New Revelations through the Eucharist

May We Persevere Through The Pandemic


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when practicing The Six Kowtows.

May 21, 2020


O God, it is 12:06, Thursday, May 21, 2020, at the Emmaus Chapel.

Today the priests still do not officially bring the monstrance of the Eucharistic Jesus back to the chapel for adoration.

This is still the place where God granted us His presence for nearly ten years. We keep going.

Even during the pandemic days, God still allows us to come here every Wednesday, and we come here from time to time.

Today is also the day we ask to come here, to be quieter, for us to lift up to the Eucharist. We believe that today, though there is no monstrance, God is still present with us like every week. O God, I must also say this: I thank You very much for all our work.

Though the past few days were busy and we did not pay much attention, yet we continue to lift up to recognize what must be done in our daily life. That is the hour we pray and say our prayers.  We also have brothers and sisters who do different works and they are never absent, remaining close to the Eucharistic Jesus.

Today, though the Eucharist is not officially exposed in the Emmaus Chapel as before the pandemic, the Eucharist is still in the chapel next to the church. We are present there too. I also come there to attend Mass. Today, Thursday, May 21, 2020, we celebrate the day Jesus ascends to heaven. (1)  In particular, this year, the past months with the pandemic caused us to be in a situation with days still restricted.

We continue to go to church, but only 25% of the parishioners come to attend Mass.  We must wear masks because of the pandemic, since the virus is still around, but to us, God, Lord of love, no matter what the situation, whether comfortable or difficult, whether something is going on with the pandemic as well as many problems, God is still the Lord who is always with us.

Whether we are healthy or sick, disappointed or miserable, God is always by our side and never leaves us.  Today because of that belief, we still come to seek God, even though this place no longer has the monstrance with the Eucharist. This was a place where people came to adore the Lord, but today without the Eucharist nobody comes.

This chapel is now empty, but we still come here to look for God, to recollect.  We believe God is still present and is with us, especially today, the Solemnity of the Ascension of Jesus.   Every year, on this day, God allows me to receive His words. I also feel that the Apostles were extremely sad, because God stayed with them in the years they traveled together to places to preach.

Then Jesus died on the Cross and gloriously resurrected and remained with the world for 40 days. Today Jesus officially returns to heaven. This is repeated during this year’s Easter Season, in the Sixth Week. Today Jesus formally ascends to heaven, body and soul.

He promised to the Apostles: Do not go anywhere, stay and wait for God the Father to send the Holy Spirit. Then the Apostles received the Holy Spirit. Today is Thursday, but the Church reschedules this solemnity to Sunday to be more solemn. Even though the number of people coming to Mass is only 25%, the Solemnity of Jesus’ Ascension is a great celebration in our Church, especially for every Christian, to reverently commemorate His glorious Resurrection (2).

He remained with mankind and then returned to His Father in heaven. His Father is also our Father, as Jesus told the Apostles. Today there are certainly many things in our minds for us to meditate on when Jesus left the world.

To this day He has not yet returned in the flesh, but He remained and is still with us through His Eucharist, for us to worship, praise, glorify, honor, and respectfully commemorate. Today is a very solemn celebration for us, although the Church moves it to Sunday, but for us the official celebration is Thursday.

At this moment, Jesus took the Apostles and prayed with them on the mountain. From there Jesus was lifted up by the cloud and slowly went into the cloud. The Apostles watched until they could no longer see Jesus.

Truly a touching and emotional moment. Certainly, the holy Apostles were tearful and heartbroken when their Master left the world. From that moment on, they must have felt alone, without the Person whom they love most, whom they were always near. They also saw the work of the Lord.

The Lord is the loving Supreme Being who prepared for them first, after Jesus returned to heaven – then ten days later He hid Himself.

That is the salvation and the love of Jesus for the Apostles, the immeasurable Divine Mercy of God the Father that became the Holy Spirit and poured abundant graces over the Apostles. Then the Apostles went out and began to boldly proclaim the Gospel. Even if they sacrificed their own life, they were not afraid, provided that the Good News and the word of God were proclaimed and spread.

So then today, in this century, the descendants like us – we praise and honor the day God ascended to heaven, and reverently recall all that God did, granted, and said. Today everyone still has hope when we have belief, faith, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Risen One.

In the Sixth Week of Easter, the Lord Jesus completed the program and returned to God the Father. When He returned to heaven, He interceded with God the Father for us to feel the lively love through the Divine Mercy. With faith and entrustment in Jesus, He will never leave our soul, and that is the day we remember and specially honor, like today.

O Jesus, certainly when You left the world, You were emotional too. You had many recommendations for the Apostles. You had so much love in advising Your disciples. Even after 2,000 years, what we learned and heard is not spontaneous, but it is the Holy Spirit who wants us to understand this.

Because there is a spiritual connection as God chose and granted us to continue with a role in the program that God specifically granted to the world as well as to the sisters and brothers in the group. In a spirit of thanksgiving and praise, nothing is a coincidence. Every Wednesday we get together, but why did we move the day this week to Thursday? Because Thursday is right on the Solemnity of Jesus’ Ascension.

So many memories, so many reminders, so many things, as the Apostles shed tears. It was not recorded, but the Apostles were people like us. They also had feelings, emotions, felt heartbroken.

When they looked back at the memories with their Master, they were even more grieved for the moment their Master needed them the most, when He was alone facing death on the Cross. These are things we must experience.

