, so that I can let you recognize that you are the children who receive the blessings, yet you still do not clearly understand the role and the meaning of the things that you are able to see, to hear and to know.

My beloved children, all the past events in history had real evidence that had been written down by mankind through history books, but this era is an era in which you have seen the chaos, with no peace among nations, a world living in a time of chaos, in which people absolutely want to get rid of God, rejecting Him. This is a life in which you are in the midst of misery, suffering in your spiritual life and the life of the soul that has been dominated in every way. There is much more. And the evil under human disguise is raging with its many wicked and cunning plans, luring you into the material world, causing you to forget about the life of faith, to not practice and to not live in the ethics and the morality of an era that mankind needs to have. Because of today’s world, because of all the rebellions against the truth, because of coming to the last days of the century, God has poured down great graces upon you.  My message is also given to you in a direct way so that you know this is a great blessing, a grace bestowed by God that will not last for the time that you still have. Remember, what you have now, from the past days; the things that you receive from God will not be with you forever. These are the last graces in the remaining days with His messages, with His encounter, with the messages through which I meet My children in a direct way.

My beloved children, My first word that I send to you to remind you is that you are the people who have received the graces from God, the people who can be called virtuous, but you still need to serve more. Because of you, because of people like you, God agrees to remain, God agrees to continue to persevere, to endure; to continue to give you the opportunity; to continue to pour graces upon you, for you to receive the lively messages and to directly receive the graces that God manifests to the world today. Never before has He revealed and given a manifestation for the world with such an abundance of sublime graces as in this century. You have seen the children who have received through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, through the abundant graces from God; the children have received so many blessings – a very sublime grace. Today God chooses the people who have the duty to receive directly from the Holy Eucharist and the words that you are able to hear, to know, which are possible because of the permission from God. So this is a period of time when you need to try harder, to be more zealous, to renounce all that you are able to, to spend the time for your spiritual life, to spend the time to do good deeds to glorify God in your lives.

My beloved children, all the great graces in the world that you receive today are the graces that you know and are allowed to receive through the Holy Eucharist, where Jesus is present to bestow abundant graces and to give the world a new view, a fresh change in the spiritual life and the life of faith. You understand that you need to have faith, that you need to practice with faith when you do not know the future, the things that you will face, but believe in God, in His deeds, and in His words, in the things left in the Gospel, in the words heard, in the words known – to bring you to a holy place; to gather all of you; to teach you; and to help you recognize the love, the transformation, the return and the graces from God for this century, so that all the children of sin have the opportunity to return, so that all the children on their way back have the opportunity to know that this is the path of truth, that they need to return to God.

My beloved children, every person has worries and anxieties in life.  You have heard, you have known; this is the truth. Do not think in the way humans do, do not use human reasoning with all the deeds of God.  God gives deeds to every single person and His deeds bring graces to the individual when they are able to receive the graces that He uses. One way for you to clearly know is to see the words that bring love, that help you return, that remind you of good deeds, and that teach you to return to the path of righteousness, of truth, of love, for you to be able to meet God and to receive His forgiveness. This is the truth. I know, in this time period, there are many false prophets, and even more false messengers – many, many of them.  Because of the diabolic, sophisticated times, evil is taking advantage of the remaining days, using all kinds of strategies, in the most evil ways, in the most sophisticated ways, to collect your souls; to take control over the bodies and the souls; to lure you into forgetting, ignoring the life of faith, not recognizing God and ignoring His commandments; to think only of the pleasures in the present; to know only of the passions that belong to the flesh. It causes you to be confused, for you to not have the time to think of the spiritual things that you need for your lives while you are still alive, and so this is the reason for many of you to err, to fall into the abyss, to fall into its snares. Families, individuals, societies, and many of you in positions of authority have fallen in this world, in the self-interests, in the modern ways, in the malicious and devious tactics of the devil, under human disguises.

