New Revelations through the Eucharist

This Gift is Mother’s Gift


This Gift is Mother’s Gift

August 23, 2019


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when practicing The Six Kowtows.


Lucia: O God, it is 12:48 p.m. on Friday, August 23, 2019, at St. Michael Church in Miami, Florida.


We are present here and at this moment I represent Mercedes and Chuck who are late for this Holy Mass.


Thank God for letting us come here.


The church is very small but very cozy.


This is our first time attending Mass here, celebrated by a bishop.


Though I do not know anything about this bishop, I lift him up to God.


May God take care of him, because he is the chosen one and his voice is very influential to the shepherds under his ministry as well as to his flock.


Today we bring these Six Kowtows to him.


God, please enlighten him to look into this to help the Church as well as help the sheep like us, and even those whose role in life is Your priests, for all to understand how to pray, how to be reverent, and what a life of depth is, which we need, with our heart lifted to God when we are those who pray.


The pastors or priests whom God has chosen to represent Him are the shepherds and their hands are consecrated in purity, in a devoted life.


Each time they celebrate Mass, they reenact the death through which the Lord Jesus brought life to mankind.


It is an infinite and great love with depth and breadth of faith that we have and it lasts for generations.

Today everything that happens to us is in God’s will.


May we respectfully offer and represent others with this gift, remarkable and extraordinary in this generation, and which has existed from the beginning of history.


To God, mankind must prostrate and worship with a reverence that is needed from each person and each sheep of God.


Even sinners, who become penitents, who become witnesses, and even saints, must prostrate in worship before the almighty God.


In our weak and sinful condition, how can we refuse to do what we need with a repentant heart: to come to God and pray?


Today, because of the shortsightedness and weakness we had for a long time from sin, we became habitual, hardened, and live in indifferent and disrespectful days so we find this prostration difficult for us.


But, O God who is the Almighty, to worship You, to honor You, to prostrate, to surrender to You is the happiest thing in the life of every sinner like us – to be forgiven – thanks to the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, which leads us into history through the salvation.


We have a God who teaches us the doctrine of love, the doctrine of forgiveness, for us to know to serve and worship God.


It is a doctrine that leads us to be deeply immersed in the Divine Mercy.


That doctrine comes from heaven, exchanged by the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus, His Son, for faith to be firm and for us to clearly understand what is present from the divine realm, which exists and is coming to the world to help us turn back, to help us look in one direction, for us to worship and honor God.


As in today’s Gospel, a teacher of the Law asked Jesus: “Teacher, what is the most important commandment in the Law?”


Jesus answered very clearly what was recorded in history: “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”


That is the main point – most complete – and it concludes with these two commandments.


From these two commandments, there will be rules associated with the art and technique according to the order of life of the world.


If we walk in righteousness and justice and understand and apply these two commandments, the whole world will not enter into the sorrowful and crippled days of sin, of wars, of suffering, of jealousy, of envy, of hatred, of the ego and personality, of lust, of carnal desire, of greed.


Today, O Lord God Almighty, we are very weak – we hear a lot but we hardly practice.


The world is more in tune with days of reality, and mankind only lives with needs and necessities.


Today we come here, not by chance, to see the enjoyment of mankind, to see what people have done.


They forget the immense sky, the beautiful and blue ocean that God created, with the fresh air for mankind to be healed and to live in gratitude – to praise, to glorify, to honor God.


Mankind has forgotten what is needed.


Today, O Lord God Almighty, Your love is infinite, constantly teaching us, granting us, bringing us to love through the Holy Spirit’s teaching.


His guidance helps us awaken this world that lies in silent days, quiet days, lethargic days, comatose days, days of nourishing sin, fostering sin.


What will happen to sinners, those who nourish sin, those who deny God, those who reject the God who brings the doctrine to deliver mankind, to give mankind life with the eternal promise?


When we call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to pray and reverently lift up, we will see what remains and exists in the divine realm yet is present that is granted to us in a supernatural way, in a natural way, and in a close way, which God offers to us.


At this moment, what words may we offer, what words have meaning, what words to remember to say everything that we need to say?


We have the Holy Spirit; let us not be afraid because God once said to His disciples: If you are being questioned before the judge, do not be afraid of what to say but let your souls be at peace.


When you face something, know that the Holy Spirit will be in you.


Today what we say, what we do and testify, is by the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is God the Father’s love with Jesus to become the God remaining with mankind.


Whoever submits to Him listens and walks in the truth – that person will speak in the Name of God regarding the deeds God teaches.


That is the truth – genuine, authentic, the longing God grants to each one of us.


Each person can choose what belongs to oneself, what we acknowledge for us to recognize God’s voice in our daily life.


O Lord our God, the more that is said, the more graces are poured out that no one can give us besides God.


We just need to have affection and love for each other, to remove our pride and arrogance, to give up everything in the worldly life, in the weakness of the flesh.


Then we will live happily, live a life serving and worshipping God, a life with a doctrine of love and forgiveness, for all brothers and sisters to unite under one house.


That is what God teaches.


The Gospel still reminds us daily but we still cannot do it, we still cannot live that.


God, in each prostration we offer to each Person, please accept our apology and gratitude, praying for You to forgive and sanctify us, for us to daily live in Your blessing.


And now may we respectfully offer the First Kowtow.


  1. a) We respectfully offer to God the Father the First Kowtow.


O God the Father, I worship You, I praise You, I glorify You, I thank You, I apologize to You.


Daily I receive and the world receives Your blessings, but unknowingly and unintentionally we continue to grieve You, disappoint You, make You sad.


Your Heart is heavy because of our world’s sins and our sins as well.


O Father, the flesh is so weak, perpetually struggling in sin.


Everything that we say is very good but so difficult to practice, because we still carry the traces of sin, of weakness, of wretchedness, daily in life.


Only in these moments do we recall and remind ourselves of what we receive from God, that in our sinful and weak condition we still have the opportunity to be forgiven, still have the opportunity to offer to God what is in our heart, with a spirit of contrition, with repentant words, with what we have, had, and still have.


O merciful Father, sinful people like us are many in this world, but You do not abandon humanity because of sin, weakness and wretchedness.


You always give us the opportunity.


Father, please forgive us, for us to learn how to be righteous, to eliminate the daily weaknesses and imperfections that humanity stumbles upon, with evil deeds, with greed, with selfishness, with the sins that we commit daily.


Father, please forgive. Father, You grant to those who are weak, who are afraid, who are voiceless, those who are nothing in this world.


In Your Heart we are precious pearls.


We are the pearls You created from grains of sand, from mud, and today we become people in Your image.


You create so many things: this breath is Yours, the air is also Yours.


Everything is Yours, but mankind still has not thanked and expressed its gratitude.


O Father, for generations we have been ungrateful.


You abhor sin, You absolutely hate sin, but You always have compassion for those who repent, for those who are sorry, for those who are conscious and return.


With apology, with repentance, they are never ignored by You.


You always support and embrace them.


That is from an immense clemency, a weakness that God always has for generations, but mankind repeatedly disappoints His Heart.


O God, up to this generation we still stumble, we still betray, we still are indifferent, we still are ungrateful to You, even the chosen ones.


O God, if You mark iniquities then who can stand in this world?


If You mark iniquities then the world will no longer go on.


But O Lord, God Almighty, the God of love and the God of Divine Mercy, sinners like us have the opportunity to act on behalf of other sinners.


We are also among the sinners of this world whom God showed mercy and gave us the opportunity to repent, to understand His teaching, to understand His exceedingly clement Heart, to understand the Divine Mercy that He grants to sinners like us, for us to represent our brothers and sisters, the people we meet in life, who still live in days of incomprehension, ignorance, disbelief, and who still have not returned to Him.


We come to this place, away from our daily busy affairs, with the fresh air, with the cool breeze of the ocean, with the vast sky, the light clouds, the beautiful, natural paintings that God offers to mankind.


The vast sea contains the love for humanity and the source of water to cleanse both body and soul when we meditate, experience with intention and prayer.


O Father, I cannot describe everything that You grant and give.


I know only one thing: You brought us here in Your program, with the history of the end of the century, in the days when people are living in iniquities, nourishing sin, fostering sin, in the lures and passions of the worldly life.


Father, please accept the voice that echoes from the earth, even though only a small grain of sand, but You are still waiting for that grain of sand to receive the light so that it will be used in Your program.


O Father, please help us eliminate the weaknesses of our thinking, of darkness, of sin.


You once said: I want the day to last forever for the light to shine on you and on all humanity.


Because mankind is sinful, the darkness seems to last longer than the light, forever dragging from one generation to the next.


But Father who is the Creator of heaven and earth and all creations, Your light will shine in the dark night and Your light will come to those who listen and receive.


That is the light that You need in the heart of each person, the light that You want people to shine with in the darkness, with unity, with a response to Your invitation, with the practice that mankind needs, to praise, to be grateful, and to be thankful.


O Father, so many things to say, so many things to lift up, so many things to offer.


Please forgive those who are weak and sinful, and accept the First Kowtow, with a heart in submission, surrender, and reverence.


Father, please forgive for us to have the opportunity to return to You, to receive Your Divine Mercy, for the love with Divine Mercy to sanctify us, the whole world, all sinners, all classes, all roles.