Yet God is still the Lord of love, He gave the opportunity and chose the holy Apostles to become His witnesses. His love for the Apostles remained the same, even though at the moment when He had the greatest need on the Way of the Cross, there was no one else except St. John, Mother Mary, and St. Mary Magdalene.

Where were all the holy Apostles who were daily by His side? Today we see how we are those who only know things in reality, but God is still the Lord rich in Divine Mercy. He forgives everything, for us to have the opportunity to unite with Him, to come back to Him, and to love.

God granted us the best through the Holy Spirit, for us to better understand, be more lucid, live more worthy, and use what we do in a beneficial way to honor God and glorify God.  Amen.

O God, it is 12:23, Thursday, May 21, 2020, at Emmaus Chapel at St.  Theresa Church. We are turned toward the place where in the past years, the monstrance was, to lift up prayers and reverently offer The Six Kowtows. After each Mass, we always have the opportunity to offer them. Today, though there is no adoration in this chapel, we still come here because we witnessed countless acts from God here and heard countless teachings.

The presence of the Eucharistic Jesus remains with us to this day, even with the plagues. Today the chapel is empty and quiet. There is less stress and anxiety. The church was opened and about 25% of the parishioners returned, but we still do not have the same freedom as in past days.

Nevertheless, under any circumstance, we believe that God’s presence is always with us, especially in the Sixth Week of the Easter season – especially today, which is also the day the Church officially records in the book, the day Jesus ascends to heaven. We believe that 2,000 years ago, this was the day the Apostles went with Jesus to a mountain, a place where Jesus wanted all eleven Apostles to pray.

God led the Apostles to a place where they witnessed the cloud that covered Jesus and took Him away. Jesus back in heaven: please remember us sinners – powerless, weak, and always stumbling in life. Thanks to the words Jesus spoke to the Apostles. He said: Go and preach the Good News. I stay with you every day until the end of the age.

This sentence is repeated over and over as we respectfully lift up the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Christ – the Eucharist – present in the tabernacle. It is through the monstrance that we have the opportunity to contemplate and remain with God, with the times arranged for worship in the order of each parish in the city where we live.

O Eucharistic Jesus, first of all, I thank You for the very strong urging as You allow us to be here, with the quietness and emptiness, for us not to disturb our brothers and sisters when they come to pray. I know only one thing: You are waiting for us to come to grant us more strength, more grace, and also for us to lift up prayers, words of thanksgiving, beseeching, on behalf of all classes, all roles, in today’s life of reality.

Especially when the pandemic is still not over, there are still fears and precautions. Today in the churches, people must wear masks to receive Communion, the Body and Blood of Christ. It is no longer the days of receiving the Lord on the tongue, but by hand. It depends on each one of us to have our hands ready and it is necessary to prepare our hearts to be worthy to receive the Lord.

Continuing, with a story spanning 2,000 years, people still do not understand the love through the sacrifice of God. All that is the best we need in this world comes from God, the Supreme Being who plans and arranges. Every deed and every opportunity is not done spontaneously by us, but it is God, the loving Supreme Being, who urges us and gives us the opportunity. At this moment, we lift up to God the Father together.

In all things, we thank the Father. It is from His love for us today to have Jesus, the Holy Spirit – the Supreme Being whom we trust. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the three Persons in one God, the Trinity, and one God in three Persons – a mystery that is truly difficult to understand in real life , but in spirit is depth and height.

We welcome God’s presence in our life for us to live worthily, to receive love through the Divine Mercy that He specially granted to us and to everyone who believes in Him and is a witness. God teaches us to continue to testify to what is true, to the truth bestowed upon everyone through the awareness with the recent pandemic, and we also ask to be healed of the plague of the soul, which each person has.

The eyes of faith are weak so we cannot see things from the truth that God granted and gave to us. At this moment, we can only thank and praise God. May we lift up these words to God the Father, the first Person whom Mother Mary always teaches us to offer thanksgiving and praise to, on behalf of many people who still do not know and still do not believe.

Today they believe, they are on the way back, though late, but God’s infinite Divine Mercy always waits and gives that person the opportunity to return to recognize His love,  the boundless Divine Mercy granted, which is the only foundation and fulcrum in this century. Now, may we in unity represent our brothers and sisters in the group, our families, our parishes, the clergy, near and far, together with all people in the world, to pray to God the Father. Father, please have mercy and hear our prayers, intervene for us, forgive our imperfections and weaknesses.


Now, we respectfully offer the First Kowtow to God the Father.

O God the Father, I worship, thank, praise, and honor You. Today, with my brothers and sisters, we rejoice in the celebration of the Solemnity of the Ascension. If it is like previous years, then certainly there will be a large crowd of parishioners because of this day’s meaning. So the celebration on Sunday will be more solemn and have more people attending, but for us today is still the main day. We thank God.

After the resurrection, He stayed with the Apostles for 40 days and also stayed with us for the past 40 days – when we were loneliest, the most afraid, in a situation in which our fellow human beings died during the pandemic that is threatening all classes, all roles, without distinction.

But in life with the mission and the work, we cannot refuse the necessary works in the life of those who recognize the importance of practicing and professing God. Everything becomes the best that God grants in the world of mankind. O God the Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, because today is His day, we lift up to You all the issues in society and in the world.

The most important thing is that we praise and thank You for giving us Your only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed until the last moment. He gloriously resurrected and brought us a new doctrine, transcending space and time, with the limitations of the human body, to return to the Lord of love, of the Divine Mercy – the everlasting, benevolent Lord who forgives and accepts all of us, so that we become the children who unite to praise and glorify God.