So the only thing that I want to remind you of is this divine place (1), a place where no one can outdo, where no one can be without receiving the graces of God, a place where you have the opportunity of an encounter: the Holy Eucharist.  This is what I want to remind all of My children, the children of God. If you do not spend some quiet time to be calm, to receive peace with faith in God, how can you differentiate between falsehood and truth, between good and evil, and the things that are righteous? You continue living with the conveniences for the flesh, with things that belong to the ego. You only know of the things that are pleasing to yourselves and fun in life, the realities that enable you to work for a living or for the purpose of getting rich – to get rich for the flesh, to get rich to enjoy the materials that you consider the best in this world. You forget your thirsting souls, you forget the noble deeds that you need for your spiritual life; your souls are longing. You do not know what might happen tomorrow, and what you will soon encounter in the present life.

You forget that your lives are subject to the providence of God; the present, the future, they all belong to God. God wants you to trust in Him, to recognize His teachings, to practice the righteous deeds as He had left to you, and all the rituals that the Church practices, the sacraments from 2,000 years ago, which still remain to this day – to forever remind mankind, especially the Christians, for you to understand the teachings from God, for you to find the happiness, the peace, and the righteousness that you need to practice in your lives. First of all, you need to worship God, to love Him with all your hearts, to be grateful by living a life with love, harmony, support, sympathy; with forgiveness and generosity toward each other. All this will help you perform more good deeds for each other, to help each other in life, for you to discover the best things that God has given and is giving; yet instead of looking to discover the best things you look for the things that belong to the flesh – the complaints, arrogance, pride, greed, selfishness, self-interest, money, fame, lust, and many other passions of the flesh. Because of that, you have been dominated by today’s world with all the sophistication that it assumes you are applying and confronting it by facts – but your souls that are with you in these days and months until the last moments of your life, after leaving your bodies, will face and will be accountable for all the things that you have received and that have been acknowledged as being from God, who created you.

My beloved children, the details and the things that are most clear have been recorded by the Church.  People have learned from theology and from the books of God. Today there have been prophets with revelations from God for the world, speaking the voice of truth, speaking the words to help people return, speaking of the ways that people need to learn to understand the spiritual life – the life recognizing God, the life serving Him, the life in regard to others, with justice, with righteousness in front of God. Things do not end with you; there are many more things that need to be done and you need to help the other brothers for them to return, for them to recognize God.

My beloved children, you absolutely have to realize in your lives first a life that must be virtuous; you must practice a righteous life, a life in which you worship God, in which you recognize Him – a life like the life He had left for you to follow, with righteousness, truth, and loyalty.  Practice in love, in harmony and persist in a life to attain peace for one another in unity, which will be spread from there all over the world. Everything today is going against the teachings of God, against the things learned from the Gospel.  You are among the number of people who practice and who know, a very small number. So many people do not yet know God, so many people live in sin, and so many people commit wrongful acts to only experience pleasures with a mortal life, without knowing the value of the soul. Your souls have been redeemed at the price of My Son’s Blood – the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. He came and for your sake had taken upon Himself all the sufferings to give you life, to give you the kingdom of heaven, through His Resurrection. Everything had been redeemed by the Blood of My Son; your sins were forgiven by the Death of Jesus Christ. In this time period, you only need to collaborate by a life practicing, by renouncing the sins, the things that belong to the lures of the world. Return to become a righteous person, to know to recognize God, to practice His teaching, to live a life with charity and love as you know, with faith, hope and charity. These three words have a deep meaning, so spend some time to understand the meaning for you to practice, to trust in God, to practice love, and in all situations to trust and entrust.

In your lives you have to use skills, techniques for you to learn from each other, to learn from the righteousness mentioned in books, from the examples recorded by the saints, for you to follow them, because only sacrifice gives others the experience to be able to see that through sacrifice, their lives have meaning, joy, and something to entrust, when you truly are the people who know God, the people who practice the teachings of God. Even all the saints, each one of them, in their past lives, as you have seen – they had overcome the sins, they had overcome all evidence of greed, of selfishness, of the ego. From that time they loved God, they strived to do everything for the benefit of those around them, and from there they lived and matured in the love of God, through the graces bestowed by Him, protecting them, and the end of their lives was the victory of their return to the kingdom of heaven. In the times of the saints, they only knew to listen through the Gospel to be able to understand the events recorded.  In this era you are the people who are being called, and in this time period you have been confirmed, you have been able to see the miracles that Jesus works through the Holy Eucharist, pouring down abundant graces and blessings upon humanity, in the days when you are receiving, seeing with your eyes, hearing with your ears, and experiencing with your hearts.

