New Revelations through the Eucharist

Message from St. Ignatius of Antioch


Message from St. Ignatius of Antioch

October 18, 2020


Oh God, it is 12:20, Sunday, October 18, 2020, at home. We just prayed together. This Saturday afternoon is also the day devoted to Mother’s Immaculate Heart. October is also the month of the Rosary. In particular, today is the Memorial of St. Ignatius of Antioch, bishop, and martyr. I mistook this saint with St. Ignatius of Loyola. Indeed, our Church has two saints named Ignatius: St. Ignatius of Antioch who lived in the times of St. Peter, and St. Ignatius of Loyola. A few years ago, we had the opportunity to visit St. Ignatius of Loyola’s church in Italy. I did not expect the opportunity to learn about one more saint, St. Ignatius of Antioch, who lived in the times of St. Peter, the Apostle.


Now united with all the brothers and sisters, we pray for God to allow me to receive the words of St. Ignatius of Antioch. To me he is an unknown saint, I never received his words. Today is not a coincidence. God granted me this opportunity to learn about one more saint. Certainly, in the course of history, there were many saints. Every time I received the words of the saints, they always said that there still are many saints waiting to speak. On their feast day commemorated by the Church, they always wait to bring their voices back to the world, as in the days they were on earth. With their experiences, through their teachings, their reminders, and their lives of faith they motivate the Church, those who believe and listen, and us who are the descendants, to continue on the path, brave and strong, with faith, to live up to the role called by God and to glorify His name.


Regarding this saint, we briefly read his history. Indeed, he was a very steadfast saint, very strong, who lived for his faith, a saint who had a profound faith. Certainly, to the saints, life in this world meant nothing, what they desired and yearned was to be faithful, loyal, persistent, and brave. Those were the saints who lived through the course of history. Those were the Apostles of Jesus. They were martyred to belong totally to God. Next, there were Popes as well as successive bishops, also very heroic and intrepid, who bravely and boldly stood up with the faith that they declared and professed. In the course of history, they left us a heroic history of their faith. They were bold and courageous. They were not afraid of death, and they wished to be martyred to belong to God forever.


This is a shining example, truly special. God, may our generation rediscover the history of the saints, especially those who were in the Church, like the bishops and the priests. May our bishops and priests in this age learn from the saints’ examples because they represent God, they represent the holy Apostles, to continue the program of bringing the Good News to the world. In particular, in today’s age, people enjoy freedom from civilization and the ingenuity and sophistication of science and technology, but may they never forget that faith comes from their decisions and that they themselves need to recognize the source of life. The bishops and priests of this age need to boldly stand up for the truth, intervene for the truth, be brave and strong, guide the flock out of persecution and suffering because the flock is losing faith, is being shaken in faith, living as victims of warfare.


God, please have mercy on us. St. Ignatius left seven letters, in which he urged the laypeople like us – Christians – to be obedient to their bishops because they were the successors of the Apostles. The Apostles were the first shepherds chosen by God. As a shepherd Himself, Jesus chose the Apostles to become His disciples. The sacrifices of those Apostles enabled the bishops of every age to have a fearless character and courageously live for faith. That is the doctrine left through Jesus. Today we have the opportunity to learn about the history of St. Ignatius of Antioch who lived in an age that we truly never think that we can have the opportunity to meet and hear from him. God, please allow us to receive this saint’s words. He has such a great history, and his words are very brave and bold. His responsibility was to teach the descendants and lead those in the ranks of the Church, the shepherds, with his shining example, and there were certain developments that the Holy Spirit grants to the bishops in a special way. We do not know his year of birth, but we do know the year of his death.


At this moment, God, please allow me as well as the brothers and sisters to receive the word of St. Ignatius. To me, he was the first St. Ignatius in history, because in his time, certainly there was no one before him with the name Ignatius, in the times of St. John the Apostle and St. Peter, the first Pope in the history of the Church. Now let me briefly talk about his history. I was not able to write down everything about his history, because I cannot write fast enough. God knows I am not a learned person to be able to write as fast as the sisters who are learned. God allows me to speak fast, but when I write, is very slow. There are certain words I can write and certain words I cannot, so I summarize the history of this saint to commemorate today’s meeting.