O God the Father, there are still many issues we see in our present life. Truly, we do not have peaceful days, which are the humblest dreams, but our nation experiences all the disasters that happened, either naturally or man-made.

We do not know it, but God also gives us the opportunity to understand what is in our role, to practice with our brothers, with our children, for them to understand what God grants and gives in a special way, to help us on the path of holiness, with the necessary virtue to bear witness to the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

He led us to the love of God the Father, and helped us to understand the Divine Mercy, the spirit of amendment, the profound life in the love given by God, for us to learn how to love, how to believe in love, and how to entrust in love. The love we give is God, the Supreme Being who loved us infinitely, but our response is not much, but at least we love God, stay with God, live worthy daily.

May we be reminded to live fully with the love and Divine Mercy that God granted to us today, tomorrow, and in the future. We remember to lift up to God our birth country’s situation. Compared to the world, the Vietnamese population is not that large.

There were certain inevitable events. We do not know what is happening – there is the possibility of abuse and exploitation through the political struggle, but our country is facing difficulties and cannot cope with the millions of people that plan to return to or enter Vietnam.

O God, Vietnam is a very small, s-shaped country, with many stories in its history. Today with the recent pandemic, there are still many uncertainties and tribulations. Vietnam is in a very tense situation. In this recent event, we only know to lift up to God. It is because of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people that God particularly granted over the years, and a number of people returned and wanted life to be as normal as possible, as God granted. Today I lift up to God the current disaster there: a broken dam recently caused many people to lose their houses. Since we are Vietnamese, we lift up to God the past few days, regardless of mistakes, imperfections, weaknesses. With the majority of people who believe in God to be less than 10%, I believe God is just.

Each one of us has the right to make our own decision, for us to see that our efforts bring about good results, for God to protect. God, please protect Vietnam, the people of Vietnam, for the people to recognize who God is and that God is the only Supreme Being for us to rely on.  We simply entrust and trust in God.

May God’s righteousness be accomplished in today’s social life, because there are not many days left. In ten days the Holy Spirit will come. May He enlighten us and guide all those who are lost. Though we are in fear of facing the pandemic, we still pursue personal interests in life. God, please help us, for the righteous to have more courage, strength, will triumph, and bring hope, peace, and freedom to the whole world.

We thank, praise, and glorify God. May God have mercy and bless us. May we continue with the life of witness and lift up with fervent words from this earth. Though insignificant words, they come from a sincere heart. May God plan, arrange, and decide for the world according to His will for people to return, prostrate, worship, honor, thank, know, and believe in the Supreme Being, in order to be rescued and saved.

We lift up apologies to God and pray for God to have mercy and forgive. May God have mercy, and agree to help us along the way to become a person that deserves to proclaim the Gospel, to be God’s messenger, and for each brother and sister to be worthy to become the messengers as God plans in an age of turmoil, death, science, and technology, leading people away from God.

All these things do not come from us, but are urged by God. We simply worship, praise, glorify, and honor God. God, please be with us, sanctify, transform, listen to our prayers, and forgive us, for us to be worthy to receive You daily into our hearts, to reverently cherish.

That love will never stop loving us, enduring for us, so that we have this happy day by His side. We lift up a myriad of thanks to God. We praise and glorify God.


We respectfully lift up the Second Kowtow to Jesus.

O Jesus, we worship, praise, and glorify You. We honor and thank You for giving us the opportunity today with the Second Kowtow to do penance, thank, commemorate the day You ascended to heaven, and meditate on the day the holy Apostles witnessed the glorious presence.

Jesus taught the holy Apostles in the days after He resurrected – He strengthened them, granted them graces and more faith to receive the Holy Spirit to fully understand His teachings. Today with the Second Kowtow, we represent all classes, all roles, especially with today’s generation in the pandemic.

Whether Catholic, non-Catholic, the Church, the laypeople who are little people, or people who still do not know and believe, through the pandemic we are individual people who opened their eyes and recognized who the Almighty is, who the Lord Jesus is. He was the One who agreed to be crucified, who died for mankind – then gloriously and triumphantly resurrected.

In the Sixth Week of Easter, particularly today, He ascends to heaven. O Jesus, before You return to heaven, surely You granted the Apostles many favors, especially with the days of being taught by You, the days by Your side when You knew You will return to heaven.

We will not be able to go with You but we will wait for Your return – then You will lead those who belong to You to come with You, meet You, and return with You. O Jesus, the Second Person of God, for almost ten years we have not met You in the flesh, but we met You by Your word, by the glorious presence of Your Eucharist, by Your visit to us in many ways.

Whether it was a meeting through photos or through miracles at this chapel or wherever, when You allowed then the miracle appeared as an endearing closeness that reminded us that You always grant to mankind in this world. O Jesus, may everyone believe in You. May everyone understand the meaning that today is the proof of what was in history.

May this day be the first day for mankind to open the heart to experience what, through the glorious resurrection, Jesus taught and did for the world. Today, after two thousand years, there are the descendants who do not yet understand or know, but the Real Presence comforts us in the pandemic and helps us step out of the fear that binds us.

We choose a place to pray to God, to reverently lift up earnest words and The Six Kowtows, particularly to each Person. We lift up every situation, difficulty, relief, and each decision in life for us not to stray, be divided – and we do not want to disappoint God.