We prostrate to You, we honor You, we worship You.


Father, please forgive through the repentance of both soul and body, mind and heart.


As You grant us in a special way at this church, we are facing the Cross, the altar, the tabernacle, the four choir of angels, the statues present here.


The church is named after the Archangel Michael, who supported us, trained us, guarded us, and brought us here.


We lift up a multitude of thanks to the heavenly court for their mercy on the sinners of this world to still receive the divine support and protection in this time.


We praise You, glorify You, and honor You forever and ever. Amen.


  1. b) We respectfully offer the Second Kowtow to our Lord Jesus Christ.


O Lord Jesus, our Deliverer, our Redeemer, our Savior, You have delivered us from the darkness of sin and death.


You brought light into the world.


You gave the world hope, which lasts for generations.


The hope in love, the hope through the Lord Jesus’ death, the hope with the extreme agony that God suffered – with every scourge, with every nail mark, with every prick of the thorn that pierced the Head of the Supreme One, a place we must worship with reverence.


It is because of sin that that crown of thorns pierced His head – a place for us to revere – to help us, in thought, in deed, with our soul, but we do not understand our own value.


It is because of these things that God suffered greatly, with thorns pricking His brain, His head, besides the wounds He was afflicted with and endured.


He carried the heavy Cross.


He laid Himself upon the Cross.


The Lord Jesus became the triumphant Savior through the excruciating agony He suffered.


Today for that we honor and worship.


We cannot fully describe His love for mankind, the Almighty God to whom mankind must bow and prostrate and forever offer praise, gratitude, thanksgiving.


His doctrine brings people to love.


His doctrine leads people out of the darkness of sin.


His doctrine helps us to reform, to improve.


His doctrine comforts, protects.


His doctrine aims directly and leads deeply into a spiritual world in the eyes of faith for us to see the great glory of God through love and Divine Mercy.


God loves mankind immeasurably.


God humbled Himself to become a man like us and stayed with us for 33 years.


In history He became the God who brought mankind a world full of hope, for each of us to receive, embrace, and practice.


O Lord Jesus, so great, so glorious.


If we allow our thought to lose these contemplative opportunities, then our life will remain forever in the darkness of sin, in despair, and in the controlled suppression from the evil that caused us to still stumble for generations.


Today, O Lord, please help us bow and prostrate, speak, lift up our voice.


Even though utterly depraved, even though bad, we believe in the Lord, our Savior.


I believe there is one Supreme Being who will teach us the way of truth.


I believe there is one Supreme Being who will deliver mankind from the darkness.


I believe that one Supreme Being always listens to those who beseech Him.


Sinners, do not be afraid.


Fear only that we do not repent.


Fear only that we do not understand the great love God has for us.


Fear only our betrayal, our stubbornness, our shortsightedness, with a foolish and blind life, to lose the great opportunity God gives to the soul of every sinner.


God does not blame – God comes to save sinners.


This is an opportunity for us to seize, an opportunity for us to know what belongs to us, an opportunity for us who come from dust to rise to the rank of mandarins, to become princesses, to become princes, to become those lifted up by God to become the Lord Jesus’ brothers, and along with Jesus to call God the almighty Father, and to receive His love.


The Father’s love with Jesus becomes a God in our midst, a protection, by love, by the Spirit, by a God who is present and dwells with mankind for all generations.


O Lord, what a profound history.


Indeed, it is a history that no one can have and no human brain can write but only the Spirit of God, only God’s love.


There is only one love that the world must understand, must believe in, to live and live forever.


What God has said, what is reported in the Gospel in this life – even a king cannot say he is the person who brings the doctrine for others to learn; only God: I am the Life, the Savior, and the Lord who delivers you.


So this is the only Word.


Only God can be the One to affirm and say thus.


We, through generations, live only in shortsightedness, doubt, and judgment.


We infer so we have allowed an opening, and in the end we have been beset by pride, by arrogance, by altercation, by what we experience in very limited knowledge.


We prevent all that needs to be known, needs to be heard, even though these are things done in good faith to find the truth.


Falsehood is pervasive yet is more interesting to people than the truths that are neglected, forgotten, so we lose the great holiness that God has given us for generations through the messengers and the prophets.


That was what happened in history.


Let us take hold of what we hear today.


Only God can give us a history with depth, reminiscing to people after 2,000 years, with a contemporary generation in stubbornness.


However, we still have people who have consecrated themselves to God, we have His Church, and there are the little people whose hearts belong to Him.


As God once said: I do not reveal to the wise and learned but I reveal to the little.


Let us give ourselves the opportunity.


What is happening and what the Lord wants to say to each person, each role, each position, is for us to live a life with depth.


The Lord waits for our hearts, with earnest prayers, with gratitude, with words of thanksgiving, and the need for daily repentance in life.


We, in our human condition, have nothing worthy for God except our contrite heart, for God to look at those who are humble.


God looks to intervene and He offers us forgiveness for us to return to a life that belongs to Him, in the truth He desires and gives us.


Today there are so many things – we still live in the midst of a mortal life in our own reasoning, in a daily life with needs and necessities, we forget the important value of the soul that the Lord Jesus exchanged at the price of Blood.


Today may sinners repent, may those who still do not know have the opportunity to understand the doctrine of love, and may those who are stubborn and obstinate, who live in pride, prostrate and submit to the only Lord, a gentle Father, a wonderful Counselor, and also the Supreme Being who brings love and allows sinners the opportunity to become His children when they repent and believe in His doctrine.


Today there are many things we see from the wise and learned.


What do the wise and learned ask God for?


It is what God desires and God teaches to all generations: You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.


This is a unique teaching but from all generations how many practiced?


Nonetheless God continues, because only that doctrine can save us from the darkness, with the binding of a subtly sophisticated thread that mankind is caught up in and drawn to by the evil in this generation.


Today there are only certain things we need, which is to have humble hearts, simple and humble souls, to seek to come to the Lord, to earnestly pray, to prostrate, to worship, to honor.


May we be sanctified, transformed, for our life to be renewed, for us to live meaningfully with faith and with things we face and witness.


May we remove our self, our ego, the personality in each person.


We say one thing while we think differently – our hearts change very quickly.


If we do not prostrate then how can we change?


With what the Lord has granted and given to us, for many years we still cannot deny ourselves, we still live for ourselves.


Today let us look at the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord who, for love of mankind, carried the Cross and died for mankind.


He left the throne of God to become a human being like us, and in the end died on the Cross in humiliation because of our sins.


He is the Lord.


He lived and died for us, so what are we?


We are sinners.


Let us prostate and deny ourselves.


Let us fully understand the meaning of a life when we return to the Lord with repentance, by both soul and body, and by a determination to ask Him to restore what we still have not achieved.


We must achieve.


We must ask Him to change us for us to deserve to be chosen, to deserve to do what God gives us, to deserve to become witnesses, and especially to become His disciples.


Today is a narrative reminding us through the Holy Spirit of God.


We lift up everything that is still immature.


This is the time when we still have the opportunity to amend our life, to reform our ideal and our mind, to deserve what God bestows and grants.


If God grants but we do not practice, then surely He will take back what He grants and gives.


Let us not be too tardy and not be too late.


God always gives us the opportunity, but if we do not take that opportunity, then we lose what God has given us affectionately, with the clemency granted to us when we still have the opportunity.


O Jesus Christ, I thank You.


What are you saying to us today?


What are you reminding each sinner like us and the whole world?


Please help us to be conscious and listen.


May we be sanctified and transformed through the Holy Spirit’s teaching.


Through the Second Kowtow to Jesus, please forgive us.


We extol You, we honor You, we thank You.


We praise, glorify, and worship our God.


May everyone believe, understand, and discover the teaching from heaven that is offered to the world for us to understand, to hear the lively reminders from Jesus to our human world.


May we surrender, worship, revere in the return, worthy to receive the teaching and practice.


  1. c) We respectfully offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit.


O Holy Spirit, the God of love, the God of life, the living God who is urging us, leading us into a life of truth.


O Lord who is the light, shine into our souls that are still in the darkness, still in iniquity, still controlled by the ego and personality.


There are many things in life that we have stumbled upon, are stumbling upon, and will continue to stumble upon.


O Holy Spirit, please help us and lead us out of the snares in which we have been trapped all our life, because we are not steadfast with what we have known.

If we cannot overcome our weak flesh then how can we deserve to do what God wants us to do?

No matter how much we did we still fail in the end because we hold onto what belongs to us, but God wants to take away what belongs to us for Him to work in us, for Him to teach us, for Him to guide us and to be the master of our life.

O Holy Spirit, we absolutely need you.


We know that there are wrongful things in life: sensuality, greed, selfishness, pride, anger, and so many bad habits that have trapped us our entire life.


How many times have we received the grace to be sanctified and transformed, but in the end, we still return to the same position like the clock ticking at twelve and eventually return to that number once again.


God wants us to be renewed every hour, every minute, every second, in the grace of the Holy Spirit, for He is the source of the water of rebirth to wash away our sins and those of the whole world.


He is also the fire that burns in our soul, in our heart, with everything that is in grace, in truth, with a true life and a truth that we need to have and did have.