I thank God, though there are challenges I face as well as stress and fatigue, but whenever I can stay here, even late, I feel very happy and determined to learn about the saints in the course of history, to learn more about them. Thank God for letting me continue with the mission to narrate. I receive the messages that God grants in a special way from heaven, and I narrate the words from God, from Mother, from the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and in particular from the saints. I, and the sisters and brothers in our group, feel that God grants us spiritual life in a special way.


It is a great grace because we feel heaven is so close, separated only by a very thin veil. Then when God allows the veil to be pulled down, though we cannot encounter by sight or corporeality, we encounter by the spirituality of the soul, with words that truly are very clear. Those words are very friendly and close to us in this world. Because the saints wished to glorify the name of God while they were on earth, they had the courage to overcome matters that even when they faced death, they still were not afraid. Today their spirits want to continue, and if given the opportunity, they still want to glorify God through things that God allows.


Today is the same. Certainly, the saints are very grieved to see us in this situation and see the state of our society. They want their messages to be given to the world to remind and awaken the world to recognize the God of love. In the first time period, for generations, and in this day as well, God is very close to us and loves us. God died for the world of humanity. He brought a doctrine to redeem mankind and give us hope. The saints know this and they always pray for our Church. The saints also look forward to sharing words from heaven when we directly meet, as God grants us today. God, please allow me to receive the words from St. Ignatius. But, before we hear from him, may I say a little about his history.


O God, St. Ignatius of Antioch, was martyred in the times of St. John the Apostle. I  learn that St. Ignatius of Antioch was the second bishop, a disciple of the Apostle John, and was declared bishop by the Apostle Peter, the first Pope, during the reign of Emperor Trajan, in Rome, around the year 69. This bishop was wrongfully sentenced to death for not renouncing his Christian faith. He was sent to Rome to be martyred by two wild beasts. During his journey to Rome, he wrote seven letters to encourage the communities and guide the orthodox communities. The content of the letters referred to the hierarchy and structure of the Church as well as the content of the Orthodox Christian faith.


Bishop Ignatius was the first person to use the term “Catholic” to describe the whole Church. These letters connect us to the early Church. By holy martyrdom, he imitated Christ, to find the way to Christ, death was defeated. He was martyred by two wild beasts. He lived with a quote that belonged to him. That is also what he felt, regardless of the circumstances. Each priest, when ordained, had a quote that belonged to him. This bishop knew the hour he would face death. He was determined to die and said these words, to God, as we noted: “I am the wheat of the Lord; may I be ground by the teeth of the beasts to become the immaculate bread of Christ.”


Since his history is very long, I only write down the major points to present to St. Ignatius. St. Ignatius, I am sorry. I cannot write down your entire history, but please allow me to write the main points. Because I cannot write all the sentences, please allow me to write the sentences that I feel are meaningful, even if these sentences do not follow a certain sequence. This saint used to say: “I prefer death in Christ. He was a mystic, who devoutly defended the true teachings. He was dedicated to instructing the early Christian community to never be led astray by false teachings. He urged them to listen to their bishops because they were the successors of the Apostles. He died a martyr’s death in Rome, devoured by two lions in one of the cruel demonstrations of Roman excess and animosity toward the true faith. He was martyred in the year 107.


Oh God, I simply write briefly. Surely the brothers and sisters will be able to use more appropriate words and be able to go deeper. I just write naturally as in the beginning. I truly do not know his history, but at least I have the basic about the works he did, with the sacrifice of his life, to bring to the world, especially to the Church as well as to our world, who are Christians, the examples of saints. This saint has truly wonderful quotes: “Permit me to imitate my suffering God.”  The words are very ordinary, but in those words is depth, a certain something, as the saints who found the truth in the Lord Jesus Christ. We know that St. Ignatius consecrated himself to the life of a bishop in the early days, through the Apostles. Though he did not meet God in the flesh as the Apostles Peter and John, he loved God through the Apostles, and he had a strong faith.


In any age, or for centuries, there are many people who loved God and lived a life in which they recognized God’s love as the truth, so they never wavered with all matters in which they knew they must sacrifice and must die. It is precisely because of those lofty points, we pray for the descendants today who are priests, bishops, cardinals, religious men and women, especially our Pope, to live a consecrated life for God, love God, love His sheep, and love the mission that God assigns.