O Jesus, the Second Person of God, today we rejoice because You said: I must return to My Father. The world of mankind was created for us to have a father, a mother. There is nowhere else for us to lay our heads but on our fathers’ chests, and to hold our mothers into our hearts is a happy day in the world.

Today, when Jesus ascends to heaven, the holy Apostles will no longer have the opportunity to rest their heads on the Lord’s chest as St. John did at the Last Supper, nor will there be the opportunity for a conversation as St. Peter always asked God. All the Apostles were always by God’s side to ask and listen to their Master’s teaching.

Today God officially empowers all the holy Apostles, gives them the ability to heal, lead a life of preaching, and establish the Church. God empowered them and ascended to heaven. Today we are able to encounter the Eucharist, which is the proof of His promise to remain with us.

Everything becomes good from faith, and only with faith can we have the opportunity. O Jesus, the Second Person of God, I worship, honor, and thank You. All these times, these words were being repeated. When we consider our human condition as an ordinary person, we realize how much God loved us.

He died for us. The frightening pandemic affecting the whole world today is a mark on our souls, and a particular experience in the Sixth Week of Easter. God still gives us the opportunity to meet privately with Him, away from the crowded world and a society burdened by many problems.

We still have peaceful days by His side, days when we believe in His presence, days when He lets us feel the moment He left. Though His Apostles always expressed feelings of sadness, of love, He definitely must return to His Father in heaven. The Father of Jesus is also the Father of humanity, our heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit is from God the Father and Jesus. This is a sublime mystery that cannot be explained: one God in three Persons, three Persons in one God.

The Second Person became incarnate and died to atone for the sins of mankind. He completed the program and returned to heaven. Everything He did and granted – through the Church, through the holy Apostles, and to us – He always wants us to unite, collaborate, obey, listen, so that everything that belongs to Him will never fade away despite many years in waiting.

All things of this day, whether we are worthy or unworthy, God is still the Lord who loves us, still the voice that helps us overcome trials, illnesses, ordeals, the sufferings from the plague of the soul as well as the sufferings from the man-made pandemic. In today’s Mass, God reminded the Apostles to remain in the city to wait for the Holy Spirit to come.

What we do not learn, understand, know – when the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, comes, then we will understand through His teaching. He is the love, the light, the truth of truth. He comes from the Father and the Son to formally grant to mankind that sublime and greatest wonder.

How can we humans be worthy and deserve these special privileges? God does not look at us by our ordinary condition as others, weak and sinful, lowly and frail, who easily fall and waver.

God still loves. He loves in a special way. Back then God loved the holy Apostles. Today He loves the Church and His sheep. God, please remember us when You return to heaven. Please have mercy on us and forgive our past mistakes. God, please help us understand more in life, for us to steadfastly move forward, walk in Your way, live a life of boldness and courage, to profess by deed, by faith, by the love that You longingly wait for, the same love that You granted to each one of us sinners.

Thanks to the love in that sanctifying grace, we become sanctified, transformed, for us to be worthy of what we have. We reverently offer on the day Jesus ascended to heaven, the day Jesus was looking at the Apostles and the Apostles were looking at Jesus, with affectionate eyes, filled with tears, watching Jesus enter the cloud – then the cloud enveloped Him and the Apostles no longer saw Him.

Through that sentiment and feeling, what was the mood of the Apostles? Surely they were like us, with moments of joy, sadness, stress. There are moments that belong to us and moments we truly need to listen and pray and beseech God to help us to be zealous, alert.

We lift up earnest words regarding all the problems we face in the world, but especially today, a day God grants to us. God, please remember us, forgive us, help us to mature in Your grace, for us to meditate, experience, be determined to forsake our sins and weaknesses, and mature to return.

May we listen to Your instructions, for us to live in a mature way and be worthy of the love You bestow. O Jesus, the Second Person of God, I worship, honor, and profess You among all people. God, please continue to grant us greater faith, and more depth and width through the experience of Your word. In our daily life as well as the life of needs and necessities, may we belong to You.

God, please plan, arrange, lead us each day in our maturity to love You more, entrust everything to You, for You to decide according to Your holy will, for our life to be good. At this moment, in unity, we beseech God to have mercy on our Church. Certainly, this is a day for the cardinals, the bishops, and the clergy to also profoundly meditate on the Gospel to understand this day, with the sentiment that Jesus grants in a special way to His Apostles.

These past few days are the days in which He taught the Apostles many things as well as granted to the Church. Through the pandemic may our Church return with the days of repentance. God, please bless us, because everything changed. There are so many trials for the Church and for everyone around the world.

From the love, the infinite Divine Mercy, the laws in charity, all the good things God granted, then let us offer a little sacrifice to pray for the world to return to God, for people to recognize and love God. People realize how life has countless challenges, but we only rely on one thing, we only come to the loving Supreme Being, rich in Divine Mercy – though He ascends today to heaven, His presence remains with us forever and ever.

Because of those aspects, we believe and trust. May God forgive the world, each sinner like us, all humanity. May all of us repent, recognize God’s grace, be marked on the Solemnity of the Ascension 2020 – which Jesus granted and gave us the favors to forever remember.

May we be aware of the gift that Mother teaches to prepare the meaning of this year. In a spirit of gratitude, hope, and trust, God, please sanctify and transform us. May we receive the love to be engraved daily in our heart, for each person to carry out the mission that God gave us, to reverently remember the day we cannot be free, but along with the community, we bless, praise, and glorify God, so that we may contemplate the great and sublime presence of Jesus.

