New Revelations through the Eucharist

Meditations on the Way of the Cross with Jesus



Lucia: O God, today is March 20, 2020.

We are turned toward the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

God, please allow us to start the 14 Stations of the Cross.

Every year we have a retreat, but this year God has granted to us in a special way. Because of the pandemic, we need to have certain programs for our prayer time. In particular, we also prepare for the upcoming programs to bear witness to what God grants to us in our mission to bring the gift of The Six Kowtows to the world.

Now we ask the Holy Spirit to help us to be zealous as we begin the 14 Stations of the Cross at St. Theresa Church. This is the third day with no Mass in the church. The church is empty, the door is open, but few people come.

This is the moment when we come to God and comfort Him in the tabernacle. For three days we simply contemplate God.

We have not had the opportunity to receive Communion. This afternoon, we will attend Mass at 7 p.m. outside the church, in our car.

God, please come to us in Mass and allow us to receive You spiritually. Now with the brothers and sisters, we invite the Holy Spirit to come, to teach us to do the 14 Stations of the Cross according to the holy will of God, to understand what God teaches us and this world in the present pandemic.

Everything seems to have stalled and stopped. We no longer have the days of freedom in our life with the necessities or what we need in our spiritual life. Today we lift up these words as we invite the Holy Spirit to come, for us to hear and understand God’s teaching in the meditation on the 14 Stations of the Cross, starting from the 1st Station of the Cross to the 14th Station of the Cross.

Now, may we respectfully lift up.

Nine years ago, God allowed me to do the Stations of the Cross for the first time in St. Theresa Church. When I just started to kneel down to do the 1st Station of the Cross, Fr. R., the pastor of St. Theresa Church, came to me. He said, “The statue of Our Lady of Fatima cannot be brought to the front room of the adoration chapel. The statue must be left behind the front room of the chapel. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima cannot be brought to the front room.”

Our adoration time was set at 1 a.m. – there was no one in the chapel. It was our special time, so we brought the statue of Our Lady of Fatima that was in the back to the front room for Mother to be present with the Eucharistic Jesus, and we prayed.

But Fr. R. knew that we brought the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to the front room, because I took the miraculous pictures and showed these pictures to him, so he knew, and as we began to bow down at the 1st Station of the Cross, Fr. R. came to tell me that.

I always remember what he said and it was recorded in the 1st Station of the Cross that day. It was the 1st Station of the Cross in which God granted me a direct meditation by thought.

Before that I had never officially done the Stations of the Cross. The first time, I wrote in a notebook, and every time God came and allowed me to write, but this time, when God allowed, then on the 1st Station of the Cross I meditated effortlessly with the words from the Holy Spirit.

Today, ten years later, I have all my brothers and sisters with me. Today, God, please allow me to meditate on the Stations of the Cross as if You are speaking to the world, especially during the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Now, we wait for the word of God so we can meditate.

The First Station: Pilate Condemns the Lord Jesus to Death

Jesus: My beloved children,

Look at Me.

Standing in front of the tribunal, I accepted everything, because I came to face the tribunal of the world to witness what the world did.

The people with positions of power in this world have used the power they had and have.

There were countless innocent people.

Countless have followed the ways of the world.

Is there justice? People continue to use their authority to exercise what is in their power. They forget the humble people – they forget all that is unfair and unjust.

I want to amend this law.

I want to remove everything in a world with positions of power.

I want to change that in order to have justice for the innocent people, for the little people, and for the people who have suffered the utmost bitterness in a world that segregates, from positions of power to the people.

My beloved children, I agreed to come to the tribunal for you to see the world of mankind.

Those people have abused from their functions and positions of power.

They did not have a just heart to defend the poor, to support the little people, to uphold the righteousness that was needed.

I agreed to receive the sentence to represent and redeem the people who have functions, who have positions of power, the kings throughout the ages.

Today you have seen the people in positions of power who do not walk in the way that I granted them.

I accepted this sentence on their behalf.

Since mankind refused and rejected, today their actions grow according to their ambition, according to the life that they choose in their functions, ignoring what must be, in fairness, in justice, and in righteousness.

Today I want you to understand this so that you see the choice of the world, the choice of those who have functions.

The choice without fairness, without justice, and without the doctrine will bring injury to all generations.

In this generation, as you saw, people are jealous, envious, using power to dominate the world, and the conclusion is a pandemic that mankind created.

Today everything became true.

I invite and desire, but mankind refuses, for them to do what is in their power, relying on an age of civilization, sophistication, and ingenuity.

Ultimately, this causes mankind to live no longer thinking of their fellow human beings and to only pursue their goals.

In the end, those inflicted are the innocents, the victims, the children whom today I come to.

I accompany you and I preserve you.

I desire to be the Supreme Being who represents all, but the world refused Me, the world rejected Me.

Today mankind is wounded.

My beloved children, you are trembling, you are terrified of this pandemic, you are living in days of concern and despair.

I come to you and I am always with you.

Remember that even though the world abandons you, I never abandon you, I am always by your side.

I come to correct everything in a world of sin and darkness, greed, ambition.

If mankind truly understands this, then through this pandemic, through these events, I desire for everyone to rise.

When I come, I also desire for mankind who is terrified of the plague of the body, to be even more terrified of the plague of the soul that lasts eternally.

How many of you can understand this? How many of you can know this?

Today this is a challenge.

I will come to be with you, I will stay with you.

Even if the human world rejects you, I will be the Supreme Being who sustains you, comforts you, and guides you through the events.

You must go through these paths.

Because everything is in the human world, weak in faith, in a life in which people have not yet matured to understand that it is I who came to endure the wounds, to bear all sins, and to bring hope to them.

Today, continue to do the next Stations of the Cross.

I am still the Person who comes to represent everyone, in the hope that all officials, all leaders, all those who have positions of power today, will live a life of truth, justice, righteousness, for you to have peace and happiness.

My peace be with you.

Accompany Me in every Station to bring Me back to the days 2,000 years ago.

What I have today is a source of comfort when I start the Way of the Cross with you who have a heart lifted toward Me and an understanding with faith.

It is a feeling that is a source of comfort, compared to 2,000 years ago when everyone abandoned Me – the screams, the terrifying roar of those who did not accept what I granted and did for them.

Today the world is in a tense situation, because mankind lives in wickedness, but there are people who recognize and understand.

Because of you, because this world recognizes, I will have a renewal program after this pandemic.

Be patient. Wait. Accept this situation.

There will be a new program that I grant specially with the meaning of a new doctrine for you to receive the maturity it brings.

The Second Station: The Lord Jesus Carries the Cross

Lucia: O Jesus, when Pilate handed You over to the soldiers and the tortures started,  through the pictures and the movie, we saw the scenes that were only partially described, but we were already extremely frightened and horrified by the flesh-piercing scourges, by the blood that splattered everywhere, by the agony of the Supreme Being who saved us, tied to the pillar.

While Pilate was outside, the soldiers freely tortured Jesus.

There were screams, there were insults.

God, we deserve to die for our sins.

We are the ones who should be condemned to death and we deserve those scourges.

God loves us, because of our frail, weak, sinful condition, but we still did not understand that God came for us and granted to us from the very beginning.

God the Father sacrificed His only begotten Son, to walk the Way of the Cross, and before He started to carry the Cross, Jesus endured the scourges, suffered the atrocious wounds.

Blood splattered everywhere, and the tortures from the soldiers were from us.

We were the soldiers who tortured Jesus, because of sin, because of the most horrible sins we committed in our life over generations.

God bore everything, for us today to commemorate through the salvation, for us to meditate.

Today, we still are the people who reject, and indirectly as well as directly, grieve God with scourges so that God bleeds even more, so that God waits with a longing heart, a heart that continues to wait for our maturity.

Today, with just a pandemic, we totally lost our right as a free person.

Just a pandemic, colorless, yet people are terrified.

However, they do not fear and do not remember their own soul that the Lord Jesus Christ redeemed.

Our Lord endured the scourges and shed Blood to cleanse every sinner.

May mankind today recognize the infinite love of the Supreme Being who received that painful death sentence to give mankind the true doctrine, the doctrine of truth, the doctrine with an infinite love, the doctrine that gives mankind hope, life, and deliverance by our Lord Jesus, through the scourges.

From the tortures of the soldiers, His Blood was shed, like a testimony to remind us through each Station of the Cross, to remind us of the iniquity – in our thought, in our action, in our deed – with the passions, the pleasures, the ambitions, which are things mankind totally relies on in the world.

God suffered those wounds 2,000 years ago, but today God continues to suffer because of the bitter betrayal of mankind.

Today we have the opportunity to walk the 2nd Station of the Cross, for us to see and meditate on what we are doing, to meditate on a world that is still indifferent to God, a world that continues to nourish sin and foster sin.