Certainly, there are such people, but in today’s life, with a civilized society, with many things in reality, there are many influences and allurements in a life of service and ministry. So I lift up to God, no matter how many mistakes, imperfections, errors, sins, or enticements from worldly life. Since all aspects in the way of a civilized society greatly attract and influence, there are certain people who fall into a situation, as victims who also have a resolution in life, who have a choice in their faith, just like us, the laypeople.


May we follow the examples of the saints. More or less, we can see. We lack the courage to die, to make sacrifices, but give us the courage to do the smallest deeds in our lives when we meet God, when we receive God’s grace, the graces that we cannot refuse. Although we are not like the saints, we cannot compare ourselves to the saints, we know that God’s love is always granted and always gives us the opportunity. May we mature with all the graces bestowed upon us, bravely walk through trials and challenges, and also conquer what we consider is a disease, fatigue, and illness. Except for extreme cases, there were no saints in the course of history who did not carry the cross. There were no saints who did not sacrifice.


So these are the very main points to guide us and help us on our way to follow God, to be faithful, to persevere, and to sacrifice the daily works in our lives. Ordinary and normal, but these works show the faithfulness, the gratitude, and the love that God granted us, for us to respond to Him. Even though we are never worthy and we never deserve, but at least we make a decision, to know that God loves me, loves all my brothers and sisters. God loves us, for us to understand today the meaning of what faith is and what is we are doing. Today I thank God for allowing me to receive the words from St. Ignatius, martyred in the times of St. John. It was a coincidence, but I learn about another saint, for me to hear about his history, and to hear the words from his mouth.


There are so many wonders that God set and bestowed on us in this present time, also a time when we are witnessing good and evil, a time when the Divine Mercy is poured down abundantly over mankind. A time in which with faith then God granted the most special privileges for us to receive the messages from heaven. Because only with faith can we see the depth, the width, and the breadth. Only with faith can we no longer be blocked by the veil. We always think that God is too distant or that once people die then there is no longer the opportunity to meet. When it comes to spiritual matters then people always refuse, always judge, always cause those who were actually chosen, to suffer, like the saints in the course of history. After this saint, later, I will ask God to allow me to receive the words of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.


At this moment, I ask God to allow me to receive the words from St. Ignatius of Antioch. I ask to meet him for the first time. I also ask for God to allow me to speak to St. Ignatius, and may he not reproach me, because I truly did not know. I mistook him with St. Ignatius of Loyola, who lived in the 15th century. Indeed, in history, it is certain that this saint was the first saint in the times of Sts. Peter and John and his name is Ignatius. I am certain that the saints we know probably have a close relationship with the Church, as we know what these saints received from the Holy Spirit, for them to go on, for the Church to have more bishops who are very profound with God’s laws. The priests had courage in their lives and when they met and chose God, their lives also influenced the laypeople. To this day there are people who always speak of the Spiritual Exercises.


Spiritual exercises are the spiritual exercises for the soul, for us to feel the closeness and what God bestows in a special, absolute way, to those who acknowledge and receive. So the best that God granted was through the Apostles, the bishops, the priests, and throughout many ages, for us to continue. We see the Church’s presence is a great treasure that God gives to the laypeople like us, to those who seek God, and the truth. Today God grants, in a time of chaos, a time of turmoil, a time of struggle between good and evil, a time when people rely on society, on civilization, to forget what is best. People reject God. There are many things committed in rebellion and offenses, but God is still a God full of love who grants us a special affection.


In particular, God looks to the current victims. God also looks to the people He granted and chosen, for them to have more opportunities to choose and decide for themselves, to let the voices of the saints echo in these times. The voices from heaven helped us and reminded us of faith, of a life with the virtues that are needed, of a life in which we ​​need to make decisions, in truth, in justice, and in righteousness. May St. Ignatius help us. St. Ignatius was determined and wrote seven letters to the early Church, regarding many teachings that in general relate to the most common word, which is the word ‘Catholic’. Catholicism is the name used in the world for those who belong to God. As for Orthodox, Judaism, Anglicanism, and all others, we do not know where they come from. Catholics in general refer to the people who know and recognize God, and that is the term that was first used by St. Ignatius. Now all of us wait to receive his words.