After over 2,000 years, God’s promise still echoes in our heart, soul, thought, life, and the Church, for the faithful to reverently remember and recall His teaching, for us to wait for the day when the Holy Spirit comes to us as He promised the Apostles. Today God is also speaking to each person, in the pandemic – through trials, through days of suffering, days when people choose to see what belongs to them or lose with what they themselves decide.

May we have peace in the soul, in the world; distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong; and recognize the best that God grants, for us to belong to Him, call on His Name, thank Him.

We praise and honor God. Please enlighten us, for us to always believe, entrust and trust, and practice what God teaches for our life to be worthy. May we persevere, even though difficult, challenging with the pandemic. We have God. We lift up and entrust in God. God, please heal and lead us to a peaceful, happy world.

We lift up to the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, on the day He ascends to heaven, to plan for us the day when He will return to bring us back with Him as He promised through the Gospel. Amen.


We reverently offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit, we worship, thank, praise, and honor You. What we are able to do today is from Your grace through Your prompting. It is Your love that became the strength to help us overcome challenges, trust, hope, have depth with faith. Today, though our deeds are insignificant, it is Your presence and prompting that enable us to.

O Holy Spirit – from people who are ignorant, always late, imperfect, weak, sinful, wretched – today You give us the opportunity to see the wickedness of our sin, wretchedness, weakness. We cannot be without You in life.

O Holy Spirit, You are the grace, the love, the light, the truth that leads us in the darkness, when we are still immature. You are the gentle, tender God with a love that is truly lively, to help us overcome trials, sufferings, and challenges. O Holy Spirit, Your sublimity is that You allow us to know that the best things belonging to us come from Jesus and lead us to love, through the Divine Mercy God that the Father forever granted to humanity.

Human beings are treacherous, sinful, weak, always stumbling, but with Your support and guidance, and a repentant and contrite heart determined to reform, then there is nothing God refuses to grant and give us the opportunity. O Holy Spirit, history records today as the day Jesus returns to heaven, in particular, leaving the Church to us and His sheep.

Today God allows us to commemorate and relive the great accomplishment of when He came to the world, then returned to heaven, completing the plan of salvation. God left things to be vividly recorded in spirit and faith for us to know what belongs to us. We pray, trust, and entrust.

We hope and lift up everything that is happening with the encounter in a world where between spirituality and the life of reality, between good and evil, there is a battle. Between faith and indifference, may people rise when they overcome the pandemic. At the same time, there are many reminders, even when things are most deplorable, the worst.

However, it is through the disaster, which is the current pandemic we are facing, that we can awaken and recognize the good and precious things that God granted and gave from the beginning. Sadly, we never cherished and understood the meaning of God loving us and giving us everything, from breath to the air, to all the comforts of life, to the recognition in the choice that God also grants especially to us.

Sadly, how many of us think about spending the time through quiet meditation or step away from the bustling world to come to Him? O God, though we are shortsighted, there are still holy and virtuous people in this world who gave up their life to consecrate themselves to You. There are respectable, good priests and religious, who are exemplary people, but on the other hand, there are many priests who disappoint us, because the age of civilization and sophistication allured and caused them to be shaken and to fall into regrettable situations.

O Lord, we lift them up to You. We are also people with sinful, weak, and wretched conditions. Without God, we can do nothing. Whether right or wrong, correct or incorrect, good or evil, true or false, we lift all up to God. We have no right to decide or judge, so we lift them all up to God.

The presence of the Holy Spirit helps us to know the truth.  Only the Holy Spirit grants us wisdom and enlightenment, helps us to understand the meaning of life and decide on good and bad deeds, past and present, for us to either fully practice or choose.  O Holy Spirit, this is a time that we offer to You for the world, for all classes, all roles.  Please pour out Your grace abundantly on us – all classes, each position, each function, each layperson, and the Church, with those who have authority today.

Please help us to understand what You want so that this world is peaceful and happy, and the happiest thing is for each of our hearts to know the love that God teaches.  With solidarity and unity, a hopeful and peaceful viewpoint belongs to God. As for what is contrary to what we pray for, then these are the suitable and rational ways of the world, which cause us to be troubled, unstable, anxious, with many shortcomings, so then these ways do not belong to God.

O Holy Spirit, the wise Supreme Being, please shine on us in the dark night, when we are surrounded by difficulties. There were many things in the life of the past days, with the lockdown in the world and the pandemic still raging. We entrust to You, because only You are the Supreme Being who heals us.

Your arrangement helps us not to fall into the snares, and also teaches us to face everything. May each person repent and do penance, return to God, acknowledge good, eliminate evil, distinguish between true and false, right and wrong, for us to always belong to God in a faith that has sacrifice, love, and forgiveness.

Help us forever to rely on God. We always need God, because only God is the wise, omniscient Supreme Being, while we are very narrow-minded though knowledgeable and learned. May God help everyone to be humble and learn the best things through Mother Mary. Through Mother’s intercession, we ask Mother to lead us to the Holy Spirit, for us to receive the closeness of the Holy Spirit.

Mother teaches us to pray to the Holy Spirit, to ask Him to help us on the paths we are taking, surrounded by difficulties, because there are many things unsuitable or inappropriate in life. When we choose God, may we remove the personal will and return to the God of love and Divine Mercy through the enlightened guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We worship, praise, and glorify You, our Lord, now and for ever and ever. Amen.