Today we are sinners.

Today the pandemic is raging around the world – we are scared and we are terrified.

Death is threatening each one of us, threatening each country.

All problems, all situations are in a standstill.

Today as we meditate, we see that in everything, God allows us to have freedom with what we have: all the comforts in a civilized age.

We were nourished from soul to body, but we never truly treasured what we had.

We think that is the way we used to receive.

God redeemed us at the price of Blood. God redeemed us by the scourges. God redeemed us by the excruciating pains and humiliations.

The Supreme Being who came to save us endured for us.

The scourges, the tortures, the humiliations were what mankind gave to God, but in the end He is still the Supreme Lord who loves and delivers us.

At this moment, we apologize to God and we beseech God to forgive us.

This is the time that we must look back and amend our life.

This is the time we truly must be silent to reflect on what God did for us.

How must we, sinful human beings, respond once the pandemic is over?

God, we only know at this moment to beseech You to forgive us.

We earnestly ask on behalf of the brothers and sisters who died in the pandemic, who no longer have the opportunity to apologize to You.

The people who are infected by the virus, who are dying in their beds, who are trembling with fear – they are the people who do not know what tomorrow will be like.

God, please have mercy on us. God, please have mercy on the world. God, please have mercy on each sinner like us, as You once loved us and bore our sins.

Today we beseech God for forgiveness and we pray for God to save us in this moment.

Jesus: My beloved children, over 2,000 years ago, I loved you.

2,000 years later, I still love you, whether you reject or live depraved in iniquity, because you still did not understand the scourges.

I accepted the sentence. I accepted the death penalty, because I want you to clearly understand this.

It is sin that makes you no longer have the opportunity to receive what I grant.

It is sin that causes you to be separated from everything that comes from the truth.

It is sin that causes you to live in the days that are days in the darkness, to nurture all that is utterly mediocre and commonplace in this world: ambition, desire, lust, and many more things that people stumble upon and stumbled upon.

From the most insignificant actions, these are the weaknesses caused by sin which you have always been mistaken and deceived by.

Today continue, for you to see that the works I do all have meanings, to remind you that I forever want to save you – I forever love you, and I forever wait for you.

That love does not stop and continues through the ages.

To Me, 2,000 years ago, and 2,000 years later, is still the day I come with the purpose to save you.

The world entered into the law, started with the days when you will see that between good and evil, evil will not be able to continue.

Evil will rage and cause many people to be infected in the pandemic that you currently face.

As for the plague of the soul, it is even more serious.

Today, represent your brothers and sisters, represent the world, for you to understand the deeds that I desire, for mankind to continue to come to Me, to return to Me, because My Blood washed away the sins of the world.

Children, I need you to awaken, I need the day when you mature to understand the works that I do and demonstrate, for Me to save you and to lead you out of the narrow-minded understanding and the faith that you still lack, for you to see My works.

It is time – I waited too long. It is time for you to recognize what is of this day. It is time.

I hope you mature, because the world does not bring you happiness.

No one has the power to save you and no one can accompany you when you walk in iniquity.

I alone am the Supreme Being who brings the light through My excruciating sufferings, through the Way of the Cross, and through the scourges.

Today you see and witness this truth.

Today, what is being inflicted upon you are the events caused by the greed and selfishness of mankind, by the fights for one’s interest that ended in a great injury.

This is also something for the world to realize that human strength is limited, and if you do not live in a doctrinal way, you will continue to cause suffering to each other, killing each other.

The world will never have true peace.

This is the moment when each person pauses, to realize what one needs to do, what one must do, and what is needed to be determined to live in faith, with a doctrine that I planned and arranged at the price of Blood to help you stand firm, to help you understand love, peace, happiness, and the meaning I give to you – in every class, every role.

The Third Station: The Lord Jesus Falls for the First Time

Lucia: God, at the Third Station, Jesus fell to the ground, not because of the heavy Cross but because He saw how weak we were still.

For centuries and up to this century, we still are uncaring and unresponsive people – we remain in days when we are indifferent to everything God granted us.

Each Station of the Cross has a meaning like a reminder to each person, reminding us of each and every sin that we committed, and also reminding us that God is the Supreme Being who is perpetually patient with us.

God persistently waits to lead the children who are and live with adversities, who act intentionally or unintentionally, with many things in the life of every role, every class.

God fell – He was exhausted, but His inner strength helped Him get up.

The purpose was that God had to complete the mission to save us.

God had to stand up to carry the Cross even if it was a heavy Cross that He had to carry and is carrying (1).

The previous evening, God was tortured by the soldiers in the dungeon before He stood in front of the tribunal – then there were humiliations and so much more that He had to endure along the ways, with the screams, the cries of the soldiers, the shoving, the shouts, the insults.

He suffered from the people He once healed, the people whom He used to teach in the synagogue.

Indeed, when Jesus began to receive the death sentence, then the people around Him all left.

He was alone on the paths, with that heavy Cross.

He fell because He wanted to find His disciples, He wanted to find the people who sympathized with Him, whose eyes could see that He needed those who understood what He was carrying, the sufferings He endured, to bring the world of mankind, to bring us, who are sinners, hope.

At that time God also wanted to look for the people who could walk with Him, who were able to understand what He was doing.

To have people nearby was a source of comfort when He was lonely and lost on the Way of the Cross.

He fell to support those who are always falling in life.

Living in the world, people are always controlled by material things, money – and their positions have suppressed all that is most beautiful in a life of faith, in a life with a righteous heart, in all the truths.

In turn, mankind continues to fall.

It was from that fall of God, for Him to lift us up.

God leads us and God guides us toward a place where God concluded everything at the price of Blood, to cleanse and strip off everything in our wretched and sinful life, to guide us and to help us become righteous.

O Jesus – we lift up a myriad of apologies to God, we apologize a myriad of times to God.

Even apologizing a hundred thousand times, we are still not worthy, but at least today, with only one event that brings fear to all parts of the country, we acknowledge the precious value of the Mass.

For those with faith, though the Body and Blood of Christ we received daily seemed to give our life peace, we did not feel that was something precious.

But what is happening is a challenge to the soul, a challenge in the Third Week of Lent, for us to understand that the fall of God meant He is waiting for us.

God is giving us the opportunity for Him to hold our hands.

When we are weak and fallen, God is still the Lord full of love.

Forever God is the Lord, who always endures to lead mankind to Him, to be forgiven and loved.

God wants us to look at the paths taken, for us to be determined to give up and eliminate the evil intentions in life, with the terrible sins we committed that are offending Him.

Through this pandemic, it seems that death is threatening to take everyone’s life when we are not cautious.

There are so many things that cause us to fear, and all countries and nations are at a standstill.

This is the time when there is still hope, when we truly believe and are determined to come to God.

We contemplate the Way of the Cross – we believe and meditate on the fall of God to help us stand firm through the storms and challenges in life, and we learn to stand up.

This is the time when God supports us.

This is the time when we need to have enough courage to step forward on the path, to accept the cross, and pray to remain faithful to God.

Jesus: My beloved children, what I want to say to you is about the Cross.

I truly suffered from the torture, from the wounds, and from the heaviness of the Cross, the heavy Cross that I had to carry and that I am carrying.

It was what I yearned for, because this carrying of the Cross was for you.

I want you to understand everything that I do for you.

I want you to look at the consequences from sins and stay away from the sins that always conquer you, that always control you, in a life of pride and arrogance, with the love that you do not share with each other, in a life with ambition, lust, greed, selfishness – in a collective life in which you always treat each other with neither sharing nor tolerance, though you need each other.

Though many people know, many refuse because of foolishness, arrogance, pride.

Today I want all of you to see that everything you have stored up for your life through your functions is simply fleeting and ephemeral.

What is needed most is unity.

The most essential point is for you to recognize that what is needed is love.

I died for you to understand that I love you and I yearn for you to follow a unique doctrine.

Believe in Me. Have love for one another. Guide each other.

In the world you cannot walk alone – you need to have a community, you need to have necessities, you need your brothers.

So these paths are meant for you to lead each other, help each other, and together for you to see that peace is there, love is there. Everything becomes equal and what is most precious that you are facing in this situation.

My peace be with all of you.

The Fourth Station: Blessed Mother Meets the Lord Jesus Carrying the Cross

Lucia: The Fourth Station of the Cross – Jesus was completely exhausted.

His strength was gone, but His eyes were still looking for someone, looking for a person to accompany Him, for Him to be comforted, for Him to continue on the Way of the Cross.

Jesus, when in the flesh, felt pain, cried, looked for comfort from His loved ones.

That was Mother Mary, a Mother who watched His every step, a Mother who silently followed Him.

Tears flowed, Her Heart was broken, but Mother still silently accepted, because that was God the Father’s holy will, for that Cross to save the whole of humanity.