God Himself taught us to walk out of the darkness into the light, with righteousness, with justice, with truth, with humility, with a life deep in meditation, a life practicing the doctrine by the deeds we need to have.


But, O God, the Lord of love, we speak, we understand what we hear, but when we encounter what is pleasing to us or what is our weakness then we stumble immediately, because of our lusty eyes, because we are still greedy, because human life is still ambition, because of a selfish life and much more.


We are still human beings who remain in that weakness and wretchedness.


O Holy Spirit, there are times when we rise up, give up things of the past for us to live true with the days of reality.


The days of knowing Him, having Him, and living in Him: we feel happy.


We forget hardships, forget worries, and forget things in wretchedness and weakness.


We walk on a path and see that life has meaning, see the abundant graces upon each person, and see that all around us is the happiness God grants.


But because we are weak, we are attacked, we are snatched, we become wretched, sinful, weak people who nourish sin, foster sin.


From there we infer, we end up with erroneous thinking and we disappoint God’s Divine Mercy.


But God does not leave us because of that disappointment, He only sheds tears and shows mercy for those He created.


God sheds tears and waits for the indifferent hearts.


It is because of hardened hearts that mankind separated from what is good and most beautiful that the Holy Spirit offers.


People continue to be indifferent, to hate and be envious, to measure and calculate, to be petty, and to make each other miserable.


Because of the loss of compassion, the lack of love, and never living in love, we have become hardened.


Our deeds are just colorful days of appearances, just forms, but our heart is never moved and never has any feeling at all.


Life has made us tired and exhausted, and jobs have controlled us from the beginning so we work in fatigue, in human calculation.


There is little knowledge to be able to grasp the great mysteries that God offers.


The Holy Spirit wants a heart that has Him, a heart that understands His teachings and practices what He teaches, a heart that reverently worships, and a heart consecrated to Him.


Indeed He is working in us.


He is working wonders in us.


He is granting us so many things from heaven.


He is waiting for each person.


When they accept and perform then they become enriched in their life, enriched in their deeds, enriched with meanings as God uses them to be the witnesses to the Good News.


These are stories in the history of the first holy Apostles who received the fire of the Holy Spirit.


That fire will never extinguish in each person’s soul when they perceive and practice through the Holy Spirit’s teaching.


But the fire was extinguished because mankind pushed the Holy Spirit away, did not accept Him and lived in iniquity, in the darkness, with all the lust and pleasure of the world, with money, greed, selfishness.


In the end their lives are days of sorrow, days of failure, days of misery, days of spiritual and physical illness.


This is something terrible, the world is falling into a dire state.

All classes, all roles, all positions, all functions, and even the ranks of the clergy have fallen seriously in today’s world.


Because the fire of the Holy Spirit burns, yet we do not agree to walk in the light of God, we place the reality of human life above the work of God, so our eyes of faith are blind, our conscience has completely become a habit.

When we sin we do not even know we are sinning, we become hardened and blind, living in sinful days.

We do not reach for what is in grace, in holiness, in goodness, in the position, the status, the apostolate, and the daily life of each person that belongs to God.

There are times when we must recognize that even though having functions, we are still inferior to ordinary laypeople who live a simple life but their hearts have God, their life follows the practice of the Lord’s teachings.

They have become true saints and we must follow their example.

In their chaste life, in their ordinary life, their faith belongs to God.

This is the answer for this generation of humanity.

This is the answer to the many stumbles that people have and had.

Let each one of us ask to receive the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit, the time has come.


We have been so weary, we were attacked so badly, we could not escape easily because the snares were encircling our lives.


Today we persistently beseech, we listen to Mother Mary’s teaching.


Like Mother who has lived in the Spirit of God throughout Her life, today the sign we ask for is to listen to Mother Mary’s teaching, to pray with the return, surrender, prostrate soul and body, mind and heart, with all that can be done to glorify God.


Those are things most ordinary, most commonplace, but most profound to express our repentance, lift up our beseeching, and constantly pray to be looked upon by God, to be blessed by God.


May we open our eyes, open our souls, open our hearts, with the eyes of faith that are needed, for our life to be daily enriched in wonderful divine graces.


God never rejects those who beseech Him.


God never rejects those who want to return to the path of holiness with goodness.


God never refuses those who amend their life.


O Holy Spirit, light the fire to burn brightly for our Church, for each of God’s pastors, for each of our priests, and for all those persons whom God has chosen to represent Him to take care of the flock that is lost, wounded, corrupted, that errs in the midst of a world full of luxuries, traps, and ingenuities that have caused us to become sinners, offenders.

We also became the victims of each time and each war.

It is a spiritual battle, the battle of a life of reality.

Today in the face of good and evil, evil is defended and goodness is eliminated so there are countless righteous people who have died at the hands of wicked enemies.

We are not defeated but we are not united.

We are not united in the love as God taught.

We do not understand love with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, to be in solidarity to receive God’s grace, to have strength, to unite.

Because we are divided we have failed in the first place.

Because we do not unite the enemy knows that weakness, the enemy uses that to attack and harm our Church, harm each of us Christians, and is seriously doing harm in today’s world.

O Lord, the God of love, the Almighty God, please save us in this time.


Please rescue us because it is time.


War seems to be stalking us, mankind is entering a time of depravity, the world is in chaos, people seem to be dying slowly with science and technology, with all the sophisticated and clever machines.


Especially in this day and age mankind is falling severely, offending God unknowingly and intentionally.


Today, O Lord – it is time for people to see the truth and return in time, for them to not be too tardy and too late, because we will end up like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.


Because of that stubbornness, God must take action to save the righteous and thoroughly destroy the wicked, the unjust, and the unrighteous.


So what is of this day is not a coincidence, but is an invitation to return, with the repentance needed by each person, to recognize the gift God grants through the Holy Spirit.


This is an opportunity to clearly recognize, for people to decide for themselves.


Please do not let it be too tardy and too late.


Throughout many generations we still think that nothing can happen, that the end of the world has not yet come, so we continue to enjoy ourselves and to have fun.


We do not embrace and we reject.


We will see that God, through the centuries, has granted us so much time, but He will certainly take action because the voices of the innocents have penetrated the heavens.


The fetuses that are killed daily in every nation, the cries of the babies, and a world that is debauched, reversing the laws of God.


From there people continue with homosexuality, with evil deeds, destroying their fellowmen, and countless things that must be looked upon.


Today the Holy Spirit wants to lead us out of that evil.


Each person needs to pray for himself, prostrate himself, repent, and embrace.


The Holy Spirit will help us mature.


Do not let it be too late, because what is bound to happen will happen.


Today we respectfully offer to the Holy Spirit the Third Kowtow.


May everyone accept this gift of The Six Kowtows.


The Third Kowtow is full of meanings that history books do not have, but in today’s human world it is written by the Spirit of God to remind each person, all classes, all roles, to understand what is happening, what God is doing.


The Holy Spirit is helping us in the end of history so let us open our heart, give ourselves the opportunity, and let our soul say the words that need to be said, to apologize before God.


Do not let it be too tardy and too late.


We repeat this over and over: God is the merciful One who loves sinners, but He is very just.


The time has come.


When we stand in front of the Judge then we cannot act according to the way when we were still alive, for us to repent, so when it is too late and we appear before the Judge, then justice will come.


We must take responsibility for the choices we made and what we completely rejected while we were still alive.


When we were still alive we understood but failed to perform, willfully and unintentionally, then we will bear the responsibility.


God wants us to listen and understand the meaning in-depth, through the prayer with the Third Kowtow that is respectfully offered to the Holy Spirit.


I thank, praise, and glorify God.


  1. d) We respectfully offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.


O Lord, God Almighty – I worship God, praise God, and glorify God.

He has remained with us and is still present.


His promise continues.


He is the faithful One, keeping His promises.


The holy deeds continue so that today the world may have the opportunity to contemplate the Eucharist.


The Eucharist is the sustenance of the soul.


The Eucharist is the Supreme Being who hides Himself out of love for mankind, understanding the weakness of mankind, understanding that in His absence this world becomes a world that walks into death, because mankind is too weak, is stumbling, still stumbles, and will continue to stumble.


The Eucharist of the Lord reminds us that the presence with salvation will not fade in this world, an inscription of love that no one can violate.


Even the evil spirit who knows he must certainly stay away and run away, in the shining example, in the humility and modesty of the Supreme Being’s love for mankind.


O Lord, God of love, O Eucharistic Jesus, O Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus, we have just welcomed You into our hearts to have Your presence in us, with the quiet and loving voice, comforting each heart.


Because He knows we are weak, His purpose is to come to take us back and accept the doctrine of heaven, for us to learn, understand and decide to eliminate what is bad, what is evil, to embrace what is good, embrace the truth, welcome the path of joy and peace that God has offered to us from the beginning.


O Eucharistic Jesus – even though the outside world is bustling, when we come to the Eucharistic Jesus, with that silence, with that reverence, with that certain something, we leave a stressful and hectic world to seek to return to the Lord who silently comes to every heart.


He listens, He comforts, He loves, He sustains, and that divine grace fills us with peace – peace of the soul – for us to regain strength.


In the days when we live in pain and depression, with what we seek in the life of needs and necessities, we were abandoned by the human world, we failed, we were ill, frightened, worried, suffering; when we come to Him, no one returns empty-handed.