This is a most sublime grace in the remaining days. I wish for all of you to understand and to spend some time to see that this is the wake-up call in the remaining days, when God, through the Holy Eucharist, is Present by His Body to bless you; He is Present by His Body in the divine realm to strengthen your life of faith. Recognize that this is a great miracle, to remind the faith of every single person, to remind all the children of God, to remind in a special way the Christians, the people in the Church, especially the children who have to return, because there is only one thing that God authorizes, only His power works miracles for people in the world. There is no one else who can work miracles and grant miracles besides God; the things from God that you see are holiness, peace and the good deeds to bring you back to righteousness, so do not be afraid.  When you face miracles, never think they are from the devil.  How can the devil do good, how can the devil do the works that God does? Remember, the devil has his own devious way, but as you can see, they do not love, they never lead you into true love, and they never bring you closer to God right from the beginning till the last minute. Remember that the revelation of today’s world is related to the Holy Eucharist, the confirmation that God allows you to receive is the Presence by the Holy Eucharist that you are able to truly see and to truly witness. That is the truth.

God allows everyone in the world to recognize His lively messages, to recognize the lively messages of the Holy Spirit, to recognize the lively messages of Mother, to recognize the lively messages of the saints who have departed in the previous century (2) but who still return today to speak the truth to advise you. This is the true confirmation that you have to believe; you have to recognize the voice of the living God, resonating in this world. What you most need is for you to change your own lives, to live as virtuous, holy people; then sacrifice more, strive harder to live with a life starting a genuine life in charity, love, patience, sacrifice, for you to help the other brothers to know God and to return to God. Help the sinners, for them to know that the remaining time is the time to repent, because this is the grace of the remaining days, which I have revealed to all of you. The time is near.  You do not know tomorrow, you do not know the things that will happen unexpectedly.  All the things foretold in the Book of Revelation will gradually happen: the famine, the flooding, the start of wars, and other evil things that you have never seen emerge as in this century. People are killing each other, they no longer respect human lives; they live a life contrary to ethics and morals.  This is the warning foretold for the remaining days of the end of the century.

I want to remind you, for you to know of the absolutely Real Presence, to help you be prepared, to change yourselves first, to practice good deeds, to renounce the sins, and to return to God, which include all the practices that you are unable to perform or refuse. Because you live with your ego, you are indulging in your passions with lust, greed, selfishness, money, pride, arrogance. Mankind has forgotten the advices of God and has forgotten My reminders, so the only thing that I want now is for mankind to awake and pray, to look for the place that God has manifested by the miracle, because your hearts have become hardened, indifferent and stubborn.   Anything that touches your hearts, you look at them as acts from the devil, as acts from humans. You do not believe and you keep on living a life that displeases God. You have offended God many times; you do not change but persist in those wrongful deeds, which you do not see in your stubbornness. Today God has come.  These messages were foretold to you by the appearance of the miracle of the Holy Eucharist, and all the things that you are able to recognize are related to the miracles that God gives to this world. In this present life, how can you sense the Real Presence around you, in the moments you are able to feel? If God does not permit, this cannot happen; if God does not permit, no one can see His Body; if God does not permit, these things will not exist in this world, especially from the Holy Eucharist, especially in the Blessed Sacrament chapel, at the place of worship, at the place where you gather to lift up your prayers.