Jesus, please forgive us, ungrateful sinners, the chosen ones who ran away.

No one was beside God when He was alone and lost on the path to carry the sins of the world.

God was also seeking the people who were able to understand what He did.

That Cross was our sins.

Finally, He found His Mother – a beloved Mother, a Mother who stood nearby with tears flowing, with a Heart as if pierced, who wanted to hold Her Son on the path with the heavy Cross.

The times when Her Son fell, Her Heart agonized as if She walked with Her Son, as if She carried the Cross with Her Son.

Jesus: My beloved children, in this world you also have mothers, a mother who understands you, a mother who is willing to accept everything for you, a mother who bears for you.

As a human being, I also had a Mother.

When I was most desolate, when I was loneliest, when I suffered the most, when mankind abandoned Me, I was able to see Her eyes, a beloved Mother, a Mother who remained by My side and never strayed; a Mother who understood what I was doing, a Mother whose embrace I needed when I was lonely and lost on the Way of the Cross.

She was the strength for Me to step forward, the strength for Me to strive to continue to carry the Cross, the strength, the source of comfort I was able to find.

Among the crowd, I was able to see the little disciples, who continued with Mother, to come to Me.

In the world, no matter how many friends refuse, I can still find a gaze of love, a gaze of understanding, a gaze that is a source of comfort.

Mother Mary walked with Me on the Way of the Cross – She was the strength for Me to step forward and also a support when the path still had more steps that had to be taken to continue with the ending.

My beloved children, in this life, it is the law as God arranged for you to have mothers, a family, for you to understand that love with commitment will never be separated, will never divide, even though anything can happen between father, mother, or children, that bond still has a committed love in spirituality.

But in society with today’s world, it seems that love is no longer a commitment, but is exchanged for ambition, for each person’s personal preferences, for the ego, for the right of freedom in mankind, for needs.

Today the families are broken, parents are irresponsible, children are separated.

I want you to understand this so look, because only a family, only the children and parents can have a strong, bonding heart.

That is the law God granted.

Do not separate. Do not divide. Do not let things be ordinary and mediocre to forget an important spiritual value that was set for the world.

A family, with a father, and a mother, and the children, and the commitment in a life of compassion and love.

My beloved children, everything that is of this day I know – the pandemic is raging and caused you to suffer much as you face the challenge.

You are discouraged and you live in fear.

But what fear is there when people completely abandon the Supreme Being? Daily, I yearn and desire that mankind knows what I did for them.

I also want you to see everything in life, with the rejection from mankind.

Today with these challenges, do not let yourselves end up in negativity.

Do not rely too much on a human life but on the love of the Lord who achieved, promised, and granted you everything, for you to fulfill your duty, to live in the doctrine with the law of nature that is given to the entire world.

In everything that happens, today you still have a Mother.

Even though silently, that Mother still supports, still understands, still seeks ways to help all of you.

Therefore, the program continues through everything that God arranges, so that at every stage you know and understand the gifts bestowed upon all of you.

The Fifth Station: Simon Carries the Cross with the Lord Jesus

Lucia: God, You carried such a heavy Cross.

The soldiers saw that You had no more strength left and they were afraid that You would die on the way and not be nailed to the Cross, so they made Simon carry the Cross with You.

O God, where were Your disciples? Those around You recognized and saw everything that You did in the days when You spoke in the synagogue and traveled all over to proclaim the Kingdom to everyone.

People saw the extraordinary deeds from You, the miracles, but on this day, there was no one around – only sarcastic shouts and screams and those on the roadside who watched You like a criminal.

In the end, the soldiers chose Simon, a pagan, to carry the Cross of Jesus.

Because Simon did not understand that Jesus was innocent, his eyes were not very sympathetic, but at least he helped carry the Cross.

It was from carrying that Cross that we, too, on the way, know that God is our Lord.

We know He came with the purpose of saving us on the Way of the Cross, but we remain indifferent.

Even though we know we are God’s children, we are indifferent to God, cold to our brothers and sisters, insensitive toward everyone.

This is how this generation is and was.

So mankind lives in freedom, with an outlook that is without compassion and love in solidarity.

Instead, there is jealousy, envy, with an outlook that remains in the weakness, wretchedness, and iniquity of mankind.

We saw how God had to accept a person who was unsympathetic, a person forced by the soldiers to carry the Cross for Jesus, but our God did not look at that.

He simply knew that those who carried the Cross with Him would have their names written in today’s history book.

Every time we walk the Stations of the Cross, we remember the person who was chosen by the soldiers to carry the Cross with Jesus.

Today God is waiting for His disciples.

God is waiting for the children to understand the meaning of the Cross that He carried for them.

And we also accompany God to carry the crosses through the events of our life, through the trials and sufferings that we encounter, through the diseases that we bear in our body.

Jesus: My beloved children, truly, I waited to accompany you.

2,000 years ago, I carried the heavy Cross and completed a program to bring hope to all men.

Today I continue to accompany you.

I continue to carry the Cross with you, and I never abandon you on the ways of the cross.

Believe, for you to come to Me.

Today’s way of the cross is for Me to keep you by My side.

I do not want to lose you. I do not want to lose any souls, because I saved them with the price of Blood.

I accepted suffering and bitterness so that I could save you and hold you in My Heart.

Today the cross causes you to have stressful moments, loss of faith, lack of faith, or you may find it difficult to walk on that way of the cross, but do you understand that that way of the cross is for Me to keep you by My side? I want you to understand that the cross means you belong to Me.

I will not let the cross be too heavy that you cannot carry.

I will accompany you and I walk with the cross that you are carrying and will carry.

My beloved children, the truth can only be experienced and meditated on when you mature.

With things from the truth that I desire and yearn, this life is truly meaningful for every class, every role, and this life will bring meaning with the cross that each person must carry in his or her own life.

It is sin that causes you to not understand, but it is because of sin that I draw close to you, that I saved you, that I carried the Cross for you.

I yearn and hope that you understand this, in order for your life to be more peaceful, to have more joy, and to live more optimistically.

Lucia: God, You grant us everything in understanding, for us to feel.

God, please help us to not be indifferent.

It is like carrying the cross for God, but we cannot experience – we complain and we blame.

There still are many things that we continue to do in human life, but God gives us many good things to draw us closer to Him.

May we fully understand and mature.

Each of the Stations of the Cross brings a meaning to help us live a life that recognizes God’s holy will, God’s closeness, and the love that God grants specifically to each person when he fully understands the Stations of the Cross.

There is no suffering like what God suffered.

There is nothing that can compare to the pain God endured, when He was lonely, lost, suffering physically and mentally.

Today, in the spirit, in the flesh, we can feel, because God accompanies us everywhere, at all times, and in every situation. Amen.

The Sixth Station: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Lucia: On the way God walked, eyes watched Him with sarcasm – with the noise, people looked at Him as a criminal.

God looked around to see anyone whom He healed – those whom God looked at, for them to recognize that God yearned for someone to support Him, or to express something, even if it was only something in thought.

God loved mankind and knew that the response from mankind is indeed not that much, but at least God has truly found.

This courageous woman came up to wipe the face of God.

That veil was a sign, deeply imprinted, and also the proof on the Way of the Cross, from a courageous woman coming to God to hand Him a veil and that veil wiped His Blood.

O Lord, God of love, a small gesture when we live in faith, with meaningful works – then You always remember, and it is from those very points that You granted and forgave us generously.

Today God desires a new age, a new Veronica to walk on the path that God has for the world, for each person through His doctrine , and for mankind with the same love that He yearns for and waits.

Boldly testify for Him, boldly come to Him when He is in great need, when He is lonely in the tabernacle, when He is forgotten in a world that is tense in debate, when everyone set Him aside and placed all the realities above.

He is waiting for those He chose, to testify to what He wants to do and grant to the world and to all the children who believe in Him.

Today we see how a pandemic frightened us all, a pandemic that is not a natural disaster, but was caused by mankind.

We lost everything.

We are losing Mass in the church, according to the appropriate ways of the world.

Let us look at the life of faith – we are being dominated by a man-made virus.

Indeed we lost the battle, so let us be as brave as Veronica, let us learn from Veronica.

Let us do something to prove that God is present.

God is still the mighty Lord.

God is the Supreme Being who died for the world of mankind. God is the Supreme Being who sacrificed everything for us.

Let us lift up to Him our earnest heart, our repentance, with firmness in faith, to be determined, because we need God more than ever.

At this time, the world needs God, the world needs to be in deep prayer.

We need to have a truly repentant heart to return and cherish what we have lost and are losing.

Jesus: My beloved children, indeed, I need, I greatly need priests, I greatly need the laypeople to be in unity, because I want to draw near to you, I want to manifest to grant you everything.

What I do is because of you.