We reverently offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

O Eucharistic Jesus, today is a day to remind us of Jesus’ Ascension. We remember the institution of the Blessed Sacrament. When the Lord entered the Last Supper, He established the Blessed Sacrament to remain with the holy Apostles. He humbled Himself to become a host to remain with the world, with the Church, with each sheep of God, and this goes on till this day.

That presence and that promise are still with us. O Eucharistic Jesus, what we respectfully offer today is to reverently commemorate the history of the day Jesus ascended to heaven on the Sixth Week of Easter. What we witnessed over the past ten years was the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus who came and visited the world of mankind.

He is present among us and strengthens the life of faith of the hearts and souls who listen and recognize this truth. O Eucharistic Jesus, You are love. You remain silent, quiet, but You always cherish, protect and guard the children who come to You, worship You, and love You, the children who adore the Eucharistic Jesus.

O Eucharistic Jesus, I praise, glorify, honor Your glory that was manifested for us to see – the marvelous light through the Eucharist to protect, guard, shine bright in the dark night for those who are lost on the path of darkness. You are the light, the love, the truth, the covenant that continues to give us the opportunity to meet today.

As human beings, no one is worthy and no one deserves it, but God is the Lord who loves and is full of love. The Divine Mercy gave us the opportunity to see and contemplate His glory, through the presence of the Eucharist, to kindle faith for all classes, all roles, especially for the descendants of this age.

God’s deeds continue to shine, illumine, and help us acknowledge His power. God grants to all classes, all roles, in their positions and roles, for all to realize what the Holy Spirit guides in them and over them. The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who allows us to meet openly in spirituality, and who is present in the world of mankind.

He leads us closer to the Eucharistic Jesus for us to see the great and immense treasure that we must experience by love. That love is an expression of the Holy Spirit to help us know what we need to know, believe in what we must believe, and do what we can while we have the opportunity to become a witness to the truth.

We contemplated and received from His teachings, and the love He granted gave us the opportunity with all the essential needs in our daily life. All of this cannot prove the evidence, but in faith is an arrangement that God planned in every moment of each person’s life, when we come to Him.

O Eucharistic Jesus, it is for love that You remain with mankind, become the nourishment of our soul, and stay till this day. O Eucharistic Jesus, we thank You. At this place, there were so many miraculous wonders that You manifested and granted to us. You gave us such wonderful past years, and helped us to be prepared with what was taught and reminded to each person, for us to be determined to accept and practice when there are events, such as the recent pandemic.

Today we think we can escape all the highly critical and negative days. We know that God granted through His intervention, for us to continue with days of freedom, with breath, air – free in all aspects. God allows us to take control of this life, but because we are so weak and wretched, we trade off our conscience.

The leaders, the people in the ranks of each nation just want to reach their goal, regardless of schemes, acting the opposite of the doctrine, rejecting God, removing the crosses, and many more things past and present. The Eucharistic Jesus is present – He sees these things.

He is listening to His children who pray, beseech, and are in fear. He is listening to all the circumstances of a world as we come to lift up to Him. He sees the ungrateful and indifferent children. He is also looking at the children who do not fully trust so their life always stumbles and encounters difficulties.

O Eucharistic Jesus, we come to this place today. There is no one left and there is no monstrance. But at this place, for many years almost ten years God was here, every day. God was always present with us. God always gave us a privilege, to remove ourselves from the bustling world to offer prayers, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters around the world.

Not only this time, but we pray to have more respect, to clearly know what belongs to us and what God wants us to practice. O Eucharistic Jesus, may we recognize Your tenderness. May we truly return through Your message, to submit, prostrate, profess the Supreme Being who granted to us in a special way, and who in the divine realm and spirituality is present among mankind.

May everyone unite, listen, adore, and serve God, consecrate themselves to God with earnest, fervent words. God, please accept and hear us, for us to grow in You each day, to be worthy of the light that envelops us to lead us out of the dark night and the darkness, for us to belong to You – forever in You, with You.

We ask this in the Name of God, our Lord, now and for ever and ever.  Amen.


We reverently offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ.

O Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God – the Five Holy Signs of love, grace, and Divine Mercy. Today Jesus proves that He accomplished the great work of salvation for mankind. He was our Savior 2,000 years ago.

Today He officially returns to heaven, leaving behind many teachings for the Apostles. He always taught the Apostles thoroughly and gently, and left for us a treasure through the Church – the Gospel. The deeds witnessed in His life, recorded over 2,000 years ago, continue to teach us, in every prayer, through every word of the Gospel that we read daily to help and nurture us in hope.

These aspects help us to overcome difficulties and challenges in life, and we can never forget and deny those great favors and graces. O Jesus of the Five Holy Signs, we only hear about and do not understand the meaning of the Five Holy Signs in our life.

Today we have the answer.

Though the pandemic is raging everywhere, though we are weak, imperfect, sinful, unworthy sinners and never know repentance, and even if we repent, let us look at this period – only one third of the world knows God. 2,000 years ago, God worked many wonders and granted to mankind untold graces.

Today what do we see that we can do ourselves? Nothing. We are frail and weak people, even though we have science, technology, knowledge, it is still limited. Facing death, the pandemic, and difficulties, there is no way we can save ourselves or release what is in science and technology.

This is a lesson for humanity in this day and age. Mankind allowed the spiritual life to be lost, for faith to completely be gone, so the life of reality controlled us. That control made us proud, arrogant, reject God, deny and ignore things that are more sublime than what exists in this world.