My beloved children, the closeness that God gives to you in this time period is not by the flesh but by His Holy Eucharist. He allows you to see, for you to recognize and to trust in everything He has given to you and has promised to you. What you encounter and receive in this century is His Holy Eucharist coming to you in this time period. He heals those who believe, those who recognize, and those who practice the teaching He had left, strengthening everyone in all the roles, in all the classes, for you to see His appearing, bringing you peace and stability when you have the recognition. This is something that is true. He allows the world, all His children to be strong in a life where they have to practice in their works.  They have to renounce all the sins, renounce all the things that each of you has in a sinful life. Try harder, live a life with love, sincerity – in the truth, in righteousness.  Remember the one thing that you need to have is to return by prostration, trusting in God, with your hearts, with your souls, with your truly repentant hearts, for you to receive His bestowing and His appearing, which is His Holy Eucharist, which is His healing, which is a strengthened life of faith for all.

Listen to My words because there is not much time left.  If you are not prepared to strengthen your life of faith, you will waver with every situation in this world, with its civilized ways, with its pressures, because of the interests, because of the power in those in positions of authority who have great plans to eliminate the entire world.  If you do not strengthen your life of faith starting now, you do not allow God to intervene, you do not allow Me to help you; then no one can find a way to escape in the remaining days of the end of the century. In regard to all the things that you are able to hear, know that they are true so that you can practice in this time period of the remaining days.

Each of you: return to God with your hearts and with your repentance.  Come to the Holy Eucharist and spend some time for you to have some quiet moments, return by the divine grace that He gives to you through the Holy Eucharist, for you to have the strength, to have the belief to practice in your lives, to be firm in your standpoints in a life entrusting. There are so many things God has given through the Divine Mercy to forgive you, to save you, to cleanse you by His Water and His Blood. These are the revelations for the world; these along with all that God allows, the miracles that are happening to the world. This is a time period when you cannot refuse. You must be zealous in each of your roles, truly come to God, serve God with your hearts, with a sincere heart so that in the world, there is unity among the brothers and you will attain the peace and the stability that you need in life. Return to God, prostrate before the Holy Eucharist, prostrate before the Cross through which the Lord Jesus had brought salvation to humanity. Come back with a repentant heart through the Divine Mercy, for you to receive the grace of sanctification and transformation, return to the Heart of Love at the altar where Jesus comes through the daily celebration of the Holy Mass, for you to receive Him through the Holy Eucharist that you see with your eyes. That is the loving closeness that God reserves for humanity today.

This is the truth, a wondrous thing that He gives in general to humanity and in particular to you, those of you who open the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the hearts to feel. Everyone has the right to see.  This is the last choice for those who listen, those who want to return, and those who believe in the truth of the new revelation from God through the Holy Eucharist. I am waiting for you, I am waiting for your collaboration, I am waiting for your return; I will definitely help you in the remaining days. This is the reason that I want you to prostrate before the Holy Eucharist with the Six Kowtows. The Six Kowtows carry a lot of meaning, the Six Kowtows bring good things; they are also the legitimate reason for Me to come and to intervene for this generation in the remaining days of the end of the century. These are the things that if you collaborate then God will allow fresh changes in the remaining days, that you will recognize. Time is pressing, do not hesitate any longer. Practice it and remember that those who hear, who know: you have to be the pioneers of this practice so that all the children, when they return to God, physically they must accept the prostration. Returning to Him, with that prostration, He will see their hearts and feelings, for them to receive the seals through which God will save them in the remaining days.

If you depend on your own strength, then you will not be able to do anything because you are fighting a final battle with the evil spirits.  You cannot obstruct evil so you have to accept and you have to embrace the intervention of God through your return to God. Believe in Him, seek His intervention – then I will have the opportunity, given by God the Father, to intervene for you in a clear way in the remaining days of the end of the century, with the tribulations that evil is controlling and planning to eliminate mankind. You do not know but this happens every day – this is a warning – you see all that is threatening you, that there is no peace in the world with the threats by the devil under human disguises. Evil is raging everywhere, with many programs that seem reasonable, sophisticated, and clever, so you do not pay attention and you get involved in these programs. Evil has a great plan to either kill or lure you into slavery from the sins that you are encountering, so remember, prayer is essential in life.