I wait for the maturity of each one of you.

I wait for a new Veronica in the present age, to dare to testify, to dare to live for a life of faith with action, to dare to witness to the truth, to things you know.

My beloved children, the world simply needs to understand that My presence remains.

I long for and I wait for every child.

Be courageous and steadfast in faith.

Walk on the path with unity, for Me to grant you a healing in a special way, from soul to body.

If you believe then you will receive, seek then you will find, knock and I will never stop to open the door to welcome all of you.

The Seventh Station: The Lord Jesus Falls for the Second Time

Lucia: Indeed, with His strength depleted, Jesus truly no longer had the energy to continue on the paths that He wanted to take, yet something lit up in His soul.

He knew He came to this world to save the whole of humanity.

He bore the responsibility to save all sinners in the world, without distinction, every nation, every people.

Today we continue to be saved by the salvation of the Lord Jesus, which is an affirmation.

Because of that point He got up to continue even though He fell to the ground a second time.

In the Stations of the Cross, this is the second fall, but how many times did He fall on the Way of the Cross? He had been tortured all night long by the soldiers.

There were so many things that He endured for us – no one could describe them all, and no one can write all the deeds Jesus accomplished.

God, for whom did You fall? So many times in our life, we commit sin over and over, in thought, word, and deed.

This is the symbol of the Lord who loves and forgives immeasurably, to guide every child.

Though with wretchedness and weakness, our lives are still immature days, but it was that fall, to lead us at every stage – every class, all the children.

God tried with all His strength to stand up.

The Cross weighed heavily on His shoulders, because God did not carry the Cross, but God carried His children who lived in wickedness, the children who were far from Him, the children whom He desired to return to Him, like the Prodigal Son who was mentioned in the days when we started to enter the Third Week of Lent.

Jesus: My beloved children, things that were described were only a part of My feeling.

Truly, no matter how many times I fell, I still wait for you.

I forever wait for you, because that love cannot be expressed by My scourges, that love cannot be expressed by the Cross that I am carrying.

I forever want to carry that Cross, because it is you that I carry.

I want you to understand this, for you to always hope, for you to always draw close to Me.

Do not reprove the weight of the cross you are carrying.

I want you to understand that the Cross is the love I offer to you and that Cross is the proof.

Do not think that I am a God who does not know how to cry, how to feel.

I do know, because I came into the world with a human nature – I also had joy and sorrow, I also had tearful cries.

I love you. I love you unconditionally – I yearn for you to understand this.

Do not sin anymore. Do not separate yourselves from Me anymore. Do not doubt My love.

I still want the fall of this day to go on, because of you, for Me to guide you.

No matter how many times you fall in life, return to Me.

Do not despair.

Do not think and infer according to the human way.

I am still the Lord who comes to save sinners, to heal the sick, because I am the physician who cures.

Return to Me. Return to Me through the present trials.

Do not be afraid because of these events – you will be more mature.

I am waiting for you at the end of the Way of the Cross.

The Eighth Station: The Lord Jesus Consoles the Women of Jerusalem

Lucia: O God, in the end You still seek out women and children.

Women are the weaker sex and the simple children do not understand – still with smiles, still with innocent eyes.

The women were sobbing – they saw and sympathized with God.

It was a time when it was not easy for women to be seen in society.

But it is because of those women that God grants women the same rights as the other children in the world.

God came to save everyone.

God the Creator did not discriminate against anyone, because both man and woman are God’s children.

History has both man and woman in order for the human race to multiply in all countries, for mankind to walk on the path, and to understand the great salvation that the Lord Jesus Christ brings to the world to redeem the whole of humanity.

He gives mankind the doctrine by which to live a life that is protected by God when they are the children who belong to Him.

Even in the crowd of people – the horrible shouts and screams of soldiers who shoved Him, with brutal and cruel beatings – God could still see the simple, little eyes through the children; God could still see the eyes of the women who truly cried, wailed, and understood that God was the innocent Supreme Being.

Unfortunately, they were only a small number of people.

Nonetheless, God still looked at these people as a source of comfort for Him to keep moving forward and continue to grant to this generation.

We are looking at a civilized world today.

In this world, women do have rights, the opportunity to rise and live in faith, to serve God, as they are also invited to become disciples.

These women directly received great blessings from the heavenly kingdom, like a source of grace granted to the world, like a testimony that God grants to the people who recognized the Way of the Cross that the Lord Jesus walked, and they believed Him to be God.

Jesus stopped to comfort the children of Jerusalem.

He also reminds our generation, who are the descendants, for us to benefit from everything that God accomplished and granted to us.

Jesus: My beloved children, in the first age women were not respected – they did not have the right to be involved in all the important matters.

But I came to change all things that people consider to be the law of the world.

I want those changes, to lift you up and let you know that I love you equally.

Each of you simply needs a courageous and strong heart, an acknowledgement for you to recognize that it was I who shed Blood to give you equality.

Today, each one of you, according to the world, is unable, but according to My grace you will become witnesses to the truth.

My beloved children, there are many trials and crosses in a human life.

But remember, you are patient people who continue to uphold duty and responsibility, the foundation of a family, the foundation to continue to support with everything that is reasonable and makes sense in the law.

My beloved children, My word to the women who are the women of today, take care of your families, teach your children, support your husbands, continue to live a life to help your children understand righteousness. That is what I desire and yearn for.

You are also witnesses to your children who will become useful and productive people in the life of society and the life of faith.

Among these children are a number selected to become My shepherds, to become the people who continue in a consecrated life of ministry and service.

My beloved children, to Me everything has meaning.

If you can meditate, then you will clearly understand each of the Stations of the Cross that I planned and arranged and led you in spirituality.

Faith will answer strongly in these times.

Do not be afraid, because there is so much happening in the adversity of a free world that faces a pandemic.

But your perseverance and patience, your prayers, your sacrifices will give hope to the world.

You will receive with all the prayers that you lift up on behalf of all classes, all roles.

It is for those points that I continue to give you strength, and you will continue to be witnesses to a world that I arranged and granted in a great way.

You saw this truth.

Today, as I speak, continue to complete the 14 Stations of the Cross, to understand each story that I grant you in each Station of the Cross, to better understand and believe in what you saw and heard.

Be patient and endure to overcome these trials.

I will make up for what you are doing and will do.

The Ninth Station: The Lord Jesus Falls for the Third Time

Lucia: O Jesus, once again, the third fall is telling us about the signs that we are having in life, through each number: the Trinity; God resurrects after three days; the three days the prophet Jonah was in the belly of the fish, to call people to repentance.

These are the profound things that God has given for us to know the revelations in the Way of the Cross, with the meaning of the days and numbers set forth.

Talk about the third fall.

How many mistakes have we made in our life, over and over, but God is still the patient Lord who waits.

His boundless love has given us strength.

Today, through many stages of life, we are unworthy people, people who always sin, but God is still the Lord who does not look at our sins. (2)

He only has one thing, which is to love us, to be merciful to us.

He looks for all means to save us.

He wants us to understand what He is doing. And He continues to wait.

He wants us to fully understand that that Way of the Cross was to free us of all the problems in life in our weakness as we think or infer.

Today it is that love that brings us back to what was lost in our life.

That love made us braver and stronger. That love gives us the moment we have with each other today.

Let us unite for us to be together in solidarity, because we have nothing left with this stressful situation through the pandemic that has caused a crisis in the entire world.

Even we do not know whether tomorrow we will truly be free from this disease or not. But God is still the Lord.

Whether we end up sick, infected through this pandemic, or we continue with days of weakness and wickedness, God is still the Lord who perseveres and waits for our return.

Let us give ourselves the opportunity to experience the love that God gives in that special way, through this third fall.

Let us meditate. Let us mature. Let us meditate carefully through the Way of the Cross on the meaning of the Third Week of Lent, for us to stand up, step out of our daily weakness and wretchedness, and recognize what is precious.

For three days, we did not have Mass celebrated in the church – we lost Mass in an appropriate way in a tense world today.

We have truly been defeated by this coronavirus.

However, God, who is the mighty Supreme Being, can grant us everything.

But today because we are weak, we are controlled by the world, and in the end, we are people who are still in a state of waiting.

God does not give up.

He continues to wait patiently for us, to lead us, and He is so patient – to the point that He fell to pull us up.

That is a profound meaning that we need to mature to meditate on, for us to understand that after we live through this pandemic, after we return to the happy days of attending Mass celebrated in the churches, of receiving Communion, to have the days when we truly repent, to deserve the fall from God to help us stand up.

Jesus: My beloved children, I waited for you for centuries.

My fall was a physical pain with the moments of carrying the heavy Cross.

But today’s pain is because I wait for you.

I want you to understand that today, despite the events, I am still by your side.

I want to fling wide open the door of the tabernacle.