O Eucharistic Jesus, the wondrous Supreme Being – He has granted us so many wonderful things that only God has and grants.

No one can replace Him.

Besides Him, no one can grant us.

He is the Supreme Lord, the Lord who has hidden Himself for more than 2,000 years.

He came into the world as a human being and even though He has returned to heaven, a history has been clearly written through salvation.

He is the Redeemer.

Moreover, spiritual things exist, the supernatural still exists in the holiness through the Eucharist.

No one can explain it; if God does not allow, no one can say a word or sentence to describe the truths that existed – genuinely, perpetually – from the beginning over 2,000 years ago when God instituted the Blessed Sacrament and when He began the Passion, till this day.

O Eucharistic Jesus, today how can we speak if You do not allow?


Because we have seen the light of the Eucharist radiating, we have seen Your visit – a wonder.


God was in the Eucharist.


God manifests through the Eucharist.


God is still hidden in the Eucharist to nourish our souls, for our faith to see what is spiritual that ordinary human eyes, worldly eyes, cannot see and understand.


But with the eyes of faith, we see with clarity and joy; with the eyes of faith, we encounter the Lord Jesus through the Eucharist.


He has visited us.

He has gone with us on the journey, with the reminiscing on the days in Galilee when He called the apostles.


He saw the fishermen, the poor, the simple and humble, and laborers.


He came there to preach 2,000 years ago.


Indeed, 2,000 years ago He came, He walked all over Galilee.


Today He also came back to the oceanside.


He has found His disciples.


He has found the children who listen to His voice.


He seeks the laypeople who continue to listen to His teaching, for them to return to the truth.


Indeed, it is a love so infinite, a love that has depth and is full of meanings.


The Lord Jesus continues to manifest daily on the altar.


Jesus continues to keep His promise: Go and preach to all people, go and spread the Good News.


I am with you till the end of the age.


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.


Those loving words, those tender words, those earnest words – only the Supreme Lord can grant to mankind.


So they are unique, today the words of the Lord are still kept till this century.


Mankind lives in iniquity and betrayal, indifferent, but God is still the Supreme Lord who waits and wants mankind to mature to understand love, returning with a willing heart.


God can use the power of a God to decide, but He does not use power.


He knows that we also have rights because He grants us the right to choose: to choose love, to choose the return, to choose the proclamation, to choose worship.


It is something we need and God respects that in each person.


O Lord, there are things we know today but cannot do, things that God has given to those who have a devoted heart – there have been those who have found the truth and there are also those who have found the doctrine.


Today, even though it is a small number, a very modest number, yet for that number, God grants to the human world the opportunity to receive, to worship, and to reverently offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Eucharistic Jesus.


O Eucharistic Jesus, we do not know how to thank You.


We do not have anything worthy alongside what You bestow.


We do not know what to use to describe the love You have for each sinner like us.


What we see, hear, we must say, we must report, we must tell the truth that God has granted to humanity.


Today the world is crowded – there are people who come to visit God, people who come to share their trials, their challenges, and their illnesses, both spiritual and physical.


God is the merciful Lord, so though sinners abound in the world, if there are repentant people, then because of those repentant people, God will also give the unrepentant people an opportunity.


O God, the Lord of love – there is nothing that can express and describe the depth of the love God grants to humanity.

It is time, we must mature.

It is time, we must return.

It is time, we must collaborate.

Around us are evil deeds, around us are schemes to harm us, around us are clever traps and snares, around us are the days in which we nourish sin and foster sin.

Around us are pleasures, around us are crimes, and around us is the wretchedness and weakness of the flesh along with a limited outlook.

Within us is selfishness.

Within us are ambition and greed.

Within us are the realities based on knowledge.

Thus, we fail to learn what is needed that comes from goodness, from a virtuous life, from a holy life.

Only the Lord, the kind and merciful Supreme Being, through the Blessed Sacrament, reminds the world, quietly conquers the entire world, conquers with love, conquers with forgiveness – which is what mankind needs – and conquers with the doctrine that mankind needs to learn and know.

O Eucharistic Jesus, today we have the opportunity to represent our brothers.


Because of the works, we must come to this place, a place unfamiliar to us, which is also the first time for the brothers and sisters.


From weak and fearful people, let us become strong when we hear the Word of God.


From stubborn, obstinate people, let us embrace and believe, then we became like a child – obedient, humble, and listening.


Let us learn to be humble to be happy, learn to be humble to be taught, learn to be humble to have peace, and learn to be humble to honor and worship, because God waits for that humility.


O Lord God, You know all our weaknesses.


You know every sinner and You understand we are victims, so You find every way to lead us back and be close to You.


Please accept the honor, the thanksgiving, and the gratitude with the Fourth Kowtow that we offer to You, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, which is a statement in history that sinners like us have the opportunity to offer to You, for You to use us, to have the opportunity to glorify You, and to have the opportunity to pray in-depth, which we need, must have, and practice for us to speak up.


This world still has resonating voices from the earth, with a deeply fervent soul, lifting up our worship and adoration of the Eucharistic Jesus, and expressing gratitude to Him.


God, please continue to be with us, sanctify us, transform us.


May we have reverence for You, separate from all the sins in life to receive You worthily and also take the time to visit the Supreme Lord who remained with mankind, who bestowed to mankind graces, peace, joy, healing.


O mankind, please do not forget the Supreme Lord who, for love of mankind, confined Himself in the tabernacle.


Tabernacles are abandoned, neglected all over the world.


The chapels are open but few come, though there are people who come in deep prayer to pray on behalf of other brothers and sisters.


Today, from those people, the Lord waits for those who have not yet returned, those who are returning, and those who will return.


Only by returning can we be happy.

Only by returning can we be peaceful.

Only by returning can we receive a steady protection in life.

Return, for us to understand entrustment; return, for us to understand that our fragile condition cannot do much; return, for us to recognize: Come to Me, all of you who are burdened, I will give you rest.

Only God can give us more strength.

Only God can give us more love.

Only God can grant us more wisdom to know and understand what belongs to us.

We pray for suffering hearts, hearts that face painful situations, hearts in hopeless situations, hearts wounded and ill – spiritually and physically – and hearts living in days bound by sin.

May these hearts open, recognize the tenderness and mercy of God and the salvation with the great graces that God grants to those who come to Him, who believe in Him, who return to Him, who revere, worship, honor, prostrate, surrender, and lift up their life – albeit sinful and weak – to Him.

May He sanctify, may He heal.

God, please lead us out of the binding of sin with the invisible rope that is not easy for us to free ourselves from without Your help.

May we honor, worship, thank, praise the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, through the Fourth Kowtow, reverently.

May everyone be aware of the Lord’s presence, for faith to be motivated, reminding us that we need to show reverence and be worthy when we receive Him.

Let us not stumble daily – unintentionally and deliberately – gravely offending the Eucharistic Jesus.


The world is falling into the hands of evil that use all means, because we are too weak, too naive, and because our life of faith is so immature that we do not understand anything.


We are unknowingly hurting the Lord, torturing the Eucharistic Jesus, and also living in days of gravely offending Him.


May we listen for us to meditate, to clearly understand what we need to do to make up for our brothers and sisters, to pray for the world, to console the Eucharistic Jesus on their behalf.


We ask in the Name of God, the Lord of love, now and for ever and ever. Amen.


  1. e) We respectfully offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus.


O the Five Holy Signs of Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of love – I thank the Lord.


The Five Holy Signs were deeply imprinted in our souls, for the deceased as well as for the living, and for the whole world in belief and faith.


O the Five Holy Signs of Divine Mercy that the Lord has bestowed upon mankind from the beginning to perpetually love, forgive, and bring the Divine Mercy to sanctify and transform all humanity – we honor and thank the Lord.

Today we turn to the Divine Mercy to respectfully lift up to the Almighty Father.

May we call You “Father” and may we be Your children.

Though we were Your children from the beginning, today the words we use to address You as well as our behaviors seem to be routine according to a life in reality, in customs and laws – for generations.

Today it is time, let us no longer hesitate.

Because there is only one Supreme Being who loves and forgives, who gives us countless opportunities, who strengthens and encourages us to overcome public opinion to proclaim the Lord.

These are the first lit torches, but there will be more torches that will continue to be lit up all over the world.

This is something that must be done: to submit and worship is a sign of both soul and body, mind and heart, belonging to Father.

We lift up to Father, asking Him to accept the sinful condition of the human world, of all children in all classes.

Father, please hear the prayers we lift up.

Father, please have mercy, sanctify, and transform us daily in Your divine grace, in the love and the Divine Mercy in which we hope and entrust ourselves.

  • The Second Holy Sign is the Lord Jesus Christ.


He came to redeem the sins of humanity.


He died on the Cross.


He triumphed over death, and brought glory and renewal to the world, for mankind to be freed from sin, darkness, and death.


We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for us to be redeemed, to have life, to exist, and to call God the Father as Abba, Abba, Abba, beloved Father.


Let us not forget, because as Father He never forsakes His children.


A father never refuses.


Even if the children are bad and sinful, Father is still a merciful, tender God who waits and grants all kinds of opportunities to bring His children back.


Let us recognize this greatness through the love that we see in the most ordinary story in the present history of how a human father loves and sacrifices for his child, let alone a heavenly Father, the Father of humanity.