Be calm and return; come to the Holy Eucharist, to the power that God is waiting to give in the remaining days of the end of the century; with your faith, with the intervention, if you rely on God and return to God, you will receive, and with My intervention in this world, you will receive the seals, divine in origin yet they will actually appear in today’s century. This is something that if you look at based on human reality, you will consider this as a fairy tale, but children, remember, no one is able to know about the deeds of God, and the deeds that God gives to you when you encounter God are divine, are a miracle; you do not know what the deeds of the future are; if not for the divine strength, if not for the love that God has given you and the intervention in a clear way, you will not be able to escape the snares of the present.  You are also being duped in this civilized world, a world of subtlety and ingenuity, all hushed up with the things that you have been able to see. The young children to the middle-aged to the adults – even the elderly – have fallen into the snares of evil that do not let experience what love is, what support is, what generosity is, what forgiveness is.  The snares come from the use of the machines, the things for the children to be attracted to, for them to be lured into the realities in this civilized life, to be lured and be deeply pulled into the machines, to be lured into the games.

These attractions have destroyed the love and the meekness in the heart that people used to have. How do you have the time to listen to the Word of God? How do you have the time to learn the Gospel? How do you have the time to be able to understand all the things that people need to have in the heart, to understand the practice of the natural things given by God, and to understand the supernatural things that He brings to this world? As for God, in this remaining era, if you believe then recognize the miracle that He gives you, the Presence of the Holy Eucharist, the miracle that He gives for you to meet Him, the miracle that He gives to you with the lively messages, which you see and conclude that this is supernatural and can only come from God. So all these things are reminders. I wish that you who are My children continue living with a step higher on the ladder of virtue, to step higher on the ladder of holiness by the deeds accomplished because those deeds will help the brothers to recognize God in you. They return, they listen, and they will know that God is a God of love, a God who gives you salvation, a God who intervenes and saves you in the days when you really need Him. Return to Him, collaborate, and serve in accordance with the things that you have to be determined to manifest by a life in prostration before God, with heart, with soul, in righteousness, for you to receive the seal in the remaining days of the century.

And there are many more wonderful things that I will continue to remind, and to help the children in the world today to avoid all the modern things that you are experiencing – the modern, subtle ingenuity of this time. Look forward to hearing more to be able to practice; pray more and spend the moments that you have to reconcile with God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, in order to make peace. Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation and through His Body and His Blood in the celebration of the Holy Mass, repent to meet God, and from there nurture belief in the spiritual things that God has brought to you in His Holy Eucharist. Spend time for your lives to be virtuous, the moments you come to the Blessed Sacrament chapel.  Come to the Holy Eucharist.  Spend some quiet time to encounter God, individually.  Pray for your life of faith to be strengthened.  You will receive many things through the graces that He gives you. Return with heart, with repentance; renounce the ego and the things that belong to the world.  Have love, sacrifice, patience, perseverance; learn all the things you need to learn and that you need to know in a life coming back, worthy to receive forgiveness and salvation for the remaining days of the century.

The Divine Mercy of God will forgive, for the sinners to return; the Divine Mercy of God will transform you and will sanctify you, for you to be worthier. When you prostrate and you recognize My message, which is the revelation to help mankind return, by practice, by a life with heart to ask God to forgive, to ask God to intervene; this is the time that I will appear to help you in the remaining days, and the angels and the saints will also help you in the days of tribulations that you cannot avoid in the remaining times of the end of the century. I hope I will meet all of you.  With perseverance, with a trusting heart, you will be able to enter the new world, from your decisions now, to strengthen the life of faith and a holy life; entrust in God and practice the things that need to be done.  You are the pioneers whom God wants in your lives, in your practices, to lead the other brothers and sisters to continue together to acknowledge and return as you did.

Today this is all I want to say; My peace be with all of you. Remember, the moments that you meet God: not everyone can have the opportunity to meet Him.  You are blessed, you are the ones who receive the graces, who receive the messages that God gives to the world through the messengers that you have the opportunity to encounter. This is something that you should retain and you should practice the things that you know and hear. With all your hearts, treasure and practice the things that God teaches. You are the ones who are able to encounter, to see and to receive.  This is not something that can be easily recognized.  These are the graces and blessings that God gives to you in the remaining days, for you to have this opportunity. Cherish, solemnly keep these teachings and practice for yourselves; you will not be able to receive these graces forever.