O Lord, my God, in thought, in action, in deed, in everything, each day, with the sharpness God grants, then the attack is always close by. God, You know me. Every work I do, I honor You, glorify You, every word I say is in Your will, and every deed I accomplish is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for me to never deviate or go wrong, whether thoughts, whether things that God especially grant, for me to receive directly the voices from heaven. Now together with the brothers and sisters, once again, we pray to receive the words of St. Ignatius, martyred in the times of Sts. John and Peter.


St. Ignatius:


Greetings, Lucia. Greetings to all the sisters who are still awake with me. Thank you, Lucia, thank you all sisters as well as the brothers, who are falling asleep or have gone to sleep. Indeed, all of you, especially Lucia, are very surprised. Because of your mistake, I have the opportunity to bring back my voice. This is something God allows to be able to return by the voice, though He also granted me many times in the course of history, but certainly, there are stories documented and stories unreported. But today God grants to us, then whether heaven or earth, as long as He allows, we are very close and meet each other by the voice. Although we do not meet in person, I see you very clearly. We see all these aspects from the faith we have for our God. He allows and then everything that we feel is a closeness, whether in heaven or on earth.


Once again, I am very happy. Thank God. Thank God. Because of your mistake, I am able to bring back my voice. Because of your mistake, today there is one person and many sisters, who are still up, very late, in the country you live in, to learn about my history. It has been so long, the story is still written in the books, but few people know, except for the priests who seek to understand what is necessary for theology and is documented. To you, it is something random and accidental, but it is God who grants for me to bring my voice back to this world, especially in a time when my brothers in the Church have many issues. I want to say only one thing: in the first time period, what I experienced and wrote down was not from me but from the Spirit who was in me, who wrote in me, for me to rewrite and to keep.


That was not from me but it was the Holy Spirit who taught me. He allowed me to write the words to leave for history, a book that God granted personally to each person who followed Him, each person who was faithful to Him. Each person, through martyrdom, received the Cross, so that through the Cross, are glorified with the most holy Master. I accepted martyrdom because I yearned; even though my death differed from the other Apostles. There were many of my brothers, each person had a way of leaving this body to return to the place and return to the God whom we love and worship, and is a God who is always close because that place is the eternal place.


Dear Lucia, everything that you noted and wrote down, you summarized everything in this day, I do not need everything in detail. I simply know one thing, since God allows us to meet today, then let us talk about the facts. I know you are anxious and still thinking about the Church. In the early Church, the Apostles interacted directly with the most holy Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Face to face with the Lord God, they witnessed clearly. So life cannot be compared, because even death, sacrifice, or regardless, they lived in days of remaining firm in faith and lived with one truth, which was to bring and proclaim the word of God to all regions and nations and to preserve. Even though it has been over 2,000 years, we are happy that through the saints, we saw, we heard, and we encountered the love of God through the Holy Spirit, to help us in our roles and to discover what was in history to leave to the Church and to all the sheep of God.


There must be people who went first, for what is present today, and that was done in my day, which was something natural that God granted us through the Holy Spirit, for us to do and to write down the works that must be documented. Those were the days of facing reality. In the world, people were always afraid of death, because at that time there were many people who wanted to keep me, they wanted to pray for me, and they also wanted to find a way in order for me to avoid death. After all, we were human beings. But for me, I could not avoid a time period with the kings that utterly opposed a life they were against, who always used their power to oppress the believers. Matters in the times of the Lord Jesus Christ were not different. Because over a period of time there were many kings in those times who sought to know Him, but there were many wicked and cruel kings. Any age had such kings who destroyed and sought all kinds of ways, not just to destroy those with functions like us, but to destroy the people who fully belong to Catholicism.