I want to personally come to visit you when you truly are in-depth in what you have at the moment – your prayer and your heart truly lifted up to the Supreme God who never abandons you, even with events happening, even with countless arguments, reasonings.

I will be the Supreme Being who visits you, who stays with you.

I still want to fall many more times to lead My children back to Me in unity and love.

That is the longing that I desire from you.

The Tenth Station: The Lord Jesus is Stripped of His Garment

Lucia: God, You wore the garment and carried the Cross under the sun, at midday.

A heavy Cross – Blood was shed, and dried up.

When You arrived at Calvary, the soldiers stripped You of Your garment.

The Blood flowed once again: the price of Blood, from the wounds, the beatings, the scourges piercing the flesh.

Once again, Jesus shed Blood.

This stripping is the cruelty of mankind, which caused excruciating pain when the body was covered by wounds.

Jesus could have screamed to ease those writhing pains, but He restrained everything, because it was every drop of His Blood that cleansed each sinner.

Each drop of His Blood cleansed and testified to the entire world that extreme was sin, and He condemned that extreme pain.

Do we truly understand this or not?

Many times in our life and each time we do the Stations of the Cross, we truly understood, but it is only one aspect.

We cannot understand the innermost feelings of what God endured.

That stripping is because in the divine realm God wanted to endure everything of a world in iniquity, to strip off everything in the ending and near the ending.

The Way of the Cross will set us free.

God and His Blood will give us a new garment to wear, a garment of grace, a garment with a new doctrine, a garment with promising hope.

He gives us a garment to wear and He waits for our cooperation and for our acceptance.

He waits for the doctrine to help us and lead us out of sin, to bring us into eternal happiness when we truly understand that this world has such holy deeds, good deeds, and truths from the price of the Blood of Christ that stripped off everything, for us to wear a righteous garment.

Jesus, I thank You.

We thank God for the countless deeds He accomplished for us spiritually, but our understanding is very limited.

In our life, we continue to nourish sin, to foster sin, and we keep committing sin over and over in our life.

Many times we have taken sin lightly.

When we are aware, we repent and apologize, but then we do it again.

God came into the world more than 2,000 years ago.

God did everything for mankind, but today we are still the people who betray God, who reject God.

Today those injuries are man-made.

In the end, in this stressful moment, in this moment with the pandemic, who is the person to run to with hope?

And what can help to lessen our fear, our dismay regarding the loss of what we have in the life of faith, and our dread with the pandemic?

Is it prayer?

Is it each Station of the Cross that we deeply meditate on and clearly understand as on this day?

Is it each Station of the Cross when we lift our soul up to God in a spirit of repentance, to experience God’s love for all of us?

May we meditate on this for us to gradually remove everything in our personal life with the ego and personality, to truly lead a life returning to God, to be a good example for our family and the people around us, for us to accept what is happening to us today, for faith to never fade in life.

Jesus: My beloved children, everything I do for you has a meaning to help you understand that what happens on each Way of the Cross is to help you strip off the ego and personality in arrogance, hardheartedness, weak faith, positions of power.

Mankind lives only in the days of worldly limits.

As for the lofty spiritualities, I granted and gave you a doctrine, for this life and the next life – in hope, optimism, love, and peace.

My beloved children, I know you are confused, troubled, worried, but this is an opportunity for you to come closer to Me, for you to understand the works that I do, for Me to lead you to a step on the ladder that you need to understand.

That step belongs to you through belief, faith, deed, and your resolute free will – for you to eliminate what is in a life that has controlled and prevented the love that I give to you.

My beloved children, through these distant times, through these separations, you will see My presence in spirituality and matured faith.

With faith, you will feel more courageous, bolder.

No matter what situation in the world, My love will never cease to give and that garment will forever belong to you through grace and blessing.

Believe and draw close to Me.

Endure the paths you are facing today through the challenge.

Along with your brothers and sisters, pray on their behalf, on behalf of the deceased, on behalf of those who no longer have the opportunity.

I use your prayers, sufferings, and sacrifices, and I grant to the souls that you pray for.

That is solidarity.

I always desire for you to love your brothers and sisters when they are living as well as deceased.

Return to Me.

Do the best for your brothers and sisters.

As you yearn what is good for yourselves, so also do what is good for your brothers and sisters.

This is the time for everyone to mature to understand what I bestow and grant to you in the given doctrine.

The Eleventh Station: The Lord Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Lucia: O God, You were crucified with the nails driven into the palms of Your hands, both right and left.

The soldiers began to violently stretch out Your legs to place on the wooden frame of the Cross.

They began to nail into Your flesh – with the indescribable, agonizing pain of the Lord, the muscles stretched out completely unnaturally.

O God, this was an utterly excruciating pain that no one could describe, and no one could stand that agonizing pain, the way You were so cruelly crucified.

O God, this did not stop at a point.

Before the crucifixion, the soldiers shoved You onto the Cross, and so that Your arms would fit the nail hole, they actually stretched out Your tendons.

O what excruciating and agonizing pain!

With the strength of a human being, our Lord endured all those torturous pains to remind humanity of our horrible sins.

Sins cause people to suffer and writhe spiritually, but Jesus agonized both physically and spiritually to save us.

Let us meditate carefully on this 11th Station of the Cross.

These were the last phases in which Jesus suffered the most agonizing and excruciating pain.

He wanted to send us a spiritual message: the nails hammered into His palms, through the ligaments and tendons to connect with the Cross, are like an engraved imprint, like a sign.

The Cross symbolized the death penalty, but Jesus was attached to the Cross as if to say that He came to be with us in our sinful condition.

He came to save us who were in sin.

The Cross was like an imprint that He gave to the sinful world of mankind to set us free, one by one.

Today let us come to the Lord for us to meditate on this mystery.

It is a mystery we should not look at with our habitual, ordinary viewpoint.

When we do the 14 Stations of the Cross, let us give ourselves the opportunity.

A small cut on our hand hurts.

We shudder when the water is cold. When we have a little infection, we moan in pain searching for antibiotics to heal it.

Before the crucifixion our Lord was tortured.

His body was a big wound.

Then He was subjected to the nailing with the nails driven into His palms.

O unbearable pain!

He came into the world and took on human nature.

Definitely, He must have suffered intensely.

He writhed. He screamed because of the extreme, excruciating pain.

That pain seemed to remind us, and that scream seemed to affirm that God endured for mankind, that God came into the world with the purpose of saving us.

The suffering allows us to see that sin makes us suffer, makes us writhe, makes us distance ourselves from God, makes us separate from God, makes us become people who live in wickedness.

In the darkness we cannot see the excruciating pain of Jesus, we do not see the sign of love as He sacrificed everything for us, physically and spiritually, even to His death.

Today we face the pandemic.

It is colorless, odorless, and we are terrified and take precautions.

It seems to be a very deadly pandemic to the entire world, causing a standstill in all aspects.

This is a physical plague we endure, and we protect ourselves in the days we still exist on this earth, which is a very short amount of time, but our souls must endure forever.

If we truly belong to God then we will live forever in glory and happiness through the way and the doctrine that God left for us.

But if we live in wickedness, if our souls are separated from God, then we will end up in the burning place and will never see the light.

God knew this.

Our world lives in wickedness and people who live this way are too many in the world of mankind, especially today.

One thing we know is that God made an imprint through those nails to remind us, because in that nail mark there was compassion, love, meaning, and it was meant to help us in all ages.

We are reminded with the pain through that sin, and today at any cost God also wants to save us.

Because of this we must mature, understand, and know what God granted.

Let us not think in the ordinary, narrow human way, but let us understand according to the depth of faith.

Let us understand what the Supreme Lord grants to help us, to connect with us, and to continue to give us the opportunity.

Let us not live a human life meaninglessly. Let us not lose everything with the lures of the world. Let us not, because of sin, lose the great gift that Jesus redeemed by the excruciating agony and writhing, by the price of Blood, and by His death on the Cross.

Jesus: My beloved children, the moans, the screams of pain, the writhing mean to say that no matter what surrounds you, even if you are mistaken, even if you are still immature, even if you still do not understand the meaning that I come to you, I want to scream, to shout, for all generations to know that I walked these paths.

This is the path that the sin of mankind caused to itself and to all fellow human beings.

I carried those sufferings, that writhing.

Those screams are to remind you that I accomplished a program that is about to be concluded to lead you into a new doctrine (3), and what remains then belongs to you.

Live with meaningful days, because I have done everything for you.

I desire that you mature to clearly understand that you still have the faculty of reasoning to decide while you still have the opportunity and still have the breath.

The breath is very precious.

Because of the breath you can feel everything divine and spiritual in the faculty of reasoning, to recognize what is best for you – things I granted in a perfect way for you to become a peaceful, free, and happy person, for you to walk on the paths in which I totally endured everything to set you free, for you to have hope and life in the days you choose to walk in peace, truth, and righteousness.