We are certain that the recent plague awakened many souls, many people in their habits, for them to recognize what they are facing, in their role, in their position. But, on the other hand, there are people who in the past days, due to their lack of faith, their uncaring and unloving heart, feel that they need only worry about themselves.

So they are not charitable, do not make sacrifices, do not change, still live with an immature standpoint in selfishness. O Eucharistic Jesus, because of that You grieved, Your heart is broken – You always wanted us to recognize. Everything we are facing in the trial: let us not be afraid and come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

Let His Mother guide us and teach us the adoration to offer to the Eucharistic Jesus, the respect, and the love of every holy sign that the Lord Jesus exchanged for us by the extreme suffering, for us to live. O Eucharistic Jesus, there were so many wonders You did for us, but our human condition is truly weak and wretched.

Today, please allow us to apologize, thank, believe, trust, and entrust in You. May the world open its eyes and heart, to realize the closeness, the greatest treasure to help people cherish, respect, love, have the moments of belonging to God, with a steadfast spirit to stand up, to belong to God, and amend our life.

May our Lord forever be the loving God, the forgiving God, the God rich in Divine Mercy as He particularly granted to us and the whole world. At this moment, we lift up to God – thank and praise God.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God, we thank God. We pray in the Name of God, to reverently commemorate the Lord Jesus Christ.

His Eucharist gave us the courage to remember the history of Jesus’ Ascension to heaven, which brought us abundant graces from the Holy Spirit – in His Name, in the Sign of the Cross, please heal us from all evil. In the Name of God, the God of love. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, may His glory cover the children who seek Him, who listen to Him, who submit in a spirit of penance through a life in which we ask to return.

In the plague of both soul and body, God, please heal, sanctify, and transform us, for us to belong to You, to receive Your love, to respond to the love You granted us in our human condition, and though weak and wretched, we ask to belong to You. God, please teach us.

God, please save us from the dense snares in the life of civilization that are swallowing us and leading the world into plagues with terrible snares by the devil that cause us to fall into the abyss of sin. May the Eucharistic Jesus, the light that shines in the dark night, shine for every soul and shine in every adversity, for us to be firm in the faith, to return and trust.

May we come to God with a heart to revere, worship, and proclaim, because only He is the Comforter, the Protector, the loving Supreme Being, the forgiving Supreme Being, the One from whom the spiritual presence is given directly, in the protection and the gentle love that He has for us and for all humanity.  Amen.


We offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.

O God the Father, we thank You. Thank You for giving us a wonderful Mother. Because Mother understood and knew our weaknesses. We do not yet understand, do not yet know, and we practiced, but it was without an inner life, a heart, and we still do not understand what prayer is.

Our faith life is immature, vulnerable, easily troubled, easily manipulated, and we are easily lost in the spiritual life. We have no opportunity so we still live with the days with what we can understand. But when we are successful, then our faith is neglected.

We did not understand prayer, so we are not deeply rooted in the spiritual life. Mother Mary wants each person to be firm in the life of faith so that our life cannot be easily shaken in any situation, be it money, fame, or allurement. No one can give us peace, joy, and happiness.

It comes from the heart – by thought, by an inexplicable spiritual depth, which is the most beneficial thing in every person. As for us who have wealth, money, fame – our lives are not receptive.

We always worry about money, about losing it – we fear, we doubt, and have unrighteous plots. Those are the unfortunate people who chose the path when they were aware of the truth. How pitiful for those people. May we remain alert with the heart and mind that God grants, for us or any person, to clearly understand what belongs to the world and what belongs to us.

There must be a reformation to absolutely remove all the weak viewpoints and blind choices in life. O God the Father, today You give us an exemplary Mother, choose for us a Mother, and let the Holy Spirit help us and lead us to lift up to Mother Mary. O Mother Mary, Mother of mercy, Mother of the Heart of love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Savior.

A myriad of praise and thanksgiving to Mother are still not enough. We present and lift up everything to Mother. Mother, You saw the extreme of our life, of the days of sin, nourishing sin, fostering sin.

Even though there are many things in life to consider for us to be hopeful and relaxed in the enjoyment of life, and countless places that You plan for us to visit, the way that You want for mankind today is to live in deep prayer – by the heart, by a humble life, by an absolute devotion in the prostration, by action, by deed, by the determination to lift up to God, offer to God, experience His love through the presence that He still grants in every generation.

O Mother Mary, thanks to You, today we have the opportunity to learn how to pray. Though it is something new, prayer will help us to be close to God and remind ourselves when we start to forget or distance ourselves or are distracted each day by the control of material life, a life with needs, or with all situations that are happening.

Prayer helps us to assert and understand the Supreme Being whom we must always lift up to, whom we always need in life, whom we must respect and thank. Because He understands our heart, our extreme suffering, everything that we are in need of in life. Whether in the midst of difficulties, challenges, or the plague, prayer will resolve the problems in life.

We need to be steadfast, firm in the faith, peaceful, and to pray and lift up to Almighty God in whom we believe. He understands – He hears through every situation. In today’s world, the life of focus on prayer and praying with the heart seems to be lost and is less, so we are easily shaken, frightened, mistaken – even if it is just from the intimidation of the opponent or the deviations such that we still do not thoroughly understand what is happening.

Because of the lost faith, lack of faith, of prayers, mankind stumbles, becomes bloodthirsty – evil leaders, ambitious people. People see the deaths of their brothers and sisters, but they continue to be indifferent. They are no longer people with a conscience but are behaving more like beasts in a world created by God for mankind to use, be the master of, and manage.