He loves us a thousand times more, a billion times more.


We cannot verbally describe and there is no word to express the love and the Divine Mercy that God gives us, especially to sinners and betrayers like us.


Thus we must rely on the love of God the Father with Jesus, which became the Supreme Being who is present, spiritually, divinely.


That is the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit will guide us into His doctrine, will guide us in the knowledge and wisdom that God offers to mankind.


The Holy Spirit will help us receive the gift of heaven for us to remove ourselves from sinful days with wretched deeds, with extremely limited eyes of faith.


The Holy Spirit will help us with the history book from heaven.


God teaches us – all classes, all roles, most ordinary and commonplace – to have a heart that reveres and loves God above all else, with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind, and to love our brothers.


These two points are the doctrine for which God the Father allowed Jesus to die because of the accord granted to mankind through this unique doctrine.


If we live with this doctrine then this world will not end up with war, with pain, and all the killings between one another will end, the fighting for one’s homeland.


With deceit and falsehood, the devil has schemed, divided brothers, caused us to be separated from God.


God has granted us graces through the salvation to help us and to lift us up to become worthy people to rise to the rank of mandarins, of princesses, of princes, thanks to the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.


As for us, we just need to collaborate and to obey.


To this day, indeed, we still have not understood that.


We still stumble and we still offend.


Today the Five Holy Signs remind each one of us in-depth, for us to end our division, to end our argument according to our human way, as we reject the faith we should have for God and must have for God.


  • The Third Holy Sign is the Holy Spirit.


We must thank and be grateful to the Holy Spirit.


He is the light, the water, the fire, the most beautiful manifestations.


The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being working to help us better understand the power that God granted to us, through the condition of contrite and repentant children who return, through the moments of encounter from in-depth prayers, through enlightenment and guidance.


Today we speak, offer, lift up, present, with that contrite heart, and that gift belongs to the Holy Spirit who grants to help us be strong and brave.


All good and holy things come from the Holy Spirit, in the good will that God offers to each person, for each one of us to live in the position and the role that God granted and bestowed.


The Third Holy Sign speaks of the lofty spirituality for us to receive when we have faith.


  • The Fourth Holy Sign is the Eucharistic Jesus.


We must thank and honor the Eucharistic Jesus.

He never leaves once He has promised and instituted the Eucharist.

He stayed, from the first day till 2,000 years later.

Till this contemporary modern century, He keeps the promise to remain with us.

That promise cannot be completed yet, because the world will come to an end as Jesus said to the apostles.

Today we must know that what God says then definitely, even a period, a comma, will never fade and will absolutely happen.

God has reminded us.

Today the Fourth Holy Sign strengthens faith for the human world and allows us to see the spiritual holiness that God works through the Blessed Sacrament, for us to have the encounter in this generation by the teaching.

We must know.

We must rely on the Holy Spirit to learn about this treasure granted to the world.

It is a history book from the Spirit of God, written for our life and teaching us the return at the end of history.

That is the Third Holy Sign and also the Fourth Holy Sign.

The Holy Spirit and the Eucharistic Jesus are always with us and always grant us these things.

Through the Eucharistic Jesus there is the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit always teaches us to come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

He teaches us by prayers.

He teaches us when we prostrate, worship, and run to Him.

He teaches us holiness and truth.

The presence in the divine realm that we still have in this world is the Eucharistic Jesus and that is also the Holy Spirit, present in a lively way, in a spiritual way, with us.

Today we learn more about the Fourth Holy Sign that we respectfully offer to God.


We receive these favors – what can we do in return?


How determined are we to proclaim for many to know, for the lost to return, and for people to be kindled by the flame of the Holy Spirit?


Today let us be ignited by the flame of the Holy Spirit, because that is the flame that will guide us to the Eucharistic Jesus – the unique place where heaven is present through the Eucharist, a place where we directly encounter a lofty spirituality worthy of our worship and reverence.


It is a sublime sacrament, a sacrament we worship and honor, a sacrament that God instituted to remain with us.


The Fourth Holy Sign is extremely significant to the human world.


That is the lofty spirituality that we continue to receive, that continues to be given to us for us to see through the eyes of faith, that continues to help us avoid snares with our plea for an intervention from the lofty spirituality through the Eucharistic Jesus.


Today the existence of heaven is the Eucharistic Jesus.


We received the Eucharist into our heart, we received heaven into our heart, but how many understand this immensely significant value?


We are stumbling because we disregard, we despise, we do not seek to understand the meaning of the Fourth Holy Sign.


Today we must listen, we must be taught, we must understand what God grants and bestows to us in this century.


  • The Fifth Holy Sign is Mother Mary.


This is something mankind has a hard time accepting, and has many questions, or has much surprise because this is explained at this time, but God has His way.


In the world everything ends up in its own argument, in its own reasoning, but to God they are things He bestows and gives.


Today let us listen to know that the Fifth Holy Sign is Mother Mary, a woman in the midst of this world.


God the Father chose Mother and Her life was consecrated to Him.


Mother lived Her life with the “Fiat.”


She devoted Her life to be the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity, the Mother of every sinner, every offender, every repentant sinner, and the Mother of the Church.


We cannot deny what Mother has done.


Her Name, Her Title – forever mankind must know and thank.


Because it is thanks to Mother, having Mother, that we recognize the holy will of God, that we triumph in the battle of the world.


Mother becomes a new Eve to change the human world.


Mother also welcomes the Savior who, through Her womb, came into the world for the world to be changed.


He is the light that shines upon all people, upon all ordinary citizens.


What do the Five Holy Signs bring us?


Who is the person who can clearly explain?


Who is the person who can let us know?


Who is the person who can teach us in-depth for us to know what is still not written in the history of the first age?


Today this is written through the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus.


He carried the Cross and bore the sins of the world.


The Cross upon which God lies is the glorious victory.


He triumphed over death to lift us up, to guide us, to deliver us who are in sin and death.


The Five Holy Signs are extremely significant, engraved in our soul and heart by the seal of forgiveness.


The only thing we need to know is that God forgives us; that seal belongs to us, but before we receive it, we must return for us to understand God’s doctrine, to eliminate the sins that we have stumbled upon from the beginning.


We must understand and be conscious of what we did and are doing daily in life – nourishing sin, fostering sin, with sin, and offending God.


We must understand the significant value of the Five Holy Signs that continue to forgive us till our last breath.


Only Mother Mary is the person who fully understands the salvation of the Lord Jesus and the holy will of God the Father.


Mother has perfectly lived in that holy will.


Mother was enveloped by the Holy Spirit and His guidance was always with Her, so Mother lived life in a heavenly world though in the flesh with days of exile on earth.


Mother accepts everything.


Mother understands that doctrine in the place of humanity.


Today the Holy Spirit wants us to know the Fifth Holy Sign is Mother Mary.


She is one of the Five Holy Signs.


The Lord Jesus came into the world.


Through the salvation, Mother is the person who journeyed with Him, who collaborated with Him to bring us out of the darkness of sin – a resplendent example in our daily life, an example for those who live in iniquity.


For us to become people who give up sins, there must be a definite example by the strength of God and the Spirit.


All Her life, Mother Mary lived in the Spirit and the strength of God.


Today that gentleness has triumphed over the world, with the tenderness of a mother who seeks her children, who looks for her children, who teaches her children.


That Mother has taught us to be deep in prayer, that Mother is teaching us how to prostrate and submit, that Mother has taught us the meaning of the Five Holy Signs, which is the history book of the end of history to save us in the days of distress.


May we rely on that for us to live, to be saved, and to return through the intervention of God.


That seal still has value when we repent.


With the promise God made, that seal belonged to us, but we must return for us to receive what God bestows.


When that seal already belonged to us then even if late, that return, that repentance, God never refuses.


He has many ways to help us.


Who can teach us that? Only Mother Mary.


She does not want the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus, Her Son, to be shed in vain.


She knows God the Father loves mankind, and the Lord Jesus comes with the purpose of redeeming mankind, and the Holy Spirit is guiding mankind.


Heaven is looking at the world to help mankind return to the title and the status of being children of God.


Mother never remains silent for mankind to live in abandonment and iniquity.


Mankind cannot continue to offend God.


Mankind cannot continue with lukewarm and foolish days, and live a blind and indifferent life, rejecting these wonderful and sublime graces.


That seal has become the light that shines when we recognize the urgency at the end of history.


Today, O Five Holy Signs of Lord Jesus Christ, the Victor who brought us from death back to life with Him, that glorious resurrection, that love belong to us through the seal. Mother Mary has known and reminded mankind.


Today is the opportunity for us to stand up, for us to spring up, for us to recognize what is ours.


Because years of sin have bound us, because we are victims, because we are totally defeated and are ignorant, because of the ego and personality, because of the wretched and weak flesh, because of our shallow life of faith, because we are not determined to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father, we do not understand the significant value of the salvation and the Savior who brought everything from heaven to redeem us.


Mother is a truly gentle, virtuous, holy, complete and perfect person before God.


She is a shining example for the whole of humanity to follow and to eliminate and stay away from evil and return to the God of love.


Mother Mary knows this is the opportunity that God grants for mankind to have more time, though the additional time will also conclude very soon.