That does not stop a point.

I am the example to help you understand why there are the paths you must take, because on the paths of the world, each person must go through difficulties and sufferings.

There are times when mankind must choose between life and death.

What helps you like My scream?

It is the affirmation for you to believe and understand that no matter what the circumstances, with faith then do not get discouraged, never back down.

Be strong, because you know that I carry everything for you – the extreme sufferings, the extreme writhing – and that scream proved that everything was accomplished in Me.

At this moment, what you encounter is only a facet in the human world.

It is nothing compared to the excruciating pain, the nails that were driven into the palms of My hands, the nail marks, the injuries that I still bear, the wounds till this day for you.

Together, mature and understand that I accomplished it all for you.

The rest depends on your choice, on your decision to stay away from sin and avoid sin, to become a righteous person.

Prepare for your own life today and for the future days, when your faith understands, I planned and prepared a program for you and reserved a place for you to live with peaceful and happy days.

The Twelfth Station: The Lord Jesus Dies on the Cross

Lucia:  Jesus was exhausted.

He struggled to entrust His Mother to St. John.

The last seven words in His labored breathing were to a disciple to whom He entrusted His beloved Mother.

Jesus knew that when He was about to conclude the salvation, He must die to be complete with the program planned by God the Father.

Jesus looked at His Mother. Jesus looked at His disciples. Jesus looked at those around who were close to Him who came to say goodbye in the last hour.

O, what more was there in this moment?

Jesus was about to die and everything would end.

Mother was watching God – She suffered in agony.

Every labored breath of Jesus was like Her labored breathing in the final hour.

Mother lovingly gazed at the Person whom She did not want to leave.

Before this scene, St. John the Apostle indeed witnessed something unique.

For the first time, he saw the sight of his beloved Master dying in the last hours.

St. Mary Magdalene seemed to bury her head at the foot of the Cross, with tears flowing.

Her hair was disheveled for days, since Jesus was captured in the garden of Gethsemane.

She had not slept, her eyes were sunken, and she wandered with Mother through the paths Jesus walked carrying the Cross.

In the end she was no longer afraid of anything – she just knew it was the last hour to embrace her Master with reverence, a respectful memory, love, heart, an infinite love for the holy Master.

It was time.

She knew that the last hour would be gone.

Her heart revered and never forgot the moments the Master taught her and granted her on the path that few people looked at to St. Mary Magdalene with the days of hope.

It was Jesus, the only Master whom she always respectfully loved, in a love with a reverent heart.

This moment is like a scream to say to the Master: Master, please allow me to walk with You, please allow me to die with You.

Those words came from the heart.

Jesus knew.

On His right side was a good thief, and on the left side, a thief who taunted: If you are God, why not save yourself and save us?

Immediately, the thief on the right protested with a sentence: We are sinners.

What sin has this man committed?

Do not say those words to this man.

Jesus, today when you return to your kingdom, please remember me.

Jesus did not hesitate with His last breath, even though exhausted – He responded immediately, Today you will be with Me in paradise.

The Spirit of the Supreme Lord was still in His last breath, for us to see that till the last hour He continued to grant us love.

He did not abandon anyone, even if sinful, in the last hour, with no opportunity to pray and to repent.

But to the Lord’s immeasurable, infinite love, it was that spirit that responded for that good thief to have a moment of true happiness right then.

God did not forget those who tortured, kicked, shoved, beat, and even insulted Him.

God was still meek: Father, please forgive them.

God looked at all the Pharisees who were on horses or donkeys and those who waited for the last moment.

He prayed for them: Father, please forgive them, for they know not what they do.

God bore all of those sins on His shoulders, through the gentle words of a Supreme Lord.

Only He is the Supreme Being who gave us a good example, from the soul to the heart.

He truly was the Author of a love offered to mankind, and a history to take away all the hatred and suffering that mankind caused to each other in sin and death.

Right at that moment, all things took immediate effect from God the Father’s plan and God the Father accepted, so a tear from God the Father fell on the Body of Jesus.

That became the perfect covenant between heaven and earth, thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since then, we who are sinners, people with sins, all of us have become the children thanks to the price of Blood.

From the Lord Jesus’ prayer, God the Father immediately forgave us throughout all generations.

Today we have the opportunity to repent and return to receive forgiveness.

The last moment was still not over.

There was still suffering in the last hour.

In the last hour, He was pierced by the lance.

Water and Blood gushed out to pour down on humanity and splashed on the soldier’s face.

Immediately his eyes seemed to open to recognize that Jesus was God.

Jesus died at three o’clock.

At that moment darkness covered the sky, with thunder and with all the events that happened – the soldiers as well as those with positions of power exclaimed, He is the Son of God.

It was an affirmation in the life of faith of the soldiers as we have heard in the 14 Stations of the Cross.

O God, I thank You, praise, glorify, and honor You, with this last meditation, just as God has given us power.

Even though events are happening to the world, even though the pandemic makes us feel terrified, this is a time for us to distinguish between the soul and the body, between urgent times and death.

But when we have God, only one word from Him and our soul will be healed, only one word from God then the thief will be with Him in paradise, only one word from Jesus to God the Father for mankind to still have the opportunity today.

With one word from Jesus entrusting Mother to St. John, we know today what we need to do.

We still have an important value with the covenant, with the seal imprinted on our soul through forgiveness.

May we prostrate in a spirit of thanksgiving with the conclusion that God gave us through the Twelfth Station of the Cross.

O Jesus, please accept our prostration, our surrender today, in honor of the Five Holy Signs that Mother Mary taught us, especially through the gift of The Six Kowtows, specifically the Fifth Kowtow that is full of profound meanings.

Jesus redeemed, died, and fulfilled in a perfect way on the Cross.

Today we must pay homage as Mother taught us.

The Five Holy Signs gave us the seal through forgiveness.

In the Five Holy Signs is the heavenly family, with each Person in their order to remind us.

They are the strength in our life of faith, a book for our life – to describe each of the holy signs carries the meanings to help us understand the depth of the Way of the Cross, to have an in-depth understanding through the death of Jesus.

His Five Holy Signs are like a seal to grant mankind a faith that is not debated according to the human way, not reasoned in wrong ways, or in ways in which mankind is divided.

There are arguments that to this day still do not fully explain everything, but God grants us in a special way.

The only thing that God wants us to clearly understand is that the Five Holy Signs answered everything that God gave us – all classes, all roles – for us to live, for us to be forgiven, for us to have the opportunity to recover what we lost.

We let days of weakness make us become the sleepy and dazed people who do not fully understand the important value we have.

Today let us rise, stand up, clearly understand what at the last hour God granted to every sinner, so that today we are not so afraid, not too worried.

Because every matter passes, for us to see in the human world what people are doing within their limits to protect themselves or to follow the ways of human reasonings when in fear.

But to God, He has many ways to help us step out of the encirclement that binds us.

Let us fully grasp with faith.

That faith will be answered by God for those who belong to Him.

God died to save us. God died for us to be renewed. God died for us to have faith, and that faith will save us.

As God often says, As much as you believe, I grant you that much, and even much more.

We believe that God died to atone for our world, to atone for each one of us.

His glorious resurrection was the victory for us to still exist, to continue with a life of repentance, a life to be reformed and perfected, a life to recognize what God granted, for us to return with the depth of the soul, to become children worthy to receive the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God and the Savior of the whole of humanity. Amen.

Jesus: My beloved children, 2,000 years ago, I expired in the last hour, in My sleep to wait for the day I return, it has been over 2,000 years.

Today in the 12th Station of the Cross I died, but in the spirituality with faith, I am alive, to convey what I yearn for to mankind.

I need to have the disciples of every age. I need to have children who are faithful, I need to have children who have faith.

It is that faith that will help you understand what belongs to the truth, understand what helped you step further with the ordinary eyes of the human world.

That faith is the presence in the divine realm that exists, to lead you through the paths of life and of the world.

Faith is the depth, the height, and the width, to know in advance what you need to prepare for.

Do not be afraid of what surrounds in the world today.

These are matters that must be realized, because that is the choice of mankind, but I wait for faith.

Never be afraid and do not let yourself panic with all the situations today.

This is only the beginning.

Be steadfast in your faith and continue to meet Me through prayers.

Meet Me and believe in things that do not happen spontaneously, but I Myself choose a number of people to understand this, to receive this.

They firmly believe and will also lead a number of people.

When they truly overcome the challenges, yet still persevere, still have faith, then that day is the day you are victorious.

That day is the day you triumph through the battle.


Lucia:             Jesus, I thank You.

Indeed, our understanding is very limited, but everything God does has depth, height, width, and breadth.

May we meditate carefully to understand it tonight.