So every matter that leads to a life of faith for you in this age is not something ordinary, you must endure countless challenges, but those challenges contribute to history in the truth. Today the Church as well as all of you, unite and continue to see things, as people always fear death, always reluctant with all matters when they are persecuted. That is a natural fear in life. Especially in these times, there still are many of my brothers and many laypeople, who do not understand the meaning when they belong to God, they do not understand the meaning of being Christians, they do not understand the meaning of the Church as the representative for God. Those who bear the responsibility and are responsible also represent Christ, to carry the Good News and help the sheep of God to be unified, to be united, and to trust in God. Everything is a force, to witness, to not lose heart over anything, when life has many challenges, especially when witnessing for faith, through death.


Dear Lucia, I am truly happy. Thank God. Because after many centuries, today my voice returns to the world, and I can even say certain things I never said before. I never had vocalism and never thought that the language I speak today is this language. I speak in your native language. I speak in your own language. These are things that God granted in a special way, not just for me. I can see the saints who still continue to wait. This is an opportunity that we continue to aspire to, even though earthly days ended, for us to belong to God and to be with Him. I continue to praise and exult with the angels and the saints, but we (the saints in heaven) still want to connect with the earthly world. Only when God allows can we experience. What you hear and know, by a real voice, truly must be the grace God grants for you to be able to connect with the spiritual realm, for us to have the opportunity to meet each other, like having a conversation, like talking in the world.


Indeed we are only blocked by a veil. I was one of the members of the Church who have gone through the course of history. In this age, you are loved by God and He grants you a mission to reiterate the works of the Apostles. We hold all of your works in great esteem and respect. Since the works are being reiterated in you today, this is an immense favor that God grants especially for you. So remember, the present works, the ordinary things you are doing and practicing, those are a history to conclude the remaining days of the end of the century. Graces are poured down to give people more faith and help them. When they believe, they will rise, they will recognize and select the path they must take and return to God.


Today particularly, the door of heaven is open. All things as we are meeting today are like a veil that God pulls down, thanks to the sincerity and truthfulness as you practiced according to the method Mother Mary taught you. You are the people who bring these new aspects to my brothers. Please do not back down. Please do not hesitate. Please do not be afraid. For every work done, there must be a price to pay, then that value helps people to believe and receive. They will continue with what Blessed Mother specially devoted in a singular way to your world, and this gift also allows the heavenly world to meet and bring a real voice to the world. What you already know, I need not repeat over and over again. The only thing I know, it is not an accident or coincidence. Regarding the legend that through the stories I was the child that Jesus spoke about to the Apostles, telling them of becoming like a child to be able to enter heaven or the child with the five loaves and the two fishes, indeed was a legend. I am not that child. Those were stories that were told, but that child was not me. People can say and write down certain things, but today since you want to know, I let you know: I was not that child.


Speaking about that, you know that everything may be written, but they are not completely true, and that is also something doubtful. There are stories that people may write and they are true because no one can know and prove what was, but these are things that have a certain connection. Today I just know that I have the opportunity to bring back my voice, and my words always reminded me. Because though my mission and function had many duties, when called to face death, what could be courageously said and done with the remaining moments of life? Today you are chosen to live in a life of not knowing certain things and you are also not persecuted, so these are the happiest days for you to continue with what you did. Continue to be bolder and be more courageous. Everything must go through the way of the cross to be able to come to an end. You have not yet carried the cross, not yet accepted the cross, not yet walked the way of the cross, and not yet ended on the cross, then it is still incomplete and unfinished.


Continue with what you do. Always believe in God and be braver and stronger. The works you do today are your mission to receive the words of heaven, to accept the words God allows to bring history back to this age, to remind people of what needs to be reminded. People must have faith and must absolutely accept. Because nothing is ordinary, in spirituality and in faith, God has many things to offer people. In today’s world people are too free, with machines and all that is in reality, they forgot and did not recognize God. He grants all the spirituality and that existence continues.


Today this is a world of miracles, a world in which God pours abundant graces to remind people of the life of faith, and the world is reminded of faith through those with functions. Continue to pray for my brothers, even if you see stressful matters and many things in the situation of the common world. Remember, everything that God grants is for you to listen and submit to the Church. Listen and keep praying because God will have a way, God will not let you suffer injustice. You also have the right to speak the voice of truth, because this is the voice of truth to remind those in the ranks of the Church, because you follow the way of the Holy Spirit teaching, with words justified through the encounter with heaven.