This is the time to clearly understand the depth and the width of the doctrine and the Gospel.


The appearance of the Five Holy Signs is the evidence that no one can change, that no one can shake, and that no one can reject.


That is something that existed through the conclusion of the Five Holy Signs, of the heavenly family, of the immeasurable and great love of the Supreme Being who has imprinted the seal in the soul of each sinner, for each sinner to be forgiven (1).


When people are sanctified, when they change, when they become those who prostrate and submit, when their hearts become contrite and repentant, they become a spiritual and physical declaration – then God never refuses and never marks their past iniquities.


He gives us a new life through the Five Holy Signs.


This is something immense and marvelous that people need to pay attention to.


This is also something perplexing with the outlook of those with functions, regarding the aspect of a history book that is being written in this time, accompanied by deed, by repentance, by a determination to honor God, by a life in which we proclaim God in the midst of this world.


It is time – we must proclaim God. It is time – we must return.


Let us not be afraid of anything, not be afraid of public opinion, and not be afraid of what is in the order of the rules of the world.


Let us come straight to God, let us beseech God, let us proclaim God.

With faith, this world will not shake us.


In a crowded world, let our hearts always belong to Him.


Let us honor Him, for Him to continue to protect us.


This is a privilege from heaven for those who understand the meaning of the gift of The Six Kowtows.


At the same time it is the Fifth Kowtow. The Five Holy Signs have an immense depth, like a complete history book.


Every person, every sinner, every child, trusting in God, will never step away from what one has, from the love God has granted from the beginning.


Thus, sinners, look at the Lord Jesus Christ and the Cross that He carried 2,000 years ago.


He waits for us, from the Cross upon which He lies – naked, in pain – because He gave us everything for us to have life.


Let us look at the importance of the depth in the meditation of the Five Holy Signs, for us to understand what we have and not lose it.


What is in this world is mediocre and temporary.


Temporal things and functions will disappear, but what lasts forever is our soul.


Whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has eyes ought to see, and a heart to feel and be eager to seek what is being reminded to every sinner, every class, every role, and the entire world.


I worship, praise, glorify, and honor God.


May these things come to the world, for many to welcome, to listen, to discover the divine book that is written through the Spirit of God for humanity in the end of history.


We are people who simply practice, report, and bring to all the places that God wants us to bring.


These reminders – by deed, by action – are for God to help the brothers and sisters all over the world return and recognize the love of the Divine Mercy, return by a reverent heart and by a repentant heart.


Do not let it be too tardy and too late.


In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Five Holy Signs, I worship God, honor God, thank God, praise God, and apologize to God.


May many know and listen.


May sinners repent.


May the souls in purgatory have the opportunity to be saved, thanks to the Five Holy Signs in the Divine Mercy.


May those who do not yet know, know.


May those who do not yet believe, believe.


May those who have not yet returned, return.


God, please heal their souls for them to recognize the significant value and return.


Do not let it be too tardy and too late.


This is repeated over and over, with the love and the profound Divine Mercy of the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Also through a loving Mother who continues to guide Her children back to God, to revere the Eucharistic Jesus who is present, to worship, to honor, to thank, and to apologize, with the Five Holy Wounds that today we respectfully lift up to.


Full of meanings, the book will continue to be opened, with depth from the Holy Spirit, and His Spirit will teach us when we find the truth, recognize the truth, and perform in the truth. Amen.


  1. f) The Sixth Kowtow: we wholeheartedly thank and praise God the Father for having given us Mother Mary.


O God the Father, the ever-living, Almighty God – O God the Father, the God of Mercy, the God of love, the God full of might, the God full of power, and the God who loves mankind – He knows all the works that He created, He knows the weakness of sin that causes mankind to easily stumble.


He knows that for every generation


He waits for the determination and willingness of each person, and He respects the masterpiece that He created.


God is very tender and merciful and loves mankind boundlessly – with that in mind, He grants to sinners like us the opportunity.


We know we are people who are neither learned nor understand much, and even if we know we cannot do, without a truly genuine and legitimate example, a shining example – complete and perfect.


In the days of exile on earth, forever with a light, chosen to become the most resplendent person, that is, the Queen of heaven, the Mother of humanity, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of salvation, and also the Mother to whom we respectfully lift up the Immaculate Heart.


God has given Mother a place of great glory.


Mother is a person who silently submits and completely obeys God’s holy will.


God wants this person to become the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of every sinner, the Mother of every prisoner, the Mother of every saint, the Mother of every penitent, of every witness, of every patient, of every soul; the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of every priest, the Mother of the Redeemer, the Mother of the Incarnate Word, the Mother of every sinner and every repentant like us today.


All this does not come naturally, but God the Father has chosen for the Holy Spirit to guide and help us with what we need to know and what we must know.


That is our veneration as we respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the compassionate Heart, the Mother of the Eucharist.


What is clearly seen, heard, and witnessed, with ordinary and common human eyes, today becomes a remarkable gift to kindle the life of faith, which is also an extraordinary and marvelous miracle that we can only receive in this world.


As written in the Gospel for 2,000 years, it is time: old men will dream dreams, see miracles that happened, and also see the angels coming up and down.


The young people also see the lofty spirituality with what is being realized in the human world today.


They recognize the light of the Eucharist, recognize things that forewarn God’s return to the world.


These are things to renew mankind when we receive the teaching, support, and protection of a quiet and gentle Mother, guiding and helping the children who lack faith like us, the children who were mistaken and are making mistakes, the children who are indifferent, lacking responsibility and duty.


Today Mother is the person God wants us to come to, to see, to hear – and to learn from the gentleness, the humility, the complete entrustment that Mother has practiced Her entire life.


Today we are happy to have Mother.


We are happy because we have Mother as our mother, a mother of sinners like us.


Mother does not reject us, who are sinners.


Mother wants us to know that when we sin we will lose God’s grace, we will distance ourselves from God, because sin is the veil that prevents us from receiving the light and causes us to lose what Jesus has granted.


That seal has belonged to us, but we do not understand that value so we lose the great, eternal opportunity for the soul.


Mother uses love, Mother seeks all kinds of ways, Mother does not use the power of a Queen of heaven.


Mother does not look at our condition, past and present.


Mother only loves, because we are too weak.


Mother only loves, because we have not understood and not recognized.


Mother only has pity for our soul.


Mother simply loves to lead and help us in every way, to bring us back to God, in the simplest, most gentle way, reminding us at every step, for us to encounter God.


Since we are sinners – unworthy, disobedient, rebellious, and evil – how can we receive and meet God?


We rely on Mother, on Her intercession, on Her example, on Her zealous devotion.


Mother looks for Her children to be protected, to be sanctified from Her prayers, to be touched, because Mother sacrificed Her position as the Queen of heaven to remain with the Eucharistic Jesus, to represent the entire human world, to serve and worship Him, to speak fervent words.


Daily Jesus is abandoned and offended by the treatment of ungrateful mankind toward Him.


But Mother Mary has made up for all of us by praying to God, so that from Mother’s prayers God will forgive mankind; God will grant the world more time, more days; forgive sinners like us.


Through Her prayers, today we have the gift of The Six Kowtows, which is a gift with meaning, a gift that anyone can benefit from, a gift that each person, each class, each role, each position can use to quietly come to speak to God, and from those silent practices, we meet and are taught in the Holy Spirit.


Indeed this is a wonderful gift that Mother personally practiced Her entire life while on earth.


This gift is Mother’s gift, a spiritual gift.


When we practice daily, then that is a meeting that the Holy Spirit will not ignore and will never forsake when we follow the methods of prayer through Mother Mary’s teaching.


The world is lazy in prayer and does not know how to pray.


The world only lives in realistic days, reads, forgets, and does not practice, so we cannot harvest anything, we cannot experience anything, and we cannot conquer ourselves when everything has been surrounded by sin.


Our Mother Mary – an entire life on earth, over 70-years-old or close to 70 years – Mother has never had any stain of sin, because She lived in the grace of God, in the Spirit of God, in the love of God.


Mother lived in fullness and perfection with the doctrine of God.


Today Mother does not teach us to oppose what is in warfare and suffering, She does not teach us to have a weapon to turn against the enemy.


She never condemns anyone nor did She ever say anything between good or evil people.


Mother just wants us to repent.


Mother teaches mankind to repent.


Mother appeared to the three cousins Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco over a hundred years, over a century ago, to say the most ordinary, simplest, humblest words that we need.


Today indeed there are many people doing this, practicing this, and living in this.


Mother still seeks to meet that number of people, though small, to bring more of Her children back.


Mother still seeks ways to help Her children mature.


Mother still seeks ways for us to receive the gift that each one of us in this end of history must practice, must be prepared, must face the tribulations that we will encounter.


Moreover, the day of judgment is coming.


Everything that happens to us is not a coincidence but is something that has meaning.


Mother has known what will happen.


If we continue to live a life of debauchery, a life in total denial, a life lacking respect and reverence, a life of abandon, relying on a progressive civilization, we lose ourselves and we no longer have faith.


We are living in days offending, but we do not know, whether unintentionally or deliberately.


We must know the teachings from Mother.


We hear about the deeds Mother does, which are shining examples that God wants us to learn from.


God wants us to come to Him through Mother.