It is also the first day in nine years since we have returned to walk the Stations of the Cross together with the brothers and sisters in this church, in the Third Week of Lent.

We cannot attend the retreat with You like every year.

This is the best retreat that God granted to us through every Station of the Cross, to remind each one of us in the plight of the pandemic in this world.

Father, please have mercy on us.

Everything in the world, in just one day and in a very short amount of time, less than three months, seems to be collapsing, and has become as God said: If God allows, this world will continue with beautiful colors, when people are obedient, united, to walk in the way of God.

But if mankind continues to disobey, to rebel, continues to live in the path of sin and wickedness, then they themselves caused each other the most disastrous, most catastrophic days, and the world becomes like a graveyard like we are facing in the present days.

This does not stop and will continue, because people are still stubborn, still refuse.

The day mankind still does not prostrate, the day mankind still does not acknowledge itself with a sinful and wretched condition, the day mankind still does not return with a plea to beseech, the day mankind still does not recognize itself as a sinful human being, to ask for repentance, then we are still struggling with all the sufferings between man and man, and we let the devil possess us, deceive us, and he will lead us into even more tragic and painful situations.

But God is the source of comfort.

May we at this moment awaken our soul, awaken our body, to return to God so that we may repent while we still can, to belong to God, profess God, and trust in God.

May our hearts truly be contrite from the bottom of our heart for us to do what we can, to repay and compensate for our shortcomings in our entire life of committing sin and living in wickedness.

God, please have mercy on us.

The Thirteenth Station: The Lord Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

Lucia: O God, everything was finished.

The two saints took the body of Jesus down from the Cross.

His body was lifeless.

Mother embraced Him, in tears. Mother looked at Him.

When He was born, He was a beautiful baby – the angels and the saints sang and praised.

Today His Body was lifeless, covered with wounds, Blood still flowed, the crown of thorns still stuck deeply in His head.

Mother removed the crown of thorns.

She held Him to Her Heart, and Her Heart seemed as if pierced.

Now Mother could no longer hear the voice of Her Son.

His Body was motionless.

Mother took care, Mother loved, and Mother was by God’s side since He was born to the times He went on preaching with the disciples.

There were times Mother was right by His side spiritually, such as the day of the Last Supper.

There were many things Mother received, many things God said to Mother before He started His Passion.

Mother remembered every single detail that Jesus said to Her when He was at Her side.

Now, Her tears still flowed, Her Heart seemed to stop beating, but not a word came from Her lips, because Mother knew that the holy will of God the Father was fulfilled and finished.

What remained was for Mother to continue to work on the mission that the Lord Jesus, Her Son and Her Lord, handed over to His beloved Mother.

Mother Mary continued to contemplate and did not want to leave His Body.

But it was time for the disciples to prepare Him for the burial custom.

Mother looked at Her Son, and Her soul seemed to stop, wanting to be with Him forever.

She felt that the days and the moments near God seemed to start to truly fade away.

Let us meditate on this.

How was Mother Mary’s Heart at that moment?

Mother completely sacrificed, endured heartbreaking bitterness with cries that were screams, for us to have the graces today that are patience, endurance, obedience to the holy will of God the Father.

Mother sacrificed Her Son so that we may receive the graces that Mother gave to us today.

All these are the most sublime gifts.

Today we cannot betray God, we cannot leave Him, we cannot live in wickedness, we cannot fail to listen to the last words that Jesus left to Mother Mary.

Mother seeks ways to save us. Mother seeks ways to deliver us. Mother seeks ways to lead us out of the snares that bind us with money, fame, position.

There are other things mankind was aware of that ended with the tragic problem as on this day with mankind facing this terrible pandemic.

There is separation, there is suffering, but compared to Mother’s love, compared to Mother’s utmost fortitude and suffering, then what we experience is nothing.

Let us look up to Mother, let us contemplate the 13th Station of the Cross for us to understand and mature.

We need to understand this so that between life and death today, we do not fear, we do not lose hope, we do not lose faith.

Let us recognize our responsibility, in a spirit of repentance, to be grateful for what Jesus accomplished in dying for us, with Mother Mary by His side.

God granted us the gift today to save us while we still have the opportunity to repent, to turn away from sin, to return to God.

In the true meaning of salvation, today God is waiting for us – Mother is waiting for our maturity.

Mother is waiting.

Let us not because of fear lose what needs to be done in calmness.

In today’s era, even though only a small number of people, even though the number is insignificant, we express what we believe through the faith and the strength that God grants us through the death of the Lord Jesus.

Mother embraced His body as if Mother was embracing the entire world.

Mother hopes that we can understand that Jesus, Her Son, saved us by His death, by the price of His Blood.

Let us live worthy with what we have.

Blessed Mother: My beloved children, this 13th Station of the Cross is like a sign that My life at this time will no longer have the happy days by Jesus’ side, and is a schedule for Me to continue until the moment I leave this world.

O children, meditate on this 13th Station of the Cross, that you will fully understand the mothers of this world, the children who have made their mothers suffer, the children who have died, and the mothers who are suffering greatly, and especially now with the pandemic.

The dissolution of the family, the breakdown of a civilized life, and so much arrogance and pride have caused the loss of love, the loss of the family love, the loss of the love of a mother and child, the loss of the love of a loving, close family, the loss of love with a justice that is needed in society.

Today look at the suffering of God, for you to accept and live in prayer.

Trust God and trust there is no suffering that I did not endure for you.

I took away all the worst that mankind completely rejected, but I still continue because this is your source of comfort, because there is no pain like the one God suffered.

There was no pain as the pain when I saw My child completely lifeless.

Every scourge, every nail mark, and the crown of thorns tore My Heart into shreds.

But this is a sign that God the Father wants you to see for you to absolutely leave sin, for you to not commit sin and lose what Jesus redeemed for you.

Today I also hope.

In this century, in the state of this tension, I hear your earnest prayers, I know you unite to pray and see this truth.

I see.

However, do you know, if not in time in this era, if the event does not clearly happen to you from what mankind created in their choice, then mankind would continue to offend over and over?

In all things I forewarned. In all things I foretold to the entire world.

I came, I visited, and I reminded many times for you to prepare for this battle.

Finally, it happened and is happening.

Children, do not be afraid, do not be disappointed, because in everything God allows the world to choose.

The world chose this path, the world acted ahead of all that is in the law.

Today innocent people died, victims died, and there are sinners who repent.

Those who no longer have the opportunity and those on the path to see things today, do not think that this plague is like the other plagues through the generations.

This plague is like a wake-up call to the soul – this plague reminds the entire world, for the leaders, to the nations, to not continue with their fighting, with wickedness; to not continue according to the way of the human world, because you cannot decide for your own life – then how can you decide for the life of others?

Since you despise and disregard, today the price must be paid through your wrong decisions.

I used all kinds of ways to help you understand that you still have hope, that you do have hope, and that you still have the seal through the Five Holy Signs.

To those who believe, to the eyes of faith, to those who practice, to those who are determined, then that is the remaining life of each soul, each person.

In the hope that you have and are practicing, I hope in these things.

You are the first people and the people in a century that is in a tense situation, with what is happening.

Because there are many things that this world experiences with what is happening and happened between good and evil, as foretold.

Those who persevere, those who are faithful, those who patiently endure these moments with the terrible incident created by mankind God will ultimately save through your own prayers.

God will be the Supreme Being who intervenes, who delivers those who believe and beseech.

Be patient.

This is the beginning and there will be days when you will see firsthand the events that never happened before, that will happen to a world that is and was, between good and evil.

Between heaven and earth, there are many things that you will see – the unveiling of the devil, the horror and the opposition of the devil – then that is the time when God will destroy all evil.

Be patient through these difficult times, then you will see the defense God grants to all of you when you call on His Name.

The Fourteenth Station: The Burial of the Lord Jesus in the Sepulcher

Lucia: God – the 14th Station of the Cross – everything was finished.

St. Joseph (4), St. Nicodemus, and St. John washed Jesus’ body.

They embalmed Him with a linen shroud that wrapped the body as the Jews did at the time, and began to place God on a stone.

That was the new tomb as we heard in history – Joseph prepared for this.

Jesus’ body was completely lifeless, and they followed the law to bury Him.

They placed Jesus on that stone and began to leave, and were about to close the stone at the entrance.

At this moment, Mother Mary seemed to be screaming.

Truly, Her Son was no more, there will no longer be days left to be able to meet Her Son in the daily life between Mother and Son.

This extreme pain – Mother wanted to die to always be with Her Son.

Mother did not want to leave, but this is something that must be concluded with all the burial custom of that time, in order to truly complete the burial ceremony for a corpse.

Mother Mary wanted to remind us in this moment that those are the deeds Jesus realized with the conclusion in the tomb, with the perfume and clean linen.