Today whether in the first time period, in the times of St. Peter or of St. John as you said, in every age, time to the celestial kingdom is very close and not that many years. In this world, it has been over 2,000 years, to heaven it is only one day, only an hour, or just moments. Since heaven has no time, simply a glance into spirituality then we have an encounter and it is closeness in the affection and the love of God. These are the years in which God pours abundant graces over the world. Today God allows me, as well as the people of the earth, who are united in prayer. So every time you pray, then we pray too. Pray for the world to know God, submit to Him and return to Him. Because that is the dream of our Lord, we have the duty to remind each other for us to continue to glorify His name, to continue to not fear anything.


You see how I was subjected to the wild beasts, the tigers that mauled and devoured, but when I was faced with them and accepted, there was no pain. I did not know what pain was because God was with me and God did not let me suffer. It only hurt when I denied God when I did not accept what I must to be brave, strong, to testify to the faith. That was the pain of my soul. As for when I entered the place where I certainly knew I would be devoured by tigers and completely martyred, not only me, but there were many people at that time that faced the same. The kings in those times of dictatorship killed countless souls. But actually, when people accepted to boldly step into death, when we actually entered that place, God did not let us suffer at all. We died very gently. I share this with you for you to know that the eyes of the world saw the mauling of the ferocious tigers or scenes that were truly frightening when the wild beasts devoured us, but though our bodies were devoured by the wild beasts, our souls flew straight to God.


This is what I share with you today. In your time, there are many things you are facing, but the troubles, the trials, the sorrows of the world are nothing. Continue to accept them as a gift that God offers to challenge yourselves, to train yourselves, and also to challenge your own life of faith in God, if there is a chance. This is something that in my time, I was happy to die for Him. I chose death to quickly meet Him, for I only aim to have Him and belong to Him. It was a glory and a joy when I was able to die for a life of faith to glorify God. I died for the person I loved, I died for the Lord God who redeemed me, lived for me, died for me, and brought me back to His love.


Today I end here and I share what I said with you. Please continue, for this is a time in which you have many opportunities to meet people in heaven. Receive these special records, for you to gather in an age specially bestowed by God in your time, a history to be recorded and to be concluded at the end of history. These are things I desire. Please continue to pray, because through prayers God will have a way to work in a world you long for. Do not be afraid of what you see before your eyes, because the enemy surrounds you on all sides. People wavered and live as if faith is lost. They languish in faith, and because their lives are so immature, they are shaken by life. But with prayers, with a world as God opens the door for heaven to meet and earth to hear the voice of heaven, is a force as God poured abundant graces on you and through you.


So never be disappointed or feel defeated with what you see. Trust in God, with fervent petitions, He will not let you return empty-handed. God has His way. So trust and always be persistent and loyal. You must be determined. Never step back when there is an opportunity to witness for God, even if you must sacrifice your own lives. Sacrifice your lives with the temporary earthly days, but forever with God is the happiest and best choice for your lives. Goodbye, all brothers and sisters. May God give you peace, especially Lucia, because you are a person who always tells the truth and presents things in a simple and sincere way. For that reason, you always receive, because things God grants to you that you do not even know, so please continue to be bolder, move forward further, and try harder.


Remember that only and uniquely in this time can you directly receive all things from heaven, so take advantage of that. Take hold of it while you still have the opportunity to continue to become an immensely great document for the remaining and ending days that God grants in a special way to the world and grants to the brothers and sisters who walk with you. So be bold. Go on, because of those innocent aspects, those very natural aspects, those very humble and simple aspects, you will receive a lot. But remember, with every step of the way, there are no witnesses for God who are without a cross. You already started, the crosses you carried, and you will carry. The heavier the cross you carry, the more graces you will receive. Do not be afraid of your crosses and do not tire yourselves on the way of the cross, because the cross proves things are of God. May you understand this to continue in a life of witness for the truth that God specially granted to you as well as to all the brothers and sisters who walk with you.