God wants us to have a life of practice, for us to enter into communion with heaven, and take one step at a time to enter the kingdom that God offers.


We call Him “Father,” but do we understand what His holy will is?


The Lord Jesus taught us, “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”


This is a prayer Jesus taught, because He understood what is in the human world that we need but do not know how to ask for, do not know how to say, so Jesus taught us the Lord’s Prayer, including and summarizing all things.


With a heart deep in prayer, along with Mother Mary, we offer the Hail Mary.


God has chosen Mother.


Mother represents us to praise and glorify, to lift up thanks and gratitude, to honor God, and to receive graces.


That is the Lord Jesus in salvation.


All these are wonderful things, starting from the first book to last for generations.


Today at the end of history, we respectfully offer The Six Kowtows with what meaning?


We offer The Six Kowtows for what?


Today we only know how to ask, speak, and read, but we have not yet practiced with both soul and body.


God created us.


God created us to serve Him by action, God created us with a heart to believe in Him, God taught us to have reason to practice what is right and reject what is wrong, for us to differentiate, to choose.


To whom do we offer all this goodness?


Who is the person worthy to receive and who is the person who gives?


What does a sinful condition deserve? – Nothing worthy to be accepted.


Only one thing, which is Mother’s prayer.


She leads sinners back to God.


She guides the children who still do not know, to know.


She is the person who heals wounded hearts.


Mother never refuses the pagans when they hear and pray.


From the love that Mother received from God and the practice in Her entire life, Mother gives that love to the entire world.


Her particular interest is that each of Her works glorifies God, each of Her works praises God, each of Her works is united to the Lord Jesus Christ to glorify God’s Divine Mercy.


For everything in the great mystery that we lack awareness and understanding in, Mother is the person who teaches us, most simply.


These are the most important moments for the world; for every person, every family, every group, every community, every role, every function, and the whole of humanity, including our Church.


Let us unite to pray.


Let us unite with a repentant heart.


Let us unite to find the seal that belongs to us.


Let us not lose it because we are shallow and do not understand and do not know.


We have been robbed, because the devil has seen the weaknesses and things of the flesh that we easily stumble upon.


This is to also recall the weakness of our first parents.


Today we also stumble into that situation, but we have Mother Mary.


Mother Mary replaces that first failure, that first betrayal, and Jesus, as the Conqueror, replaces the person whom the Father loves, our forefather.


The works Jesus does bring us a history to save our life.


The works Mother does help us in virtue and holiness, for us to step through heaven’s gate, because God wants us all to go to heaven, to be with Him.


All of us will be forgiven by the salvation from the Lord Jesus (2), we will all be led by the Holy Spirit, we will all be nourished by the Lord’s Body and Blood, forever till the end of the age.


The Lord wants us to understand the doctrine of the Five Holy Signs that we are directly and indirectly receiving today, for us to understand and hear through the Holy Spirit teaching us.


So what does it say about us when we act together today to receive and thank God? –


That only the body and soul unite in one faith, in reverence and adoration, in prostration and submission, with a fervent heart, with repentance, recognizing our weakness to earnestly ask God to forgive.


This is also the response to the Divine Mercy that mankind needs in this generation, to represent those who do not yet know and believe, represent those who are offending and those who have hurt, grieved, and disappointed Mother’s Heart.


But Mother is still a mother looking for the children, for those little children to replace their sisters and brothers, replace the voice of the world, and replace what is happening, to give people more opportunities to repent.


Everything that mankind cannot do, by God’s grace will be possible.


But if we rely on His grace, then we must practice, we must pray, we must beseech according to the way taught by Mother Mary for us to receive the Holy Spirit and lift up the intercession through His teaching – then we will be able to receive the intervention of the God of love and Divine Mercy.


Today every deed in the world still has its own schedule, its own order, let alone God.


So we must follow a schedule, in an orderly way, in love, in art, in technology, and in a spiritual way with the mystery, with the supernatural that is present in the midst of the world through Mother Mary.


Let us take one step at a time for us to understand more, experience more, know what this world currently receives.


It may be a difficult thing to accept, but though it may be difficult for the world to accept, the world must accept, because only this way can we restore what we have lost.


Only with this repentance can God look upon us and intervene for us, and only by repentance will His wrath be appeased.


The world is offending God.


We are offending and have offended God with a century of debauchery, a world in abandon, a world that allows the control of science and technology, a progressive world where so many are depraved, all classes, all roles.


Today everything has its own reasons.


Let us listen to Mother, a gentle and humble and kind being, a quiet person who does many things, a quiet person who is an exemplary being and also a perfection with God’s holy will.


Today Mother teaches, Mother advises.


Mother helps us take one step at a time, for us today to become narrators, courageous people who overcome the fear of the world around to witness to the loving Supreme Being, to silently pray for the entire world, to go everywhere, to each state, to each church, to places to meet people.


No matter how many in the world are depraved and commit sin, our hearts are never affected, our hearts do not let what is around threaten or dominate us.


We bear the responsibility to proclaim the Good News, the responsibility to live in the truth, to witness to the truth; the responsibility to bring this special gift from Mother to humanity, and we must be determined to share this gift with our brothers.


This gift must be shared with everyone in the world. Mankind must accept this gift, must practice, must be resolute, and must profess, for us to become worthy children.


God is opening the gate of heaven to shine into the soul of each person.


For God to accept when we repent and return, let us submit and prostrate to God, let us agree to choose as our family’s heritage God, the Supreme Lord who leads us out of the iniquity that we stumble upon in this world.


God allowed Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, a time when people were living in slavery.


Today we are also living in the bondage of sin.


Mother Mary is the one who leads us, with the gift of The Six Kowtows, out of a world that is being controlled by evil, by iniquity, by science and technology, by pride and arrogance; a world relying on knowledge.


People are being controlled by arrogant people who offend God, with arguments that rationally follow human methods but lack affection, lack human compassion, lack the love of God, and lack charity and sacrifice.


Today mankind only looks into laws and gives up and rejects the love God has for mankind, the love with which God seeks mankind, the love God gives to mankind, and the love from which God grants the Divine Mercy to mankind.


This is a grave offense.


Let us listen to Mother for us to make up right now.


Do not let it be too tardy and too late, because of the wrath of God.


It is time – mankind must go through purification in preparation for the day of the upcoming tribulation.

Today let us listen.

Mother is a gentle person.

She does not want us to be afraid, She does not want us to be troubled, but She must speak.

If we do not listen, if we do not submit to return, if we do not proclaim to beseech God’s intervention, our fellow humans will kill each other, our fellow humans will fully go to war.

Our fellow human beings are being controlled by the evil spirit, in crime – without affection and love, we will slowly die with the man-made plagues that are spreading everywhere.

Who can understand this?

Who knows this besides Mother Mary? – A mother who loves her child.

How does a human mother love her children and make sacrifices for her children?

Then a heavenly Mother does a thousand times more.

A Mother who lived pleasing to God, a Mother who knew God’s will, a Mother who led sinners like us back, a Mother who is supporting sinners like us, a Mother who restored sinners when they repent to become the children of God, to be used as instruments, to become disciples of Mother and Jesus.

Today this is a great grace – we receive and respectfully offer the gift of The Six Kowtows for us to meet heaven.

We receive the teachings of the Holy Spirit.

We receive things of depth, breadth, and height, written by the Spirit of God, and through His Spirit, for us to understand what is sin, what is a critical time, what is the return, and how to make up with a repentant heart.

In the proclamation, in the prostration, and in the submission, even silently, this is history that is being written.

This will be declared all over the world.

Every class, every role needs to pray.

We pray to meet God, to be able to communicate with God, for God to look at us and for us to meet the spiritual world.

To have faith we need to pray.

To affirm we need to pray.

Today what we have and had – we know we are ordinary people.

How is it possible for us to do extraordinary things?

People who are not learned, who do not understand, who do not read or write – how is it possible to grasp the fluency in the narrative if not from God?

Let us remember: when we live with God and we believe in God, then we are truly enriched; inexplicable, but to God everything is possible with the eyes of faith.

Today let us not allow the world to control us by human rules and practices; because of the arguments and reasonings about laws, we have lost what God gives.

O Almighty God, because mankind does not see, was wrong and did wrong, today the world is getting into the situation of the scribes and Pharisees, worse than the days of old, so there were people harmed and falsely accused.

Those who are holy lead the children of God back, but they do not see or know. They have eyes but do not see, they have ears but do not listen.

They are as if blind; their mouths cannot speak, and their ears only hear everything that is in reasoning and argument.

Among these are personal deeds, from selfishness, from jealousy, from wretchedness and weakness, from laws and reasoning.

They lose the broad perspective that God gives to the world, through nations, through priests, and through those who are receiving God’s Divine Mercy.

Today God is heartbroken.

Till this century mankind is still in infancy, still in shortsightedness.

Mother Mary is even more heartbroken, because the children today have not yet opened their eyes, have not yet opened their hearts, still live in selfishness, still live in personal rights, still live in controlling power, still live in the ego and personality, still live a life of ministry but only for oneself, with fear of loss for oneself.

Those who live in ministry but do not have the courage to testify, do not have the courage to say anything from the truth, and do not have the courage to accept the truth.