Everything seemed to tell us that He completed, but we are the ones who continue to see the things that Jesus accomplished; we will become the clean linen, the perfume, to bring to everyone in the world.

We witness everything that the Supreme Lord accomplished with the end of His life to grant us new life.

That is exactly what He achieved.

As for the succeeding matters, those were His Apostles, His Church, all the evidence through the ages, and that is our work today.

We see in the Lord and in the Heart of Mother the extremes in the Ways of the Cross in this last phase.

The holy Apostles completed the task of burying God, because it was the best thing at the time when He was crucified together with the criminals.

What we can meditate on more deeply is that God endured everything, accepted a sentence for criminals at that time, to restore what belongs to us today, for us to avoid the sentencing, through the actions in which we offend and violate.

We are the death row criminals, but God carried that death row sentence to bring us forgiveness and acquittal.

Today, what remains is the decision to avoid sin, eliminate sin, and shun what is in our life that causes us to stumble, to be confused, and to be blinded.

We must not let our position of power control us or let money blind our conscience and morality.

Let us not allow our needs and necessities to destroy everything in life with the truth that is needed.

We must not lose the truth when our hearts have the right to decide to control it.

What God granted us, God died for everything to become most beautiful and perfect, to become the perfume, the linen, the best.

God grants to each person.

Let us look at Mother, Her bitter acceptance, Her silence, Her meditation.

Today Mother never leaves us, no matter how many events occur, no matter how many adversities between people – how many countries live days with war, in disaster, in tribulation, in famine, in persecution, Mother always seeks ways to comfort us, to teach us a way out, to help us.

The decision and the start is up to us.

That is the most essential.

God is waiting for each one of us in our free will to come to Him, flexible for us to know our mission, for us to understand in the ranks of the disciples what we need to do at this time.

Perhaps we are surrounded by all the difficulties, because we live life according to the human law, we cannot get out and cannot escape, but we have a mind and we have things that God grants.

We cannot eliminate what the Holy Spirit bestows.

Let all of us put aside all our arguments and reasonings, and be strong in unity, for us to save our brothers and sisters in this event.

To save is not something we can do, but through God’s grace we give them the messages that they need to know, and they need these documents.

We should have been bold in giving these messages earlier, instead of waiting for this moment.

This is the time when we see we no longer have the opportunity.

This is the time to answer what is from the truth that God granted us.

He allowed the disciples of this age to know and be prepared for what is happening, for what happened between good and evil.

Today, we can see Mother always prepares for us.

She always gives to us in a special way. She always knows what will happen to Her children, and She sought ways to protect us in the life of faith, but because we are totally weak, we are wretched, we only think within limits, and we delay.

Today we see that we truly have lost many opportunities to bring the gift we need to offer to Jesus in this 14th Station of the Cross with the meaning to continue to bring to the world, to reassure people when they face the events that are happening and happened with the present pandemic.


Jesus: My beloved children, everything ended in a program 2,000 years ago.

But My remaining and My attachment to all of you, through the Church and through the sacraments, remain.

Today I want you to clearly understand that every Station of the Cross bears the meanings when you find the treasures that teach you and help you along the way to cope with all adversities in the wickedness that is spreading everywhere.

I am with you.

I forever live in you.

I am always the strength to help you when you understand and you have the courage to practice.

Do not be afraid of the surrounding events.

There are events that must happen for mankind to mature and decide, for mankind to see all things in evil that are latent and lay in beauty, in knowledge, in luxury.

In the end, you see what is most needed for you, what you need to decide on, and what you need to have the courage and boldness to step out of the restraints that each person’s life always encounters and still does.

Do not let fleeting things manipulate you.

Do not let brotherly and sisterly love be lost by jealousy and envy.

Do not let all the circumstances of the human world cause you to live with a mask, which is the mask that mankind and this world are wearing, deceit is wearing, and the evil spirits through human beings who are wearing a deceitful mask in a sophisticated civilization, to take away everything you have.

What happens today is from mankind’s creation.

So today I choose you.

I hope, desire and yearn for you to become the clean linen.

I desire for you to become fragrant perfume bottles.

I desire for you to remove the wretchedness and weakness, and cooperate, love, and unite with each other.

Respect one another.

Through every task that I send you out and bestow to you, unite to perform.

This is the most important thing.

When you cooperate, then you will continue to survive these pandemics.

If you separate and stop, then you will also die with today’s pandemic.

This is a sign of the upcoming days and will continue with more stressful days.

Because I take you early rather than let you stay with the days when you will be alone with the many events surrounding you.

Today, only with wholehearted collaboration, unity, union, obedience, will you survive and exist.

Because you have the protection of the archangels, the angels, and the saints.

And if you separate, then you will be isolated, attacked, and separated, which is your danger today.

Today I end here.

I thank all of you who represented those who are infected with the virus.

Today, you are also representing the people who want to speak, but their voices no longer echo on this earth.

You are also representing the victims of the times, to pray on their behalf with that voice.

Thus My Divine Mercy is granted to those who departed, the innocents – they relied on the light of the Divine Mercy that I grant to them in the other world.

Do not be afraid.

There must be a law of justice.

The people who are still alive and those who choose today must also answer to justice, because they know, but they do not choose, do not act, do not decide, and let their lives continue to rely on and believe in what belongs to the world, so everything will end today.

But those who are righteous, those who walk in the way that they recognize with faith will survive to come into a world that I plan and arrange.

Only with patience and perseverance can you see the new world, when people mature and after the new world arrives, the number of people cannot be the same as in the first years and is a terrible loss in this century.

I end here.

Understand what you need to practice when you still can, because there will be moments when you want to, but you will no longer have the opportunity to practice what you want to practice.

My peace be with all of you.

I love you very much.

Goodbye children.

Always be faithful and keep your duty.

Love your brothers and sisters.

Look at what is most needed.

You cannot be alone in this life – you need each other.

Cherish each other while you are still together – do not let there be divisions, so that when you are no longer together, then whether you treasure or want to do something for each other, you will no longer have the opportunity.

Everything will be late and will end.

Once again, My peace be with all of you.

Goodbye children.

Lucia: O God, we now conclude the 14 Stations of the Cross at 9:25 in the evening, March 20, 2020, at St. Theresa Church.

The church is completely in the dark – the lights are turned off.

We unite to stay to complete the 14 Stations of the Cross this evening.

May God have mercy and accept our prayers.

These are the moments to pray for God to have mercy on the world of mankind in the pandemic and in times of stress.

All countries, all nations are at a standstill.

God, please have mercy on us, for us to recognize that death is indeed a dread, for us to realize that death is indeed a terrible thing, and prepare for our death when we still have a chance.

May God accept our prayers.

We pray for our Church to see what is most important at this time – to be united and renewed in the breeze of the Holy Spirit, in the Spirit of God’s love.

May all the parishioners see the loss we face.

The life of the soul from the Body and Blood of Christ, with the loss of Mass – we greatly need the pastors of God, the shepherds of God.

Today, even if we want to, we no longer have the chance.

Today may we regret what we lost – the days when we were indifferent, lukewarm; the days that we did not value and respect.

May we overcome this battle, through the challenges of this pandemic.

May we be reborn in God, to become a mature adult, a person with a profound heart in the return, and become the meaning that Mother taught us, to strengthen our faith through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

May we become the people who truly understand the prostration, the adoration, and the repentance, soul and body, mind and heart, with the heart in prayer, in repentance, with faith, for us to belong to the Eucharistic Jesus.

We worship God, praise God.

We lift up countless thanks to Mother.

Together, we conclude the 14 Stations of the Cross today.

We thank God, praise God, glorify God.

We thank Mother for walking the 14 Stations of the Cross with us.

We hear God’s voice, God’s teaching, and Mother’s voice, to end the 14 Stations of the Cross in the Third Week of Lent, especially in the pandemic.

Today we are tense and afraid.

Only by coming to God can we have joy. Only by coming to God do we live in hope. Only by coming to God will we be less worried. Only by coming to God will we be less stressed, to lift up all our loved ones, ourselves, our souls.

We lift up, on behalf of all the people in the world, our Church, and we lift up all those who are infected to God.

God, please decide.

May His holy will be done, because the plan according to His holy will is certainly always better than what we ask for in our limitation.

May God’s holy will be done according to His plan and arrangement, in a perfect way, as He wishes to purify the world to become a truly peaceful world, to eliminate wickedness for people to become righteous as He waits and yearns for. Amen.


(1)       God lives in the Eternal Now.

(2)       God’s justice is also very apparent in these messages, but the overwhelming thrust of them is to emphasize His merciful Heart toward the sinner who will turn to Him.

(3)       It is unclear what this means, but it will, of course, be perfectly consistent with Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

(4)       Joseph of Arimathea



The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.


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