To be a human being, there must be holiness, enlightenment. God ceaselessly grants to us, and Mother Mary is the first person to receive that grace – the Holy Spirit. Today Mother sees how we truly need the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit shows us and leads us to deliverance in a suitable and rational way from a civilized life in which mankind is heading into progress.

Radicality and civilization also belong to God, but in goodness, there are also evil deeds, calculations, self-interests, things that cause people to err from the perfect doctrine that God grants, which is caused by mankind in sin. Mother Mary is the perfect being, the absolutely holy being, whom mankind must honor, thank, and be grateful to, the only Queen of heaven – the being who conceived the Second Person of God, the being who with Jesus accomplished the great work to save the whole world, and He entrusted the world and humanity to Mother.

So Mother became the Mother of mankind, the Mother of every sinner, every saint, every prisoner, every penitent, every witness, every soul in purgatory, every Apostle all over the world, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Incarnate Word, the Mother of love, the Mother of mercy, the Mother of every patient.

In particular nowadays, the recent plague is reminding us. Mother, please help us to understand and mature in a life belonging to God, when we have Mother who is the person who teaches us to respond, to return in the urgency – past, present, and soon to come.

There are many things in life we see that never happened before, but are happening. Nothing in this life is absolute – only God is absolute. He absolutely loves mankind, grants mankind life, and always uses Divine Mercy to give mankind the opportunity. Today what we have and receive is from Mother Mary, the first exemplary person to receive the great graces that God grants to mankind.

Mother represents us to respond to God’s invitation. Mother sees us receiving what belongs to us, but was stolen because we make the wrong decisions. We do not look at what we need, which is to serve God, to continue in life trusting in God, to live a life of prayer, so then we easily stray from any situations.

Today there are events that happen to remind people to return to be close to God, to reconcile with God, to see the great wonders that God offers to mankind, to not lose, and to not be controlled by the world, for us to not be able to see what belongs to us. O Mother Mary, all these things are granted from You – it is You who give us the opportunity.

You grant us everything, advise us, teaches us to live. Although we do not yet fully understand the feelings in the maturity when we pray, but at least when we are reminded of prayer, we know that is a time when we must come to God with our hearts – with a humble, loving, worshiping, respectful, and reverent heart.

That is the first step, and from there in the experience, the Holy Spirit will open the heart, will enlighten, will help us discern. The Holy Spirit will arrange for us to choose the best. God bestows and chooses the most beautiful things as God plans and chooses for us.

God loves, protects, covers us. He does not let us be controlled by the plague of soul and body, lured by the world, but because of money, fame, needs, we are totally indifferent, flawed, and completely live in blindness.

O Mother Mary, Mother of love – we profusely thank Mother on behalf of the world, all classes, and roles. Mother is the only person who understands us more than anyone else, who helps us live days with the meaning we need in life. O Mother Mary, please help us to overcome this plague for everyone to surrender, submit, and return to God.

May we recognize our weakness and wretchedness and ask to always be healed and forgiven by God. May all of us wholeheartedly be in unity to prostrate, worship, and profess God. May our Church be united. May every leader be responsible, filled with the Spirit to lead with justice and righteousness. Only God grants justice, righteousness, and peace, which are needed over every family, over every person.

O Mother Mary, who taught us? Mother is the only person who clearly understands the most. Mother understands the weaknesses of mankind and what we still do not know and believe in. Mother teaches us daily to pray for God to forgive us, for us to represent all classes and roles, to have a voice that echoes from the earth, with the determination needed in worship and adoration.

Through the gift of The Six Kowtows, each prostration is a recognition to express what is inward, what our strength cannot do, but God is the Supreme Being who fully grants and gives what is reasonable and logical.

With faith, entrustment, hope, adoration, honor, and thanks, we can only say these words: O Mother Mary, today Jesus returns to heaven. Surely You are clearly aware and wants us to contemplate the days He is with us, teaches us, grants to us. May we perform and practice.

Even though today He only remains through the Eucharist, His love still does not leave us. We are living in the spiritual existence that is the most intimate that God granted. We also have Mother to guide us on the remaining paths of our life. We have Mother guiding us, helping us understand and be conscious of the reconciliation, the intimacy, the belonging to God, to revere, honor, thank.

We thank Mother profusely. On behalf of all classes, all roles, we thank, honor, and love Mother. May we always believe in everything that is of this day, which is a simple, little gift yet the greatest, to help us overcome difficulties. In the days to have the protection and consolation, may we remain by Mother’s side, which are the most meaningful days in the world, and also for each person to see the love that Mother granted and prepared for mankind.

Mother’s love helped us to have the time to return to God, to meet God. Do not lose the most precious things that Jesus, Mother’s Son, paid for with the price of Blood, waiting for us and dying for us. May we honor Mother Mary, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of mercy, the Mother of the Heart of love, the Mother of the Eucharist.

It is thanks to the Mother of the Eucharist that we learn to love the Eucharist, seek to come to the Eucharistic Jesus, honor, worship the Eucharistic Jesus, and listen to the teaching of the Eucharistic Jesus.

We worship, praise, and glorify God, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

  1. This day used to be “Ascension Thursday” in the Church calendar. Generally, this solemnity has been transferred to the following Sunday. In some places it is still celebrated on Thursday.
  2. It was still the Easter season.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.


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