Today we see that whatever happens, God is always one step ahead.

God always grants to us.

Everything that belongs to God: no one can prevent.

As St. Paul said: No one can prevent my love, our love for God, and no one can prevent God’s love for me and for all humanity.

Today we still have Mother, we still have the Holy Spirit, we still have the heavenly family, we still have heaven’s support so we cannot fall under any circumstances.

May everyone stand up, because only God will give us life, only God will free us from sin, only God will love us profoundly and tenderly, and only God has the right to forgive.

Today let us return and listen to Mother’s words, for us to receive what belongs to us – the seal of forgiveness.

We do not lose what we have through years of depravity, but let us return to God, submit to God, prostrate to God.

Let us speak to God and earnestly plead, both soul and body.

Certainly we will be saved and the world will be saved, because God will act – then the light will flood and scorch away the darkness that is spreading with evil covering us.

So we just need to stand up to know what we have that belongs to God.

Only He gives us peace and joy.

Only He gives us a peaceful and prosperous life.


Only He gives us abundant and happy days.


Only God offers – no one else can give to us.


If we understand and are aware of this, our lives will not be bound by fame and fortune, by greed and lust, by lowly pleasures with limited days in the flesh, but we will forever receive blessings.


As high as the sky is and as vast as the sea is, God’s love is a thousand times more than what we see.


We rely on it for us to be cleansed in His Divine Mercy, for us to be sanctified in His Divine Mercy, for us to be led by a beloved Mother to return to the path of righteousness, in repentance.


We thank Mother profusely for the Sixth Kowtow and it is the Holy Spirit who helps us to respectfully offer to Mother.


O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the compassionate Heart, we honor You and thank You, and we apologize for the imperfections.


We have our duty but we have not yet completed our responsibility to spread this gift to the world.


At the same time, Mother leads us to St. Joseph, a saint whom the Father chose to become Jesus’ foster father while Jesus was on earth.


St. Joseph spent his whole life obedient to God.


St. Joseph was a pure man, a chaste man.


St. Joseph, with a life of integrity, of righteousness, was perfect in the holy will of God and the law of God.


Today St. Joseph intercedes for us with God.


May he intercede with God for our Church, for those who live a life of consecration and promise to God, to live in integrity and righteousness, especially to live in chastity, in purity, and live away from things that cause people to fall into lust.


May St. Joseph help them and help our Church, so that our Church may be safeguarded and protected through St. Joseph’s intercession, to learn from the shining example of St. Joseph’s life, which was perfect in the holy will of God.


And now I also ask the three archangels who are the archangels God has chosen to protect the heavenly kingdom, to protect the Church, to protect all who call upon God’s Name.


When we pray to ask for the archangels’ help, they will never refuse, but there must be prayers, fervent words coming from people in willing determination.


When we pray with fervent words, heaven will never refuse what we ask in righteousness and truth, pleading for help from the archangels, especially the Archangel Michael.


Today we come to visit his church.


He has taught us so much.


Today we thank him, because we are rescued and protected on the paths we take, relying on him – with him in the days of witnessing.


Today Archangel Michael, please intercede to God for us, help us, protect us, because you see the snares of the devil.


The devil must fear the sight of the Archangel Michael, because he always holds the scale of righteousness and justice that God grants him.


The Archangel Michael is chosen by God to protect heaven so we pray for him to also protect us in the days of exile on earth.


We want to lift up to heaven, we want to live the life to which God calls us through His doctrine, but we still live in days of weakness and days of stumble.


We do not see the traps we fall into daily.


St. Michael please destroy those traps, for us to live more righteously, live in the truth, live worthy of what is heard, known, through the Holy Spirit’s teaching.


Please help us, directly and indirectly, in the life of witness.


We ask you to intercede.


The guardian angels are the ones who always pray for us, protect us, but we have forgotten them.


Today through the gift of The Six Kowtows, we remember that we still have the help of the angels, especially the guardian angels.


We also have the help of the heavenly court when we pray.


That relationship is very close with the daily prayer we lift up through the gift that Mother teaches – The Six Kowtows.


At the same time we also pray for the intercession of the saints who have sacrificed their entire lives.


They understood the life of exile on earth, they understood the word of God, they lived by the word of God, they lived with faith, they overcame all the snares and traps around them, with things that control in life, with needs and necessities.


It was not an easy task.


Their faith has endured, their faith was firmly rooted in the truth.


They were determined and were not afraid to die to glorify God and to live with faith by deed.


At this time we also pray for the saints to teach us, to help us learn from their examples, for us to continue on the path that God grants us in His grace, for us to do what God wants us to do.


May we not be afraid and not step back, not fear, and not let us become a habit, but always live with faith by work, live with fear of God, live to recognize what we have today, to save ourselves and to save our brothers in this world.


May the saints help us and pray for us.


May they help us each day to learn from their examples: in virtue and holiness, in humility, in entrustment, with spiritual knowledge, in faith, in sacrifice, in charity, in patience, and in the doctrine taught by the Holy Spirit, in the seven sources of grace – accompanied by what God teaches for us to love Him, to serve Him, to love the brothers, to forgive, to be patient, to be charitable, and to sacrifice.


We pray for it but we have not done it yet.


Without the grace of God we cannot do it, but we rely on the examples of the saints, which are shining examples.


The saints were ordinary people like us, but they conquered.


The saints were able to do it – please help us do it as well.


No matter how much control the world has, whether tension or freedom, we are determined to follow the examples of the saints, to live a life accepted by God, to be forgiven by God, worthy to respectfully lift up to the Divine Mercy, worthy to be supported by the heavenly world, worthy of the assistance of the archangels, angels, guardian angels – to help us step out of the traps of a world in sin, which sometimes, whether unintentionally or deliberately, we do not know.


Today the truly great gift of The Six Kowtows helps all classes and roles to understand what is ours, which is a great legacy for every sinner, every penitent, every witness, every ministry, for all humanity, and for those who are chosen to become shepherds.


God is blessing them.


God is offering them a private encounter, so that their lives are always protected, with heaven’s support through the archangels, angels, and saints.


The saints’ intercessions and examples will help us live for faith, die for faith, and live to glorify God through faith.


Everything we do from faith has become righteous.


As our forefather Abraham believed in God, he became righteous – so then, we, his descendants, must learn from him.


We pray for us to improve, becoming worthier every day and every time when we respectfully offer The Six Kowtows.


Now I lift up countless thanks to God, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit, to the Body and Blood of Christ, to the Five Holy Signs of the Lord, to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, to Saint Joseph, to the three archangels, four choirs of angels, the six angels, the heavenly court, the nine choirs of angels, and the saints.


Please intercede to God for us.


This is an opportunity for us to ask for heaven’s support as the world can no longer resist.


Without the enlightenment, without God’s intervention, and without heaven’s support, we cannot easily step out of the snares and traps of a civilized age, of a radical age in which mankind is dying, immersed in iniquity, and losing what is in the spirituality that God offers to the soul, which is the salvation of the soul.


Today we respectfully offer everything we do to Almighty God, in St. Michael’s Church.


We are kneeling in front of the altar, in front of the tabernacle, in front of the Cross, the Cross that God carried 2,000 years ago, the Cross that brought glory and salvation for mankind.


The four choirs of angels are beside the Cross to prostrate, worship, and serve God on behalf of the entire human world that has faith but still cannot yet fully grasp the great glory of God.


Because of love, He remains with the human world in the Eucharist and in the tabernacle to protect us, to guide us, to help us with a faith that includes work and a witness life.


Through the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and the other archangels and other angels, especially the guardian angels, please help us on this path of witnessing so that till our last breath, we still prostrate and worship.


This voice is echoed in order to kindle the life of faith.


May people return to surrender, to prostrate, to repent, with depth in the prayer that Mother Mary teaches for us to reverently offer to God.


With reverence, with adoration, our worship is needed to glorify God, to thank God, and to honor God, our Lord: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever and ever.


Mankind must believe, must know the God whom we worship, honor, prostrate to, and submit.


God, please hear us and grant the brothers and sisters around the world the opportunity to believe, know, and receive this gift.


In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Lucia, Paul Vu Hoa, Bruce, Paul Thanh, Mercedes, Ignacio, and Anne, on this trip to Miami, Florida – we reverently offer The Six Kowtows at St. Michael’s Church.

We lift up a multitude of thanks to God.

God, please continue to give us the opportunity to receive the training from the Archangel Michael, to help us learn how to become soldiers, how to become warriors, how to live for faith and witness for faith, to glorify God and honor God, with the gift that every person needs to learn, needs to practice, and needs depth to be able to win the battle between good and evil in this clever and sophisticated time.

But to God, if we have love with spirituality in faith, then we see the great mystery the supernatural God does, the wondrous miracle, and the mystery.

God has manifested to protect those who are righteous, those who profess, those who belong to Him and He favors, those sinners who repent with a fervent heart in submission, in prostration.

May we be saved, cleansed, sanctified, and transformed by His Divine Mercy, for us to become renewed, reformed, in the mercy and the love God grants to humanity.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  • Personal conversion is nevertheless required for one to be saved.
  • Perhaps it is specifically those who read or hear this message that are being addressed here. In any case, it does not mean that all will be saved eventually.

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of



New Revelations Through the Eucharist

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