Be complete with the role and apostolic mission that God assigns to you and to all the brothers and sisters. The way of the cross is the way to encounter God. Do not be afraid of the cross. Accept the cross and smile boldly at it. All of you will conquer this life and gain eternal life. See you in heaven. Once again, may Almighty God, our Father, grant you strength, absolute faith, and faithfulness, to overcome the difficulties to bring to the world in which you are present, to receive. That is a history repeated and for you to write down what happened, which is repeated in this time, to increase faith. It is a special announcement as you proclaim the Good News, to meet Heaven through the gift that Mother Mary offers to the world, which you are practicing. When you pray and practice, then we also practice, to pray for your wishes to be fulfilled as you yearn.


Goodbye all brothers and sisters. Goodbye Lucia. Because you meet me through your mistake, I also hope that you continue to make a mistake so that other saints also may bring their voices to the world, to honor, to glorify God. You also cooperated with us, for us to continue to pray together for the world, to ask God to grant many saints to enter heaven in your century. Goodbye Lucia. Goodbye all brothers and sisters.



O God, I thank You. I thank God. St. Ignatius of Antioch is very friendly, I was not nervous. Because there are many things that when I look at other saints then I am very nervous, but I feel he is very friendly. He truly understands us and seems to be very close to us, though years have passed. He was a disciple in the times of Sts. Peter and John. Indeed, it was not an easy task, because that was in the century of Jesus. But today God grants to us. Even though those were the early years, there were many things for this saint to have such experiences, it was his fearless and steadfast heart through the love he had for God. He was brave and did not fear death.


In this age, indeed, we are still hesitant, still unworthy to compare ourselves to the saints. His sharing, his sincere teaching, his message, help us be stronger, more courageous, and support us in life. With the days we work in a simple, ordinary way, we truly do not understand the meaning of the value as he said. God, please have mercy and allow us to continue to learn and receive the teachings of the saints. The experiences of the saints gave us us a shining example for us to move forward, to continue to glorify God through the works. Just like our time, to the world, why should there be principles? In fact, for centuries, because of too many principles, people became those who seem to completely depend on the world, on all matters the world controls.


To God we must exceed to be able to meet the saints and that brought us privileges. Now, together with all the brothers and sisters, I thank God, bless God, praise God, and honor God. Thank you St. Ignatius of Antioch, martyr, for giving us the opportunity to meet you. We end at 1:11 am, Sunday morning, October 18, 2020, at home. I thank God profusely, praise, and glorify God. Thank God, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, and thank you, St. Ignatius of Antioch. I receive the message along with my brothers and sisters, and though the moments were very short and I only write briefly, but I know this saint is experienced, courageous, and strong in the life of faith. God granted in a special way to me along with all the brothers and sisters, to hear from St. Ignatius of Antioch. We conclude his message, with his reminder, and the special meeting this morning.


I also thank God because His presence is granted us (1:11), like a number from heaven to help us understand that things that come from God always have something that strongly urges us. I feel so happy because these are the moments we spend this quiet time, starting a new day, in the first hours, to thank God on behalf of the people who never thank Him. They do not know what it is they must return to, they continue to be stubborn and live as Christians, but they live for fame, for money, for all things of the world that appeal to them, so they forget their consciences, they forget they are God’s children. They forget that the day they were baptized, they belonged to God. They forget that the Holy Spirit is hurting and grieves for them. They forget about Jesus waiting through the Eucharist. They unintentionally or deliberately offended the Lord’s Eucharist when they had certain connections with the world through their ministry, but they forgot the doctrine God granted to them.


So, these are the most unfortunate matters. May the saints continue to help us and pray for the leaders or those in the ranks of the Church. May they return to the Lord God in courage and strength like the saints who have gone through history. It is a great blessing poured down for us today. We thank God profusely. We praise and glorify God, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. May we learn from the saints’ courage. Even though we do not have the courage to die, we have the courage to do what we need to do, for us to overcome the obligation of what people consider as a human law or existing order. It is correct, an order is granted by God, but to God, He has a way to grant to us.


To the world, it is impossible, but to God, everything is possible, with faith. May we belong to God, and the moments we meet the saints today are the happiness that we received. Daily, may we live worthily to continue to receive things that God gives and grants. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, now and forever and ever. Once again, Lucia, along with all of the brothers and sisters, conclude the message from St. Ignatius of Antioch. He was martyred in the year 107. We do not know about his birth date. This is what I record and receive today. I thank, praise God, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.




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