This is a message that I give, for you to continue to spread to the other brothers and sisters and for you to continue to testify, to live in a way to glorify God, to live with meaning in life when you are able to hear, to receive the teachings that God gives to you through the Holy Eucharist. One more time, may the peace of God be with each of My children today, which is also the 13th.  I want you to spend your time fasting, praying, attending Mass; especially in this month lift up your prayers especially for the orphaned souls, for your relatives who are still in purgatory. Pray in a special way for this world, pray for the return of the sinners and pray especially for the Church, in the century that you are facing, asking God to empower the clergy, for them to be steadfast facing all the persecutions of the world in the remaining days. These are the things that you have the duty to pray for, especially for the Church; perform good deeds for these things to be realized for yourselves and those whom you pray for. One more time, My peace be with you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O Mother, I thank Mother, all the things that She gives to us are indeed extraordinary, because if She does not tell us these things then we would not know, and if Mother does not reveal, then who will be able to know about this and who will be able to affirm this is the truth? So I pray for Mother to continue to guide us to trust in all the things that we see and hear, for us to be the pioneers to practice every time we face the Holy Eucharist of God, the Cross, the altar, the Divine Mercy. We set the example for the other brothers and sisters to return to God with truth, for them to be determined to renounce the arrogant habits, the sinful habits – to prostrate before God, to pray to the Divine Mercy of God to forgive and to intervene for us in these remaining days of the end of the century. We cannot use human strength to fight with all the evil that surrounds us today in sophisticated ways. O God, please help us, for each of us to spread this mission, to spread this news, to spread the things that need to be done, that have to be done. Prostrate to ask God to forgive: we do this on behalf of the brothers to pray for God to have mercy to bring them back and to allow those who are living in sin to open their eyes. It is only with the love and the intervention of God that we will be able to survive in the new century.  If we live in this state, in this sinful state, with these disrespectful acts, with the arrogances, with time spent for everything that belongs to the flesh, then how can our souls receive salvation, how can our souls be rescued to come into a new world unless we receive the seals through the prostration when we return to God? I thank God. I thank Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.

O Mother, I thank You very much.  I pray for You to continue to protect us, to guide us, and to continue to come to us, for this to soon be spread; for this to soon be spread to help the brothers and sisters to return to God; to soon receive the graces, the love and the final seal. If we act according to the Divine Will of God then we may survive to enter into the new world, and if we die or encounter disasters in life then may we remain steadfast in faith, because with the seal we will have the opportunity to return to God in heaven. This is what we have heard in the last messages.  Today Mother continues to remind us of this truth that we need to put into practice. At this moment, I thank God and I thank Mother, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

L. completed this message at exactly 2:12 p.m. on Thursday, November 13, at St. Justin Church, in the Blessed Sacrament chapel, where L. had the opportunity to receive the words of the Holy Spirit, of God, and receive the personal words of Mother, directly, especially on the 13th of this month, the words that I just received. One more time, L., T., K., M., P. – we offer thanks, praises, exaltations, gratitude to God and we thank Mother who has given us this message on behalf of the brothers and sisters in the entire world. The brothers and sisters who are serving continue to spread and to bring this message to the brothers and sisters, for them to receive and hear. Mother, please help us, guide us, and continue to advise us in the days we presently serve and continue to serve with what is most needed; remain with us, remind us, and teach us. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives L. messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 


  1. Since the Eucharist is a physical (as well as a spiritual) reality, in these messages It is sometimes referred to as the “place”/physical space where Jesus meets us – in the miracle that is the Eucharist. “Place” could also refer to an adoration chapel or a tabernacle in a church.
  2. The previous or first “century” refers to the period from at least the time of Jesus, the Alpha, to the present; perhaps from the creation of Adam and Eve. The current, final “century” is the last in history, the Omega, which will last until the roughly “thousand year” Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima, when time as we know it and history as we know it will cease.


New Revelations Through the Eucharist

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